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All-clear for bill clipping Zardari powers

Osama’s son denied visa for Europe book fair

Dancing girls of Swat back in business

Abu Ghraib again?

9/11-style terror plot foiled in Iraq

UN blames Musharraf govt for Benazir Bhutto’s murder

‘Iran could build N-bomb in a year’

Daily marriages between Malaysian man and Indonesian woman

Five militants killed in Orakzai blitz

Illiteracy drops significantly, says Al-Fayez

Afghan attacks: Foreign civilians, four German troops killed

Anti-Jinnah remarks spark uproar in Senate

 ‘Very rare' Tipu sword fetches record price

Dawood's D-Company provided logistic support for 26/11: Report

Sania-Shoaib host glitzy Hyderabad reception

Ansar Burney calls for formation of new provinces

Muslim cleric ordered out of US in subway plot case

Ex-envoy to Pak shoots self in Delhi  

Protesters rally in Indonesia after deadly clash

Syria fears Israeli strike after Scud accusation

Killings, harassment mar last day of Sudan vote

Airspace shut down due to volcano fury; Westbound travelers from the Kingdom affected

The secret war – and the hidden lair of the Taliban

Can lessons from other nations show way forward in Afghanistan?

Ousted president Kurmanbek Bakiyev quits Kyrgyzstan

Let Women's Reservation Bill pass as it is: Muslim activists

Nigerian police to pay compensation over killing

Foreign forces can't stay in Afghanistan in perpetuity: Obama

Iran bars Khatami from leaving country: website

Qatar Islamic Bank to finance more projects

‘Prevalent interest and global banking system is erroneous’

United Arab Bank First Quarter 2010 Financial Results

Obama, this ain't a video game

Time not on Mideast’s side Claude Salhani

Commodifying drinking water

Parallel worlds beginning to collideObama, this ain't a video game

Time not on Mideast’s side Claude Salhani

Commodifying drinking water

Parallel worlds beginning to collide

Compiled by Asit Kumar

Photo: Bells won't toll in Somalia schools


Saudi Arabia: Woman elected head of JCCI panel

Highest Saudi religious body denounces terrorism

PML-Q supports demand for Hazara province

Blasts 'kill nine' in Burmese city of Rangoon

Amnesty International and Jihad: Why is a human rights group working with a Taliban supporter?

Saudi accused of raping 69-year-old man in Manhattan

Blasphemy laws: a fact sheet

Teacher in Medina under fire over poem

Afghans 'abused at secret prison' at Bagram airbase

India cryogenic satellite space launch fails

Jordan protests to Israel over expulsions

Kerala top cop charged with meeting terror suspects in Gulf

Muslim students host Islam Awareness Week in Minnesotta

Housing quota for Muslims in Maharashtra?

Pak panel for ban on Indian TV channels

Indians, Pakistanis should study their common history: Jaswant Singh

Saudi Arabia keen on boosting scientific ties with India: Salman

Levies force restored in Balochistan

Mufti fears Church sex abuse case impact

Africans worried about future religious conflict

Africans among world's most religious people, study finds

At least 100 killed in India-Bangladesh storm

US forces pull out of isolated Afghan valley

Jamaat supported Pakistan in 1971

Jamaat faces protest in Sylhet

Civilians deaths hurt Pakistan anti-Taliban drive

Haqqani network hardened foe for NATO in Afghanistan

Show-cause notices to 47 SIMI members

An Islamist in Professor's Garb: Tariq Ramadan Returns to America

'Punish 26/11 perpetrators, we'll talk'

India will get access to Headley: PM

Cotton fields in Saudi Arabia

Ousted Kyrgyz president must stand trial: New leader

Hamas orders Gaza smuggling tunnels shut

Re-imagining India-Pakistan relations

Bomb rocks central Baghdad, gunfire follows

Al-Qaeda 'plotted Iraq mosque attacks'

World is safer after N-summit: Obama

UN commission to unveil report on Benazir’s murder today

Pakistan seizes three Indian boats, arrests 17 fishermen

Compiled by Asit kumar

Photo: People gather in front of the home where three children and a woman were murdered.


Barbarity redefined: “Yemeni child bride tied up, raped.”

Misyar marriages: Not always blissful

Quebec targets 2nd Muslim woman over veil

Muslim woman denied job at McDonald's files complaint

Pakistan admits civilian deaths in air strike

More than 90 injured in bloody clashes in Indonesia

Islamic militants kill 15 in Philippines

No tolerance for terrorism: Prince Salman stresses Saudi stance

5 killed in Abbottabad over Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa renaming state

 “Taliban eying Indian diplomats”

Muslim Environmentalists Push for Green Hajj

We want ‘better, not greater Balochistan’

Manmohan warns world of N- terror

US troops expand role inside Pak

India wants ‘zero tolerance' of nuclear traffickers

‘New York subway plotter arrested in Pakistan’

Hizb, JeM identify targets in J&K’

Bring down Indo-Pak ‘Berlin Wall’

North America's first Muslim MasterCard due to launch

Al-Quran Studies & Teachings Fatwa Briefing

Youth Milad held at Pak Consulate in Houston

Russia foils 10 terror attacks; detains 170 militants

Radical Yemeni cleric the new bin Laden?

