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Maulana Kalbe Sadiq also kicks up a row proposing 30 per cent quota for women in India’s Muslim Personal Law Board

Al-Qaeda 'faces funding crisis'

Don't pressure Iran, says Russia

Iran on defensive over secret site

Karzai questions vote fraud panel:

Reasons to back Afghanistan's Karzai

America should shift focus: Egypt to Indonesia, fall-out of Pew study of Muslims

How Osama trained his family for ‘war’

Osama likes giving surprises, took us camping: Wife in book

India fumes at Pak HC relief for Saeed

Saeed lawyer wants to visit India home

Deoband: Jamait-ul-Ulema Hind split, factional fight to intensify

Global agenda for change in Muslim-Christian relations

US facing disappointments in battling Taliban in Pakistan

Albanian Imam Charged with Inciting Jihad

Centre ready to build the road to Kashmir’s heart

13-yr-old kills 41 in Pak market

Pak jets pound Taliban hideouts

‘ISI officer’ electrocuted in Delhi, body taken to Pakistan

Pakistani diplomat in Capital dies under mysterious circumstances

Pak diplomat electrocuted by faulty hair dryer

Qasab wants case shifted like Fahim, judge says no

I have no faith in Indian court: Kasab

Bad news: Glaciers in J&K melting faster than others

India: Congress rewards Muslim fan of Narendra Modi, a Marxist ex-MP

Between Afghanistan and Yemen: Battlegrounds of the fight against terrorism are intensifying and growing in size

Arab extremists behind recent Jerusalem clash, alleges Netanyahu

Pakistan's cricket captain offers to quit

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Suicide blast in Pakistan kills over 40, injures 46

Pakistani Police Had Warned Army about a Raid

Death sentences for China rioters

Lahore HC dismisses anti-terror FIR against Hafiz Saeed

Honour killing girl 'wanted love'

Aceh outrage over Miss Indonesia

Arabs for Israel: meet the Egyptian woman who campaigns against Sharia

Muslims in U.S. feel unfairly implicated in the war on terror

Trying to sell antiques with Quran verses, four held

Christian Girl Attacked for saying she’s Pakistani

Kashmir Valley Muslims open doors to public to share culture

How one US Muslim sees her government's war on terrorism

California artist contemplates Islam's holy book

Pak bo

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Hindu-Muslim tragic Love story: Call for justice gets shriller

India: Shia board decides to tone down weddings

17 killed in South Waziristan air strikes

Karzai Rival Hints at Flexibility on Afghan Vote

Some See Iran as Ready for Nuclear Deal

US seeks to calm Pak fears over aid, but says no change in bill

Pakistan army headquarters attack: 40 suspects picked up in Lahore

Murder case against Musharraf for Bugti killing

Myths of our Afghanistan debate

Afghanistan was part of successive empires until 1702

11 killed in Iraq mortar attack

85,000 Iraqis killed from 2004-2008: Govt

Try Blair for war crimes: Say families of soldiers killed in Iraq

Fatah-Hamas Unity Circus

Britain ready to send more troops to Afghanistan

Threat Persists in Yemen, Somalia

(59 protesting Shias killed in Yemen by govt. Forces)

Troops in Kashmir to take back seat

8 mosques to host 'Meet Your Muslim Neighbour' open house

House Republicans seeks Muslim 'spy' probe

Indonesia: Christians and Muslims against pro-abortion bill

Muslim Mafia - Congressmen Slam CAIR

Now British Muslims Demand Full Sharia Law

Pakistan jets bomb Taliban bastion

Ho hum, Pakistan

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Tackling terror sincerely in Pak's own interest: India

A Dogged Taliban Chief Rebounds, Vexing U.S

Chicago Muslims cautiously support Obama Nobel win

Spirited women spread their wings

China says ready to protect nation after Al-Qaeda threat

Imams from Jordan for Pluralism and interfaith dialogue: seminal Saudi initiative

Smoking Burns One's Pocket Say Imams

30 arrests at anti-Islam protest in Birmingham

New Survey on Islam Calls into Question Population Figure Used by Obama

Muslim footballers agree to play gay team

Egypt detains 24 Muslim Brotherhood members

Violent incidents reported in Ingushetia, Dagestan and Chechnya

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President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
New Age Islam News Bureau

She lured them to good life, jihad

Egyptian Sufis create Global Council to combat extremism

Taliban blow a warning to India and the us

A reminder of India’s burden and stake in Afghanistan

In Afghan policy shift, Pak Qaida in Obama crosshairs

Obama eyes war strategy to focus on Qaeda in Pakistan

The law in whose hands in Pakistan's Swat valley?

