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Islam-Christianity Dialogue Features At Kazakh Interfaith Meet


German Abducted in North Nigeria Killed

Arab World

Iraq’s Christian heritage sites lie mouldering and neglected

Egypt's Islamists seek ‘grand coalition' with liberals, minorities

For the White House, a Wary Wait as Syria Boils

13 corpses found in Syria amid massacre fallout

At least 12 killed, 27 wounded, in Iraq bomb blasts

North America

New York allows headgear for Sikh, Muslim transit employees

Al-Qaida continues to have safe haven in Afghanistan: Pentagon

Obama nixes French-Saudi plan to finish Assad by bombing his palace

South Asia

Detainees Are Handed Over to Afghans, but Not Out of Americans’ Reach

China top leader snubs Zardari in heart of Pakistan


Osama's tracking doctor is guilty of militancy, not CIA links: Pak Court

Pak tests nuclear-capable Hatf-VIII cruise missile

Southeast Asia

Bali Bombing Suspect Says Life Sentence Too Heavy

Muslim Extremists Go Gaga in Indonesia

Mideast Asia

Israel returns the remains of Palestinian bodies

Neglect, inequality drive violence in Israel’s Arab slums

Despite U.S. opposition, Iran to be transport hub for North-South Corridor

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Photo: Christianity dialogue features at Kazakh interfaith

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UN official Raps Pakistan's Blasphemy, Parallel Justice System


To curb forcible conversions Prevent newly converts from marrying immediately: Pak minority body

Seven arrested, two explosive laden vehicles seized in Balochistan

Pak's nuclear arsenal deterred India from carrying out attacks: Nawaz


"Russian Wahhabi" Dvorakovsky jailed for 23 years

Moscow: Islamic theologians ban to use terms jihad and Caliphate in political goals

US, UK & 7 others expel Syrian envoys


At long last, Kashmiri Pundits find Valley safe

Terrorism and talks with Pakistan can't go together: Sr. Indian Opp. Leader

Indian Blast victims laid to rest in Iraq

South Asia

Condoms and black magic Found at Maldivian Opp. Party’s Protest Camp

Afghan poppy blight may not harm heroin supply

Southeast Asia

‘Flirtatious’ migrant Female workers to blame for abuse: Head of the Indonesian task force

Stand-off as Islamic Police Enforce Dress Code in Indonesia’s Aceh

Child Protection Agency Wants Indonesia to Curb Condom Sales

Malaysian Publishing House Director detained over Irshad Manji's book

North America

US Mosques Struggle against Sentiments


45 killed in a communal clash in Nigeria

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: UN official raps Pakistan's blasphemy, parallel justice system

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Entrenching the Culture of Violence among Children in Maldives
Entrenching the Culture of Violence among Children

South Asia

Obstructing sermons “a great war to destroy religion”: Maldives religious Party



Pak says enough proof to nail Lashkar commander for 26/11 plot

India gives extradition pact draft, Pak to consider

Interlocutors' report aims to create a divide: Hizbul chief



Doctor in bin Laden case corrupt, womaniser: current and former Pakistani officials

Islamic awakening only way to foil the designs of the infidel forces: Religious leaders in Pak

Pak’s interior minister ready for visa pact if Indian Home Minister signs it

Seven bodies found in Balochistan


Arab World

Palestinian Victory and Zionist Defeat

Islamist, ex-military man contest Egypt presidency


North America

Islamophobia, new form of political colonialism, waged by the US and its Zionist allies



You Can't Defeat Boko Haram, Cleric Tells President

Tuareg-Islamist unity bid in north Mali unravels



UN condemns Syria massacre as at least 40 more are killed

Muslim extremists using Facebook, Twitter to radicalise UK students: Report


Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Entrenching the Culture of Violence among Children in Maldives

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Saudi Woman Fights Cops for Painted Nails
Saudi woman fights cops for painted nails

Arab World


Islamist and ex-PM vie for mantle of Egypt’s revolt

Egypt election: the leftist seeks recount

Saudi King kept a balance between progresses and heritage protection

Saudi King thanks victim’s kin who pardoned killers

Saudi Women to work at Justice Ministry

Egypt vote narrows to Islamist, Mubarak holdover

Over 90 killed in Syria massacre, activists say

Yemeni women struggle to eke out a living

UN observers warn of Syria civil war after massacre




Rebel groups merge in Mali, agree on Islamic state

Bosnia buries 66 Muslim war victims




Solution to Kashmir issue lies within Constitution: J & K Opposition

Social networking pages used to link 13/7 accused



‘32 Britons could be killed in drone strikes’

