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Mosque madness at Ground Zero

Demolishing Al-Quds for shopping mall offensive

Third world war underway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Hoti

Let’s face facts, the burqa is an affront to feminism

Misogynist Mullahs and their flurry of fatwas

Fatwa against working women finds no takers

Pakistani Ulema: ‘West pursuing aggressive policies against Muslims’

Pope asks humanity to turn from ‘death and terror’ to love of God

Let’s clear Islam of prejudices

Tahir Khan: Terrorism has no place in Islam

Bangladesh arrests 400 in drive against schoolgirl bullying

No difference between Hindutva terror: Chidambaram

Order for more Muslim police

‘4 prime suspects in German Bakery blast fled to Pakistan’

Sayeeda Warsi: a powerful Muslim woman in UK cabinet

Dialogue initiative ‘reflects Abdullah’s strategic vision’

30 Saudi students taking part in Intel show in US

Concern over obstacles in women emancipation

A winning Saudi view: high quality of imagery

Let Pakistan prove its credibility before talks: BJP

Three arrested in Indonesia raids

Honour killing? Angry family hacks daughter, mother-in-law to death

Khaps use same-gotra excuse to escape attacks for fatwas

Prophet cartoonist defiant after attack

 Pakistan: Three years of 12th May massacre

Obama deflects criticism of Pakistan

Israel plans to build 12,000 housing units in East Jerusalem

Woman forces son, 5, to smoke

Military response to cyber attack possible: Pentagon

Terror in Times Square

Tensions rise at Philippine political summit

Hamas accuses Egypt of torturing prisoners

‘Fight for power between feudal lords and the urban elite’

102 Pakistanis in Thai jails

Israel criticises Russian talks with Hamas 

Bulgarian woman has twins at 62

Northern Afhanistan needs major offensive: Nato 

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Photo: Wreckage from plane that hit the twin towers fell on the same building that may serve as an Islamic cultural center


40 Taliban killed by Afghan, NATO troops

Cop dies in Hyderabad shootout, SIMI hand suspected

Now a Deoband fatwa against Muslims working in banks

India: Urdu press tears into latest Deoband fatwa against women

Deoband needs to catch up

Deoband Fatwa is stupid, say Muslim working women in Bangalore

FBI arrests 'several people' in Times Square case

Pakistan arrests man with militant ties

Obama: Pak realises its top worry is terror, not India

Obama gets tougher over terrorism

US will soon burn, threatens Pakistan Taliban

Libya elected to UN Human Rights Council

Banned Malaysian sect Al-Arqam leader with 38 kids dies

U.S. not to abandon Afghanistan

Karzai Tries To Ease Mistrust


Bhutto kids defend father, poke fun at cousin Fatima

UK school brands student truant for not dressing like a Muslim

Did Omani carry out Mumbai recce for 26/11 before Headley?

Civil war takes a toll on Pak psyche

Iran eases grip on Al-Qaeda

Pakistan: The last chance for a great generation

Prophet Muhammad: Ensuring peace within the community

Aspects of Islamic Faith: When an order admits two interpretations

Mohammed honours Arab journalism award winners

73-yr-old hangman willing to come out of retirement to hang Kasab

Digvijay triggers Samjhauta row

How to counter terror? Ask France

‘Honour killing’ in Allahabad

'No scientific basis to gotra allergy of khaps'

Despite political uncertainties in Iraq, U.S. sticking with drawdown plan

Eight dead in blast in Dagestan 

SIALKOT : Rapist’ held on victim’s identification

Operation completed, but forces to stay in Kala Dhaka

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Photo: Sayeeda Hussain Warsi is, uniquely, Christian Britain's first Muslim cabinet minister


100 killed in Iraq serial bomb blasts

Mali imam living in fear after backing women's rights

Interfaith dialogue: Coalition preaches mutual respect

SIT quizzes Hindutva icon Togadia on Gujarat violence

Hindutva leader threatens Zakia, Setalvad with ‘action’

Old mosque demolished in Madinah

Some Pakistan officials know where Osama is: Hillary Clinton

New girl gets elected to AMU old boys’ body

Paris fears losing clientele to burqa ban

Pak militants spread roots


Faisal was told to not leave paper trail

Shahzad’s father to be quizzed

35,000 troops out, Valley sees spike in violence

Mass grave of Kosovo victims found in Serbia

The Times Square scare

PESHAWAR: 26 journalist bodies demand terrorists stop bombing civilians

Assassination of US Muslim Cleric is Illegal, Immoral and Unwise

US drone attack kills 14 in Pakistan: Officials

Times Square suspect went to Pakistan for Taliban's help: US

U.S. may be passing up chances to stop terrorist plots

Pakistan needs to do more to combat terror: US

Should Muslim Countries Adopt a More Western Attitude Toward Curiosity?

More Proof of How Jihad is Funded

Israel’s plan for East Jerusalem clouds talks

Muslim leaders warn against Jerusalem settlements

Two Israeli Arabs suspected of spying for Hezbollah

Against honour killing but just a messenger: Naveen Jindal

Romp with MP caught on tape, Turkish leader quits

UP ‘honour killing victim’ held for abducting girlfriend

Iran to let mothers visit three US detainees: Mottaki

My mother and her secrets, Jasmin Darznik

London: Acid revenge attack men sentenced

Constructive student dialogue on the Middle East

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Photo: The largest Muslim seminary in India, Darul Uloom of Deoband, has issued a fatwa against working Muslim women


RIYADH: Shoura backs fatwa on funding terror as evil

43 Taliban killed in drone strike, army operation

19 rebels killed in Pak offensive

70 million child labourers in Pakistan: ILO

Irresistible lure of Pakistan as nursery of global jihad

Kerala Police blame Islamic outfit for unrest

‘IM’s South India module behind Pune bakery blast’