Deadly blast hits Pakistan city Peshawar: 49 Killed

War on terrorism flares in Philippines

Day of anger” at al-Aqsa Mosque

Moscow Rejects Accusations of Assisting Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program

Iranian monarchist 'sentenced to death'

Two top Indonesian terror suspects killed

Iran blames US as nuclear expert goes missing

Turkish Opposition to the IMF Appears Ideological

Political Tensions Rise in Dagestan with Approach of Municipal Elections

Syria’s Grand Mufti Expected In Aceh

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Kashmir: India kills rebels from group behind 2008 Mumbai attacks by Ben Hancock

Al-Qaeda Declares Holy War on China Over Oppression of Uighurs by James Rupert

Iran 'hands down first death sentence for election protests'

Hamas bans bike rides for Gaza women

Traders in Amritsar, Jammu held for ‘funding’ Lashkar militants

Bangladesh steps up troops deployment on Myanmar border amid row

CIA Knew About Iran's Secret Nuclear Plant Long Before Disclosure by BOBBY GHOSH

Taliban say want to end foreign occupation

17 Taliban killed: US, Afghan troops seize tons of opium

Egypt cuts ties with Louvre by Paul Schemm

Iran, Serbia Ink Cultural MoU

Course on Islamic culture and ‘Cultural Islam’ in Doha

Afghan troop boost 'would unite extremists' by John Shovelan

Can the Taliban really distance themselves from al-Qaida?

Iran says 'some countries' offer it nuclear fuel

Taliban say they're no threat to other countries

Goldstone report: New roadblock to Palestinian reconciliation? by Ilene R. Prusher

Muslim life in East London Mosque shown in pictures

Afghanistan: more troops or missile strikes? Both, actually by Gordon Lubold

U.S. Department of Justice may look into attack on Ann Arbor Muslims

German publishing house self-censors over book critical of Muslims by Ethel C. Fenig

Malaysia in ferment: Mahathir challenging popular belief Muslims should not brush their teeth during Ramadan, Pas' spiritual leader Nik Aziz's brave plans to ban the wearing of the purdah by Sun Line

The Man Who Dared To Draw Muhammad: "I attempted to show that terrorists get their spiritual ammunition from parts of Islam”

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

New restrictions on Haj pilgrims
New Age Islam News Bureau

Israel eyes Al-Aqsa

Egypt's top cleric to ban full-face veils in schools by JOEL TAYLOR

Egyptian opposition fails to oust top Imam over veil ban

Prepare to fight China, Qaeda figure tells Uighurs by Inal Ersan

Ministers: 'Outlaw Islamic Movement!' by Hillel Fendel

Osama was planning major attacks on Western targets: MI5

Russian court denies lesbians right to marry

Israeli police “arrest Islamic Movement head”

US vows to keep up anti-Al Qaeda fight

Obama Rules Out Large Reduction in Afghan Force by Peter Baker And Jeff Zeleny

Afghan, US troops kill 40 militants in east

Idgah controversy: SC grants time to Anjuman-e-Islam by J. Venkatesan

Af-Pak border is ‘modern epicentre’ of Jihad: US by S Rajagopalan

Pak says private guards’ negligence caused WFP office blast by Rezaul H Laskar

Kashmiri leader Farooq Haider passes away

Over 100 Taliban killed in Nuristan clash’

Iraq car bomb kills seven at prayers

Equal Exchange Announces its 11th Interfaith Partnership: Islamic Relief USA

New Holiday Inn to open in Abu Dhabi

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Iraqi widows yearn for new lives
New Age Islam News Bureau

Love Jihad: luring girls online and forcing them to convert to Islam

Egyptian MPs seek ban on fake hymen

Why are black people turning to Islam?

Does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Have Jewish Roots?

