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Catholic-Muslim-Hindu-Protestant-Buddhist-Jewish leaders in “interfaith hug”

Afghan lawmakers reject majority of Cabinet picks

Somali militants kill 138 in two-week battle

US images show how Osama Bin Laden may look

Five killed in Kenya mosque riots

 ‘Lashkar member displayed to Headley a styrofoam mockup of the Taj Mahal hotel’

British al-Qaeda hub 'is biggest in West'

Why is the American press silent on the Israeli role in NW Flight 253?

Malaysia: Muslim leaders condemn attacks on Christians in Malaysia

Hindi-speaking Lashkar controller helped Mumbai assault

Why I hold a jihad at the White House

US releases names of prisoners at Bagram, Afghanistan

Headley attended Lashkar training camps in Pakistan

US officers face investigation over Fort Hood suspect

Suicide bomb attack in Kashmir hurts soldiers

Two British soldiers die in Afghanistan explosion

Rum bottle thrown at Malaysia mosque amid tension

Kenya to deport Muslim cleric without delay

Global meet on Tipu Sultan opens in Mysore

Suspects in Egypt's church attack to face emergency security court

Major Hasan’s Smooth Ascension

Cops don't buy BSF line on teen 'suicide bomber'

Pak handlers wanted to swap 26/11 hostages for Kasab, says US chargesheet

Correct distorted picture of Islam

Lebanese Muslim accuses Christian teacher of veil snatching

419 email scam asks Muslim brotherhood for help

Qaida threat pushes US to up air security

US kills wanted terrorist in missile strike in Pak

Pak President Asif Ali Zardari's power to appoint army chief slashed: Report

2 Pakistanis charged with Headley, Rana for Mumbai attack

Two killed as militants attack Sopore PS twice

Kasab’s denial mode continues

Tape hints at Indian national in 26/11 control room

French leaders push for ban of Muslim dress in public places

Terrorism Carries No Profile

Malaysian held for threats to attack Hindu temple

Face to faith: We must all work at challenging how Muslims are seen

Jerusalem and Baku enjoy stable political dialogue

Pastor stages own protest against CAIR Says huge mosque project will be used to recruit radicals

Arab World: The Egypt-Hamas collision course

Suicide bombers are a threat to humanity

Gus Dur: A champion of pluralism

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Opposition rallies in Iran have frequently turned violent


Google isn't carrying water for jihad: Really?

Gurdwara attacked in Malaysia

Afghanistan explosion 'kills 15'

Taliban may be descended from Jews

US editor at Palestinian agency fights Israel entry ban

Two top Hizbul militants, jawan killed in Kashmir encounter

India, Bangla working on extradition treaty: Hasina

Lahore bus, Agra summit were my ideas: Jaswant Singh

'Pakistanis want peace, not Pakistan government'

AfPak war claimed over 12,500 lives in Pakistan during 2009

US to take over main role in southern Afghanistan: Report

Obama Wants $33 Billion More for Wars

'Senior' al-Qaeda militant arrested outside Karbala

Money talks in Iran as protest notes gain currency

Pakistan Taliban deny US drone strike killed top leader

Expedite 26/11 probe, Krishna tells Pak

12 kids killed in mishap, blast in Pak

Yemen warns citizens against hiding al-Qaeda members

Israel apologises to Turkey over snub

Egyptian Christians feel vulnerable after deadly shooting spree

Yemen 'must resist foreign forces'

BSF nabs seven Pakistani fishermen in Kutch

US steps up missile attacks on 'ally' Pakistan

Indian sponsored Taliban target CIA

I have nothing to hide on Iraq war: Gordon Brown

Afghans shot down while protesting US occupation

Pakistan concerned over "massive" Indian arms build-up

China gives first response to Google threat

Sarkozy says burka 'not welcome' in France

India wary of military role in Afghanistan

Islamabad biased in action against Taliban: US

UN mission chief may be dead: France

Death sentences for Iraq bombers behind huge attack

Sohrab back to haunt Andhra Pradesh cops

Yemen receives 53 Somali refugees amid fears of Qaida infiltrators

Twist of Events as Kenyan Court Goes to Muslim Cleric’s Aid

Photo: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina offers a ‘chadar’ at the shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer on Wednesday.

Compiled by Akshay Kumar ojha


7-yr-olds groomed as suicide bombers

Lucknow Pathans have Jewish roots?

The Bible may have been written hundreds of years earlier than believed

Karachi politics takes toll: 39 dead in 3 days

Was Salahuddin behind new J&K attack?

US-Pak trust deficit will take long time to bridge: Mullen

Pak against inclusion of India in Afghan council

Lashkar threat to 10 top Indian scientists

Shourie finds Jinnah repelling

UK to ban controversial Islamist group

Af-Pak border still epicentre of al-Qaida: Obama

Israel to build fence along border with Egypt

BSF foils infiltration attempt along Indo-Pak border

Indians left stranded take refuge in Kabul gurdwara

Denmark Adds Terrorism Charge to Cartoonist Attack

Gambia launches first Muslim phone

‘Over 12,800 militants caught in 2009’

India soldier killed by fire from Pakistan Kashmir

Somali militia executes Shabaab rebel commander

Three US and one French soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Yemen prez open to talks with Qaida

UAE, Germany urge Iran to abandon nuclear stand

Three Jihad Militants Killed In Israeli Air Strike

No intention to send troops to Yemen or Somalia: Obama

Blast at Khost: CIA ignored warning signs

Britain probes allegations troops 'executed' Iraqi woman

Muslim cleric flown back to Kenya

Pak had nukes before India: AQ

What the US knew about Al Qaeda plot

Don’t Pakistanise Yemen

25-year-old Queens College graduate Charged in terror case

"Cultural Jihad" Exploits American Freedoms, Documentary Shows

Who Commands Obama? 

