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Stay the course in Afghanistan, PM Manmohan Singh urges US

Barack Obama: "We are going to dismantle and degrade" al-Qaeda's capabilities and 'finish the job' in Afghanistan

Committed to fully implement nuke deal with India: Obama

'Traces of Babri villains thrive in every pillar of the system'

Iran: 12 couples held for partner swapping

John Paul II ‘whipped’ self in penance

Indonesia: Haj, A lucrative business of sweat and blood

Iraq war inquiry opens in UK

Hijab and Playing Rugby In Kashmir

Bangladesh: Politics versus justice: Khaleda throws down the gauntlet

Obama's Afghanistan strategy must be more than more troops

We Can't Criticize Operation Cast Lead Because Of Iran?

21 massacred in run-up to Philippine polls for post of governor in Maguindanao, a predominantly Muslim province

Islam in Europe: Swiss to vote on banning minarets

FBI disarms itself vs. domestic Islamic terrorism

Babri demolition: Proof of planning, conspiracy in a big blow to BJP, RSS

BJP: No regret on Ayodhya

‘Exoneration of Narasimha Rao shocking’

Indictment is very clear, says Congress

Kalyan calls Liberhan report 'politically motivated'

Ayodhya remains indifferent to Liberhan storm

Pak nuke facilities at risk, says expert

China refuses to take Hurriyat bait, says not party to Kashmir conflict

Mirwaiz scraps Hurriyat posts, assumes full control

Islamic fashion fest launched in style

A tour of Deoband: a city of global importance

Beware of radical Islam and its converts

Iraq inquiry told of 'clear' threat from Saddam Hussein

Afghan governor warns Dutch troops over pullout

US, Israel lack 'courage' to attack: Ahmadinejad

Why Iran’s Ahmadinejad is warmly welcomed in Brazil

Why Wright is Wrong: A Liberal Pundit Blames America for Maj. Hasan’s Jihad

Fort Hood shooter gets permanently paralysed

France's attempts to censor burqas will be ineffective

Greater Equality for India's Muslims Can Mean Greater Equality for Muslim Women

Tajikistan fails to curb abuse of women: Amnesty

For Muslim women, respect cuts both ways

Public perception already holds BJP guilty: Congress

Little done to block terror funding: J&K DGP

1st Pak-made jet ready to fly

Obey's Afghan War Surtax

Afghan troops announcement likely Dec. 1

Death toll rises to 46 for Philippines killings

Massacre Major Hasan's Breaking Point

Muslim Mafia Scribe: How I 'Toyed' With TPM muckraker

Many Iraqis sadder at soccer ban than poll delay

The Hijabi Monologues: A Public Conversation Made Private

'Moderate' Malaysia Faces Islamized Bureaucracy

Russian security officials beheaded in Muslim dominated region

Osama bin Laden Should Be Prosecuted in Civilian Court, Sen. Menendez Says

Bringing Gitmo Terrorists  to U.S. Is Democrats’ Job Program, Franks Says

Peace in Afghanistan

An Islamic revival in Azerbaijan

U.S. youths recruited to fight in Somali militia, authorities say

Egyptian President meets with Israeli counterpart

Lessons From Nuremberg

Charges against 8 in missing Somali case unsealed

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Indo-US camaraderie: PM Manmohan Singh and US President Barack Obama addressed the media together at the White House.


Jethmalani triggers row with 'God a brothel keeper' remark

Pakistan’s ISI helped Mullah Omar flee from Quetta to Karachi

Mulla Omar in Karachi, claims WT

Pakistan denies that Mullah Omar has shifted base to Karachi with the help of ISI

4 to 10 units of alcoholic drinks a day slash heart disease risk by half

Hijab ‘Bars’ Indonesians from Civil Service

Proud American Muslims deeply heartbroken over Fort Hood shooting

From Pakistan to Philadelphia: A terror suspect's journey

Bangladesh raids Islamist den, arrests 14 militants

Islamic Society suspends participation in Interfaith Conference

Sunni leader in Iraq sentenced to death

YUSUF ISLAM: Moonshadow music Islam returns to the stage

Muslims, critics have work to do, Islamic scholar says

Afghan govt would fall if NATO withdraws: Miliband

‘Kabul, Islamabad should join hands against militants’

Afghanistan is the worst place to be born: UN

Afghan lady Sabera gets justice in India;

wins battle against an Indian Army doctor

Afghanistan announces army upgrade

Kashmir talks futile without Pakistan: FM

Hasan had intensified contact with cleric

Pakistan faces a 'demographic disaster': Report

Pak father-son duo held in Italy for Mumbai attacks

6 nations press Iran to accept nuke plan

Islamic scholar condemns football violence in Egypt

Islam's first superheroes taking the world by storm:

‘The 99,’ the first comic book based on Islamic archetypes is set for television smash

Sufis spread Islam in subcontinent, says Taseer

British movie producer to explore Jesus's India link

Secret text on Shroud of Turin shows it's not fake'

Apocalypse film 'un-Islamic', say clerics

Using ISI money, spy bought his way

How you can eat meat and not kill

Rana and Headley have elite Pak antecedents

Headley chase: Hunt on for mystery woman

Mad dog's Muslim rant exposes hidden pain

Muslims, critics have work to do, Islamic scholar says

'Treat Muslims as equal people, not minorities

Russian Muslim Leaders Condemn Priest's Killing

Women in Iraqi police a sign of progress

PM 'assures' Mahesh Bhatt of justice in son Rahul's case

Muslim publications fail to address the general public

Japan, Turkey, UK, Saudi Arabia invited to Philippine peace process

Russia's most high-profile antiracism activistTakes On Nationalists In Russian Youth's Civil War

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Buzz over Mirwaiz’s China trip

Policemen die in blast in Pakistani city of Peshawar

Pakistan drone attack kills eight suspected militants

 Afghan ex-warlord and Karzai ally escapes deadly attack

Chinese Indonesians: Expressing ‘Chinese Islam’

Suicide bomber on a Motorcycle kills 16 in Afghanistan marketplace

Afghan ex-warlord and Karzai ally escapes deadly attack

Bangladesh's underage brides

Houthis release new footage of Saudi blitz

Nidal Hasan’s Ominous Islam

Does sexual frustration fuel Islamic violence?

