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Closing the book on the Bush era
Closing the book on the Bush era
New Age Islam News Bureau

The Jewish State & Its Arabs by Hillel Halkin

Be People of Conscience. Speak Up Against Tyranny by Fedwa Wazwaz

The Crusades Are Critical History

Muslim women learn to swim: Lessons don't compromise their privacy or faith by Kelly Behling

Swimming in modesty: Muslim women head to a Cary pool as another cultural barrier falls by Yonat Shimron

Makkah and Madinah Real Estate Sector Buoyant Amid Global Financial Crisis - Alpha1Estates

 Letter: Cult-like Islamists court condemnation of the world by Daniel Smith

Islamic scholars appeal for end to violence in Somalia

Compiled by Syed Asadullah


Close up: Mumbai in flames By Salama A Salama

Stepping away from the brink by Abbas Rashid


The media and Mumbai By Dr Tariq Rahman

Indian Tragedy, Al Qaeda Triumph Ayaz Amir

India-Pakistan: Bound by Sorrows By Mohsin Hamid

The terrorist trap By Ahmad Faruqui

The Mumbai Massacre and Pakistan’s New Nightmares: An Interview of Pervez Hoodbhoy

By Christina Otten for FOCUS Online

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

2. Paris: Jews, Muslims protest in Paris

3. Jerusalem: French-Muslim leaders in Israel

4. The Moderate Muslims of Kosovo by Michael van der Galien

5. Italy: Muslims protest mosque moratorium

6. Interview of Nihad Awad: American Muslims are becoming more involved in the

7. Political and social life of USA-director of CAIR

8. How Europe Escaped Speaking Arabic by Michael Novak

9. London: British Muslims must follow law of the land: Sir Ghulam Noon

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


On Eid, bands against terror

 A sombre Eid, an editorial in The Indian Express

 Muslims in India Put Aside Grievances to Repudiate Terrorism


 Time magazine’s take on Mumbai Terror - India's Muslims in Crisis by Aryn Baker

 Mumbai attacks and the Muslim question by Hasan Suroor

 Despite Batla, Muslims stick with Congress

 It’s about terror, not Sachar by Seema Chishti

 Pakistan and the Lashkar’s jihad in India by Praveen Swami

 Muslims to wear black ribbons on Bakr-Eid: Imams


Pakistan Arrests 40 in Terror Crackdown

'It is an eyewash' By Irfan Husain, Dawn, Karachi

Pak is running with the hare and hunting with the hounds By Kamran Shafi

A Region In Ferment by Robert D Kaplan, The Nation

Pakistani military and the Afghan problem by M.K. Bhadrakumar, Indian analyst

We must not let the ‘soft state’ crumble By Inder Malhotra, Indian analyst

In times of crisis, it’s vital to be resilient By Jayanthi Natarajan, Indian politician

'Tactics must be changed on war on terror': Imran Khan, Pakistani politician

Mumbai attacks: Perils in parallels by Shakeel Syed, Arab News

Pakistan's Dilemma by MARK SILVERBERG, Israeli analyst

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi King urges dialogue within Ummah

Taking up professions that serve guests of God by Galal Fakkar

A mosque is part of the community

Somalia: Islamists Destroy Graves, Kill Robbers

Porn, Sharia and the ideology of convenience

Dutch politician presents Islam film

The World’s Unfinished Business: ban cluster bombs by Ramzy Baroud

Military option against Iran unnecessary: Shimon Peres

Singh, Patil send greetings of Eid to people of Pakistan

Obama team: Mixed reactions in Muslim world by Osama Al Sharif

Mideast hopes on Obama: Arab News Editorial

Living for a cause by P.K. Abdul Ghafour | Arab News

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Mumbai in the U.S.? Fort Dix suspects were training for ‘jihad’
Father of Mumbai terrorist, Azam Amir Kasab, 'paid by terrorists'
Al-Qaida's Zawahri praises executed Bali bombers

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Israeli Company Provides Islamic Text on the Go By Stephanie L. Freid

Mosque Proposal Divides Aussie Muslims

Pro, anti-impeach salons debate in Philippines

German Muslims oppose new law which stops them from stating their religion in their certificates

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Al-Qaida: Islam can fix financial crisis

Our economy is strong – King Abdullah

Group seeks tough child-porn laws

Is Yoga incompatible with Islam?

Dhaka: 8 Muslims arrested for damaging Dhaka sculpture

Muslims split on mosque proposal by Barney Zwartz

Muslims not a minority, Parsis and Jews are: RSS chief Sudarshan

Rome: Muslim convert turns to politics in Italy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Mumbai a stain on Islam by Usha Nellore

Real 'jihad' means fighting perpetrators of terror: Jamiat leader Mehmood Madni

Jihadistan: A guerrilla nation that Pakistan cannot control

British Muslims have become a mainstay of the global 'jihad' By Kim Sengupta

The scourge of terror: Islamic extremism is the enemy

Israelis began Shabbat mourning the Mumbai dead

A cloud over India's Muslims by Martha Nussbaum


Moving the Prophet’s grave would be the first step towards destroying Islam

Iran sentences three mosque bombers to death: 14 had died in Shiraz mosque in April

US Church Hosts Muslim Worshippers

Obama’s Inheritance: an Iraq that can tilt the Arab-Muslim world in a different direction by THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

Muslim women versus ‘women in Islam’ by Khaled Ahmed

UK Epidemic – Muslim Taxi Drivers Raping British Women

At Least 200 Die in Nigeria Clashes

Compiled by Syed Asadullah

Kabul: Afghan acid attack girls warned not to go to school

Broken lives: Nigeria's child brides who end up on the streets by Ramita Navai

Child-Sex Case Grips Turkey amid Religious Young-Brides Split by Ben Holland

Saudis to build mosque in Moscow; Russians want church in Arabia

Propaganda against ISI, Pak Army by Mohammad Jamil 'The Moderate Islamist' by David Solway

