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Reconciling Islamic Ethics and Practices: Though Morality and Ethics May Differ On Many Levels
Faisal Kutty

Sometimes a morally right action may be called ethical, though morality and ethics may differ on many levels, particularly when there is no divine reference point agreed upon. Ethical behaviour is a central theme in both of the primary sources of the Islamic worldview, the Holy Quran and the Sunnah....


Differences of opinion are inevitable wherever people have both intellect and honesty. Complete consensus on every issue is possible only when everyone is dumb, so they cannot think of a different idea, or they are dishonest so they willingly agree with a position that they consider wrong. After all religious interpretations are not personal rights that can be sacrificed away....

Public Policy in Islam: Exploring Synergies between SiyÉsah SharÑiyyah and MaqÉÎid al-Shari’ah (Part 2)
Mohammad Hashim Kamali

The general purposes are those that extend to the whole of Shariah in all its parts and they are altogether broad and comprehensive. Realisation of benefit (MaÎlaÍah), prevention of harm and corruption (Ìarar, Mafsadah), building the earth (i’mÉr al-arÌ), administration of justice, and removal of hardship (raf’ al-Íaraj) are examples of the general purposes of Shari’ah....


Public Policy in Islam: Exploring Synergies between SiyÉsah SharÑiyyah and MaqÉÎid al-Shari’ah (Part 1)
Mohammad Hashim Kamali

The ÑulamÉ’ have used siyÉsah for different purposes. Literally, it means Shari’ah-oriented policy, or government in accordance with the Shari’ah. This is the widest meaning of siyÉsah in that it is free of the technicality that has developed around this expression in the works of Muslim scholars. SiyÉsah SharÑiyyah thus applies to all government policies, be it in areas where the Shari’ah provides explicit guidance or otherwise....


Peace in the Islamic Tradition: One Vision, Multiple Pathways (Concluding Part)
Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Counselling (Nasihah) is a Qur’anic principle that consists of giving sincere advice to another person or persons (including disputing parties) in an effort to resolve differences. It is also a recognised method within the rubric of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), especially in commercial disputes outside the courts' jurisdiction. Yet Nasihah is a broad concept that cannot be confined to any particular context. Indeed, Nasihah characterises Islam itself, as the proclamation found in a renowned Hadith attests: “religion is good advice – Al- Dinu Al-Nasihatu.”...

Peace in the Islamic Tradition: One Vision, Multiple Pathways – (Part 3)
Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Elsewhere the Qur’an speaks of conflicts that may arise between two Muslim groups. In these cases, an attempt must to be made to reconcile them (Fa-Slihu Baynahuma). But, if any such attempt fails due to, for example, one party’s aggression and lawlessness, then the aggressors should be fought until they cease aggression. If they cease aggression then “make peace between them with justice– Fa-Slihu Banahuma Bi’l-‘Adl.”...

Peace in the Islamic Tradition: One Vision, Multiple Pathways (Part 2)
Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Nursi wrote that “Hatred should only be directed to ignorance, poverty and hypocrisy,” and that “our relations with non-Muslims will be in the way of persuasion. It is our duty to present Islam to them as a religion of love.” For Nursi, non-violence was an integral part of Islam, and he argued that the future of civilisation depends on peaceful co-existence...

Peace in the Islamic Tradition: One Vision, Multiple Pathways (Part - 1)
Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Although radical fundamentalists like Osama bin Laden and Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi have been content with a superficial appropriation of discredited symbols from earlier times (Dar Al-Harb, Dar Al-Islam, belligerent jihad and revival of a caliphate), moderate revivalist thinkers have placed emphasis on the need for new ways of thinking about problems of domestic and international peace, as well as of global governance....

Compassionate Islam and Ma Malakat Aymanukum (Right Hand Holds)
T.O. Shanavas, New Age Islam

The phrase “Ma Malakat Aymanukum” in Surat Al-Ma`arij: 30-31 and other verses is translated as “And those who guard their private parts, except from their spouses or those their right hands possess “and most classical exegetes it means slaves.

According to Muhammed Asad, most of the commentators assume unquestioningly that Ma Malakat Aymanukum stands for slaves and it is permissible to have free sex with them. He continues, “This conventional interpretation is, in my opinion, inadmissible inasmuch as it is based on the assumption that sexual intercourse with one's female slave is permitted without marriage.” So, he translates “Ma Malakat Aymanukum “to “those whom they rightfully possess [through wedlock).....

Wahhabi Clerics and ISIS Fanatics Dishonour the Word of the Prophet
Azeem Ibrahim

Wahhabis say they want to emulate the life and times of the Prophet. IS and their “caliph” want to rebuild the original Caliphate to represent the entire Ummah. So why are their teachings and their actions exactly opposing to those of the very first Islamic state of Muhammad (PBUH) in Medina (CE 622)? The Prophet’s Constitution of Medina brought together what Muslim scholars describe as an Ummah Wahidah where all the residents of the state -- Muslims, Jews, Christians, and pagans -- were ensured religious freedom, gave all groups representation, established the security of women, and declared that no weapon can be carried or blood be spilled on the land of the Islamic state....

Ideology and Terrorism
Umair Javed

The role of ideology adds further complexity to the alleged relationship between religion and terrorism. Many in the Muslim community are quick to distance Islam from ideological variants that preach violence. The most common refrain now heard is that terrorism has no religion.