Nidal Hasan: An American or a Muslim?

Switzerland...Anti-Islam Not Anti-Minarets

GENEVA - Islamic nations pressing UN panel for treaty that would ban blasphemy

War is no favour to Afghan women

Sharia Law: How can all this be just? 

Islamic Family Law, practices in Northern Nigeria

The People Speak: Texas town taken over by Islamic culture

Israel to send first warship to NATO naval force

Obama betrays frustration with Israeli stalemate

Cross border fertilisation of terrorism in Pak

Islamabad: Student’s death triggers massive protest

Al-Qaida Using English to Push Message

Afghanistan is world's most dangerous place to be born in: UN

Canada complicit in torture of hundreds of Afghan detainees

Indonesians Make a Mark As ‘Influential Muslims’

New terror cells planning attacks in Indonesia

Muslims in 21st Century America: Political Correctness Deadly 

Johann Hari’s Amazing Insight into Radical Islamism, its Western Coddlers and its Cures

Local Somali indicted in terrorist conspiracy probe

Russian patriarch warns on attributing blame for priest's murder

Iran - Green Movement Spreading Despite Crackdown

Russian Orthodox priest critical of Islam shot dead

Israel: A state for all its citizens, not a state of all the Jews

Egypt could quit internationals

Compiled by Aman Quadri


Bangladesh: killers of Bngabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman finally brought to justice

Silence on Islam Kills, from Hassan to Honour Killings

Scaremongering Muslim Interns, Undermining Democracy

Afghan president says terrorists can be beaten

Former Perlis muftif charged with uncertified teaching

Vande Mataram should be made optional: Tharoor

Prominent Muslims oppose Jamiat group’s stand on Vande Mataram

The Islamic scholar Dr Amina Wadud: For a Progressive Islam

Kashmir: Track II initiatives lead to Thaw in the Valley

Muslim women are still not taken seriously: Farida Khanam

Pakistan warns against early US withdrawal from Afghanistan

19 killed in courthouse bombing in NW Pakistan

Not every Muslim is a terrorist threat

Indonesia's anti-terrorism unit warns of new cells

TEHRAN -Spanish translator laments improper translations of Islamic texts

Gateway of India's pride is cops' dorm

Terror suspect held with no bail, Judge cites ties to Al Qaeda

'Europe ‘Not-so-Friendly’ with Muslims'

Jihad Watch seeks realistic handle on terrorism

Saudi Arabia and Iran fighting proxy war in northern Yemen

Tinley Park woman charged with hate crime for tugging on woman's head scarf

Muslim student cleared over bladed flagellator in London

China wants 'improved' Indo-Pak ties, but denies interference

Tight bond needed with Malaysia

Mahesh Bhatt writes to PM over son Rahul's 'great betrayal'

US considers response to Iran nuclear snub

Govt blames consul in US for Rana visa

Headley Used Rahul As Cover For 26/ 11 Recce

Actor seeks probe into 'false' rumour

Barbora remarks invite bouquets and brickbats

Supreme Court to the rescue of second wives

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Massive fraud uncovered after the presidential election highlighted the scale of corruption in Afghanistan’s government


Allawi edges ahead of al-Maliki in Iraq vote count

Iraq PM's bloc set to be biggest: latest results

Pak's Hindu MPs furious with terror allegations

Naif calls Al-Qaeda Khawarij

LeT not yet on Pak's radar: US Gen

‘Osama will never be caught alive’

Indonesian militants recruit fighters in video

Israel must prove it is committed to the Mideast peace process: Hillary

Pan-Islamic body accuses Israel of dragging Mideast into "religious war"

Muslim burials in Switzerland: tempest in teapot or racist issue?

IslamOnline staff protests curbs on 'editorial independence'

Hizbul chief rants jihad against India

Bareilly limps back to normal

Headley relatives knew 26/11 plans, says NIA

SIMI office to remain sealed, orders Delhi court

Niqab cartoon fuels debate on Muslim woman’s status

Aga Khan's Islamic treasures go on show in Berlin

FBI takes to Facebook, Twitter to fight crime

Karzai 'very angry' over Taliban commander's arrest

US missile strike kills 11 in Pakistan

Militants strike Lal Chowk again; 3 killed in Valley

Mysterious hiccups afflict Pak women

Bangla, India working group on boundary to meet soon: Moni

Bangladesh Army Chief visits Ladakh

Britain fails to get China nod on Iran

Zardari okays law to slash Prez powers

Pune blast a blot, advisories ignored: Chidambaram

Yemen Houthi rebels in the north 'release 178 captives'

Iranian police arrest 50 people at traditional festival

US, Israel push to end row over East Jerusalem building

Five Americans on terror charges in Sargodha, Pakistan

Three arrests over Sahil Saeed kidnap and ransom demand

Uganda's Kasubi royal tombs gutted by fire

Don't expect miracles from India-Pakistan dialogue: Antony

Deaths of Afghan civilians force US to rein in troops

Staff resist 'hijacking' of popular Islamic website

Halal food served for Islamic delegates, newsmen

Compiled by Asit Kumar

Photo: Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi


Somali Islamists stone a woman to death for adultery

Muslim scholars rejecting Darwin's theory of evolution as 'unproven'

