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Pak Brigadier tried to Create Islamic Caliphate
Pak Brigadier (retired) Ali Khan

Rape Continues to be Used as Tool to Suppress Women: Asian Human Rights Commission

Those who commit Human Rights abuses cannot preach to Sri Lanka

Hamid Karzai under fire on Afghan women's rights

British terrorist with links to 7/7 'White Widow' was 'captured on bus while disguised as woman'

Indian journalist arrested over Israel embassy attack

SIMI men now in social activists’ garb

NYPD: Relations with Muslims in region are strong

Muslim and African nations walk out of UN panel on gay rights

Iran's supreme leader says Obama  comments are 'window of opportunity'

Former US soldier accused of trying to join Somali terror group, al-Shabaab

Nigeria: Radical Islamist sect sets another school ablaze amid international watchdog warning

Pak President vows to emancipate, empower Pakistani women

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Photo: Pak Brigadier (retired) Ali Khan

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Minorities in Karachi Rally Behind Hindus on Abduction
Suicide bombers linked to al-Qaeda killed as many as 110 soldiers in Yemen

Qaeda attacks leave 110 soldiers dead in Yemen

Libya: Semi-autonomy sought by leaders in east

Syrian refugees in Lebanon recount terror

More than half of Americans back Obama's Quran apology

Hizbut Tahrir has nothing to do with terrorism: counsel

Waheed adds more Gayoom loyalists to Maldivian cabinet

Saudi diplomat shot dead in Bangladesh

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tells UN: Rein in Assad

‘Anti-Muslim’ rant causes furore in Gujarat assembly

Afghanistan avalanche kills 37 in Badakhshan

Iran crisis: IAEA offered conditional access to Parchin

Netanyahu: Israel has right to defend itself

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Suicide bombers linked to al-Qaeda killed as many as 110 soldiers in Yemen

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Karzai's backing of strict Islamic code, that allows men to beat their wives, 'is a giant step back
Pakistani Hindus seek refuge in India

Pakistani Hindus Seek Safety in India

Make Qur’an supportive in all scientific research, says Princess Hessa of Saudi Arabia

Norway attacks: Breivik charged with terror attacks

Call to resolve Balochistan issue through dialogue

Maldives' former president wants foreign body to probe his ouster

Govt committed to welfare of minorities: Pak PM

Desecration of Quran condemned by Pak Senate

Ousted deputy leader of Pakistan Taliban favors talks with govt

Riyadh demands quick results on murder of Saudi diplomat in Dhaka

Pak panel India visit March 14

Continuous dependence on oil toughest challenge: A member of the Saudi Cabinet

Two housewives killed over dowry in Bangladesh

War criminals' trial at any cost: Bangladesh Awami League leader

Somali pirates want prisoner swap for ship

Ethnic violence kills 16 in Nigeria’s Benue stat

Turkish PM assures safety of religious minority

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Pakistani Hindus seek refuge in India

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Pakistan’s Islamic Scholar Pacifies Muslims as Gujarat Remarks Spark Row
Turkish School

US House Brings resolution on religious freedom in Gujarat, an Indian State

Turkey: Schools, Economy, Move in Islamist Direction

73 killed in violence in Pak tribal belt

NATO air strikes in Libya killed 60 civilians: report

Pakistan Christians appeal to pope to make "Shahbaz Bhatti, a martyr of the Church"

Activists allege execution-style killings in Syria

Qaeda moving from Iraq to Syria: Iraq PM

US- BASED Kashmiri separatist leader pleads guilty in ISI’s Kashmir plot in Washington

Time to get rid of ‘strategic depth’ hangover: Pak FM

Mistakes led to Afghan Quran burnings: Official

Egypt court clears tycoon of Islam insult

Kashmiri teen’s trauma exposes flawed Indian justice

Delhi defaming K-movement: Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M)

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Turkish School

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Indian Ahl-e-Hadees: Taliban, LeT Maligning Islam
China's restive Xinjiang

Christian leader becomes Intellectual Patron of Baloch group

Deadly violence rocks China's restive Xinjiang, 20 killed

Abducted and forced into a Muslim marriage in Pakistan

What if India, Pakistan freeze Kashmir issue?

