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Alleged prophet held at the Grand Mosque in Makkah

'Hakimullah isolated, losing Taliban control'

Australian cops get power to lift veils

“Kashmiri visthapit” Staying separate in MP

35 killed in Baghdad attacks

Somali refugee crisis is killing children: UN

Syria troops kill 22 in Hama crackdown

Karachi violence: Death toll from target killings rises to 25

Nine soldiers killed in terrorists’ attacks in Quetta, Pak

Yemen airstrikes kill 4 civilians, 6 gunmen

US missile strike kills four in North Waziristan

Nine Pakistani security men killed, 20 injured: Officials

Attack on security forces convoy in Pak kills 5 soldiers

Gaddafi ready to step down if Nato pledges safe exit?

ICRC alarmed by situation in Libya, fears worse

Six policemen injured in IED explosion in J&K

SC paves way for trial in 2008 Gujarat serial blast case

Beef up security at Ajmer shrine, Centre tells Rajasthan Govt

Israel gets ready for immigration of Jews from north-east India

US links Pakistan's ISI to journalist killing: Report

Amnesty International accuses Syria of crimes against humanity

Cameron promises to increase aid for Afghanistan

When in Mumbai, Headley was a tourist who loved fishing

Out of the shadows, the Osama hunter

Taliban could have political future: British PM

Saudi efforts for good Iran relations continue

Riyadh trial gives a glimpse of methods terror suspects used

Pirates use Yemen as a refueling hub

Improvised explosive attacks soar in Pakistan

Armed forces to be built as modern force: Bangladesh PM

Bahrain’s rulers start dialogue with opposition

US offers ten thousand troops for Iraq next year

Hezbollah suspects told to come forward in Lebanon

Abbottabad commission convenes: Osama’s family barred from leaving Pakistan

Khyber Agency: This is Bara, the town that militancy ruined

Cross-border attacks : ‘Afghanistan will not fire back at Pakistan’

US has backup plan if Pakistan shuts Shamsi base

IED attacks in Pakistan increase by over 145%

Terrorists must be deprived of IED technology

Bangladesh shut down by violent strike

Turkish military vehicle damaged in roadside blast

Syrian forces advance on restive Hama city

Class War in Greece and the World

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Photo: Malaysia is one Islamic country in the region that has managed its economy well amid a peaceful environment


Pakistan 'kills 40 militants' in tribal belt

Taliban's Mumbai-type hotel siege in Kabul ends, 30 killed

Qazi suspended over minor's marriage to Arab: Hyderabad, India

‘Muslims must adapt to change’: Saudi Finance Minister

Gaddafi warrant complicates peace effort: African Union

Libya’s opposition handed donor funds for salaries

NATO warships fire on Qaddafi forces — Libyan rebels

Syria tank assault kills 11 near Turkey border

NATO says Haqqani commander killed in Afghanistan

Terror outfits Jaish, Lashkar are ISI offshoots: Indian PM

Obama vows to keep pressure on crippled Al-Qaeda

US synagogue bomb plotters get 25 years in prison

Israel starts revoking Palestinian prisoners’ privileges

Yemen air raid kills civilians amid clashes

Organization of Islamic Cooperation sets up its own rights watchdog

Pakistan asks US to leave 'drone' attack base

Leave Kashmir alone and focus on internal problems: Indian PM tells Pakistan

Jeddah woman detained for violating driving ban

Jihadis threaten to attack 9 key Pak installations

More than 1,000 hurt in Egypt clashes: Official

Terrorists terrorised: Qaeda network hacked

No more work visas for Filipino, Indonesian domestics to Saudi Kingdom

Waqf Act dispute could be reason for Khurshid's Sachar antipathy

Omar Abdullah to serve full six-year term as J&K CM: PM

Slave case: Germany tries to overturn immunity against Saudi diplomat

Bangladesh court issues arrest warrant against India’s Fugitivre

Ahmadinejad warns against arrests in his govt: IRNA

New US sanctions on Syria, Iran

Pakistan ties vital for fight against terror: US general

US told to consider Pakistan’s constraints

Bin Laden son seeks to free family in Pakistan

US refocus on home-grown terror threat

Two missing persons killed by Qaeda, Pak SC told

Pakistan army blocks entry of Afghan militants

South Sudan asks US to lift sanctions on Khartoum

Gaza flotilla organizers: 2nd ship sabotaged

Gaza flotilla makes Internet splash

New York man hoped to kill US troops — prosecution

Iran denies British nuclear missile claim

New doubts raised on Saleh’s return

Turk-Israel talks ‘have not ceased’

Three Jordanian lawmakers resign over ‘casino deal’

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Photo: Darul Uloom asks Saudi Arabia to ban Ahmadiyas from Mecca visit


Pak militants coerce kids to carry out attacks: US report

Kabul police: 10 Afghans killed in hotel attack

Saudi women show greater interest in sports and games

Pakistanis aware of Omar`s whereabouts: US general

Organization of Islamic Cooperation chief calls for 'decade of action'

Dutch approve ban on kosher and halal animal slaughter

Key US Senate panel votes to authorise Libya operation

Bearded Mickey stirs row by Islamic Hardlines in Egypt

Over 325 Indo- Pakistanis aware of Omar`esian inmates win royal pardon

Qaida leader disguised as woman held in Afghanistan

Three NATO oil tankers burnt in Bolan, Nowshera

We cannot match India militarily: Pak defence minister

Pakistan will act against Saeed if India provides evidence: Rehman Malik

‘Islamabad must take terror issue very seriously': Indian Foreign Secy.

Emirates court sentences 6 for Yemen arms plot

Did Pak favour, stabbed in back by army: A Q Khan

Libya fires back at ICC over Gaddafi warrant

France airdrops arms to Libya rebels: Report

Prosecutor presses inner circle on Qaddafi's arrest

'Israel, US bases in Gulf within reach of Iran's missiles'

Pakistan says stop “blame game” at US, Afghan talks

Brain dead for four months, woman gives birth to boy in Suadi Arabia

Omar Abdullah refuses creation of new district

Bangladesh allows 'black money' in stock exchange

Pakistan unlikely to go after Haqqani militants: US officer

Bhatti’s assassination: ‘Kashmiri plotted the murder’

No let-up in shelling militants, says Pakistan

"Security concerns” behind withdrawal of British military advisers: Hague

Iran fires 14 missiles in 2nd day of war games

Yemen may launch military operation to repair pipeline

Egypt court orders local councils be dissolved

Exiled Syrian opposition tells Russia to make Assad resign

Syria ‘street’ slams, US applauds opposition meet

Israeli Army arrests 23 Palestinians, including two officials

GCC mulls troops withdrawal from Bahrain

Hamas leader: Palestinian reconciliation stalls

Egypt orders dissolution of Mubarak-linked local councils

Somali parliament approves new prime minister

Afghanistan seeks foreign donors after IMF talks fail

Aid flotilla ship sabotaged as Israel threatens peace activists

 ‘Leaders come and go,’ says Russian envoy to Syrian opposition

A Saudi released after six years in Israeli jail

US says Iran ‘bragging’ about missiles

International Turn Key System holds seminar on Islamic banking

Afghan central bank chief flees to US

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Photo: The Cheraman Juma Masjid in Kodungallur, Kerala, India.