Malaysian Hunger for Hudud
Gamal Nkrumah

Malaysian militant Islamist politicians, be they Hanbali or Wahhabi by inclination, will only inflame sectarianism and widen divides in this promising Southeast Asian nation if they continue with their proposals..


Prosperity of mankind depends on the practical actions to eliminate poverty by equitable distribution of wealth- Yunfiqoon; layperson’s system of ‘egalitarian economics’, with a heavy dose of morality that comes from one’s “self” and looking at the “big picture” like the people of Baby Cot and Palnaa. But it is an anathema to the wealthy; they say ‘…let God feed them’ 36-47 What emerges from the above is that Quranic Code is not a nebulous, ritualistic and spiritual dogma...


This social security system involves transfer of surplus wealth from the rich to the poor to alleviate poverty in a sustainable way so that all people can enjoy their legitimate rights to live a life of safety and dignity. This groundbreaking economic system is called Zakat....

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Islam and Human Values
Kabir Helminski

Islam and Human Values
Kabir Helminski

Islam is not an alien religion. It does not claim a monopoly on virtue or truth. It follows in the Way of previous spiritual traditions that recognized One Spirit operating within nature and human life. It continues on the Way of the great Prophets and Messengers of all sacred traditions. ....

Is the Morality of Islam Suitable for the Modern World, or Antithetical to It?
Kabir Helminski

Repeatedly the Qur’an urges human beings to engage in “reflection” (Tafakkur) and “use their intelligence” (‘Aqala). Altogether in nearly eighty instances it mentions the importance of reason and reflection [2:219; 3,191; 30, 8; 45, 5], one example of which is “are the blind and the seeing man equal? Will you not reflect?” [6:50]....

In Search Of Believers in the House of Islam
Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

Although there are reputedly some 1.7 billion people who claim to be Muslims (Who and how they were counted?) but are there any Believers-Momins in the House of Islam today? It is important therefore to establish how the Book Quran defines Momin and Muslim....

This -- the state must realise -- is not necessarily a western secular principle, but is derived directly from the explicit injunction of the Holy Quran that no one has the right to compel another to follow a faith. The Holy Quran envisages nothing less than complete freedom of speech for every human being. It does not impose in anyway any prior restraint on any individual, be it Muslim or non-Muslim. The clearest duty on the part of any thinking Muslim in Pakistan today is to join the campaign to abolish the blasphemy law.....

Understanding the Relationship between the Quran and Extremism
Joseph E. B. Lumbard

Quran as the Word of God does not lead Muslims to follow it unquestioningly, as is too often asserted. Rather it leads Muslims to appreciate that no single human interpretation of the text can suffice, since the finite human mind cannot encompass the infinitude of the Divine. Insight into these multiple modes of interpretation provides a panoramic vision of the history and interpretation of the Quranic text. It will help readers understand why all classically trained Muslim scholars reject the claims of ISIS or any other fundamentalist group and why many Muslim scholars have given their lives to oppose them.....


A concept so sacred, so beautiful, and so real to so many Muslims is being twisted into something violent and ugly. I am doing jihad every single day. I am doing jihad when I struggle to be proud of my hijab. When I struggle to remember the importance of charity. When I struggle to pray on time. When I struggle to remember the good, the happy, and the love inside of me.....

Islamic State Lays Claim to Muslim Theological Tradition and Turns It on Its Head
Harith Bin Ramli

Ever since the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632, there hasn’t been a single central authority that, all Muslims have unanimously agreed on. The first generation of Muslims didn’t just disagree; they battled over the succession to leadership of the community. The result of this division was the formation of the main Sunni and Shi’i theological traditions.....


ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Other Islamist Terrorists are Kharijites? An Analysis of 40 Major Characteristics of Kharijites
By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

Is it fair to describe Members of ISIS, Taliban and their likes as Kharijites or Khawarij? A number of Sunni religious scholars (‘Ulema) have identified these modern terrorists as neo-Kharijites. On the contrary, some argue that Kharijite ideas were particular to a historical period and could not re-emerge among these terrorists. How should a Muslim respond to these contradictory views? Should he or she believe such ‘Ulema’ or be neutral? Such are the questions answered in this article, with reference to 40 significant characteristics of the Kharijites.....

We, as members of the Muslim community must turn our eyes from Heaven to the earth and see our own image in the Mirror of the Holy Quran. The history of Islamic civilization, its evolution, rise and fall should be studied in relation to Quranic Principles and subsequent events, to devise the strategy for future. The Light of the Holy Quran must be focused on Contemporary History to resolve its inherent dialectics from Quranic point of View…..

Does the Qur'an Deny The Truth Of Other Religions?
Kabir Helminski

The Qur'an bears witness to a history of prophetic revelations that have come to humanity, bringing essentially the same truth: the beneficence of God. It would be incorrect to say that Islam claims to be the only religion acceptable to God. What the Qur'an does claim is this: it confirms what still remains of the truth of other religions and offers a critique of how the original message of these Prophets has, to some extent, been distorted and corrupted by human beings.....

Rainbow Tinted Lenses and Black n White Universes
Maryam Sakeenah

The challenge is to refuse to be part of the melee, accept that the difference exists and is there to stay and yet being firmly poised in a profound conviction in the ‘Hikmah’ of the Divine scheme of things. 

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