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Pune Imam: Preaching to Papa
Mohammed Wajihuddin

A Unique project in Pune imparts secular English education to the children of Muslim religious leaders in the hope of changing the rigid mindsets of the imams

 "I carefully heard their Friday sermons. Invariably every imam spoke of real and imaginary injustices done to Muslims globally. The root of most of their anger and despair was their own deprivation," explains Inamdar whom many of the imams today understandably see as a messiah. Imams needed to be purged of this sense of persecution, he felt, and one way was to give them hope of a better future for their children. The project paid off. Today, even the ambience of the homes of the Pune imams, including the lives of their better halves, has changed remarkably. -- Mohammed Wajihuddin

The extent and the intensity of the protests in Egypt have surprised many people both in Egypt and abroad. Were the Egyptians not a peaceable, almost phlegmatic people, whose last great rebellion took place against the British in 1919? Considering the events of recent years and their consequences, the question must be as to why the powder keg did not ignite much earlier. Historic events are subject to contingency. The direct catalyst was certainly the Tunisian coup. Foundations were laid via online networks, primarily via Face book. Events then took on a momentum of their own – a momentum that was significantly boosted by media dissemination.

Considering the events of recent years and their consequences, the question must be as to why the powder keg did not ignite much earlier. -- Stefan Winkler


For some reason, which I cannot fathom, sections of Urdu Press seem to be sensationalising the ongoing student protest and succession dispute in the Dar-ul-Uloom, Deoband, and are fervently backing what appears to be a mounting wave of opposition to the newly-appointed rector of the institution, Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi. Hamara Samaj and Daily Sahafat (published simultaneously from Lucknow, Mumbai and Delhi), in particular, continue to publish sensationalist and even possibly baseless allegations against Vastanvi, and continuously repeat with banner headlines on the front pages the claim, which Vastanvi has refuted, that he has praised Narendra Modi. The paper goes so far as to even suggest that Vastanvi is an ‘RSS agent’, without providing any substantial proof at all. Below I have summarized and translated some of the latest news about the ongoing tussle in Deoband, as reported in the 25th January issue of the Delhi edition of the Daily Sahafat. -- Yoginder Sikand, NewAgeIslam.com

Photo:  Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi, newly-appointed rector of Dar-ul-Uloom, Deoband.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani actress Veena Malik has mounted a fiery defence of her appearance in the controversial reality show 'Bigg Boss', taking on clerics who had criticized her. Malik took Mufti Abdul Kawi to task for calling her "baigharat" (immoral) on a talk show on television and said if she were in the wrong, so was he because Islam doesn't permit a man to cast a second look at a woman who isn't his relative. "One can be punished for looking at a woman a second time, you should be punished," Malik, clad in a black sleeveless dress, told the Mufti on Express News' Frontline show. "What is your problem with me? You tell me your problem!" an angry Veena Malik asked the Muslim scholar, who accused her of insulting Islam. Malik's outspoken defence of herself received widespread support from Pakistani liberals and civil society activists on social networking websites like Twitter, which were flooded with messages praising her and quotes of her witty repartee with the Mufti.– PTI report

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Islam, Family and Modernity
Asghar Ali Engineer

Sometime ago I happened to go to Turkey for an international conference on Family. I wrote an account of my journey to Turkey but here I want to talk about my presentation in the conference. It was an impressive international conference from around 50 countries and 300 scholars, social scientists and activists. Several papers were read and discussed on various aspects of family. The common concern was that the institution of family is getting weakened and family being the very foundation of our civilization, it must be saved from disintegration. I was asked to talk about Islam and institution of family. In fact the Prophet of Islam did not approve of life of celibacy except in some situation. He also disapproved of renunciation of world (ruhbaniyyah) and preferred living in the world and facing all the situations. Various pronouncements of the Qur’an relate to family life, marriage, divorce and children. Qur’an also says if you have no means to marry and sustain your family lead pious life until Allah gives you necessary means. Also, Qur’an prescribes punishment for illegitimate sex fornication, rape and adultery. -- Asghar Ali Engineer