Fresh surge in missile strikes kills 26 in Waziristan

Protesters burn church, destroy bar in Senegal

Debarred from contest for wearing hijab in U.S

Islamophobia, discrimination against Muslims on the rise

Kingdom raps Israeli moves to destroy Islamic landmarks

11 die in Yemeni army, Al Qaeda clashes

Militants using children: US

Only Afghan-led talks acceptable, Pak PM tells US

Two Nato oil tankers torched in Mastung: Pak

Pakistan must show it wants Afghan peace: US

Pak Taliban splits, top commander shot

Bangladesh court jails 657 border guards for mutiny

End military action in Libya: Chinese PM

Set your own house in order first, Farrooq tells OIC

Pakistan to build more n-plants: Gilani

No plans to attack Pakistan's nukes: Taliban

Boosting ties: Pakistan-India to open new trade post

TTP’s suicide-bomb trainer killed in Miramshah, Pak

Three Pak former generals under scanner for graft

Militants compile Western target list on Internet

Muslims are asking for a review of the Waqf Amendment Bill, 2010

Khursheed says Sachar report not Quran, sparks off war of words

Campaign against terrorism requires commitment: Global Fight against Terrorism

Libya rebels have upper hand in war on Gaddafi -UN

Nigeria Islamist group Boko Haram blamed for escalating violence

Islamic banking stirs up controversy in religiously-divided Nigeria

Country's top banker flees nation: Afghanistan official

Cross-border raids spark Pak-Af war of words

Karzai blames Pak for border shelling

Egypt army vows to stop virginity tests: Amnesty

Syrian regime invites oppn for talks on July 10

Gunmen kill Pakistani Taliban commander: Officials

J&K: Hizb divisional commander among two ultras killed

Kashmir to witness mega cricket tournament

Saleem Shahzad probe: PTA, FIA to provide phone, email records

Israel approves plan to repel new Gaza flotilla

Yemen says Qaeda plot foiled, six arrested

UAE to take part in OIC meet in Kazakhstan

Palestinians hope for more support for state bid

Israel U-turn over warning to flotilla journalists

Pop star Prince says women 'happy' to wear burqas

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Photo: Two US drone strikes killed at least 26 people in the South Waziristan Agency on Monday


Middle East Ban makes Maids Return for Unsafe Abortions

Pak priest gets jail for demanding gilrs’ sacrifice

Burning of 2002 Communal Riots Documents unpardonable: Indian law Minister

ISI aids and abets terrorist sanctuaries in Pak: Ex-US general

Charge pressed against Jamaat-e-Islami secretary general and others in Bangladesh

50 Yemen soldiers missing after clashes with ‘al-Qaeda’

Roadside bombs kill 17 civilians in Afghanistan

Iran to prosecute 26 American officials, MP says

2 dead, 4 wounded in attack on tribal elder Child killed In Pakistan

Muslims obligated to resist democracy, say radicals

UK joins US, Israeli Iranophobia hype

Haqqani leader tied to Kabul hotel siege killed in Nato air raid

Yemen Republican Guards killed in clashes with anti-regime gunmen

Attackers shoot and kill peacekeeper in Darfur: UN

Libya rebels welcome AU's 'Gaddafi-free' talks offer

US tells Gaddafi to deliver democracy, not threats

Clinton calls on Gaddafi to step down

US renews demand for Gaddafi to abandon power

Libyan rebels say bracing for a new Tripoli push

US slams Gaddafi threat to attack Europe

Pakistan's attitude towards terror has altered: Nirupama Rao

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah rejects Hariri indictments

Malaysian repression of reform activists, condemned

Pak, citing nest of spies, tries to restrict AQ

'US halted drone attacks from Pak 3 months ago'

Iran to seal its Pak-Afghan border

Shelling, militant raids dog thaw with Afghanistan

US shifts supply routes from Pakistan: report

Anti-Pakistan demo held in Kabul

Commander Underlines Iran's Naval Power to Safeguard World Interests

No military personnel at Shamsi base: US

2,000-year-old objects found in Pakistan's Taxila

Nato caused ‘Rs110bn damage to roads’in Pakistan

Zardari underscores intelligence sharing with UK

Assad sacks Hama governor, as Syria death toll mounts

Afghan district governor kidnapped: official

National dialogue a historic chance: Bahrain

Filipinos fight for US citizenship in Afghanistan

Key Taliban leader arrested in Islamabad

Britain to pull 800 troops from Afghanistan

Bahrain to try protesters in civilian courts

Yemen’s wounded president bedridden: Officials

Saudi Kingdom at forefront of fighting financial crimes

Abbas says Hamas row hobbles bid at UN

Syrian prez sacks governor

Al-Qaida facing financial crunch and manpower shortage: Report

Zardari meets British deputy PM, discusses ties

Kargil cashes in on peace

Germany aims to reduce Afghan force by 500 this year

Gaza flotilla aims to leave Greece next week

Protests set after Moroccan king wins vote landslide

Hezbollah rejects Hariri indictments

US praises China's role in Sudan crisis

Syrian president sacks Hama governor

US denies support for Syrian road map

Morocco answers ‘Arab Spring’ with vote on reform

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Rich tributes being paid to Kashmir Muslim saint


PPP conspires to end Christian representation in National Assembly of Pakistan

Pakistani Christian condemn devolution of Federal Minority Ministry

Key US lawmaker condemns Muslim Brotherhood talks

Massive protests in Syria; 12 killed in clashes

11 Afghans killed by roadside bomb planted by Taliban Militants

Woman among 5 killed in Taliban, Afghan forces clash

Syria death toll rises to 28, Assad sacks Hama governor

Libya can sting Europe like ‘swarm of bees’: Moamer Qadhafi

Gaddafi’s granny army

‘Qadhafi threats won’t deter NATO mission’

US renews demand for Gaddafi to abandon power

Resumption of Indo-Pak dialogue 'constructive' step: US

Gilani asks parties to support govt efforts on Kashmir

Awami League ‘not satisfied’ with constitutional amendment

BNP to launch movement for ‘fall’of Bangladesh govt

Iran supplying weapons to groups in Iraq, Afghanistan

Contest in Pak’s Punjab univ: An ode to Osama

Al-Qaeda facing financial crunch and manpower shortage

Swiss couple abducted in Pakistan

PML-N hurdle for grand Opp. alliance, says Pak Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam

Pakistan, UK vow to reinforce bilateral ties

‘Huge ransom paid in Pakistan’ for Western hostages

Afghan general resigns over Pakistan shelling

Pakistan, UK vow to jointly fight terror, promote peace

Army: US Afghan pullback lets Taliban open new bases

Morocco overwhelmingly approves curbs on king’s

Drones striking inside Pakistan launched

Bin Laden was worried about al Qaeda’s state

Cameron, Zardari pledge to work together

Latest standoff: Pak, US squabbles over drone base

UK asks Pakistan to move decisively against al Qaeda

Navy to get a Russian nuke attack submarine soon

 ‘Pak Army trying to weaken civilian govt post Osama raid’