‘If Pakistan doesn’t act, US will’: US puts blame on Taliban for NY bomb plot

Young Saudis cherish Obama’s Summit on Entrepreneurship

US missiles kill 10 in Pakistan

Filmmakers in Indonesia Share Women's Stories About Life Under Islamic Law

Blasphemy laws: the root of Pakistani extremism

Former Christian preacher explains his journey to Islam

Rawalpindi’s Indian namesakes want peace with Pak

Act fast on terror dens, US warns Pak

Keep off Afghanistan, Qaida threatens Harry

As Karzai arrives, Obama tells aides to show respect

Only 58 countries still award death penalty

Pak Army, ISI reject new lawyer

New mosque centres in Sharjah for memorising Holy Quran

200,000 Facebook fans want me to return to Pakistan: Musharraf

Faisal Shahzad is not Pakistani: FM

Senator Saifullah wants 19th amendment

SIALKOT: Girl ‘forced into prostitution’

Mideast negotiations begin

'Muslim countries do not manage wealth properly'

Diplomatic quarter to come up on Jeddah seafront in two years

Mystery shrouds the case of Canadian woman

After decades of war, Afghanistan’s violence victims speak out

Turkish forces, aircraft hit Kurd rebels in Iraq

Iran hangs five Kurd activists

Lebanon won’t ask Hezbollah to disarm: Suleiman

Lebanon won’t ask Hezbollah to disarm: Suleiman

Coalition preaches mutual respect

Iraq PM orders inquiry into death of Sunni imam

A bullet in Baghdad, a son’s need, a mother’s love

Serial bomb attacks in Iraq, 68 killed

Man held at Karachi airport with circuits in shoes

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Photo: Russian ambassador to India Alexander M Kadakin

India: ‘Government’s work answer to fatwas’, says Minister

ISI cell in NWFP targeting Indians in Kabul

Private US spy network still on in Pakistan, Afghanistan: Report

Deoband mufti fears fatwa trap

Insurance law does not exempt Muslims

India: Home Ministry Steps In To Aid Offloaded Cleric  

Compensate the cleric: editorial in Mail Today

Celebrity in Valley, UPSC topper to get 24x7 security

Indian Penal code embodies tenets of Islam, Hinduism: Gujarat HC

First Muslim woman British minister accused of betraying her religion

Pakistanis want British MP to remove terror stigma

Manhattan madness and Muslims

Darfur clash kills 57 officers, rebels: police

At least 30 militants dead in Afghanistan, NATO raids

Pro-Taliban militants kidnap 60 in Pak

Karachi safe haven of Taliban

US spy ring at work in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Maldives offers relocation to two Guantanamo men

Brazil's President Lula in Iran for key nuclear talks

Saudi women's rights groups hail photo

Spanish judge who indicted bin Laden suspended

Write 'Meri Jaati Hindustani' in 2011 caste based census

For Car Bomb Suspect, a Long Path to Times Square

Pak aware 'terrorism not helping anyone': Afghan official

Meet the ‘rock’n'roll jihadist’!

Egyptian Christians claim author defamed religion

Turki Al-Faisal calls on Obama to push for Middle East settlement

New school tries to revive music in Afghanistan

Fifteen suspected militants killed in Orakzai

Rape victim confesses to killing baby

Women empowerment powerful instrument against discrimination

Couple sell daughter to save son’s life

France's Kouchner denies Iran 'spy-deal'

Sudan military occupies Darfur rebel stronghold

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Photo: Protest by Indonesian worker against forcing three Muslim workers from Indonesia to eat pork

Iran hangs woman and four other 'enemies of God'

Iran executes 5 for 'anti-revolutionary' activities

Pakistan to probe links between Shahzad and Taliban: Rehman Malik

Times Square probe leads to Karachi mosque run by JeM

Kidnapped journalist asks HRW to raise $10m ransom

US gets tough on Pakistan, seeks action in North Waziristan

Is the yuppie Pakistani the new face of terror?

Separatists urge Kashmiris to participate in census

65% of Saudi women are unemployed

Pro-democracy activist goes on trial in Egypt

Now US Is Enemy No 1 In Pakistan Public’s Mind

Somali Islamists vow to free British hostages from pirates

Hayef urges Parliament to provide Islamic projects

Taliban threatens to launch a fresh offensive in Afghanistan

Rights and privileges that Kasab has in jail

Two children, 15 militants killed

US drone strike kills 10 in Pakistan: Officials

Suicide bomber attacks Russia military base

Police terror sows paranoia in Kerala villages

Police suspect Nirupama’s suicide note may have been tampered with

PLO agrees to indirect talks

Priest hired supari gang to kill rival Church member:CB

Youth held for killing sister's boyfriend; girl still missing

Our Pak policy has failed

My son is not as flamboyant as I was

Boy's throat slit, girl hacked

Somali pirates hijack chemical tanker with 22 crew including Indians

Phone call nailed IM role in Pune blast

Israel yet to replace UK diplomat

Advani refuses to support resumption of India, Pakistan peace dialogue

J& K ultras building network with love

Pushy US stand evokes mixed reaction in Pakistan

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Kashmir Valley erupts in celebration as news of Faesal's feat spread

Kasab deserved death: Muslim clerics, scholars

Meerut hangman wants to prepare noose for Kasab

Jaishe E Mohammad Of 9/11 Fame, Not Drones, Responsible For Time Square Terror

Did financial crisis turn MBA grad into a terrorist

Where Are the Moderate Jewish Voices

Iranian cleric warns world powers that threats will be answered

Kerala school asked to take back girl ousted in head scarf row

More Saudi women working from home

Europe's Anti-Muslim Racism

Brinda wants fresh probe into Makkah Masjid blast

Fierce Kashmir gunbattle leaves seven dead

Four policemen killed in Mansehra attack

At least 26 militants killed in clashes

Turkey approves Islamist gov't bill to reform constitution

Uighur leader killed in Pakistan

The Endless War With Islam

'The Perfect Prayer' explores Islam, assimilation

The Muslims are coming

Politicising women's bodies

Islam's many hats

Questions for Stephen Prothero, Author of God Is Not One

Australia heist sparks burka row

IDB’s India panel to hold meeting in Patna

Terror sympathizers urged to surrender

Sunni-backed party in Iraq warns of sectarianism

Man on trial for taking photos of woman in toilet

Kuwait finds mass grave for 55 Iraqi soldiers

Scholars abhor stringent penalties for Ta’zir crimes

Makkah accident claims father, son's lives

A Clear Conscious? Then you are Guilty of Not Feeling Guilty

Man sends son-in-law to jail, forces daughter to go with new husband

Nigeria's Jonathan sworn in after death of president

Balochistan PA condemns acid attacks

Girl’s body torched: Man kills wife, two daughters for ‘honour’

