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Gaddafi vows 'long war' in Libya
New Age Islam News Bureau

Kadhafi's hometown Sirte bombed: Libya state media

Yemen seethes as death toll climbs to 52

150 hurt in West’s attacks on Libya

West pounds Libya, Qadhafi vows retaliation 

China regrets multinational air strikes in Libya

France, Britain pushes hardest for military action in Libya

At least 94 killed in Gaddafi assault on Benghazi

Clinton warns Iran against meddling in Gulf

Prosecutors dealing with terrorism receive enhanced security

Low radiation reaches U.S.

Syria forces fire tear gas at mourners

Troops on streets as Yemen crisis deepens

Lebanese govt hoped Israel would disarm Hezbollah

US attacked by opponents at UN human rights body

Attack on Saudi mission flayed

Asir women angry over expulsion from festival

U.S. to give China a pass on NSG commitments for Pakistan nuclear deal

What if Arabs had recognized the State of Israel in 1948?

Libyans form human shield at Gaddafi’s compound

Syria mourners call for revolt, forces fire tear gas

Militant, policeman killed in J&K encounter

Syria says it will free child prisoners after unrest

Christian groups decry stamping of BM bibles

Davis case: SC told to initiate contempt proceedings against two judges

Some charity organizations in Jeddah fail to reach the needy

Coalmine blast toll climbs to 7

Altaf asks cable operators to restore Geo

4 injured in blast at PPP office

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Photo: Vehicles belonging to Qaddafi forces burn on Sunday after an airstrike by allied forces.


41 killed in US drone attack in northwest Pak

Military action against Libya within hours of UN vote: France

Bahrain burns but Indians safe

Shiite Iraq angry at Sunni Arab states for helping Bahrain monarchy

Bahrain arrests protest leaders

Libya closes airspace as world prepares to enforce UN's no-fly order

Gaddafi vows 'no mercy' in attack on Benghazi

Gaddafi's son: Libya not afraid of UN resolution

Pak demands apology from US on drone strikes

LeT founder criticises Pak Govt

CIA contractor release eases Pakistan-US tensions

Egypt releases brother of Al-Qaeda’s Zawahiri

Bahrain arrests six opposition leaders after crackdown

India abstains from UN vote on Libya

Forces loyal to Gaddafi shell west Libya's Misrata

Blood money was paid by S. Arabia`

US denies paying ‘blood money’ for Raymond Davis release

Christian's death in Pak jail raises suspicion

Fukushima disaster prompts GCC fears over Iranian reactor

France says will take part in Libya operations

Old Arab Ties May Harm New Ones

West moves towards Libya action

Despite Pak militants’ threat, bunkers removed in Srinagar

'Japan N-radiation unlikely to reach Hawaii or US territories'

No response from Hamas for Abbas visit

Japan radiation leak scare grows

Kuwait will not send forces to Bahrain

Saudi terror suspect arrested in Iraq

Davis' release paves way for Zardari's visit to US

Women's platform seeks equal political representation in Turkey

Quake-hit Japan battles nuclear, humanitarian crisis

Up to 50 Somali pirates seize Indonesian ship

Two Yemen police, three Qaeda men killed

Turkey's religious Gülen community subject of latest WikiLeaks

Terrorists reverting to old-school communications: Minister

Govt needs courage to stop bomb violence: Wahid

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: United Nations Security Council 


Qaddafi Warns West on No-Flight Zone

J&K police busts a major Hizbul Mujahideen terror module

Libya faces military intervention

Qaddafi defies UN, forces push into Benghazi

Libya declares unilateral ceasefire after West threatens attack

UNSC approves no-fly zone over Libya

Obama says Libyan forces must pull back

Japan continues nuclear struggle, fixes key power cable

Despite Obama’s Warning, Attacks Go On in Libya’s East

Obama endorses military action to stop Gaddafi

Egypt's Islamists come in from the cold

Thousands in Iraq protest Bahrain crackdown

Syria police disperse protest at Damascus mosque

Respect rule of law in Al-Qaeda ‘war’: US official

Pak-US tensions undermine fight against terror

Pak boycotts US talks over Drone fury

Thousands protest against release of US shooter

China expresses serious reservations

Indonesia issues red alert as volcano erupts

Strong protest lodged: Pakistan pulls out of Afghanistan meeting

Terror threat to WC final, militants buy 17 tickets

22 Indian fishermen held in Pakistan

Japan cites radiation in milk, spinach near plant

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Wounded anti-government protesters lay receive medical help at a field hospital during clashes with security forces in Sanaa, Yemen


Uneasy calm after Bahrain crackdown
New Age Islam News Bureau

Bahrain forces attack protest camp, 6 killed

Qaddafi advances as nations only talk

Malaysian Christian lawyer barred from Shariah courts

Turkish ‘civil society’ far behind European average

Davis buys his flight to freedom

Saudi Arabia to assist IIUI constructing another mosque

4 New York Times journalists missing in Libya

120 wounded in Yemen clashes

4 killed, 33 injured in Iran prison violence

1 killed, 200 injured as Saleh loyalists attack protesters

Fourth explosion hits Japan nuclear plant, evacuations accelerate

Radiation panic spreads to Asian nations

US reminds Iran to halt any arms smuggling

Yemen expels foreign journalists over ‘illegal’ stay

Two killed in Israeli airstrike near Gaza City

10 militants killed in Orakzai gun battle

Rachel Corrie: A worldwide symbol of the Palestinian struggle

Saudi stability attributed to leadership’s open-door policy

Another bomb package found

Obama talks with Japan PM on nuclear threat

Jordan questions suspected militants

Minister of State among Haj scam beneficiaries

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: An uneasy calm prevailed in Bahrain on Wednesday.