Hundreds of Afghans join anti-Pakistan rocket demo

Iraq civilian deaths at highest level since January

Yemen officers arrested for betraying president

US to operate drones from Afghan bases now

Iraq amends draft oil and gas law

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Photo: Proposed changes to a law related to the burka will reportedly force Australian women wearing full-face veils to show their faces when stopped by police


Legal experts question destruction of papers relating to 2002 communal riots by Modi Govt.in Gujrat, India

American weightlifter, a Muslim woman, wins right to wear hijab during competition

False blasphemy allegations: Gujranwala still recovering from mob attack

Haqqani leader tied to Kabul hotel siege, killed in Nato air raid

Indonesia: Jailed terrorists enrolling new recruits in prisons

Twenty civilians killed in Afghan mine bus blast: police

US revives ties with Egypt’s Brotherhood

Russia says arming Libyan rebels violates UN resolution

Gaddafi’s daughter acknowledges talks with Libya rebels

UK sends body armor, police uniforms to Libya

U.K. to press Pakistan on terror, Krishna told

Pak, US strategic dialogue postponed ‘indefinitely’

US out to destroy Al Qaeda core in Pak

‘More raids, drone strikes to destroy Qaeda’in Afghanistan

US rejects demands to vacate Pakistan drone base

Members want Organization of Islamic Cooperation to be more active

ISI aids and abets terrorist sanctuaries in Pak: Ex-US general

Post-Osama, US gears up to take on Qaida

Afghan district governor accuses Pakistan of stoking war on border

Tragedy averted in Srinagar, bomb defused near Dal lake

Faked papers for Aftab Ansari: Man behind surety racket

Pak Army trying to weaken civilian govt post Osama operation: Tellis

Pak court seeks fresh response from govt on Saeed’s petition

UN Lebanon tribunal submits indictment in Hariri case

Morocco votes on reforms today

Bangladesh scraps system of caretaker govt for polls

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Bangladesh Parliament

OIC warns against heavily political campaigns against Islam

Blasts rip through western Baghdad, killing 40

Indo-Pak talks: Foreign secretaries discuss terror, CBMs and Samjhauta

Pakistan: Petition filed against journalists, media organisations

Bangladesh: Khaleda Zia's son Arafat jailed for 6 years

Balochistan Natioanl Party leader Rustom Marri shot dead in Quetta

India, Forbesganj firing:  Victims kin say inquiry not enough

ICC judges to announce Qaddafi warrant decision

NATO to continue Libya operation

NATO chief tries to repair cracks over Libya

Libyan rebels in contact with Gaddafi opponents in Tripoli

Turkish company allegedly sells food rations to Libyan forces

Islamophobe Geert Wilders acquittal in hate speech case flayed

Seized phone of Osama Bin Laden's Pakistani courier offers clues

Army splits political parties in Islamabad

India: VHP opposes release Khalil Chishty opposed

Pak Rangers attend fair along J&K border

Lashkars face threats as they aid army against Taliban

Pakistan: Rangers Savvy lawyer tries to buy more time but judge says ‘no’

US military warns Obama, troop drawdown plan 'risky'

Pakistan must be part of Afghan peace process: US

French troops to leave Afghanistan on US timeline

Britain in peace talks with Taliban, says foreign secy

U.S. troop withdrawal, A good step for Afghanistan: Karzai

Afghan exit plan with eye on prez polls

Iran’s TV report: judiciary detains Ahmadinejad’s ally

US Home Land Security asked to investigate use of Islamophobic trainers

Troops enter village near border, say Syrian activists

Ahmadinejad insists Iran not seeking nuclear bomb

More FII money to Pak than to India this yr

 ‘Saleh not coming home soon’???

For Baghdad’s poor, city garbage brings in the bread

Iran in ‘alarming’ breaches of UN sanctions, envoys

Syrian troops storm Turkish border village, refugees flee

Afghan endgame: Pakistan prefers to watch and wait on US drawdown

US not to keep up aid to Pakistan without change: Clinton

International Security Assistance Force, Pakistan discuss border incident

Arab Spring costing $500m a week in capital flight

Illegals clash with police in Makkah suburb

JEDDAH Police deny arrest of another child rapist

Israel targets Palestinian prisoners after Hamas rejects ICRC's demand

Syria leader’s cousin warns of civil, regional war

EU sanctions Iran Revolutionary Guard chiefs over Syria

Malaysian police detain 75 Indonesian migrants

 ‘Convince Hamas and we’ll kiss your hand’????

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Photo: The bill drafted by feminist organisations, lawyers and forensic experts, was approved by Lebanon's cabinet in 2010


New York Imam Still Holds Mosque Dream

Indonesian maid saved from execution in Riyadh

Steps against Tableeghi Jama’at Intolerable: Jamiat ul Ulema e Hind

Burqa-clad Taliban kill 10 police in Pakistan siege

15 dead in clash between Pakistani militant groups

Mauritanian army destroys al-Qaeda camp in Mali

Syrians flee to Lebanon, death toll rises to 20

3 Al-Qaeda suspects killed after escape in Yemen

Pak Taliban militant and wife staged attack on DI Khan police

11 dead in attack on South Sudan town

Pak: Akbar Bugti's grandson among six killed in Karachi firing

Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan to 'jointly combat terrorism'

Pakistan, India seek to lower nuclear fears

US supporting terrorism, says Khamenei

Ex-SIMI chief arrested in Kochi

Rebels expect Gaddafi proposal 'very soon'

Dozens march for freedom in Saudi'

NATO denies civilian deaths

A mega tribute to M.F. Husain planned in capital

Kazakhstan ready to host OIC meeting

Pak mum on 26/11 commission's trip to India

Pakistani power elite profoundly duplicitous, says Rushdie

Multan blast: Suspect taken into police custody

Islamabad, Kabul look inwards as Tehran blames US

Religious meet planned alongside summer fest

Makkah Haia arrests group for illegal sex

Brother of Jeddah flood victim arrives from India for DNA test

Egypt court sentences ex-trade minister to 5 years

Jeddah’s mega stadium to be built near airport

Kazakhstan ready to host OIC meeting

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Pohto: New York Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf


JEDDAH: Husband barred from touching wife’s salary

In Muslim Kosovo, neglected Jewish cemetery restored

Iran opens conference against terrorism

Latest developments in Arab world's unrest

Interfaith Dialogue is suspended in Israel

15 dead in clash between Pakistani militant groups

Security forces kill Syria 15 protestors; EU adds pressure

Ten dead in Afghan bazaar Bomb blast

Nine die in Syrian demonstrations

US lawmakers reject measure to continue US role in Libya

Pakistani-American scholar stresses Islam and democracy absolutely compatible

Obama Administration: Pakistani leaders weren’t aware of Osama presence

Remove shadow of gun over ties, India tells Pak

Jeddah woman driver accelerates campaign

House of Rep rejects resolution backing US mission in Libya,

International Diplomats, rebels draw up plans for Libya after Gaddafi

Israel PM son’s anti-Muslim posts draw ire

Harkat-ul-Mujahideen helped Osama bin Laden during Pak stay

Indo-Pak talks will help resolve issues: Gilani

Kashmir most peaceful this year in last 20 years

Libya's Gaddafi considering leaving capital: Report

U.S.-India ties a “zero-sum game” for Pakistan: Hillary

East Libya oil facilities largely undamaged: UK

No new judge appointed, Pak court adjourns 26/11 trial again

India asks Pak for 26/11 trial closure, agrees on cross-Kashmir CBMs

After Joshi murder, Samjhauta accused took his arms,

Hina Rabbani set to be Pak’s new foreign minister

Blow by blow: Abbottabad raid as a graphic novel

China to rebalance ties with India, Pakistan

Osama wanted new name for al Qaeda

Pakistan army rejects report on bin Laden’s cell-phone

Afghan, Pakistan presidents in Iran three-way summit

Kabul urges end to cross-border attacks

Zardari vows to hunt down terrorists

Turkey building giant tent city as Syrian refugees swell

PNS Mehran probe: Ex-Navy commando, brother found innocent, released

Sarfraz Shah’s murder: Court to bring up formal charges on June 28

Jordanian opposition ups ante against government

King orders Ras Al-Zour rail linked to Dammam

UN sending rights team to Yemen

JEDDAH: Detained municipal surveyor was harassing schoolgirls: Haia

Egypt’s Brotherhood to fire members joining other parties

Hezbollah members confess to spying for CIA: Nasrallah

Tunisia joins ICC amid sweeping national change

Egypt likely to hold off on foreign bond sale

Gaza flotilla to embark Tuesday, organizers say

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Thirty-five people were killed in a suicide bombing at a hospital in Afghanistan’s Logar province south of Kabul


Riyadh: Shoura passes amendment to allow women’s franchise

In a first, Taliban unleash female suicide bomber in Pak

Egyptian deputy PM says US, Israel stoking religious strife

Girl, 8, dies in blast as jihadis force her to carry bombs

Nigeria: 25 killed in 3 bomb attacks in northeast

Two Spanish soldiers, 32 Taliban killed in Afghanistan

Military Command: Spike in U.S. Deaths in Iraq Raises Worries

In Ramadi, Rift between Residents and Soldiers Imperils Stability

Shine a light on the dark side of ‘the long war’

Chaos in Yemen Creates Opening for Islamist Gangs

Malaysia protest backers accused of communist plot

Gaddafi renews vote offer to end war

‘Saleh to appear on TV in two days’

One soldier killed in attack in eastern Turkey

Suicide bomber attacks Iraqi police station, two killed

In a Terrorist Act, 8 injured in Pak blast

‘Islam-centric’ Pak Army divided on US-led war against Muslim extremists

Cleric Asks Indonesian Ulema to Issue Fatwa against Female Migrant Workers

Israel warns media against boarding Gaza flotilla

Pakistan expels 18 British military trainers: Report

Pakistan upset at being left out of US-Taliban talks

Alleged links to Hizbut Tahrir: Army brass undecided on action against servicemen

Palestinians going ahead with UN statehood bid

Trial of 85 Qaeda suspects begins in Saudi Arabia

Khamenei warns against American goals in Pak

Israel approves economic sanctions against Iran

As pullout nears, US intel back to Taliban hunting

Pak to set up databank on terrorists

No details about 26/11 Pak panel visit to India

Headley gives insight into LeT terror courses aimed at Kashmir

250 families flee anti-terrorist operation in Kurram

2 Bangladeshi ex-ministers in dock for 2004 ULFA arms haul

Karzai accuses Pak of firing 470 rockets into Afghanistan

5 lakh tourists visited J&K in 2011

Headley worked for U.S. drug agency, LeT

Yemen protesters want President’s sons to leave

MQM files petition in Sindh High Court

Syrian troops close in on Lebanon border

‘Saleh to appear on TV in two days’

Saudi brothers in Bahrain trial face life in jail

Pakistanis warned against compensation rumors

Iran says EU ‘distorting reality’

Turkey praises Obama’s Afghan plan

Israel backed out of flotilla apology three times, report says

Dubai Metro, one of the safest in the world

Son of Yemeni leader voices support for dialogue

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muammar Gaddafi is to be charged in relation to the killing of protesters

Gunman kills three Shia pilgrims in bus attack in Pakistan: police

Two Saudi women drive in Riyadh

Pak Brigadier victimised, says lawyer

PAK pledges Three dozen visas for CIA officers

More Pak army officers under lens over terror links

Four serving majors being interrogated: Pak

7 killed in clash, bomb blast in Khyber

Qatar diplomat named next UN assembly president

Indian PM intervenes: Dr Khaleel Chishty to be released soon

Obama promises: All, 33,000 US troops will be home by summer 2012

US insists Pakistan keep anti-terror pledges: Obama

India talks 26/ 11 attack as Pak harps on Kashmir

Murdered: Woman stoned to death by Husband in Pak

'Lakhvi leader of LeT military wing'