KARACHI: Ulema’s help in promoting family planning is key

Pakistan: Girls School in Khyber District Bombed

JEDDAH: Ministry considering dawa wing for women

Headley-Rana Terrorist duo’s reel link getting real

Vande Mataram: Muslim artistes, academicians criticise Jamiat resolution

Obama admits delay on Guantanamo

Helmand to get more Afghan troops

Israel defends settlement expansion

Al-Shabab Accuses ONLF of Aiding Islamist Rival in Somalia

Iran military denounces Saudi "killing" in Yemen

Taliban Blame ‘Blackwater’ for Pakistan Bombings

Afghan leader to take oath, reputation in tatters

Obama Says He Is Close to Afghan War Decision

Pakistani military hits Taliban in Arakzai

Pakistan has more nuclear weapons than India, claim US experts

Pakistan says Taliban fled 2 villages

Pak Taliban chief escapes to Afghanistan

Iraqis feel lingering effects of Baghdad blasts

Iraq VP vetoes part of vote law, poll work halted

13 Iraqis abducted, slain

Peace effort stalls after Israel OKs settlements

South Sudan violence kills 12, injures minister

Vande Mataram: Muslim artistes, academicians criticise Jamiat resolution

Bulgaria Mayor Bans Construction of Turkish Warrior Monument

Muslim Women Arrested In Southern Uzbekistan

Muslim extremists recruiting from UK jails

Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders to visit Czech Senate

Poverty and graft 'fuel Afghan war'

Northern Nevada Muslim group to open school offering Islamic studies

Photo: Mr Rahman was the father of current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Compiled by Aman Quadri



Taliban target creator, blow up ISI jihad lab

At least seven killed in suicide car blast in Peshawar

5,000 more EU troops expected for Afghan war

Gunmen torch NATO tankers in Pakistan, kill driver

2 soldiers, 6 terrorists killed in Operation Rah-e-Nijat

Jewish, Muslim congregations to participate in joint events

Local Muslim vet hopes for understanding, not hate

US Army Objector discharges rare

November news has been hard on U.S. Muslim image

Obama attacked: Is he or isn't he Muslim?

Conference to highlight Muslim issues

Ulema's priorities must change

All For a Song: Vande Mataram and the Jamiat’s Patriotism

Pak rejects report of getting weapons-grade uranium from China

Governor Sindh: Local Body system better than previous municipal structures

‘Tension with India diverting Pak focus from war on terror’: Pak PM

Bangladesh: Muslim Woman outlaw 'confesses' to killing

Riyadh urges UN to end double standard

Mutawifeen: Proud to serve guests of Allah

50 workers rescued from fire in Makkah

Lords of the Flies and Breeding Bin Ladens

Muslims must quit British Forces, says Iranian envoy Abdolhossein Moezi

Muslims need not be apologetic

Put Osama bin Laden on trial

Adam's plight a hard lesson in Islamic law 

Windsor chief is sorry male cop frisked Muslim woman

Concern At a School In a Building Tied to Iran

Rights group: Israel 'personally attacking' us over Gaza report

Mundine takes a hit on Muslim retreat

MoD probes new Iraq abuse claims

Film about Muslims prompts dialogue

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Rahul Bhatt, son of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who has been questioned for his alleged friendship with David Coleman Headley, the Pakistan-born US national who is in FBI custody as a LeT suspect.

Fort Hood suspect Maj Nidal Malik 'is paralysed'

Arab pride to blame: Algerian footballers hurt in Cairo

COPENHAGEN: Push to Build Mosques Is Met With Resistance

Bangalore: Woman denies ‘love jihad’, court lets her to go with Muslim husband

Pakistan Rock Rails Against the West, Not the Taliban

President Nicolas Sarkozy reaffirms ban on burkas

Sarkozy reiterates determination to ban burqa ban in France

Book says,   Islamic feminism, based on firm conviction about fundamental equality

Peshawar blasts kill at least 17

A blast rocks ISAF forces headquarter in Afghanistan

Fort Hood: Questions, Not Alarms, Met Exchanges With Cleric

Northern Va. Mosque of Alleged Fort Hood Shooter Connected to Jihadists and Islamic Terrorist Groups

Should U.S. worry about anti-Muslim backlash?

Why Obama is never going to say Fort Hood was a terrorist attack

U.S. and Israel must respond, speakers urge

Catholics deepen their faith by partaking in the “Spiritual Exercises” of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Muslim director shares experiences in lecture

Pak wants long-term relations with US based on mutual respect: Naek

HOUSTON: Mosque tenants: We're not the owners

Nawaz & Musharraf handed over Pakistan citizens to US

In Egypt, Debate Grows over a Successor to Mubarak

Islamic groups warn US of backlash for seizing Iran-linked Shia mosques

‘Kashmir was incomplete without Jammu’: Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

U.K. PM sees 5,000 more NATO Afghan troops

SNP candidate praised radical Muslim as ‘preacher of peace’

Obama: Decision Soon on Troops for Afghanistan

'NY trial' for key 9/11 suspects

Bloomberg Linked to Terrorist

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was captured in March 2003


Egypt gripped by 'veil martyr' trial

Closing the 'hijab murder' file

Iran slams UK scholarship in Neda's memory

Gloucester Muslim women hit the ground cycling

Maj. Hasan's problem isn't Islam

For Muslims, Fort Hood Case Sparks Fresh Fears

Backlash against Muslims in military ignores history of service

Muslims, mass murder after Fort Hood

Augusta Muslims say they face suspicion

Radical Muslim Cleric Who Defended World Trade Centre Bombers a Guest of NYC Mayor

Detroit-area Muslim veterans celebrate, pray

To counter hate, a more compassionate world

Pakistani filmmaker wins prestigious awards in Italy

China set to take on Obama by selling advanced jets to Pakistan

After France, Switzerland may ban burqas

A Christian janitor died saves Muslim lives

Pakistani PM, Sharif discuss Balochistan situation

'Obama must choose - Israel or Iran'