Compiled by Akshay Kumar ojha

Photo: Muslim groups have protested against the use of the word 'Allah' by non-Muslims

Tombs suggest pyramids not built by slaves

India and Bangladesh sign five agreements

Israel and US behind Tehran blast - Iranian state media

Pray for me, militant’s last word to his parents

Christians face repression in Egypt and Malaysia

Yemen Remains Fertile for Jihad, say terrorism experts

Engineers Over-Represented Among Violent Islamic Radicals, Study Shows

Yasin Malik warns risk of more Kashmir violence

Alastair Campbell defends 'every word' of Iraq dossier

Government to ban Islam4UK under terror laws

Dutch inquiry says Iraq war had no mandate

Islamic Society of North America Taps Educator for Executive's Job

Ft. Hood report to examine military review system

Weakness is Strength - Dealing with Terror in the Middle East

Poll: Israelis more tolerant of Islam than Swiss

Bear in mind that wounds do heal but scars remain

Ruckus in Indo-Pak peace moot as speakers urge Kashmir settlement

Could the Pakistani Government Fall over Karachi Violence?

 What would it mean for Obama's War on al-Qaeda?

Trial underway for Baha'i leaders in Iran

Under Obama, U.S. has taken a step back in war on terror

Anti- radicalization Islamic summit in Chicago used as a platform for extremist invective From the streets of Iraq, Israel and Iran to your e-mail inbox every day

Peace in the Middle East

Why does al-Qaida kill?

Al-Awlaki, The Translator Of Jihad: How Influential Is Yemen's Mystery Man?

Terror trial verdict is "dangerous," says Tatchell

Iran - Enemies against existence of even one developed Muslim state

Egypt’s ugly sectarianism face

Five Muslims guilty over anti-military march in Britain

Egyptian university bans replacing niqab with surgical masks

Compiled by Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Bones, believed to belong to pyramid builders, in a tomb near the site of the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt. -Amr Nabil

Seven killed in blast in Karachi

France formulates new law to outlaw burqa in public places

Muslim community urged to continue its fight against terrorism

Around 700 jihadis waiting to strike in J&K

Pak safe haven for terrorists’

J&K remains vulnerable to militant attacks: ChidambaramRetired US Army General Predicts 300 to 500 American Casualties per Month in Afghanistan

Social media gives rise to the new Muslims

France Deports 'Radical Islamist'

Pope: Turkey Bridge to Islam

Not negotiating between India and Pakistan: Holbrooke

Gulf states warned of possible al-Qaida attacks: Report

Spain refuses ransom to al-Qaida

26/11 attacks may cost insurers Rs 500 crore

Taliban denies most Afghan civilian deaths caused by rebels

Norwegian paper reprints Islam cartoons

Terror buck stops with me: Obama

Obama’s broken promise has invited terrorism

Russian police kill two Islamic militants in counter terrorism operation

CNN Trots out Jihad Teaching Extremist, Calls Him Instructor of Islam

Despite Aiding U.S., Iraqi Is Denied a Green Card

Poverty Is Not a Cause of Terrorism, Radical Islam Is

Bringing Islamic Banking to India

Muslim guerrillas attack Philippine official: Moro Islamic Liberation Front

Muslim professionals condemn attacks on churches

Prominent Sunni Opposition Party Barred from Iraq Election

Moroccan court jails 14 militant Islamists: report

Radical Islamism: An introductory Primer

Islamic Christianophobia

Yemen and the War of the Worlds

An Israeli Stalinist Professor’s War Against Israel

Blackwater and the Khost Bombing: Is the CIA Deceiving Congress?

Will Disappointment on the Left Hurt Obama and Dems in 2010?

The Airport Scanner Scam

Uganda's bill to imprison gays for life is an outrage that should be rejected

Counterterrorism in Shambles; Why?

The Backfiring of the Surveillance State

Sick with Terror

Challenges for Pak & Afghanistan

Cardinal blames European Christians for rise of Islam

‘Hundreds of millions’ of Muslims are terrorists

5 Canadian Muslims charged in Toronto gang-rape

Suspected Fatah al-Islam terrorist arrested in Lebanon

Compiled by Akshay Kumar ojha

Photo: Police officer inspected the damaged Metro Tabernacle Church which was destroyed by a fire bomb late Thursday night in the Kuala Lumpur suburb of Desa Melawati

Two terrorists killed as Srinagar gunbattle ends

Failed Detroit bombing used to justify crackdown on British universities

Dartmouth Muslim woman refused entry to U.S.

The French continue their battle against the burqa

Kashmiri behind CIA attack

CIA bombing prompts 'change' in US security

CIA takes revenge with missile strikes in Pakistan

Plane bomb suspect joined al Qaeda in London: Yemen

Mumbai terror suspect Rana was a Pakistani army deserter

D-gang threat to US interests in S. Asia

Acquittal plea of six Mumbai attack accused rejected

Faith clash brews in Bodh Gaya

The Politics of 'Allah'

Attack at a Church in Egypt Kills 7

Suicide bomber at Russian police compound kills six

Bombs greet Thai PM on visit to troubled south

No direct military intervention in Pakistan: US

Pakistan not to give guarantee for Iranian gas flows to India

Three schools come under attack in tribal areas

No threat to democracy from CIA, ISI: Kaira

350 terrorists killed in Mohmand tribal region in 2009

America behind terrorism in Iran: acting consul general

Yemen doesn’t need US troops’

Afghan blast kills 4 children, wounds 3 US soldiers

Great grandson of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani meets Qazi

Christians find Oman an oasis of religious tolerance

Following Rafah Clashes, Egypt Says Losing Patience with Hamas

Israeli war game eyes Gaza 'occupation'