On Hindu extremists’ target: Godhra judge, AMU chief guest

Afghanistan says its army ready for US drawdown

France says to begin gradual Afghan withdrawal

Afghan endgame unclear after Obama decision

Afghan Taliban dismiss ‘symbolic’ US troop announcement

Italy urges halt to Libya conflict

Iraq to ask US to return its missing billions

Iranian delegation attacked in Iraq

Shahzad murder: Interim report whitewashes ISI role

Jeddah to host major Islamic economic and finance conference: IDB official

Lax Enforcement: Hizb ut-Tahrir free to preach its message

Pak minister hints Osama behind Benazir murder

JuD warns India against attacking Pak, declares US enemy of country

Egypt army rejects resignation of deputy PM

Israel expresses worries to UN about flotilla

US slaps further sanctions on Libyan firms

Eight Afghan police killed in checkpoint attack

Plan to fence, mine Afghan border

40 al-Qaida militants escape Yemen jail: Officials

President: Indonesia to ban labor export to Saudi by Aug. 1

Syrian men promise to marry women raped during unrest

Domestic support for Pak Army drops: US poll

Five million Pakistanis at risk from floods: UN

Syria foreign minister promises democracy

Syria regime lashes out at EU over sanctions

Ankara hosts talks on Palestinian unity

Hamas chief Meshaal in Turkey

Jakarta: Police chief proposes partnership to tackle hatred, radicalism

Syria warns against outside interference

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

Bangladesh moves to retain Islam as state religion

Thousands protest in Morocco for more reforms

Drone strikes kill 12 in Pakistan

Fresh 19 Libyan civilian deaths pile pressure on NATO

Police among dead as two car blasts kill 25 in central Iraq

10-year-old girl saves herself from rapist by reciting Qur’an

North Waziristan border, Kurram drone strike kills 10 Haqqani Members

6 Yemeni troops killed in clashes with Qaeda

4 killed in Taliban attack in northwest Pakistan

Pakistan arrests brigadier on suspected militant ties

Indonesia attempts to save 28 on death row

Bangladesh leaders, face indictment in ULFA arms case

Indian sailors to fly back home after reaching Pak

Seeking answers: CJ names heads of Abbottabad, Shahzad probes

Pakistani prisoner in Rajasthan one step closer

Samjautha Blast: Hindu radicals charge-sheeted

India will raise terror issue with Pak: Krishna

UAE enforces UN freeze on Libyan assets

Women2Drive campaign faced roadblock due to few risk takers

Bomb hits French embassy convoy in Baghdad

Tunisian court sentences toppled president Ben Ali, wife to 35 years

Mubarak has stomach cancer, says lawyer

Syria prez offers reforms, but won't quit

No change in redline for peace talks with Taliban: US

Iran deputy foreign minister resigns amid pressure

Somali pirates on Yemeni fishing boat arrested

US in concerted bid to end Afghan war

US, Afghanistan to weather diplomatic storm

Afghanistan voices concern over border attacks

Iran, Afghan agree to strengthen bilateral ties

Assad must bring in changes or step aside, says Britain

Afghan reconciliation talks: Pakistan worried about being left out in the cold

Obama calls Turkey’s Erdogan on Syria, Libya

PA forces arrest 11 Hamas members in West Bank

Thousands in Yemen call for president’s sons to go

Militants attack homes of anti-Taleban elders

Iranian company duped US banks: indictment

Citizens deserve better tourism facilities: Sultan bin Salman

Leadership row delays Palestinian unity govt

Dhaka for friendly ties with India, other neighbours: PM

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Nine-year-old schoolgirl Sohana Javed looks on during a press conference in Taimargara, Lower Dir.

Australia may use fingerprints to ID burqa wearers

Pak: Fears of a network within the Army

Most Pakistanis think Bin Laden's death bad: New Polling Data

Peace committee leader among three killed in Peshawar car bomb

Policeman, five militants killed in Khyber

Six Afghan police killed in checkpoint attack

Pakistanis see India as bigger threat than Taliban, al-Qaida: Poll

2 killed in blasts in northwest Pakistan

Pakistan ranks 12th on failed states index: Report

Indonesian Govt to pay ‘blood money’ for Darsem

Turkey strips prominent Kurd of parliament seat

NATO raids Khoms and Nalut in west Libya: state media

US envoy found Syrian town Badly Damaged and Deserted

Dubai: Islamic countries told to spend more on research and development

40 al-Qaida militants escape Yemen jail: Officials

Pak minister hints Osama behind Benazir murder

Gujarat riot victims may file plea to make cop a witness

Indian Clerics protest against pictorial representation of Prophet (pbuh)

Muslim groups demand CBI probe, In Bhanjanpur (Bihar, India) killing.

Samjhauta Express blast: Aseemanand wanted special group to plant bomb

Shahzad was killed in Islamabad: Police

Abbottabad raid, Shahzad’s murder: PM forms probe commissions

Kayani faces no coup threat over Osama raid, says US

British military warns Cameron over hasty Afghan troop withdrawal

Kin of those in Pak jails appeal to govt

Nawaz trying to pit govt against army: Zardari

Abbottabad raid and Saleem Shahzad commissions set up

Shahzad case allegations are one of general nature, say Punjab police

Iran captures four bomb suspects in southeast: state TV

Yemeni troops battle al-Qaeda

India-Pak: Babur tried to disrupt war game

3 Indonesian militants get prison for terror plot

Abu Dhabi helps end Sharjah’s petrol woes Staff Report

Obama set to unveil Afghan troop cuts

EU extends Syria sanctions as violence continues

Israeli leaders test nuclear bunker in defence drill

Iran shipping line rejects US sanctions as ‘unfair’

Israel approves housing construction in Gaza

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Australia may use fingerprints to ID burqa wearers

New Nato raid in Libya kills 15 civilians

'Pak tipped off militants at bomb-making site again'


Indonesian club aims to teach obedience to wives

Conversion to Islam no ground to deny child’s custody

For Muslim girls in Calicut Univ. colleges, push for maternity leave

11 more killed in Karachi violence

Drone strikes kill 6 in Kurram Agency

Four soldiers, 25 terrorists killed in Mohmand

Libya rebels urge donors to honour pledges

Americans are tired of war: Gates

Iraq hunting $17bln missing after US invasion

Islamic group seeks place in a democratic Egypt

Makkah has potential to become Kingdom’s next economic hub

Indonesia protests maid’s execution

Qaeda down, US mulls speedy Afghan pullout

Karzai: Coalition forces polluting Afghanistan soil

Another journalist attacked in Pakistan

Pak judge hides in washroom to avoid gangfight

Rajasthan moves Pak inmate’s mercy plea to guv

India, Pakistan to review nuclear CBMs

India-Pak: Govt has no high hopes from talks

Sailors shifted to Pakistani warship

Somalia jails Britain, US nationals over ransom cash

National Council formed in Syria

Arab world ‘worried’ over Syria crisis: Mussa

US envoy reproaches Afghan president on criticism

Over 4,000 Saudi students graduate from US schools

Extrajudicial killing: ‘FIRs against Shah false’

Olympian’s murder: Boxing community upset over government inaction

Over 30 people detained in Abbottabad investigation: Haqqani

‘Al Qaeda raised funds through abductions’

Weak Al-Qaeda could splinter: Gates

Syria’s Assad to speak after opposition move

Twelve ‘Qaeda’ militants, two Yemen soldiers killed in clashes

Gates sees Taliban peace deal months away

Shoura asks SAMA to study credit schemes

MAKKAH: Teacher arrested for enticing girl

Senior Palestinian leader: Armed resistance best

Turn to kidnapping showed Bin Laden’s interest

Malaysia's Zarinah Anwar calls for greater GCC-Asian connectivity

Costly Afghan weddings under government scrutiny

Syrian army tightens grip near Turkish border

Israel, EU discuss Mideast peace talks

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Shehrbano Taseer

Saudi youths take to dancing to beat boredom, bad habits

Unique Islamic encyclopedia being prepared

Drawing a line while working with women: Jeddah

Turkish flagship pulls out of Gaza flotilla

Nearly 10,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey

Syria forces kill 19 in protests

12 militants killed in Pakistan

South Waziristan clash kills soldier, three militants

Afghan police says Pakistan rocket-fire killed 4

Gaddafi in talks with Libya’s rebels: Envoy

Al-Qaeda claims killing of anti-Baathist chief

Obama overruled lawyers on Libya air war: NYT

Official now: Hindu extremists to be named in Samjhauta chargesheet

US vows to hunt down and kill new al-Qaeda chief

'ISI can nab Zawahiri if it wants to'

Scepticism and wariness in U.S. on al-Zawahiri's appointment

NATO’s beginning of the end: US defence secretary

Pak protests 'brushing' of Indian warship with its frigate

Pakistan viewed as key to Afghanistan peace

Tribesmen protest: Highway leading to Afghanistan blocked

Man arrested near Pentagon with suspicious device

Six Rangers sent to jail for Karachi killing

US holding talks with Taliban: Hamid Karzai

US set for big Afghanistan troop cut

Terrorists not tipped off: Pakistan Army

Cash carrot to stem declining J& K sex ratio

Justice for Saleem Shahzad: As SC takes up case, military supports commission

Saleem Shahzad murder: Mobile phone data resurfaces, quietly

Syrian troops take over north western town

Yemen town protests Qaeda presence

US weigh war crimes charges against Syria: official

No chance of peace, Israel tells EU over UN move

Saudi embassy denies UK media reports

Iraqis stage duelling rallies in Baghdad

Yemeni president to return home in days: Allies

Iraq army defuse bombs at key oil refinery

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Manal al-Sharif is a women's rights activist from Saudi Arabia who helped start a women's right to drive campaign in 2011