Pakistan Church officials criticize new education policy

Pakistan Taliban's new leader shows he's in charge

German publisher cancels book seen insulting Islam

Saudi king sacks anti-coed cleric

Islamic Bonds Receive a Boost

India: Muslim MPs oppose new madrasa board

Muslims and the real 'going back'

Nuclear Power: UAE Shows the Way

Al-Qaida offshoot claims Algeria attacks

Islamic Culinary Festival to be opened in Baku tomorrow

Terrorism: Obama 'a criminal like Bush' says Al-Qaeda no. 2

It's Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran Time

Makkah to host international X-Ray conference

Abbas cabinet says will confront Israel

Af-Pak border is 'modern epicentre' of jihad: Gates

Afghanistan’s Sima Samar Contending for Nobel Peace Prize

Pakistan's refugees are pawns in the Taliban's game

Taliban insurgency by Michael Rass

KAUST symbol of loyalty: King

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British newspaper: Iran’s Ahmadinejad born Jewish

Bomb at U.N. Food Office in Pakistan Kills at Least 5

Islam in the Ozarks: Diversity within the Mosque by Jennifer Moore

Islamic food fest offers feast for senses by Kelly Monroe

First Islamic Film Market kicks off in Tehran

End the Islamic occupation of Israel

Renamed terror outfits face the heat in Pak

Pak, US lost track of Osama five years ago: Musharraf

Pak girl flogging case: One accused identified

8 US troops die in one of worst Afghan battles

Taliban confirm Uzbek commander’s death in drone attack

Iran has ‘sufficient’ information to build bomb

Afghan war winnable: NATO

What I saw at the Afghan election by Peter W. Galbraith I,

Arab govt’s back Yemen in battle with rebels, unrest

Cancelling missile defence will look good if Russia helps on Iran by Tomas Valasek

Five injured in clash over 12-year-old boy's death in J&K; shutdown continues

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Be patriotic or quit India: Maulana Kalbe Sadiq

Jamaat-e-Islami condemns 'Shastra Poojan' on Dusshera

German publisher drops novel over fears of Muslim backlash

Author Karen Armstrong says terrorists have hijacked Islamic faith

Islamic Bank of Britain offers 4.5% on savings

‘Pak nurtures Taliban, LeT fearing India's rise in Afghanistan'

Lashkar-e-Taiba Is Intact After Mumbai Siege

No Credible Evidence' of Iranian Nuclear Weapons, says UN Inspector

In Somalia, a Leader Is Raising Hopes for Stability

Pakistani military operation against Taliban stronghold looms

Al-Shabaab Grabs Kismayu After Overpowering Hisbul-Islam

“Muslims in Europe should visit Belleville”

Ahmadinejad: West media ‘weapon of subterfuge’

Ahmadinejad calls for Israel war-crimes trial

Somalia: Hizbul Islam official assassinated in Beletwein

The First International Islamic Retreat in the Caribbean

Muhyiddin: PAS Not Islamic if Supporters Resort To Violence

Militant: 3 aid workers freed in Somalia

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

US senator finds ISI-Taliban ties ‘troubling’ by Arun Kumar

US imposes tough 'no terror' conditions on aid to Pak by CHIDANAND RAJGHATTA

Ron Paul sees breakup of US after strike on Iran

Celebrating Islamic heritage

Uzbek militant leader thought killed in South Waziristan Bill Roggio

Making sense of Iran

Terror plotter undone by online activities

Naropa to host symposium on Muslim women’s issues by Magdalena Wegrzyn

Islamic preacher assaulted children for laughing in mosque

Pakistan kills 27 militants: military

'Toronto 18' terrorist to be sentenced Friday

Anti Terrorist Front felicitates Kashmiri militant killer Rukhsana

Poll: 80% of Pakistanis oppose assisting U.S. terror fight by ROBERT KENNEDY

Iran Avoids Nuclear Talks at Geneva Meeting by Maayana Miskin

War on Crime: Israeli Police Cleaning Up the Underworld

Israel's Doubts On Talks Allayed By Howard Schneider and Joby Warrick

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Islamic Terrorism message is viral on Web

Using Islam to justify killing leads 'to hellfire'

Friedman: Defeating terrorists requires a real commitment

Thailand: Islamic Supremacists have Murdered 3,900 so far

India: Some Muslim MPs oppose new madrasa board

India: Modern education for Muslim children still a distant dream

Like Terrorism, Film piracy racket too thrives on Pakistan link

Islamic Jihad predicts 'imminent' Israeli attack

Well, She Can Convert, Can’t She?