Anti-terror chief killed in Iraq bombings

Attorney: Fort Hood suspect's mental exam set

Teenager arrested in West Bank mosque blaze

Muslim march planned for UK army town

Azerbaijan accused of crackdown on Muslim worshippers

In line with US demands, Afghan parliament rejects cabinet proposals

Sudan’s new year of fear

Dubai's DP World seeks London listing

Compiled by Akshay kumar ojha

Photo: The gunbattle in the heart of the J&K capital was on at the time of going to press


Shia graves bring out Iran-Saudi friction

Malaysian Polygamy Club Draws Criticism

Malaysia Islamic party approves Christian use of 'Allah'

Malaysia word row spills on to Facebook

Kasmir Chief Minister Omar wins many laurels but still has miles to go

BJP burns Saghir report copies in Jammu

Quota on religious lines unconstitutional: Rajnath

Pak can't be threatened by Indian Army: Qureshi

Suicide bomb in Russia's Dagestan follows strike on Al Qaeda

Kerala High Court restraint on Islamic banking firm operations

US toughens air screening rules

Egypt's steel wall to seal Gaza tunnels

Qaida, Colombia rebels biz partners

Yemen steps up raids, US opens mission

Uncompromising Hindutva’ on agenda, Kalyan launches party

Fake rupee arrests in Nepal confirm Pakistan link

Pakistani sentenced in US for creating fake identity

Israeli incursion into Palestinian village

US Embassy open as Yemen hits Al-Qaeda

Why is Pak President Asif Zardari so paranoid?

Zardari: Kashmir vital for regional peace

Cop killed, three injured in Kashmir attack

Plot thickens: Bomber at CIA base was a triple agent

Obama to unveil anti-terror reforms

NEW DELHI: Israel NSA on hush-hush visit

Omar wants govt to hold talks on J&K autonomy

Eliminate extremist ideologies: Manmohan

Rights of Kashmiris suppressed: Zardari

New pipeline to boost Turkmen gas sales to Iran

Yemen launches offensive against al Qaeda

Pakistan court rejects acquittal plea for Lakhvi, six others

Afghans answer call to fight

Europe's Fear of Islam

How terrorists are winning

Compiled by Akshay kumar ojha

Photo: Malaysian Polygamy Club: Mohammad Ikram Ashari and his four wives and children at his home in Kuala Lumpur


India: Intellectuals Express Concern Over Islamphobia

Wootton Bassett Defiant Over Muslim March Plans

British Universities 'A Hotbed Of Islamic Radicalisation'

Islamists Spark Deadly Fighting In Central Somalia Town

Somali Charged With Attempt To Kill Danish Cartoonist

Muslims In Western Media

American Book Banned In Iraq.

Awaiting Deportation, 3 Pak Men Flee

Taliban Attack On Match A Warning To Tribes?

Qaeda Hit Man Attacks Cartoonist

Challenges For Pak & Afghanistan

Afghan Parliament Rejects 17 Of Karzai's 24 Cabinet Nominees

Afghan Parliament Rejects Cabinet Nominees

Attacker Shouted 'Revenge', 'Blood': Danish Cartoonist

US Considers New Sanctions Against Iran

Obama Ties Airliner Plot To Al-Qaeda's Yemeni Affiliate

U.S. Closes Embassy In Yemen Over Qaeda Threats

Arab League And Oic To Enhance Arabs And Muslims Image In America

Malaysian Government To Appeal 'Allah' Ruling

London Summit On Terror Threat From Yemen

Delay In Cases Like Kasab Or Afzal Lead To Hijacks: Doval

India Concerned About China's Weapons Supply To Pak: Krishna

Pak Terrorists Escape: Rs 50, 000 Reward Announced

3 Pak Terrorists Escape From Delhi Hospital

Bomb Kills Ex-Pakistan Minister

S. Korean Court Backs Pakistani Gay's Refugee Bid

Muslim-Hindu Punk Rock Bands Part Of New Movement

Obama Ties Airliner Plot To Al-Qaeda's Yemeni Affiliate

Nik Aziz: Non-Muslims Can Use ‘Allah’

Egypt's Iron Wall On Gaza

Muslim Writers Say La Plante Attack On Bbc Is 'Insulting'

Muslim Terror Suspect Tries To Assassinate Danish Cartoonist

Iran To Try Ashoura Rally Detainees

Jerusalem: The Collapse In The Silwan Street Is Because Of The Israeli Excavations Under The Town And The Area Around Al Aqsa Mosque Complex.

To Beat the Terrorists We Need A Battle Of Ideas

Philippines - Halal Meat Trade Needs To Expand

O.C. Islamic Educational Centre A Target Of Anti-Muslim Acts

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Asks Muslims To Be Patient, Government Will Appeal

Egypt’s Steel Wall Sparks ‘Fatwa War’

India & Jihadi Terrorism During 2009

Developer Denies Deal With Gaddafi

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: At least 47 people have been killed in central Somalia in fighting


Pakistan army hits 'militants' in Waziristan hospital

Malaysia Court Rules Catholic Paper Can Print ‘Allah’

Malaysian court rules non-Muslims may call God Allah

West Bengal madrassas draw non-Muslim students

The Afghan-Pakistan militant nexus

Hindus, Muslims throng the shrine of Kashmir Sufi saint

CIA chief confirms seven officers killed by Afghan bomb

Two French journalists kidnapped in Afghanistan

Canadians killed in Afghanistan attack

Q&A: Foreign forces in Afghanistan

Banning forced marriages

Give protection to Muslim woman, Hindu husband: HC

Americans blame Britain for rise of Islamic extremism

UN to move some staff out of Pakistan for safety

Talks on Modern Economy in the Light of Qur’an and Sunnah

Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs other Moslem groups condemn attempted terror attack

Dubai panel to settle Tamweel, Amlak disputes

Al Qaeda not in Nigeria: Muslim leaders

Muslim world cautious toward U.S. olive branch

Chinese Muslim region adopts law on national unity

Popular Front to launch national campaign for Muslim reservation

Christian, Muslim leaders call for high-level campaign

'No al-Qaeda on Nigerian soil'