Cease all military ops in Balochistan




Vatican in chaos after Pope’s butler arrested for leaks


Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Saudi woman fights cops for painted nails

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Muslims perform 'Kanyadan' of Hindu girl in riot-hit village


Interlocutors were appointed to ease out 2010 uprising: Kashmiri separatist leader

J-K: LeT militants decamp with service rifles of cops

North America

American Muslims criticise Pfc Nasser Abdo for linking Islam to his terrorism

Muslim U.S. soldier: Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq motive for bomb plot

Lingering in airplane bathroom leads to questioning of Muslims from FBI


30 killed in ethnic clashes on Mali-Burkina Faso border


Musharraf murdered my mother: Bilawal

Drone attacks "illegal" and a "total violation" of our sovereignty: Pakistan

Central Asia

Eurovision does little to help human rights in Azerbaijan

Mideast Asia

Supermodel Naomi Campbell calls for peace in Middle East

35 al-Qaida militants killed in clashes in Yemen

Brigham Young University's ‘Arabian Nights’ promotes understanding of Islam

Iran Is Seeking Lebanon Stake as Syria Totters

Arab World

Egypt Coptic Christians fear Islamist presidential win

Brotherhood man promises Islamic law in Egypt


British Muslims’ body launches campaign to save ‘marriage’

Grooming hatred towards Muslims

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: U.S. Army Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo  may face life in prison

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Shiite Husseiniyas promote ‘instability’: Imam of Al-Azhar

Arab World

Saudi king voices fear of targeting Lebanon’s Sunnis


Gender-dimensions, masculinity driving force for suicide bombers

Gilgit-Baltistan lawmakers for review of code of conduct for Pak clerics

Accused of assisting CIA sentenced to 33 years in treason case

Mideast Asia

Hamas-Run Schools Set Out to Teach ‘the Language of the Enemy’

Yemen suicide bomb massacre ‘beginning of Jihad,’ says Al Qaeda

Atomic weapons are against Islam, Ahmadinejad insists


Government of India: 42 terror camps in Pak and PoK

India to go ahead with meet, with Iran as key player

North America

Grace Community Church Which Stood Up For Gay Marriage, Faces Closure

US Muslim soldier goes on trial for base attack plot


German intelligence chief warns of Islamist attacks


Ethiopian Government, Muslims Clash about Ideology

Algeria Islamists brandish all their weapons to catch up with Arab Spring

Tunisia to extradite former Libyan PM Baghdadi Mahmoudi

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Saudi King Abdullah at the opening ceremony of the Gulf Cooperation Council Summit in Riyadh

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Jamiat Ulama talks about “women’s right” sans any woman in decision-making process


British police arrest two more Pakistanis for child sex abuse

UN and Afghan agency efforts set to bring better lives for women


Pakistan restores historic Katas Raj temple

Pak Punjab's south belt breeding ground for militants: Sharif

Mideast Asia

Fatwa: Islam's Murder by Fiat


Ahead of NATO Summit, Chicago police foil terrorist plot

Mideast Asia

Yemen clashes kill 34 terrorists, soldiers: officials

Iraq anti-terror officer, family shot dead

UN lists Ilyas Kashmiri as 'reported dead'

The vain search for dialogue in a battle-scarred Syria

Egyptian Military releases 20 arrested at clashes; 89 still detained

Balochistan violence refuses to subside

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Jamiat Ulama talks about “women’s right” sans any woman in decision-making process

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Indonesia and Its Transition to Sharia Law


Polygyny and the Law - Your 'Marriage' Might Be Void

Amnesty International: Mali facing its worst crisis in 50 years

South Asia

Afghanistan mulls Islamic bonds, fearing Western cash cutback

Maldives secures additional US$25million credit during India trip


Infant deaths a political hot potato in J&K

‘Hafiz Saeed on agenda for Indo-Pak Secy-level talks’