Saudi women begin challenge to driving ban

Gaddafi’s son holds out offer of polls

Kayani fights to keep Pakisan army chief's job: NYT

US: We will kill Zawahiri just like bin Laden

India could be key target of new al-Qaeda chief

Al-Zawahri may not be able to revive Qaida, say experts

Bangladesh: Hearing on state religion issue begins

Sectarian killing: Boxing Olympian shot dead in Quetta

15 killed in cross-border attack in Bajaur Agency

Three dead in Israel blast: police

Mines kill 7 Iranian troops on Iraqi border

US fears Pak nuclear weapons falling into hands of terrorists

Bangladesh: 325 murdered during present govt’s tenure

Pak: Ties with US sink over intelligence wars

Duo arrested for abducting, assaulting Madinah woman

Jeddah’s rapist teacher faces execution

Two NATO tankers set ablaze in Notal, Balochistan

US to probe Bahrain labour rights under trade deal

Russian envoy heads for Tripoli, rebels take 3 villages

Pak SC judge to probe Shahzad's murder

Pakistan’s Taliban backs Zawahri as al Qaeda chief

US fears Pak nuclear weapons falling into hands of terrorists

Hillary Clinton accuses Gaddafi of using rape as a tool

Indian Army chief to visit Bangladesh

Obama hears from David Petraeus on Afghan troop options

Iran hopes India will revive IPI project

Tribesmen block road near Afghan border

Pakistan rules out change in agenda of talks with India

Pentagon wants to extend Afghanstan troop surge until 2012: report

 “Canada deeply concerned” over Sudan violence

Pak: Haripur case: Police arrest 4 members of jirga

Israeli forces arrest Hamas lawmaker

Tunisia risks controversy with travel advertisements

South Sudan Army says ready for more border attacks

Iraq’s Mehdi Army faces splits, wary of return to war

Young Pakistanis using the Web to push for change

Militants unleash more attacks in south Yemen

Five of a family die in Abu Dhabi fire

Cracks appearing in Syrian army

Blood money impasse hits Sharjah death row case

Wanted Egypt businessman arrested in Spain

Syria protest hate figure Makhlouf to quit business

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Harkat Commander Fazle-ur-Rahman Khalil


Slain Pak Governor, Salman Taseer’s daughter stands up to his killers

Moroccan king fails to win over youth protest movement

Sex maniac pastor who preyed on minors

Islamic group seeks place in a democratic Egypt

In Pakistan South Waziristan clash kills two soldiers, six militants

Nine killed as insurgents attack Afghan convoys

Explosion kills three in Panjgur Quetta

Yemen caller says Indian Mujahedeen got Journalist  killed

Libya: Nine Dead and 18 injured in NATO Air raid

Apology offered for Libya civilian deaths by NATO chief

Obama overruled lawyers on Libya air war: NYT

India, Pakistan accuse each other's Navies of aggression on high seas

Pakistan ‘concerned’ by NATO incursion near border

DNA of relatives used to identify Osama’s body

Dawood may have fled Pakistan, say intelligence reports

Syrian troops on rampage with scorched earth policy

Officials fire Iranian governor after divination

Bahrain to lift ban on opposition party

Britain urges citizens to leave Syria immediately

UN separates Al-Qaeda and Taleban sanctions

Somalia jails Westerners for over ransom money

'Pak failed to demonstrate its real commitment to partner US'

Pak's Osama session video leaked to US?

Pakistan protests to US, Afghanistan over incursions

CIA not conducting operation in Pakistan: Malik

Lebanon sends troops after residents clash on Syria

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Tajikistan has taken the first step toward banning children and adolescents from worshipping in mosques.


Zawahri appointed Al Qaeda leader

100 killed in south Sudan clashes in rebel Attacks

18 killed in Waziristan, Pak drone attacks

Ten more killed as ‘ethnic violence’ continues in Karachi

Pak court allows Dalbir to meet brother Sarabjit Singh

Indonesia: Ba’asyir gets 15 years in prison

Shehnaz Bibi, the woman paraded naked: bruised but defiant

Ex-RI citizen charged with terrorism in Malaysia

Somalia worst place to be a woman: minister

Afghan vice president escapes rocket attack

Experts, journalists attempt to understand ISI

US building secret CIA base in Gulf to counter Al-Qaeda

Turkey plans buffer zone on Syrian land

Police confirm arrest of terrorist suspect in Aceh

Terrorist who gave Osama info freed by Pak, working with al-Qaeda again

Video of abuse by Pak forces emerges: Reports

Army ‘mole’ who gave US Osama info held but Pak denies news

Pak SC refuses to request India for release of Pak prisoner

14 parties registered but Musharraf has to wait

Explosions at compound of Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi

Barack Obama has legal power in Libya campaign: White House

Hackers target 51 Malaysian government websites

Militants seize parts of Yemeni city: Officials

Iran assures Russia of nuclear compliance

US-Pakistan security ties hit new low: Report

CIA informants: Up to 40 people detained nationwide

Covert crackdown: ‘Army major was not CIA informant’

Prez Zardari to lend name as father of all children of ‘unknown parentage’

Headley filmed Oberoi to kill time

In Afghanistan, no takers for 'cursed' car number 39

Karachi violence: Coalition partners to revive code of conduct

US defence budget hearing: We cannot walk away from Pakistan, says Mullen

Obama and an elusive peace in Sudan

Journalists protest Saleem Shahzad’s killing

Bahrain to sue The Independent for ‘libel’

Zardari holds talks with Ahmadinejad

Syrian envoy holds crisis talks in Turkey

Makkah forum discusses ways to further ease Haj

Ferry service for Egyptian pilgrims set to resume

Saudi Arab Airlines is not all that bad...

Jordan to go ahead with nuclear program

Troops from Sudan’s north, south clash in Abyei

Iran’s president calls for alliance against West

Israel holds drill for Gaza-bound flotilla

Top charge dropped in NYC terror case

Palestinians youths injured by Israeli firing

New Riyadh centre big boost for treatment of liver, tumour

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Ayman Al Zawahri has taken command of Al Qaeda after the killing of the group’s founder and leader, a website said on Thursday.


13 killed in fresh political and ethnic violence in Karachi

Violence claims seven more lives in Karachi

Suicide attack kills 8; mortar hits Afghan centre

6 civilians killed in Syrian protest

US drone base set for Persian Gulf region

Fatah, Hamas see new Palestinian government next week

UN will recognise Taliban as political force’

Pakistan wants tribal militias against al-Qaeda and Taliban

Indonesia head sees risks of Mideast work turmoil

No evidence of link between ISI and Haqqani network: US

CIA plans Pak-style drone op in Yemen

ISI arrested 5 CIA informants who helped in Osama raid: US daily

India banking on US to nail 26/11 accused?

