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20 Taliban killed in Jawzjan, Parwan

22 Syrian protesters killed

Rebels repel assault on Misrata, 5 dead

Taliban say six police killed in Khost blast

Afghanistan: 5 civilians killed in blast

French burqa ban goes into force on Monday

Sarkozy’s France-Islam debate increasingly poisonous

400 suicide bombers being trained in Pak: Teen jihadi

Police beat protesters at Damascus mosque

Deadly clashes at Iran opposition camp in Iraq

‘Biased’ emphasis on Malays, Islam in history syllabus, says historian

Three civilians killed Friday in Israel's strike on Gaza

Israeli strike kills 2 Hamas militants in Gaza

Turkish Islamic aid group mobilizes for Libya, Gaza

Turkey 'world leader' in imprisoned journalists, IPI report says

Turkey seeks international support for its road map on Libya

Turkish, Azeri defense ministers meet in Ankara

Russia says nuclear fuel being reloaded at Iran plant

Abusing women is un-Islamic: Saudi mufti

Violence erupts across Syria

Saleh rejects Qatar’s call for him to quit

Arab expat killed, two others wounded in Riyadh shooting

German soldiers may be sent to Libya after all

Obama, Congress in deal to avert gov’t shutdown

Prospects fade for military overthrow of Gaddafi

US troops could remain in Iraq after 2011: Gates

US welcomes GCC effort to addres Yemen crisis

Raqi forces clash with Iran exiles in camp

Egyptian protesters call for Mubarak trial

The West calls for President Saleh to leave

Saudis ask US for price quotes for warships

Bahrain touted ties with Israel

Yemen's leader rejects Gulf exit plan

Protesters call for Mubarak's trial in Egypt

US, Pakistan seek new era in relations

Siraj Durrani to replace Mirza

Zardari urges envoys to pursue country’s interests

Gillani meets Nawaz in London

Nato denies apology for hitting rebels in tanks   

Separatists, terrorists involved in human rights abuses in India: US

Officer killed in shooting on British nuclear submarine

Obama condemns Syria violence

Gaddafi hunkers down for a long siege

Iran-Pakistan fallout over Bahrain

LeT seeks to pin cleric's murder on Hindutva groups

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Photo: Pakistani relatives and residents offer prayers for the blast victims of yesterday's bombings.


Blast kills 4 in Kohat in Pakistan

Syria reverses ban on veil

Unrest In The Arab World: Islamabad assures Riyadh of Support

US defence chief, Saudi king to discuss Middle East unrest

Jamaat leader Shafi Moonis passes away

Quran in Demo Jamaat leader thinks it's a crime

UN condemns desecration of holy Quran

Hindu, Christian tug-of-war over Nepal’s Pashupatinath temple intensifies

For ISI, Lashkar is a strategic asset against India

Pakistan has 'no clear path' on fighting militancy: White House

Al-Qaeda coming back to Afghanistan

Obama, Karzai deplore Afghanistan Quran violence

Observers divided on Goldstone's Gaza U-turn

US lawmakers tell Obama, dump Pakistan and go with India

US offers $5 million for info leading to militant Ilyas Kashmiri

Saudi Kingdom releases 15 ex-militants

King Abdullah and Gates discuss Middle East

Iran clerics denounce Saudi role in Bahrain

Muslim Gang Leader Terrorizing Christians in Egyptian Village

Under-fire Nato pledges to protect Libya civilians

Gaddafi has no other option but to leave, says Hillary Clinton

Gaddafi's son wanted F-16s: WikiLeaks

Attacks by Qaddafi forces damage rebel oil fields

Gaddafi sends message to Obama

Britain bombing Libyan oil field: official

No army action in Balochistan: Rehman

Ban slams Holy Quran desecration in Florida

Khatami denounce Saudi role in Bahrain

Egypt's Islamists come in from the cold

Palestinian dialogue resumes in Cairo without Suleiman

Iran: No hurry to restore relations with Egypt

Egypt’s revolution groups to unite to back candidates

Hundreds of thousands Yemenis mass against Saleh in Taez

Police shoot dead protester in Yemen clashes: Witnesses

Obama, Peres see urgent need for Middle East peace

In search for a global standard in Islamic banking

Turkish mission in Libya, NATO's missile defense program 'inter-linked

Ouattara forces move in on Gbagbo in Ivory Coast showdown

Sarkozy vows to take up Yunus case

Barack's grandpa was tortured by colonial UK'

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Photo: Relatives discovered that the graves of their loved ones had been tampered with


Pakistani troops kill 54 militants in NW

Pak frees Indian national held for 27 years

Bangladesh: Over 100 hurt in B’baria clashes

Pakistan military spells out ‘concerns’ to US commander

Islamabad slams US terror report

Bangladesh, India mull swap of lost land

Some US troops may stay, if Iraq wants: Gates

Hunt for ex-Taliban officials threat to peace talks

Taliban attack Afghan police center, six killed

5 rebels killed in NATO strike

US announces ` 23- cr bounty on key 26/ 11 Pak terrorist

Mubarak’s chief of staff, Zakaria Azmi, sent to jail

Opposition allies mull “political solution” in Libya

Attacks by Qaddafi forces damage rebel oil fields

US rebuffs Qadhafi plea to Obama on air campaign

Libya rebels unlikely to oust Kadhafi: US general

US general sees no military outcome in Libya

Unjust war, Qadhafi tells Obama

Egypt protests Gaddafi's war crimes

Israel orders 'swift' army action after Gaza attack

Hariri to visit Egypt, slams Iran

Gulf Arabs work on plan for Yemen's Saleh to go

Israeli tank shells kills one, wounds four

Sudan accuses Israel of attack near main port city

Revolution youth can outdo Muslim Brotherhood

Turkish military open to all solutions to Kurdish issue

Ouattara's forces seal off Gbagbo's bunker in Ivory Coast

Palestine summit bid for Istanbul

Israel pounds Gaza, kills four after missile hits bus

Yemen city hit by a 'tsunami of protest'

US report on WoT rejected Tahir Khan

Forces not ready for security transition

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Photo: Supporters wept and chanted pro-independence slogans after the killing.