As numerous studies, most prominently and recently the Sachar Committee Report, have pointed out, Muslims are among the most economically, educationally and socially backward sections of Indian society. Undoubtedly, the Report is immensely useful for understanding the magnitude of this problem, as are many of the suggestions that it provides for ameliorating it. Critics of the Report are, however, not found wanting. One of the problematic aspects of the Report, as I see it, is that it has paid insufficient attention to the role of individuals and organizations that claim to represent the Indian Muslims in perpetuating the overall marginalization of the community, or large sections thereof, and of doing precious little by way of working to address it. The Report thus places the onus for addressing the problem largely, though not entirely, on the state. While, admittedly, the state and its agencies do have a central role in both perpetuating as well as addressing Muslim marginalization, the responsibility and role of Muslim organizations that claim to represent the Muslims of India, and to be spokesmen of Islam, in this regard cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, the Report does not seem to give this issue the attention and importance that it deserves. -- Yoginder Sikand, NewAgeIslam.com

Br. Ziyad Motala has reminded me of an article that I filed away a few days before the Hajj season began. I filed it away because I intended, at some point in the near future, to come back to it with a hard hitting commentary on what struck me as an apartheid-like (or old south segregationist-like) practice in the land of the Qur'an. Motala (Ziyad Motala, Law professor, Howard University School of Law) beat me to it....

While Almighty ALLAH has mandated that every able bodied Muslim (with the means to do so) perform Hajj at least once in his or her lifetime - the Saudi position is, if we have a problem with you, you will not receive a visa to answer God's call! (How blind and foolish can one twisted regime be?!)

Recently, there was a case out of London involving one of the deviant, but wealthy member of the Saudi clan. He was captured on an elevator mounted video assaulting his male "servant," who later tuned up dead in their hotel suite. The homosexual nature of their relationship ended up being the salacious focus of the media - but this was not the thing that caused me to experience visceral outrage. It was something else...something much deeper. -- El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan

It is an architectural absurdity. Just south of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the Muslim world’s holiest site, a kitsch rendition of London’s Big Ben is nearing completion. Called the Royal Mecca Clock Tower, it will be one of the tallest buildings in the world, the centrepiece of a complex that is housing a gargantuan shopping mall, an 800-room hotel and a prayer hall for several thousand people. To make room for it, the Saudi government bulldozed an 18th-century Ottoman fortress and the hill it stood on. The tower is just one of many construction projects in the very centre of Mecca, from train lines to numerous luxury high-rises and hotels and a huge expansion of the Grand Mosque. The historic core of Mecca is being reshaped in ways that many here find appalling, sparking unusually heated criticism of the authoritarian Saudi government. “It is the commercialisation of the house of God,” said Sami Angawi, a Saudi architect who founded a research centre that studies urban planning issues surrounding the Haj, or pilgrimage to Mecca.--Nicolai Ouroussoff


Abdullah al-Ghathami came out to criticize liberalism in Saudi Arabia, during an open lecture he gave at the King Saud University in Riyadh....In his book that deals with the story of modernity, Al-Ghathami recalls an occasion when traditionalists, modernists and media representatives participated in the Al-Janadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival in 1988. At this time, the conservative critic Mohammad al-Malibari had announced his opposition to the term and indeed concept of modernism, saying that if a more appropriate concept was found, then he would not have a problem with the modernists. This prompted journalist Muhammad Sadiq Diyab to propose to rename this concept, and after much discussion he proposed to rename this "imaginary realism." Thus, we saw a new term coined, and an old term rejected, in the hope of ending the problem and stopping the criticism and attacks by the anti-modernists. However, of course, this did not happen, because the issue was not a problem of names and terms. These names were just a terminological construct veiling the real dispute regarding modernization and reform, amongst its supporters and opponents. -- Mshari Al-Zaydi


A spate of recent religious opinions and court rulings ranging from the bizarre to endorsement of mutilation issued by prominent Saudi sheikhs and judges highlight the difficulty King Abdullah faces in clamping down on fatwas and codifying the kingdom's largely unwritten Islamic legal regulations...