Gaddafi forces, rebels fighting over Libyan oil town Brega

Saudi troops enter Bahrain to crush protests

Fire and Damage at Japanese Plant Raise Risk of Nuclear Disaster

Radioactive level at N-plant rises, radiation a threat: Japan PM

40 injured in fresh clashes in Yemen

Malaysia under fire over caning of 30,000 foreigners

Gulf troops enter Bahrain as protests escalate

NAB soft on Zardari as well as Sharifs

PM approves one-year extension in service of DG ISI

'PPP Govt committed to democracy'

Musharraf hits back at Britain

Afghan suicide attack kills 36

UK never told Pakistan to avoid torture: Musharraf

India, U.S. faced off on sharing 26/11 information with Pakistan

Headley may face questions on his many wives

Libyan jets strike rebels

Al Qaeda jihadi mag offers beauty tips

Somali pirates release MV Jahan Moni, 26 crew

Suicide attack on Afghan army centre kills 37

3 soldiers killed in violent protests across Yemen

Meltdown threat rises at 3rd blast rocks Japanese n-plant

Calls mount for prosecution of ‘Day of Rage dissidents’

U.S.-Saudi Tensions Intensify With Mideast Turmoil

‘Davis may have been monitoring LeT activities’

Lahore HC dismisses petitions on CIA contractor Raymond Davis's immunity

Iran Calls Saudi Troops in Bahrain ‘Unacceptable’

US eyes Libyan opposition, allies call for action

Japan's blasts cast doubt on nuclear renaissance

The fate of 300 Indonesians in Miyagi, Iwake unknown

King Abdullah hails ‘peak of loyalty’

Kingdom takes lead to help Bahrain

Japanese ordered indoors in radiation leak crisis

Searching for survivors, counting the dead

Distraught father threatens self-immolation at NSHR meeting

Medvedev bans Qaddafi from Russia

More than 42 fighters dead in raid on S.Sudan town

UK gave tacit approval for torture, says Musharraf

Japan begins to dig for dead amid nuclear crisis

New failure hits Japan nuke plant after 2nd blast

Outrunning the tsunami - a race for survival

Chinese PM: 'No analogy' between China and Mideast unrest

Japan battles nuclear emergency after deadly quake

Jakarta to reassess buildings’ quake resilience

Harbinger of spring blossoms in Istanbul

Global free press outcry is 'defamation,' say Turkish prime minister

Kingdom sets up panel to fight EU’s dumping allegations

Time of one-person rule over: Dalai

Former Israeli PM to be charged in property scandal

Indian family of five stuck in Japan

Anti-government journalism not terrorism, Turkish party co-chief says

Saudi economy is solid: Prince Alwaleed

Winter reluctant to loosen grip, more rains forecast

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A pro-Gadhafi fighter stands in the desert as a plume of smoke rises from the burning oil refinery in Ras Lanouf, southeast of the capital Tripoli.

Karachi violence kills 18
New Age Islam News Bureau

Blast at Japan nuke plant; 10,000 missing after quake

215,000 homeless, millions without water after Japan's massive quake

14 more killed in Karachi violence

30 rebels killed in clashes in Sudan oil town

Christians slam Malaysia govt for Bible seizure

Egypt: Christians And Muslims Take To Streets In ‘March Of Unity’

Arab nations must enact democratic reforms’


Gates call for ‘real reform’ in Bahrain

Yemen violence escalates, 4 killed

Egypt to lift restrictions on political parties

Tunisia detains 3 allies of ex-president

JEDDAH: ‘Most women inmates are expats’

We’re capable of monitoring any seismic activity: Saudi scientists

Iraqi lawmakers agree to pay cut

New batch of women soldiers to serve in Lebanon

Cousin of Hamid Karzai killed in NATO raid

PM cozying up to Iran to cadge visit

Egypt: Sadat assassination plotters released from prison

US Muslims find defending themselves exhausting

US warns NATO nations against rushed Afghan exit

Qaddafi troops defect near rebel-held Misrata

US drone misses target in South Waziristan

Eight killed, seven injured in attack on bus in Hangu

Davis immunity: govt likely to ask LHC for more time

Davis immunity: govt likely to ask LHC for more time

Speculations grow about operation in N. Waziristan

3 killed, hundreds injured in Yemen violence

Pasha to stay on as ISI chief: Mukhtar

2 NATO tankers torched in Bolan

Arab nations must enact democratic reforms’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: An explosion at a Japanese nuclear plant triggered fears of a meltdown after a massive earthquake and tsunami left more than 1,000 dead and at least 10,000 unaccounted for.

New fire deepens disaster-hit Japan’s nuke crisis

State of emergency declared in Bahrain

Gaddafi taunts critics, dares them to get him

Clashes erupt as Bahrain declares state of emergency

US-Saudi divide revealed in Bahrain

Thousands of Palestinians rally for reconciliation

Jordan Islamists to boycott dialogue with govt

US Justice Dept sues California over Sikh religious rights

Surrender or flee: Gaddafi to rebels

Qaddafi forces push towards rebels, no UN move yet

Indo-Pak peace dialogue extremely important: Pentagon

Pakistan court indicts Raymond Davis for double murder

US missile kills 5 in NW Pakistan

Palestinian unity rally in Gaza ends in violence

PM Manmohan Singh isolated in govt on Pakistan

PTI Ex-NSA said Singh was a ‘believer’in Indo-Pak dialogue

Qaddafi forces seize key town

Filipino militant linked to airport blast captured

PC told US of Pak plan to kill Qasab

Germany eyes first nuclear plant closures

Israel navy seizes weapons boat 'en route to Gaza'

Philanthropist pays blood money, four Indians on death row pardoned

US to focus on Afghanistan to make Pakistan do more

Fight against Taliban making progress: Petraeus

All Saudis in quake-hit Sendai shifted to safer areas

Saudia plane evacuated after bomb hoax

Activist dies in Yemen clashes

SC to examine Yunus verdict

Three killed in clash in Southeast Turkey

Clinton voices support for post-Mubarak Egypt

Ex-minister Kazmi arrested after rejection of bail plea

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Pakistani security officials escort Raymond Allen Davis, center, to a local court in Lahore, Pakistan.