Zardari vows to rectify wrong in Zulfikar Ali Bhutto case

Terrorists can’t dent govt resolve to fight terror: Zardari

Two killed in new Afghan protests against desecration

At least 250 injured as Yemen police disperse protestors

Quran burning creates new Afghan dangers: Petraeus

Suicide attacks on Maulana Fazlur Rehman not minor issue: Shujaat

Karzai calls on US Congress to slate burning of Qur’an

Karzai gov’t lets Christians print Malay Bibles

Israel passes a law facilitating citizenship cancellation for "terrorists"

Libyan envoy takes Gaddafi message to Greece

Terror attack plot foiled on Bhutto’s grave, suspect arrested in Karachi

'Western plot' behind Gulf region tensions: Iran

Al-Qaeda members hide in Brazil

Pakistani militant group tagged as a global terror threat

Bahraini activist dies in custody; newspaper suspended

Christian cleric dodges assault in Turkey's west

Fighting rages in Ivory Coast, 800 dead in west

Gaddafi forces shell town as rebels name ‘crisis team’

What steps should we take to protect sanctity of holy Quran?

2 Qaddafi sons Are Said to Offer Plan to Push Father Out

Twin blasts at Pakistan shrine kill 42

Rebels fight see-saw battle with Qaddafi forces in key oil town

UK diplomats in Libya to engage with rebels

Burqa dilemma for Afghanistan’s women skiers

1001 inventions: exhibit helps people discover Muslim heritage throughout our world

Saleh rejects fresh opposition offer

5,080 people charged with terrorism

Al-Romaidan takes place of Al-Ghamdi as Makkah Haia chief

UAE forces storm hijacked ship, detain pirates

Goldstone has succumbed to Israeli pressure’

Four Iranian police killed in border attack

Syrian president appoints ex-minister to form govt

Israel urges UN to cancel Gaza war crimes report

Libyan rebels seek more coalition air strikes despite mistaken attack

Qaddafi's foes seek democracy, say official

Libyan rebels reorganize ranks amid setbacks

GCC denounces Iran’s meddling

Coalition 'friendly fire' kills 13 Libyan rebels

Egypt revolution fortunes swing back up despite Brotherhood backtracking

Violence threatens Egyptian League resumption

Egypt's army rulers to meet Palestinian president

Israel considered Mubarak a "treasure", says foreign minister

Israel to deploy four more 'Iron Dome' anti-rocket defences

UN's Gaza war report 'should be buried': Israel

British boots on the ground in Libya strike

Yemen police 'shoot dead protester'

Path of radiation leak at Japan plant unclear

Yemeni president urges opposition to end protest

Gaddafi forces shell town as rebels name ‘crisis team’

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Photo: A teenage suicide bomber killed a Pakistani anti-Taliban militia leader and seven other people on Monday.


Afghan protesters march on UN office against Quran burning

Security forces’ counter attack kills 15 militants in North West

Ten die in Afghan Koran demo after UN killings

Rebels fail to dent Gaddafi’s defence

Gunfire in Ivory Coast, at least 800 killed in a week

Obama condemns Quran burning, calls Afghan killings outrageous

Allied airstrikes kill 10 rebels

NATO probes reports of attack on rebels

Signature drive seeks freedom for Libyan ‘rape’ victim

Libya mission: US eases off, Gaddafi holds on

Syrians chant freedom, receive wounded in suburb

Syrian crackdown comes ahead of protesters’ funerals

Gilani says he discussed all ‘outstanding' issues with Singh

Bahrain bans main Opposition newspaper

India bans trade to clip Ahmadinejad’s nuclear ambitions

Netanyahu urges UN to retract Gaza war crimes report

‘Kingdom believes in evolution, not revolution’

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for Iraq’s Tikrit attack

Madrasa student dies in clash with police

US pastor unbowed, vows new anti-Islam protest

Shahbaz Sharif threatens long march against drone strikes

Attack on Bhutto’s anniversary foiled: CCPO Karachi

Against the grain: Atheists in US army ‘come out'

Cleric takes Malaysia on merry dance

Al-Romaidan takes place of Al-Ghamdi as Makkah Haia chief

Visit enlightens 10 American students about Saudi culture

Governor of Makkah gets 4-year extension

Gilani felicitates Manmohan on India WC win

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Photo: Site of twin blasts near a Shrine at Dera Ghazi Khan in Pakistan


17 killed in fresh violence in Yemen; Saleh to be eased out

8 inmates killed in Syria prison fire

Peaceful protesters march on UN office in south Afghanistan

2 Bangladeshi peacekeepers among 26 dead

US drones killed 89 people in March

No one should hurt religious sentiment: Khaleda

Quran burning is 'un-American’: White House

Brother vs Brother: Gaddafi sons bicker over plan to push Dad out

Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Shujaat see Sindh Card

Lahore High Court allows ministry to go through Bhutto case record

Benazir Bhutto murder UN probe to ensure credibility: PM

Qaida in Pakistan grooming new leadership

Police and Saleh loyalists kill 17

Former Pakistani mayor killed in UAE

Evacuees allege massacre in Misrata

UN vote for Palestine to 'destroy everything': Israel

Libyan rebels reject role for Gadhafi sons

Libya says open to reforms, but Gaddafi must stay

Afghan stone throwing erupts over Qur’an burning

9/11 mastermind to be tried at Guantanamo: US official

2 NATO soldiers killed in shooting incident

Libya violence worrisome: Kingdom

Indonesia to appeal verdict of Madinah court in Sumiati case

Two pro-protest Iraqi clerics held

11 arrested by Israel in West Bank

Libya rebels may sell first oil cargo this week

Qatar to nominate diplomat for Arab League chief

Palestinian representatives leave for Cairo

End Game in Ivory Coast: Ouattara forces begin Abidjan assault

Revolution warms Egyptian-Iranian relations

Two Gazans hit by Israeli fire near border: witnesses

Army says no to 'Khomeini rule' in Egypt

Sawiris doesn’t want Coptic president, might accept Muslim Brotherhood

Gulf rulers tell Iran keep out, Tehran says beware

Yemen toll rises as U.S. said to press Saleh to go

NATO chief holds talks in Turkey

Army says no to ‘Khomeini rule’ in Egypt

Quietly, US ditches Yemen's President Saleh

Rebels enter oil hub as , Libyan govt seeks talks

Muslims in Victoria feel threatened by racism

Saudis in deal to recruit Bangladeshis

Arab-Israeli actor shot dead in West Bank

US pressured Gulf states over Iran: Ahmadinejad

5 Malaysian soldiers suspended over slain bird

Iftikhar Says radio to play key role in war against terrorism

British PM to visit Pakistan

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Photo: Yemenis demonstrated Monday in Sana, Yemen's capital.


