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US missiles kill seven in North Waziristan

Gilgit Baltistan: Nightmare in Paradise

Pak Links India To Wednesday’s Lahore Attack

Indian Muslim cleric urges calm over Ayodhya verdict

Bangladesh: Eid brings no joy for 50,000 Aila victims

Bangladesh: Madrasa girl raped by teacher

600,000 crowd into Mecca mosque for Ramadan prayers

Flashy Holy month of Ramzan for Beirut's rich and beautiful

Uzbekistan bans ‘pompous’ breaking of Ramazan fast

Mirwaiz invites Geelani, Malik for Eid, seeks to forge Hurriyat unity

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claims responsibility for Quetta blast

Ground Zero mosque has support of NRIs

New York wants mosque to move

74 civilians dead in Darfur army offensive

Zardari rules out Martial Law

Khaleda in Medina

NY Catholic, Jewish, Muslim police tour Holy Land

King opens Zamzam water project in Makkah

Iran could strike Israeli nuclear site if attacked

Turkey, Pakistan two brethren states: Turkish first lady

Hezbollah has placed 15,000 rockets on border with Israel: Michael Oren

UN nuclear chief asks Israel to join treaty

141 centres to receive Zakat Al-Fitr in Jeddah

Pakistani Taliban vows to attack US and Europe

Bangladesh: 86.7pc farmers use chemical fertilisers in vegetable

Shia clergy rebuke Iraq politicians over impasse

Israel-Palestinian peace talks ‘doomed’: Ahmadinejad

US, Israel spying behind BlackBerry woe — Dubai police

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Pakistani Taliban claim responsibility for Lahore attack on Shias

Muslims take part in Gokulashtami in Mumbai

Militants kill female teacher in Bajaur

Geelani a mortal enemy of Kashmir, arrest him: Jethmalani

NATO air strike kills 10 civilians: Afghan president

Pakistan boosts security after Lahore bombs

‘Terrorists’ will not block path to peace: Netanyahu

China calls PoK 'northern Pakistan', J&K is 'India-controlled Kashmir'

Zardari orders probe into discrimination against Hindus in relief camps

French debate: First it was burqas, now burgers

When Musharraf chose Palestine over Kashmir

US says Pak Taliban part of 'most dangerous terrorist threat' to it

Indonesian Religion Minister Wants Ahmadiyah Sect Disbanded

US, UK tried to bribe Pak nuke scientists: AQ Khan

Nazi-hunter Wiesenthal was agent of Mossad: Book

250,000 Sindhi Hindus forced to migrate by floods

Airstrikes kill 15 Taliban in Kurram, Orakzai

Afghan school poisonings linked to toxic chemicals

2 NATO tankers set on fire in Balochistan

Campaign against Taliban to intensify: NATO chief

Question still remains why Bush waged war: Gates

Al-Qaeda based in border region, says Obama

Contestants from Makkah win Qur’an contest

US blacklists Hakimullah

I stand by ‘saffron terror' remark, says Chidambaram

Offended Pakistani military team cancels U.S. visit

World Bank raises Pakistan aid to one billion dollars

US adds Pakistani Taliban to terrorism blacklist

Libya frees 37 militants including Bin Laden driver

Biden says Iraq close to forming government

King orders SR1.12bn aid for the poor

Saudi Arabia tops in flood aid to Pakistan

Lankan maid’s torture charges baseless: Saudi officials

Muslim backpack program expands in US, abroad

4 killed in Algeria suicide attack, 20 wounded

Lebanon sends warrant for suspected spy to Interpol

17 Indians on death row: Hearing adjourned to hear more witnesses Amira Agarib

Two Israelis wounded in West Bank shooting

Fix political impasse before you go, Iraqis tell US

More aid needed to avert terrorists’ exploitation, says Haqqani

Ahmadinejad dismisses Mideast peace talks

US to utilise Iraq resources along Afghan border

What Obama’s Speech Lacked

US Denies Reports On Talks With Taliban

Mehsud Charged For Killing 7 CIA Agents In Afghanistan

No Chinese troops in PoK: Pak envoy

Israel For Concerted Effort To Deal With Terror

Iran welcomes US pullout, urges punishment for Iraq invaders

Iraq hit by withdrawal symptoms

Islamic World’s Best Quranic Calligraphers to Meet in UAE

Nat’l Quran Recitation Nat’l Contest Concludes in Iraq

British and Tunisian Consul Generals admire Dubai International Holy Quran Award

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Photo: Vehicles burn in the street after protesters reacted angrily to bomb blasts which targeted a Shi'ite procession Photo: Getty Images


Security forces kill 40 ‘militants’ in Tirah

Blasts kill four US soldiers in Afghanistan

Poison Gas Used on Girls’ Schools, Afghan Officials Say

Dutch police arrest two terror suspects on US flight: Report

SC upholds life term for man who killed woman over burqa

Military jets kill eight militants in Khyber agency

New York voters say build mosque elsewhere

Saudi Arabia to raise wages for most military

'Al-Qaida leadership remains anchored in AfPak border region'

Palestinian state must be ‘demilitarised’: Israel

‘Serious concerns’ over Chinese troops in Gilgit

Gunman kills seven, wounds 15 in Slovakia

Clerics form body to counter anti-Islam conspiracies

Operation ‘samosa’ and the Pakistani connection

Fire at Tennessee mosque site probed by US

Second superstore employs women cashiers

Southern Sudan to purge child soldiers from army

Pak court dismisses Lakhvi's bail plea

Obama marks the symbolic end of Iraq operations

India announces additional USD 20m aid to flood-hit Pak

Pakistan should not accept Indian aid even through UN: Pak media

Afghan concern about Pakistan is legit: Petraeus

Pre- poll goodies fail to impress Bengal Muslims

Iran’s ‘cyber army’ hacks 1,000 US, British, French govt websites

US ends combat in Iraq but instability lingers

Palestinian PM Fayyad says time for Israeli answers

Key Saudi prince stays abroad after US surgery

US election skews NY Muslim center debate

German Muslims shrug off attacks by central banker

Iran MPs hail judge’s suspension in torture deaths

NYC community board head wants interfaith center

Algeria’s Merbai is winner ?of Dubai Quran award Ahmed Shaaban

Malaysians will come together today to mark 53rd National Day Lily B. Libo-on

Strong Saudi-Malaysian ties key to growth

Iraqi authorities demand Israel return antique Torah scroll

Boy's death in firing spirals tensions in Kashmir

Notice to ATS on Sadhvi's plea of illegal detention

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Women in Pakistan continue to suffer from violence in different forms

Bruni branded 'marriage breaker' in Iran

Seven U.S. Soldiers Die in Afghan Attacks

Europe should convert to Islam: Gaddafi

Sadpara Dam in Gilgit Baltistan may Collapse - Engineers Fear

China invests in confident Christians

Muslim cabbie attack case: New York student indicted

Tehrik-i-Taliban militant arrested from Karachi

Biden visits Iraq to mark formal end to US combat

India says six rebels killed on Kashmir border

Afghan president criticizes anti-terror strategy

Death toll rises to 12 in Yemen army post attack

Protesters Pray In Freedom Square

Salzburg gala raises 300,000 euros for Pakistan

Iran sets 2020 target for nuclear fusion reactor

8 die as bullets settle militants' argument over widow

6 Saudi women to file suit against dad for preventing their marriage

Seven US troops killed in latest Afghan fighting

Unpaid Saudi imam locks worshippers out

 ‘The PA barred 17 religious figures from preaching in mosques’

UK Muslim shops ban Israeli produce in Palestine protest

In Pakistan, Muslims and Hindus pray together against floods

Afghan women depend on NATO forces: Dr. Yacoobi

Israelis destroyed 1200 Mosques in Palestine

Jamat-e-Islami Hind: Muslims will accept Court verdict on Babri Masjid issue

Yemen denies foreign troops on its soil

Bahrain may ban marriage of couples with genetic disorders

Imam cleared of charges of molesting eight-year-old

Muslims donate nearly $1 billion to Pakistan

Muslims break Ramadan fast

Ghadr Night Ceremonies to Be Held in Austria

Shia Atlas to Be Translated into Arabic

125 Filipinos convert to Islam in Dubai

Sadhvi’s special leave petition in SC today

Kerala Prof attack: NIA probe still uncertain

Muslim League to launch TV channel

Hasina asks Hindu leaders to reach consensus on property law

Bangladesh ex-dictator Ershad meets Hasina, may escape punishment

Iraq says it may abide by OPEC quotas in 2-3 years

Alwaleed visits flood-hit regions of Pakistan

EU to help Iraq clean up nuclear facilities

Pakistan game must not suffer, says Imran

War ‘not ending’ despite US drawdown: Iraq

History will never forget Shaikh Zayed for his feats Adel Arafa

Ground Zero mosque leader Imam: Radicalism a common threat to muslims and non-muslims