Life beneath the veil for Muslim women at Yale

Akram's Razor - Reflections on Islam, Muslims & America

Pak frames law to haul up renamed terror groups

Pakistan Army orders inquiry into Taliban torture video

Decision to kill Hasina was taken 'centrally' by Julfikar Ali Manik

AL culprits warned

Details of Nawaz meeting with Saudi king see light

PML-N says staying away from polls not part of any deal

Al Ain centre focusing on music of Islamic world will be global first

Palestinians angry as Abbas drops Israel war crimes case

UN atomic chief set for talks in Iran

Jack Straw ‘too close’ to pro-Hamas faction

Iran's real crime: refusing to venerate the West's holy cows

Al Franken vs. the War on Terror

Obama's Iran moment

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


BANGLADESH: Christian convert from Islam and his family threatened with death

Why I drew the cartoon: The 'Muhammad Affair' in retrospect By Kurt Westergaard

Pakistanis Continue to Reject U.S. Partnership

Iran businesses braced for higher evasion costs

Should Berlin let Muslim pupils pray at school?

School staff looks at Islam ?in depth

UN Chief's 11th Hour Climate Jihad: Abu Dhabi launches Al Ain Centre for Music in the World of Islam

Despite Court Victory, Egypt's Bahais Face Challenges

Iraqi PM approaches Sunnis for nationwide elections

Muslim feminist recounts perilous path

New novel blends suspense thriller plot lines with stories of Islamic terrorism

Fazal-ur-Rehman offered meditation between government, Taliban

Iran releases opposition figure on bail after more than 3 months in jail

Zazi terror case has Colorado Muslims refocusing on vigilance

Islamist allies in Somalia clashed, nine people killed

Iraqi PM Ditches Old Shi'ite Allies For Jan Polls

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Lashkar-e-Taiba bent on striking India again

26/11 accused Kasab confessed voluntarily: Magistrate

US pop star Beyonce and Islam as politics in Malaysia

Israeli Expert: Americans Will "Recuperate" If An Attack On Iran Produces Terrorism Here by M.J. Rosenberg

Outside View: A nuclear-armed Taliban? By Lawrence Sellin

Human rights groups want Syariah whipping reviewed or repealed

Ahmadinejad's renewed attacks prompts UN walkout

Israel to Receive Proof Shalit is Alive

G-20's rise recognizes diversity - Indonesian leader

President Obama’s National Security Council Meeting on Strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Terror on the Prairie: Zazi's Life in Colorado by Gretchen Peters

The jihadist style-journey: Germany’s election and after

Bekkay Harrach's broadcast

Tina Brown's Must-Reads: Terrorist Attack on Mumbai and a Memoir

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Jammu housewife kills jihadi with axe
New Age Islam News Bureau

Indonesian Sheikh to Face Trial for Marrying 12-Year-Old

Malaysia: Muslim Model's Father Wants Caning to be carried out correctly

Saudi youths lashed after clash

Malaysia bans Baron Cohen's film 'Bruno'

Hamas and Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood: Breaking apart?

America called 'Judeo-Christian-Muslim society'

Israel's Cease-Fire with Hamas: Close to Snapping?

Washington: Muslim Politics, Across The Street

Al-Qaida No. 2 calls Obama a 'fraud'

UN investigator defends Gaza report:

“Israel’s lack of accountability for war crimes has reached "crisis point”