Koran burning protest enters fifth day

Ba’asyir will only appear to hear religious expert

40 injured as Jamaat men, cops clash in city

Pak- US caught in another diplomatic row

US doubts Pakistan's plan to defeat Taliban

Zardari for determined efforts to better ties with India

Obama backtracks, 9/11 accused to face military trial

Gulf States step up diplomacy efforts to end crisis in Yemen

Bush invited Osama's son to White House to nab elusive Dad

Libya rebels slam NATO, Gaddafi offers talks

Fresh furore over France’s Muslims as veil ban looms

Pakistan failing to defeat militants: WH

Yemen’s Saleh urges Opp talks amid clashes

Pope mourns death of Indian cardinal

Qaddafi planned to crush protests by killing civilians, says ICC

Libyan Govt says Gaddafi won’t step down

Libya will talk with unarmed rebels: official

Islamists look for gains in Egypt's freer politics

Palestinian killed by Israeli fire in north Gaza

NATO oil tankers attacked in Pakistan: officials

Dozens reported killed in Abidjan violence: UN

Cameron adds to Mush worries, says may extradite him

Legal experts express concern over new Turkish bill on sex crimes

Rebels regain oil hub & prepare to export crude

Sarkozy to take up Yunus issue with Bangladesh

2 Bangladeshi peacekeepers die in Congo plane crash

Turkey, Indonesia call for Libya ceasefire

Afghan civilian killed in Taliban-police gunfight

Airstrike hits Libyan military convoy near Brega

Libya open to reform, rebels pushed back

No letup in deadly clashes; Saleh to attend Saudi talks

Fayyad says Palestinian institutions ready for statehood

Obama, Shimon Peres discuss Middle East peace

US still committed to closing Guantanamo: White House

Angelina visits Tunisian-Libyan border

US commander: Libya mission upset some in Africa

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Photo: Muslim residents walk past racial slurs painted on the walls of a mosque in the town of Saint-Etienne, central France.


West started something it cannot control: Gaddafi

US shouldn’t train rebels, Gaddafi still strong: Gates

Anti-terror legislation to replace emergency law in Syria

Rebels cheer cracks in Gaddafi rule

Qatar: Arab inaction in Libya led to West strikes

Hezbollah denies training Bahraini protesters

Is the Muslim Brotherhood internally divided?

Military no cure for Libya crisis: Germany

NATO takes command of Libya campaign

India, Pak should overcome 'war phobia': Gilani

Pak rules out US role in resolving bilateral issues with India

Foreign troops kill Afghan civilians in Kandahar

Controversial Wafd former head to run for Egypt president

Kuwait says Iranian Guards behind spy cell

Kuwait to oust envoys in blow to Iran-Gulf ties

New York boy, 12, charged with hate crime on Muslim

Loyalists of Jordan’s king deny link to violence

Hijacking the Arab revolution

Britain says no immunity offered to Libya's FM

Kadhafi aide in secret talks with Britain: report

Israel rules out freeze on east Jerusalem building

Muslims say Obama failing to keep Cairo promises

Yemen protesters remember dead, talks stall

Syria’s Assad takes steps towards political reforms

Al Qaeda's magazine calls Gaddafi 'lunatic'

Gaddafi aide defects as his troops score

Senior Gaddafi envoy in Britain for talks

Western hold on Libyan opposition grows

Saleh makes new offer to protesters

Libya rebels head towards Brega

More than 400 rebel supporters missing in Libya

Libya: arms for ‘democracy’

NATO probes report of Libyan civilian deaths

Gaddafi will stay in Libya till the end: spokesman

Baghdad Christians in firing line, want to flee

More effort needed to improve Muslim ties: Obama

US welcomes India-Pakistan cricket diplomacy

Five killed in Turbat bomb blast

The revolution's honeymoon is over

35 tonnes of tobacco seized from tyre repair shop in Abu Dhabi

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Photo: Top religio-political leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman


Suicide bomber kills 10 in NW Pakistan

UK expels 5 Libyan diplomats over Qaddafi links

Al-Qaeda: Arab revolts herald 'great leap forward'

Qaida man wanted for Bali bombings held in Pak

Rajasthan govt agrees to hand over Ajmer blast probe to NIA

Saudi Arabia: Kingdom denounces Israeli raids on Gaza

US lawmakers seek answers on Libya

Karzai blasts US troops for gruesome Afghan deaths

Libyan rebels scatter, world mulls sending arms

Gadhafi’s plans for nationalizing oil could have role in military intervention

Blast in Charsadda targets Fazl’s convoy; 12 killed

Terrorism acquired new dimensions

French religious leaders protest debate on Islam

Obama authorizes covert support for rebels

Protesters serving enemies: Assad

Saudis’ interest in Arab upheavals dwindling

Socialist Hamdeen Sabahi for president, Egypt

Armed Forces announces Egypt's interim Constitution

Allies disagree over arming Libyan rebels

Gaddafi forces take key oil port

Blonde bombshell' daughter helping Gaddafi rally troops?