Islamist charities gain goodwill in flood calamity

Hazrat Ali’s (RA) martyrdom day termed ‘most sensitive’

Karzai wants change in Afghan war strategy

Taliban leader found dead in Kabal

Spanish police arrest man for jihad recruitment

100 Indian fishermen to be set free today

Suicide blast kills at least one in Jalalabad

Afghanistan's blasted Buddhas beckon tourists

Iran's Judiciary Chief Calls for Massive Muslim Turnout on Quds Day

OIC head calls on Muslims to be more generous to Pakistanis

Israel must be listed as Turkey's top enemy

Iranian Minister: Islamic banks, safe from crises

Six terrorists killed

Transfer warrants issued against Ansari, Sabahuddin

8 explosive belts seized near Amara in Iraq

Iranian Sculptor to Attend Munich Islamic Art

Compilation of Shia Jurisprudence Encyclopedia in 100 volumes

Top Punjabi Taliban commander shot in Pak

Violence in the Valley has ravaged its culture’

New terror cells emerge in ‘unholy alliance’ with Pak Taliban

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Photo: Carla Bruni


Abbas, Palestinians Should Die - Israeli Rabbi

Cricket Scandal Rocks Pakistan

New York imam: Politics behind mosque opposition

Qaddafi gives lesson on Islam to young Italian women

A Sikh Temple Where All May Eat, and Pitch In

Obama says not worried by Muslim “rumours”

Kidnapped workers for Afghan female MP found dead

Racial profiling, cries Indian filmmaker held in US

26/11: Pak to send panel to India

Advani hails party, Farooq for good show in House

Pak wants UK to extradite Zardari shoe-thrower

Militants in US uniforms storm 2 NATO bases

JEDDAH: Woman tipped to take up top job at JCCI

Hardline woman separatist leader Asiya Andrabi arrested in Srinagar

Muslim chaplains serve US college campuses

Jobless Arabic language teachers stage protest

Islamic college opens in California

Bangladesh: Barua’s presence in Jamaat TV channel raises question

Terrorists surrender after hostage drama

11 civilians dead in fresh Mogadishu fighting

19 dead in shootout in Russia’s Caucasus

US drone strike kills 5 in Kurram

Seven US troops killed in latest Afghanistan fighting

Prayer space cannot be reserved in Haram

Ground Zero Muslim center may get public financing

Fidel Castro: Osama bin Laden is a US agent

Civil Defense prepared to tackle big rush in Makkah

Iraq on highest alert for terror attacks

Haqqani reassures on aid workers’ security in flood-hit Pakistan

Military taking Taliban threat seriously: Mullen

Terrorist killed in Jamrud

Qaeda accepts responsibility for killing eight Yemeni troops

Obama says Iraq war ‘ending,’ calls country ‘sovereign’

India blocks Pak entry into IOR

UAE raises more than 20 million dollars for Pakistan

Gunmen kill five in latest Afghan poll violence

Iran says no final decision on woman’s stoning

1,000 trucks to distribute Saudi flood relief

Protesters ask Iran to spare convicted woman

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Photo: Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's words were condemned as deeply offensive


US drone strike kills four militants in Pakistan: Officials

Taliban strike at US Afghan military base

Eight killed in Iraq violence, Qaida militants arrested

Nails removed from 'tortured' Sri Lankan maid

Somali pirate admits attacking US warship

Call for inquiry into Iraq War civilian deaths

Afghanistan's Karzai criticises US troop pullout

EU rebukes Israel for convicting Palestinian protester

Pearl's father vetoes mosque near 9/11 site

Christians in Pakistan face aid discrimination: Vatican agency

PM says junk one size fits all line for Valley

EC rejects ‘prostitution’ as vocation

Scholar slams extremism on TV show

Blood donors come forward in big numbers at mosques

Preacher told not to issue unauthorized fatwas

Security Sciences University to set up women's sections

6 Sunni fighters killed in ambush in Iraq: Police

Soldiers plotted to kill Afghan civilians: Army

Bomb blasts kill three US soldiers in Afghanistan

Iran has material for atom bombs, says ex-IAEA aide

New York rider asks if cabbie is Muslim, stabs him

Minorities Ministry Sharpens Muslim Focus

Zionist court releases racist rabbi

CIA fears exporter of terror tag on US

Salman Rushdie’s ancestral villa in Himachal damaged

Ershad's regime “illegal”

U.S. concerned over Afghan voter turnout, violence

Violent jihad is tolerated for those who have resources: JAT leader

9/11 families and others rally in support of mosque location

Bahrain Shia Party Threatens Election Boycott

Sharia law threatens Moscow control in Chechnya

US-led troops kill Afghan Muslim protesters

Balochistan towns shut to mark Bugti anniversary

Civilian government is best form of governance for Pak: US

Indian linked to new al-Qaida plot unearthed in Canada

Anti-Islamist march by BJP blocked

Baghdad can handle own security: White House

Zardari for early release of pledged flood aid

Taliban hint at attacks on foreign aid workers

Quarter of US Iraq deaths due to Iran groups

Palestinians torch cars in Jerusalem violence

By mercy, not by sword, Islam is spreading far

Mullahs should behave or the people will teach them a lesson they will never forget

Iranian Intelligence Minister Rejects Reports on Jundollah Infiltration

Meshaal urged Egyptian and Jordanian leaders on Tuesday to boycott resumption of direct talks

Islamic Conference to meet in Pakistan on relief effort

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Photo: Bengali poet Qazi Nazrul Islam


Angelina's donation for floods surpasses Zardari's help

RIYADH: 23 nails in body of tortured maid

Dalma first Saudi woman to win an Olympic medal

Leap of faith gives Chinese expats spiritual satisfaction

Troops kill 40 militants east of Afghan capital

20 Killed In Pak Suicide Bomb Attack

Hafiz Saeed calls for jihad to 'free Kashmir'

New phenomenon of 'saffron terrorism' in India: Chidambaram

US freezes assets of Osama's son-in-law

Bloomberg on Mosque: ‘A Test of Our Commitment to American Values’

40 civilians killed in Somalia fighting

Indian held at US airport with jihadi books

Obama’s Afghan pullout date disturbs US troops

Afghan withdrawal date bolsters enemy: US general

Al Qaeda shifting to Pakistan’s urban areas

India says it is popular in Afghanistan

Ishrat case: court seeks clarifications from SIT

Headley chase: Probe into Rana visit intensifies

‘US Has More Muslim Blood On Its Hands’

Don’t Send Flood Relief Aid Via Islamabad: Baloch Minister

New survey probes what Americans think, or know, about Islam

SGPC offers aid to Pak flood-hit Sikhs & Hindus

Al-Qaida in Yemen more dangerous than those in Pak: CIA

Number of anthrax patients rises to 136

Floods will have ‘lasting impact’ on Pakistan’s economy: IMF

Afghan Taliban say Petraeus’s progress ‘baffling’

One-third of Saudis to have holidays abroad

New pilgrims city planned north of Mina

Israel to make Arabic compulsory in its northern schools

King reiterates support for Pakistan

American Al-Qaeda suspect to go on trial in Yemen

World pledges 700 million dollars for Pakistan

Yemen opens talks with Shia rebels on peace deal

Al-Qaida group says hostage demands were met

Saudi  Authorities Release Top Shia Cleric

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Photo: Angelina Jolie

Shafqat builds a peace bridge with his music

Pak security forces end hostage drama

Dhaka to grant citizenship to Pakistani refugees

New Yorkers rally in support of Muslim taxi driver

Taiwan trader jailed for forcing Muslim staff to eat pork

Indian held in US for jehadi literature had links with RSS

Islamophobia strikes Madera mosque

Bahrain bans reporting on held Shiite activists

Israeli Military Closes Access To School For Palestinian Children

Hailing heroes’ sweeping success

CIA pays many in Karzai

Pune Blast Was Qaeda’s First Indiaop

Suicide bombers in heaven? Imam Rauf won't say no

Hamza, Jillani present ‘near perfect’ recitation of Holy Quran

Keep Friday sermons short, Imams told Habib Shaikh

Car bomb explodes in Mexico where 72 bodies found

Help for women's sports sought

47 wanted criminals, 1,951 illegals caught in Jeddah

China's Discreet Hold on Pakistan's Northern Borderlands

Battle lines drawn over judiciary reform in Turkey

Bahrain ban on coverage of terror network

Soldiers back from Iraq made ‘America safer’

A beauty’s tip to nab Osama

Ahmadinejad lauds role of women

Nazir wants Hakimullah’s men to leave Wana

Bin Laden’s bodyguard warns of escalation in Yemen

Flood victims to start getting cash from next week: Kaira

Iran proposes to produce nuclear fuel with Russia

Iraqi PM warns of attacks as U.S. withdraws

Yemen officials, rebels reach peace deal in Qatar

Gunmen attack Pak army buildings near US consulate

Iraq official sells $2 mln worth stolen gift for $45,700

UN urges Iran to tackle racism

Pakistan Army unlikely to change assessment of India threat

Indonesia court documents show links between jihadist networks

Terrorists exploiting floods: US

Arrested cleric’s heir vows ‘jihad’ on Indonesian police

US backs civil Govt in Pakistan

CIA: Headley, others gave U.S. reputation of terror exporter

Pak filmmakers up in arms against ban on Indian movies

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Photo: Pakistani singer Shafqat Amanat Ali


Attacks in Iraq kill 56, raise fears of insurgents

India's home minister warns of ‘Saffron terror’

Cruel Saudi ‘nails’ poor Lankan maid

For critics of Islam,"sharia" becomes shorthand for extremism

1001 inventions: science in Muslim lands

US funds restoration of global Islamic sites

Burqa can't be forced, says Bangla court

To veil or not to veil, Islamic women face tough choices

US public remains ambivalent over Islam

UNESCO urged to inscribe Old Jeddah

Pakistan warned against misuse of relief fund

Militants Kill 8 Policeman in Northern Afghanistan

NY Mayor backs building of 9/11 mosque

Transparency by the Imam is needed

Coordinated Attacks Strike 13 Iraqi Cities

Non-Muslim foreigners keen to abide by Ramadan restrictions

Leap of faith gives Chinese expats spiritual satisfaction

Exhibition in Turkey shows Muslim world’s contributions to science

Militants plan to attack foreign aid workers in Pakistan: US

Non-lethal ways should be followed in Kashmir: PM

Qaida shifting base to urban Pak

Indian held at Houston airport with “Jihadi” material

‘I am wiser now’: President of fictional Islamic Republic of Kamistan

390 terror suspects likely to be released soon in Pakistani Punjab

No discrimination in flood victims’ rehabilitation: Taseer

Schoolgirls in suspected Taliban gas attack

In Kyrgyzstan, nationalism rises from the ashes

Israel eying Pakistan as ally in Muslim world

LAHORE: Father strangles daughter in name of ‘honour’

Mogadishu attack an affront to Muslims: UN

Israeli FM says peace deal in one year unlikely

Iran Said to Bar News Media from Reporting on Protest Leaders

Iran searching for new domestic uranium deposits

US may step up strikes on al Qaeda in Yemen

WikiLeaks founder cleared of sex allegations

Key Karzai Aide in Corruption Inquiry Is Linked to C.I.A.

Young Afghan voters aim to change face of parliament

Mother Teresa's colours to light up Times Square

Al Qaeda in Yemen bigger threat than Pakistan: CIA

India and Afghanistan agree on need to deny safe haven to terror groups

J&K government denies PDP charge of “kickbacks”

Buddhas in Ladakh pray for attention

Afghan driver kills 3 Spaniards in base shooting

WikiLeaks releases CIA memo on terrorist ops in US

US firms should help rebuild Pakistan, says Patterson

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Photo: Somali militants take positions during clashes with government soldiers and African Union peacekeepers in southern Mogadishu's Hodon neighborhood on Wednesday


PAKISTAN: Two more Ahmadis murdered in target killings

5 more NATO tankers blown up at Torkham

Six Somali lawmakers among 32 dead in hotel carnage

Terrorists will try to exploit flood crisis, says Zardari

Pakistan moves choppers from Taliban fight to relief

Afghan withdrawal date bolsters enemy: US general

Hezbollah clash with Lebanon Sunni group kills one

Austria far right wants vote on minaret, veil ban

Al Dahab is Islamic Personality of the Year

Israeli police arrest rabbi over inciting violence against non-Jews

Saudi not mulling paralysis penalty for attacker

Debate rages over Saudi women working as cashiers

Pak dismantles LeT relief camps

Brother of ANP leader shot dead in Karachi

12 Taliban fighters killed, 15 injured in US drone attacks

US drone strike kills 20 in Miranshah

Suicide attack kills 15 at mosque in Pakistan's Waziristan

Kashmir: Normalcy returns as curfew lifts

Tehran shuts Swedish cosmetics firm, arrests five

Pak exaggerating flood damages to get more aid?

Kabul assails US for embracing Pakistan as ‘strategic partner’

Kabul feels the heat of 'working' with Pakistan

Pak sabotaged Afghan peace bid

‘No affected Sindhi should be forced to leave Karachi’

Taliban kill three members of lashkar in Peshawar

Torture of boy reveals police modus operandi

25 militants escape from Tajik prison

Controversial Ahmadinejad aide named as Mideast envoy

Solicitor-General to Head Communal Violence Bill Panel

Kashmir situation serious: Karat

Prisons asked to produce Sayedee Sept 21

War crime probe against Ghulam Azam begins

Pirates kill fisherman, abduct 125 for ransom

Indo-Bangla ties worsened after Bangabandhu's death

Jamaat men backtrack on war trial act

Mike Tyson in Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage

Spanish aid workers freed by Al-Qaeda return home

Floods: Pakistan eases visa regime except for Indians

Bangladesh battling anthrax outbreak

US support of Pakistan ‘strategic mistake’

UAE, US ink deal on nuclear safeguards

Afghan security force training faces big hurdles

Saudi flood rescue team reaches Pakistan

First locomotives for mineral railway arrive

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Photo: Dr Najmul Hasan who was murdered in Pakistan


Pakistan: Christian community protests against takeover of UCH land

2 Sikhs in Afghan poll fray, want to be first elected non-Muslims

Unmarried couples evicted in Malaysia

HRCP condemns denial of relief to Ahmedis

Riyadh: Hindu diplomat's speech on fasting leaves audience spellbound

Second blast kills 8 in Pakistan's tribal area

2 NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Troops kill five Taliban in S Afghanistan

12 Taliban militants killed in E Afghanistan

Blast injures 7 troops in Pakistan's tribal area

Iraq war vet kills pregnant wife, daughter, self

Our struggle not Islamist, says Mirwaiz

4 US troops killed in Afghan fighting

Three militants killed in Buner clash

NATO launches relief operation in flood-hit Pakistan

Development of Saudi society amazing, says US diplomat

60% Americans oppose Afghan war, reveals poll

Bangladesh: 3 sued for inciting people to jihad

Somalia rebels looking increasingly like Taleban

TV Show Irks Muslim Brotherhood

Iran suspends judiciary officials over prison deaths

Pakistan: Punjab Police committing acts of barbarism without restraint

Iran offers friendship to US

Iran working against Iraqi democracy: US general

JuD pitches in with flood aid from Pak Brits

Madani propels Advani to recall Coimbatore serial blasts

Prof attack: Terror charge likely against accused

JuD claims to have received donations from British-Muslims

Taliban momentum reversed in Afghanistan, says Petraeus

No formal peace process with Taliban: Karzai

Iraq will be ready for US pullout in 2011: Odierno

MQM to support generals against corrupt politicians, says Altaf

Intended Hajj pilgrims not ready to withdraw despite massive floods

Seven Al Qaeda militants killed in Yemen

Scholar launches scathing attack on ‘modernists’

Police, protesters clash over power cuts in Iraq

Iran's trade with West soaring despite curbs

Ahmadinejad rules out US, Israeli attack on Iran

US solider killed in rocket attack in Iraq

Next US target: The birthplace of the Taliban

All-women Gaza aid ship delayed

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Women without headscarves targeted in Muslim Chechnya

Man gets lover out of brothel but not out of law's clutches

Saudi Arabia urged not to paralyze a man as retribution punishment

Badal warns of reaction if Sikhs attacked

Kashmir Sikhs to be protected

J&K government denies harassment of Sikhs

How Kalam can help end Kashmir's cycle of violence

First crucial arrest in prof attack case

15 soldiers, 3 al-Qaida militants killed in S. Yemen clashes

Nato strikes kill three Afghan policemen, three civilians

NATO soldiers, over a dozen Afghans killed in attacks

Afghan police say Taliban kill 30 security guards

Eight militants, soldier killed in Orakzai clashes

Blast kills six anti-Taliban fighters in Mohmand

Flood for thought: Is Rs 5 per head a fair price for peace with Pak

1001 Inventions Exhibition starts global tour from Turkey

NY mosque imam: Extremism is global threat

Where Are Pakistan’s Millionaire Politicians?

Ansari orders inquiry into ‘mishandling' of report

In the midst of Kashmir crisis, some islands of peace

Karachi erupts over leader's killing, 13 dead

Israel tells UN it will stop Gaza aid flotilla

Floods expose civilian-military divide in Pakistan

UK warns Libya over Lockerbie bomber anniversary

Fresh wave of violence kills 16 in Karachi

Afghan insurgent leader captured; US troop killed

Iran ready for N-talks without terms

Obama's political strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan

Pakistan to clamp down on militant-linked charities

Cyprus won't allow Gaza aid ship; women activists intend to set sail

Karachi be handed over to army: ANP

Lack of convictions hurts fight against terrorists

First Saudi-Chinese Youth Forum set for next month

India welcomes Pakistan's acceptance of aid

Nine Bahraini sailors jailed in Qatar

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Photo: Chechen women complain of harassment for not wearing headscarf

Iran's Ahmadinejad unveils new 'bomber' drone

No formal peace process with the Taliban: Karzai

US Troops Unlikely to Resume Combat Duties in Iraq

Indian jihadis in Qaida’s Somalia arm?

Seven al-Qaida men killed in Yemen

Facing Afghan mistrust, al-Qaeda fighters take limited role in insurgency

Pakistanis Say Taliban Arrest Was Meant to Hurt Peace Bid

Kasab not fasting during Ramzan

10 killed in drone, landmine blast in Pakistan

Fasting women risking health by taking tablets to delay periods

Video of mob killings sparks anguish in Pakistan

Miss USA says no to Ground Zero mosque

Amnesty Against Saudi Tit-For-Tat

Six die in Mohmand attack 

Nato air strikes kill 3 civilians, 3 police

Iranian reactor use 'totally unacceptable': Israel

Ahmadinejad promises 'global' response if Iran is attacked

Yemen says five Qaeda members among 19 killed

Statement of Muslim American Imams, Community Leaders on Holocaust Denial

No Obama is Not a Muslim, But Radical Jihadists Are

Omar balm for angry Sikhs

Chinese language, culture classes on offer in Dubai

Muslim, Christian children join peace project

Training Pastors, Rabbis, and Imams at the Same School

BNP-Jamaat linked to 2004 grenade attacks: Sheikh Hasina

Wikileaks founder says Pentagon could be behind rape claims

Iran starts loading fuel in first nuclear power plant

'10L supari to kill Narendra Amin?

Flood-hit Pakistan battles economic ruin

Iran starts nuclear reactor, says intent peaceful

Peace ‘difficult but possible’: Israeli PM

Mastermind of Hassan killing sprung from jail

Israel’s Barak names new army chief

UAE Embassy in Australia organizes Iftar

‘Faith in Allah is the best?way to seek happiness’ Ahmed Shaaban

Army of diplomats takes the lead in fractious Iraq

Int’l aid for Pakistan floods over $800M

Six hurt in fresh Indian Kashmir clashes

Afghan orders dissolution of security firms to begin

NY mosque issue gains momentum

Flood submerges new towns in Pakistan

Makkah visa for businessmen a non-starter: Kamel

Army of diplomats takes the lead in fractious Iraq

Bahrain arrests 12 for arson

Lessons not learnt from Kargil war

Debate on Ground Zero mosque to sow more seeds of discord: OIC

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Photo: Dalma Rushdi Malhas of Saudi Arabia


Won't back out of 9/11-site mosque, says imam's wife

Iran test fires Qiam missile: minister

NATO soldiers, over a dozen Afghans killed in attacks

Americans Praying: Spending a year with Muslims

JuD goes online to woo friends

Al-Qaida in Iraq claims army recruit bombing

US sets up new fund to help Pakistan

Imam Behind New York Project Starts Mideast Tour

Obama is Christian: White House

Forces kill 11 terrorists in Orakzai, Kurram

Iran to fire up its first nuclear power plant

Dutch Muslim group fined over Holocaust cartoon

Kashmir survey springs surprises

Muslim employee: Disney banned her head scarf

Australian asks Muslim woman to depose without face-veil

Qatif’s poor women see ‘high reward’ in body washing

Aqsa Mosque preacher lauds support

Illegal Taliban-controlled prison discovered in Afghanistan; 27 Afghanis found shackled, tortured

US drones could be harmful for Pakistan’s nuclear programme: seminar

Afghanistan marks independence day

NATO soldier, rebels killed in Afghanistan

UAE growth spurred by education

Muslims pray daily at Pentagon's 9/11 crash site

Sonia moots J&K dialogue

Pak Spurns Indian Aid Offer Despite PM’s Call

We'll not accept terms for resuming dialogue: Pakistan

Kashmir in troubled waters: Toll rises to 60

12 injured in Bannu blast

Shahbaz air base 'controlled' by US: Pak health secretary

Islamic center can lead to more peaceful world

Accept India's aid offer on humanitarian grounds: Ansar Burney

Discourse: ‘Sharia’ rules a manipulation of religious norms: Senior cleric

America's reputation rests on mosque's test of religious freedom

2 cops suspended for cremating Muslim

Ahmadinejad says Iran ready for nuclear talks

Saudi judge considers paralysis punishment

Ground Zero Imam to begin UAE visit on August 29 Martin Croucher

Hundreds mourn slain Islamist in Lebanon

Religious sessions at homes gaining favor

Another Israeli arrested for flotilla looting

Lebanese all-women aid ship to sail for Gaza Sunday

Iranian asylum seekers on hunger strike in Greece

Mosque debate divides Democrats, especially in NY

Poll: Growing number incorrectly call Obama Muslim

Makkah families cash in on demand for homemade dishes

Billions needed for flood-hit Pakistan, says Holbrooke

India accuses Pak of ceasefire breach along LoC

Woman killed, 8 policemen wounded in Yemen attacks

Pakistan sends another dossier to India regarding Headly

US report warns of ecological threats to Pakistan

Italian Ambassador to Pak calls on Minorities Minister

Editor sentenced for contempt in Bangladesh

US Muslim groups call for extra security on Eid day

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: U.S. President Barack Obama

U.S. Assures Israel That Iran Threat Is Not Imminent

Obama a Muslim? Rumors gain steam, defying facts

8 million Pakistanis need help

Nationwide terror alert over LeT threat

US urges Pak to accept Indian aid; hardliners blame India, US for floods

Israelis and Palestinians to Resume Talks, Officials Say

Newsweek lists King Abdullah among top 10 world leaders

Pope urges 'concrete support' for Pakistan flood victims

Australia's 'Ramadan lounge' Muslim Tourist Plans

Bahrain arrests more Shia activists as poll nears

Maths just a child’s play for 13-year-old prodigy

Muslims pray at Pentagon’s Sept. 11 crash site

Insurgents kill 5 govt employees around Iraq

All cafes ordered shut in Chechnya during Ramadan

Makkah dawa center guides 1,300 expats to Islam

Muslim American serves New York’s homeless while fasting

Fear paralyzes US Muslim 'leaders'

Women’s College staff feel marginalized

27 freed, 13 killed in raid on secret Taliban prison

Most New Yorkers against ground zero mosque: Poll

Terror-mongers raise funds under aid garb

As Pak battles flood, militants strike

“Awqaf” Quran Contest Kicked Off in Yemen

India sends home to Pak two men who helped hijack IC-814 to Kandahar

Iran tells West to stay out of woman's stoning case

Two former Gitmo detainees may enter Bahraini Politics

Terrorists kill two anti-Taliban fighters in Peshawar

Asiya Andrabi a hypocrite’