Piled up at Delhi airport, Husain's works gather dust

Ten SIMI activists arrested in M.P

LeT used Gujarat riot videos to motivate Headley against India

Pak govt forms commission to probe journalist’s killing

‘Muslims should deal with anti-Islam media campaigns rationally’

Two explosions shake centre of Tripoli

UK Navy chief see hard choices looming on Libya

Nervous Iraqis buying more assault rifles, pistols

UAE: Calls to End Trial of Democracy Petitioners

Major Iqbal used US number to talk to Headley in India

Third Russian plane heads for Yemen for evacuation

‘Visits to Israel by Indian leaders better under BJP’: Israel Foreign Ministry

Pak should give no room to terrorists against India: Indian FM

Israel denies man held in Egypt is a spy

‘Headley gave us 34 more targets in India’

Accession of J-K conditional not final: NC

I will complete full 6-year term: J&K CM

Bangalore jail calls to Pak: ring alarm

Syrian tanks, troops extend reach in border areas

US says fight against al Qaeda on track in Yemen

Yemen’s Saleh says recovering well from bombing

More killed as Syria ignores international appeals

Sudan deal reported but talks run into extra time

Iraq’s Maliki eyes downsizing government, risks protest

Pakistan didn't know about Bin Laden: Musharraf?

Amnesty urges Malaysia to arrest Sudan leader

Federal court death verdict for footballer Amira Agarib

Tanks, troops move to snuff out Syria resistance

Iran says Britain, US ‘interfering’ in its affairs

Indonesia, EU seek 'ambitious' free trade agreement

Iraq's $77 billion electricity project promising for Turks

Kharotabad incident: Committee to probe attempts to tamper with evidence

Karachi shooting: Heads roll over extrajudicial killing

UN blasts Israel’s blockade over 45% Gaza jobless rate

Prince Naif opens Haj research forum in Makkah

Sultan charity constructs 1,246 homes for the poor

Canadian woman wants to live in Saudi Arabia, say reports

Egypt’s curfew comes to an end

Tunisia’s ex-president to be tried in absentia

US defense chief urges patience with Pakistan

Somali pirates free Egyptian cargo ship

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Pakistani police officers escort security officials with their faces covered, who were allegedly involved in the killing of a boy, to a police van at a local court in Karachi, on Monday.


Peshawar Blasts death toll rises to 39 but Pak Taliban deny hand

Saleem Shahzad gets Italian journalism award

Pakistan Rangers’ men to be tried under anti-terror law

UAE recognises Libya’s rebel council

Seven killed in Iraq violence

Iran Opp leader on strike in jail dead

Gaddafi has time before facing trial in Hague

Second day of fighting near Libya’s capital

Army plans tribal purge of N Wazirstan militants

Maj Iqbal: From just a name to key 26/11 link

Religious station to end national anthem ban

Number of Syrian refugees reach 5,000 as army enters flashpoint town

Libyan TV broadcasts new footage of Gaddafi

Jamiat demands CBI probe into Forbesganj, Bihar, India firing

Syria uprising killings rise to 1,300

Turkey’s ruling party wins election

Suicide Bomber kills five in Basra

Bangladesh jails dozens as opposition begins 2nd strike

Pakistan to target insurgent hide-outs

Bahrain woman gets one year in jail for ‘critical’ poems

Blast injures 6 on outskirts of Islamabad

Two victims of Kharotabad firing buried in Quetta

Jordan king bows to demand for elected Cabinets,

Kabul eyes Islamabad's offensive against militants

Muslim Personal Law Board member joins SP

Chief Justice failed to maintain ethical standards: J&K Guv

Chicago verdict leaves Rana’s 26/ 11 trial open

American held for spying on Pak N-facilities , to be deported

ICC chief hopes Gaddafi will 'be arrested' soon

Rushdie pens sci-fi drama for US TV

CIA chief makes no headway in Pak, leaves abruptly

Terrorist’s kin get passports on fake papers

Azerbaijan removes statue of Mubarak

Syrian Army in control of restive town

‘Friends of Kashmir’ vow to remain friends

Death upheld for Kuwait woman for wedding carnage

500 Indians stuck, Yemen clinic says pay to leave

Low rate of terrorists’ conviction worries military

Nation should unite to crush terrorism, says Shahbaz

Sudan leaders meet on border conflict

Syria troops seize hotbed town, ‘mass grave’ found

Foreign secret agencies behind Peshawar blast: Taliban

Sudan’s army denies aircraft downed in S Kordofan

Al-Jouf Museum to open door of civilization to region

Doha Film Institute’s ‘Harrer, Harrer’ Program

Ethiopia woos Saudi investors

Yanbu defendants denounce terrorism

Egypt opposition leader may not run for president

UAE backs France’s IMF candidate

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Looking to get stronger, Kulsoom Abdullah took up weightlifting a couple of years ago


Pakistan tells CIA chief no US boots on the ground

Blasts kills 36 in Pakistan, as CIA chief visits

Two journalists among 36 killed in Peshawar blast

Afghan Suicide bombings kill 21

Roadside Bomb kills 15 Afghan civilians; May deadliest month

Blasts kill 20 in Afghan towns

Fighting in Yemen kills 21 Qaeda

Fighting with militants in Yemen kills 40

25 killed in Syria as US, Turkey slam regime

10 killed in separate attacks in Iraq

21 al-Qaeda suspects, 10 troops killed

Al-Qaeda's E Africa chief killed in Mogadishu

Violence kills nine in Iraqi capital including five of Sunni family

Libya rebels battle into key oil port near Tripoli

Gaddafi offered way out Heritage site shelled

Fighting erupts in Zlitan, Turkey offers Gaddafi exit

Turkey offers Gaddafi way out amid deadly clashes

Egypt secularist forces want constitution first, elections later

Helicopters open fire to disperse Syrian protesters

Hillary warns Africa of 'new colonialism'

Karzai calls on Pakistan to eradicate militants

Syrian troops attack northwestern town

Hamas rejects Fayyad as next Palestinian PM

Thousands rally for reform in Bahrain

Bangladesh opposition calls new general strike

Sudan leaders to meet on border conflict

Saleh health ‘bad’ a week after blast             

Syria slammed as crackdown accounts mount

Kashmir shuts down to honour those dead in protests

US agents to counter Taliban in Afghan Army

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, casts his vote at a polling station in Istanbul. Photograph: Murad Sezer/Reuters

Spurned Pak landlord unleashes dogs on woman for Rejecting Marriage Proposal

Tony Blair reads the Koran daily to stay 'faith literate'

Three Pak soldiers killed in blast

Suicide blast kills one in Islamabad

One killed in Quetta blast

Death toll rises to 15 in Karachi violence

Death penalty for massacre in Afghanistan

Headley to testify against Illyas Kashmiri and Sajid Mir

Gang selling Zamzam water in Mecca illegally, busted

Cameraman released from custody: Pakistan

Kharotabad, Pakistan killings: Surgeon attacked ‘over testimony’

Pak Army removes DG Rangers on SC orders

UAE expels Libyan ambassador after recognizing TNC

Indian Foreign Secy to visit Pak this month for talks

For fourth time, Pak transfers 26/11 judge

ISI officers, NCOs trained me: Headley

India to take up with Pak ISI's nexus with 26/11 perpetrators

US for peace talks with Afghan Taliban

Gaddafi plays chess as Libya burns

Egypt tells Iran that Gulf security is 'red line'