Kargil festival: Where once the guns blazed


Terrorists blow up girls’ college in Jamrud

Pak, India can't be treated equally on civil nuke issue: Oz envoy


Al Qaeda chief urges Saudis to rise up against rulers

Mideast Asia

Quran Burning Aimed at Spreading Islamophobia

Southeast Asia

Indonesian lawmaker: ‘Middle East culture’ as dangerous as Lady Gaga

Arab World

Egypt’s Tahrir square revolutionaries have no candidate

North America

Message to NATO: We Need Smarter Kids, Not More Smart Bombs


WUC Successfully Concludes its 4th General Assembly in Japan

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Mali facing its worst crisis in 50 years

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Qaida manual: Think of virgins when you hear drones


Bradford Imams seek action on sexual grooming

Man jailed in UK for keeping Pak daughter-in-law as sex slave


India bows to US pressure, cuts Iran oil import by 11%

58697 Kashmiri migrants in country: Govt


Sharia Law Imposed in Mali

Tunisian Islamists join jihad against Syria's Assad

North America

Bush Says U.S. Must Stand by Reformists in Arab Spring

US sanctions Dawood Ibrahim's top aides Chhota Shakeel, Ibrahim Tiger Memon

French Afghan exit would impact Nato: US expert

South Asia

Taliban release video tape of Bannu jail assault

Bangladesh Denies Bail to 33 Opposition Leaders


Saeed serves legal notices on journos; seeks Rs. 100mn as damages

Relations with Nato, US at critical juncture: Gilani

Arab World

Anti-Qaeda sweep kills 53 across south Yemen

Southeast Asia

Indonesia: sexy clothes and dance moves will corrupt young people

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Syed Zafar Hussain and Imam Musta Qeem Shah with the Imams’ statement on sexual grooming

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Moaning About Drones
Khaled Ahmed

Targeted terrorists Mullah Nazir and Waliur Rehman are based in South Waziristan; the Haqqanis, Hafiz Gul Bahadur, and Abu Kasha al Iraqi are based in North Waziristan; Hakimullah Mehsud has a base in Orakzai while hiding in North Waziristan; and Faqir Mohammed is based in Bajaur. All of these Taliban factions shelter Al Qaeda and various other terror groups including those who kill Pakistanis too….


Restoration work on 400-year-old temple in J-K begins

Hospitals eye 'Halal' certification to attract patients from Middle East
SIT mixes up Godhra, post-Godhra perpetrators in absolving Modi
Humanitarian crisis looms large over Myanmar’s Muslim refugees in Delhi

Arab World
Egyptian Presidential Candidate: “Jihad Is Our Path & Death in the Name of Allah Is Our Goal”
Jeddah: Activists want domestic abusers named, shamed

Secret prison still open in Baghdad, group claims

Mideast Asia

Iranian rapper faces death threats and fatwa for 'blasphemous' song

NATO killed 72 civilians in Libya air strike

Iran Hangs 'Mossad Agent' for Scientist Killing

North America

No booze, prostitutes for US troops at NATO meet

War against Muslims started even before 9/11

US imperialism has vested interest in spreading Islamophobia

Southeast Asia

Islam, liberalism and Indonesia's culture wars


Nigerian Kano divorcees marry in mass ceremony


Al Qaeda advises Jihadis how to protect reputation


Forces kill 21 terrorists in Khyber, Khurram


Uighur meet in Tokyo makes Beijing see red

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohammed Morsi

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Protection of refugees an Islamic duty, says UNHCR

Dhaka indicts ex-Jamaat-e-Islami chief for 1971 war crimes

Kashmir's Grand Mufti takes aim at Ahmadiyyas

Iran pitches hard-line cleric as next Shia leader in Iraq

NATO Underplayed Civilian Deaths in Libya: HRW

‘Islamic Revolution of Iran, heart of all liberal movements’: Shia cleric

Uighur leader Kadeer opens congress in Japan

42 killed in clashes between Yemeni army, al-Qaida

Syria violence kills 23: Monitors

Secret case against Pakistan army officer for ties to Islamist extremists

Maldives president Waheed looks to India to repair floundering economy

‘Disabled for life after beating in jail’

Taliban have a safe harbour in Pakistan: a key US senator

Malaysia favours voluntary refugee repatriation - Foreign Minister

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Mr Azam is one of the most high profile Jamaat-e-Islami leaders