Students from Kashmir pelt politicos with tough queries

NATO strike in Afghanistan kills Taliban commander

Egypt's Islamic Art Museum Reopens after Restoration

Yemen to deport 150 Ethiopians

SR400m raised for Pakistan; OIC chief calls for setting up of emergency fund

Karzai says Afghanistan needs Russia's support

Jeddah City FC: Giving Saudi grass-roots football the kick it needs

King to host 2,000 Palestinian Haj pilgrims

attacker to stay in Israeli jail

Goodbye Iraq: Last US combat brigade heads home

Talks with US only if sanctions are dropped: Iran

US official ‘explains’ Iran sanctions to Lebanon

New US ambassador to Iraq arrives in Baghdad

Shaikh Mohammed receives educational leaders

Russia summit calls for joint strategy against terrorism

‘Militant’ doctor gunned down in Karachi

Afghan protesters block highway over civilian killings

Afghanistan recruits Iraq-style Militia Force

Babri Mosque trial to begin from 23rd

Pakistan, Russia back Afghanistan at rare summit

Pakistan violates ceasefire, targets 3 Indian posts along LoC in Poonch

Iran's first nuclear plant: A history of delays

Kerala parties step up efforts to woo Muslims

4-nation pact to fight terrorism

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Survivors pick their way through wrecked streets in Nowshera, in north-west Pakistan


US Service Member Killed in Southern Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, More Attacks on Officials and a Protest Over a Deadly NATO Raid

Civilians to Take U.S. Lead After Military Leaves Iraq

US urges Pak to accept Indian aid; hardliners blame India, US for floods

WikiLeaks and Pentagon Disagree About Talks

BJP Kashmir touch scalds

Poll shows more Americans think Obama is a Muslim

ISI: Islamist militants, not India, main threat to Pak

10 militants killed in Afghanistan

Three NATO soldiers among dozens killed in Afghan unrest

Car bombing wounds 23 in Russia’s south

Militant groups LeT, JeM, HuJI set up relief camps in Pak for flood victims

Father Zakaria Botros:”Jesus loves Muslims."

Iftar gatherings at Prophet’s Mosque exhilarating

Pak, India ‘cyber war’ intensifies

Obama in firing line over mosque comments

Obama said undaunted by furore over mosque remarks

A million copies of the Holy Qur’an inside the Grand Mosque

Pak Takes Indian Potato Aid

Pro-Pak Eclipses Pro-Freedom In J&K

Dubai International Holy Quran Award begins today

Fear of Small Numbers’ translated into Arabic by Abu Dhabi-based Kalima

Former US president Bush mum on mosque furor

‘Memories’ enthral Pakistani, Indian audience in Oman

Bahrain cracks down on Shiite activists

Russia to host Afghan, Pakistani leaders

Iraq owes Kuwait $22.3 bn in reparations: report

Taliban call for joint panel with UN, Nato

Pakistan needs $15bn Marshall Plan for reconstruction

ALJCI to create 45,000 new jobs

Two suicide bombers arrested from Peshawar

5thC Buddhist site found near Kabul

Israeli ex-soldier defends ‘shameful’ Facebook snaps

NY Gov. to discuss relocating Muslim center

Key personalities on terrorists’ hit list: IG

UN General Assembly to meet on Pak floods; Clinton, Qureshi to attend

International Burn A Quran Day video: Muslim response from UK

India’s Vice-President to confer 'Life Time' awards on four photo journalists

CM Omar pardons shoe chucker in Ramzan spirit

20 Hurt In Clashes In J&K

Hostage crisis grips Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv

Hezbollah gives to Lebanon judiciary

Lebanon law gives Palestinians few civil rights

Asylum seeker holding hostages at Turk Embassy

Govt to free 1,000 prisoners to ease pressure on jails

State hand was in Aug 17 series bombing: PM

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


60 killed, 125 hurt in suicide attack outside Iraq recruitment centre

Israel has 'eight days' to hit Iran nuclear site: US envoy

Terrorist tapes found under CIA desk

Afghanistan gives $1 million to Pakistan flood victims

‘Terrorists planning to target key officials in Islamabad’

India says still pursuing Iran ‘peace pipeline’

Saudi Arabia raises $20.5 million in flood aid

If Afghanistan dissolves security firms, guards will join Taliban, some predict

Palestinian who attacked Turkish Embassy captured

Arabs distance themselves from Ground Zero Mosque

Pak sends 51 questions to Delhi on Headley dossier

No contamination, Zam-zam water is safe, says Saudi Arabia

Backing Muslims' Right To Build Centre Not An Endorsement: Obama

Bomb aimed at Iranian pilgrims kills 5 in Iraq

Looking for cardboard and wood to cook in Ramadan

Terrorists Gathering In Lahore

Israeli soldier puts photos of blindfolded Palestinians on Facebook

Hamas sides with Obama, endorses mosque!

Obama Again Comes Down on the Side of Islam

Obama warns Erdogan over Iran stance

Terrorists may attack Islamabad, Lahore: Pak intl agencies

Suicide Bomber Attacks Police in North Caucasus

Nobel laureates support woman facing execution

Shelter helps abused Muslim women in Kabul? No. In Riyadh? No. Where? In Tulsa.

Nine Taliban commanders surrender in Bajaur Agency

Rahman sings the CWG theme song

Production warrants against IM terrorists

PDP chief Madani arrested in Bangalore blast case

Manmohan to meet Mufti, Mehbooba

More protests, clashes in Kashmir

A mother, a son and Kashmir's education tragedy

NATO claims killing Al-Qaeda operative

Afghan Archaeologists Find Buddhist Site as War Rages

Kyrgyz army involved in mob violence

Bangladesh: Jamaat leaders seek repeal of law

Afghanistan war strategy ‘fundamentally sound’: Petraeus

Taliban Commander Among Five Killed In Afghanistan

Gitmo detainee ordered released

King orders fundraiser for Pakistan flood relief

Naif calls for effective strategy to fight drugs

Iran to build 10 protected nuclear sites

Lebanon tries to retain Arabic in polyglot culture

Afghan security firms given 4 months to disband

Ground Zero mosque polarizes US

Cairo to use computerised call to prayer after complaints over tuneless muezzin

Taliban Call for Joint Inquiry into Civilian Afghan Deaths Considered

Yemen places security forces on heightened alert

Farooq ‘ mocks’ son for joining the elite shoegate club

Another Pak terrorist killed in Rajouri

CWC Concerned Over Valley

J&K violence a new chapter in history of separatism: CWC

Flood victims resort to protests as relief lags

E-mail account of Indian envoy to Uzbekistan hacked

Bosnian lab helps Iraq unearth war secrets

Qaeda tells France it will avenge its fighters

Sudan expels five UN/ICRC staff from West Darfur

Poll: US news media trust falling

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s 13th anniversary observed

New wave threatens Moenjodaro, Bhutto mausoleum

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Baghdad blast site

Pak fears terror attacks on embassies in Islamabad

Iran announces new site for processing uranium

'Hardliners gathering in Lahore'

Baha mosques discover errors in Qibla direction

Opposing factions break off coalition talks in Iraq

Uzbek Militant Leader Killed - Monitoring Group

Gates, Obama's Afghan war aide, to step down in 2011

Muslim Cleric Calls for Jihad, Coptic Christians Attacked in Egypt

Hundreds protest over church attacks in Indonesia

11 killed in persistent Iraq violence

Al-Qaeda’s Yemen Wing Threatens To Overthrow Saudi Government

Devastated by floods, Afghan refugees want to return home

New Malaysian party to give voice to Indian community

Saudi poet-politician who praised suicide bombers dies at 70

US Prez faces backlash for backing mosque

Iran wants India at Af meet

Pak sold off ‘enemy property’ long ago

Arabs lobby for IAEA inspection of Israel

Somalia journalist jailed for Islamist interview

Stop killing Muslims, Zawahri tells Turkey

Bahrain arrests four Shia activists as poll nears

Muslim Gay Bar: Why Are the Intolerant Preaching Tolerance?