Central Bank pushes for Islamic banking

Nakheel debt talks turn spotlight on future of the Islamic bond market

Police officer pays for slapping grateful mother

Irish priest kidnapped in Philippines freed

Moro Muslims secure release of Irish priest in Philippines

Iran continues to consider proposal from international community

Indonesia Joins Malaysia In Proving Islam In Tandem With Democracy

No ‘love jihad’ in Kerala, DGP says again in High Court

Shias too oppose Vandemataram

Iran embassy man shot in Pakistan

Saudi missiles hit Yemen border areas

Iraqi Interpreter Wants To Join Pa. National Guard

Attacks kill 2 paramilitary members in Iraq

US Afghan mission 'not open-ended'

Baku to host workshop “Islamic Culture and Values of Civilizations”

Spanish subway 'terror' trial of 11 Muslims opens

Islamabad Police apprehend 51 suspects

Marine assaults priest, claims gay, Arab panic

Compiled by Aman Quadri


Kashmiri Muslim Sayyid Syeed Works for Religious Tolerance in US: drewinspiration from a childhood meeting with Gandhi

Fort Hood Shooting: With Whom Are We At War?

U.S. Muslims also have died to defend us

Christian conservative Radio host questions Muslims in the US military

How much jihad should we endure?

Muslims in military seek a bridge between worlds

Islamic jihad declared again on the U.S.

Hasan and the Big Lie: U.S. "War" Against Islam

Obama’s duty to Muslim soldiers

Islamic conference says homosexuality OK

Iran 'ready to aid Yemeni security'

Yemen Conflict Triggers Flood of Refugees

Iranian cleric: Muslims should denounce extremism

Rah-e-Nijaat eliminates 9 more extremists: ISPR

Taliban expands control of Nuristan

US denies Pakistan nuclear report

By-election in UP, India: Muslim vote shifts back to Congress

Hezbollah rockets can reach main Israeli cities: Army chief

TV footage shows Afghan insurgents with US ammunition

Muslim lawyer ordered not to wear headscarf at Spanish court

Is Iraq the next holiday hotspot?

Prominent member of Awakening movement arrested in Iraq

National Muslim Women's Advisory Group unveils new identity

SMC play depicts women's struggles ‘Unveiled’ explores, counters American stereotypes of Muslim women

Can Indonesia's "Hamburger King" topple McDonald's?

HCJB equips Indonesian radio station in the aftermath of deathly quake

Somali terror suspect arrested in Dutch asylum centre

Body of Missing U.S. Soldier Found in Afghanistan

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Marwa el-Sherbini and her family

Saudis to continue attacks on Yemeni Houthi Shias

Car Bomb Adds to Toll in Northwest Pakistan

Ulema soften stand after meeting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Muslim Personal Law Board was set up with blessings of Indira Gandhi: Shia Board head

Blasphemy laws and religious discrimination, an attack on Pakistan’s future

Iqbal’s thoughts based on philosophy of Quran

Muslim Americans brace for backlash in the wake of Ft Hood tragedy

Despite the spin, the U.S. is under siege from Muslim jihadists

Muslim Mafia Author: Now Is the Time for A 'Backlash' Against Muslims

Muslim Mafia' author ordered to remove documents from Web

British Indian Muslims urge OIC to declare Modi persona non grata

Don't blame Islam for Fort Hood killings, Baptist leader says

Kevin Myers: 'Fear of Islamophobia stopped Hasan's superiors from disciplining him for his jihadist outpourings'

CNN Zeroes-In on 'Right-Wing' Backlash Against Muslims

Corporate US gets to know Muslims

The U.N. Human Rights Council: No Better for Obama's Engagement

An American, and Muslim, tragedy

 Al-Qaida video found at home of terror suspect in Chicago

Israel Trying to Counter Iranian Inroads in Latin America

Colby Cosh: Taking Islam seriously

Jihadists in the military

CAIRO – Nicaragua Mosque Stirs Furore

Lebanese paper says Israel preparing attack on Hezbollah

Independent Investigation Sought in Killing by Federal Agents of a Detroit Muslim Leader

From Berlin to Baghdad

Iran's Ahmadinejad: Capitalism is dead

Ugandan gays and Muslim women: a common struggle to redefine family

Indonesian leader to outline 'strategic partnership' with US

National Muslim Women's Advisory Group unveils new identity

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Saudi Arabia says its troops are ready to defend the border areas


Islam an Indic religion, India a sacred land of Islam'

Saudi Arabia assures full support in war on terror

Mapping the Al-Qaeda Linkages in South-East Asia: How Real is the Threat?

Chinese PM reaches out to Muslims

Fort Hood shooting: Mum’s the word on involvement of terror group

Mosque opens doors to neighbours with questions

Testing Times for Muslims and Americans

Baku to host "Culture and Beauty factor in Islam" conference

British and Indian Muslims soldiers fallen in two world wars

Muslim intelligentsia distances itself from Deoband fatwa against ‘vande matram’

More Indians in US hedge fund scam

Teachers, student hurt in Pakistan grenade attack: police

Rafah border opened to ease pilgrims’ movement

Kaaba gold door maker passes away

Haj media campaign launched

Rabbani’s panel in no haste despite Zardari’s rush

Two female teachers among 16 hurt in Quetta attacks

Mumbai attack: Suspects seek incriminating documents

Sikh and Muslim women seek freedom to wear head coverings

Anjumans deprive Muslim women of microcredit

Trinidad Muslim community pleased with Govt apology to Saudi diplomat

Bans, Burqinis, Burqas, and Bombs

Prices take shine off Pakistan lavish weddings

Hindutva leader visits Shia Maulana in Lucknow

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Photo: Saudi Arabia says its troops are ready to defend the border areas

Creationism, Minus a Young Earth, Emerges in the Islamic World

Bombers Hit Pakistani Cities as the Army Gains Ground

Dhaka approves law to return 1965 Indo-Pak war Hindu property

Why can’t Muslim women also lead the whole community: BMMA

26/11: Pak court declares Kasab, 13 others 'absconders'

26/11 terrorist negotiated Kasab's release with Israel ambassador

Pak still pushing terrorists into India: AK Antony

Pak accuses India of fomenting trouble, India rubbishes claims

Fatwa against an Indian national song 'Vande Mataram'

India: Shia Personal Law Board demands reservation

Karadzic regretted that some Bosnian Muslims escaped genocide

Will the hajj be an incubator for swine flu?