Amend Hindu Marriage Act, demand Khaps

War is Boring: In Somalia, a Three-Way Battle over Popular Radio

Lebanese mark war's outbreak with political soccer

Karzai's New Plan to Deceive the World and Ignore the People of Afghanistan

Gita quits over Amnesty’s pro-Jihadi tilt

Sania Mirza: From toast of India to breadcrumb of Dubai?

Sudan elections show up deep divides

Anwar Fails In Bid To Commence Qazaf Proceeding Against Former Aide

All eyes were on Manmohan, Gilani handshake

King Abdullah receives Mulroney, Al-Hakim

Kaira asks West to support Pakistan in war against terror

Nigerian police fined for killing sect leader's father-in-law

Born in Pakistan with disorder, ‘reborn’ in India at 47

Haj minister congratulates Tawafa body for its services

Pakistani scholar Dr Israr Ahmed Died

Lajpat Nagar blast: Death sought for 4 convicts

Govt must reveal what caused riots in Hyderabad

Sudan vote errors hit southern turnout

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: A divorced Yemeni girl


Muslim nurses allowed to wear long sleeves to protect modesty in UK

Indian PM Warns Nukes could fall into the hands of non-state actors

Pakistan 'military air strike kills 73 civilians'

Security forces kill 15 terrorists in S Waziristan

Over 200,000 flee military offensive in Pak

Shooting by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan fuels Karzai's anger

41 militants, two soldiers killed in Orakzai

India, Pak PMs meet briefly during Nuclear Security Summit

Lashkar-e-Taiba flourishes on Facebook

Don’t have visa: Pak curbs movement of Sikh pilgrims

‘HuJI planning suicide attacks in India’

Khaleda Zia's lawyers threaten judges

Islamabad, Lahore under terror threat

US in talks with Pak on nuclear security, tackling al-Qaida

Pak rebuts US study, says its nuke weapons are safe

Threat of ‘dirty bomb’ has global dimensions: Gilani

Salafists laying roots in Gaza: Hezbollah is enemy

Next Indo-Pak war could be fought over water: Hafiz Saeed

Pakistan fears isolation, looks to China

Pakistan: front line in war on terror

In South Asia, Obama juggles tactical, strategic considerations

Obama lauds India's Afghan role, to monitor Pakistan aid

A Jihad Against Terrorism

Allawi's secularism may not fly in today's Iraq

Six killed during protests in Abbotabad'

Four killed, 37 wounded in Iraq attacks

Ahmadinejad urges Ban to probe 9/11 attacks

Drone attack kills five

Lebanon seeks death penalty for three Israeli spies US, Jordan want ME talks

Was the war on terrorism contrived?

Indo-Pak nikah not a rarity in Hyderabad city

Compiled by Asit kumar

Photo: Yassmine El-Ksaihi


US 'approves killing' US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki

Fatwa against modelling by Muslim women

Ahmadinejad warns of 'tooth-breaking response' to Obama

Karzai's invitation to White House may be cancelled: US

Encyclopedia of Hinduism launched

Kyrgyzstan in crisis as clashes escalate

India not to raise hacking with China

Shoaib’s lie nailed, Ayesha gets divorce

Hyderabad Police quiz Ayesha Siddiqui

Sania, Shoaib already married?

City imam's fatwa against Shoaib

Nikah over the Net, phone

Appeal likely tomorrow in UAE against death of 17 Indians

US omits Islamic jihad from security strategy

Indian Army braces for cyber attacks

National Anti-Cyber Crime Centre mooted

BSF Commandant charged with Zahid’s murder

Blind to love, panchayat orders death for couple

U.P. couple on the run after ‘honour killing' verdict

India was aware of hacking threat

US gives wireless equipment to Pak

FBI working out Headley access

Al Qaeda behind Peshawar blasts: Pak

Psyops: America takes on Taliban with heavy metal

China hacks into defence systems

Obama: nuke terrorism the top threat to US

PIO on trial for selling US military secrets to China

Iran says oil sanctions threat a joke

Glimmer of hope for death row Indians in UAE

Soharabuddin case: SC dismisses review plea of Gujarat govt

Court asks Geeta Johri, Jha to keep off probe

Why plea to remove Jha, Johri: Jafri named him, she is accused of inaction

U.N. closes Peshawar offices for 2 days

Vatican blasts anti-Catholic 'hate' campaign

Malaysian student identifies teen suicide bomber

Palestinians see US Mideast push at dead end

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: A child saying ‘Khuda Hafiz’