Lawyers and analysts say the recent spate of controversial fatwas constitute an attempt to thwart Abdullah's efforts by his opponents within the royal family and conservative clerics who fear that they could undermine Saudi Arabia's puritan interpretation of Islamic law as well as the independence of judges by making them adhere to written rules and regulations. "The traditional establishment is by nature against these reforms. So it's going to take time to implement them," said Riyadh-based lawyer Ibrahim al-Modaimeegh. -- James M. Dorsey


The first time Allah Hafiz was used in public was in 1985 when a famous TV host, a frequent sight on PTV during the Zia era, signed off her otherwise secular show with a firm ‘Allah Hafiz.’ AS MOST Pakistanis over the ages of six and seven would remember, before the now ubiquitous ‘Allah Hafiz’ came ‘Khuda Hafiz’. The immediate history of the demise of Khuda Hafiz can be traced back to a mere six to seven years in the past. It was in Karachi some time in 2002 when a series of banners started appearing across Sharea Faisal. Each banner had two messages. The first one advised Pakistani Muslims to stop addressing God by the informal ‘Tu’ and instead address him as ‘Aap’ (the respectful way of saying ‘you’ in Urdu). The second message advised Pakistanis to replace the term Khuda Hafiz with Allah Hafiz. -- NADEEM F. PARACHA

Many Pakistanis can be seen jumping and shouting and going hoarse in the throat discussing India and the United State’s nefarious designs in the region, but the same people then go all quiet (if not downright sheepish), when some psycho flag wavers of faith and jihad take responsibility of an appalling act of terror. As most of us then go about like zombies spouting meaningless pearls of delusion, such as ‘it can’t be us’ or ‘these can’t be Muslims’, the many monsters that clearly lurk among us and are Muslims, go about their business thriving and planning their gruesome acts in our mountains, hills and cities. -- Nadeem F. Paracha

Arab slaughterhouses overflowed with sheep-toting Muslims on Tuesday, the first day of Eid, when people not only celebrate by eating meat but must purchase an approved animal for sacrifice, such as a cow, camel, sheep or goat....

 In the tiny emirate of Abu-Dhabi, some 150 butchers augmented the regular staff of the slaughterhouses to deal with nearly 4,000 animals. Muhammad Al-Marzouqi, head of the slaughterhouse department in Abu-Dhabi's Health Ministry told the Emirati daily Al-Itihad that about 15,000 animals were due to be slaughtered during the 4 day long holiday. 
In Israel, where about 20% of the population is Muslim, an appliance store offered a free sheep with every purchase of a refrigerator and had the animals gathered in a parking lot for the customer to choose from until health authorities put a stop to it. The mass killing of sheep has aroused the ire of animal right activists in Australia, which this year supplied 800,000 sheep worth $92 million to the Gulf. -- David E Miller


The dominant view among the Muslims in south India is that it serves no purpose to mortgage their existence to identity-related issues. Much unlike their northern counterparts, the 20 million Muslims in the south see their future tethered to how the majority thinks, aspires, acts and behaves. It stems from the view that a minority has to work with and within the majority society and traditional religious institutions such as mosques and madrassas are unlikely to work in a modern world in which success and social mobility are tied to the mastery of scientific and technical skills. -- Maqbool A Siraj

Large-scale privatisation and increasing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) have changed the daily routine of the households. The private sector has taken up the driving seat of the economy, more multinational corporations (MNC) have come in, local private companies are embracing the business practices of the world's largest MNCs through management level recruitments.

As a result, the workplace culture has become faster, delivery focused and deadline-oriented. This has led to flexibility in office timing. Some come in early in the morning, some work long hours to meet a deadline, and some carry the work home in laptops and attend to important emails while stuck in hours-long traffic.