Maldives president blocked from opening Parliament

NA body for zero tolerance on rights violation in Balochistan

UN humanitarian aid chief denied entry into Syria

Two Christians abducted in Pakistan

Saudi women push for the right to play sports

Iraqi Islamist Party Cleric Invited to Tunisia

Soldiers visit with Islamic center’s members as cultural lesson

E-mail threatens outspoken Muslim politician Mohammed Islam and Cardiff

Christian families fleeing from Kashmir valley

Islam doesn’t allow killing of mankind: Pakistani scholar

Hope and reality of India-Pakistan relations

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: China's restive Xinjiang

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Jailed Indonesia cleric says US must be destroyed

Remains of some 9/11 victims dumped at landfill: US

White House money helps pay for NYPD Muslim surveillance

Use of false Hadis through Internet wrong in Islam

CAIR Seeks Probe of White House Funding for NYPD Muslim Spying

President Nasheed: 'No Law Contrary to Islam Can Be Enacted in the Maldives';

Quran burning: Afghan president demands American troops be put on trial

Distribution of funds by ISI among politicians

LeT module planned to attack crowded locality with bombs: Indian Home Minister

Guantanamo detainee Majid Khan to enter plea deal

NPR notices "growing tensions" between Muslims and Christians in Egypt

Syrians Overwhelmingly Approve New Constitution

NATO urges focus on Afghan stability after Quran burnings

15kg bomb defused in Peshawar

25 killed as Syrian army pounds rebels

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Jailed Indonesia cleric says US must be destroyed

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Yemen: The Sunni-Shia Divide, Sectarian Violence on the Rise
Sectarianism violence across Yemen increasing

68 civilians killed in Homs region ''massacre''

Iran’s ‘Separation:’ Oscar glow and slap at Israel

Balochistan CM: Secession to compound problem

Malaysia bans concert over Allah body art

10 years after Godhra communal violence, Gujarat still shielding government staff

Iran: Execution fears grow for Iranian Kurds

Pakistan school strives to beat the Taliban trap

Pakistan Oscar winner launches anti-acid campaign

Hindu girl kidnapped, forced to convert in Pak

India: ‘RDX was used in Samjhauta blasts’

Pakistan may junk Kashmir issue temporarily

US says can`t secure every inch in Afghanistan

Riyadh: Alwaleed Foundation supports program for Muslim women lawyers

Bali closed for Hindu New Year

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Yemen: The Sunni-Shia divide, sectarian violence on the Rise

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Indonesia court upholds radical cleric Abu Bakar Ba’asyir’s jail term

ISI-linked Businessman Claimed the Financial Backing of Mystery Indian Political Family

Pak. Court: Judge Uses Sharia Law to Free Muslim Assailant    

Malaysia: ‘Fatwa on name not binding on National Registration Department’

Baloch and Pashtun Nationalists refuse to attend ‘APC’ on Balochistan

Islamic Sharia is flexible after all, A lesson from Iran

Palestinian Authority President Speech about Jerusalem was incitement''

Iran''s Foreign Ministry: ‘Qur’an desecration against international law, human rights’

India Goes Its Own Way on Iran’s Nuclear Program

In Somalia, children are taken out of School to Become Soldiers 

Pakistan school strives to beat the Taliban trap

Pak President takes notice of Hindu girl’s kidnapping

Indian Muslim radicals plan ''siege'' of Parliament

Syria army shells Homs and northern towns in Idlib

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Ba''asyir was jailed in June for giving support to militants in Aceh province

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Boko Haram Islamists kill 5 Muslim worshippers, attack prison in Nigeria

Death toll rises to 24 from Afghan Quran-burning protests

Male’s day of protests: Islam and women key themes

A Group to Counter Anti-Islam Sentiment

Baloch leaders reject Malik’s offer to quash cases

Rise in Islamophobic attacks in France

Vice-President of India releases book on Sufism

Saudi Arabia backs arming Syrian opposition: minister

NYPD monitoring of Muslim students sparks outrage

Sudan: The NCP, oil and Islam

Syria Uprising: How Sunni Saudis Target Shiite Iran

Afghan Children: Torn between heaven and hell

Voyage to heart of Islam opens at British Museum

Pakistan-based ''Terror outfits roped in over 21 Maharashtra men''