Woman allegedly shot dead by husband

Saudi diplomat ‘stable’ in Nairobi

Saudi king's photo brings women's rights into focus

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Photo: Kashmiri IAS topper Shah Faisal


Poppy seeds with honey: The first online sex shop for Muslims

Army Major caught spying for Pak, tip-off came from US

Taliban cut off hands of three tribesmen

Boy rescued from ‘maniac child rapist’

Marrying is prohibitive for many Saudi men

Qassab reads book on Tipu Sultan's life before D-Day

UN has ‘no evidence’ of Hezbollah Scud smuggling

Bangladesh war crime probe chief quits

Afzal Guru's mercy plea is not yet on President's table

Iran ready to address ‘rights abuse’ charges 

Libya wastes state cash on women, says Kadhafi's son

Big' burqa-clad woman in air scare

 Major, rifleman killed in gunbattle

Jordanian beauty muscles her way into male bastion

‘I was expecting you. Are you NYPD or FBI?’

Now, 'war porn' growing in numbers!

Pak, India back channel diplomacy restored

Gulf states vow combined efforts to tackle terror threat

Can the terrorists halt India’s peace deal with Pakistan?

Marathi, Urdu schoolchildren bake cookies, learn English

Muslim women speak out against misrepresentation

Six juniors held in torture case: Policewomen get bail, men sent on judicial remand

'Embracing Islam just for marriage is against religion'

Recognise right to worship Ram Lalla'

Accused in Marriott Hotel suicide attack acquitted

Militants launch deadly suicide attack on Afghan city

Banning burqa an infringement of rights

Obama calls war council after NY plot

Five Kurdish rebels killed in Iran 

Iran welcomes Brazil mediation over nuclear issue

Swiss region wants nationwide burqa ban

Court: Nothing to prove Salman was minor during blasts

Obama welcomes Indonesian announcement to ratify CTBT

Schism in J&K Congress

4 killed in deadly suicide attack on Afghan city

Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua dies

Saudi diplomat attacked in Kenya

Al-Qaeda sympathizer surrenders to Saudi authorities

Man sends son-in-law to jail, forces daughter to go with new husband

Malaysia top court hears landmark religious dispute

Yemen bans Arab conference on Darfur crisis’

Iraq’s Shiite parties edge out Sunni-backed coalition

Palestinians say talks must deal with core issues

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Pak producing 10,000 jihadists a year: Report

Dubai court clears sex-in-car couple

Now, Italy slaps fine over burqa

Iran civil rights activist could face 'honour killing' if deported from UK

Zulfikar Bhotto's daughter, nephew dispute claim in Fatima's book

Taliban leader Hakeemullah writes letter to Afia Siddiqui’s sister

Ajmer-Malegaon link: accused knew ‘bomb planter’ Kalsangra

Army to sack Purohit, but there's no proof he sourced explosives

Woman torture case: Two SPs among 31 booked

UKIP leader calls for burqa ban

Yarima’s Marriage: Why All The Propaganda

Boys’ bid to cross border foiled

All parties must stand up to Islamophobia

Ethnic Russian Muslims Grapple With The Question: Who Is A Russian        

Women have 'no dignity' in West: Ahmadinejad

Christian leader 'alarmed' about threats to Indonesia's pluralism

Deadly explosions hit Somalia mosques

Somalia gunmen shoot dead journalist

Faheem's acquittal honourable, all proof was planted, says wife

More Afghan schoolgirls ill in suspected gas attack

‘Mad dog’ Qasab should be hanged

'Modernists' should not be backed: Al-Barrak

Israel asks Egypt to rethink pressure on atom pact

Iraq Shia blocs to join forces in parliament

Rana seeks 'specific' details of terror charges against him

Spicejet flight makes priority landing in Kolkata, 2 passengers detained

Eight dead' in Afghan violence

Jihad Jane' won't get speedy trial

Counter-Terrorism In Indonesia: The Price Of Success

People of The Truth

African Islamic finance faces image problem: banker

Police confirm Pakistani engineer killed himself

Democracy icons' son poised to lead Philippines

Obama extends sanctions on Syria for one year

Iraq arrests network suspected in embassy bombings

Mosque arson casts shadow over new ME peace talks 

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Photo: Times square bomber Faisal Shahzad

Pakistani in custody in New York car bomb attempt

Muslim Extremists Execute a Somali Christian

Jewish mystics on the Sufi path

Suntanned women to be arrested under Islamic dress code

Mumbai attacks: Kasab to be sentenced on May 6

It's a message to Pakistan

'Jihad is basic requirement to wipe out terrorism'

Anti-Zionist rabbi Moshe Hirsch dies in Jerusalem

Wife of Faheem says she expected verdict

FIFA allows caps for Iranian girls at Youth Olympic

Swiss canton considers burqa ban

Baring Beauty or Brains? Debate Over “Earthquake” Comment Splits Feminist Activists

What Does China Have to Do with Islam and Democracy

Jihadi terrorist cell uncovered in Aceh

Benazir's assassins will be brought to justice: Gilani

Pleas to reopen Sharifs’ cases rejected

Pakistani army kills 22 Taleban near Afghan border

Why name Saeed, Lakhvi in 26/11 case, asks Jamaat-ud-Dawa

Mumbai gunman 'should be hanged'

Police stop veiled woman in Italy

Police claim Hyderabad attacks foiled, arrest Lashkar man

Terror has no religion, says BJP

Police look for Dangs Swami in Ajmer blast

Possible terror attack foiled with arrest of Lashkar operative

Switzerland a mafia state: Qadhafi

38 militants die in Bajaur, Orakzai

Another human-rights irony at the U.N.