Little faith in new Malaysian inter-religious initiative

NGOs Support Inter-religious Committee

Pak starts massive war games on Indian border

Muslim leaders back cutting Haj subsidy

'Scores dead' in Pakistan air raids

Italians arrested over Afghan plot

Karzai Tours With McChrystal After U.S. Feud

Malaysia opens academy to train Hindu priests

Honor Killing: Barbaric practice

Shadow of AMU’s spy wing on Siras sting

Polish President killed in plane crash

'Absolute immunity' rescues Zardari in graft case

Dantewada ambush celebrations spark protest

'Fatwa' against Sania, Shoaib for living together

Jaswant Singh to Release Book on Jinnah in Islamabad Next Week

In Germany, Xenophobia Diverted by Open Doors

Don't rubbish Sudan elections

US wants nations to help lock down N-materials within 4 yrs

Kyrgyzstan holds funeral ceremonies for protest victims

Somalia Islamists al-Shabab ban BBC transmissions

Qaida threatens to strike during soccer World Cup

Defiant Iran unveils faster enrichment centrifuge

Bomber shoots cop in Russia, blows herself up

Bush knew most in Gitmo innocent: Col Wilkerson

Militants attacks Indian camp in Afghanistan

100 Kashmir peaks to be opened to foreign climbers

Pak's nuclear arsenal is in 'safe hands': Gilani

Crackdown on terror credit cards

Yet another 'honour killing' rocks Haryana

Gay Indian professor found dead after students filmed him having sex

Manmohan and Obama will discuss Af-Pak strain in Indo-US ties

Cong chief steps in, communal violence Bill back on drafting board

Netanyahu ducks US nuclear summit, fearing censure

Qatar Diplomat Who Sparked Airplane Bomb Scare Was Visiting Jailed Al-Qaeda

India: Govt wants to end rising Haj subsidy

61 Pak-Hindu nationals staying illegally in Amravati

India wants Afghanistan to expedite Kabul probe

The vice president bears good news from Iraq

In Baghdad, for a fast buck

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Malaysia's M. Indira Gandhi and her children: converted by her husband to Islam without her knowledge


Michigan Muslim leader: Pix of slain Imam troubling

Sadr supporters reject leading candidates for Iraqi PM

US 'reviewing' Iraq killing video posted on WikiLeaks

Jerusalem patriarch: Hamas protecting Christians

US, Russia to sign nuclear arms treaty

US says no to civil nuclear deal with Pakistan

China to back Pak demand for N-deal with US: Report

Study finds massive job discrimination against French Muslims

Behind France's Islamic veil

Indonesian couple face caning for adultery: Police

Sharjah launches crackdown on 'humble lungi'

Mumbai gunmen denied Muslim burial secretly interred in January

Iraqi teen would-be suicide bomber held

Prof. Akhtarul Wassey is the new Vice-Chairman of Delhi Urdu Academy

Jamiat-e-Ulema's march for Muslim reservation

Conferece on the life of Sahaba(R.A.)

Pennsylvania: Silent Plea in Terrorism Case

Malaysian Indian sentenced to death for killing 3 kids

US-Israeli dispute still unresolved: Netanyahu

2 more Palestinian families get eviction warrant in East Jerusalem

Israel PM doubts sanctions have 'teeth' to dissuade Iran

Brithish Army criticised for 'mosques' on firing range

Kidnapped Greek curator is freed by Taliban

Qatari diplomat detained after incident on US plane

At Last Allowed, Muslim Scholar Visits

Pakistan wants Afghan, Saudi, US input on Bhutto report

Iran ridicules Obama's ‘cowboy’ nuke stance

Taliban release new video of captured US soldier

Bangladesh convicts, jails 29 paramilitary mutineers

Bangladesh calls in army to distribute water

Kyrgyzstan government ousted in violent revolt

Israel main threat to Middle East peace: Erdogan


I have done what was most amicable: Shoaib Malik

Muslims vow to unseat Zionists

Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike to protest deteriorating living conditions

Key conspirator of Pune blast identified, says ATS

Lajpat Nagar blast: Six convicted

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: This undated file photo provided by Muslim Alliance of North America shows Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, imam of the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque in Detroit


Karzai, White House escalate war of words

Karzai Slams the West Again

10 killed as bombings target US consulate in Peshawar

Pak plans biggest-ever wargame to counter Indian threat

Egypt releases ElBaradei backer

'Suicide bomb' at north-west Pakistan political rally, 43 killed

Once again, Pak is close to the brink

Karzai threatens to join Taliban

Police at Sania's residence to quiz Shoaib

Shoaib alleges nikahnama was forged; cops quiz Ayesha

'I am not going anywhere, I am here to clear my name,' says Shoaib Malik

Wrong people trying to hijack Islam: UK Indian Muslims

Halal becomes big business

‘Bombings bear Qaeda mark’

Second Moscow Metro bomber 'was teacher'

Family jihad tour: European parents are 'taking children to terror training camps'

Egyptian police arrest publisher of ElBaradei book

Downloading a document from the Internet can land you in jail

‘Israel to attack Iran by November’

Muslim quota soon: CM

Carnage in Iraq

J&K rail link vulnerable to terror attacks: PIL

Devotees throng Dargah Dera Banda Nawaz

The Urs of Mian Meeran Shah concludes

Internal differences the biggest problem for the Muslim ummah, says Mufti Abdur Rehman

Misunderstanding Islam

Dubai court upholds kissing British couple’s sentence

Death sentence to 17 Indians subject to appeal: UAE

India in no mood to hand over Kasab, Ansari to Pakistan

Benazir covered up my father's murder, says Fatima Bhutto

There's something about Fatima

Indian godmen a hit in Nepal

Iran to host nuclear disarmament conference

Ingushetia hit by suicide attack

Taliban holding Japan journalist in northern Afghanistan

Troops kill 38 terrorists in NW Pakistan

Now Imarat Shariah puts its weight behind Muslim reservation demand

Iranian ex-vice president returns to jail

Afghanistan seeks arrest of ex-minister over graft

Hamas accuses Fayyad of treason

India to flag nuke-terror concern at US summit

Israeli warplanes strike Gaza

World’s tallest tower reopens deck; goes solar

Crisis in “Azad” Kashmir over issue of ‘sacked’ CJ

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai

India, Pak to launch major wargames at same time

Bombs strike Baghdad apartment buildings, 39 dead

Authorities Ease Up on Alcohol Ban in Dubai Restaurants

Chinese hackers target India, defence data compromised

Video shows US soldiers firing at unarmed Iraqis

Israeli FM warns Palestinians not to declare state

Hindus and Muslims together invoke gods for 80 sailors’ release

Israeli military criticises troops who killed youths

Ahmadis slam target-killings in Faisalabad

BCA launches sharia unit, expects 35% growth a year

Bhutto death sentence was a judicial murder: Pakistan PM

Move to make imams and madrasa teachers computer-savvy, technically smart

The 706th Urs of Hadhrat Nizamuddin Aulia concludes today

Pakistanis miss the good old 'Khuda Hafiz'

Muslims No Longer ‘Demographic Reserve’ For Russia

FIFA dress code rules Iran's girls out of Olympics

Post-26/11, Headley scouted Israeli targets in India to ‘avenge’ Gaza war

Obama’s Anti-Israel Jihad

Muslim world to promote ‘green haj’ concept

Saudi cleric announces visit to Jerusalem

S M Krishna seeks China's support for convention against terrorism

12 dead, 10 missing in US mine blast

J&K govt invokes ESMA as employees continue strike

60 notices but few responses to Kandhamal riots probe

Mamata Banerjee wants sub-quota for Muslims in Women's Bill

Qazis: A Muslim male is allowed four wives

'India didn't block water even during war'

India may gain access to Headley next month

Malaysia to set up interfaith committee

Pak-origin cab driver pleads not guilty to terror charges in Chicago court

Drones batter al-Qaida in Pakistan

US axes fast food at Afghan bases

US admits to killing women in bungled raid

Turkey’s Erdogan calls for diplomacy with Iran

‘Pakistan must improve storage to avoid water woes'

10 militants killed in NATO’s Afghan raid

Dawood aided 26/11 attackers

Islamic Jihad says no promise made to halt rocket firing

Family of 6, including 4 children, gunned down in Iraq

The Kandahar gambit

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Pak President Zardari and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh


Twenty held for tearing and burning Sania Mirza's pictures

After gurudwara, Pak mafias target temples

7.2 magnitude quake hits California; rattles LA

Iraqi capital rocked by blasts that kill 30, injure 160

Mardin anti-terror conference sparks debate over fatwas

Hizbul Islam spokesman invites bin Laden to Somalia

Somali Islamist group bans music on radio stations

Somalia: ban on music denounced

Al-Qaeda urges UK fanatics to build DIY cruise missiles

A Muslim yogi, who wears saffron during performance

Muslims will achieve reservations at any cost: Maulana Mahmood Madani

Muslim lady officer target of communal forces in Jharkhand, India

Batla House “fake” encounter: Muslim delegates meet the PM

PPP carrying out anti-CJP campaign

Pakistan to seek Red Corner Notices against Ajmal, Ansari

Mardin anti-terror conference sparks debate over fatwas

Fatwa helps in keeping peace

The hub of jinns in the ‘city of jinns’

'Israel closer to death if it attacks Gaza': Ahmedinejad

Israel to allow cement into Gaza for UN project

Hyderabad: Curfew relaxed for 6 hours in two phases 

Nawaz Sharifs PRO resigns over salary controversy

Vatican Priest Likens Criticism Over Abuse to Anti-Semitism

In Call, Karzai Tries to Clarify a Diatribe

Irish Catholic Church ‘lost all credibility’

JihadJane ‘friend’ held in US

“Too much representation, too little democracy”

VHP gets ready to hype Ram temple issue

Discourse on India-Pakistan water sharing hots up

'Shoaib faces jail if he doesn't comply with Pak's family laws'

Indian woman held in Saudi Arabia for husband’s 'murder'

Brotherhood in Yemen call for ending the state of emergency in the south

Photo: India's tennis star Sania Mirza (L) plans to wed Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, two months after she broke off her engagement to a childhood friend, the couple announced

Compiled by Aman Quadri

'Sorcerer' faces imminent death in Saudi Arabia

Twelve killed by twin bombings in Russia's Dagestan

Maliki will follow law on election: US envoy

Missing Iranian scientist defects to US

Now, US target of Christian militia

Obama wants new nuclear sanctions on Iran within 'weeks'

UK Muslims fear being spied on by govt scheme

Alleged U.S Jihadis on Trial in Pakistan

Call to bar Iraq election winners 'connected to Saddam'

Fear of anti-Muslim backlash in Russia

French govt told to limit burqa ban

Women refusing to remove niqab in Canada will be charged

Verdict set as Mumbai attacks trial concludes

Muslim scholars issue fatwa... on jihad

170 J&K temples vandalised in 20 years, admits Govt

Temple pays respect to a departed Muslim

Anti-Muslim riots in India's IT hub continue unabated

Afghanistan plays down talks with insurgent faction

Palestinian killed, 12 injured in Gaza 'Land Day' demonstration

Trials of ‘religious extremists’ sweep Uzbekistan

Mullen in Afghan war zone as US gears up for Kandahar

39 militants killed in Orakzai operation

Peaceful, prosperous future motivates aid work in Pakistan

Eliminating Terrorists, Not Terror

Pakistan to ask Switzerland to reopen Zardari cases

Pak, Turkey pledge for strong ties

UN panel delays BB report at Pakistan’s request

Daughter's claim may fall flat as Jinnah's will found

3 militants, jawan killed in J&K gunbattle

Belgium set to debate burqa ban

Islamic elements make attempts to radicalize the Balkan Muslims: Alex Alexiev

Balochistan unrest must come to an end, says Nawaz

Afghanistan bombing kills 13 in busy Helmand market

Suicide bomber attacks anti-Taliban militia

Serbia Finally Sorry for Srebrenica

Pig's blood in cigarette filters? Devout may find this 'very offensive'

Govt committed to quota for 'backward Muslims'

The Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik wedding will rock the Muslim world – but will it last?

AMU holds talks over tie up with American varsities

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: A car bomb blast in Dagestan


Iraq gunmen kill at least 25 in attack on village

6 Afghan Troops Die in Friendly Fire

17-yr-old 'baby-faced' widow bombed Moscow Metro

Muslims try to pray in cathedral

My blood froze when Zardari became president: Fatima Bhutto

Gays still face dismissal for coming out: US army

Church asks forgiveness

‘India can’t have same stake as Pak’

Pak attorney general resigns

Enforced disappearances, a common sight in Balochistan

Pakistani cabbie indicted on terror-related charges in US

Resign or else...Militant group sends letters to 30 US governors

Police defuse 'powerful' bomb in Russian Caucasus: reports

Special tribunal issues notices to SIMI, its chief

Hamas 'working to curb Gaza rocket attacks'

Ex-Jihadist Defies Yemen’s Leader, and Easy Labels

Gaza: Hamas Presses for Calm

Pak seeks Interpol Red Corner Notice against Kasab, Ansari

Kandahar, a Battlefield Even Before U.S. Offensive

Row over Shoaib Malik's 'first marriage' turns ugly

West slams Karzai for vote fraud attack on ‘foreigners’

Left-Islamist activists demonising Modi: RSS

US to begin profiling air passengers: Media

Yusuf is most valuable player in IPL 3 so far

First terror attack on J&K rail track

Israeli unveils tank-defence system of future

Anglican Church: Reach out to people

Somali pirates release Indian vessel with 15 sailors onboard

World pressure only makes Iran more determined: President Ahmadinejad

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan

Top court bans entry over cap

Congress in no hurry to push Muslim quota

Clerics hail move to recast jihad fatwa

Repent, extremists told in Saudi Arabia

No Lord Krishna temple demolished in Karachi, says Pak Hindu Council

'Three children hurt in Israeli air raids on Gaza'

No decision yet on giving India access to Headley: US

Afghan Parliament Rejects Karzai Decree

Iraq Shiite party open to alliance with Allawi

Belgium votes to ban veils

India to assuage Iran's concerns: Krishna

Overhaul of governance in Pakistan

Row over support for “defensive jihad''

New blast in Russia as Moscow victims buried

Metro bombers trained at Vedensky camp

Hamid Karzai lashes out at West over Afghan elections

Iran sees sanctions talk as mere threat

It's for India, Pakistan to work out Kashmir, water issues: US

A new level of recognition, legitimacy: Rahman

UAE death row: Kin seek PM's help

Riots panel too may now question Modi

US pumping in millions to retain allies in war on terror

Stage set for Zardari losing powers to PM

Safe passage for Iran gas: Pak

Pak wants Sania to play for them

350,000 displaced by north Yemen war

US wiretapping of Islamic charity deemed illegal

Local press: A time of extreme fatwas

Afghanistan: This War Won't Work

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Ibn Taymiyyah's unmarked grave


Black widows carried out the suicide bombings

Sufi group vows to rid Somalia of radical Islamists

Bangladesh: War crimes trial

Decision on Mideast peace talks deferred

Constitutional reforms: ‘PM not keen to meet CJ for consultation’

17 Indians sentenced to death in UAE

Shoura denounces Netanyahu's bellicosity

Israel to impose 9-day blockade of West Bank

No talks with Israel unless it backs down on settlements

G8 foreign ministers to focus on Iran sanctions

Jeddah's KAU opens doors to expat students

Bombs kill 5 at house tied to Iraq Sunni candidate

Kingfisher airline ‘bomber’ held in Kerala capital

White House adviser: World has united against Iran

Yemen arrests Europeans training on weapons

Concern over water conveyed to India

Gilani in bid to break deadlock with PML-N

Kabul’s move for talks with top Taliban upsets US

Secret visit to Afghanistan: Obama wants end to direct involvement

Hamas govt to be liquidated: Israel

Troops repulse attack on post in Orakzai

Christian pilgrims mark Palm Sunday in Jerusalem

Libya lifts visa ban on 25 European nations

Crisis with Switzerland stills runs deep: Libya

German firm to build rail projects in UAE

17 Taliban killed in Orakzai

Pakistan to get US drone technology soon: Qureshi

Pak Rangers, Indian BSF hold flag meeting

‘Terrorists deserve exemplary punishment’

Qureshi boasts success of Pak, US strategic talks

Arabs thrash out strategy against Israel settlements

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: A Black Widow of Chechnya


Somali pirates hijack 8 boats with 120 Indians

From Afghanistan to Arakans, militants converge on Dhaka

Kidnapped Iran diplomat 'freed in Pakistan'

Be alert, says Hasina after tip-off on threat to her life

Defence ministry report blasts Pak for letting terror camps flourish

Snubbed S M Krishna drops Iran visit

India to contact US for Headley's credit card bills

'Moscow bombers could be linked to AfPak terror network'

123 Agreement indicates deeper ties with India: US

Pakistan and India disagree over power project

Suicide bombers kill four in Tank, Bajaur

Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik to wed Sania Mirza

Congress asks Amitabh to clarify position on Modi

Israel restricts access to Al-Aqsa mosque

Six Iraq election winners face ban for Baath links

Afghanistan’s ex-minister faces arrest for corruption

Somalis protest against Al Qaeda-linked militants

Half of Police encounters in India are fake, says NHRC

‘My son was not a Jihadi’, says father of the suspect killed in fake encounter

Qaddafi: Nigeria should split along ethnic lines

9 US Christian militia members charged in police-killing plot

Moscow bombings: Blasts could trigger a fresh wave of vengeful violence in Caucasus

Hindu-Muslim clashes injure scores in India

Turkey makes case against sanctions on Iran

Prominent Iraqi politicians fail to win seats

Israel to allow clothes, shoes into Gaza

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Somali pirates with a hostage


Iran suspected of planning two more nuclear sites: Report

Clerics to sensitise Muslim community on female foeticide

Fort Hood fallout tests Muslim soldier

US analyst for changing Muslim image in the West

India's interests in Afghanistan cannot be same as Pak: Qureshi

Modi's questioning a 'big step forward': SIT chief Raghavan

CJI ignores riot victims' appeal, shares dais with Modi

ISI no longer Taliban's friend, says Qureshi

Israeli PM plays down US tensions

UK’s Islam Channel under investigation

Party Official Among 6 Killed by Bombs in Iraq

Sri Lanka tarnished over arrest of Muslim convert

808 Kashmiri Pandit families living in valley: Jammu & Kashmir

Mumbai's Haji Ali Mosque committee demands more security

Delhi sees Kashmir through Pak prism: Mirwaiz

Is Islamic banking the boiled ice-cream?

Non-Muslims slams Bashir’s statements on alcohol ban in the capital

Islamist Mob Shutters East Java Gay Conference

Winterize that niqab -- just live and let live

Muslim Law Students’ War Against Free Speech

Terrorism and the denial problem —Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi

Muslims pray for rain in drought-hit Guyana

Obama statue controversy not really about Obama

Malaysia bids for investments with 'new economic model'

Compiled By Aman Quadri

Photo: Ayad Allawi


Bin Laden threatens US over 9/11 plotter

Iraq election very close, results due Friday

Yemen: Where Men Marry Children

Bangladesh: Stage set for war trial

Big win for Muslims in India: Supreme Court upholds Muslim quotas

Expectations low for Arab summit to 'save' Jerusalem

Palestinians in at-Tuwani Fight for Their Education

Mullah Omar close aide held in Karachi

Pak: Bill today to slash down Zardari powers

‘Pak second reactor is in initial stage’

Burj tower will go dark March 27

New Saddam-era mass gave found in Iraq's south

Pak draws blank on Kashmir, N-deal

Gilani: US-Pak strategic talks shouldn’t affect Indo-US ties

Babri mosque security was slack on Dec 6, 1992: IPS officer

Headley plea bargain shows Qaeda-LeT nexus: Former CIA expert

Former chief cleric of Lal Masjid absolved in terror case

US wants Pak to address concerns on nuclear non-proliferation

Study shows French Muslims hit by religious bias

SC dismisses PIL seeking withdrawal of cases against MF Husain

Lashkar diktat in Kashmir: Give up uniform or die

Saudis bust Qaida's oil terror plot

Sharif backs out of move to clip Zardari powers

Awareness Campaign Stops Early Marriages In Amran

Reproductive Health Guide For Mosque Preachers

Kuwait calls for concerted efforts to eliminate racism

Woman held for beating husband

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Shama Naz, a 33-year-old mother lives in Kirkland, on the island of Montreal


India to write to U.S. for access to David Headley

Qaeda implants boob bombs

Karzai for more Chinese support

Jihad only way to liberate Kashmir, says Lashkar and Jaish

Hamas welcomes British move

Militants' worst foe may be Somalians on street

Israel confirms more Jerusalem buildings

Terror groups to step up war against India

Hakimullah may be alive, says Malik

Pak forces kill 23 militants in tribal area

Hasina ‘poison’ row: Opp MP sues ex-Prez

Canada passes law regarding Muslim veil

Pak continues to support some terror groups: US official

UK expels Israeli envoy over Dubai case

No U-turn by US on access to Headley: Chidambaram

Britain ropes in Pak paper to fight terror

Locals pelt, slash Afghan suicide bomber to death

On TV, veiled woman spews verse at clerics

Migrant workers exploited and abused in Malaysia: Amnesty

Minimum age for marriage urged

113 terror suspects arrested in Kingdom

Israel approves more housing in East Jerusalem

Afghan-Iranian mountain trails reveal hidden weapons smuggling route

Women in Yemen rally in support of a child bride law

U.S. Muslims Denounce Human Rights Violations in Bangladesh

Bin Laden's daughter released from Iran, in Syria

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: David Coleman Headley


Probe team may visit US in April to quiz Headley

Karachi project focus on 3 states

 ‘LeT keeps me awake the most’

US asked to free Aafia to win hearts and minds

Pak terrorists eye Bangladesh as next HQ

Pakistan police: Plot foiled on hotels, diplomats

Bangla hospital bans burqas for female staff to prevent theft

Niqab becoming a flash point in Canada

For tracking Malegaon blast plot, Express gets IPI Excellence award

India ready with text of convention against International terrorism

Tel Aviv urged to make difficult choices for peace

Netanyahu in US: Jerusalem not a settlement

No decision yet on giving India direct access to Headley: US

Pakistan army chief begins US strategic dialogue

US to announce a range of actions for Pak

US should guard against diversion of anti-terror funds: BJP

US must consider Pak track record before N-deal: Krishna

Pak may object to India’s role in Afghan

Afghan Hezb-e-Islami militants hold peace talks in Kabul

Pak govt seeks to ban A Q Khan from giving media interviews

Blair was paid $1.5m to advise Kuwait rulers

Cold War guide by MI5 to be printed

Bangladesh shuts down controversial photo show

Burma proposes to re-draw sea border with Bangladesh

Top Yemeni religious leaders oppose ban on child marriages

Qatar to supply 4 mt of LNG from 2013

Botox in Baghdad: Iraqis go for a little nip & tuck

Dubai sniffs for booze in sauces & soups

‘Sanctions on Iran will take time’

2,000 Muslim families living as migrants in Jammu: Minister

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif


Indo-Israel Nexus & Saudi Arabia

Students Islamic Organisation of India demands judicial probe in Batla House encounter

'Burka like a paper bag on head' remark lands Brit MP in trouble

US to engage Indo-Pak on addressing water tensions

India, Pakistan have shared interest in Afghanistan: NATO chief

Govt advised to push for Headley's extradition

Pakistan comes with specific wishlist for US

“219 Kashmiri Pandits killed by militants since 1989”

Gilgit-Baltistan gets its first woman governor

US missile strike kills six in North Waziristan

Madanjeet Singh to give $ 0.5m for Kashmir varsity building

Jordan says envoy was targeted in foiled plot

Taliban say not involved in Kabul peace talks

Iraq’s Shiite blocs discuss merger

Pakistan seeks energy, Kashmir role from US

Libya frees 214 Islamists, including three top figures

No homecoming for Kashmiri Pandits

Pak gives US 56-page wishlist

Palestinian says he was tortured in Jerusalem jail

Call for liberation of held Kashmir through jihad

Charges being framed against ex-Blackwater chief

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki Nears Agreement With Rival Shiites

Muslim prisoners fast and pray during Navratri

Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association of Ghana holds congress

Not all tension in Turkey is West v Islam

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Vice-President of the US, Joseph Biden


Allawi Wins Iraqi Election by Two Seats; Maliki Demands Recount

Headley names 6 Pak armymen in Karachi Project

India: NIA asked to ready relevant documents

India: Research group to evaluate the administrative failure leading to Bareilly riots

Pentagon Wants $33 Billion More for War in Afghanistan

India lines up Israeli drones in race with Pak

Bangladesh: Independence Day celebrated

Voting in the UN:The US against compensation to the Palestinian victims.

Belligerent Tel Aviv defies Washington

Al-Qaeda may be holding Israeli missing in Algeria

Saudi widow struggles to raise four children

Situation calm after Abha high school shooting incident

NATO urges missile defense pact, cites Iran threat

Experts say Israel could use tactical nukes against Iran

UN tells Iran to end satellite jamming

Possible Egypt president contender greeted in Cairo

India:Advani in the dock again over demolished Babri mosque

India successfully tests N-capable Prithvi II, Dhanush missiles

Pakistani troops kill 34 militants after attack

Malaysia’s Anwar sodomy trial postponed until May

Taliban not in direct conflict with India: spokesman

Bomb attacks claim 42 lives in Iraq

What compelled Nawaz, wonder MPs

India releases 17 Pakistanis

Pakistan does not want Taliban to take over Afghanistan: Qureshi

SAD wants buffer Sikh state between India, Pakistan

Bomb on Indian plane: Kerala trio held

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Taslima Nasreen


US suspect in Mumbai siege, Danish plot pleads guilty

Headley confession not a setback: Chidambaram

Headley attended five terror camps in Pak

No decline in Pak support to terrorists: Army chief

No surgical strike on terror camps in Pak, says MoS Raju

‘No nukes for Iran  is highest priority’

Jihad Jane pleads not guilty to terrorism charges

Pakistan arrests halt secret UN contacts with Taliban

Terror clouding region, spy chiefs flock to India

Iran gives arms to Taliban?

Al Qaeda on the run, says CIA chief

Osama & Zawahiri hiding in Pak: CIA

How close are Osama, Al Qaeda to acquiring material for N-weapon

Hamas: Learning from mistakes

Somalia: Hizbul Islam Vows Attacks Against Ethiopian Troops in Central Somalia

Syria snubs US plea on Hezbollah

Putin, Hillary clash over Iran nuclear plant launch

Middle East Quartet urges Israeli settlement freeze

‘Indonesia needs national religious laws’

Arab hopes in Obama shrinking

Nato hands over Serb site to Kosovo police

Gaddafi comment sparks diplomatic row with Nigeria

Ties with Pakistan go far beyond security, says US

Pak judge backtracks on 'Hindu terror' remark

Facebook row as Middle East officials ban user 'who insulted Islam'

Mousavi vows 'year of perseverance' against Iran government

Opposition couple demand 'year of resistance' against Iran's rulers

Interim relief for Islamic scholar Rabbani

Muslim Mahila Andolan calls for boycott of `male chauvinist' ulema

SRK's ancestral home traced to Pakistan

Husain's work sold for over Rs. 2 crore

‘Israel ancient synagogue was Arabic palace’