Will Switzerland Vote to Ban Minarets on Mosques?

Mother pleads German ‘veil murder’ accused is suicidal

Obama calls on Karzai to combat corruption in Afghanistan

Suicide attacks in Rawalpindi and Lahore kill 37

Qaida arms cache found in Riyadh

Clinton offers U.S. aid to help boost Muslim ties

Somali pirates fight over hostage couple

Americans sour on U.S.-Muslim relations

OIC chief calls for review of terror war

Malaysia adds whiff of romance to save marriages

Cops Kill Islamic Leader during Gun Battle in Detroit Suburb

Ayatollah H. Rapp Brown?

Al-Shabab Tightens Grip in Somalia

The stoning law, `wan'ni' and Sharia implementation

Jihadist groups infiltrate Lebanon, Gaza

When No Means No Pleading with Iran will get the West nowhere.

Azeris speak out on mosque closures

Iran lashes out at U.S. anti-Islam approaches

Khamenei says US 'hiding a dagger' in talks with Iran

Malaysia: Controversy follows ex-mufti of Perlis

No Islamic Landmarks Were Harmed in the Making of '2012'

Manawan terror suspect arrested

Double standards on Iraq and Iran

BANGALORE: Kashmir students get a taste of peace here

Probe asked in FBI's slaying of extremist imam

Need for US-sponsored Arab-Israeli deal

Lord Pearson's anti-Muslim rant

The Feminist Anti-Niqabis: Freeing Women from their Free Choice

Religion and the crisis of moral authority

Sheikh Khalifa gets second term as UAE president

New courses cover Bible, meditation

Local author writes biblical story for girls

Relocation of Guantanamo detainees to Standish Max prison: How Far Away is Standish, Michigan?

France: Mosque defaced


Islamabad: Bomb Rips Market Near Pakistan Army Headquarters

Militants blow up Pakistan girls’ school: Officials

Deadly blast rocks Pakistani city

Blasts in Pakistani Cities as Army Push Continues

Raid on hideout of top Islamist militant in B’desh

Chinese Muslims from Guantánamo sent to Palau

CAIR: Texas Medical Group Denies Muslim Doctor Right to Hijab

India, Pak should not allow terrorists sabotage peace process: Qureshi

Iraqi who runs down daughter jailed in Arizona

'Kabul attackers came from Pak'

Terrorists gun down 2 cops in Srinagar

Campaign: Kerala Muslim outfits

Iran wants UN nuclear plan reviewed

With Karzai, U.S. Faces Weak Partner in Time of War

The Dutch Islam debate since Theo van Gogh

Corruption Dispute Flares in Indonesia

Iran criticizes US opposition to anti-defamation bid

FBI Kills Islamic Cleric, Arrests Followers, for Being Muslims at the Wrong Time in America

Pakistan offers Taliban bounties

Pakistan-born comic Nanjiani making it big in US

Iranian guards warn over protest

Iraq signs new overseas oil deal

US view on settlement 'unchanged'

Half Iraqis Killed in October Died in One Attack

Karzai Gets New Term as Afghan Runoff Is Scrapped

Iran Pressed on Nuclear Deal

Scattering of Attacks in Iraq

Half Iraqis Killed in October Died in One Attack

Iran Wants New Nuclear Fuel Talks

Compiled by Aman Quadri


Mahabharata from the eyes of Mewat’s Muslims

Fury in Ayodhya over Ramcharitmanas

Militants blow up girls’ school in Pakistan

Good God! Indonesia Bans Hot Babes In Tight Pants

Pants ban for women draws condemnation

SI Muslim woman slashes sleeping husband over religion

Transparent Election Is Not Possible, Says Rival to Karzai

Qaeda Had Role in Attack on U.N. Staff, Official Says

Uighurs Leave Guantánamo for Palau

Clinton Asks Abbas to Return to Talks

South Sudan Leader Calls for Southern Secession

Iran Frees Two Karoubi Allies on Bail - Media

Iran Police to Confront "Illegal" November 4 Rallies

US backs Israel on 'preconditions'

Sudan's Kiir backs independence

Death sentences for Yemen fighters

Female cartoonist's provocative work challenges Saudi society

Iraq election reform troubles UN

Mubarak avoids talk of succession

Clinton urges new Mid-East talks

Iraq calls for security support

Revulsion at bombing in Peshawar, Pakistan

J&K seethes over prepaid ban

Pakistan film industry bombarded by Bollywood

'Islam can benefit all spheres of life'

Thirsty Plant Dries Out Yemen

3 held over under-age weddings

Mosque offended by alcohol & roast pig...in New York City

Muslim Culture vs. Western Culture: Muslims and honour killings

Islamic group seeks 'friendship and understanding'

Cambridge students can wear 'burqas' at graduation ceremony

 ‘My family was wiped out in front of me’

Ecumenical Anti-Jihad?