Tunisia: Moderate Political Islam Eschews Violence

Pentagon official apologises to Muslims on Quran desecration

Balochistan killings: SC asks ISI, MI again to submit reports

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Gunmen kill 5 Muslim worshippers, attack prison

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Christian pastor sentenced to death in Iran for abandoning Islam

India: Communal riots not new to Gujarat, C M told SIT

Iraq attacks on Shia and police targets kill 50

Apologies Fail to Quell Ire Over Koran Burning as Probe Opens

Nine gunned down during protests in Afghanistan over the burning of the holy Quran

Delhi court asks police to investigate Islamist website

Santorum aide’s ‘Islamic’ goof

At least 15 militants killed in Pakistani jet bombing

Taliban urge Afghans to attacks Westerners

Libya court orders civil trial for Qaddafi ''loyalists''

Tunisian parliament bloc proposes Islamic constitution

New parliamentary bloc in Kuwait seeks Sharia rule

Palestinian children interrogated in Israel without presence of guardian

2 Hizb ut-Tahrir men held in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Religious sentiments behind mosque blasts, in Haryana, India: Cops

Pakistan: Many die as car bomb hits Peshawar bus stop

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Iran Sentences Christian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani To Death For Leaving Islam

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Afghans Protest Burning of Qurans at U.S. Base

Taliban behead four alleged spies: Afghan official

Afghans say 41 child suicide bombers rescued

Afghans protest Qur''an ''desecration'' at US base

NATO orders probe of Quran disposal in Afghanistan

Balochistan resolution could dent Pakistan-US ties: Hina Rabbani Khar

Grand Mufti of Egypt calls for internet dialogue

30 die as Boko Haram bombs Borno market

After the Burqa, French take objection to halal meat

Pakistani ''spy'' arrested in New Delhi

Aligarh Muslim University''s library out of bounds for undergraduate girls

Nasheed’s party rules out joining new Govt; offers conditional talks

For Woman in Sudan, No Escape From Misery

Mosque vandalism draws sympathy for long-persecuted Muslim sect

Islamist Lobbies'' Washington War on Arab and Muslim Liberals

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: NATO apologises for Afghan Koran ''disposal

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Islam and the West together again in Syria

Egypt’s Baha’is face more attacks from Salafists

Sunni Muslim Wakf Committee Run Burqa-clad Student Now Turn Beachwear Designers

Ban'''' on juices made by Ahmadi-owned firm in Pak

U-turn: US says doesn’t back Balochistan independence

 ‘Resolve the issue or lose Balochistan’: MQM

Terror watch: UK to store all phone, email records

Maldives President expands cabinet; inducts Gayoom''s aide

Iran ‘building up nuclear site near Qom’: BBC

Top Kashmir clerics urge Muslims to stand behind Iran

Obama to law enforcement: Stop linking Muslims to terrorism

Backed with court order, India to seek extradition of Headley, Rana

UAE grants citizenship to 1,117 ''foreign'' children

Hizb-e-Islami urges role of all groups in endgame in Afghanistan

Egypt In “Arab Winter” Amid Postponed Ballot And Anti-Christian Violence

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Islam and the West together again in Syria

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India: SIMI-Backed Party Alarms NIA
New Age Islam News Bureau

India: SIMI-Backed Party Alarms NIA

Faith Ends at Temple Door: UK Rights Chief

Outrage at UN as 56 Islamic States Slam Gays

NYPD monitored Muslim students all over Northeast

The deportation of Hamza Kashgari: A sad day to be Malaysians and Muslims

Pakistan torture case shows how courts are working to claim power

Palestinian’s Trial Shines Light on Military Justice

Israel will make own decision on Iran: army chief

Al-Qaida links with Southeast Asia fraying

India''s 3.5 crore Tehran lobby

Suicide attacks hit Baghdad and Baquba

Taliban commander held in Pakistan

Iran ''halts oil sales to France and Britain''

