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Abul Hasan Nuri’s Philosophy of Divine Love
Sadia Dehlvi

Having said that Nuri lost his senses and overpowered with yearning for God, he walked into the freshly harvested reed beds. The reeds pierced Nuri’s feet and with every drop of blood that fell, the word Allah appeared. Unconscious of the pain, Nuri bled profusely. Some fellow Sufis bought Nuri to his home and realising he had little time, asked him to recite the declaration of Islamic faith, “Say, there is no god but God…”“Why, I am on my way there,” he replied. And thereupon he died....

How Great Minds Read Great Minds
Dr Muhammad Maroof Shah

Allama Anwar Shah (Allama is now a day s applied to street scholars – Ilm being taken from inferior minds is according to a Hadees, a symptom of approaching Doomsday) had second thoughts regarding his life work spent in defending Fiqh of a certain kind – his enormous resources could perhaps have been better spent in developing Muslim philosophy, especially Sadrean and Iqbalian streaks, with both of which he shared much. ....

The Piety of Caliph Umar
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

The Piety of Caliph Umar
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

The second caliph in Islamic history, Umar Farouq remains a shining comet of piety .He led a very austere life. On several occasions’ foreign envoys and messengers deputed to Umar by their rulers and generals found him resting under a palm tree or praying in the mosque with common people. It was impossible to distinguish the Caliph from the general crowd. Such was the simplicity and earthiness of Umar….

Song for Mohammed
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Tr. Emily Ezust

Song for Mohammed
Emily Ezust

Behold this rocky spring,

bright with joy

like a twinkling star;

above the clouds

its youth was nourished

by good spirits

among the cliffs in the bushes....

The Beloved Prophet in the Words of Non-Muslims
Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

The Beloved Prophet in the Words of Non-Muslims
Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

“Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) spread awareness concerning character and manner towards one’s parents, relatives, friends, family, humanity, animals, plants and other inanimate objects in a full fledge manner. It is impossible for the human mind alone to grasp all of that teaching or to come up with similar ideologies and ideas”....

The Pious Kingdom Of Caliph Umar
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

The Pious Kingdom Of Caliph Umar
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

The second caliph in Islamic history, Umar Farouq remains a shining comet of piety .He led a very austere life. On several occasions’ foreign envoys and messengers deputed to Umar by their rulers and generals found him resting under a palm tree or praying in the mosque with common people. It was impossible to distinguish the Caliph from the general crowd. Such was the simplicity and earthiness of Umar.... 

Fatima al-Fihri: The Muslim Lady Who Founded World’s First University
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

Fatima al-Fihri migrated with her father Mohamed al-Fihri and sister Maram    from al-Kairouan (al-Qayrawan) in Tunisia, to Fez in Morocco. She was well versed in classical Islamic learning such as fiqh (jurisprudence) and Hadith (Islamic traditions based on Prophet’s life) Fatima inherited a large fortune from her father whom she used to build a mosque and university. Mariam, Fatima's sister, was the sponsor of the Al-Andalus mosque, also in Fes.....


Before Islam, Khadija was the Princess of Makkah. When the sun of Islam rose above the horizon, Allah was pleased to make her the Princess of Islam also. Allah was also pleased to make her the Mother of the Believers, as He says in His Book: “The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves, and his wives are their mothers.” (Chapter 33; verse 6)....


Rumi, the Beloved Mystic Poet
Sadia Dehlvi

The following lines of Rumi were inscribed on a wooden epitaph over his tomb, now placed over his father’s grave that speak of how even the physical structure of the grave is full of life. “If wheat is grown on the clay of my grave, and if you bake bread of it; your intoxications will increase, the dough and the baker will go mad and the oven will begin to recite verses out of ecstasy. When you pay a visit to my tomb, it will seem to be dancing, for God has created me out of the wine of love and I am still the same love even if death may crush me.”....


Hazrat Nizamuddin’s Teachings Added a New Dimension to the Understanding of Islamic Ideals
Sadia Dehlvi

Hazrat Nizamuddin’s teachings added a new dimension to the understanding of Islamic ideals. He emphasised that looking after the destitute had greater value than mere formal religious practices. He taught that although many ways lead to God none was more effective than bringing happiness to the human heart. He reiterated that the love of God should be the sole motivation for the righteous and not the desire for heaven or the fear of hell....


Maryam, of course, is also celebrated for the birth of her son, Isa/Jesus. For many people, December 25 is the date that now represents the anniversary of this auspicious birth. In the Quranic version of this nativity we read: "And the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. She said, ‘Oh, I wish I had died before this and was in oblivion, forgotten.’ " (Sura Maryam, Verse 23). For me, the appeal of Maryam is that she represents the mother. Wise, caring and compassionate: rosa sine spina (a rose without thorns). There will always be Maryams....


The unravelling of the moral fabric in today’s society must weigh heavily on the minds of individuals with insight. They can draw personal solace and inspiration from the Prophet’s life.  The Arab tribal society of the Seventh century, whose structure was based on greed, debauchery, and violence, was changed in a very short time, by the Prophet, into a society with one of the highest moral standards in history....