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Tortured Afghan Bride Defies The Odds, Embarks On New Life
Sahar Gul, the Tortured Afghan Bride

Islamic extremists desecrate Muslim saint's Timbuktu tomb

Two killed in sectarian clashes in Tripoli, Lebanon

Protection of refugees an Islamic duty, says UNHCR

First Underwater Mosque: Deep Sea Islamisation in Saudi Arabia

2 UK men arrested for terrorism, homes evacuated

Easy to escape from, deportees stay only if they feel like it

Oxford Islamic Center Gains Royal Charter

New Muslims and Family Problems

Hezbollah says able to strike anywhere in Israel

Senior Hamas official says Islamists are holding secret talks with 5 EU countries

US drone strikes kill 16 suspected militants in Yemen

Bangladesh Awami League leader, 2 journos among 15 killed

US mulls Pak ‘accountability’ bill

UN condemns attacks on Afghan schools

U.S. May Scrap Costly Efforts to Train Iraqi Police

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Tortured Afghan Bride Defies The Odds, Embarks On New Life

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Religious Hindus get together to donate for Muslim girl’s treatment

North America

US military class suspended for its view on Islam

US military course taught officers 'Islam is the enemy'

US doing all it can to find prisoner of war in Afghanistan

Pakistan not invited to Chicago summit: NATO chief

Agent in underwear bomb plot 'was British'


Islamic extremists say goal is Sharia law in Mali

Widow of 7/7 suicide bomber 'financed Kenya tourist terror attack'

Govt and Islamists Dominating Algeria Results

Mideast Asia

'Saudi clerics use social media to spread hate'

Egypt rivals trade barbs in historic debate

Iranian interference pushes young Yemenis towards jihad

NATO Soldier Killed by Assailant in Afghan Army Uniform

Maldivian President to discuss Maldivian issues in Delhi


Man Hurls Shoe at Killer Breivik during Norway Trial


Indian maid in Malaysia found dead with burns on body

Kashmir University spices hands for A ranking


Mortar attack kills five of a family in Khyber

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Islamic extremists Ansar Al-Din 

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Pakistanis jailed in teen sex grooming case in UK

West Asia

Iran Filters Khamenei's Fatwa On Anti-filtering

Iran: UN experts condemn harsh sentencing of human rights defenders

'US drone strikes' kill 8 al-Qaida militants in Yemen

Syria says 40 dead in Damascus blasts

UN cannot impose upon Sudan: Bashir

Israeli ministers fear Kadima’s Mofaz will support strike on Iran

Poets send out message of unity at Indo-Pak mushaira

South Asia

Avenge Afghan Quran burning: Al-Qaida leader


Breakaway Somali regions boost education to deter militancy

North America

Canadian Muslim groups condemn religious intolerance in Sri Lanka


16 militants killed in Tirah Valley in Pakistan


1,446 Kashmiri migrants accepted job offer under Indian PM's package

 ‘Awfully busy’ Gujarat CM tried his best to save 2002 riot victims: SIT

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Iran Filters Khamenei's Fatwa On Anti-filtering

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Sentenced to Death in Iran for becoming a Christian and refusing to revert to Islam

Islamic school in UK apologizes for anti-Jewish teachings on website

Al-Qaeda bomb maker becomes America's worst nightmare

Pakistan militants vow holy war for Osama bin Laden

Miami University honours Oscar-winning Indian Muslim musician A.R. Rahman

Are Islamists being scapegoated as the new ghoul of Egypt?

Former Maldivian President in campaign mode after revamping party

Pakistan’s ISI trying to revive Babbar Khalsa for terror in Punjab: Indian Govt

All's not well? US envoy to Pakistan quits mid term

J & K: Internal strife widens in the so-called moderate Hurriyat faction

US bill prohibits aid to Pak till it cooperates on terror war

Algeria debates chances of Islamists' rise in parliament

 Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Iranian Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani sentenced to death

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Indian Muslim MPs welcome Supreme Court striking Haj subsidies
Muslim MPs welcome SC order on Haj subsidies

Taliban behead 13 Pakistan soldiers

At least 32 Yemen troops killed in militant attack

Pak textbooks tone down jihad, not anti-India stand

Nigeria’s Sharia Council Denies Shielding Muslim Terrorists

Canadian Police investigatingIslamic school over curriculum comparing Jews to Nazis