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia to pull peace mission out of Philippines

London: Islamic justice, British style by ELAINE SCIOLINO

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

London: 'There is no room for suicide in Islam': Lord Khalid Hameed

Al Qaeda's racist attack on Barack Obama signals the death of violent jihad

Jihad in Afghanistan Gets its Start

Many associate Islam with terror, Obama with Islam by Joesph Wojtkiewicz

Obama Homeland Security and Terrorism Policy

Faith, fatwa and freedom

20,000 Muslims attack Christian church in Egypt

Afghanistan is Not Iraq:

U.S. and Afghan parliament seek to recreate 'Sons of Iraq' in Afghanistan

Compiled by Syed Asadullah


Will Obama Bring Change To Afghanistan, Pakistan?

Islamic Jihad will not stop despite Obama by Walid Phares

Jakarta: ''My Roommate, the Terrorist''

Sarajevo: Group of radical Islamists based in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Doha: A great contribution to Islamic art: Villepin

Terrorists Shift to a Media Battle

Kabul: 10 suspects arrested for acid attack on schoolgirls in S Afghanistan

Muslim Feminist Irshad Manji to Speak at CSUMB by Jessica Lussenhop

Compiled by NewAgeIslam News Bureau

Mumbai: `Exclusive party for Muslims will cause communal polarisation', say Islamic scholars

Beirut: Saudi Arabia's turn to be accused of funding Fatah al-Islam

Istanbul: Turkey's Alevis Struggle for Religious and Secular Acceptance

Malaysia: No need to criticise the fatwa council by Adri Hemy Abdul Ghani

Malaysia: ulema push for anti-smoking laws by Adianto P. Simamora

Islam spreads in South Africa by BRYAN PEARSON

The lost generation of Iraq by Jalil Mehdi

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Settlers in Hebron right graffiti on mosque walls insulting Islam, calling for killing Arabs by Saed Bannoura

Cairo: Muslims, Christians and police clash in Cairo

MALEGAON: In India, Controversy Over Hindus' Arrests

Indonesia: 4,200 legislative candidates put on oath against corruption

Saudi Arabia denies Mullah Omar asylum report

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

UN, Saudis Conspire to Stifle Free Speech by David J. Rusin

Harun Yahya: Win over Darwinism by P.K. Abdul Ghafour

By pretending to highlight unfounded rumours, Seymour Hersh ends up taking sides

Does anybody know how to deal with political Islam? By Tariq Ali

Terror-mastermind Rashid Rauf was a "very pious Muslim"

Kuala Lumpur: Islamic councils say courts have no right to decide on ‘Allah’

Abraham: The focus of Haj

Iraq's Kurdish areas prepare to ban female circumcision

Think tank: Betrayal of Muslim reformers

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Dallas: Religious briefs: Muslim and Jewish leaders launch dialogue

Hebron (Xinhua)"House of Peace" dispute fuels Jewish-Muslim tensions in Hebron

Kuala Lumpur: Sisters in Islam hits out at ‘tomboy’ fatwa

Sydney Mufti: Let men and women pray together

EC chairman: Islamic Revolution has paved the way for women’s activities

A New (Old) Meaning for Jihad

Jakarta: Govt urged to take firm action against blasphemous website

Police arrests two Christians under black Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Islamophobia is no myth: Muslims face bias of the 'turban effect'

UK Muslims query on Turkish model

Islamic women pressured by imams to stay in violent marriages

Iran Said to Have Nuclear Fuel for One Weapon

Compiled by Syed Asadullah

2. Qaeda scorns Obama with racial slur

3. New enrolment rules will benefit thousands of Madrasa students in India

4 The President-Elect Barack Obama and India by Martha Nussbaum

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


2. Islam is not the Enemy: Western power elite always need a public enemy to maintain their grip on political and economic systems to manipulate nations and to generate huge profits by Elias Akleh

3. Bandipora: Kashmir Votes, Muslims Divided by Farooq A Ganai

4. Afghan leader pledges to protect Taliban from US by Ben Farmer in Kabul

5. There Is No Mac Counter-Terrorism': It requires enormous patience and painstaking work by B. RAMAN

6. Fatwa call centre sets minds at rest: A husband is allowed to beat his wife by Graeme Baker

7. Dubai: New bank branch caters to women only

8. French court overturns Muslim virgin marriage

9. Malaysian Islamic party to open up to non-Muslims

10. Muslims and modernity

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Unsettling Times for Jihadists

Muslims should be willing to change if they want progress

New Muslim TV channel to be launched in South Africa

The triumph of Salman Rushdie by Chauncey Mabe


2. Another Indian Islamic group denounces terrorism

3.  Honour Killings: The Islamic Connection by Phyllis Chesler

4. Islamic World Remains Divided Over Violence Against Women

5. Jeddah: Saudi Dad gets death for killing Nine-year-old daughter

6. Kerala Muslim cleric vows to preserve polygamy by Don Sebastian

7. Intrepid Pakistani Lady Nargis Latif turns waste into wealth

Compiled by Syed Asadullah

SYRIA: Secret Muslim world of sexy women's lingerie

First Islamic-Catholic Forum held in Vatican

Islamists' influence widens in Afghanistan

Knowledge is not a closed and fixed Salafi circle (1) by Ahmad Al-Hubeishi

London: Jail query on radical cleric

Iran aims to establish Islamic studies centres in UK by Tony Grew

Need to reform the madrasa system in India by M. Burhanuddin Qasmi

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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