Workshops for women married to foreigners planned

Musharraf not to come to Pakistan this year

Female Peace Activists In Palestinian Territory Suffer Sexual Harassment

Pak group hacks into Vijay Mallya's website

Quit violence, come for talks: PM

Madani says will surrender before court soon

PM appeals to Maoists, warns Pakistan on terror

Day after PM steps in, GoM clears Rahman song

Shoe chucker a respected ex- cop but ‘ mentally unsound’

UK Pakistanis Angry With Indian Visa Rules

Hasina vows to bring fugitive Mujibur killers to justice

Zia had hands in killing of Mujib: Razzak

Gitmo trials draw strong criticism

Afghan man, woman ‘stoned to death’ over love affair

Killing sparks 'crime jihad'

Foreign artists, researchers due in Tehran

Osama buried in mountainous regions of Pak: Petraeus

Saudi Sitcom Row Tests Tolerance Toward Christians

33 college-madrassah teachers forced to sign resignation letters

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Riyana R Khasi


Obama to Muslims: “Islam has always been a part of America”

Iran 'stoning to death' woman tortured into 'confessing' to adultery, murder on TV

NATO air strike on Haqqani group kills 20

Malaysia mulls hanging parents who dump newborns

Ramzan nights: Walled City to stay awake

Afghan clerics seek return to strict Islamic law

Pakistan must stop terrorist attacks from its soil: Krishna

Saeed asks Pakistanis to seek forgiveness from God

It's Bhutto vs Bhutto in cyberspace

Terror-hit heritage wing of Taj reopens Ground Zero mosque debate rages on

Bid to ink Indo-US social security accord in time for Obama’s visit

Afghan hawala ring tied to Karzai kin

HC admits state's appeal against two acquitted in 26/11 case

Kerala engineer says being forced to wear veil; protect her, High Court tells police

Pak military will not change its India-centric policy: Gul

Private operators’ role in Haj to be more transparent

ISI making attempts to woo Naxals through underworld; six nabbed

Book on slain ATS chief sells like hot cake in Kerala

CPM struck deal with Madani to delay arrest, alleges Kerala BJP

Autonomy to J&K will be disastrous, warns State RSS

Romania to be NATO, Israel’s ‘loyal partner’

Times Square Bombing: Pakistani Man Freed From Jail

US reaps goodwill windfall with Pak aid

‘Pak Must Act Against Terror’

Both India, Pakistan To Set Prisoners Free

Taslima Gets 1-Year Visa Extension

Ramzan won't buy peace for Kashmir

WB commits $900m for flood relief

‘WikiLeaks to continue releasing Afghan war files’

President, PM decide to convene CCI meeting

Memories flood back to haunt distressed women

US sentencing of Aafia pushed to Sept

Gilani hints at diverting dev funds for relief

President urges unity to face flood disaster

Radio Pakistan playing role in rescue operations

‘Fake’ relief camp appears during PM’s Balochistan visit

Malaysian first lady calls Begum Fauzia Gilani

Romania is loyal partner of NATO and Israel

Ugandan rebels kidnap around 700: rights group

Poverty robs Yemeni children of their young years

Two dead, 80 wounded in Kazakhstan prison riots

Quartet draws up Mideast talks framework

Spy linked to Dubai murder extradited to Germany

Ramadan or not, hunger hits Pakistan flood victims

Artistic competition for beautification of Makkah

US wants Iraq to pay bill for war victims

Foreigners boosts insurgency in eastern Afghanistan

Lebanon debates giving Palestinians rights

War-crimes trial opens for youngest Gitmo inmate

Cairo mosques begin unified call to prayer

Claims of Afghan civilian deaths spark protest

Destroyed Muslim graves in Jerusalem were 'fake': Israel

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: King Abdullah

Indian Forces Face Broader Revolt in Kashmir

Iran Shows What It Says Is Murder Confession

Pakistan’s President Stays Away From Devastated Region

Ambassador Leaves Iraq With Much Still Unsettled

"I Am A Terrorist,” Omar Khadr Allegedly Told U.S.

New intelligence on Iran antiaircraft missiles in Afghanistan

Ambassador Leaves Iraq With Much Still Unsettled

New intelligence on Iran antiaircraft missiles in Afghanistan

New Flood Warnings Raise Fears in Pakistan

US warns Pak on press intimidation

Medics Killed In Afghan "Ambush" Aid Group Says

Kashmiris reject Delhi’s autonomy offer

PM's 'autonomy' pitch draws flak from BJP

Prof Attack: PFI leader summoned again

Kashmiris unmoved by yet another panel

To scuttle march, Geelani, Mirwaiz put under house arrest

‘Few human rights violations by CRPF’

'Extremist Groups Threaten Pakistan More Than India'

KASHMIR ON THE BOIL - Two militant attacks kill 4

No Ramadan respite as unrest rocks Indian Kashmir

Barak accepts responsibility for raid on Gaza aid flotilla

Children used as bait to kill eight Iraqi soldiers

Kenyan accused of harbouring Uganda terror suspects

Valley youths chuck careers to pelt stones

My mom asked me to go out and protest

Wasnt asked, says man tasked with job hunt in Valley

Israel set to hit Irans N-sites within a year

UK bans ad urging people to report terrorist neighbours

Trip made world wake up to plight: Pak prez

Iraq needs US military support until 2020: Army chief

$459-million appeal for Pakistan

Israel Army chief testifies before flotilla panel

Thousands flee as swollen Indus floods Sindh province

Scientists Warn Of New Superbug From India, Pak

Madani’s Arrest To Be Delayed

Mecca Wants ‘Mean Time’ Tag

Syria, Iran support Lebanon against Israel

Clinton urges Iran to release political prisoners

Pentagon plans advanced Patriot missile sale to Kuwait

10 terrorists arrested from southern Punjab

Islamic charities versus US in battle for flood aid

Lightning, flood kill 46 in Gilgit-Baltistan

Brazilian girl jailed in UAE

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


No Answers in Pm’s Sob Story on Kashmir

Geelani rejects PM peace, job offers

Bin Laden's Cook Gets 14 - Year Sentence

Hamas frees 100 Gaza prisoners for Ramadan

U.S. Braces For Kandahar Fight, Anti - Corruption Battle

U.N. Seeks $460 Million in Flood Aid for Pakistan

'Divorced' Muslim women re-enter in-laws' home

Enough is enough: Muslim women question fatwas

US govt sending ground zero mosque imam to Mideast

Sri Lanka Is A New For Islamic Extremism

Muslim women law board decries fatwa against woman qazi

Hidden in Sohrabuddin files is story of a riot murder & a father’s trauma

Imbibe spirit of Ramadan, says Abdullah

Two more gunned down in Karachi target killings

Attacks target Iraq security forces, killing 6

‘Govt should check increasing violence against children across Punjab’

BNP leader shot dead in Khuzdar

Malaysia lawmaker escapes jail term for illegal polygamy after Islamic court lowers penalty

Morocco to close 1,250 mosques

Israel razes Muslim graves for ‘Museum of Tolerance’

Al-Qaida's Yemen wing issues threats to Saudi gov't

French Muslim caught up in polygamy scandal charged with rape

Indiana: Local Muslims celebrate Ramadan

Two killed in Newlands mosque robbery

Will act against Saeed, but give concrete evidence: Pak

Sindh Court Declares Musharraf Fugitive

Saudi Arabia: ‘Few women scholars willing to talk on TV’

Three soldiers among 6 killed in Mohmand

Turkey: Adviser Could Face Polygamy Charges

India: 'Knot' a fair deal to Muslim fair sex

Iran digging graves for US troops

Iran envoy vows close economic ties with Iraq

Five militants jailed for 2005 Bangladesh bombings

Karzai to dissolve all private security firms 

CID books cop assisting CBI in Sohrab case for 84 encounters

Kerala tense ahead of Madanis arrest

US will not give armed drones to Pak

Patil says Pune blast case cracked, mum on details

NYC buses to carry ad against 9/11-site mosque

Azad: As BJP seeks CBI probe, Cong tells Mamata to go to court

Curfew in force in Srinagar as separatists plan protests

Mindful of Indian concerns, US observing Pak's use of weapons

Pak violates ceasefire; jawan killed on LoC

Bangladesh War Crimes Trial: Sayedee’s illness defers hearing to Aug 24

Bangla PM defends Indian credit

Makkah Time a new alternative for GMT

NY governor offers help moving ground zero mosque

Human rights groups ask WikiLeaks to censor files

Mass marriages remain the only option to get married for many low income families