Dubai: Qaeda leader calls Obama a criminal

30 Afghan Civilians Killed in Roadside Bomb Blast

Message praises dead Taliban leader

Iran Insists on Its ‘Rights’ to Nuclear Program

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

New Age Islam News Bureau

A new channel is paving the way for a new generation of Islamic TV

India: 500 Muslim Professionals meet in Kochi

Over 600 Chinese nationals working in Saudi embrace Islam

Beer-drinking Muslim woman's caning to go ahead

US threatens air strikes in Pakistan: report by Christina Lamb

Chidambaram sceptical on Pak action against 26/11 accused

Tension Mounting in Kismayo as Somali Islamists Jostle for Power

Muslim Capitol Hill Rally Falls Short of Attendance Goal

Musharraf says US involvement in Middle East unacceptable to Muslim world

Education policy focuses on religious education

Dozens injured, five arrested as clashes erupt near Al-Aqsa Mosque

Clashes at mosque revered by both Jews and Muslims

16 terrorists arrested, four surrender

Muslim women discuss true meaning of Islam

Terrorism: Al-Qaeda no.2 remembers militant leader

Latest al Qaeda message eulogizes deceased leader

Egyptian Entry for Film Festival Opening Night

Muslims Gather at U.S. Capitol to Pray 'For the Soul of America'

Iranian telecoms eats itself. World not agog

Al-Maliki: Iraq at a "crucial" moment in its history

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The story of A great escape from the clutches of forced conversion to Islam

Saudi Interfaith Dialogue Promotes World Peace

Pakistan must end use of terror as state policy: Indian PM

Pakistan urges OIC for a proactive role in projecting Muslim causes

Movie on Ibn-Batuta takes us into the heart of Islam

Muslim women in MP score high on literacy

Western media must understand Pak political situation: UK MP

A day after Dallas terrorism arrest, Muslims gather at Capitol for day of prayer

Chechnya president sues human rights activist over murder claim

Car bombs kill 13 in Pakistan

Qantas Worker Sentenced for How-To Jihad Book

Economic talk focus: Terrorism and extremism

Local Muslims angry that plot tarnishes their faith

'A man of war who wants peace'; Former Pakistani President Musharraf talks on how to defeat extremism, terrorism in the Muslim world

Fiza to move court against Chander Mohan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


US: Too Late to Stop Iran build a nuclear arsenal

France seeks to woo Islamic finance

Muslim families tend lotus flowers for Kerala temples

Iraq's president: Iran sanctions won't work

Dozens killed as north Yemen battles rage

WASHINGTON:  Rethinking Which Terror Groups to Fear

The AfPak War: McChrystal Says Insurgents Are Winning Communications Battle

Afghan minister survives car bomb attack

Palestinian Jihad vows revenge from Israel while backing inter-reconciliation

Somali PM optimistic about dialogue with Islamist rebels

Indonesia’s oldest Islamic Religion Institute prepares to evolve

Bomb hoaxes up security in Dhaka and Sylhet

Pakistan: Reviving Tourism

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Islam not synonymous with terrorism: Shabana Azmi

The steady rise of Islamic finance by Emily Buchanan and Bhasker Solanki

CAIR: Penn. High School Drops Anti-Islam ‘Obsession’ Video

New program provides answers on Islam by T. Gavin Nevill

Indonesia's Islamic Schools: More Female Friendly by Carla Power

Islam A. Siddiqui Nominated US Trade Office’s Chief Agricultural Negotiator

Empty roar from ‘Lion of Islam’

Afghan failure sans surge: top US military commander by Eric Schmitt & Thom Shanker

Al-Qaida predicts Obama's fall by Muslim nation

Tarek Fatah: Has Jack Layton converted to Islam?

At Least 17 Killed in Fresh Somalia Clashes

Something fresh from this Muslim choreographer by Vijaysinh Parmar,

Attorney to terrorists organizes Muslim rally by Julia Duin

Saeed under 'house arrest', was Pak army's iftar guest by Rajeev Deshpande & Vishwa Mohan,

'No guarantee that Pak will not use US tech against India' by Sachin Parashar

Thousands of cows sent for slaughter each day to Bangladesh by Amitava Das

Afghanistan could be lost within a year: Top US commander

New York imam held in al-Qaida bomb plot probe

Our goal is to protect US, allies from terrorists in Af-Pak: Hillary

Pak draws up list of 83 high-profile terrorists

Suspected ISI agent with secret papers arrested in Bihar

Israel's army chief: All options on table vs. Iran

Somalia faces worst food crisis in 18 years: UN

76 killed in south Sudan clashes: Military official

Ahmadinejad proud of anger caused by Holocaust remark

HC prohibits media coverage on hearing against Zia by Anisur Rahman

EU condemns Ahmadinejad's comments on Holocaust

Musharraf will return to Pak only under 'pleasant conditions'