Frame rural employment schemes to benefit Muslim women

Muslims in Zambia seek new beginning

No country for 400,000 Muslim refugees: Refugees in B’desh say no to repatriation

Muslim Law Board, Jamaat Islami condemn Chidambaram for equating Jihad with terrorism

Six killed in new attacks in Thai south: police

Gaza: 77% of women experience abuse

Police arrest senior Pakistani Taliban commander

Iran Prosecutor Threatens Opposition With Trials

Iranians demanding what they have right to demand

'Nigerian terrorist was sexually frustrated'

Yemeni forces raid al-Qaida hideout, clashes erupt

Gunman's body found after Finland mall shootings

CIA workers killed by 'Afghan soldier'

Freed British hostage Peter Moore 'held in Iran'

Yemen 'can handle al-Qaeda menace'

Teenager Arrested in West Bank Mosque Blaze

Muslim anger over war-crime law pledge

Iraq PM faces wiser competition in national vote

Compiled by Aman Quadri


Massive Muslim Mob Damages Church Building in Indonesia

Online jihad recruiters target Asia

To get job in Surat, Muslim took Hindu name; revealed when he was killed

Hindus join Muslims in observing Muharrum

Taliban blow up girls school in Pak

US widens war against Al Qaeda to Yemen

Post Xmas terror plot, strict curbs greet flyers

‘Mousavi nephew killed in clashes’

Iran accuses Britain of meddling

Indonesia clears woman in e-mail libel case

Bangladesh says Myanmar to take back 9,000 refugees

Ahmedabad remembers Imam Hussain's sacrifice

Jews Remain in Eye of Al-Qaeda Storm

Indonesian Muslim Students Association (HMI) to help root out corruption in Indonesia

Don’t shy away from singing Vande Mataram, Ranganath tells Muslims

Myanmar to repatriate 9,000 Muslim refugees from B'desh

Jamia Millia wants to shed madrasa tag: Vice Chancellor (Interview)

Metro Detroit Muslims to condemn attack

Russia’s Muslims No Longer Need to Study Abroad, Medvedev Aide Says

Al-Qaeda group claims US plane plot

Pak helped NKorea build nuke weapons as early as 1990: Report

3 Iranians pull a fast one on traders

9 dead, including at least 6 kids, in US building fire

Obama orders review of flight security

Botched US jet attack: Nigerian suspect was nicknamed 'the Pope'

Mosque with no muezzin, only light

United States opposes new Israeli construction in East Jerusalem

Af-Pak policy re-drawn, says U.S.

10 Bangladeshis arrested in Jammu

Al Qaeda group claims US jet plot, vows more attacks

The Maguindanao massacre: Peace of the grave

Muslim Cleric Anwar Awlaki Linked to Fort Hood, Northwest Flight 253 Terror Attacks

US university branches in Dubai struggling

Bomb suspect's probe expands

Terrorism suspect apparently wrote about loneliness

Umar hid explosives in his underwear

Post 9/11, air travellers take on terrorists directly

Would-be bomber’s dad had warned US

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: A sharia law officer canes a woman in front of a mosque in Banda Aceh, Indonesia (2006 File)


Blood and violence as millions mark Youm-e-Ashur

Iraqi forces 'defuse nine bombs' in Karbala

Hindus observe Muharram in Bihar village 

Iran battles reinvigorated opposition

All politics is local, even for al-Qaeda terrorists

'Taliban killed Benazir with Musharraf's consent'

Muslims turn blood donors on Muharram in Lucknow

Yaum-e-Ashura observed with procession in Hyderabad

Kashmir Shias clash with police, 20 hurt

Religious zeal, communal amity marks Muharram in India

Shahi Imam of Punjab terms Pranab's decision not to attend Ahmadi convention as ‘prudent’

Terrorism scare on US-bound plane

B’desh Govt dismisses concern over ‘special security’ in IHC

Nigerians get education in radical Islam

Protest planned to tell world: Islam is peaceful

Toll rises in Pakistan-administered Kashmir blast

Indonesia's religious police on frontline of hemline war

The mystery of missing Muslim female rulers

Muslims in UK: Grey Areas of Halal, Transformation And Assimilation

Sri Lanka: Yearnings of the N-Muslims end by May 2010

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Six million people including 105,000 foreigners visit Karbala in last 10 days


Somali Extremists Scorch Food Aid

Somalia's Shebab says will send fighters to Yemen

Political ban on Catholic publication thrown out in Malaysia

Yemen's Saleh appeals for reason from rebels, Qaeda

Leading Egypt clerics back Gaza tunnel barrier: report

Use the Quran to share Christ with Muslim, veteran missionary suggests

Muslims Do Not Share Global Revival Of Optimism: Survey

Chinese Muslim region adopts law on national unity

Suicide bomb kills 40 in Pakistan

5 terror suspects from U.S. may face life terms in Pakistan

Deaths in Pakistan suicide attack

Muslims with clubs and axes attack showing of "Jesus" film in Pakistan

Nawaz will become prime minister again: Shahbaz

Obama’s Year of ‘Engagement’ Saw Few Clear Successes

Obama's Muslim outreach ranked top religion story of 2009

British universities sometimes seen as breeding grounds for radical Islam

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu proposes Egypt peace summit: Officials

Two French journalists kidnapped in Afghanistan: Colleague

Charges dismissed against Blackwater guards in Iraq deaths

Iran: opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi 'ready to die' for the cause

Iraq hostage Peter Moore to return to Britain

Iraq regrets Blackwater case dismissal, may sue

Indonesia Mourns the Passing of a Beloved Leader

Indonesian leader was a man for all people

North Korea calls for end to hostility with US

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind backs separate Telangana

Double life of 'gifted and polite' terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Credit to an Anti-Terrorist Muslim

Mousavi 'ready to die' for reform

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: ENLIGHTENING: Sulekha Yaqub addressing the convention in Jeddah. (AN)

Kingdom gives ultimatum to Yemeni intruders

300-year-old gold-leaf Quran to be displayed at museum

Stoning law reignites Indonesia's sharia debate

Bomb targeting historic church in Iraq kills 2

30 delegates to attend Intl. congress on hijab in Iran

Muslims part of US social fabric

National consensus needed for Muslim reservation: Indian PM tells MPs

Muslims slam UK pledge to reform war crimes law

Jharkhand assembly election returns 5 Muslim MLAs

Jeddah lashed by more rains

Swiss envoy claims Minaret ban not rejection of Muslim community

Israel to demolish 8 homes, mosque in East Jerusalem

Israel ‘ready’ for Gaza’s prisoner swap deal

Terrorist attack feared after Jackson arrest

Ghalib haveli party: Govt files FIR

Pakistan makes into top10 crises-hit countries

KOHAT: 18 militants killed in Orakzai Agency

ISLAMABAD: leader of the lawyers unhappy over SC verdict on NRO

Balochistan becomes target in war against Taliban

Christmas Preparations Remain Peaceful in Pakistan

Pakistan court orders a nose for a nose

ISLAMABAD: Graft amnesty deal was a mistake, rues Musharraf

Osama Bin Laden Children Under House Arrest in Iran, Al-Awsat Says

Police, protesters clash in southern Iran

Iraqi police: Gunmen storm checkpoint, kill 4

Isfahan: police and protesters clash, at least 50 arrested

Iran fires opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi from state-funded post

Iran nuclear trigger report fabricated: Ahmadinejad

Karzai to keep half his Cabinet

The West’s writ in Afghanistan

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Saudi soldiers head toward the border with Yemen


Remembering the martyrs of Karbala

Terrorism is not jihad, it’s fasaad, say Pak clerics

'True Islam cannot be practiced in this country' :Evangelical Christian leader Franklin Graham

Terrorism is not jihad, it’s fasaad, say Pak clerics

India clueless on top al-Qaeda leader’s visit

Dark clouds of xenophobia over Europe

Justice Syed Rafat Alam sworn-in as Chief Justice of MP High Court

Muslims deserve quota in education, jobs: Ex-CM of Bihar

Did 'Jihadi cool' lure 5 Americans to Pakistan?

London in the sights of Jihadists

‘Biggest 26/11 mystery is identity of handlers’

Headley papers may help probe

China boosts Cambodia aid after Uighurs deported

China praises Cambodia as Uighurs deported

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood faces election rift

Cong, Rao to blame for Babri: Muslim board

Muslims deserve quota in education, jobs: Ex-CM of Bihar

Mehbooba Mufti denied Pakistani visa

Seminar on Babri demolition, Liberhan report held in Saudi Arabia

What Iraq Terrorists Want: A Sunni and Shia Civil War

The War Over Jerusalem

Spitz: When terror comes from within

The Fear of the U.S. Jihadi

Cyberspace emerges as global jihad battleground

Look Beyond the Swiss ban on Minarets

Coping with West Asia’s demand for nuclear power

Taliban gunmen storm Afghan city of Gardez

US alarm after Iran troops seize Iraq Fakkah oil field

Malawi Muslim community denounces census results

The World's Betrayal of Gaza

Eagle's Eye: Ayodhya dispute

Arrested Americans show no remorse about their terror plans

Eurabia vs. Israel on Jerusalem by P. David Hornik

Compiled By Akshay Kumar ojha

Photo: cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri


The battle for booze in Iraq

Ulema conference declares suicide attacks un-Islamic

Son of Poonch spiritual guru in jail for militant ‘nexus’

26/11 trial: Kasab denies taking part in terror attacks at CST

India: ‘Army needs special powers act to counter terrorism’

US air raids kill 63 civilians in SE Yemen

Is America Facing a Domestic Terrorist Threat?

India: Muslim leaders exhort youth to join civil services

Church demanded Rs 1 lakh from Stephen’s

What about sanctions on Iran?

Yemen strikes kill up to 30 militants, capture 17

Motivation for Jihad

Shia Muslims Decry Muharram March Ban In Kashmir

Osama in and out of Afghanistan

The twilight world of ethnic minorities

Pak rulers have no fear of militants

Intense rivalry over Turkmenistan gas

Commander among 17 militants die in Orakzai

Al-Qaida leader’s wife calls women to join jihad

India: 10 percent quota for Muslims recommended

Arabs are victims of abuse in US post 9/11

Soofiya Madhani: Interrogation to continue

Malaysian Muslims and Catholics argue over use of 'Allah'

South Thailand strife: Najib treads delicately

Islamic banking course to start in Salford

Former VCU Student Among Group Arrested in Pakistan

Iraqi Officials: Iranian Forces Seized Iraq Oil Well

Minorities should be given equal opportunities: Buddhadeb

Compiled By Akshay Kumar ojha


Israeli rabbi describes Islam as “ugly”

Violence against women is not a tenet of Islam

Pak Superme Court scraps Ordinance: Zardari in trouble

Why are David Headley's visa papers missing?

CHITRAL: Two Kalash girls converted to Islam

Muslims face alarming discrimination in Europe

Explosion kills 22 in central Pakistan

Pakistan rebuffs US

CIA didn't give full 26/11 info

War crime case against Tony Blair now rock-solid

'Sycophant' Tony Blair used deceit to justify Iraq war, says former DPP

Swiss ban on minarets is generating intense debate in Europe

Who Will Save Us from Radical Islam? Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch

 ‘Kasab wanted to confess, we did not use force’

Kashmir strike against CBI report into Shopian deaths

'Good job', Rana told LeT during Mumbai attack

LeT operatives sentenced on terror charges in US

David Headley, a double agent?

Jail for LeT, JeM men

Obama Administration sends its first report on Pak to Congress

Two Pak-Americans sentenced for video terror plot

Arrest warrant against Livni issued in Britain: Israel

95% militants in Kashmir are from outside: Azad

Musharaf withdrew Swiss 'kickback' cases against Zardari:ex-AG

Dhaka: at Christmas the sisters of Mother Teresa, close to poor Muslims and Hindus

Osama bin Laden, a myth or reality

Palestine is one of the top priorities of both Turkey and Egypt - Abdullah Gul

Kerala Plans 1st Islamic Bond as Dubai May Curb Funds

Mumbai attacks trial prosecution concludes case

20 killed in Orakzai air strikes

Afghan rape victim lives in fear

Compiled By Akshay kumar ojha


Muslim students brilliant in Sanskrit

China calls 22 Muslims Uighurs seeking asylum 'criminals'

Pakistan market blast 'kills at least 22'

Military Victory in South Waziristan or the Beginning of a Long War?

Transnational Terror Plots Expose Lashkar-e-Taiba’s Global Reach

Jihadis Debate Growing Rift Between al-Qaeda and the Taliban

Terror alert after suicide bombers enter India

Rana knew well in advance about Mumbai attacks: FBI

Liberhan report high on agenda of Muslim Law Board Lucknow meet on Dec. 20

Kashmir shutdown in protest at 'cover-up' of deaths

Muharram 1st paid public holiday for private sector workers

15 rebels, 5 soldiers die in Pak clashes

Bomb blast 'kills 16' in central Pakistani town

Suicide bomb hits Afghan capital

Leicester man tore a Muslim woman's veil

Markets rejoice: Abu Dhabi to aid Dubai

“Pakistan Army, CIA threat to government”

Omar sees democratization of foreign policy

Pakistan rebuffs US on Taliban crackdown: NYT

Trouble for Gafoor, clean chit for Maria

‘No plans to hold talks with rebels’

CBI rules out murder, rape in Shopian deaths

Iranian jailed in US for arms trafficking plot

Terrorism: Muslim families as first line of defense

Jail guard assisted in Basilan jailbreak – report

Al-Qaida No. 2 blasts Obama, honors 9/11 suspect

Muslims In 21st Century America: Home Grown Terrorism

Ten killed in Philippine clashes: military

Caucasus Muslims Office chairman calls on Sunni and Shia to perform azan together

Fatwa on beginning of Muharram month issued in Azerbaijan

Serbia charges former Bosnian Serb officer with war crimes

Muslim Americans' arrests add to concerns

Fashion chain’s Christmas trees unfashionable in Israel

Taliban Predict President Obama’s “Colonial Strategy” Will Lead To American Collapse

New Hezbollah Manifesto Emphasizes Political Role in a United Lebanon

“Obama’s Choice”: The Afghan-Pakistan Dilemma

Compiled By Akshay kumar ojha

Photo: Somnath temple


V.P. for education to Muslim women

20-yr-old girl auctioned in public in Pakistani village

Young men recruited to terrorism online

Taliban create ‘jannat’ to brainwash youth

Muslims to protest ban as Switzerland blocks German imam

Mock minaret to protest Swiss ban

Muslim as PM: Rahul remark greeted with cautious optimism

Muslim clerics to talk key issues in Mumbai

CIA asked us to eliminate A Q Khan: Blackwater chief

Pakistan raises more bunkers along border

Pak ends operation in S Waziristan

Police Americans in Pakistan had Taliban contact

Headley may turn witness against Rana

Pak national finds himself on no-man's land in India

26/11 trial in Pak put off as accused plead for acquittal

Pak must cooperate fully with US to wipe out Al-Qaeda: Obama

Iran proposes nuclear swap

 ‘A deficit of trust between Pak & US’

Gilani U-turn on Taliban offensive; says operation to continue

Gilani warns of terror strikes on Pak cities

Haneef's lawyer wins human rights medal

Al-Qaida denies killing civilians in Pakistan

Headley denies role in terror plot

The violence and fantasies of ‘the truth’ in Kashmir

Compiled by: Akshay Kumar Ojha

Photo: Vice-President of India, Hamid Ansari

Terror tentacles spreading online

Swiss town refuses services to women in full-body veils,

says too difficult to identify them

Muslim artist sculpts Lord Ram’s statue in Kerala

Pak doing lip service in war on terror: US lawmakers

Peace is Not a Noun; Peace is Action

Israeli vandals attack West Bank mosque

Sharia law tribunal is proposed

US men held in Pakistan had contacted al-Qaida: Officials

Pak ready to deport American ‘jihadis’

US drone strike kills al-Qaida's operations planner

Internet impure, shun it: Rabbis

Blackwater Guards Tied to Secret Raids by the C.I.A.

US, Pakistan bridging gap over their approach to war on terror: Hillary

US War on Terror and Indian Security Interests

Top Al Qaeda Official Believed Killed

The Missed Signal on American Muslim Radicalization

Helping Iran's student protesters

Six Killed In Bombings Near Baghdad: Iraqi Police

Military Time, Civilian Time

U.S. warns Iran to be ready to face consequences

Arrests Raise Fears of American Jihad

Senegal imams use prayers to condemn giant statue

What do a billion Muslims really think?

Turkey bans main Kurdish party over alleged terror links

Compiled By Akshay Kumar ojha

Why Christians do not have Equal Rights in Pakistan?

BJP's attitude towards Muslims of concern: Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram

Muslims construct Shiv temple in Bihar

Muslim scholar from Faizabad translates Bhagvad Gita into Urdu verses

Yemen: Osama Bin Laden's new base?

Malaysia court hearings start in Catholic Church’s fight against ban on ‘Allah’ translation

10 years seeking justice and end to violence against women in Indonesia

31 prisoners, including Islamist militants, escape in Philippine jailbreak

Poppy straw recovered in J&K

Pak officers working with jihadis, Headley confirms to FBI

 “Headley was in control room in Pakistan with 26/11 masterminds”

Drone attacks may be expanded in Pak

Malaysia hearings start in Catholic 'Allah' fight

Cop spoke to 26/11 handler on mobile phone

Hard-line Pakistani schools a draw for foreigners despite ban

Burned ayatollah photo sparks new Iranian protests

Now, even Hindu brides walk down the aisle

Israel okays millions of dollars in aid to West Bank settlements

Palestine will determine world’s fate: Ahmadinejad

Headley cooperating with FBI to avoid death penalty: report

War on Al-Qaeda inflames Afghanistan, Pakistan

OIC's Ihsanoglu Denounces Attack On West Bank Mosque

Four attacks before 9/11, 16 after

Westlaw Business to include AAOIFI Islamic finance standards

Taliban turn Afghans against ruling class

Pakistan Bars Deportation of Detained Americans

Pak terror suspects were cleared to work as security guards: Report

Netanyahu in dilemma over peace talks stopping construction in West Bank

Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam activist arrested

Women's rights advocates square off over status of Afghan women

No deportation for US 'jihadist' in Pakistan'

British hostage Peter Moore 'held by Iran', claims Iraqi MP

Sixteen Afghan policemen killed in attacks

Kashmir women 'were not murdered', says Indian report

Iran Says 3 Americans to Face Trial

There Is No War on Terror In the Obama White House: MICHAEL GOODWIN

Obama's popularity in Israel rises, slightly

Corporate American Media and Israel’s 2008-09 Gaza Invasion

Compiled By Akshay kumar ojha


Egypt men slam giving women right to divorce:

Protecting men from the “tyranny of women’

Muslims, Christians and Jews share values

Eighty per cent of Pakistanis fear stepping out of homes

Fighting terrorism is our own war: Taseer

FBI investigates 'US arrests' in Pakistan

Islamic extremists convicted over mid-air transatlantic bomb plot

Peshawar residents live in fear of bombs

Bangla terror outfit eyeing Mumbai?

Afghan and Pakistani doubts over Obama plan

Muslim PM only if community backs Ram temple: Bal Thackeray

Headley plotted attacks on Jewish centres in 5 cities

Taliban used ceasefire to expand operations

Terror training comes from Pak: US

Setback for Zardari, PPP

Swamy challenges order for setting up an Islamic finance company

Love Jihad is real, says Kerala High Court

Musharraf bullied into supporting war on terror

Pakistan makes strides in fighting terror: Gates

Rah-e-Niajat eliminates 589 terrorists

Iraq: Shrine rebuilt, but economy crumbling

Egyptian Human-Rights Org Slams Arab States

Hip-hop concert set to help son of Muslim leader killed by FBI

Philippine peace deal back on track

Knocking Our Heads Against a Wall in Palestine

Muslim woman 'abused' over dress by Christian hotelier

Al-Qaida says 4 European hostages in good health

Somalia:  Calm Returns to Elasha Village After Large Riot

Terror charges for man in Germany over US targets

Mullen raises Balochistan fingering with India

Losses at Dubai World Unit Add to Jitters

Compiled by Akshay Kumar ojha

US to launch new operation to hunt down Bin Laden

'Qaeda cannot be defeated until Bin Laden is captured or killed':

Bin Laden often sneaks across Af-Pak border: US

Bin Laden's location unknown for 'years:' Gates

127 dead as 5 car bombs rock Baghdad

Suicide bombers target ISI office in Pak's Multan, 12 dead

Islamic experts: no to the political exploitation of the Ayodhya mosque

Islamization is Transforming the North Caucasus into Russia’s ‘Internal Abroad,’

Election Date Set in Iraq as Bombs Kill Scores

Pakistan's support for Taliban and Al-Qaeda

Peshawar Moot rejects new US policy on Afghanistan

The Swiss and Islam; making money from bank bailouts

Spain: Men Charged in Unofficial Islamic Court

Afghanistan will need US security aid for 15-20 yrs: Karzai

No additional troops for Afghanistan: Turkish PM

‘Osama sighted in Afghanistan early this year’

No silver bullets of success in Afghanistan: Mullen

Obama: Turkey vital player on Iran

Al Qaeda claims aid worker kidnappings

Philippine Muslims restart peace talks in Malaysia

Iranian opposition 'pro-reform' not anti-Islamic - experts

Mughal daughter- in- law awaits hike in pension

'De-tensioning of Kashmir border critical to stability'

Kashmir sings along with Terra Naomi

Bihar Govt must stop appeasement of Muslims: Praveen Togadia

Islamic Jihad operative arrested in Israel

Palestine govt boycotts Israeli goods made in West Bank settlements

Democracy vital to win terror war: Zardari

26/11 probe: US may ask for Pak major's extradition

Afghanistan will need US security aid for 15-20 yrs: Karzai

US 'in this thing to win', says US envoy Gates in Afghanistan

Clamp down on Taliban or we step in: US to Pak

'Indo-Pak security relationship has consequences in Afghan'

Punish us if you must: Sushma Swaraj

Why India shouldn’t give up on Obama

Ross Douthat: Maybe Islam Will Save Us from Secularism

Iran cracks down on moms before rally

Vatican bank accused of laundering money

Residents protest Islamist violence in Mogadishu

Arab press says Swiss “regressing mentally”

Turkey: When Islamist foreign policies hurt Muslims

Unmotivating Speech On War: No Guts, No Glory

9/11 Terror Trial Protesters Boo Obama's, Holder's Names

War at Pearl Harbour and war today


Hindu-Muslim couple commit suicide

Indian Govt mulls backward Muslim sub-quota

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan rips through traditional views about women in Islam

A Vision for Muslim Empowerment

The Jihad to Enhance Oneself

London: New map exposes Pakistani designs on `Kashmir’