Bangladesh govt alone cannot resolve Yunus issue

Pro-Qaddafi forces push rebels into chaotic retreat

Turkish PM's landmark Iraq visit a 'turning point,

U.S. fears rebels' link with Al-Qaeda

US to seek new term on UN rights panel

Berlusconi vows to Clear Island of illegal migrants

Russia energy industry sees windfall

Egypt’s constitution: A controversial declaration

The National Front launched, aims to defend demands of Egypt's revolution

No major reforms as Syria's Assad warns of 'conspiracy'

Americans worried about Libya conflict

Syrian leader stays defiant

Ouattara forces enter Ivory Coast’s San Pedro port

US prosecutors defend Times Square bombing probe

Mali prime minister resigns

Syria’s Assad warns of ‘conspiracy’

China warns Sarkozy on Libya strikes

Obama authorises covert help for Libya rebels

Pressure to widen Japan’s nuke exclusion zone

Libya war to cost US $40 million per month

Iraqi PM vows to punish Tikrit attackers

Presidential system completely unsuitable for Turkey

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Photo: A man rushes an injured child to a hospital in Peshawar after a bomb blast at a mosque where families were queuing for food


India's ‘Grade-1' evidence against Hafiz Saeed in the Mumbai attacks

Islam preaches peace, love and brotherhood: Ibad

Lawyers demand trial of blasphemer priest

Protests, counter-protests as Syria death toll rises

Pakistan slams UN resolution on Libya

Gaddafi forces continue onward march

26/11 still biggest hurdle before India-Pakistan talks

Pakistan looking to ease visa regime with India

Pak to inform India on Mumbai attacks' probe at key talks

India is an 'existential threat' to Pakistan, says Musharraf

Strategic town Ajdabiya falls to Libya rebels

Russia's NATO envoy warns of full-scale war in Libya

India to open talks with Pak army,

After 2009 Bangladesh mutiny, India rallied support for Hasina

6 dead in port city as Syrian crisis grows

Yemen 'close to transition of power deal'

Libyan woman claims rape by 15 soldiers

Muslims face growing attacks in Ivory Coast crisis

Man dies, 130 injured in Jordan clashes

French jets destroy seven pro-Gaddafi aircraft in Libya

Palestinian president meets Hamas to talk unity

Syria pulls troops from restive city after unrest

Libya, a U.N. intervention to save people

Govt against drone attacks, says Malik

Pakistan to seek Interpol help to arrest Musharraf

Gaza rockets strike Israel anew after lull

Egypt must scrap law banning strikes: Rights group

Air raids force Gaddafi retreat, rebels seize east

In the U.S., talks of arming Libyan rebels

Turkey’s Kurds begin ‘civil disobedience’ campaign

Jeddah woos Japanese

Libyan air strikes failed: Russia’s top general

Protesters burn Baath offices in Syria; unrest widens

Saudi prince is behind disputed LA mega-mansion

Israel to deploy 'Iron Dome' anti-rocket system

Gilani accepts Singh’s invitation to watch Indo-Pak semi final

US offers to strengthen Pakistani political process

Balochistan to figure in talks with India

US confirms contact with Libyan rebels

Qadhafi’s lies pushed us into fight, captured soldiers say

Afghan civilians killed in airstrike: NATO

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Indian people's Solidarity with Arab Uprising

Suicide bomber kills 10 in NW Pakistan: Police

India, Pakistan agree to 'terror hotline'

SA condemns desecration of Holy Quran in US

Washington in Fierce Debate on Arming Libyan Rebels

Kuwait sentences 3 to death in Iran spy case

India-Pak Cricket Diplomacy: Now, Chandigarh-Lahore people-level peace appeal

India and Pakistan Leaders Meet at Cricket Match

UK talks agree Qaddafi must go

Libya rebels flee Gaddafi assault as world debates

Obama defends Libya offensive, rules out ousting Gaddafi by force

Libya: William Hague hints at Muammar Gaddafi exile

Clinton meets Libyan opposition in London: Official

US Muslim coalition to take part in April 9 anti-war and anti-Islamophobia rally

Syrian protesters rev up for evolution

Turkey tells Syria: make reforms now

Russia 'may have killed' Islamist chief

Taliban seize district in Afghanistan's remote east

Saudi state is based on Islam: Salman

Philippine VP heads to Riyadh to discuss maid ban

Haj Ministry to curb beggars in the guise of pilgrims

Terror suspect in Bali bombings caught in Pakistan

Saudi mortgage law to boost developers

Syria offers concessions amid wave of unrest

Monitors concerned by referendum violations

Egypt’s foreign minister: Iran is not an enemy state

Hamas looks to turn a new page with Egypt

Israel considering annexing West Bank settlements

Darfuris feel betrayed by Libya no-fly zone

World powers move towards Gaddafi exile plan

Top diplomats agree that Gaddafi must go

World leaders meet on Libya's future

Israel slams Palestinian unity efforts

Officials praise arrest of Bali terror suspect

Obama not ruling out arming Libya rebel

Syrians await President Assad's address

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Photo: An Iraqi soldier inspects the scene of a rocket attack in Baghdad on Tuesday.


Blasts at Yemen bullet factory kill at least 110

Pakistan army shell kills troops in battle with Taliban

Gaddafi troops force rebels back

Gaddafi calls on international powers to end 'barbaric' attacks

Pakistan Cabinet condemns desecration of Holy Qur’an

China pushes ahead Pakistan nuclear plant expansion

India-Pak: First day of talks extremely positive: Pillai

ISI does not have authority to make arrests,

Cabinet gives nod to reopening of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto case

Pakistan has ‘hands full’ against militants

Saudi student pleads not guilty in Texas terror plot

Mubarak and family are not in Saudi Arabia: Military council

World looks to 'better future' for Libya at London meeting

Libya must not become Iraq, Obama warns

UK, France urge Libyan loyalists to ditch Qaddafi

Libya accuses NATO of terrorising its civilians

Syrian forces fire to disperse Daraa protest

Libya shows images of Kadhafi son after death rumours

Mubarak and family under house arrest

Egypt' PM visits South Sudan: will recognise new state

Nigeria president seeks Muslim leaders help to ensure peaceful polls

RI proposes ceasefire, peaceful resolution to Libya conflict

Banquet hosted in honor of Al-Sudais

Israel president: Great hopes for Arab revolutions

Israel deploys Iron Dome

Indonesia urges ceasefire in Libya

Kingdom denounces Israeli raids on Gaza

Munter in Washington for consultation on US-Pak ties

Islamic finance system lacks a comprehensive law: Expert

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Photo: Tribesmen stand near bodies of victims of an explosion at a bullet factory in the southern Yemeni town of Jaar on Monday.