Failed US radio doomsday prophet suffers stroke

'ISI training not James Bond-like'

After Taliban, police recruits imposing 'Islamic tax' in Afghanistan

Erdogan remains at the helm in Turkey

Jordan king's motorcade attacked in South

Egypt questions suspected Israeli spy

Pak plans to rope in tribals to take on al-Qaeda

Somali pirates release 22 hostages including six Indians

Jordan's king bows to demand for elected Cabinets

Empower people on ground: Delhi to J&K CM

Trial of ousted Tunisia leader Ben Ali to start June 20: PM

Four Pakistanis among 22 set free by Somali pirates

US disappointed by failed raids in Pakistan: Gates

Joint management of water proposed with Afghanistan

Talks between Yemeni opposition and Vice President stall

All suspects in the Yanbu terrorist attacks were from the same family

Arab League chief signals divisions on Syria crisis

Obama to mull pulling surge force from Afghanistan

Lebanese PM announces new cabinet

New Documents Claim Intelligence on Bin Laden, al-Qaeda Targets Withheld

Yemen says makes arrests in attempt on Saleh’s life

'Spy' in Egypt immigrated to Israel from US

Turkish police detain Anonymous members-Anatolian

Hezbollah rise in Lebanon gives Syria, Iran sway

Gunmen storm Iraqi council building after bombs

Israel central banker disqualified from IMF race

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair


Maqbool Fida Husain passes away in London

Ahmadiya community fit to be killed: Pamphlets in Pak

So-called Shahi Imam of Ludhiana carries his anti-Ahmadi tirade further, threatens stir

HC seeks explanation on Islam as ‘state religion’ in B’desh

22 militants killed in US drone strikes in Pak tribal belt

Website helps Saudi girl in journey of faith

Eight soldiers killed in North Waziristan clash

Blast near school building in Peshawar, four dead

Nine dead in Militant attack on Afghan wedding party

Clash in Pakistan leaves seven dead

Saudi Border Guard officers killed by 'terrorist, not intruder'

Six people killed across Karachi in target killings

Over 100 militants attack Pakistan’s northwest: Intelligence Officials

Saleem Shahzad Case: As family struggles, authorities drag their feet

US policy to blame for trust deficit with India: Musharraf

NATO cranks up air campaign in Libya

Kadhafi forces attack Misrata as NATO vows no let-up

Tripoli rocked by blasts ahead of ‘post-Qadhafi’ talks

Gaddafi defiant as NATO unleashes more strikes

Nato eyes Libya endgame

Bhatt’s plea to stop cross examination by Gujarat Govt rejected

Zawahiri praises Osama bin Laden, vows to continue jihad

US intensifying covert war in Yemen: report

Obama says sorry to Karzai for civilian deaths

Incredibly dangerous Qaida thriving in Yemen chaos: US

26/11 trial: Jury to pronounce verdict on Rana

UK chalks out fresh strategy to counter home-grown terror

Yemen turmoil makes Qaeda ‘more dangerous’

1,600 Syrians now in Turkey

Turkey offers Syrians refuge, West pushes UN vote

U.S. drones strike South and North Waziristan in one day

Pak paramilitary trooper guns down youth at point blank range

 ‘US working on assumption that Kashmiri is alive’

Pak Foreign Office mum on Iran’s allegations

Pak prosecutors to ask court to begin impounding Mush assets

'Headley provided info about LeT leaders in Pakistan'

Zardari mulls Sarabjit release

Pak actress Atiqa Odho quits Musharraf's party over liquor row

US senator wants 15,000 troops out of Afghanistan

Anti-terror cooperation with Pakistan in US interest: Toner

Pakistan militant group vows to escalate fight in Afghanistan

Human smugglers, over 144 Tajik, Afgha and Uzbek nationals arrested in Chaman

Hajj quotas: ‘Ministry ignoring court’s orders’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A politician suggested that female prisoners from war-torn countries should be purchased as sex slaves.


State-run Kazakh religious body chief discourages wearing of hijab

Kazakh president urges modernization of Muslim community

Suicide Bomber kills four in northern Afghanistan

15 Al Qaeda militants and Army Soldiers killed in Yemen

8 soldiers, 10 Taliban dead in Pakistan raid: Officials

Over 100 militants attack Pak army checkpost, 20 dead

Teen shot dead by Pak forces, 5 held

Kashmir incomplete without Pandits: Omar

Indo-Pak foreign secretary-level talks by month-end

Rana acquitted of 26/11 charges, but guilty of helping LeT

My husband is not a terrorist, he loves Indians: Samraz Rana

'I never said free Kasab for Sarabjit': sister of Sarabjit

HC judges on Indian Mujahideen hitlist, says ATS

Noor Islamic Bank may break even this year: CEO

Russia opposes any UN resolution on Syria

Nato strikes rattle Tripoli, Col defiant

Gaddafi will ultimately yield to international pressure: CIA

Gaddafi forces using sex drugs for rape?

Libya rebels win aid, West sees Qaddafi exit

M F Husain's death: Bharat Mata on Facebook

M F Husain was as Hindu as any one of us

Husain only “slipped up” on depiction of Hindu gods: Bal Thackeray

Laden files give new focus to war on terror

Pakistan Army makes a rare explanation

B’desh groups protest move to hand over land to India

'Sajid, Kashmiri, Pasha, Maj Iqbal will be brought to justice': To US Attorney

Syrians flee as troops mass, West concern grows

No funds or passports, many Indians stranded in Yemen

Taliban likely focus for Karzai Pakistan visit

Start of Afghan transition on track for July: Nato

Nomination hearing: ‘Terrorism Pakistan’s biggest challenge’

Israel indicts Arab driver in road attack

Hamas considering staying out of govt in the future

400 Bahrainis on trial after protests, says opposition

Women companions of Prophet: Woman of exceptional devotion

Last 19 victims of Egypt’s uprising buried in Cairo

Syria army starts push into restive border town

Yemen braces for rival demos, Saleh out of ICU

Jeddah festival expected to draw 4m visitors, do brisk business

Jordan to free thousands under general amnesty

Kurdish party cries foul over Turkish court ruling

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev

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  • The main problem stems from equating Islam with religion. Islam is NOT a religion. In the absence of a word for the universal (Traffic ....
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  • Shahin Sb, You say: "God assures Muslims in two places in Quran (8:12 and 3: 151) that “He will cast terror into the hearts of ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • “ProgressiveMuslims should join the rest of the world to defeat extremism in Islamic theology.” There are bearded jehadis in half-mast pajamas ...
    ( By Rashid Samnakay )
  • It appears ISIS has been trained by the enemies of Islam, so that they can find out pretences for eliminating the spirit of Islam and ...
    ( By Haider )
  • It is a misconception that the religion & the state should be seprated. As Allama Iqbal said, Juda kar deen siyasat se to rah jati ...
    ( By Arshad Siddiqui )
  • Pathetic situation! Blasphemophobia and shirkphobia are the chains mullahs use to enslave people.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )