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Islamic State Lays Claim to Muslim Theological Tradition and Turns It on Its Head
Harith Bin Ramli

Ever since the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632, there hasn’t been a single central authority that, all Muslims have unanimously agreed on. The first generation of Muslims didn’t just disagree; they battled over the succession to leadership of the community. The result of this division was the formation of the main Sunni and Shi’i theological traditions.....


ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Other Islamist Terrorists are Kharijites? An Analysis of 40 Major Characteristics of Kharijites
By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

Is it fair to describe Members of ISIS, Taliban and their likes as Kharijites or Khawarij? A number of Sunni religious scholars (‘Ulema) have identified these modern terrorists as neo-Kharijites. On the contrary, some argue that Kharijite ideas were particular to a historical period and could not re-emerge among these terrorists. How should a Muslim respond to these contradictory views? Should he or she believe such ‘Ulema’ or be neutral? Such are the questions answered in this article, with reference to 40 significant characteristics of the Kharijites.....

We, as members of the Muslim community must turn our eyes from Heaven to the earth and see our own image in the Mirror of the Holy Quran. The history of Islamic civilization, its evolution, rise and fall should be studied in relation to Quranic Principles and subsequent events, to devise the strategy for future. The Light of the Holy Quran must be focused on Contemporary History to resolve its inherent dialectics from Quranic point of View…..

Does the Qur'an Deny The Truth Of Other Religions?
Kabir Helminski

The Qur'an bears witness to a history of prophetic revelations that have come to humanity, bringing essentially the same truth: the beneficence of God. It would be incorrect to say that Islam claims to be the only religion acceptable to God. What the Qur'an does claim is this: it confirms what still remains of the truth of other religions and offers a critique of how the original message of these Prophets has, to some extent, been distorted and corrupted by human beings.....

Rainbow Tinted Lenses and Black n White Universes
Maryam Sakeenah

The challenge is to refuse to be part of the melee, accept that the difference exists and is there to stay and yet being firmly poised in a profound conviction in the ‘Hikmah’ of the Divine scheme of things. 

Those who believe that anyone who ridicules the Prophet Muhammad should be hanged, can produce no clear commandment from the Quran or Hadith to support this belief. They merely give  a distorted  version  of some incident  which  took  place  during the Prophet’s time and say that such and such a person  involved  in this incident was put  to  death  because he was a blasphemer. The case of Kab ibn Ashraf is generally cited in support their ill-conceived argument......

While Islam indeed puts the importance of the Prophet’s sayings second to the Quran, Islamic legal tradition also recognizes a cautious technique of reading Hadith known as Asbab Al-Wurud (tracing the historical context of Hadith), preventing people from reading Hadith literally. It is also important to examine the period when a given Hadith was constantly reproduced for a popular audience.....

Sufism and Islamic Tradition Defeat Fundamentalism in Kerala, India
Muhammad Ashraf and Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

Sufism and Islamic Tradition Defeat Fundamentalism in Kerala, India
Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

.... Deobandi religious education has come to be associated widely with radical ideology. In a second survey, appearing in the same paper on December 30, 2015, but signed by Farhan Bokhari in Karachi, the proliferation of Deobandi madrasas throughout the Indian subcontinent was linked to Saudi-based Wahhabi influence. Further, Deobandis have a large presence in the British Muslim diaspora and elsewhere....

Mercy and Compassion: Foundations For Genuine Islamic Education
Prof. Henry Francis B. Espiritu, New Age Islam

Mercy and Compassion: Foundations For Genuine Islamic Education
Prof. Henry Francis B. Espiritu, New Age Islam

The Holy Qur’an connects our hearts to Allah’s mercy the moment we read its sacred verses. We start our recitation with the Holy Basmalah. In the Holy Basmalah, which is the beginning invocation in all our Islamic supplications, Allah Almighty specifically chose His qualities of Mercy and Compassion as the Divine Names by which we constantly invoke His Divine Presence: Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim. …

Faith in Islam—And In America
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Faith in Islam—And In America
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Whether you read the Bible: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.” Or the Quran: “O people: we all are Allah servants, make and spread peace, give food to the needy, pray better when the people are sleeping then you will be the inhabitant of your Lord’s Paradise.”

The message is the same. God wants us to live together in peace.

Islam's First Constitution Shows It Is a Religion of Peace, Tolerance
Imam Mohammad Jamal Daoudi

This constitution made all those who lived in Medina belong and feel the belonging to one nation. That means immigrants from Mecca, residents of Medina, neighboring tribes, and those who fought with and for them. This further developed the meaning of a nation after it had only referred to the loyalty to the tribe.

Islamic Moral Agency to Distinguish Between Right and Wrong
Nikhat Sattar

The Quran speaks of three key principles of moral consciousness which humans should follow, and three which they should avoid. “Indeed, Allah orders justice and good conduct and giving to relatives and forbids immorality and bad conduct and oppression. He admonishes you that perhaps you will be reminded” (16:90).