Libyan Rebels Say They Have Retaken Ajdabiya After Night of Airstrikes

Coalition strikes killed 114 in Libya: ministry

Libyan Woman Struggles to Tell Media of Her Rape

Obama says Libya mission saved 'countless' lives

NATO to take command in Libya as early as Monday: Diplomat

Egyptian joins 'jihad' on Libyan front

Kadhafi under pressure from barrage of air strikes

Hundreds of Saudi Shias protest in east

Pak court rejects plea to declare Kasab, Ansari fugitives

Suspects arrested in Benazir Bhutto murder case: Malik

Talks on for 'honourable solution' over Muhammad Yunus row: FM minister

Imran resolves to ensure justice for everyone

Obama speaks to Congressional leaders on Libya

Allied operation in Libya to last 'weeks'

US assails Quran desecrationUS assails Quran desecration

Singh invites Zardari, Gilani to watch high voltage match

Swamy asks PM not to attend Indo-Pak tie at Mohali

Muslim states put off UN drive on defaming religion

Mideast turfs out presidents who would be king

Blasphemy of Quran OIC asked to lodge protest with US, UN

Sydney apologises to Kabul over racist remarks

Protests against Quran desecration

Motorcycle bomb kills child, hurts 3

Above limit radioactive iodine detected

Appeal to keep Twitter data from WikiLeaks probe

OIC asked to lodge protest with US, UN over desecration of Quran

Tough battle ahead for state’s women

A million voices tell Yemen prez ‘Leave!’

Pak bluffing on terror? India not taking chances with World Cup

Pak court adjourns hearing in Musharraf extradition case

Protests and shooting in Syria as unrest spreads

UAE to send 12 planes to patrol Libya

Ceasefire or risk attack: Pentagon to Gaddafi forces

India and China had similar considerations on Libya

Muslim Brotherhood in deal with military for big role in Egypt?

Syrian Troops Open Fire on Protesters in Several Cities

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Photo: Rebels celebrated after taking the city of Ajdabiya, south of Benghazi, eastern Libya

Libyan rebels take back oil town in westward push

Truck bomb explodes in Afghanistan, killing 20

7 Yemen troops killed in suspected Al Qaeda attack

12 killed in Latakia: Syrian official

Taliban militants abduct 50 policemen in Afghanistan

Christian urge Pakistan government to ensure security of Joseph Francis

Pakistani Christian-Muslim condemn Koran burning in Florida

Muslims Attackers cut off Ear of a Christian in Egypt

India, Pakistan talk extremism, peace

Egypt clerics protest at graft in religious bodies

Terror threat to Pak-India match likely

PM cricket diplomacy helps free Indian in Pak prison

Gilani pads up to cheer for his team

'Religious belief is no reason to annul marriage'

US envoy regrets civilian casualties in Pakistan

Clinton hints at strained Pak-US ties

Al-Azhar Grand Imam meets with Coptic mutiliation victim

Obama to lay out his case to nation on Libya

Plea in Pak court questions release of American national Davis

Sharjah court waives death penalty for 8 Indians

US to cut Libya role soon, focus on Gaddafi exit

Libyan rebels seizes Gaddafi's hometown

Libya placing bodies at bombing sites: US

Gaddafi in Tripoli compound: Libyan state TV

Nato takes command of Libya campaign

Over 35 countries confirmed for London meeting on Libya

Biggies face a glitch in their Mohali plans

Victorious rebels in hot pursuit of Gaddafimen

Tsunami scare again, Japan hit by 6.5-magnitude quake

Sweeping gains for Libya rebels

India, Pakistan home secretaries to meet in Delhi today

Pak President remits jail term of Indian convict Gopal Das

`Cheap' bread to cost billions in new Egypt

Pakistan to seek Interpol help to arrest Musharraf

Pope calls for suspension of use of arms in Libya crisis

India keen to open talks with Gen Kayani, ISI chief

Drone attack on jirga in N Waziristan US envoy regrets civilian casualties

Pakistan has no interior minister: Munawar

PPP plans to reopen case of Bhutto’s ‘judicial murder’

Maldives releases World Cup terror suspect

Kuwait to mediate in Bahrain crisis

Syria's emergency law to be revoked

US reducing naval firepower aimed at Gaddafi

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A student holds a poster of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi during a rally in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Libya reels under deep air strikes as NATO takes over

Over 60 dead, 90 injured in Myanmar quake

Imam of Kaaba to visit Darul Uloom Deoband today

Suicide hit at Hangu police kills seven

Terrorist plotting WC attack nabbed

Taliban trying to enter India: Malik

US will have to end drone hits: Zardari

BA passes resolution against desecration of the Holy Quran

Syria says may scrap emergency law

Gulf to deport Hezbollah, Iran Guards agents

Germany pulls out Yemen embassy staff

Taliban stop cell phone signals in Helmand

Pak help foils India terror bid

Part of solution in Afghanistan: Gilani

Gaza report fresh Israeli airstrike

Zardari stresses plans to check decline of sanity

Taliban threat shuts mobile networks

Hindu terrorists may target WC final

Clinton to attend Libya conference in UK

Peace is the only option: Indian scholars

US Congressmen call on President Zardari

Nato takes control of enforcing Libya no-fly zone

Zardari wants end to irritants souring US ties

US, Pakistan plan to resume strategic dialogue

Musharraf arrest: Pak seeks Commonwealth’s help       

Taiwan bans food imports from five Japan areas

NATO to head the command and control of Libyan operation

French jets shoot down Libyan plane

Meet on Libya in London

Egypt’s woman protesters forced to take ‘ virginity tests’