Gen Kayani lauds role of PAF in war on terror

Anti-communist, anti-Ahmadiyah

Jordanian boy’s death spirals into political controversy

White House: Muslims are part of solution

Gaddafi forces ‘recapture’ Zawiyah

France recognizes Libyan opposition group, Russia cuts arms sales to Qaddafi

Libya’s oil production near complete halt: Eni

Gaddafi forces enter key oil port

US military ready for no-fly zone in Libya

NATO launches 24-hour surveillance of Libyan air space

GCC blasts Qaddafi govt as ‘illegitimate’

BBC team blindfolded and beaten by Gaddafi forces

Tension reigns as Karachi braces itself for strike

Walking away from Pakistan to have dire results: Clinton

India, Pak test fire nuclear-capable missiles

Trial on for Indonesia's firebrand Islamic cleric

EU extends sanctions on Gadhafi's Libya regime

Jaish commander, aide killed

Full-scale attacks launched in Libya

Russian warning on Libya

Hillary to visit Egypt

Islamic radicalisation hearing in US stokes tempers

Gaddafi threatens offensive, ignores diplomatic moves

Libya rebels retreat east, say fight in Ras Lanouf

No threat seen to stability of Kingdom

Al-Haramain charity awaiting appeal verdict in US court

Saudi oil customers seek steady supply

UN accuses Israel of kidnapping Palestinian

US lawmaker urges Muslims to combat radicalization

Moroccan king says constitution to be revised

Saleh offers news concessions, protests continue

GCC foreign ministers pledge SR75 billion aid to Oman and Bahrain

Justice for Niyamat Ansari

Saudi soldier airlifted to Riyadh

‘Dubai has recovered from downturn’

Russia protects EU from most Arab gas cuts

Saudi Arabia ‘has enough gas for petchem projects’

Pakistan requests increased Haj quota

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Photo: A massive tsunami sweeps in to engulf a residential area after a powerful earthquake in Natori, Japan


Japan quake seventh most powerful ever: USGS

Makkah imam describes protest calls as ‘devilish temptations’

Violence claims six lives in Karachi

Millions stuck in Tokyo as earthquake shuts down subways

Crazy move by Sarkozy on Libya

Gaddafi suspends diplomatic relations with France

Clashes erupt as Yemen protests swell in 'Friday of no return'

‘Day of Rage’ a damp squib

13 Syrian pilgrims killed in road crash near Al-Jouf

World rallies to help devastated Japan

Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable missile

India Inc keeps word, to hire Jammu and Kashmir youth

Anti-Qaddafi forces fight on in Zawiya, Ras Lanouf

'Spare Mecca cleric from frisking during House visit'

Rebels flee Ras Lanuf under heavy attack from Libyan forces

Gemayel: Sunday’s rally is part of Arab transition towards democracy

Libyan opposition counting on Europe

US slaps sanctions against Gaddafi's wife, children, officials

Gaddafi’s son leads charge to take back cities

Libya unrest: Rebels, Gaddafi forces skirmish over 'ghost town'

Killing of sisters in Sopore triggered fear in Valley

Hamid Karzai relative killed by coalition forces

Yemen takes first step to democracy

Jordanians rally for quick reforms

Dozens injured in East Jerusalem clashes

Quarter million people have fled Libya

Yemen president vows reform as protests continue

660 Pakistanis fleeing Libya repatriated through Egypt

US to allies: 'too much talk about leaving Afghanistan'

Tunisian court bans anti-corruption body

Egypt officials held over shooting

Gates warns Nato nations against rushed Afghan exit

US to release data on radiation from airport screening

Indians in Yemen advised to get out

Rebels flee key town under heavy attack

Small earthquake jolts northwest Pakistan

Palestinian kills five members of Israeli family

Women urged to address wider issues in society

Don’t try to rescue Danish hostages again: Pirate

West insensitive towards atrocities in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan’

India's ambassador to Turkey dead

Prince Harry to return to Afghan frontline

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Houses are in flame while the Natori river is flooded over the surrounding area by tsunami tidal waves in Natori city, Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan


PESHAWAR: Suicide attack on funeral prayer leaves 43 dead

Qaddafi’s forces seize Zawiyah center; at least 40 killed

Muslims welcome hearings by Congressman Peter R. King

Christian-Muslim clashes in Egypt kill 13

Bomb blast kills five in Algeria

US charges Pakistani with illegal nuclear exports

4 Taliban arrested in Karachi

Pakistani, US leaders urge tolerance

JS body for manpower increase in Libya, Egypt, Greece, Tunisia

Punish fatwa abusers: petitioner

Gaddafi offers $400,000 bounty for Libyan opposition leader

Nato forces seize rockets from Iran in Afghanistan

From the streets to the stage, Yemen finds its voice

RIYADH: Women should be allowed to drive: Alwaleed

Yunus appeals to keep job at Grameen Bank

Women of Courage Awardees Set Example for the World

Thousands of Bahrainis protest ‘naturalization’

Lawmaker: Hearings on Muslims in US will be fair

Arab League will weigh all options to deal with Libyan crisis: Prince Saud

BSF jawans gun down intruding Pak militant

Liquor intake heads north in J&K

War on terror slipping from hands: Imran

Briton held for compatriot’s murder in Riyadh

Pak admits majority killed in drone strikes are terrorists

Hillary presses for peaceful resolution to Libyan crisis

Gaddafi would be held accountable even if he steps down: US

NATO watching Libya as no-fly zone demand intensifies

Will unleash a people’s war: Qadhafi

Guantanamo closure unlikely

All Indians in Libya to return by tonight

Fire forces shutdown of Iraq oil pipeline to Turkey

Kasab practises karate to kill time

Militants destroy two schools, bridge in Khyber

Tunisia court dissolves ousted president’s party

Rodin’s $350,000 sculpture is stolen from Israel museum

Emiratis seek right to elect Parliament

Dalai Lama to resign as political head of the exiled Tibetan movement

Tunisia court dissolves ousted president’s party

Fire forces shutdown of Iraq oil pipeline to Turkey

Heavy snowfall paralyzes parts of Turkey

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Rescue workers collect belongings of people who were killed and wounded in incident of explosion, in the outskirts of Peshawar


Gaddafi forces intensify attacks against rebels

Mullah politics: Maulana Ajmal now in Maulana Mahmoud Madani’s camp

Christians and Muslims clash in Cairo

One dies in Copt-Muslim clash in Cairo

All eyes on Saudi role in resolving Davis row

Kaddafi warns West against meddling in Libya crisis

Libya no-fly zone a UN decision, says Hillary Clinton

Yemen protests hit Saleh fiefdom, military in Sanaa

Qaddafi forces barrage rebels in east and west

Gaddafi forces step up fight back

Arab media says Gaddafi looking for exit deal

Gaddafi’s warplanes bomb Ras Lanuf

Gaddafi ready to quit?