The Difference between Islam and Islamism?
Uzay Bulut

According to the supremacist Islamic ideology, non-believers of Islam are subordinate to Muslims. For those who oppose Islamic rule, there are only three options: They are to be either killed; made to accept their inferior status through conversion to Islam, or allowed to keep their heritage and pay the jizya, the Islamic "protection" tax….

Selective Thinking
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Selective Thinking
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

The Quran tells us that God gave human beings something that He did not give any other creature—and that is ‘trust’. It is this ‘trust’ that has made man the most honourable of all creatures....

Of Ethics and Entrepreneurship
Mohamad Azhar Hashim

Islam recognises entrepreneurship not only as a means to earn a livelihood, but also as a noble vocation that can elevate the rank of a Muslim, equivalent to those righteous servants of Allah. This is based on the saying of the Prophet: “The truthful, honest merchant is with the prophets and the truthful ones and the martyrs....


Those Whom the Gods Want to Destroy
Mehboob Qadir

God is of great things and lives in superlatives. He is credited with the creation of not only the world but also the universe, all life on earth and whatever is geo-physically placed in their environs....

Islamic Activism: Inviting People to God
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Islamic Activism: Inviting People to God
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Islam’s actual aim is inviting people to God. And the work of Dawah can only be performed by using peaceful means and in a state of normalcy....


No Questions Asked: The Decline Of Muslim Societies Continues Due To The Rejection Of Reasoning
Aafiyat Nazar

It is fascinating to note that contrary to ‘question-phobia’, Islam strongly advocates the asking of questions. Besides the emphasis of the Holy Quran, the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is full of examples whereby in order to educate people he used to ask questions….

The Shadow of Islamic State is Elongating across the Landscape
Tammy Swofford

Islam behaves very differently when Muslims begin to view themselves as a collective. Why is Australian Muslim youth, UK female teens and foreign medical students dashing off to join this shadowy ideology? It is because they have been assimilated. The right hand of darkness has stretched out to them....

The word ‘victory’ in Quran: Bigger and Smaller
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

The word ‘victory’ in Quran: Bigger and Smaller
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

The Prophet and his Companions had travelled to Hudaybiyah in order to go to Makkah and perform the Umrah or the ‘minor pilgrimage’....


God Has Made You for a Higher Purpose
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The Quran and the Hadith tell us that if God prevents a task from happening the way you had planned it, it is a clue that He wants you to do something else....


Ideology and History
Tahir Kamran

The relationship between ideology and history is very problematic, to say the least. An ideology is undoubtedly formed as a result of criss-crossing of historical forces. History yields ideology, but this relationship is often inverted afterwards. Once an ideology makes its way into any polity, its beholders tend to subjugate history to ideology and, in all cases so far reported, the former is re-invented strictly in accordance with the injunctions and edicts of the latter....


Why the Survey of British Muslim Attitudes is so Profoundly Disconcerting
Maajid Nawaz

Moreover, there is a problem with viewing Muslim communities exclusively through a lens of their religious identity. It is entirely normal for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to have multiple facets to their identity, and an excessive focus on just one reinforces the Islamist paradigm that we should be trying to avoid. Promoting pluralism and understanding that gender, geography, economics, sexuality, hobbies and nationality are often as important to an individual as their religion, will allow for some fresh thinking. Supporting British values might seem like an overt focus on nationality, but really it fosters inclusivity and will help us tackle extremism, building a stronger Britain....

The Hubris of the Islamic Label
Parvez Ahmed

The debate over labels is thus a red-herring. The call for more condemnations by Muslims often masks ugly stereotyping presuming that Muslims have a monopoly on religious violence. Furthermore, increased militarization as solution is being tone deaf to the lessons from history. The real solution remains the same today as it was after 9/11 - reversing the downward spiral of human development across MENA. President Obama has asked Muslims to do more and certainly more can be done to debunk the ideology of ISIS. But President Obama has fallen short of laying out how he and his Western allies will nudge governments across MENA to speed up reforms that are necessary to give people in the region hope thus giving them less reason to buy into the messianic apocalyptic vision of ISIS….


Pushing Back Against Islamist Aggression: Free Speech and Economic Warfare Are Powerful Weapons
Richard W. Rahn

President Obama and other leaders frequently make the statement that the Islamic State, or ISIS, and other Islamic terrorist organizations are not Muslim. The facts do not bear them out. The Islamic State and the others can and do point to specific passages in the Quran that support their interpretation rather than those of the moderates. Most non-Muslim-majority countries have increasingly protected the rights of minority religions, while almost all majority Muslim countries have not. Few Muslim majority countries even pretend to be democracies, and many argue that their religion is incompatible with democracy. It should be made clear to the moderate Muslims (those who are tolerant of others’ beliefs and practices) that they are welcome in the United States and elsewhere, provided they do not seek or expect special privileges (restrictions on others’ speech or dress, new holidays or the imposition of Shariah law). That is, they should adapt to the majority culture, not vice versa. The act of putting a Quran in the toilet should not be considered a hate crime while doing the same with a Bible is labeled “art....

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