National ID must for immigration transactions Adel Arafa

'Modernists' should not be backed: Al-Barrak

Thieves get 10 years jail, 1,000 lashes

Egyptian police clash with anti-government protesters

Philippine troops stop potential deadly attack in South

A new sexual ethic

Swati ‘helpless to monitor quality of packed foods’

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Photo: BJP President Nitin Gadkari

Indonesian ‘prophet’ jailed for blasphemy

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: 'Why are Muslims so hypersensitive

What women wear is their business

Faisal inspired by Yemeni ideologue'

‘Faisal a close friend of 26/ 11 mastermind’

Tomb Raider: Jesus buried in Srinagar

Cong's vote bank politics protects terrorists: Gadkari

Sacramento's Pakistani Americans declare war on terrorism

Times Square evacuated again on suspicion of cooler bomb

Two women of Pakistan origin win in UK elections 

NY bomb scare: Pakistanis pose as Indians

Bomb plot will put heat on Pakistan

3rd Italy council to fine burqa wearers

'Knowledge of Urdu helped Tahaliyani'

Kasab to remain in ‘anda’ cell

King decries terror funding

Pakistan has helped break anti-China Islamic group

Muslim center near 9/11 site stirs controversy

Iran belongs to world's ‘nuclear club,’ cleric says

Indian filmmaker documents image of Pakistan war with Taliban

Shahzad a ‘lone wolf’: Petraeus

Pak court adjourns Mumbai attack case till May 22

Belgian bishops nix US child sex abuse norms but vow action

A Muslim Christian Democrat's crucifixion

Can Obama and Karzai still work together?

Bombs planted in home of policeman kill 3 in Iraq

Pak alerted of terror results from within

Sohrabuddin case: CBI seeks custody of two policemen

J&K encounter: Five Hizb militants, two soldiers killed

How Canada’s Christian right was built

India must tackle terrorism aggressively

Eight die in Kashmir gunbattle

Lebanon charges army colonel with spying for Israel

Why Husain is in search of controversy in the twilight years P P Balachandran

Protest against war crimes in Malaysia

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Photo: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


Saudi liberals see hope as clerics argue over women

Christians protest occupation of church in Rawalpindi

Saudi woman scripts divorce book

Conspiracy or cure? An Islamic perspective on interfaith dialogue

Chief Islamic Justice Department to 'reconsider' khuloe law

Iran hosts International Human Rights Conference

Malaysia's highest court asked to rule on child conversion

Kasab deserves no mercy, says father of girl who lost her leg in attack

Taliban leader promises to carry out attacks in the U.S. within a month

Pak Taliban claims responsibility for NY failed bombing

Khalifa reiterates UAE support for Palestinians

‘Fashion for All’ from ages 16 to 60 Afshan Ahmed

Third suspect in Ajmer blast arrested

Naushad's house protected monument now

Twenty one militants killed in Orakzai pounding

Flawed U.S. strategy strengthened Taliban: Pakistan Army

Suicide bomb attack claims six lives in Swat

US Army captain becomes ‘king’ in Afghanistan

Man with Lashkar links held for terror threats on Delhi markets

Terrorism Doesn't Go Away When You Ignore It   

Explosions Hallmark of Al Qaeda, Says Somali Official

U.S. apprehensive of Ahmadinejad's role during NPT deliberations

Slain Cop’s Probe Bares Saffron Role

Be nice to me if you want protection, Musharraf told Benazir

Terrorists target New York

A loving friend of Kingdom passes away: Prince Sultan

Four killed in ‘Ponzi’ protest in Darfur

A picture worth more than a thousand words

Jeddah: Wanted militant surrenders

Kenya says bid to resolve diplomatic row with UAE failed

Somali militants increasing use of child soldiers

A cloud over Jerusalem

Somali militia group seizes pirate haven

Some profit from wives despite polygamy ban

 ‘Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has reinforced

A love affair with Arabia Aijaz Zaka Syed

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Photo: Ajmal Amir Kasab, charged with the deaths of 166 Indians and foreigners, has been pronounced guilty of all charges by a special court in Mumbai.


Somalia: Mogadishu mosque blasts kill 39

Pakistan wastes 1/3rd of Indus water it gets, admits Qureshi

India keen to engage ‘empowered' Gilani

Kashmiris welcome Indo-Pak dialogue

Suicide bomber in Pakistan's Swat kills 5: officials

Somali feminist under a fatwa tells of her ‘complicated’ affair

A temple where upper castes bow to Dalits

Muslim headscarf sparks heated debate in Spain

U.S. support allowed Muslim Brotherhood to expand

Hurdles to Headley access cleared

Lashkar intercept puts Delhi on alert

Capital put on high alert after intelligence reports

Brain behind Ajmer blast identified

Musharraf eyes Pak President’s slot again

Hindutva terror again                   

Kasuri should table document supporting statement over Kashmir resolution: JUI-F chief

Baghdad cafe waitresses break down barriers in Iraq

Obama orders deployment of US drones to target Yemeni terrorist

Madhuri Gupta picked up packet for Pakistani handler in Jammu

'Gurdaspur terrorists were planning 26/11-like strike in Punjab'      

Four Indians convicted in Bangladesh were militants: Police

Arab League backs resumption of Mideast peace talks

People misunderstood my views, says Haia official

'Information an effective weapon against terror'      

Kurdish rebels kill 4 Turkish soldiers, wound 7

Militant turncoat leads Iraqis to Al-Qaeda chiefs

Ties with Pakistan ‘absolutely vital’: US

Father, son among 3 shot dead in Pasni

Afghan feminists battle for rights

Bombs kill one, injure 100 in north Iraq: police

Jashn-e-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’ today

Talibanisation of Balochistan: Two wrongs never make a right

Belgium burqa ban: More EU nations may follow suit

Bodo chief handed over by Dhaka

'Barbaric' killing of murder suspect by Lebanese mob

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Photo: Hooligans of Islami Jamiat Tulaba manhandle Imran Khan on Nov 14, 2009


Strike in Kalat against acid attack

Crucial info given out to Pak officials

Madhuri Gupta says she is being framed

Haia imposes ban on women jogging in Asir town

Army doc confesses role in BDR mutiny

‘Wireless message establishes Advani's presence at Babri site

Ajmer blast: Hindu outfit responsible?