Foreign secret agents freely roaming in Pak: Musharraf

Ceasefire or risk attack: Pentagon to Gaddafi forces    

Jordan 'explosive' as Islamists reject govt dialogue proposal

Al Qaeda picks cheaper airline

Nato takes control of enforcing Libya no-fly zone

Qaddafi's tanks elude airstrikes

Saudis told not to visit Japan now

PA arrests 2 Islamic Jihad officials over Jerusalem’s bombing

Arms shipment intercepted in UAE

Tunisia freezes Qaddafi family assets

Few Americans see Obama as strong military leader

Saudi Arabia’s progress a source of strength for Pakistan, says diplomat

US urges Israel-Palestinian peace as rockets fall

Turkey seeks ways to stay in NATO game 

Turkey to attend London summit on Libya after missing Paris

Thousands gather for burials in protest city

Israel vows to respond as Gaza rockets rain down

WB to RI: Do more on disaster prevention

Calls to limit child exposure to alcohol ads

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Anti-Syrian government protesters flash V sign as they protest in the southern city of Daraa, Syria


12 more killed in target killings in Karachi

Three rockets leave four dead in Quetta

3 Nato trailers torched in Balochistan

Karzai appeals Taliban not to attack schools

Malir Cantt escapes rocket attack; mosque damaged

Suicide car bomb kills five in north-west Pakistan: Police

Fifteen dead in new clashes in southern Syria city

Street play, demonstration remember Bhagat Singh

NATO fire kills Afghan child

‘Time is now for talks to end Afghan war’

Muslims, Christians reach ‘peace deal’ in Badami Bagh

Muslim and Christian Dalits victims of religious apartheid sanctioned by the state

Five killed in Hangu suicide blast; 25 hurt

Libyan troops target rebels after air force 'destroyed'

Yemeni Parliament gives President emergency powers

Sharif ‘ accepted’ Pak hand days after 26/ 11

Gaddafi eyes exit deal

Syrian forces kill 6 in mosque attack: residents

Abdullah calls world community to give water security top priority

UN must take notice of Quran desecration’

Gaddafi resumes Misrata attacks

Islam 'used' for political gain in Turkey, leaked cables say

Europe’s foreign policy in line of fire over Libya

Karzai urges Taleban not to burn schools

US divided on Obama’s Libyan push

Jamia University's minority status under scanner

Hindus from Bangladesh are welcome: Gadkari

Libyan Air Force destroyed

Wars no solution to Pakistan, India problems: Gilani

Pakistan Day celebrated with fervour & enthusiasm

Kadhafi aides exploring way out of crisis

EU summit split on Libya, upset by Portugal

Blast at military base east of Tripoli: witnesses

UK withdraws embassy officials from Yemen

Governor, CM visit Mazar-e-Quaid

Western air strikes fail to dislodge Gaddafi armour

 Qadhafi beats even Saddam in the loathing stakes

War & peace: 'Nobel' Obama fights to defend intervention

At least 15 killed in Syrian city of Daraa: Activists

PM resigns, nation in political crises

Gaddafi defiant as fresh explosions rock Tripoli

Battle lines in Libya remain static

Syrian protesters shot dead

Yemeni President given emergency powers

Gaddafi appears in public, vows to fight on

Six killed in fresh Syria clashes

Gaddafi forces roll back, rebels try to organize

Bomb explodes in central Jerusalem, 31 wounded

Nepal Christians protest to demand burial grounds

Compilled by NewAgeIslam

Photo: Western airstrikes silence Gaddafi guns in Misrata



18 killed in fresh political violence in Karachi

Western Powers Launched a Second Wave of Air Strikes on Libya

Seven killed in Syria protests

Qur’an burnt in Florida church

Al-Qaida wants €90m ransom for French hostages

Young Indonesian Muslims join Aussie program to explore Islam

Pro-Gaddafi protesters mob UN chief in Cairo

Thousands protest in Syria

Gaddafi son dies in attack by Libyan jet

Gaddafi not the target as allied strike hits his compound

Anti-Islamism current in Australia: Study

American Warplane Crashes in Libya as Ground Fighting Continues

Western forces strike Libya as Gaddafi chokes Misrata

Indonesian militant admits taking funds for terror camp

Brits posing as Muslims to avoid paying stamp duty

Indian pays 'blood money' to save four counrtymen in Saudi Arabia

S Africa says no to regime change in Libya: Zuma

US sees few good options if Yemen government falls

Qatar, UAE in coalition striking Libya: Gulf bloc

Row over “targeting” Qadhafi

Gaddafi needs to go, says Obama

Why the West has hit Libya

Crisis deepens in Yemen

Putin, Medvedev spar over Libya

U.S. praises Russian cooperation

Europe divided over allied campaign in Libya

Obama calls Jordan on Libya, Bahrain unrest

Spain sends out fighter jets to intervene in Libya

Split in Nato over Libya mission

PAF warns of nuke arms race

Steam rises from stricken Japan plant; radiation worry grows

Iran will take advantage of Mideast unrest

US court martial after grisly Afghan photos aired

Israeli jets strike Gaza after Hamas offers truce

Time not ripe for US to leave Kabul: Zardari

Former Israeli President to be sentenced for rape

Top Yemeni generals defect, tanks deployed in Sanaa

India calls for stop to airstrikes on Libya

Pak positive, open minded about Home Secy-level talks: Envoy

Stop Bombing Start Talking

Panic in Japan as WHO warns of food radiation

Saudi Shia protests simmer as Bahrain conflict rages

Anti-Muslim current in Australia: study

Ethnic groups protest at wrong identification

Witness in Abu Bakar Ba'asyir trial admits receiving Rp 140 million

Indonesia visit to strengthen ties: Xanana

Britain refuses to rule out targeting Gaddafi

Egyptian Christians return to politics

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Suicide attack on Afghan army centre



Muammar Gaddafi appears in public, vows to fight till the end

Ethnic’ violence claims eight lives in Karachi

12 militants killed in Pak’s Northwest

Militants attack Kurram festival

Bengal worse than Gujarat for Muslims?

Another Iraq in the making?