Trapped in Tora Bora in 2001, Osama had written his will

What the 9-11 Plotters Will Say in Court

61 militants killed in Pakistan’s Khyber Agency

Pak upset over UK PM's call for it to take tougher action against al-Qaida

Islamic Radicalism in Pakistan: From FATA to South Punjab

Al-Qaeda still main threat to Europe: EU anti-terror czar

Afghan sets in US prepare soldiers for real combat

Time's running out for Iran, warns US

Iran's nuclear programme started before 1979 Islamic Revolution

Iran offers $20m to militants for fighting west

Iran sees little point to nuclear curb pact: official

Iran vows to expand its nuclear program

Yemen: UN agencies battle with minors seeking new life in Gulf

Dubai Crisis Makes its Way to Asia

JEDDAH -- Imam, family members among flood fatalities

Hamas Bans Women Dancers, Scooter Riders in Gaza Islamic Drive

Israel - Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press

Fighting pushes Somalis, Islamist rebels, into Kenya

Somali camps may pose threat to US Insurgent group linked to Al Qaeda

Hong Kong Financial Firm Plans Sharia-Compliant Green Investment Vehicle

More Arrests in America's War on Islam

All for Muslim fashionistas

Amaechi Raises Hajj Slot for Rivers' Muslims

Former first lady's clothes mirror Turkey's journey

INDONESIA: Vote 'shows hatred of Muslims'

Compiled by Aman Quadri


In a first, women offer namaz at Orissa mosque

Pak PM’s aide says Headley is half- brother

For 40 years, Muslim discourses on Hindu scriptures

British Muslim tycoon Sir Ghulam Noon calls for curbs on extremist imams

UK Muslims make case for Sharia law

UAE Will Support Banks in Dubai Credit Crisis

'Sacred' goat gets Rs 21 lakh offer on Bakr-Eid

Women lead Swiss in vote to ban minarets

Survey of Pakistan’s Young Predicts ‘Disaster’ if Their Needs Aren’t Addressed

Gilani link: Is Headleys brother PRO for Pak PM

Pakistan must help break al-Qaeda, says Brown

Rs 15cr heroin seized from Afghan traffickers

'Pained' Saeed denies role in 26/11

Fears for Iranian Nobel peace laureate in regime crackdown

Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid

Chinese Muslims in Pakistan celebrate Eid-Ul-Azha

LONDON: Altaf greets nation on Eid-ul-Azha eve

Local Muslims observe Islamic holy day

Muslims in America pray for peace and reconciliation

Sudan teen lashed for "indecent" skirt: lawyer

Tri-City Muslims celebrate Hajj

Chorus of smears taint Muslims’ observances

Islamic centre in Northville meets outcry

Islam's warrior prophet shrouded by myth, devotion

Afghan soldiers dance with Edmonton-based mentor

Karzai steps up calls on Taliban for peace

Afghan President Karzai to be set international targets

Israel records sharp fall in Muslim birth rate

Security beefed up at Gaza-Egypt border ahead of Shalit transfer

Pakistan's president hands over nuclear powers

3,000 Muslims gather for Feast of Sacrifice in Hampton

Shah Rukh Khan calls for solidarity against terrorism

692 websites hacked in just 30 days...

Taliban Open Northern Front in Afghanistan

Singhal to Advani: Stop calling December 6 your saddest day

In Turkey, Trial Casts Wide Net of Mistrust

A Saudi Gamble to See if Seeds of Change Will Grow

Cleric Wields Religion to Challenge Iran’s Theocracy

Sharia supporters rally against brothels, condoms

His name: Jihad. His message: peace

Nepalese Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Azha

Eid cheer for Pak national who lost five kids in blast

Ban cow ‘slaughter'

Bangladesh Ferry Tragedy Toll Rises To 31

Islamic Imperialism: The Ongoing Tragedy of the Middle East

Osama bin Laden was within our grasp, says US senate report

To buy out Taliban, Afghans offer jobs to defectors

India, Kuwait hopeful of signing pact on prisoner swap soon

Bomb explodes in Kabul, no injuries

Pakistan bunkers only to ward off Taliban: BSF

Egypt terms IAEA resolution on Iran as 'unbalanced'

Imam's e-mails to Fort Hood suspect Hassan tame

Afghanistan will be different war

Flood deaths in Saudi Arabia rise to around 100

Five dead in multiple Baghdad blasts

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: The Burj Dubai is under construction, but it isn’t public knowledge of how high it will go; that's being kept a secret.


Afghan surge is new challenge for US forces exiting Iraq

Obama, Karzai discuss new US Afghan policy

Obama's Ominous Speech on Afghanistan

Houthi fighters Dealt Heavy Blow To Saudi Army

Muslim Women's Shelter Provides Refuge, Support

Indonesia Bans "War Crimes" Film Balibo

Uganda People News: Muslims in Mpigi cross to breakaway faction

Education Is Key to Ending Bias Against Muslims

50 suspected men held in Swat search operation

Pakistan holding retired officer in US terror case

Headley had visited Mumbai with Moroccan woman

Jihad draws young men across globe back to Somalia

Egg-throwing extremists shame ‘proper’ Muslims

Berlin Muslim Community Leader Rips Swiss Ban On Minarets

Tamim Ansary's Destiny Disrupted exposes western blind sides in relation to Islam

The Left's Love Affair With Islam

Philippine Muslim leader acquitted of rebellion

Manila: Muslim rebels to resume peace talks next week

Bosnian Muslim leader: Europe sending bad messages to Muslims

Plan Calls for Teen Christian Convert, Muslim Parents to Talk About Religion

Iran delays executing Sunni rebel to get more info

Babylon Ruins Translate Into Tourist Dollars for Hopeful Iraqis

Lucknow: Row over cleric daughter’s wedding on Dec 6, the day Babri mosque was demolished

Compiled by Aman Quadri

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