US ‘terrorist’ posts death threat against Obama

Stone-pelters kill civilian, Omar slams separatists

Terror strike warning keeps Hyderabad cops on toes

Amnesty, Muslim council oppose Belgian burqa bill

Ex-ISI official found dead in North Waziristan

Two Saudi students held in Khyber Agency

Israel revokes residency of 4,901 Jerusalemites in 2 years

Can Islam and Secularism dialogue with each other?

 Foreign troops kill three Afghan women

Kurd rebels 'attack army outpost'

Somali blasts kill at least 30 at 'militants mosque'

An ideological split at the heart of Islam

My Name is Khan too, say Syrians

Afghan feminists fighting from under the burqa

AMU alumnus launches website on the life and work of Sir Sayyad A Khan

Let the arts take you on a spiritual journey

Suicide attack kills two in Swat district

Bangladesh hands over NDFB chief Ranjan Daimary to BSF

Belgian vote on Muslim veils could echo in Europe

Indonesia to ratify nuclear test ban treaty

In France, forcing women to wear burqa will draw jail term

Hillary Clinton warns Iran, calls Ahmadinejad anti-semitic President

Court orders seizure of Pervez’s property

Pakistani workers’ conditions similar to 1886 Chicago labourers

Philippine forces kill 5 rebels in raid before poll

'Information an effective weapon against terror'

Qassim incident triggers fresh debate over women EMTs

For aspiring Imam, lessons in tolerance

Video of Jordanian CIA bomber urges Muslims to wage jihad

Video depicts Canadian as bomb-maker's apprentice

Kashmiri behind Khawaja’s murder

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Gender Minister of Malawi Patricia Kalati


Did Madhuri Gupta, diplomat-spy, convert to Islam?

Pakistan moves 100,000 troops from border with India: Pentagon

Bin Laden ex-guard says he wants to use nuclear arms: Report

Terrorist atrocity is the biggest human rights violation

'Won't sell house to Muslims, Asians'

Sohrabuddin case: CBI arrests police official

Indonesia detains 28 in Bali beach 'gigolo' raid

US questions Karzai support, anti-corruption zeal

Benazir’s assassination case to be filed against ‘Musharraf govt’

Her son served Kasab a glass of water, then died

Pakistan Taliban chief Hakimulah may be alive: ISI

Manmohan, Gilani discuss prosecution of Hafiz Saeed

Muslim Addresses Misconceptions

Jamaat claims Shibir is not its front organisation

Al-Qaida considered a 'joke' to jihadists

Should America Ban the Burqa Too?

Pak SC dares govt again, demotes 54 bureaucrats

US probes 'pvt spy network' in Pak

Clerics fight over Diggy's Batla talk

Furore over Kerala varsity's invitation to Islamic scholar

Sort out disputes, India, Pakistan told

Egypt court convicts 26 Hezbollah men for plotting terror attacks

Four Palestinians dead after Egypt says tunnels destroyed

Pak-born US citizen pleads guilty to terror charges

‘Iraqi detainees tortured, raped in secret prison’

Pak non-committal on action against Hafiz Saeed

Pakistan has banned our Urdu news service on FM: BBC

Under the Arabian Sun

Father preventing Canadian daughter from leaving Saudi Arabia

Unpaid Somali soldiers desert to insurgency

Negligence drives young people to drugs, says study

HRW reveals horrific Iraq prison abuse

Capt. Grant, pilot for King Abdulaziz, passes away at 102

Hamas arrests, frees PFLP supporters for distributing leaflets

5 Emiratis jailed for funding Taleban

Muslim party seeks support for job quota

Afghans mark anniversary of victory over Soviets

Obama's Mideast diplomacy sees gains

New contours in the British election

Mohammed to make UAE among the best by 2021

Iran may dominate non-proliferation review

Clinton meets families of Americans held in Iran

19 Taliban killed in North Waziristan, Orakzai, Swat

 Outpouring of a sensitive mind

Changing the Muslim conversation

Who is behind the Hazara unrest?

Kashmir: ripe for resolution

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Photo: Madhuri Gupta


Iran's opposition leader assails ruling clerics

French Muslim man: Polygamy is illegal, keeping mistresses is not

Renowned Urdu critic and writer Prof. Mohammad Hasan passes away

Hyderabad riots fuelled by realtors: Fact-finding team

Destitute family forced to sleep in Haram courtyard

I lost 14 yrs to a lie... I got the verdict, now I hope I get some justice’

Terror suspect alleges torture

Ahmadinejad says U.N. veto power "satanic"

Beshir declared winner in landmark Sudan polls

Girl fights off two who tried to rape her

Violent extremists calling fighters to Somalia

ISI behind Frenchmen death?

Six dossiers on Mumbai case handed over

Pakistan: Petitioner’s plea for referendum

LeT planning attacks in India, seeking links in Maldives

Kenyan Islamic group cracks down on soccer, films

Obama renews vow of 'new beginning' with Muslims

British envoy to Yemen survives suicide attack

US drone strike kills 8 in Pakistan: Officials

Muslim leader wants crucifix ban in Germany

Now, polygamy twist to veil-ban row in France

Gadhafi: US nuclear snub of Libya hurts peace

High time for Pak to act against terror'

Petition filed against Malik in Lahore HC

Anti-Government protests can threaten Egypt’s future: Prez

Can Pak Court trying LeT gang examine witnesses in India?

E-museum’ of Angkor temples

UK withdraws Musharraf’s protocol

Where is Taliban leaderMaulana Fazlullah?