End Libya violence immediately: Russia, China

Anti-Islamism current in Australia: Study

1,000 people killed, wounded in militant violence Nangarhar this Year

Syrian forces kill 6 protesters

Libya fighting rages as Kadhafi 'looks for way out'

West will end in "dustbin of history": Gaddafi

Turkish PM criticizes airstrikes on Libya as NATO continues debate

Yemen president warns of civil war, US concernedReuters Yesterday

Pakistani workers seek escape after Bahrain attacks

Religious leaders laud President Asif Ali Zardari’s address

'Gaddafi daughter is Claudia Schiffer of North Africa'

France, US agree on NATO role in Libya'

China calls for immediate cease-fire in Libya

India reduces mission in Libya

 ‘It’s God who is king of humanity’

Pakistan to seek EU support on Kashmir

Kingdom: Role model for Islamic finance

Time not ripe for US to leave Kabul

Bangla HC says Zia masterminded cold-blooded murder of Taher

Mail bombs reflect evolution in terrorist methods: President

Turkish military fought AKP, itself in 2003, WikiLeaks cable says

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The Quran being in burnt by US pastors


Bangladesh Islami Andolan holds rally against anti-fatwa verdict

15 more killed in Karachi target killings

Seven killed in Syria protests

Saudis gather to demand release of prisoners

Arab League says it wanted no-fly zone, not bombs

China expresses regret for military strike against Libya

Gaddafi vows long war

Ousting Gaddafi not immediate goal: US

52 feared dead in Pakistan coal mine accident

India regrets military action against Libya

Japan’s disaster toll rises with 18,000 deaths

Karachi hit by fresh wave of killings

Bahrain’s main opposition groups ease demands

3 Senior Yemeni Officers Back Antigovernment Protesters

Egyptians turn out in droves to taste democracy

China takes hard line on activists, many missing

US to hand over Libyan operation command to France or UK

Western powers strike Libya for second night

Arab League criticises Western strikes on Libya

Bomb terror amidst Wikileaks revelations 'strange'

Pak military to penalise generals involved in corruption

No SC tag for Dalit Muslims, Christians?

Iranian regime interested in preserving its power: Obama

Gujjars demand more quota in J&K universities

Syed Ali Shah Geelani in the line of ire for his politics

I was never in a race on vacant seat of Martyr Shahbaz Bhatti

Qatar defends participation in Libya operations

Sairin: No problem with K'gau Muslims on use of 'Allah'

Brother of Al-Qaeda's Zawahri re-arrested

22 Indian fishermen held in Pakistan

Where are the Islamic relief organizations?

Has Islamic finance contributed to the public good?

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Libyan soldiers in Tripoli on Monday near an administrative building hit by a missile on Sunday



Kadhafi's hometown Sirte bombed: Libya state media

Yemen seethes as death toll climbs to 52

150 hurt in West’s attacks on Libya

West pounds Libya, Qadhafi vows retaliation 

China regrets multinational air strikes in Libya

France, Britain pushes hardest for military action in Libya

At least 94 killed in Gaddafi assault on Benghazi

Clinton warns Iran against meddling in Gulf

Prosecutors dealing with terrorism receive enhanced security

Low radiation reaches U.S.

Syria forces fire tear gas at mourners

Troops on streets as Yemen crisis deepens

Lebanese govt hoped Israel would disarm Hezbollah

US attacked by opponents at UN human rights body

Attack on Saudi mission flayed

Asir women angry over expulsion from festival

U.S. to give China a pass on NSG commitments for Pakistan nuclear deal

What if Arabs had recognized the State of Israel in 1948?

Libyans form human shield at Gaddafi’s compound

Syria mourners call for revolt, forces fire tear gas

Militant, policeman killed in J&K encounter

Syria says it will free child prisoners after unrest

Christian groups decry stamping of BM bibles

Davis case: SC told to initiate contempt proceedings against two judges

Some charity organizations in Jeddah fail to reach the needy

Coalmine blast toll climbs to 7

Altaf asks cable operators to restore Geo

4 injured in blast at PPP office

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Vehicles belonging to Qaddafi forces burn on Sunday after an airstrike by allied forces.


41 killed in US drone attack in northwest Pak

Military action against Libya within hours of UN vote: France

Bahrain burns but Indians safe

Shiite Iraq angry at Sunni Arab states for helping Bahrain monarchy

Bahrain arrests protest leaders

Libya closes airspace as world prepares to enforce UN's no-fly order

Gaddafi vows 'no mercy' in attack on Benghazi

Gaddafi's son: Libya not afraid of UN resolution

Pak demands apology from US on drone strikes

LeT founder criticises Pak Govt

CIA contractor release eases Pakistan-US tensions

Egypt releases brother of Al-Qaeda’s Zawahiri

Bahrain arrests six opposition leaders after crackdown

India abstains from UN vote on Libya

Forces loyal to Gaddafi shell west Libya's Misrata

Blood money was paid by S. Arabia`

US denies paying ‘blood money’ for Raymond Davis release

Christian's death in Pak jail raises suspicion

Fukushima disaster prompts GCC fears over Iranian reactor

France says will take part in Libya operations

Old Arab Ties May Harm New Ones

West moves towards Libya action

Despite Pak militants’ threat, bunkers removed in Srinagar

'Japan N-radiation unlikely to reach Hawaii or US territories'

No response from Hamas for Abbas visit

Japan radiation leak scare grows

Kuwait will not send forces to Bahrain

Saudi terror suspect arrested in Iraq

Davis' release paves way for Zardari's visit to US

Women's platform seeks equal political representation in Turkey

Quake-hit Japan battles nuclear, humanitarian crisis

Up to 50 Somali pirates seize Indonesian ship

Two Yemen police, three Qaeda men killed

Turkey's religious Gülen community subject of latest WikiLeaks

Terrorists reverting to old-school communications: Minister

Govt needs courage to stop bomb violence: Wahid

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: United Nations Security Council 


Qaddafi Warns West on No-Flight Zone

J&K police busts a major Hizbul Mujahideen terror module

Libya faces military intervention

Qaddafi defies UN, forces push into Benghazi

Libya declares unilateral ceasefire after West threatens attack

UNSC approves no-fly zone over Libya

Obama says Libyan forces must pull back

Japan continues nuclear struggle, fixes key power cable

Despite Obama’s Warning, Attacks Go On in Libya’s East

Obama endorses military action to stop Gaddafi

Egypt's Islamists come in from the cold

Thousands in Iraq protest Bahrain crackdown

Syria police disperse protest at Damascus mosque

Respect rule of law in Al-Qaeda ‘war’: US official

Pak-US tensions undermine fight against terror

Pak boycotts US talks over Drone fury

Thousands protest against release of US shooter

China expresses serious reservations

Indonesia issues red alert as volcano erupts

Strong protest lodged: Pakistan pulls out of Afghanistan meeting

Terror threat to WC final, militants buy 17 tickets

22 Indian fishermen held in Pakistan

Japan cites radiation in milk, spinach near plant

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Wounded anti-government protesters lay receive medical help at a field hospital during clashes with security forces in Sanaa, Yemen



Bahrain forces attack protest camp, 6 killed

Qaddafi advances as nations only talk

Malaysian Christian lawyer barred from Shariah courts

Turkish ‘civil society’ far behind European average

Davis buys his flight to freedom

Saudi Arabia to assist IIUI constructing another mosque

4 New York Times journalists missing in Libya

120 wounded in Yemen clashes

4 killed, 33 injured in Iran prison violence

1 killed, 200 injured as Saleh loyalists attack protesters

Fourth explosion hits Japan nuclear plant, evacuations accelerate

Radiation panic spreads to Asian nations

US reminds Iran to halt any arms smuggling

Yemen expels foreign journalists over ‘illegal’ stay

Two killed in Israeli airstrike near Gaza City

10 militants killed in Orakzai gun battle

Rachel Corrie: A worldwide symbol of the Palestinian struggle

Saudi stability attributed to leadership’s open-door policy

Another bomb package found

Obama talks with Japan PM on nuclear threat

Jordan questions suspected militants

Minister of State among Haj scam beneficiaries

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: An uneasy calm prevailed in Bahrain on Wednesday.



Gaddafi forces, rebels fighting over Libyan oil town Brega

Saudi troops enter Bahrain to crush protests

Fire and Damage at Japanese Plant Raise Risk of Nuclear Disaster

Radioactive level at N-plant rises, radiation a threat: Japan PM

40 injured in fresh clashes in Yemen

Malaysia under fire over caning of 30,000 foreigners

Gulf troops enter Bahrain as protests escalate

NAB soft on Zardari as well as Sharifs

PM approves one-year extension in service of DG ISI

'PPP Govt committed to democracy'

Musharraf hits back at Britain

Afghan suicide attack kills 36

UK never told Pakistan to avoid torture: Musharraf

India, U.S. faced off on sharing 26/11 information with Pakistan

Headley may face questions on his many wives

Libyan jets strike rebels

Al Qaeda jihadi mag offers beauty tips

Somali pirates release MV Jahan Moni, 26 crew

Suicide attack on Afghan army centre kills 37

3 soldiers killed in violent protests across Yemen

Meltdown threat rises at 3rd blast rocks Japanese n-plant

Calls mount for prosecution of ‘Day of Rage dissidents’

U.S.-Saudi Tensions Intensify With Mideast Turmoil

‘Davis may have been monitoring LeT activities’

Lahore HC dismisses petitions on CIA contractor Raymond Davis's immunity

Iran Calls Saudi Troops in Bahrain ‘Unacceptable’

US eyes Libyan opposition, allies call for action

Japan's blasts cast doubt on nuclear renaissance

The fate of 300 Indonesians in Miyagi, Iwake unknown

King Abdullah hails ‘peak of loyalty’

Kingdom takes lead to help Bahrain

Japanese ordered indoors in radiation leak crisis

Searching for survivors, counting the dead

Distraught father threatens self-immolation at NSHR meeting

Medvedev bans Qaddafi from Russia

More than 42 fighters dead in raid on S.Sudan town

UK gave tacit approval for torture, says Musharraf

Japan begins to dig for dead amid nuclear crisis

New failure hits Japan nuke plant after 2nd blast

Outrunning the tsunami - a race for survival

Chinese PM: 'No analogy' between China and Mideast unrest

Japan battles nuclear emergency after deadly quake

Jakarta to reassess buildings’ quake resilience

Harbinger of spring blossoms in Istanbul

Global free press outcry is 'defamation,' say Turkish prime minister

Kingdom sets up panel to fight EU’s dumping allegations

Time of one-person rule over: Dalai

Former Israeli PM to be charged in property scandal

Indian family of five stuck in Japan

Anti-government journalism not terrorism, Turkish party co-chief says

Saudi economy is solid: Prince Alwaleed

Winter reluctant to loosen grip, more rains forecast

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A pro-Gadhafi fighter stands in the desert as a plume of smoke rises from the burning oil refinery in Ras Lanouf, southeast of the capital Tripoli.


Blast at Japan nuke plant; 10,000 missing after quake

215,000 homeless, millions without water after Japan's massive quake

14 more killed in Karachi violence

30 rebels killed in clashes in Sudan oil town

Christians slam Malaysia govt for Bible seizure

Egypt: Christians And Muslims Take To Streets In ‘March Of Unity’

Arab nations must enact democratic reforms’


Gates call for ‘real reform’ in Bahrain

Yemen violence escalates, 4 killed

Egypt to lift restrictions on political parties

Tunisia detains 3 allies of ex-president

JEDDAH: ‘Most women inmates are expats’

We’re capable of monitoring any seismic activity: Saudi scientists

Iraqi lawmakers agree to pay cut

New batch of women soldiers to serve in Lebanon

Cousin of Hamid Karzai killed in NATO raid

PM cozying up to Iran to cadge visit

Egypt: Sadat assassination plotters released from prison

US Muslims find defending themselves exhausting

US warns NATO nations against rushed Afghan exit

Qaddafi troops defect near rebel-held Misrata

US drone misses target in South Waziristan

Eight killed, seven injured in attack on bus in Hangu

Davis immunity: govt likely to ask LHC for more time

Davis immunity: govt likely to ask LHC for more time

Speculations grow about operation in N. Waziristan

3 killed, hundreds injured in Yemen violence

Pasha to stay on as ISI chief: Mukhtar

2 NATO tankers torched in Bolan

Arab nations must enact democratic reforms’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: An explosion at a Japanese nuclear plant triggered fears of a meltdown after a massive earthquake and tsunami left more than 1,000 dead and at least 10,000 unaccounted for.

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