Secret op resettles Yemeni Jews in US

UNESCO’s peace waves overwhelm Eicher School

Hizbut Tahrir denounces Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa

At funeral an Islamic leader killed by FBI, Muslims call for justice

Honour killing not limited to Muslims

Radical Muslims want Queen to be forced to wear burqa

Egypt: Niqab crisis still in full swing

Compiled by Syed Asadullah

On Taliban hunt, troops find 9/11 link in passport

Muslim-Jewish Reflections: Zuleikha in the Qur’an and in the Bible

‘Positive’ Ramdev to address moulvis

Muslims not monolithic in politics, culture, religion

Abdullah Will Quit Afghan Election, Sources Say

Fraud surrounds women voters in Afghan election

US may grant asylum to battered spouses

Vatican flays superstitious Halloween as anti-Christian

India protests Pak’s ceasefire violation

India's fate linked with that of its neighbours: PM

PM invites opposition to share dais in J&K

Love Jihad: Muslim leaders making clean image for the culprits – BJP

From Iraq, Lessons for the Next War

'Hard to believe Pak clueless on Qaida': Clinton

Pakistan Ulema term Hillary Clinton’s visit successful

Clinton Makes Personal Bid to Resume Mideast Talks

US in new push for Mid-East peace

Indonesia on alert for tsunami drill

Bomb kills soldiers in Pakistan

Israel levels Palestinian homes

Senior Iran MPs Reject U.N. Atom Fuel Plan

U.S. Army Sending First Buddhist Chaplain to Iraq

The Detroit 'Ummah' and Radical Islam in America

48 arrested in Manchester’s anti-Islam demo

Hijab should be allowed at work, says Muslim doc

Historic mosque in Islamic Cairo undergoes an elaborate renewal

Batla encounter: Apex court says no to plea for judicial probe

Handler to 26/11 terrorist: Two Pak cricketers in Taj

Racketeering counts considered; FBI upsets Muslims

No pre-paid mobiles in J&K from Nov 1

British bullets too small to fell 'high' Taliban

Pilgrimage to Mecca begins for Muslims

Smooth rifts with Indonesians: expert

Nawal Saadawi says no to Muslim Brotherhood

Panthers' Muhammad, two others out for Sunday

Radical Somali-Canadians potential threat: RCMP boss

Dearborn Shoot-Out Opens a Window into Home-grown Terror

Rally Behind Denmark ByDiana West

Compiled by Aman Quadri


Ethnic Uighur Journalist Detained in China

Xinjiang violence: Views from China

Quran doesn't justify crime, Muslims say

Islam, the imperative of global peace, security

Muslim Woman Tries to Kill Husband; Claims He Fed Her Pork, Liquor

Female cartoonist's provocative work challenges Saudi society

Serbia’s mixed feelings on trial of Karadzic, allegedly responsible for killing tens of thousands of Muslims

Missing: British Girl of 14 who found Islam

Hillary Clinton says Pakistan does not really want to stop al-Qaeda

Clinton opposes Islamic 'defamation of religions' push

Taliban, Qaida disown blast in Peshawar

Peshawar: Terror unlimited

Beyonce causing controversy in Egypt

Saudis Try to Head Off Swine Flu Fears Before Hajj

The state of occupied Iraq

In Military Campaign, Pakistan Finds Hint of 9/11

Commentary: Stop religious persecution in Iran

Muslim women film series dispels stereotypes

Islamist leader seeks to turn Buckingham Palace into mosque

61 security force members held over Baghdad bombs: Army spokesman

UN re-evaluates Afghan mission after attack

Detroit mosque leader killed in shootout with FBI

Sikhs ignore advisory, 165 leave for Pak

‘Terrorists sending coded messages in blog rants’

FBI: Islamic group leader killed in shootout

Iran - Young scholars boost hope for better future

Italy: Al-Qaeda linked terror suspects go on trial

Pen Season on Jews: Two Men Shot At Prayer in Los Angeles

Muslim women's sports foundation score with football grant

Smooth rifts with Indonesians: expert

Compiled by Syed Asadullah


At banquet for President, she flags new strategic partnership between India and Britain

Clinton Arrival in Pakistan Met by Fatal Attacks

Taliban in Punjab: Beginning of end

Pakistan mourns bomb victims

Indonesia: Jeans Banned for Some Aceh Women

Rare Muslim books on show in Washington

Leading Muslim body to host Hindu gurus at conference

COLUMBIA: Muslim student creates international Pink Hijab Day

Taliban denies Peshawar blast role

Islamabad: Promotion of peace and harmony must to curb terrorism

New York-Based Muslim's Web Site Calls for God to 'Kill the Jews'

Cathedrals, Muslims and Inter-Faith Relationships

Iran Delivers Response to U.N. Nuclear Watchdog

Iran Hints at Cooperation on U.N. Nuclear Deal

UN hopes for Iran nuclear accord

Iraq Makes Sweeping Arrests over Baghdad Blasts

Iran worker 'jailing' angers UK

Police arrested over Iraq bombing

Report: Palestinians denied water

Indonesia 'might expel' refugees

Al-Aqsa Mosque Clash cannot be resolved through religious dialogue

Kuwaiti Women Granted Right to Obtain Passports

UN body on BB murder case finalizes visit to Pakistan

Taliban, al-Qaeda disown blast

UN sets date for Gaza report debate

Philippines pact to protect schools

Malaysia seizes 15,000 copies of the bible

Radical Islamic Group Mosque Imam Killed in Shootout With FBI

Arabic Introduces Islam to Ukrainians

Somali PM says his country is haven for Al-Qaeda

Haj Mission declares living pilgrim dead

Compiled by Aman Quadri


Indonesia district bans tight trousers for women

Pakistan and Turkey agrees to evolve joint strategy against terrorism

Pakistan shocked by Iran’s allegation

Pakistan requires internal discourse to counter extremism

Fatwa fear as Islamic world watches trial of Alexander W over court killing

German man on trial for stabbing Muslim woman

Lebanon breaks Guinness record

Pitched battle in Waziristan, Pak loses 11 soldiers

Top Indian politicians on Al Qaeda’s hit list

Iran’s Ayatollah opposes direct talks with US

19 militants, 6 soldiers die in Pak ops

Bid on Afghan governor’s life is thwarted

India is funding Taliban fighters, claims Pakistan

Nuclear deal with Iran possible

From Judaism to Islam and back again

Obama has a vision for a better world

Temple Mount riots part of Arab agenda?