US to Pak: Can get back to work after Davis freed

US expresses concern over human rights violations in China

Robert Gates sees 'acid test' ahead in Afghanistan war

Muslim intellectuals oppose Jamiat's condom diktat

Fatal shooting prompts outcry among Sikhs, Muslims in USAP

Govt determined to empower women: Gilani

UAE stable despite regional turmoil

UAE efforts result in detection of more cases Olivia Olarte

Guatemala first lady Sandra Torres stands for president

Mosque portals for eight Sabah mosques

US missile strike kills five in S Waziristan

Pakistan, Tajikistan ink bilateral pacts to strengthen ties

Egypt court rejects Mubarak appeal of fund seizure

Black market for illegal African women thriving

Parliamentary Committee and nomination of judges

Oil price jump not due to shortage: Al-Naimi

Daraan family disowns dissident

EU adds Libya sovereign fund to sanctions list

Schools interpreting fee freeze order differently

Ivory Coast: Anti-Gbagbo protesters killed in Abidjan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Benghazi remains one of the main theatres of battle in Libya


Seven killed in bus attack in northwest Pakistan

1 town stands between Gaddafi troops & rebels

Gulf Cooperation Council troops arrive in Bahrain to maintain order

Japan quake, tsunami kill 10,000; economy at risk

US missile strikes kill seven in Pakistan

Bomb kills four Afghans

Wen Jiabao rejects 'Jasmine'-type revolt in China

US crude falls towards $100 as Gaddafi recovers territory

Foes seek Libya-like uprising in Venezuela: Hugo Chavez

Israeli anger over Palestinian film at UN

Ravaged Japan rushes to provide relief

Pakistan says ‘no' to India probe team visit

Babri Mosque incident badly dented BJP's image: Advani laments

Thousands in Beirut call for Hezbollah to disarm

Education Emergency Pakistan

Qaddafi troops take oil town of Brega, France pushes no-fly

Anti-Taliban militias under threat

Arab TV cameraman killed in Libya

‘Honour killings could be curbed by raising literacy’

Oman sultan grants legislative powers to parliament

Bahrain's protesters block financial center

Qaddafi offensive rolls up rebel-held towns

Israel alert as family of 5 knifed to death

Police fire on Yemeni protesters, 100 plus injured

Israel to build 500 settler homes in W. Bank

King sends condolences to Japanese emperor

Building caretaker detained in Makkah with ‘prostitutes’

Libya seeks Italy's help Pro-Gaddafi forces deal a telling blow to rebels

US Muslims find defending themselves exhausting

Naif presents King Faisal Prize to seven

10,000 protest new Turkish health care system

Over 106,000 Saudis get King Abdullah scholarships

Pakistan to sign new agreement for Haj service with Tawafa group

Dalai Lama pleads for right to 'retire'

Afghan Buddha province hopes to attract skiers

Navy rescues 13 crew members from Somali pirates

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Recent attacks undermine security forces before US withdrawal

At least 32 killed in Faisalabad blast
New Age Islam News Bureau

Obama threatens Gaddafi with military action

Move to counter triple talaq, halala

Islam not way of life here: German Interior Minister

Pak turns down US request to shift Davis to Guv House

Godhra: Jamiat meet offers help to convicts

Unannounced settlement likely between Pak-US spy agencies

White House defends Muslims on 'home-grown terrorism'

Cannot take risk. We’re Hindu, where do we go?’

Warplanes bombard oil hub, Libyan rebels defend gains

Iran's Rafsanjani loses post as chair of state body

US Af-Pak envoy meets Gilani over Davis affair

Verdict in Yunus case likely today

World will act if Gaddafi violence continues: NATO

Jamiat asks Muslims to live by “Islamic rules and values”

US military prepares land, sea options on Libya

Gaddafi slams West; US says too soon to arm rebels

Court adjourns Raymond Davis’ murder hearing

Pakistani plane forced to land in Indonesia

Gilani welcomes Pak-UK national security talks

Families find terror on road out of Libyan town

Calls for Libya no-fly zone mount

Ajmal's re-induction to Jamiat could hurt Cong's poll prospects

Obama restarts Guantanamo trials

Kingdom seeks an end to Libya violence

UN official eyes women envoys from Kingdom

Shoura chief calls on citizens to respect Kingdom’s values

Bangladesh HC upholds sacking of Yunus from Grameen Bank

SC for probe into terror charges against Hasan Ali

6,000 Indians still stuck in strife-torn Libya

Oman sultan sacks ministers dissolves economy ministry

Jordanian media calls for more freedom

FIA send Musharraf’s arrest warrant to Britain

Conference tackles role of digital media in the Arab world

New Egypt PM names most of new Cabinet

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Rescue workers carry a blast victim at the site of a blast in Faisalabad, March 8, 2011


Prayers for patience as Shahbaz Bhatti buried

Gilani says won`t allow misuse of blasphemy law

I’m No.1 Taliban target, not Sherry, Fouzia: Malik

Not a veiled threat: Burqa ban in France from April

Bhatti’s killing leaves Pak govt split wide open

SC notice to Advani on Babri conspiracy

Secret report on fake notes blames Pak, its staff

Acquitted in Godhra case, Baitullah bids adieu to life

National Urdu Council seeks higher budget

Linking jihad to terrorism wrong: Muslim scholars

Release innocent Muslim youth immediately: Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind

All India Minority Front to fight WB elections

Fazl says misuse of blasphemy law can be discussed

God bless, says Q, as court quotes a poem, lets him walk

“Fake currency from Pakistan threat to Indian economy”

Two terrorists killed, 13 arrested in Kohat

India wants moderate political forces in Pakistan

Two schools blown up in northwest Pakistan

Pakistan should honor Davis immunity: US

Al-Qaida No 2 calls for Islamic rule in Egypt

ED notice to stop Hasan Ali fleeing country

Gaddafi likens his crackdown to India’s action in Kashmir

Libyans defy despot in his Tripoli bastion

Gaddafi’s forces launch fresh air strikes on rebel-held east

LSE chief quits over financial links with Libya, Gaddafi family

UN urges review of NATO airstrikes in Afghanistan

Rebels 'hold' key refinery town as many killed

Imams seek overthrow of Qaddafi

Uproar over journalists’ detention in Turkey

Clinton renews appeal to Iran on missing FBI agent

Ten killed in terror attack on mosque-shrine

Gadhafi forces battle rebels as 37 killed in Libya

Libya weapons depot blast kills 17: doctor

Yemen army fire kills four protesters

Four killed in Libya clash

Libyan forces try to wrest rebel-held oil town, kill 30

Tunisia to elect Assembly in July for Constitution

Opponents press call for Jordan's PM to quit

Emergency plan approved to save historic Jeddah

New taxes through ordinance may face tough opposition

Compiled by New Age Islam Bureau

Photo: In the town of Ras Lanuf opposition fighters set up checkpoints. Opposition fighters retook the town from government soldiers.