Pakistan''s Punjab CM urges Ulema to work for tolerance in society

Obama to Ali: ''You shocked the world''

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: UK Rights Chief

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Female prisoners have conjugal rights, says Makkah National Society for Human Rights

Jakarta Police to question cleric over sex abuse

Halt Syrian butcher: The Imam and Khatib of Makkah’s Grand Mosque

Bill moved in US Congress for independent Balochistan

Saudi female athletes challenge Muslim norms

Detroit Sikh temple vandalized–but were Muslims the intended target?

Pakistani Military agents target killed another Baloch

Iraqi-born cleric in Norway terror trial

Egyptian Presidential hopeful says women must wear veil

South African Muslimah Speak about Headscarves at Airports

OIC to hold media workshop to address smear campaign against Islam

Debate about Islamic group''s visits to Hillsborough schools flares up again

Kashmiri youth shunning violence, Pakistan: Survey

21 Bangladeshis on death row abroad

Toll from Kurram suicide blast reaches 32

India: ''4 men planted 4 bombs on Samjhauta Express''’

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The Imam and Khatib of Makkah''s Grand Mosque

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Valentine’s Day finds a niche in Islamic Iran

‘Maldives President OK’s early polls’

Hezbollah denies role in Israel diplomat attacks in India, Georgia and Thailand

Contempt case against Pak PM: Evidence in four volumes submitted to court

Pakistan will not help US attack on Iran: Zardari

Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan vow to jointly counter terrorism

OIC: Military intervention must be ruled out as solution to Syria crisis

Pakistani-American businessman claims to have met Zardari, Pasha and Shaukat

US drones kill 21 in North Waziristan

Iran eyes talks after nuclear boasts

Nigerian underwear bomber to get life sentence

India to go ahead with Iran trade visit

India: 4 Chief Ministers oppose the proposed anti-terror body

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Most of those participating in the annual romantic ritual were young people from the middle and upper classes

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Bangladesh: Jamaat-e-Islami activists vandalise Hindu temples

Riyadh:  22 suspects charged with sedition, incitement

Over 120 hurt in Bahrain clashes, dialogue sought

Human Rights Watch calls on Saudis to end female discrimination

Malaysian govt hit over prophet slur case

Kashmiri separatist leader Gilani says Islam teaches to safeguard interests of minorities

Iran trumpets nuclear advances, deepening standoff with West

Iranian nuclear announcement unimpressive: US

Saudi in Mohammed Twitter row insists he repented: family

Oscar-winning director’s son converts to Islam in Iran

India: Around empty Gulberg Society, Muslims, Hindus find a way to co-exist

US drone strike kills six in North Waziristan

India: No bullets fired at cops in Ishrat encounter: CBI

India: Exhibition on Islam begins tomorrow

Pakistani jailed at Gitmo charged with terrorism

Scanning calls to Iran, Lebanon; Bangkok bomb similar: Police

Saffron brigade halts Muslim realty deals in Gujarat

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Jamaat-e-Islami activists vandalize

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UAE: Islamic love guru urges women on Valentine’s Day to enjoy sex

No evidence to name any country in Delhi car blast: India

Saudi blogger Hamza Kashgari May be Executed over Tweets

Maldives is becoming another Pakistan: Former NSA

Egyptian Presidential hopeful says women must wear veil

`Pak PM''''s indictment a defining moment in Pakistan''''s history''''

After Pakistan, is Iran ‘exporting’ terror to India?

Doha: Muslim Athletes Shine in Hijab

Do Muslims want Sharia law in America?