Armenian, Azeri faith leaders make Karabakh pledge

Scholarships for Balochistan, FATA students in jeopardy

Saudi woman studying in UAE wants to be minister

Civil marriage not civil war, say secular Lebanese

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Photo: Iran's opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi said the country's rulers "arrest and beat people in the name of Islam


Suicide bomber kills 2 in Russia's Dagestan: Police

Should women blackmailers be punished?

Underworld, betting lobby behind Bangalore blasts: Karnataka government

Pak closer to a nation under siege: US

Nigeria probes senator in ‘underage marriage’

India and Pakistan put dialogue back on track

British Muslim daubs war memorial with Islamic slogans.

Prez wants Iranians to have more kids

Women essential to effort to build bridges with Muslim world

Three girls’ schools blown up in Orakzai

Sudan:'Hundred killed' in Chad clashes

Ajmer blast: Man with radical Hindu link held

Pakistani troops kill 16 militants in north-west region

Muslim women victims of West invasions, Turkish PM's wife says

Islam in Bosnia is the new stepping stone.

Honours no solace for slain cop's family; want Kasab hanged

IPS officer was Sohrabuddin’s extortion partner: CBI

Haia’s Makkah chief denies arrest rumors

US criticized for visit to Syria-Lebanon border

Turkey invites senior Kurdish leader

Syed Maqbool Shah should be compensated: Brinda Karat

‘US, Pak to set up joint military unit’

Pakistan Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud is alive: ISI

Qaeda ‘postman’ led to chiefs death

Pervez ordered hosing: MI chief

Lalu, Mulayam accuse Govt of being anti-Muslim

Doctor couple grilled for alleged links with Madhuri

No ISI hand in Babri demolition, says ex-ACP

Jamiat reiterates satyagraha threat

Guarding India's sea more challenging post-26/11: Antony

Afghan MP says US troops raid home, kill relative

FIA finds clue to ‘facilitator’ of Benazir assassination

Baba blames ANP for Pakhtuns ‘genocide’

Iraq’s banned Baath holds public meeting in Syria

Former Pakistani spy found dead in militant bastion

Man killed during stone-throwing demos in Indian Kashmir

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Osama Bin Laden grossly underestimated U.S. retaliation to 9/11: Ex-associate

LeT planning attacks in India; seeking links in Maldives: Govt

Elimination of terrorism Pakistan’s primary job’

Bangladesh reimposes ban on Indian film screening

Violence in Somali capital kills at least 16

UAE jails five Emiratis on terrorism charges

Joint Indo-Pak moot calls for addressing held fishermen’s issue

Taliban in Search of a New Identity

Who is behind the Hazara unrest?

The root of Pakistan’s problems

Egypt sentences 'Hezbollah cell'

Conspiracy or cure? An Islamic perspective on interfaith dialogue

India to get direct access to Headley

Deposed Kyrgyz president charged with 'multiple homicide'

Obama hails ties with Muslim communities

Mirwaiz harps on human rights, Kashmir issue

I’m ready to work with Netanyahu: Abbas

Pakistan braces for judicial war

‘Those given refuge 30 years ago killed BB’

‘Interim pact’ on Kashmir was for 15 years: Kasuri

President asks people to protect motherland

Another son of Sufi Mohammad arrested

Two Israeli commanders reprimanded over deaths of Palestinians

War and peace

Somali militants push toward pirate stronghold

Over 5,900 enumerators collect census data in Jeddah

Global conference on teaching the Qur’an in June

Israeli forces demolish settlers' 'Obama's Shack'

Six get 3-year jail in terror funding case Adel Arafa

Yemen arrests al Qaeda suspects

‘Puppet’ CM interested in honey-moon, not in development: BNF Chairman

Bangladesh: Ethnic minorities demand constitutional recognition

Man kills sister over karo-kari

‘People of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa should unite’

Pentagon taking closer look at Afghan intel unit

Notices issued on petition against Musharraf

Insurgents kill 4 police in Pir Bala suicide blast

Brazil says working to stave off Iran sanctions

Bosnian Serbs won’t accept Srebrenica genocide: Dodik

Chavez denies elite Iranian forces in Venezuela

Iraq awaits election ruling as winner voices disquiet

UN shuts mission in Kandahar

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Osama Bin Laden


Kiddie Jihad: Child Bombers Terror's Newest Weapon

Indian writer Arundhati Roy threatened with prosecution under anti-terrorism law

Gujarat Muslims back Modi, flay German team

Clashes in Sudan kill 58, raise tension on border

Palestinian Mother Recounts Detention Of 13-Year-Old Son

World humanitarian values not new to our community: Saif

Azerbaijani leader addresses inter-faith summit

Majority of French Muslims feel stigmatised in veil row

Pak asks India to hand over Kasab

Lebanese demonstrators march for secularism

US drone strike kills 8 in Pakistan: Officials

Muslim swimsuits bare little on Turkish catwalks

UK envoy escapes 'suicide bomb'

Islam: Don't Tread on Me

The Almanac of Al Qaeda

India should robustly support Karzai

Islam about peace, not hatred

Moderating Islam: Revivalism vs re-valuation

Civil marriage not civil war, say secular Lebanese

Divorced woman studying abroad loses son’s custody

Iraq bombings raise specter of Shia militia

Man accused of forcing ‘wife’ into prostitution

Hamas banks on toon for prisoner swap

We shouldn't be cut off from our roots: Javed Akhtar

Indian magistrates can testify before Pakistani courts

Air Arabia plane makes emergency landing in Pakistan

Thousands march in Beirut to promote secularism in politics

Deradicalizing jihadists, the Libyan way

Lebanon needs change two decades after its war

An unexpected leap on the Palestine issue

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Afghan girls in hospital after symptoms of Poisoning


French woman fined for wearing veil

Zimbabwe's Mugabe backs Ahmadinejad on nuclear Iran

Behind France's Islamic veil 

New York's Imam Is on a Mission

Pak parliament to probe gurdwara land grab case

Iran's bid for UN human rights panel seat fails

Iran Agrees To More Nuclear Inspection

Charity aims to promote organ donation

Haia man stabbed by youth in Yanbu

Al-Asheikh tells Haia official to stay out of Shariah issues

Obama ordered drone attacks on Pak 'inspiring anti-American fanaticism': Congressman