A Libyan Leader at War With Rebels, and Reality

Heavy machine gun fire shakes Gaddafi’s stronghold

Gunman attacks diplomats’ car in Karachi

UK keeps eyes shut as ISI uses turf to hit India

UN chief calls on Libyan foreign minister, appeals for end to violence

Embassy in Cairo works hard to send Indians to safety

‘Al Qaeda’ attack leads to fresh tension in Yemen

J& K govt asks hoteliers to stock up fearing repeat of unrest in Valley

Hounded from Pak Tihar jail is their home now

 Libya battles escalate, heavy Tripoli gunfire

'US planners mull military options in Libya'

Libya forces hold back rebel advance

Car used in Pak minister's killing found

Top Saudi scholars back ban on protests

US Defence Secretary Gates lands in Afghanistan

Cell phone outage affects millions in Pakistan

Gunmen attack MQM MPA’s Hyderabad residence

Saudi Arabia detains 22 Shias

7 terrorists killed in Kurram Agency

Iraq blast kills 6 in oil-rich Basra

Rebels hold British soldiers, diplomat in Libya

Abbas heads to Britain for talks on peace

U.S. Weighs Options, on Air and Sea

Saudi Arabia detains Shi'ites as clerics ban protests

Gaddafi launches counter-offensive on Libyan rebels

British “secret agents” held in Libya

2,300 Indians evacuated from strife-torn Libya so far

Jamiat to launch agitation against rightwing outfits

Egypt revolt gave us back our lives: Hamas chief

Verdict in Yunus case likely today

U.S. warns citizens on Yemen as protests swell

Afghans protest over child deaths in NATO raid

3 dead, 28 hurt in Crete after Libya ship arrival

Jordan Islamists demonstrate demanding freedom for jailed relatives

Rebels repel Misrata attack; Saudis evacuated from Libya

Shoura to pass mortgage law without delay: Al-Asheikh

PM’s office in Bahrain besieged by thousands

Baghdad Neighbourhood Celebrates

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Hundreds of Qaddafi supporters rallied Sunday in Tripoli. “It was the best news I had ever heard,” one girl said. “We had taken the whole country back!”


Heavy machinegun fire rocks Libyan capital Tripoli

Roadside bomb kills 12 civilians in Afghanistan

Omar Abdullah bats for grant of passports to kin of militants in J&K

Won’t allow Bhatti killing to be used against Islam: Fazl

No state authority in Libyan city of Benghazi

Al-Qaida routing money to India via Europe

Egypt appoints post-Mubarak interior minister: MENA

Iran contacting Arab opposition movements: Clinton

Pak Punjabis want manmade borders to be razed like Berlin wall

Kingdom bans demonstrations

Oman protests expand to country’s oil region

China paper blasts Mideast protest movements

Members of Yemen president's party quit amid unrest

Dengue danger lurks in Jeddah

Turkish FM says it’s time to make more serious decisions about Turkey’s EU bid

Turkish Airlines makes maiden flight to Los Angeles

Number of people evacuated from Libya reaches 22,600

Turkey has a crucial regional leadership, Pahor says

236-meter-high Istanbul Sapphire opens

Turkish ship waits in Tripoli Port with 1,075 passengers on board

Iraqi Kurd leader moots possibility of early polls

NATO will not invade Libya

Egypt PM Ahmed Shafiq resigns

Thousands of Croatians stage anti-government protest

Turkish president says Egypt’s military officials are aware of Egyptian nation’s expectations

JEDDAH: Corruption unearthed in granting of land meant for the poor

'60 percent of liver transplants done in China not successful’

Indonesia’s new housemaid recruitment rules irk Saudis

NSHR looking into complaints over Saudi citizenship issue

Al-Nawras Square may be renamed

UN: Fearful migrant workers on the move in Libya

Qaboos fires 3 ministers

Human Rights Watch blasts journalists' arrests in Turkey

Insurgency in Russia’s Caucasus a growing threat

Court gives police 2 more weeks to arrest Musharraf

Kingdom shows commitment to oil market stability

Stealing chicken leg lands man in prison

Soon, a school to teach Islamic investments

 ‘Slumdog Millionaire' child star Rubina's home gutted

UK minister says Arab unrest can double crude prices

ANP’s Amin Khattak dies of heart attack

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Maulana Ahmed Madni was killed when armed men open fire on his car in the area of North Karachi.


Fighting back, Gaddafi forces seize eastern town

Mumbai attack: US links cover for ISI chief

Firoz Bakt Ahmad to file PIL against Jamia Millia’s minority status

Children should go by parents' choice for marriage: Deoband

'Jahan-e-Khusrau' to be held in London in April

'Godhra verdict must set a precedent'

No direct funding to Pak nuclear programme: Pentagon

'Pragya killed Sunil Joshi, feared he may spill beans'

Girls’ college attacked in Mardan, over 30 wounded

Oman forces disperse protesters

Fresh protests in Yemen

Freed Bahrain opposition activist warns of violence

Protests in Middle East a setback for al-Qaida: Gates

Outage as fire hits Makkah clock tower

Air strikes deter advance on Tripoli

US flexes muscle, sends warships to Libya

U.S., Western forces near Libya

Hillary cautions Congress not to cut Pakistan aid

Gaddafi forces beaten in 6 hrs

Civil war if Gaddafi stays: US

Libya suspended from UN Human Rights Council

We must stop Gaddafi 'murdering' Libyans: British PM

Copycat PhD? Gaddafi son under LSE lens

Libya crisis drives up oil prices

UN: Libyan refugee ‘crisis’ tops 140,000

Davis case: LHC admits petition for hearing

‘Explosives handler’ dies in Karachi

Israel’s growing unease

Taliban shoot dead 4 ‘US spies’ in North Waziristan

Bomber accidentally blows himself up in Karachi,

Saudi students in the US ecstatic

Health Ministry warns of fatal illness spreading from Yemen

UK parliamentary committee urges US-Taliban talks

Fresh ultimatum from Somali pirates

Yemeni president says US and Israel behind unrest

Gang involved in looting Pak traders busted, 4 held

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Earlier interview with Pakistan’s assassinated Christian Minister on Gojra attack on Christians: Dunya TV - DUNYA INVESTIGATION CELL - 08-08-2009 Part-2 dunyanews1




10 dead in Nowshera blast: police

Wish to resolve all issues with Pakistan

Counterfeit money flooding India from Pak: US report

SC notice to Advani, Thackeray in Babri demolition case

Gaddafi faces war crimes trial

US examining 'full range of options' on Libya: Obama

Suicide bomber targets Iraqi bank killing nine

Suicide bomber kills 9 in Hangu

Gaddafi has lost legitimacy, must leave: Obama

Sadr urges protests against US over Libya

China to overhaul administration in border areas

After Bhatti, Sherry in jihadi line of fire?

China's 'jasmine' gags for foreign scribes

Can Chavez formula bring peace to Libya?

India opposed to ‘no-fly zone,' use of force against Libya

‘I have been unfairly dragged into Qadhafi row'

Security tight for funeral of Pak min

India major target for money launderers, terrorists: Report

UN court begins Gaddafi action

Gilani offers to step down over Bhatti assassination

Slain Pak minister left video warning

Indian-origin doc sentenced to life in US over bomb attack

LHC rejects petition to block Davis ‘transfer’ to Adiyala jail

Bomb blast destroys two Nato oil tankers in Khyber

Breach of security code led to Bhatti’s death

China warns international media not to cover protest calls

Bahrain opposition eyes meaningful dialogue

AMU amicus curiae declined offer of fee

Deputy Speaker of J&K House quits

Madni resigns as Deputy Speaker

PM takes ‘gift package’ to J& K

One absconder from Godhra detained

Pak court rejects Davis’ claim about diplomatic immunity

Egypt’s military rulers name new PM

Gaddafi’s wealth spread across globe: US report

Iran trying to influence uprisings in West Asia: US

TC reviews security along Pak-Afghan border

US Marines in Libya build-up

Afghan president warns Obama about civilian deaths

UAE affirms support for Oman’s stability

Libyan rebels, Gaddafi forces battle for oil sites

Hard time for Iraqi refugees in weak US job market

Sunni-backed Allawi rejects Iraq post

Hamas-backed men 'rob' bank twice in Gaza

Probe into girl’s death in Madinah hospital ordered

Illegal migrant killed, 27 hurt as police bus overturns near Jazan

Pakistan halves proposed fuel price increase

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The explosion took place near a mosque in the north-western region.

7 killed in Day of Rage in Iraq
New Age Islam News Bureau

Gaddafi tells supporters to prepare for battle of Tripoli

Sharif's PML-N no more part of PPP in Punjab province

Black market for Indonesian maids thrives in Makkah

US forces pulling out of Pech valley in Afghanistan

Gaddafi forces strike back as rebels close in on Tripoli

Libya on agenda in Clinton's visit to Geneva next week

Gaddafi militias open fire at protesters, several dead

Defiant Qadhafi says ‘we will beat them’

Qaddafi sets stage for last stand

Gaddafi’s son portrays a peaceful Tripoli

US hits Libya with sanctions, shuts embassy

With eyes on Libya, protests continue in West Asian countries

At Tunisian border, tales of terror from Libya

Situation very chaotic in Tripoli

Tens of thousands hold rival rallies in Yemen

ISI asks CIA to unmask covert operatives in Pak

Bomb making techniques and information on RDX searched most on Google

Communal Violence Bill not acceptable in present form: Shabnam Hashmi

Minority education is more important than minority status: BJP

Urs of Hadhrat Qazi Burhanuddin held

Uma Bharti to meet Sadhvi Pragya in jail

Sentence reserved in Godhra train burning case

Pak security agencies behind killings in Balochistan: PML-N

FBI arrests Saudi student plotting terror attacks

US closes Libya embassy, freezes Gadhafi assets

Davis’ family arrives in Pakistan

Immunity issue may affect trial

Official asked to inform Gilani of precarious Balochistan situation

Talks possible if Taliban decommission arms: PM

US national arrested in Peshawar for overstay

Raymond Davis refuses to sign charge sheet

‘Osama against attacks on civilians’

Pakistan, Kuwait vow to enhance ties in diverse fields

Karachi’s only children hospital lacks surgeons

Kingdom raises oil output amid Libyan crisis

King Abdullah’s help sought to resolve Lebanon crisis

Saudi student gets sentence reduced in maid abuse case

Thieves strike cars during Isha prayer

Remorseful killer hopes for mercy

Victim of mistaken identity, Umrah visitor with a clean chit can’t fly out

Impact of Gulf crisis on family life in focus

OIC to host meet on Afghanistan

Palestinian, Israeli and foreign activists rally in Hebron

Man in US convicted of shipping items to Iran

Darfur rebels attacked by Sudan Army

Indian musician plays in Dammam

Ivorian rebels seize town, threaten advance

Prince Naif in Kuwait to attend celebrations

Khaleej Times partners with ‘Indo-Pak Express’

Iran to ‘remove fuel’ from Bushehr atomic plant

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Iraqi anti-government protesters clash with riot police during a demonstration in Baghdad on Friday.

Gaddafi strikes back, bombs Brega
New Age Islam News Bureau

‘Nuclear Pakistan in extremists’ hands a grave threat’: US

Obama, Hillary outraged at assassination of Bhatti

Gaddafi warns of another Vietnam

‘Faiz’s poetry is like a bridge between India and Pakistan’

As militancy ebbs, time to ease up in J&K?

Muslim MPs not in favour, so India’s Madrasa board is off

Yemeni Prez sacks Guvs of 5 provinces

Nobel winner Muhammad Yunus out of bank he founded

Egypt PM Ahmed Shafiq quits: Army

Khalifa stresses UAE support to Bahrain

Gilani vows new strategy to fight extremism

World community condemn Bhatti’s murder

Pakistan: Terrorists silence another voice of interfaith harmony

Bhatti knew of threats from Taliban, Qaida

Minister not given bullet-proof car

Extremism bringing bad name to Islam: Gilani

Sufi circuit to be developed in the country: Tourism Minister of India

Muslims demand ban on book branding Sir Syed and Iqbal separatists

Kuldip Nayyar’s statement on Quran recitation unfortunate: Sunni Ulema Council

No proposal for Madrasa Board

Christians announce three days mourning

Chavez's Libya plan being considered, Moussa says

Libya on brink of civil war as rebels eye foreign help

Gaddafi warns of 'bloody war' in case foreign intervention

Embassy in Egypt sets up border land post for Indians in Libya

Over 180,000 refugees flee to Libya’s borders

Arab League's no to 'outside meddling'

Iran warns West against military action in Libya

Gaddafi's forces go on offensive as NATO mulls 'no-fly' zone

Gaddafi claims protests part of conspiracy to grab Libyan oil

Libya: Speedier evacuation urged

IAF aircraft to join evacuation operations from Libya

Acquitted Godhra accused, which spent 9yrs in jail, dies

“My name is Wasil Khan and I am neither a Pakistani nor a terrorist”

'Jasmine'-like revolution unlikely in China

‘Abused’ as a blogger, Omar takes to tweeting to resume his story

Pakistan court rejects Davis' claim about diplomatic immunity

Raymond Davis’ hearing underway in Kot Lakhpat

Bangladesh Nobel laureate Yunus challenges removal

'Pirates won't free hostages selectively'

Appeals court orders Madinah judge to review Sumiati case

Iran opposition says 79 arrested in protests

S. Sudan fighting leaves dozens dead in tense area

Turkey rejects Kurdish demand on imprisoned leader

Pope exonerates Jews for Jesus death in new book

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A rebel holds his ears as a bomb launched by a Libyan air force jet loyal to Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi explodes in the desert near Brega.


115 killed in govt offensive on Somali militants

Gaddafi slams UN sanctions; claims Libya is calm

Libya rebels gear for fight in city near capital Tripoli

Afghan government says Nato op killed 65 civilians

Bahrain protesters block Parliament Obama supports Bahrain King's reform move

US teen sets off 7 bombs, arrested

Hindu rights group rallies in Malaysia, 100 arrested

Tunisian leader resigns amid new clashes

Spy war threatens Pakistan-US ties

Terror trials to be transparent

Three policemen among six shot dead in Karachi

Christians fear Gojra-type incident in Kot Addu

Buddhadeb defends job quota for OBC Muslims

World leaders tell Gaddafi to quit

Gaddafi unflinching: Libyan rebel city fears counter-attack

10,000 fled Libya into Tunisia Saturday: Red Crescent

530 Libyan expats on home turf

Anti-regime forces take west Libyan towns

Libyan opposition forms own government

EU welcomes UNSC sanctions against Libya

Canada to freeze Gaddafi's millions

Sweden sends military plane for Libya evacuations

Gaddafi’s Ukrainian nurse to return to own country

Post-Davis, ISI puts ball in CIA’s court on improving ties

Somali pirate hold Indians hostage for last 7 months

Two judges kidnapped in Balochistan

Gaza militants fire rocket, mortar round at Israel

King’s order to benefit 180,000 temporary employees

Khalifa Fund for Enabling Emiratisation

Oman police fired rubber bullets at protesters, two dead

Maulana Shibli Nomani was the pioneer of the art of Seerah writing

Opposition parties against renaming of Bhopal

Ulema stop nikah with a Qadiani

Seven killed in road accident in Sheikhupura

Protesters clash with police in Oman; 1 killed

Saudi Arabia: Aircraft crashes in Al Ain; 4 dead

Rising groundwater threatening Jeddah buildings

Jordan urges EU pressure on Israel to stop unilateral actions

52 in custody after clashes in Croatia

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Libyans worked in Benghazi on Sunday. A man associated with Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb said some militants were returning from exile to fight in Libya.


Death for 11, life sentence for 20 in Godhra train burning case

Battle for Libya Rages as Qaddafi Strikes Back

'Islamism on Facebook, biggest threat'

Kingdom denies offering $150bn to buy Facebook

Major held in US for killing J&K activist

Third day of unrest in Oman

Omani crowd torches supermarket

Blasts kill at least 10 Afghans at dogfight: Official

4 NATO service members killed in Afghanistan

10 killed during clashes in Sudan

Bangladesh turns up heat on Nobel winner Yunus

Post-Davis, 30 US spies halt covert mission, flee Pakistan

Petition filed to make the US party in Davis immunity case

US not to swap Dr Aafia with Davis In U.S.

Libyan opposition rejects U.S. offer of weapons

Libya: West mulls military options

Now, EU slaps sanctions on Libya

Rebels 'down' Libyan aircraft

US moving naval, air forces closer to Libya

'All my people love me,' Gaddhafi says

Gadhafi forces mass, world raises pressure on Libya

Libya replaces ambassador who defected: US

Gaddafi seeks de-recognition of his UN diplomats

Libyan diplomats in Kingdom back Qaddafi

Saudi scholars support Libyan uprising

Holy cow's now fair game, Libyans take aim at despot

Libya Nuclear Deal, a Qaddafi Threat Faded Away

Fourth special flight from Libya returns with 331 Indians

Food prices skyrocket in Tripoli

No UK refuge or visa for Gaddafi

US moves warships closer to Libya, freezes $30bn in assets

Libyan assets frozen in US; no-fly zone on the horizon

No foreign intervention, Libyans tell West

Libya arrests four Jordanians

On Godhra anniversary, Modi rides on Mahatma

We criticize Israel’s policies, but believe in its right to exist

Egypt bans Mubarak travel, freezes assets

Mubarak, family barred from leaving Egypt

Iraq safest Arab country: Maliki

US weapons killing Arab protesters: Iran

Foreign powers involved in Balochistan situation: Gilani

Iraqi court gives Briton 20 years over slayings

NATO oil tanker attacked in Wah

Iran says hopes for further nuclear talks

Compile by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Dana Al-Hammadi, a 37-year-old mother of five, will be the first UAE woman to land on Antarctica as she is set to start her journey Tuesday from Abu Dhabi.

36 killed in a stampede in Miladun Nabi assembly in Mali

Troops kill 10 terrorists in Kurram Agency

7 Yemeni MPs resign in major blow to Saleh

Yemen rallies after demonstrator killed

Bahrain protesters call for strike to oust government

Fakieh vows more jobs for Saudis in retail sector

Ahmadinejad condemns civilian killings in Libya

Afghan suicide car bombing injures dozens

Vastanvi wins the battle, but with a caveat

Arab Unrest Propels Iran as Saudi Influence Declines

Saudi king announces $35 billion aid for citizens

Davis Case: Shumaila’s uncle poisoned in Lahore

'Davis case mishandled by interior ministry'

Davis ends hunger strike over 'substandard food'

Davis case may end up in ICJ

China, Pak to enhance military ties

Five security officials killed in attack on Khyber check post

India, Pak talks on March 28-29

Two wanted CIA men spirited out of Pak

Jamiat Ulema Hind not happy with Godhra verdict

Gaddafi ordered Lockerbie bombing, says ex-minister

One dead, seven hurt in tribal clashes

Grand welcome for King Abdullah

Kasab to challenge death penalty in Apex Court

Madrasa teachers on dharna at Jantar Mantar for with their demands

Former minister Mahboob Ali passes away

Faith in judiciary further strengthened: Umarji's son

Indo-Arab ties strengthened: Jaipal Reddy

Warships being sent to evacuate Indians from Libya

S Koreans to leave Libya on special flight: Ministry

China plays down “Jasmine” threat; tightens security

Turkey leads the way in evacuations from Libya

World grapples for response as battles divide Libya

Al Qaeda in N. Africa backs Libya uprising: SITE

Minority status will not change Jamia's secular character'

Dar-ul stopgap cleric returns

Didn't arm protesters, Berlusconi tells Gaddafi

'Qadri killed Guv in his own capacity'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to find out extradition fate

Israel jets hit Gaza after rocket attack

World grapples for response as battles divide Libya

Pakistan’s anti-terror efforts lauded

Zardari quietly visited UAE to explore options

Pak Railways needs Rs 11.5bn to overcome financial crunch

Hussain Haqqani, Marc Grossman meet in US

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Dual nationality Libyans and some foreigners were detained Wednesday in a makeshift jail in a school in Shahat, Libya.

Two policemen gunned down in Karachi

Gaddafi’s son offers talks with protesters

Bahraini opposition leader back home

Tribal chiefs join opposition to Yemeni president

“India can help build democracy in Arab world”

Reveal your agents in Pak: ISI to CIA

Raymond Davis family not in Pakistan: US embassy

Sadhvi Pragya held in Joshi murder case

Census period should be extended, demand Muslims

Sabotage? Iran's N-reactor runs into trouble

J&K Police gears up for crowd management

Pak court adjourns 26/11 case till March 5

Leading Pak artistes oppose curbs on travelling to India

Russia vows to sell missiles to Syria

Obama calls on Qaddafi to step down

‘Gaddafi forces shooting from ambulances’

Gaddafi won't destroy oil wells'

World powers struggle to find way to stop Gaddafi

Terror in Tripoli as Gaddafi braces for battle

Libya placed billions of $ at U.S. banks: cables

Amid fear for family, Libyans in US take to streets

Nurse stands by Gaddafi, for better or for worse

British military planes in daring Libya desert rescue

World’s religious leaders call for end to violence in Libya

Pluralism is God's Will: Indonesian religious leader

Attack shuts Iraq's largest oil refinery, kills 1

After Mubarak, Egypt fixes president's term at 8 years

Army says sorry after protester clashes

King discuss regional issues with UN chief

World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Muslim Aid in cooperation pact

Students studying abroad on their own to benefit from king’s scholarship program

Two hurt in Israeli raids on Gaza

UAE replaces US as India's top trading ally

Pakistani delegate's money confiscated

Stereotypes break on Kuwait's I-Day

Leading Pak artistes oppose curbs on travelling to India

J&K Police gears up for crowd management

Pak court adjourns 26/11 case till March 5

Afghan defence minister sees better Pakistan cooperation

US Army must prepare for complex threats: Gates

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A roadside bomb killed nine civilians

Gaddafi denies fleeing Libya in TV appearance

Taliban bomber kills 31 at Afghan office

Suicide attack kills 12 in Iraq

Car bomb kills 17 in Somalia; Al-Shabaab owns responsibility

Deoband V- C Maulana Vastanvi will not go gently into the night

Hamas orders male hairstylists out of lady salons

Symposium on the life and achievements of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Vastnavi may lose Deoband post as rivals band together

Davis is a CIA agent, no doubt: Pak intel official

Clashes erupt in Tripoli; protesters celebrate in Benghazi

Gadhafi’s son warns of ‘rivers of blood'

US assails Libya’s use of lethal force against protesters

Your time is up, Libyan UN diplomats tell Qaddafi

Libya oil industry faces threat

Libya must stop ‘unacceptable bloodshed’ now: Clinton

Al Jazeera signal jammed in Mideast, Libya suspected

Jordan asks Libya to help nationals go home

Kingdom says world has enough oil as Libya in ferment

Iranian diplomat defects to opposition

Yemen Prez rejects demand to step down

Bahrain protesters seek to overthrow royal family

Mubarak's assets to be frozen

Students protest in Algerian capital

SIT officer misbehaves with Ishrat Jahan’s mother

Two pro-India parties floated in J&K with Army, MHA help

Decision on the minority status of Jamia Millia Islamia today

Maulana Arshad Madani congratulates Fahim and Sabah on their acquittal

Row continuing with US on Davis issue, admits Gilani

Police ban broadcast of riot footage on Godhra judgment day

Prez: Govt firm on tackling corruption

Japan building spy service: WikiLeaks

Blind man resculpts ‘untouchable’ Jesus

Israel and Chile spied on Iran: WikiLeaks

Drone attacks resume in Pakistan

Qureshi still part of PPP, says Gilani

Malaysian police detain Pakistanis over kidnap

US missiles kill nine in North Waziristan

Killers of innocent people enemies of Balochistan: Raisani

Ivorian troops kill protesters, AU team arrives

Iran warships to begin Suez Canal passage Tuesday

Labour strike continues for second day in Makkah

Hamas pours scorn on Fatah call for unity

Tunisia gov’t seeks to dissolve Ben Ali party

Afghans see warlord footprints in new police force

Arab energy ventures to hit $530b

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi makes defiant television address, attacking 'US tyranny' and 'sick people' within Libya

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