Indian Muslims weary of court relief over quota

The Battle for Jerusalem

No freedom in Muslim Bethlehem

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: India’s Home minister P Chidambaram


ISI pressing Babbar Khalsa to revive terror

Pak to US: Terror bill worth $35 billion, nuke deal

Osama bin Laden's son slams Qaida, says family doing well in Iran

Crude bomb found on Kingfisher flight

Terror SMS from your cell phone number? Possible

Indians in Afghanistan are soft targets: Krishna

Pak PM goes to US seeking economic and military aid

Doubts grow on chances of peace in Somalia

Holbrooke pats U.S. on Baradar

Blast rocks Athens

Quartet 'strongly supports' aim for Palestinian state: Ban

UN chief arrives in West Bank

Jihad as American as apple pie, says US-born cleric

Israeli Raid on Ghaza airport, 11 injured

Islamic finance hurt by its day in UK court

Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, the ‘pride of Arabia

Trouble Strikes Afghan Peace Talks

UN Food Aid Used To Nourish War In Somalia

'Children of Dust,' tells story of a devout Muslim's life in the Bible Belt

Dozens arrested as anti-Muslim English Defence League protestors battle rivals

Islamic cartoon row is latest case of libel tourism

Three Taliban militants arrested

US Lawmakers Stand Up Against Obama for Israel

Muslim spiritual leader calls for peaceful co-existence among Nigerians

Living as a Muslim in North America; balancing a two winged education

In northern Iraq, Kurds warn: “Beware the Arabs”

Afghanistan blast 'kills 10' in Helmand province

Somali Islamist al-Shabab commander assassinated

Bomber Attacks Afghan Army Patrol

The battle for Al-Azhar

AIMPLB now more representative, Rabey Nadvi president for third term

British MPs join campaign against anti-Muslim right-wing extremists

International Halal Conference to focus on Quality Assurance

Philippines hunts Indonesian training militants

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Anti-war protests in US


‘My son not a terrorist, he’s been framed’

Iraqi vote signals shift from religious leaders

LeT has 20 terror targets in India: US lawmaker

Filipino couple caught in khalwa embrace Islam

Kandahar suicide bombings kill 35

Pak hits Taliban targets, 18 die

Facilitate marriage of Saudi women to non-Saudis

Jihad Jane's allies in the courts

Egypt cancels ceremony at Cairo synagogue, blaming Jews and Israel

Lawmaker backs polygamy, hubby gets offers from match-makers

Tehran accuses US of launching 'cyber war' against Iran

Al Qaeda under fantastic pressure: Holbrooke

Jemima buys Oxfordshire estate for £15 million

'Punishment for claiming Ziaur Rahman declared Bangladesh independence'

India should only talk to Pak civilian govt: Karamat

Mumbai ATS uncovers Pak-linked terror plot

Bashir came to Ahmedabad to spot ‘terror talents': ATS chief

Afghan, Pak should develop common strategy for terror: Karzai

Muslims put Cong on notice on reservations issue

BSP faces heat as smoke lifts from Bareilly’s communal fires

Obama aide condemns 'destructive' Israeli homes plan

7 Indians languishing in Dubai jail

Indo-Pak rivalry can be very costly for us: Tanin

Mujahedeen forces join drug combating operations

Darfur rebel row jeopardises Sudan peace deal

Muslim group blasts anti-Obama protests

India open to new round of talks with Pak

Deadly car bomb strikes Iraq city of Falluja

New fraud cases show holes in Iraq rebuilding effort

5 CRPF jawans killed in grenade attack

Compiled by Asit Kumar

Photo: Abu Qatada


Challenger overtakes Iraq PM in overall vote count

US 'fully recognises' India's role in Afghanistan: Rao

New terror strategies have cops worried

Israel ends closure of West Bank

US military: Goal still to capture Osama bin Laden alive

Scholar calls for new women-only floors in Grand Mosque

Saudia Arabia: Pet dogs abandoned by owners end up in streets

Cultural bonanza at Janadriya

Women lawyers to handle family disputes: Al-Eissa

Farmer Discovers Himyarite Water Tunnel In Dhamar

Indus water dispute: Pak may rope in British lawyer

Key al-Qaida planner believed killed in Pakistan: US official

'US in common struggle with India, Pakistan against terrorism'

Kasab retraction an afterthought: Nikam

Indo-Bangla JRC meet today to discuss Teesta water sharing

Headley may rat on Lashkar aide to escape death

Cops: Mumbai duo novices in terror world

NSA: India to continue its relief work in Afghanistan

Pakistan censor board bans 'Lahore' release

Iran, Pakistan clinch gas pipeline deal

Increase LoC trade frequency: J&K

Terrorism: Americans indicted in Pakistan

12 dead in Pakistan violence

11 dead in fresh Muslim-Christian violence in Nigeria

Once-barred Muslim scholar to speak in NY

Report: 'Jihad Jane' Confesses to Terror Plot

Muslim gangs imposing sharia law in British prisons

Group Launches Investigation Into Imam's Death

OIC official calls for implementation of peace agreement in RP

Yemen-American imam calls for US Muslim revolt

Compiled by Akshay Kumar ojha

Photo: Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


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  • If the message is good, it matters a hoot whether it is historical or timeless۔۔۔۔
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  • Hats Off, I think you have not understood the meaning of historicism. It is the theory that the phenomenon of Islam is determined by history. It ...
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