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One of the core tenets of Islam is its insistence on its compatibility with human nature. God created the universe, including human beings, and instilled various, even divergent faculties, traits, abilities, desires, instincts, etc. in them. Left to themselves, human beings allow some of these aspects of their nature to dominate others aspects, and this explains much of the oppression and corruption (committed against oneself as well as others) that takes place in the world. ...


In Turkey’s Heartland, Rumi’s Turquoise Soul Is Alive and Twirling
Shabtai Gold

Despite a layer of snow and temperatures that freeze the waters flowing from plentiful fountains dotting the streets, many thousands make the pilgrimage to his grave, housed inside a lodge once used by whirling dervishes. Often they struggle to articulate the reason for the visit. “There is something about him, it comes from the heart. Things like this, from the heart, they are hard to explain,”....


Religion and Regression in Pakistan
Khaled Ahmed

Hindutva may turn out to be less terminal in its destructive spread than Sharia, but the seduction of religion is there in South Asia. In the Sindh district of Ghotki, there is the Sant Satram Das temple from where Hindu girls have been picked up and “converted” before being forcibly married to Muslim men. Near the temple, there is also the infamous Bharchundi Sharif shrine whose patrons once became famous in India for converting...

The Erasure of Islam from the Poetry of Rumi
Rozina Ali

... Brad Gooch describes how Shams pushed Rumi to question his scriptural education, debating Quranic passages with him and emphasizing the idea of devotion as finding oneness with God. Rumi would come to blend the intuitive love for God that he found in Sufism with the legal codes of Sunni Islam and the mystical thought he learned from Shams….

All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board to Form a Council of Islamic Jurists (Majlis-E-Shara'i) To Address Muslim Personal Laws with a Consensus (Ijma’a)

Talking to New Age Islam, Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kichchawchchwi, the founder and president of the AIUMB, said that a selected group of Islamic experts on the Hanafi jurisprudence (Fiqh) will govern an all-India body of muftis and Ulema and hence the AIUMB will form a complete council of Islamic jurisprudence (Majlis e Shar'ai) to address Muslim personal laws and other related issues with a unanimous opinion (Ijma’a) in order to help reduce the religious controversies in the Muslim community……

How Fish And Chips, Refugee Camels And Burqas Made 2016 A Year To Remember
Nadeem F. Paracha

This is a picture of the two women, Sharmila and Fouzia, whose main existential purpose in 2016 was to travel to various European countries to get harassed. Both landed in a European country without niqabs but wore hijabs the moment they left the airport. When they didn’t face any harassment, they wore an open-faced burqa. When even this didn’t trigger any harassment, they adorned a full head-to-toe niqab. When this too failed to attract any Islamophobic pestering, they felt offended and believed that they had let down their faith.....


The Semantics of Becoming Muslim: Converts, Reverts and the New Muslim
Anisa Abeytia

Unfortunately, we became an Ummah devoid of both love and mercy for ourselves and our families. In its place, a face culture sprung up in which the guest and stranger is honoured above everyone else, but only for three days and then you are on your own. As an Ummah, we cannot expect to offer much to New Muslims when we offer little to ourselves....

Teaching the Message of Islam
Alia Hogben

On other faiths: “... those who follow the Jewish faith, and the Christians, and the Sabians — all who believe in God and the last day and do righteous deeds —shall have their reward with their Sustainer; and no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve.” And, “For every community faces a direction of its own, of which God is the focal point, vie with one another in doing good works.”….

Blaspheming Religion Vs Blaspheming Humanity
Al Khanif

If blasphemy is defined as the insulting of sacred religious symbols, blaspheming against humanity may be defined as demanding rights without fulfilling the duty to respect the fundamental rights of others. This means that blaspheming against humanity includes false respect for human rights, especially the basic rights of vulnerable people....

They do not pay heed to the Prophet’s (PBUH) warning to Muslims not to unsheathe their swords against each other. Otherwise, the sword will never go back to the sheath. The sword that was unsheathed in the civil war between Sahabah (the Prophet’s (PBUH) companions has not gone back into the sheath. It must be sheathed now if our civilisation has to survive.....

Politics of Muslim Identity over Santa Outfits
Azis Anwar Fachrudin

Ulema, priests and rabbis wear robes. Rosary or prayer BEADS are used in Islam, Christianity and Judaism; Buddhist monks use prayer beads, as well. Do not forget our national symbol the Garuda bird, which is the mount of Vishnu that originates from Hindu mythology. Adopting a Garuda as a national symbol certainly does not mean Indonesian Muslims promote Hinduism....


Rediscovering Sufism
Moin Qazi

They discovered that in addition to the mind human beings have other centres of consciousness that serve as inner faculties for attaining knowledge. Foremost among these centres is the heart. With diligent practice, teachers of Sufism perfected techniques that activate the heart, cultivating profound intuition and realization. The polished heart becomes a mirror that catches the light of truth and reflects it in one’s consciousness....