MWL setting up center to prepare preachers

Hezbollah’s Hariri accusations ‘ridiculous’: Israel

Two Pakistani TV channels say shut over anti-Zardari reports

Afghan civilian casualties up 31pc: UN

Minister says Khyber Pakhtunkhwa being ignored

US will never leave Pak in dire straits, says Ambassador

UAE: Mohammed pardons 557 prisoners

Extremists may take advantage of flood-situation in Pak: White House

UN Women Agency Must Confront Wartime Violence

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh


Protester hurls shoes at Zardari in Britain

Geo blocked over news of shoe hurling at Zardari

Workers can break Ramadan fast in extreme heat

HuJI ban takes no note of 'Hindu terror' role

'Insurgents may derail Indo-Bangla ties'

Comments against Pillai were 'balanced, objective': Qureshi

Cong prefers ‘saffron’ to ‘Hindu terror’

UN Secy Gen spokesman slams Indian media

Paying tribute to ‘The life and works of Sadequain’

Bangladesh: Speedy war crimes trial demanded

Bangladesh: 'Ban Jamaat, Shibir politics'

Bangladesh: Protect human rights of Rohingyas

India lends Bangladesh one billion dollars as ties warm

Haia set to issue guidelines for practice of faith healing

Kanwars: For Hindus by Muslims

Prof. Akhtarul Wassay is out of the ICU, recovering

The real problem in the Afghan war is India, Pakistan and Kashmir

Afghan police hunt killers of Dr Karen Woo

9/11 death toll exaggerated, says Iran president

Lebanon accuses 3rd telecom worker of Israel spying

Gaza power plant shuts down citing lack of fuel

Drop scene of Daman-e-Koh incident

Workers can break Ramadan fast in extreme heat

Slump in mobile phone sales

Taliban claims responsibility for killing foreigners

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Protester hurls shoes at President Zardari in Britain

Malaysia ‘Imam Idol’ seeks to put friendly face on Islam

Srinagar under siege, 8 more die in street fights

US academic slams church's anti-Islam plan

Eight more gunned down in Karachi

‘Gojra has, will remain a scar on history of Pakistani Christians’

Chechen rebel leader says on YouTube he's retiring

Ahmadinejad invites Obama to debate

Obama sticks to Iraq date, says US mission will end on Aug 31

Pak must take 26/11 probe seriously: Sonia Gandhi

UN removes names of 45 al-Qaida Taliban affiliates from list

'Pak military does not want peace with India'

In Kandahar, U.S. tries the lessons of Baghdad

Centre suspects separatist hand,backs embattled CM

Kayani wants India out of Kabul: Ex-Canadian envoy

UN chiefs K-talk has India worried

Browbeaten cops join J&K protesters

Shortage of supplies as lifeline highway blocked

Omar asks for political package

Militants stoke violence in name of protests

Itll take a long time to douse anti-India feeling

Bharat vs India: B-town taps rural-urban divide

Sohrab case: CBI seeks five-day custody of Shah

Pak,UK intensify war of words

No apology for terror remarks: Cameron

Angel of Death: Howitzer in air vaporizes Taliban

In Paris,Pak prez seeks nuclear deal

Pak army moving closer to inducting predator drones

Pals from MIT helped US army analyst leak war logs

Israel gives in,UN launches probe into flotilla raid

Rockets hit Israel,Jordan;one killed

After WikiLeaks in US, Horlicks in Tamil Nadu

‘No change of guard in J&K’

J&K police on ‘house’ duty

Judges start dictating Ayodhya suit verdicts

Nazeer first accused for NIA

‘Pakistan using US aid to support America’s enemy’

‘Kayani conspiring to control Afghanistan’

US announces $10m for Pak flood relief

Zardari should drop Britain visit in view of Pakistan floods: Imran

Cameron not to apologise for Pak remarks

50 die after boat capsizes in Uganda’s Lake Albert

Somali pirates hijack cargo ship with 23 crew

Hardcore Porn Screened In Indonesian Parliament Building

US 2011 drawdown in Afghanistan will be 'limited': Gates

Musharraf To Unveil His Party Manifesto In September

Like Mush, A.Q. Khan A Hit On Facebook Too!

Shah’s ‘ encounter’ threat to riot victim


Focus on J&K development: Sonia

No problem with India, says IAEA chief

Stop stone-pelting: Geelani's plea

15 militants killed in Orakzai

France: Super-rich Muslim women to prove ban is not biased against the poor

Kashmir: 15 dead since Friday, curfew continues

Bloody Sunday: 8 die as Valley stir worsens

Israel fears Turkey spy chief is ‘supporter of Iran’

I won't apologise for Pakistan terror remark: UK PM David Cameron

ABC1-TV: Compass – Sex, Faith and Marriage

1,000 Pakistanis will die this week

UN faults Israel's human rights

Zardari, Nawaz lack self-respect: Imran

Persian, Arabic Experts Write To Pm, Sonia Over Awards

26/11: Pakistan wants Indians to testify in its courts, says envoy

Five rockets slam into Israeli resort of Eilat

Muslim reality TV show eyes expansion

Qalam publishes two plays for Emirati writers

Jamaat leaders sent to jail

14 jailed for Sunamganj BDR mutiny

Use of term ‘Hindu terror’ worrisome, says RSS ideologue

Pakistan flood toll crosses 1,300

Atheist Kills Himself to Escape "100 percent Muslim" Nation

Smiles replace glares in rare border stance

Govt Fumbles As J& K Flames Spread Fast

Krishna frowns at Law Ministry's Haj lapse

Can the authorities in Kashmir break vicious circle of violence?

Uae, Saudi To Ban Weblinks On Blackberry

Taliban does not possess Stinger missiles: U.S.

Saddam’s Invasion Still Hurting Iraq-Kuwait Ties

Pak has as much fissile material as India: Report

Kasab's death plea enters last lap today

EU gives $39m in aid to Pakistan

Rahat misses show on visa hassle; organizers file complaint

Islamabad working to contain Taliban: Haqqani

US 2011 drawdown in Afghanistan will be ‘limited’

US has plan to attack Iran: Mullen

Iraq civilian death toll almost doubles in July

Qaeda says it held talks on hostage killed in Sahara

Iraq Shia bloc rejects incumbent Maliki as PM

Iran says three jailed US hikers should stand trial

Shun ‘ill attempts’ to oust govt, PM tells Khaleda

Blast in Gaza wounds 24 Palestinians

High Iraq deaths cast doubt on US stability talk

Israel warns Hamas after rocket fire

Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim calls for end to sodomy trial over 'affair' claim

Women man border outposts

For Indonesian Christians, Gatherings Bring Tension

As Some Young Muslims Turn to Radicalism, Concern Grows

Yemen's Shiite rebels free 100 soldiers: mediator

Israel okays compromise on deporting migrant children

Is fear of Islam the new McCarthyism?

Immigrant Maids Flee Lives of Abuse in Kuwait

Gates Cites Peril in Leak of Afghan War Logs by WikiLeaks

American and Iraqi Versions Differ in Latest Chapters of War’s Story

WikiLeaks Guilty, At Least Morally - U.S. Defense Chief

U.S. Cleared in Afghan Crash That Led to Rioting

Israeli rabbis clamp down on Jewish burka

China says it disapproves of EU sanctions against Iran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Malaysia's top "Young Imam" Muhammad Asyraf hugs his emotional mother after winning competition in Kuala Lumpur


Pakistan Couple Faces Death By Stoning After Conviction for Adultery

Another 61 killed in Karachi violence; 150 injured

3 hurt as Taliban suicide squad hits main US base

Police Official Assassinated by Taliban in Pakistan

39 killed in Iraq attacks; Al Qaeda plants flag

Child booked in murder attempt case

Zaytuna College: Where Islam meets America

Malaysia’s first women Islamic judges draw debate

Rights groups challenge US over Muslim preacher

UN chief says sorry for Kashmir remark

All-clear for Ground Zero mosque

Women take up arms in Iraq’s wild west

Khalifa orders release of ?724 prisoners

Cameron's Pak warning: Parl panel says remarks 'uncalled for'