Israel: Iran attack not ruled out: Alastair Macdonald

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


India observes Eid-ul-Fitr with religious zeal, fervour

Hindu, Muslim unity makes month of fasting special

Eid feast brightens city platter

Preaching Jihad on the streets of New York City

Pakistan and Terror ideologue Hafiz Saeed

Colorado terror plot suspect due in federal court

US terror probe: Three held for false statements

Iran’s Supremo Khamenei: Don’t accuse Opposition without proof

Iran Agrees to Meeting on Nuclear Program

At Obama door, another bid to break West Bank deadlock

The UN report on Israel and Gaza: Israel in the dock

Egypt: Mufti okays pants for women, but not too tight

AQ Khan nails Pakistan's nuke lies

At the tomb of Razia Sultan: Lost in encroachment

Talking terms in Kashmir

Photo: Rajesh Raghuvanshi breaks his fast with his family members

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Obama extends Eid greetings to Muslims

Hillary reiterates US desire to seek relationship with Muslims based on mutual interest, respect

Miliband offers Eid greeting as UK Muslims celebrate festivity

India: Another Khan shows he can

How real is Pak action on Hafiz?

War against terrorism to get boost if India joins Friends of Democratic Pakistan: Zardari

Pakistan raids US embassy's security firm, seizes arms

Iran Prez’s words on Holocaust unacceptable’

Global military strikes take toll on Qaida

Nigerians-as-cannibals gets film banned

10 terrorists killed, 27 apprehended, 22 surrendered in operation Rah-e-Raast

Don't eat near Ramadan fasters, Home Office staff told

Thousands of West Bank Palestinians denied entry into Al-Aqsa

Hamas calls all resistance factions to reply to violations of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque

Engaging books give insights into Islamic history

US wanted safe exit for Musharraf: US envoy

Pakistan extends Taliban leader Sufi Mohammed's detention

Bangladeshi poor ‘beyond the razor’s edge’: UN

Three arrested for false statements in terror probe

Nanavati not to summon Modi by Rathin Das

Modi needs to be cross-examined to arrive at truth, says Manch

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission backs hijab-wearing job applicant

Bomb blasts kill 18 in Pakistani market

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claims responsibility for deadly suicide attack in Pakistan that killed 33, says it was revenge for the killing of a cleric Maulana Amin

Yemen declares ceasefire in fighting with Shia rebels

7 Mumbai attack suspects to be charged soon: Pakistan

Iran Condemns Israel in Quds Day March

Bangladesh To Ban 84 Online Adult Websites

Iraq, Syria Ministers Meet, No Major Breakthrough

Baloch amnesty linked to renouncing of terrorism

Imam's Daughter: Israel Aims to Occupy Islamic World in Long Term

Karachi:  Islamic World to Celebrate Eid Together This Year

Muslim Brotherhood faces rift in Jordan

Muslim and Jewish customs strikingly similar at this special time of year

Portrayal of Islam "The burquini ban" expressed an extremely inaccurate portrayal of Islam: Sharia actually condemns forced marriages and so-called "honour killings."

Israelis welcome Jewish New Year while sceptical that elusive peace is near

ISLAMABAD: Jihad is not terrorism, says militant ideologue Hafiz Saeed

Iranian President Ahmadinejad: Confronting Israel is a national duty

Obama policies will help launch worldwide jihad: Royal A. Brown III

Rifqa Bary who left Islam for Christianity being is being punished by US Court

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


China-made 'Islamic' jeans irks Iran

Egypt's mufti says women can wear trousers

TEHRAN -Muslim women can wear Islamic dress in games

Pakistan: Muslims burnt down Church in village Jhethe Key on accusation of blasphemy

Al-Qaida seeking N-secrets from Pak: Holbrooke

Al-Zeidi released, fears for life: I wish Bush could see our happiness, says brother by Atul Aneja

'I need you,' CIA chief tells Arab and Muslim Americans in Dearborn

Dr Murad Hofmann: First Western Muslim honoured as Islamic personality of the year in Dubai by Dr SMM Nainar/Doha