Kashmir: Bank helps them weave dreams into reality

Kashmir strike to protest against death penalty

Musharraf was hostile when he telephoned Benazir: Siegel

Pakistan allows US to question Taliban leader Baradar

Bangladesh troops guard water supplies

Al-Qaeda leaders said to have ordered attack on New York subway system

Amnesty International says UAE abused Indian prisoners

Pakistan troops killed in North Waziristan ambush

Mumbai's Oberoi hotel reopens after deadly 2008 attack

Terror glorifying activities in the guise of HR

Top US senator presses Clinton on Iran sanctions

 Taliban warn Pak media against 'ignoring' their viewpoint

Iraq closes secret prison, arrests three officers

 ‘Operation Rah-e-Rast should eliminate terrorists’

Osama’s former bodyguard writes against Al Qaeda

Nato irons out plan for Afghan civilian, military handover 

Malaysia admits arresting LTTE leaders

Violence on eve of polling day

U.S. military, diplomats at odds over how to resolve Kandahar's electricity woes

US envoy Mitchell meets Netanyahu in push to end rift

Lawyers hopeful for 'sorcerer' on death row

NATO agrees to plan for Afghanistan security handover

Burney reaches Dhaka on Monday

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A French Muslim Woman


'Pak may slip over N-weapons to Taliban for use against India'

Somalia Radicals : No music to the ears

We have snapped Islamist-ultra Left nexus: Dhaka

New turn in French niqab ban row

Boobquake celebrates 'scandalous bodies'

Osama bin Laden's bodyguard wants his case out of New York court

No Palestinian state in temporary borders: Abbas

Interior ministry arrests 1,094 runaway housemaids

Proposed sanctions not legal: Ahmadinejad

Fatal suicide bomb in Afghanistan

Abbas urges Obama to 'impose' peace deal

Violence leaves 29 dead in Pakistan

Yemen cleric: Fight draft law banning child brides

9 killed in drone attack in North Waziristan

Pakistan formally seeks extradition of Kasab

‘Musharraf hostile before Bhutto return’

Iraq’s Religious Minorities Face Danger, Uncertainty

Islamic channels banned in Jammu

The hypocrisy of child abuse in many Muslim countries

Web of terror: Jihadis use the Internet to cow 'South Park' producers

Election and UK Muslims

Qaeda confirms deaths of leaders in Iraq

Confessions of a hijabi

2 militants, 2 cops killed in Punjab encounter

Rebels kidnap man, briefly hold Saudis: Yemen

Five leading Indian firms under U.S. scanner for Iran links

Russian police find bomb, open ‘terrorism’ probe: Officials

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Salma Yakub


Lawyer files contempt plea on 26/11 judge

JEDDAH: Another child marriage victim

Gurdwara land sold to Pak's Defence Housing Authority

Quash charges against policemen in Shopian case: CBI tells HC

10-year-old raped, strangled

Delhi's Lajpat Nagar blast: Three get death sentence

Activists Claim Free Speech Victory As ‘Leaving Islam’ Ads Return to Buses

Case against Sania, Shoaib for ‘hurting’ Muslims

South Park creators warned over Muhammad depiction

‘Jewel of Muscat’ reaches Lankan port of Galle

Not responsible for Benazir Bhutto's assassination, says Musharraf

Quebec Burqa Ban? Province Moves to Prohibit the 'Total Veil'

Burqa bans infringe women's rights, say Indonesian clerics

India, Most Favoured Nation: Pak panel

India resigned to ‘holding pattern' with Pakistan

Taliban militants threaten to kill ‘kidnapped’ ISI men, scribe

Pakistani media spitting blood on book: Fatima

Overcome cynicism in Pakistan, says Khaleej Times

Israel releases Hamas minister; 7,500 Palestinians remain

Rockets strike Jordan near Israel border

Coolness to Israel won't warm up peace prospects

First the sorrow, now the fear

 ‘Loha Khoar - Loha Toar’ opens today

Obama to host Muslim business leaders

Tunisia's antics should give the West pause

Obama Appeases U.S. Muslims

US, India holding discussions on access to Headley

Pak inaction over captive militants to hit war on terror efforts: US

Ankara in transition seeks closure on troubled past

Somalia clashes kills 11, five headless bodies found

Iraqi testifies he was beaten by U.S. troops

The world must not forget Darfur

What's Happening With Israel?

Art lovers treated to Raza's masterpieces

Poland's snap presidential election on June 20

Chaos in Kabul continues Faryal Leghari

No peace without US withdrawal: Taliban

Iran lobbies to keep off UN security

B'desh court asks police to submit BDR mutiny report by May 19

Nigerian governors approve more than 300 executions

UN Bhutto probe team interviewed Musharraf’

Obama's Syria outreach under fire amid Scud reports

Body of soldier killed in 1982 found in Lebanon

A brewing conflict in Middle East

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Scene of blast in Islamabad University last year


At least 50 dead in Baghdad attacks

48 pro-Taliban militants killed in Pakistan

Twenty militants killed in Orakzai

Faith in God: Africans among world’s most religious people – Study

NEW DELHI: Terror alert keeps cops on toes

'Pak may use surrogate Taliban to use nukes against India'

'Understanding Islamism' focus of Global Agenda talk

Roots of Islamic fundamentalism lie in Nazi propaganda for Arab world, book claims

Is Hitler is to blame for Islamic extremism? Fuehrer's call to Arab world to destroy Jews

Somalia war 'not jihad,' concludes Islamic conference in Puntland

Aman ki Asha’ could bring paradigm shift in Pakistan: Kasuri

Indian TV channels welcome in Pakistan’

Reverse discrimination: No room for Saudis!

On the run, Pakistani militants find new haven

Is anything too far in Fox's relentless crusade against Islam?