Time for direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine: US

Writ challenged, J&K cracks down

Can Omar fix it? J&K Congress brings question to New Delhi

Islamists fish in troubled Pak waters

Pakistani-origin Tory chief defends burqa

Centre hoping for SIMI ban to stay

Pak asks India to exercise restraint

Zaytuna College—First Muslim School in America, opens in California

U.N. Council Calls on Iraq to Form Government Soon

U.N. Supports Israeli Claim on Lebanon Clash

Iran’s Account of Woman’s Crime Shifting From Adultery to Murder

After talks with Omar aide, hawk Geelani calls for calm

Oz leader prefers to see fewer women with burqa

UK and Pakistan leaders try to repair strained relations

Violence may continue till Obama visit

World losing war with Taliban: Zardari

Man who bombed Ajmer & Mecca Masjid held in Indore

Iran guards warn US against attack over nuclear work

Suicide attack in south Yemen wounds eight

Support sought for Sexual Harassment Act

Somali rebels demand cash and jewellery for ’holy war’

Da Silva ‘emotional’ in offering asylum to Iranian woman

US blacklists Iranians for alleged terror support

Occupiers in Palestinian territories exceed half million

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: People shift an injured victim of the mosque attack at a hospital in Karachi on August 4, 2010


Militants kill 23 security forces across Iraq

Ayodhya issue: Efforts begin for out-of-court settlement

Battle For Muslim Votes On Babri Verdict Begins

Valley tension deters Pandit youth from joining work

Doing Haj on Umrah visas is unacceptable: Al-Obaikan

Indonesia's Muslims told to switch off gossip TV

Kerala Muslim group denies role in chopping off professor's palm

Leaving kids in maids’ care: Better safe than sorry

Saudis often blame mental illnesses on supernatural forces

Philippine army releases detained mutiny leader on trial

Haqqani should be on US terror list

‘Pro- Pak’ man leads Valley separatists

'World will benefit from a stable Indo-Pak relationship'

Gujarat riots witnesses living in fear, says NGO

Govt considering reservation for Muslims

11 killed in Iraq copter crash, bombings

Abdullah on peace mission

Judges to probe Kashmir deaths

FBI defends surveillance guidelines allegedly targeting Muslims

CBI grills Amit Shah on directives given to CID

Chargesheet calls him Sohrab plot mastermind

Investigating agency wants to question Narendra Modi too

Malik deletes inverted tricolour from Twitter

Nothing new in WikiLeaks logs: Obama

Kayani to ensure army calls shots till 2013 polls

Nazi guard, 90, charged with killing 4.3L Jews

Osama trail didn’t go cold after 2003

Source not known, says Assange

Cameron warns Pak on exporting terror: You can’t look both ways

CIA watched ISI tap phones, help suicide bombers

'Amit Shah had tasked 3 IPS officers to kill Sohrabuddin'

Pak reacts angrily to Cameron's remarks

Headley's revelations 'ticking time bomb' in Pak-US ties

Pak has to do more in fighting terror: US

Cameron, Manmohan to strengthen trade ties

Get Indian, Pak Army officers to US classroom, build trust, says Gen Mattis

Target Taliban bases in Pakistan: Afghanistan tells U.S.

Pak, stop terror export: UK PM

Five terrorists with Babbar Khalsa links held

WikiLeaks reveal Osama shadow over Afghanistan

Leaks easier with computer files

Diggy takes war on saffron terror to PM

Cancer rate in Fallujah worse than Hiroshima

Jeddah most friendly city for women entrepreneurs: Survey

More volunteers offer to treat ‘haunted’ man

Summer program attracts 500 boys and girls

UNICEF calls nominations for regional media awards

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The female lecturer Sirin Middya who has been prevented from teaching at a Muslim university in eastern India by students demanding that she wear a Burqa (veil).

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  • Dear Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi Saheb, I am intrigued at the use of some of the terms in the following sentence: "The actual debate should be ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • Some Israeli Jews are killing Muslims in Palestine. Some Burmese Buddhists are Killing Muslims in Burma. Terrorists are killing Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, ...
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي )
  • That Muslims say such terms are not pejorative is enough for knowing their standpoint. Literally these terms are also not pejorative. In Islamic faith, the terms ...
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي )
  • It is Khathija who trapped Mohammed into Marriage with a youth who is junior by 20 yrs.Khathija"s brother was a christian ....
    ( By dr.A.Anburaj )
  • The pejorative meaning is very much in the minds of people. Look at Yunus Sb’s example to illustrate the correct interpretation of 98:1 and 98:6. ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Good job sir'
    ( By Siraj Rajdan shaikh )
  • There are many things about Islam and its spread that are awe inspiring without being miracles. Islam is free from all kinds of mumbo jumbo ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Ghaus sab, I do not know that we need any terms to distinguish between Muslims and non-Muslims. We should on the other hand emphasize our ....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Ghulam Mohiyuddin sahib, You are closely reading all the comments. From your comments I have understood that you do not want to hold the debate on ...
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي )
  • Shaheen sab, Nobody in Islam has authority to ban any words, but at least we can stop using pejorative and offensive words, we can say ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Ghulam Mohiyuddin sahib, I am sharing with you some points. Despite the fact that the terms ‘kafirin’ and ‘mushrikin’ are not used in pejorative sense among Muslims, ...
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi )
  • Ghaus sahib, The word "Kafir" is now the exclusive private property of Naseer sab and he will use it as he pleases....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • I cancelled my hajj bcoz I don't believe Mecca's existence, then all rituals performed by hajj goers are all faie, satanic, not prescribed in the ...
    ( By Roslli )
  • Shahin Sb, In verse 2:254 Allah says وَالْكَافِرُونَ هُمُ الظَّالِمُونَ or the kafirun are the zalimun. Why don’t we have a verse that says the Mushrikun ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Mohammad Yunus Saheb sent me the following comment and asked me to post it only if I agreed with the view. I do. In favt ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • Dear Ghulam Mohiyuddin Saheb, "Nigger" was not a central theme of Bible. Similarly, "acchut" was not the central theme of Vedas or Upanishads. Also, these ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • Ghulam Mohiyuddin sahib, You say, “We have to tell him how abhorrent these terms are and that we must stop using them.” You consider these terms abhorrent, ...
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي )
  • Thank you brother, very nice!'
    ( By smile! )
  • Sultan Shahin sahib, Americans got rid of the term "nigger". Hindus got rid of the term "achhut". If terms like kafir and mushrikin provide the...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Akbar's "50-year reign saw Hindus and Muslims draw closer together culturally and theologically, giving...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Sage advice! As the author says, "We have to move away from the communal discourse, resort to legal measures... .
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Dear Ghulam Mohiyuddin Saheb, I am surprised that you are asking Muslims to desist from using frequently used Quranic terms like Kafirin and Mushrikin. How ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • Dear Mohammad Yunus Saheb, you have said: “I find the whole discussion about kufr/ kafir a blatant digression from the myriad of issues confronting Islam ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • Mohammed Yunus Saheb has sent me the following comment: "In my view God alone...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • کو قرآن مجید میں ڈھونڈیں، ميں قرآن ميں کہاں ہوں ؟ انتہائی​ دل چسپ ...
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي )
  • A country where hook-up-break-up fad is seen as cool, hating triple talaq is not only superficial but ignorance too.'
    ( By Mohammad Arif )
  • Admin whatever is wrong should be considered as a wrong I think triple talak is social evil not only tripal talak but ...
    ( By Kumari Alpna Pathak )
  • We have seen very little use of logic and reason in our discussions. For Kafir to mean disbeliever, it is necessary that every disbeliever is ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • With reference to By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi - 12/11/2017 3:33:42 AM, he may read my article: ....
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Ghaus Sb, yo say :You are talking about the idea of supremacism. Please tell me honestly. When you say “some Mushrik are Kafir”, is there ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Is it India is Darul-Islam! well than it is hard to unserstand the formation of Pakistan,Bangladesh and asking for seperate Kashmir....
    ( By Aayina )
  • To Sultan Shahin. Can you describe the miracles shown to mushrikin. Or ...
    ( By Aayina )
  • The idea of Pakistan was Islamic intolerance of diversity . Read the second last line of the article . You are ....
    ( By saurabh )
  • Dear Muslims, Don't make fool of yourself by comparing other religions to Islam. ...
    ( By Raman )
  • Thank you, brother. May God bless you abundantly!'
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