Hamas: War will settle Jerusalem dispute, not talks

Smiley-Face Definitions of 'Jihad' Grow Ever More Comical

The crisis in Afghanistan An unwanted second round

Iran’s nuke smokescreen still hazy

South Waziristan: There they go again

Islam Siddiqui, Obama Nominee, Under Fire from Environmentalists

Moscow’s Muslim University to Promote Islam via Distance Learning

Israel announces Gaza inquiry review as protests held over al-Aqsa

Iraq seeks UN inquiry into blasts

14 Americans killed in 2 helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

Pakistan arrests 12 Iranians for illegal infiltration: officials

Tashkent hosts week of culture, art and fashion

Uzbekistan enhances national security

Security analyst says Pakistan requires internal discourse to develop alternatives to extremism

Journalism education in Central Asia called outdated

Tajikistan to lease pastures in Kyrgyzstan

Government shake-up in Kyrgyzstan

The big freeze: By Barry Rubin

The Roman Catholic and Anglican churches unleashing the Counter-Reformation

Compiled by Aman quadri


Malegaon imam, a product of Deoband, is MLA

Pak army captures Taliban chief Hakimullah's hometown

Islamabad: India's call to secure its nuclear assets is ‘self serving.’

Who are the Taliban?

26/11 trial: Pak appoints new judge

UN nuclear inspectors leave for Iran

US drone attack kills 18 militants in Pak's NWFP

Pakistan denies drone attack report

Taliban call for Afghan poll boycott, threaten violence

UN nuclear inspectors leave for Iran

Palestinians Now Have Voting Date, but No Unity

Iran Is Said to Arrest Wives of Many Prominent Detainees

NATO Ministers Endorse Wider Afghan Effort

Strong quake hits off Indonesia

Israel debates response to Gaza report

Protesters urge end to Afghan war

Europe criticised on Iraqi asylum

Abbas sets Palestinian polls date

Iran delays reply on nuclear plan

Jewish-Arab crime film captures tensions

Pakistan assures action against Iran bombers

Al Jazeera journalists detained in Zimbabwe

Afghans oppose U.S. hit list of drug traffickers

Suicide bomber kills 7 at Pakistani air force complex

Pakistan 'must act' on Iran rebels

Compiled by Syed Asadullah

Photo: SNDP to deploy task force to counter ‘Love Jihad’

Saudi female journalist to be whipped over TV sex show

Yemen rebels 'fight Saudi forces'

Saudi sex TV producer spared lash

Baghdad bomb fatalities pass 160

Kuwaiti Islamist MPs call to enforce hijab

Makkah gears up for Haj

As Indonesia debates Islam's role, U.S. stays out

Marwa el-Sherbini trial to begin, Arabs watch and wait

Pakistan 'holds elite Iran force'

‘Crime’ and punishment for Muslim women

Israeli police storm holy site

Al Fayed wants to be ‘Scot Prez’

Tunisia goes to the polls

Pak gunmen kill minister as troops take Taliban den

Lashkar publications back in Pak: Jaish opens new madrasa in Masood town

South Waziristan There they go again

Hizbul Islam threaten Somalia journalists

Taliban now out of control of Pakistan

Israeli Police Clash with Palestinians at Sacred Compound in Jerusalem

Iran May Ship 'Part' of Its Uranium Abroad

The crisis in Afghanistan An unwanted second round

Iran Hints At Acceptance of Nuclear Deal

Israeli PM Netanyahu: international rule of law should be changed

The Road to Success in Afghanistan

Prosecutor seeks harsher punishment for woman journalist

Balochistan Education minister shot dead in Quetta

NATO probes death of four Afghan civilians

Maximum penalty sought for killer of veiled woman

Iraqi security forces on high alert after day of carnage

UN experts begin inspection of Iran’s n-site

Den lost, Hakimullah warns of more attacks across Pakistan

Pak Army captures Key Mountain in Waziristan

Backgrounder: Beyonce Knowles’ 2006 hit “Irreplaceable”

Women aspirants to Kuwaiti politics must hide all their curves:  A religious edict

Minneapolis: Imams settle case over being forced off a flight amid terrorist concerns

Unveiled plan to Islamize America hits top spot:

'Only difference between guys in suits and guys with AK-47s is timing and tactics'

Pak-based Baloch Sunni outfit Jundallah’s Battle for Control in Iran

Controversial Imam to Join Jesse Jackson at Muslim Group's Banquet

Troubled relationship between Iran and the West is at an important crossroads

The plight of rural Palestinians on the West Bank is as grim as ever

Top US Scientist Spying for Israel

Afghanistan drug trail spanning the world

BANGALORE: Love `jihad': Man kills friend

Philippines Ulema condemn kidnapping of Irish priest as un-Islamic

Indonesia arrests 10 Iranians for methamphetamine trafficking

Muslims should honour Hindu sentiments on Ram Temple: Dwarka Peeth Seer

Indonesia, a model Muslim democracy

Faith-Based Council Produces Muslim Celebrity

RIYADH (Arab) –‘Kaust will end misconception about Islam’

Kuwait to Allow Women to Travel without Husband's Consent

Kuwait women can get passport without spouse's permission

Kuwaiti women win passport rights

Kuwait: Students, teachers fume over classroom cameras

Ex-Muslim teen ordered back to Ohio

Pakistani public backs war on terror

Home to several terror groups, Pak Punjab ambivalent

Pakistan Continues Waziristan Offensive, Closes Schools

Pakistani Brigadier Is Assassinated

Pakistan attack merits outcry from Muslim leaders

Pak takes battle to Taliban den

We have proof of India's involvement in Balochistan: Pak

Iran Deal Would Slow Making of Nuclear Bombs

Iraqis top list of refugees seeking asylum

Will an Afghan run-off make a difference?