Sufis in Pakistan: Missionaries, Warriors or Statesmen?
Nikita Singla

Sufism has a lot of different faces in the world and the one in South Asia is certainly very peculiar. In the wake of increasing religiously motivated violence and not-so-rare attacks on the shrines in Pakistan, the argument exists if Sufism is just a tolerant, mystical practice in this Islamic state or it’s a weapon that has the potential to backfire, further wounding rather than healing the domestic stability in Pakistan….


Abolishing Sponsorship System, So It Can Be Done
Mahmoud Ahmad

With the abolishing of the Kafala system, the relationship between the expatriate worker and business owners is sure to improve. Injustice and abuse would be easily spotted and dealt with. The expat worker will no more be at the mercy of the business owner. Workers will have the right to travel and work and change jobs according to the regulations, and of course at the same time the law would be guaranteeing the rights of business owners....


Critique of Popular Religion: A Fear Psychosis Promoted In The Name Of God Understood As Cosmic Policeman
Muhammad Maroof Shah

There is something terribly wrong with religions as ordinarily understood and practiced, and appropriated for political ends. There is a truckload of guilt associated with non-issues; a fear psychosis promoted in the name of God understood as cosmic policeman, exploitation and oppression against women, minorities and religious other in their name….

The strange thing is that the same man appeared in a subsequent video explaining why he had used improper words to describe the female nurses and students. He even refused to apologize for using such language. This particular man is known to adopt a Takfiri ideology. During a Friday speech, he described Saudi actor Nasser Al-Qasabi as Kafir....

The major jihad is known as the spiritual struggle, a struggle between two powers within ourselves: the soul and the body. The conscience is in conflict with the bodily desires. This spiritual conflict is an ongoing jihad within each one of us. Islam expects its followers to give preference to the soul and the conscience over the body and its desires. ... The minor jihad is the armed struggle. However, that does not automatically mean unjustified use of violence. ...

How Islam Can Fight the Patriarchy
Riada Asimovic Akyol

The misogynists often justify their positions by referring to archaic interpretations of Islam, which is why we must work to revoke their monopoly on interpreting religion. Islam must be a part of the solution. The way forward is to emphasize that while Islam has eternal values, Islamic laws also in part reflect the norms of medieval societies — and as times change, laws should, too....

First Time In Its Entire History, Darul Uloom Deoband Comes Out Openly Against the Tablighi Jamaat and Its Chief Maulvi Sa'ad Kandhaulvi

Going by the news report published in Inquilab, dated December 6, 2016, the Deoband seminary claims to have received complaints regarding the ‘perverted views’ of the Tablighi Jamaat chief Maulvi Saad Kanadhalvi from various places including Bangladesh and Pakistan. The Darul Uloom also said that scholars across the Indian subcontinent should express their concerns over the way Maulvi Saad Kandhaulvi is propagating his perverted and distorted views among the Muslim masses....

Sufis Show Mystical Side of Islam
Anna Rohleder

“The Sufi tradition is important because it goes beyond otherness to the unity. Salaam stands for wholeness. It’s not about defending Islam, but creating a climate of unity beyond diversity.”…

The Failure of a Neo-Ottoman Foreign Policy
Behlul Ozkan

Almost a century after the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and his supporters believe that they can restore the empire’s former glory.....


Islamic Religious Texts Must Be Read In Context to Understand Blasphemy
Ismatu Ropi

To avoid following a misguided use of sacred texts, religious believers should understand the context in which the texts appeared the first time. Religious texts usually emerged as answers to problems that occurred within the social and political contexts of the time....


Muslim Men May Soon Be Punished For Triple Talaq
Shahnawaz Akhtar

Besides working on the idea to punish those who pronounce triple talaq, the board has sped up the formation of Darul Qazas or Shariat courts across the country. These courts can be approached by a woman, who does not want to stay with her husband, to seek a smooth divorce without approaching Indian courts....

Is Islam ‘Exceptional’?
Shadi Hamid

Muslims are, of course, not bound to Islam’s founding moment, but neither can they fully escape it. The prophet Muhammad was a theologian, a politician, a warrior, a preacher, and a merchant, all at once. Importantly, he was also the builder of a new state. It is difficult to know when he was acting in one role rather than the other...

The Four Essential Facts about Islam You Really Need To Know
Sarah Harvard

In Islam, Abraham, Noah, Moses and Jesus — along with numerous other biblical figures — are considered prophets and highly regarded. Since these figures are mentioned in the Quran, the Bible and the Torah, Muslims are required to treat the Christian and Jewish holy books with respect. The Quran orders respect of the Bible and Torah in chapter four and verse 136….


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