Islam, terror and political correctness

Russia: Between Terrorism and Foreign Policy

Misreading the Quran to threaten the "South Park" guys

Merkel: Early Afghan pullout worse than 9/11

On the run, Pakistan extremists find new haven

South, West Asia most likely to be first point of nuke war

'Pakistanis must follow Indians in US'

Agony of the Mehsuds

Allied Leader: Afghan War Effort on Track

Fresh UN sanctions on Iran by end of this month: US

Franklin Graham: 'Islam attacked US'

Kashmir strike to protest against death penalty

Bhutto murder: UN panel says Gul refused to appear before it

Sudan Elections 2010: Defective beyond repair!

Iran's President Ahmadinejad: war games ordinary

Nisar blasts Zardari’s ‘dual role’

Behind the Rift, Signs of U.S.-Israel Agreement

BSF fires in air over suspicious movement along Indo-Pak border

US won't persuade 'special friends' India, Pak to sign NPT

Iraq investigating claims of Sunni abuse in prison

Canada will not allow Khalistani movement from its soil: Top official

Iran sanctions matter of days: Biden

Ahmadinejad condemns 'satanic pressures' on Iran and Zimbabwe

Iran offers olive branch to neighbours

LeT a threat to US, India, Pak and Afghanistan

Iraq: Qaeda relations chief arrested

Indian workers attacked in Indonesian dry dock

Dialogue on A Common Destiny

ISLAMABAD: Novel ‘Home Boy’ launched at Khas Gallery

Death-row Sudanese pardoned

Israel tells US settlements unstoppable; Mitchell launches new peace bid

US Navy SEAL cleared in Iraq abuse case

‘Fatal hit’ in Israeli jail caused Palestinian’s death: Autopsy

Military gains seen sapping Iraq Al-Qaeda strength

US, NATO to discuss civilian aid to Afghanistan

UAE shows strong resolve

Teheran: Life beyond the war games

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: President of India Islamic Cultural Centre, Sirajuddin Quraishi


Pakistan marks Muhammad Iqbal as "Poet of Islam"

Roots of Islamic funamentalism lie in Nazi propaganda for Arab world, book claims

Row over namaz on road in South Delhi

Malaysian lawmaker in trouble over polygamy

France to ban full Islamic veil from public spaces

JEDDAH: ‘Exploitation’ of women during Janadriya denied

India won't scale down activities in Afghanistan: Foreign Minister

Pakistan signs $65 million deal for US warship

Sania, Shoaib to be Pakistan brand ambassadors

Hafiz on tape, Masood on phone to address Srinagar meet

Decapitating the Iraq insurgents

Banned Islamist outfit chief coordinator held in Bangladesh

‘Corruption fuelling terrorism in Indonesia’

‘False Religion’ Is How Long-Time U.S. Aide Now Describes Mideast Peace Process

Top 2 Qaida leaders in Iraq killed

Language trips Afghans posing as Nepalese fliers

'Pak needs to do much more on ending terror'

Indians on death row in UAE allege torture

Omar speaks against human rights violations

China for diplomatic solution to Iran nuclear issue

Zia went into hiding before border guard mutiny: Hasina

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination: 'Indirectly complicit'

Israel hinders mosque renovation

Iran arrests members of a "terrorist group"

East Sudan parties concede defeat, cry fraud

Sunni Iraqi leader on Jordan terrorism list

From Neptune to Gaza: On language, identity and hope

‘Killing’ of Qaeda leaders won’t end Iraq attacks

Beware the coming war by Matein Khalid

Placing Karzai in the hot seat by Fareed Zakaria

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Iraqi Kurdish four-year-old Shwen screams during her circumcision in Suleimaniyah on April 14, 2009

Indonesia Upholds Blasphemy Law
New Age Islam News Bureau

Terrorism should not deter us from path of progress: President of India

‘IPL betting mafia behind twin blasts’

India role in Afghan critical, will see it first-hand, says Roemer

Pakistan restores parliamentary democracy

Pakistan: trial of Mumbai attack accused is on fast track

Pervez: UN Bhutto report ‘bunch of lies’

UN rights chief seeks improvement in position of Gulf women

Iran unveils home-made ballistic missiles to mark Army Day

Iran 'strives' for nuke-free world

Obama & American Muslims: How Different?

Al-Qaeda using new tactic in war

Pak court adjourns Mumbai case proceedings till May 8

Plea to declare Kasab, Ansari as fugitives: Pakistan court reserves decision

Pakistan is a complicated country, needs US support: Holbrooke

US to remove all its forces from Iraq by 2011: Biden

Bombs kill 24 in Peshawar

Anti al-Qaeda chief's kids beheaded

Capturing or killing Osama America's top priority, says White House

US, Israel share 'unbreakable bond'

Two Nigerians killed in Kaduna jail-break

US summons Syrian envoy over Hezbollah

Roots of Taliban conflict fester in Swat

The making of a suicide bomber

Philippine prosecutors slam decision clearing 2 suspects in massacre case

US forces kill 4, injure dozen Afghans

Iran actress Hamideh Kheirabadi dies

Turkey backs Iran, restates diplomacy

US summons Syrian diplomat over possible Scud transfer

South Sudan party accuses north of troop buildup

Another conflict with Lebanon?

2 journalists arrested in Aligarh gay professor case

A broader assessment into President Obama’s view on Islam and Indonesia

An American Citizen's Response to Obama

Paper sued for denying genocide in Bosnia

Taliban’s supreme leader signals willingness to talk peace

Afghanistan frees Italian aid workers held over 'plot'

Marines pay Afghan farmers to destroy opium

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran

Donkey bomb kills 3 children in Afghanistan's Kandahar

Britain 'hands over prisoners in Afghanistan to face torture'

B Somalia's al-Shabab militia 'improving security'

Sunnis said tortured in secret Iraq prison

Intellectual terrorism termed more dangerous than physical

Brazil Becoming Iran's Increasing Defender in the West

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Critics say the law has largely been used against those seen as offending mainstream Islam [AFP]


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