Sri Lankan Buddhists demand demolition of mosque

Indian prisoner to be released from Pak jail after 30 years

United Church pastor breaks ranks on Israel, denounces ‘radicalagenda’

Malaysian Paper Says Anti-Islamic Charges On Senator Xenophon Was A Misunderstanding

Jakarta: 6 FPI members ‘enough’ to disperse Lady Gaga’s ‘60,000 fans’

Jakarta: Bekasi church victim claimsIslamists disrupted services

Anti-Polygamy Fatwa Sparks India Debate

Four killed in separate incidents in Balochistan

Saeed mastermind of 26/11, Pak must do more to fight terror: Hillary

Al-Qaida's underwear bomb plot to attack plane foiled: US

US secretly releasing detainees from Afghan prisons: Report

Nato admits Afghan family killed in airstrike

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim MPs welcome SC order on Haj subsidies

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Gujarat Riots: Probe Narendra Modi, Says Amicus Curiae
Godhra riots: Amicus curiae report questions Modi's role

Abolish visa regime even if India hesitates: Nawaz Sharif

Kabul condemns Taliban offensive as cowardly and un-Islamic

India becoming prone to intolerance of freedom: Salman Rushdie

The fastest growing religion in America is Islam

Taliban behead 2 Pakistani soldiers

Al Qaeda kills 20 Yemen troops after leader eliminated

Minority sub-quota to double job opportunities for Muslims: Salman Khurshid

Saudis report first underwater mosque in history

Al-Qaida releases video of American hostage

'129 Indian army personnel found guilty in right violation cases'

'Cops fanning Islamophobia'

Malaysian clerics issue fatwa against demonstrations

Ethiopia expels 2 Arabs amid tension with Muslim community; gov’t warns group declared jihad

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Godhra riots: Amicus curiae report questions Modi's role

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Anti-Islam Wilders Calls on Muslims to Leave Islam

Afghan museum highlights country's Buddhist heritage

Pakistan, a failed state: US lawmaker to PM Yousuf Raza Gilani

US drone strike kills 10 in Pakistan

West testing Muslim sensitivity by burning Quran

OIC chief: Global action to fight Islamophobia needed

36 Taliban militants killed in Afghanistan

12 ‘Qaeda’ terrorists killed in Yemen

2 NATO men killed in Afghanistan

Victims of Bajaur suicide attack buried; toll rises to 29

Syrian violence leaves 10 civilians dead

Ahead of elections, French Muslims feel like scapegoats for nation’s problems

Indonesian Muslims rethink sex in new book

9/11 'mastermind' back in Guantanamo court

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Afghan museum highlights country's Buddhist heritage

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US Withdraws Bounty On Hafiz Saeed: Pakistan, And Now US Too Bow Down To Lashkar Chief
'Wrong perception of Islam in UK

Necrophilia Law is a Rumor Ya People !!

US pastor burns Qur'an to protest
‘Wrong perception of Islam in UK big challenge for Muslims’
Al-Qaeda chief Zawahiri is in Pak tribal area: US
India: Waqf Board chief in eye of storm for selling Masjid land
UK for end to external support for violence in J-K
Bangladesh charges opposition leaders with blasts
Gaddafi ‘aid’ adds to Sarkozy’s woes
Four gunned down in Balochistan
Lashkar’s own Skype frazzles Indian intelligence
Judiciary can't disqualify me: Gilani
One killed, 15 hurt in grenade attack at Kenyan church
Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau
Photo: 'Wrong perception of Islam in UK
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Wahhabis’ Theorised Monotheism Has Become The Reservoir Of Terrorism: Sufi Cleric Kachhochhwi
Muslim Youth in India Dissociate from Wahhabi Terror, says Sufi cleric

Prince Ali of Jordan says hijab not an obstacle for women

Indian Cabinet approves signing of new visa pact with Pakistan

In Tunisia after Arab Spring, Islamists’ new freedoms create new Muslim divide

Sarkozy received 42million pounds from Colonel Gaddafi: Report

In Egypt race, figure from old era is secular hope

Sudan victim of greater Middle East project

Muslim leaders say Breivik trial should focus on gunman’s anti-Islamic ideology

Bahrain police 'continue to torture detainees'