There is no house for me that may be ruined, no property which may be destroyed, no child who may die, and no wife who may become sad. I enter into the morning while there is nothing for me and enter into the night while there is nothing for me, and I am the wealthiest person among the children of Adam.”....


Lady Mary as a Role Model in the Qur’an and Bible – Concluding Part
Dr. Zahra Kashaniha

In order to provide a role model, the Holy Qur’an has used various individuals so that people can use these good exemplars as templates for themselves. Amongst them is Lady Mary, a reliable example for both women and men. Lady Mary qualifies for an exceptional ideal because of her fine ancestry and her proper upbringing in a healthy environment....

Lady Mary as a Role Model in the Qur’an and Bible – Part One
Dr. Zahra Kashaniha

According to numerous Islamic narrations, Lady Mary is one of the four chosen women, namely Asiyah, Mary, Khadijah and Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. .... he quotes a narration from the Holy Prophet where he says, “The same way the Holy Prophet gave testimony regarding the perfection of men, he gave testimony about the perfection of women and he referred to Mary and Asiyah as the most perfect women” as seen in the following hadith:...

Maulana Rumi and Hazrat Musa (AS)
Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi

Maulana Rumi says that in the revelations of Allah, hidden things are revealed by means of their opposites. Allah certainly has no opposite and He remains hidden. ‘The light of Allah (Nur) has no opposite within existence by means of which it might be made manifest. Therefore, our eyes cannot see Him but He sees everything’ (6:104). He asks us to understand this from Hazrat Musa (AS) at Mount Sinai.....


Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi and Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)
Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) has been mentioned many times in the Quran. Rumi has dealt with many topics and many prophets in his Masnavi and his verses on Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) are quite interesting. Usually, a prophet is divinely guided to present a new religion, whereas a messenger clarifies the truth of earlier prophets, messengers and divine books....


The Prophet (pbuh) was the Quran Personified
Nikhat Sattar

Among Muslims and objective non-Muslims, there is no argument on what he stood for: truth, integrity and the rights of the weak and oppressed. French writer Alphonse de Lamartine said: “As regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, is there any man greater than he?” According to author Reverend Bosworth Smith, “…He was Caesar and Pope in one; but he was Pope without the Pope’s pretensions and Caesar without the legions of Caesar...


Allama Mashriqi Foretold of the Breakup of Pakistan
Allama Mashriqi

“Ye Muslims! Today from this platform I sound you a warning. Listen carefully and ponder. In 1970…A panic of widespread bloodshed will sweep the nation. The frenzy of racial and provincial prejudices will grip the whole country…Take it from me that in 1970, Pakistan will be plagued with a grave threat to its sovereignty. You might actually lose it…I warn you about 1970. I warn you to prepare from now to face the situation which will emerge in that year…”....


Yet what is fascinating is the constant devout referral to God, and the confidence she has that what she has undergone is not in vein. This bizarre comfort after so much loss, and ability to look at events through a completely different lens accompanied by wisdom, is down to nothing but trust in God and His planning....


Rahat Indori: ‘Words Don’t Die'
Rahat Indori

Rahat says a poet draws from his times. “Jaisi Hawayein Chalti Hain, Waisi Shaayri Hoti Hai. What he sees around reflect in his poetry.” And, it is open to interpretation. He reminds when Ghalib wrote, “Go Haath Ko Jumbish Nahīñ Āñkhoñ Meñ To Dam Hai, Rahne Do Abhī Sāġhar-O-Mīnā Mire Aage, on the surface it meant that he is so intoxicated that he can’t hold the glass but he was still capable of drinking through his eyes. In reality, it was an elegy to the pain of Delhi which was devastated after the attacks of Nadir Shah.”...

Allama Mashriqi and Kemal Ataturk
Nasim Yousaf for New Age Islam

Along with their political activities, the two men also shared similarities in their general philosophies. Both fought for freedom and equality for all and believed in women’s active participation in nation building. Both advocated for developments in science and industrialization. And both believed in freedom of religion, regardless of one’s faith. ...


After Karbala, Zainul Aabedeen exhibited unparalleled levels of patience. It goes without saying that his aunt, the great Zainab bint Ali, did the same too but what is it about his character that stands out above all else?...


The post-Karbala period was one of great internal dissensions, tumult and crises in the lands of Islam. People were fearful of challenging or questioning the Umayyad imperial order, not wanting to attract the wrath of the state. It was a morally and spiritually decaying society, in which many of the basic tenets of faith were being distorted and ethical norms were being openly violated. It was in this suffocating atmosphere that Imam Sajjad began his mission of rebuilding the moral foundations of Islamic society....


Mir Taqi Mir: The Romancer of Delhi
Mir Taqi Mir

As Delhi fights an ongoing battle with hatred, it is apt that we celebrate the birth of its greatest romancer, the presiding deity of Urdu poetry, Khuda-e-Sukhan (God of poetry), Mir Taqi Mir who was born in Agra (then ‘Akbarabad’) in this very month in 1722....

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