Muslim students celebrate faith on Catholic campus By Kaellen Hessel

US military aid not misused: Musharraf

PESHAWAR: Chief Baitullah’s two in-laws die in Taliban custody

India, Pak, Afghan among major drug producing countries: US

Afghan govt failures as dangerous as Taliban, says US

Convert Languishing in Jail in Ethiopia for Handing Out Bibles by Simba Tian

Militant Al-Shabaab issues demands to release Frenchman

US 'lightning' raid kills top al-Qaida leader in Somalia

Car bomb in Kabul kills 6 Italians, 10 Afghans

Muslims chill U.S. freedom of the press

Obama powerless in Afghan war: Laden Maamoun Youssef

New Tape: Bin Laden Lying to the West to Defame Israel, says a former associate by Tawfik Hamid

Pak arrests terrorist Sher Muhammad Qasab in Swat Valley

Syria sceptical of Israel peace efforts

Muslims prepare for end of Ramadan

Lebanon convicts 5 Palestinians for armed attacks

Osama's American yes-men: By Gabriel Schoenfeld

Air-conditioned Islamic televangelism: Convergence of religion and television by Muhammad Ayish

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Farah Pandith


U.N. Finds Signs of War Crimes on Both Sides in Gaza

International Music Week would start in Baku this week

Obama Rejects Afghanistan-Vietnam Comparison

New York City Police Department 'clarifies' report on radical Islam

Iran Agrees to New Talks with 6 Global Powers

Al-Qaida target killed in US Somali strike

Afghan's presidential candidate calls for criminal enquiry

Are Islamic Financial Products Taxable In Nigeria?

Israel grants immunity to soldiers over misdeed

Sheikh-ul-Islam: We will not be able to take even 2000 people to Hajj

Trouser-woman’s case shows Arab violations

 KARACHI: Muslims urged to do more for Palestinians

ABU DHABI — Terror Funding Case verdict Likely on Oct. 12

Islamist legal warfare or "lawfare”: Libel tourism overshadowed threat to free and open discourse on radical Islam, terrorism, and its sources of funding

Growing Islamophobia in London is dangerous

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Hindu students take to madrassa education by Faizan Ahmad

Ishrat Jahan killing inhuman: Moily

DUBAI: 'Halal' cosmetics for Muslim women

'Nato killed him, has double standards’

Heidi Vogt and Kay Johnson

Afghans slam Nato for scribe's death in raid

Mush’s 2nd political innings after Nov?

Women on fake TV show rescued after 2 months

No 'oriental' tag for Asians, says NY State

Fatwa against ‘political’ iftar by Cithara Paul

No flogging for trouser-wearing woman in Sudan by Mohamed Osman

Boris Johnson converts to Islam

Kasab turns abusive if Basmati not on plate by TN Raghunatha

An Afghan village ignores Taliban threat by Bilal Sarwary

Malaysian Muslims to be charged with sedition by Sean Yoong

Zia, son to face trial in orphanage fund embezzlement case by Anisur Rahman

Ahmadinejad to appoint female vice president

Undeterred, Iran prez bats for 2nd woman minister

URUMQI ON EDGE: Rumour-mongers face China wrath

Rushdie spotted with married model

Thai Jihad: Islamic Assassins Target Buddhist Civilians in Thailand by sheikyermami

US killed Zia with Pak internal power help: Ex-spymaster

S African Indian Muslim women come out in support of 'Hijab'

Afghan women now face new dangers

Saudi Arabia: Save the child bride by Khalaf Al-Harbi

Osama introduced Nawaz Sharif to Saudi royals: ex-ISI officer

Texas: Mosque opens doors and minds to the real Islam by Karina Kling,

Communal’ Modi spent more on Muslim welfare by Akhilesh Suman,

At least 123 militants killed in Pak tribal belt clashes

90 arrested in Birmingham (England) anti-Islam rally

DUBAI — Quran Award
Gains Global

Green God and green Islam! By mostafa ghanbari

Top 'terror suspect' freed in UK: Report

Underground Cinema in Iran by Sayeh Hassan

Eid shopping picks up in Peshawar by Ali Hazrat Bacha

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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  • Enclose herewith the Quran verse for my first comment: Yunus (Jonah) - 10:37 [read in context] وَمَا كَانَ هَـذَا الْقُرْآنُ أَن....
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  • Such a mullah-led nation cannot succeed in the modern world.
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  • Newageislam.com is doing the same work
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