British Red Cross doctor kidnapped in Pakistan found beheaded

Saudi embassy closes in Egypt over human rights detainee

Indian kid returns home after a year in Bangladesh jail

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Migrant domestic workers in Arab nations are dying – its time to act
Noble Qur'an, the US-led NATO troops in Afghanista are being trained
‘Respect Qur’an’ Training for NATO Forces
Russia Muslims Reject Shariah Courts
German Muslims Disavow Gender Inequity
Burqa-clad Criminals Worry US Muslims
Moscow: Muslim Lawyer Flees Amid Sharia Law Threats
Review of training material that espouse the view ‘US at War with Islam’
Imam of Mecca Grand Mosque: Kidnapping of Diplomat un-Islamic
Muslims revive old pilgrimage route via Jerusalem
Glasgow Imams Counter Homosexuality Vote
India: Decision to permit research on Rushdie's book condemned
Pak students raise concern over inclusion of Salman Rushdie works
United States Talks Fail as Pakistanis Seek Apology
Norwegian general faces uphill task as UN monitor
Some Clashes Seen in Malaysia’s Capital as Activists March
Gujarat court acquits 109 in riots case
Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau
Photo: Noble Qur'an, the US-led NATO troops in Afghanistan are being trained
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‘Why We Attacked This Day Newspaper’: Boko Haram Threatens Media in Nigeria
Sri Lankan Muslims protest after Friday prayers

Sri Lankan Muslims Protest Demolition of Mosque

American Slain by Man Wearing an Afghan Army Uniform

Osama bin Laden's three widows and children deported from Pakistan

Norwegians sing song that Breivik hates

Lawmaker questions US decision to spend $30 mn on Pak farmers

Pakistan, Afghanistan, US consider safe passage for Taliban militants

Saudi Arabia: Elections may not send qualified members to Shoura

Bomb explosions kill 10; wound 18 in Iraq's Diyala

J&K:  Geelani booked for ‘provoking’ stone- pelters

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Sri Lankan Muslims protest after Friday prayers outside a mosque

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Grand Ulema Convention in Pakistan demands end to vulgarity
The new Islamists In Egypt Race, Battle Is Joined on Islam’s Role
Hafiz Saeed turns down Pak request to limit his public appearances
The new Islamists In Egypt Race, Battle Is Joined on Islam’s Role
In Syria, Lebanon’s Most Wanted Sunni Terrorist Blows Himself Up
Hindus in Pakistan accuse Muslims of kidnapping teens as wives
Britain refuses to extradite Musharraf
Muslims need to make painful compromises for sake of peace
Mosque Responses Ignorant in Waukesha, USA
Kashmir issue will be resolved without help of Pakistan: Separatist leader Yasin Malik
Bodies of two abducted Baloch found, six more abducted
Anti-Islam MP Brings Dutch Govt Down
'India, Pak need to take giant leap for peaceful co-existence'
Saudi man spends 15 years in jail on father's order
Saudi 4-yr-old kills father who 'refused to buy PlayStation'
Shoe-bomber tells court Osama bin Laden wanted follow-up to 9/11
Islamists snatch back Swiss woman held hostage in Timbuktu
Why the radical Muslim cleric is preaching against the country that hosted and protected him?
Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau
Photo: The new Islamists In Egypt Race, Battle Is Joined on Islam’s Role
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Indian Muslim Women Vowed to Fight Gender Excesses by Maulvis
Muslim women are preparing to fight gender excesses

UK: Muslim men who abducted, raped 2 minor girls laughed while being sentenced

Pakistani death squad issued a threat to the newspapers

Jakarta: Sharia bylaws ineffective and may trigger conflicts

All India Muslim Personal Law Board vows to protect Sharia

Shia cleric urges Muslims to join 'Save Ganga' campaign

King Abdullah’s call to promote interfaith and intercultural dialogues

Tariq Ramadan: Shariah Law and U.S. Constitution Go Hand-In-Hand

Indonesian 'punks' caned for pre-marital sex

British P M Says Indonesia’s Democracy Offers Hope to Muslim World

Fed up French Muslims mobilize to punish Sarkozy: Report

OIC plans TV to counter Islamophobia, stereotypes against Muslims

Military operations will not cure Balochistan: Imran Khan

Indonesian Women Find Strength in traditional Javanese blouses

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim women are preparing to fight gender excesses

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