NATO admits Afghan children killed in Kapisa

Four more dead bodies of abducted Baloch were found in Quetta, Hub

Boko Haram sect threatens to kill more

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: UAE Islamic Love Guru Urges Women to Enjoy Sex

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US Nuclear Warship Bears down on Defiant Iran

Iran Loads First Domestically-Made Nuclear Fuel

Vandalism at Maldives Museum Stirs Fears of Extremism

Finally, India to give nod to investments from Pakistan

Ousted Maldives president warns India it would lose influence to China

Afghan Government Asks Female TV Personalities to Wear Headscarves

Libya militias threatening stability, says Amnesty

Bangladesh teens commit suicide on Valentine Day

India: Chauhan planted bombs on Sumjhauta Express: NIA

Malaysia: Dont be confused with what constitutes cultural and religious beliefs

New Delhi blast: IB, Mossad probe Hezbollah links

Pakistan allows NATO to fly food into Afghanistan Community kitchen, gives Bohra women freedom from cooking

Kasab does not deserve death penalty: Amicus

US captive charged with trying to kill Musharraf

Muslims pass on faith at higher rates than Christians says Cardiff University study

Veena Malik denied spying charges, Delhi Police tell court

Jakarta: Islamic hardliners run out of town by activists

Egypt state media accuses US of spreading anarchy

Uzbekistan snubsValentines Day

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Vandalism at Maldives Museum Stirs Fears of Extremism

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Israeli Embassy Staff Targeted In India, Georgia

Israeli prime minister accuses Iran of being behind car bombings in New Delhi, Tbilisi

Saudi Arabia: How long will we watch Syrian massacres?

Pakistani PM charged with contempt

Sect planned to turn Nigeria into Afghanistan

Nasheed party lawmakers allege threats, victimization

Rise of Islamism in Maldives a cause of worry for India

A big blow for Pak lobbyist Fai at UN

Riyadh: Salafism is only an approach, Minister of Justice

Pak Religious leaders oppose reopening of NATO route

US Navy: Iran prepares suicide bomb boats in Gulf

Delhi blast hits Israeli diplomat''''s car

Deported by Malaysia, Kashghari detained on arrival in Riyadh

Hindu trader kidnapped in Khuzdar

TV bomb kills seven in Peshawar

Karachi Literature Festival 2012: ‘Govt should support authors and literary activities’

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Indian security and forensic officials examine a car belonging to the Israeli Embassy after an explosion tore through it in New Delhi

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Saudi blogger’s tweets about Muhammad has some calling for his execution

Sierra Leone: President Koroma opens 51st Ahmadiyya Conference

Militants outlaw attacks against Pakistani military in key sanctuary along Afghan border

Militants decry attacks against Pakistani military

Islam better protects human rights

Comm. and Industry Minister heads for Pakistan, eyes $10 billion trade in three years

Pakistan, India firm on improving trade ties: Pak Minister

Australians to be healed from Islamophobia by head of global Islamic organisation

China will not risk economic ties with India for Pakistan: Pakistani Author

Al-Shabab, Al Qaeda: Linkup of groups in decline?

Live peacefully, get good education: Osama told his kids

Afghan forces raid Pakistani village, kill 2 ‘Taliban suspects’

Photo: Saudi writer Hamza Kashgari

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  • Riyadh: Ifta wants Saudi writer tried for apostasy
  • Sex scandals rock International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • UN official meeting with top Maldives leaders
  • Military kills 11 militants in Pakistan
  • Qaeda Pakistan chief killed by US drone
  • 2003 Mumbai blasts: Bombay HC upholds death for three
  • Boko Haram threatens U.S
  • US govt distances itself from Balochistan
  • Pakistan censures US on Balochistan hearing
  • Pakistan top court rejects PM Gilani's contempt appeal
  • Iran dismisses reports of imminent Israeli attack
  • Fugitive Malaysian to face Indonesian laws, says Deputy IGP
  • 11 dead as explosions rock Syrian city

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Many connected with the university admit that "seedy affairs had been going on in the holy precincts" for some time. – File Photo