Human Rights Watch denies Israel bias

Data, Photos of US Military Forces Raping an Iraqi Girl Emerge; Gabriela-USA Demands Justice

Producers of THE THIRD JIHAD Support Calls from Congress to Investigate activities of CAIR

UK navy forces to return to Iraq

Iran mourns suicide bomb victims

Iran accuses Pakistan over attack

Syria rights veteran faces trial

Obama, U.S. leaders should contemplate future of Afghan women

Twin blasts at International Islamic University limit people’s movement

Pak judge hearing 26/11 Mumbai case wants to quit proceedings

US allows Sikh security officers to wear turban and beard

Pak minister faces criticism over son working for Kerry

Belgian, Pakistani bag UN prize for promoting Gandhian ideals

Eyeing Iran, Israel tests missile defences with US

Iran on radar as Israel, US test missile defence

Tongues wag as Holbrooke in sidelines in Obama’s latest Afghan initiative

Bangladesh SC rejects petition by convict in Mujibur case

US Muslim detained for 'terror plot'

Anti-Islamic Dutch Lawmaker's N.Y. Speech Goes Unprotested

Indonesia cabinet formation draws criticism

Iran, Israel Eyeball at Mideast Nuke Conference

Israel 'met Iran' at atomic talks

Nuclear power in the Middle East

Iran Lawmaker Rejects Nuke Deal to Ship Uranium

Six al-Qaida Suspects Arrested in Iraq

Gates to Press NATO on Afghan Commitment

Sudan cargo plane crashes in Sharjah, 6 crew members killed

Washington: Representatives of Islamic faith at state Capitol call for healthcare reform

Compiled by Syed Asadullah

Pakistan Air Force Site Is Bombed

Seven dead in latest Pakistan violence

Now, Karnataka wants probe into 'Love Jihad'

Hindu temple demolished in Malaysia

PATNA: Muslims make 'chulhas' for Chhath devotees

Islamic fundamentalism rising in Maldives

Chechnya: Radical Islamization or Local Tradition?

Sudanese Women Sentenced For Wearing Pants

Egypt's women plagued by sexual harassment

Five Indonesian banks set to launch Islamic units

Dhaka -- Bomb injures 13 in Dhaka, ruling party MP escapes unhurt

Tajikistan begins work on Central Asia's biggest mosque

Islamists in Somalia Threaten Other Nations

Berlin - 'Veil martyr' trial to start

Grand Mufti’s mission in Egypt, issuing 5,000 fatawas a week

Al-Qaida threat looms over India

RDX being smuggled into India with cement from Pak

US tells Pak not to use aid for confrontation against India

NATO Defence Ministers Endorse Wider Afghan Effort

Iran Defers on Nuclear Deal, Proposing Alternative

Iranian nuclear deal under threat

A Lone Cleric Is Loudly Defying Iran’s Leaders

Can the Muppets Make Friends in Ramallah?

Israel Signals Concern on Iran Talks

Refusing runoff would be 'insulting democracy: Karzai

Harun Yahya, Islamic creationist superstar

Women Marines want a chance outside the Afghan wire

Indonesia a hub for human-trafficking gang bosses

Jakarta: Communities key in preventing terrorist-cadre links

Nick Griffin of BNP uses BBC to attack Islam and defend the Ku Klux Klan

CAIRO: Aussie Muslim MP Decries Racism

Ottawa: Dr. Farhang Rajaee opens lecture series on Islam and the West

Egypt Air hijack attempt thwarted

Compiled by Aman Quadri

Breaking barriers: multi-religious amity in Assam

Somali Women Whipped for Wearing Bras

‘Islamist’ terrorists Strike at Islamic University in Pakistan

Al-Qaeda in Pakistan's Gun Sights

Pakistan targets key Taliban town

Pakistan Claims Gain in Offensive on Taliban

Army seeks Mehsud tribes’ support

Pak Army inches closer to Mehsud heartland in Waziristan

US trusts Pakistan government on terror war

Al Qaeda drawing more Western recruits to Pak training camps

A sharia tribunal is contradiction of Islam

Painful Mideast Truth: Force Trumps Diplomacy

Iran Talks Stalled Over French Role, Diplomats Say

Karzai Agrees to Nov. 7 Runoff in Afghanistan

UK: Afghan war continues despite unpopularity

Iran says evidence of Pak, US, Britain link with Sunni terrorists of Baluchistan

Iran puts relations with Pakistan to test

Obama Abandons Abused Women in Afghanistan

Islam 'Sweden's biggest threat': far-right leader

Rifqa investigation ignored facts

Talking to Sudan: Obama is offering an opportunity they do not deserve but is necessary

Iran to join in more talks on nuclear program

Iran MPs demand action on Mousavi

Reason for Turkey-Israel cool-down

Somalia’s Hizbul Islam: 'More TFG Soldiers Joined Us'

Islam channel automates with Vectorbox

Baroness Warsi to speak at ladies event

Maldives Prez to head delegation to India

Thousands of unemployed Iraqis queue up for oil jobs

Iran: More N-enrichment if talks fail

Qatar Takes Profit on Stake in Barclays

Iraq's al-Maliki heads to White House

Compiled by Syed Asadullah


60 Lashes Ordered for Saudi Woman

Afghans condemn 'Quran-burning'

UN team 'sees Iran nuclear site'

Somalis 'made to view executions'

Arab violence resumes on Temple Mount

Uighurs 'disappeared' in crackdown

Iran, Pakistan reach comprehensive security agreements

Radical Islam expert will speak at Dordt

Human Rights Watch, HRW, meet Ismail Haniyeh

Terrorism leaving prints on art activities in capital

Makkah governor opens productive family forum

Indian Army kills youth in Srinagar

Israeli police raid Aqsa compound

Bangladesh blast targets MP

At the crossroads of Islam

Indonesia lifts tsunami alert after powerful earthquake

Pakistan army claims more advances in offensive

Female Warriors Engage in Combat in Iraq, Afghanistan

U.S., France, Russia maintain unity on Iran

France ‘worried’ by Lebanon government void

Obama hopeful Lebanon forms new government ‘soon’

Want new beginning for Malegaon: Imam-MLA

Compiled by Aman Quadri

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