Women empowerment has taken place in two distinct ways. Rural women have been financially active through micro-finance movement. On the other hand, more and more women in the urban areas are enrolling with universities, going abroad for higher studies and joining the corporate world. Seems like housewife as a profession has lost its charm among the young generation. -- Mamun Rashid


We wonder if today we have foolishness, or great courage, on display in Islamabad. Our president smiles often – even as killings in Karachi intensify, the war in the north becomes more and more complex, with no one apparently quite certain what is going on, and millions of flood victims face the threat of death due to disease and prolonged suffering in the face of a crisis that has left them without shelter, without livelihood and without hope. We also have a continued threat of confrontation between the judiciary and the executive and a completely dysfunctional government which seems to have less and less control over events in the country.

The battle against the militants has apparently been left largely to the military, which is, we are given to understand, quite openly doing business with its old ally – the North Waziristan-based Haqqani network which operated alongside the agencies in the war against the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The breakdown in law and order means we have more and more cases of mob murder and other kinds of mayhem. In Punjab the writ of the central government is a weak one, "targeted killings" strike down Baloch nationalist leaders and add to the restiveness in the province. This restiveness results from time to time in the massacre of "settlers" from other provinces, some of whom have been in Balochistan for generations. And we also have sectarian violence that expands rapidly across the country. -- Kamila Hyat


In Pakistan, the growing incidence of violence against children proves that children are not safe in their homes, schools, the streets, or at their workplace and are unable to trust the individuals they look up to for security. Many forms of violence exist in Pakistan, which are not even recognised as abusive.

One of the most typical forms of violence found in Pakistan are the types of violence committed against children for so long, they have become a part of the culture. Such traditional practices in Pakistan include, among others, early marriage, female infanticide, trade of women and honour killings. According to the Aurat Foundation: there were 604 cases of honour killings reported in Pakistan during the year. In the outskirts of Islamabad, in the village of Gangal, a man killed his sister and two nieces because one of them had left home with a young man. Mashal Sahir

Pakistan also suffers from another disability: the overweening influence of Punjab in all matters great and small. Punjab’s has been the dominant hand and, more importantly, the dominant thinking in shaping Pakistan. East Pakistan was pushed towards separatism because Punjab could not accommodate East Pakistani aspirations. Punjabi judges, acting in concert with Gen Zia (as his willing accomplices), hanged Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. When Pakistan’s accounts before the final judgment seat are drawn up, Punjabi generals, mandarins and senior judges will have much to answer for.

The ideology of Pakistan is largely a Punjabi artefact. Pakistan as fortress-of-Islam is also, for the most part, a Punjabi concept. Islamabad as Pakistan’s capital is a Punjab idea. For much of Pakistan’s history the Punjabi elites and the army high command have marched to the same tune.

No wonder, Pakistan’s affairs are in such a mess. Through an accident of history Punjab is propelled into a position of leadership and it makes a mess of the whole thing. Punjab and the army are synonymous. Punjab and the ISI are synonymous. Punjab and the threat from India are synonymous. The ideological state dedicated to a very primitive notion of national security—underpinned by huge outlays on defence—which we have created, is a Punjabi invention. The remaking of Pakistan has to begin with dismantling the national security state. Otherwise the sepoy mentality will remain alive and our begging bowl will not break. -- Ayaz Amir

IT was President John F. Kennedy who exhorted Americans to “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. This ‘do for your country’ spirit is very much in evidence in Pakistan today, especially among the generation that got the best from it in its youth. It is heart-warming to see that many Pakistanis are now willing to repay the debt they feel they owe their people. And they are doing it abundantly. ...

The need is to tap into this huge reserve of goodwill that Pakistani expatriates have for the country. Some coordination and organisation is needed. It would be so satisfying to see Pakistanis help out their less fortunate brethren in the reconstruction task on a self-help basis rather than our leaders going round the globe with a begging bowl in hand. -- Zubeida Mustafa


Most Muslims would like to believe that the 29 years after the demise of the Prophet (PBUH) was that golden age when severe punishments, faithfully enforced by the state, created an ideal society. If that were true then how do we explain that three of the four pious caliphs were brutally murdered?

My op-ed, ‘Stoning to death’ (Daily Times, September 14, 2010), received appreciative feedback from readers in Pakistan, which surprised me quite pleasantly. I think people are beginning to realise that the so-called Islamic punishments that General Ziaul Haq enforced failed miserably in creating a morally and ethically superior social order. On the contrary, the incidents of heinous crimes such as the attacks on religious and sectarian minorities, women and even against ordinary citizens such as the two brothers in Sialkot who were recently lynched by a mob, are ample proof of the fact that society has been increasingly brutalised. -- Ishtiaq Ahmed

IN SHAKURPUR Basti, a teeming Muslim-dominated, workingclass neighbourhood in North Delhi, there is a four-storey building with a mosque on the ground floor. This is the Darul Ujloom Nizamia Ghausul Uloom Madrassa. On the face of it, there is nothing to set this madrassa apart from an estimated 35,000 madrassas in the country. But unknown to the community, the Darul Ujloom madrassa is subverting its foundational pact with both Allah and his followers. In many ways, madrassas are a cornerpiece in Islamic community life. They are seminaries where children go for religious education, and in poor neighbourhoods, for non-formal schooling. Most madrassas in India are affiliated either to the Deobandi, Barelvi or Ahl-i-Hadith sects and are funded by zakat — the com- passionate Islamic practice of people donating 2.5 percent of their income to support hospitals, charities or Islamic schools. Zakat donated to madrassas is meant to pay for maulvis’ salaries and free meals, clothing, books and lodging for children. In keeping with this tradition, the Darul Ujloom Madrassa, set up in 1992 by three maulvis of the Barelvi sect, is supposed to house 150 poor Muslim children and provide them with shelter, education and food. Far from doing this though, in a disturbing twist, TEHELKA found that the Darul Ujloom Madrassa was illegally sending its minor children out to work harrowing twelve hour shifts at nearby factories and sweatshops.-- Neha Dixit

More than half of Gaza's population are children. Though none of them has ever voted for Hamas, they're the designated targets of Israel's military operations and more generally, of the siege imposed upon Gaza. They're resilient children, standing up against a multitude of ailments and obstacles. According to a recent report of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, 52 percent of Gaza's children are anemic and suffer from serious nutritional problems due to the insufficiency of phosphorous, calcium and zinc in their food. The rate of respiratory illnesses they suffer is also cause for concern. -- Vittorio Arrigoni


"Women are attracted to Islam because they want freedom. Islam gives them independence because they do not have to be a slave of any man. Islam is against moral aggression against women. The chastity and honor of women are protected. No illicit relations are allowed. All these things attract women," said Siddiqi.

Islamic law also provides that men may have more than one wife. "This cannot seem to leave Japanese heads," said Siddiqi. "We explain one thousand times that marrying four times is permissible only in certain unavoidable circumstances such as impotency, infertility and so forth. As a result there is no prostitution in Islam. If you need another woman, then marry her, take care of her children."-- Lynne Y. Nakano

25,000 Jews live in Iran. It's the largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside of Israel. Iranian Jews are not persecuted or abused by the state, in fact, they are protected under Iran's constitution. They are free to practice their religion and to vote in elections. They are not stopped and searched at checkpoints, they are not brutalized by an occupying army, and they are not herded into a densely-populated penal colony (Gaza) where they are deprived of the basic means of survival. Iranian Jews live in dignity and enjoy the benefits of citizenship.

"(Ahmadinejad's) office recently donated money for Tehran's Jewish hospital. It is one of only four Jewish charity hospitals worldwide and is funded with money from the Jewish diaspora - something remarkable in Iran where even local aid organizations have difficulty receiving funds from abroad for fear of being accused of being foreign agents." -- Mike Whitney

In the 1970s and 1980s close monitoring and farsightedness were the defining features of Libya's education policy. Free state and compulsory education for all children under 15 years of age were introduced. Parents who did not send their children to school were prosecuted – as indeed is still the case. Over the last two decades, however, the standard of education has steadily declined. -- Mustafa el-Fituri

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