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  • US drone strike ‘kills 10′ in Waziristan
  • Gujarat HC raps Narendra Modi govt for 'inaction' during post-Godhra riots
  • 4,700 pilgrims arrive in Jeddah on the first day of Umrah season
  • Malaysian opposition Leader's support for Israel offends Muslims
  • Maldives’ turmoil concern for India
  • Maldives ex-president Mohamed Nasheed was 'forced out'
  • Mideast: 2011 Nobel Laureate Tawakkul Karman, the smiling face of political Islam
  • No space for terrorism, militancy, extremism in Islam – Pakistan PM Gilani
  • Kazakhstan needs religious patriots!
  • Brotherhood says it won't 'Islamize' Egypt
  • Oman religious official calls for boosting Muslim-Western ties
  • Militants attack police station in Nigeria's Kano
  • Egypt's feminists prepare for a long battle
  • Salafist says victims of Port Said tragedy died in sin
  • 400 children killed in Syria: UNICEF
  • Italy, France recall envoys to Syria; Russian FM meets Assad

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: 9 in 10 Kenyan Muslims practice Female

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  • Gilani wants Pakistan to emulate Indian democracy
  • WUC Welcomes Amnesty for Kazakh Human Rights Activist
  • Graft, politics, militant Islam shakes the Maldives
  • Morocco king pardons jailed Islamist leaders
  • CIA, SSS in manhunt for Boko Haram kingpins
  • Aussies Counter Terror with Peaceful Islam
  • Imam Khomeini Initiates the Process of Making Unity in the Islamic World
  • Pak: Bill seeks to ‘rein in’ intelligence agencies
  • Obama says risky to attack Iran, wants diplomatic fix
  • 'Saif Gaddafi’s trial could begin within weeks’
  • Iran says will attack any country used to strike its soil
  • At least 56 dead in fresh Syrian violence
  • Hollywood veteran Liam Neeson says he wants to be Muslim
  • Pak Muslims told to shun Facebook for Millat version
  • Egypt Defies U.S. by Setting Trial for 19 Americans on Criminal Charges
  • Balochistan shut on third day running against killings

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Worshippers at Ewan-e-Tauheed, which is the main worship site of Ahmadis

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  • British media deliberately publish Islamophobic stories: journalist
  • UK: Islamist radicals planned to use benefits to fund terror training
  • UN resolution veto 'disastrous' for Syrian people: Ban
  • Nigeria, EU to engage anti-terrorism experts on Boko Haram
  • Af-Pak said to attract fewer foreign fighters for jihad
  • Top US envoy met Taliban in Qatar
  • Uzbek refugee pleads not guilty to terror charges
  • Pak, Afghan, NATO commanders hold border talks
  • Iraq executes 14 in one day, 65 this year
  • Bangladesh: Killing at border unacceptable
  • India: Muslim political choices could turn out to be an electoral game- changer

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The ousted Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed is carried by his supporters

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  • Self-styled Sharia court softens after fatwa against pastors
  • India: Seminary asks Muslims to avoid ostentation on Mawlid
  • Govt measures ensure terrorists can’t find footing in Malaysia
  • ICC rejects Gaddafi daughter's appeal on jailed brother
  • Muslim woman wearing veil denied service at gas station
  • Iraq court agrees execution of Baghdad church attackers
  • Threatening us will harm America, warns Iran
  • Tehran Judiciary chief refutes as ‘lies’ report of UN special human rights
  • Egypt court convicts Arab actor Adel Imam for defaming Islam
  • Pakistan fails to send team to probe Mumbai attacks
  • Makkah: Child’s headless body found

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: CHAKWAL: A ‘blasphemy’ accused was sentenced to death and also to 10 years’

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  • If Islam has survived on sword and war then tell me how this Islam has spread In India. Just by Saint of Allah Khawaja Gareeb ...
    ( By Muhammad Shah Rukh )
  • @Bijay Choudhary Sir,the word terrorism has been unfortunately labelled to Muslims. Why doesn't the Indian media call the Maoists ....
    ( By Aamirr Sohail )
  • @amirr Sohail America fought in Korea in Vietnam for years then why Vietnamese and Koreans did not took to terrorism. No ....
    ( By Bijay Choudhary )
  • @Bijay Choudhary  Islamic terrorism is only 20 years old and Quran is about 1400 years old. Do you still think that the ....
    ( By Aamirr Sohail )