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America I am an in perfect ...messenger for this you can call me what you want you can say I hate the president or what it whatever doesn't matter. I'm just wanted to listen here for just a few minutes and I'm gonna show you some videotape and I'm going to tell you about the big bad republicans here the republicans as well as the democrats are dragging us into another war your government is using your name and they are sucking you into the middle east again and only fifteen percent of Americans think that's a good idea, eleven percent think we should send arms to the Syrians but those numbers don't come up with any information. Those numbers will be much much lower if you showed this to your friend, I wanna warn you what I'm gonna show you is extremely graphic but please send this along a friend sent this to you, please send it to another friend this is a very graphic video of commander Abbu Sarkar. He is in this video he has just killed a Syrian ... military this is a rebel that is now cutting the chest open of that Syrian he takes out his liver and his heart and to show you what's going to happen to all of his enemies the commander, ……. eats it.


Akbar the Great ruled most of the south Asia in 16th and early 17th century. Akbar was an extraordinary figure. So, what makes this man so great? What is his legacy? And what can be learned in the example that he left for future generations?

Born in Umarkot  India in 1542. Akbar the Great took over as ruler of Mughal Empire when he was only  14 years old. Although Akbar born in Sunni Muslim Family, he received the education from two Persian  Shia scholars on religious matters. After several transfers and military conquests which expanded his empire as far north as modern day Afghanistan and as far east in Bengal . Akbar began to implement an inclusive approach to non Muslims. Ushering in an era of religious tolerance based on the Sufi Concept of Sulah e Kul or peace to all. Despite never learning how to read and write, Akbar The great was a curious thinker, who constantly yearned for knowledge.

Democratic Transitions in the Arab World: Two Years After the Arab Spring: Can Tunisia Succeed as a Model?


How a Proper Understanding of Islam Can Help Democracy?

Presentation by John O. Voll, professor of Islamic history and associate director of the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown


Lessons learnt from Iranian Revolution

Presentation by Abdolkarim Soroush, an Iranian thinker, reformer, Rumi scholar and a former professor of philosophy at the University of Tehran and Imam Khomeini International University, now Director of the Institute for Theological Research based in US.

Chair: Tamara Sonn


Universal Dimensions Of The Qur’an And Historic Specificity Of Its Theological Science

Presentation by Ashfaqullah Syed, Co-author (Jointly with Muhammad Yunus) Essential Message of Islam, Amana Publications, USA, 2009)

Chair: Stephen McInerney


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ronald Reagan Building Amphitheater

Washington, D.C.



Though because of the strength of democracy in India, suicide bombings have not been heard of till now, it does not seem to be a distant possibility either.  I would like to tell you that the first fatwa declaring Shias kafir was issued from Lucknow and the Deobandi sectarian groups in Pakistan get guidance from Darul Uloom Deoband. They also read Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Nomani’s book and developed the belief that Shias are kafir, they must be killed and they should be excommunicated. So, I would very humbly say that if we believe that the society and the system of India and Bangladesh or of the Gulf States is such that violence cannot raise its ugly head there, we are mistaken and we should remove our misunderstanding. 


لیکن ہمارے یہاں یہ المیہ ہوا ہے کہ ہم نے   اپنی پاکستان کی تاریخ کو نئے سرے سے مرتب کیا ہے اور اس کو جیسے بھٹّو صاحب کے دور میں اداروں کو قومیا لیا گیا ، ہم نے پاکستان کی تاریخ کو اسلامیا لیا ہے۔ ہم نے تاریخ کی اسلامائزیشن کر دی ہے اور ایسے تمام لوگ اور ایسی تمام تنظیمیں ، ایسے تمام مکاتب فکر  جو پاکستان کی تحریک کے دنوں میں  قائد اعظم رحمت اللہ  علیہ اور ان کے ساتھیوں سے قطعی طور پر متفق نہیں تھے۔  وہ ہر حوالے سے نہ صرف پاکستان کی تحریک کی تشریح کرتے ہیں  بلکہ پاکستان میں دیگر مذاہب کے لئے  کسی قسم کی گنجائش رکھنے پر قطعی طور پر تیار نہیں ہیں۔


NEWAGEISLAM TV: Sectarian Divide In Pakistan
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

We have many examples before us when people were killed in police custody. Hafiz Farouque of Gujranwala and the insane person of Bahawalpur who was accused of burning the Quran were killed in this way. He had a certificate of insanity. He was under treatment but could not recover. Now the Shariah says that if an insane person commits any sin he cannot be punished. The insane person was arrested by the police. Later a crowd gathered. The jihadi organisations made announcements and people gathered and attacked the police station. He was released from police custody. Not only that, the police station was burned down and the police residential quarters where the police staff lived were also burned down. A policeman told the media that he had made preparations for the marriage of his two daughters. So, the entire dowry was gutted along with two copies of the holy Quran. A mad person burnt the Quran but a crowd of sane persons burnt a house where two copies of Quran were burnt. After that the mad man was taken from there. He was made to stand in Ahmadpur Chowk. The crowd clapped and raised slogans and then set him on fire. How many people were arrested? How many were punished? No one knows.



The answer to your question, when the sectarian killings and violence started in Pakistan, I think it is basically the 80s when the possibility of sectarian violence and sectarian bloodshed arose. Three such incidents occurred in this region that basically created an atmosphere of sectarian and communal rifts. One was Russia’s attack on Afghanistan when we used the government machinery for jihad, and all the organised institutions of Pakistan including the army provided leadership to this jihad......


But the tragedy with us here is that we have compiled the history of Pakistan anew and we have Islamised the history of Pakistan as all the institutions were nationalised during the Bhutto’s regime. And all the people and all the organisation, all the schools of thought that had disagreed with Qaid-e-Azam and his colleagues not only interpret the movement for Pakistan from all aspects but also do not agree to give any space to other religions in Pakistan.

Senior Indian Journalist M J Akbar delivered his lecture in a seminar organised by India Foundation in New Delhi on Global Terrorism and Islam.


Such is the strength of feeling about blasphemy that the mere rumour of an allegation is enough to set the neighbourhood or village against the accused, increasingly with fatal consequences. In some instances, it is not just the accused, but their entire community who are held responsible and threatened......


Canadian writer and advocate of a progressive and liberal Muslim identity Tarek Fatah delivered his lecture in a seminar organised by India Foundation in New Delhi on Global Terrorism and Islam.


Democracy Now discusses the media's coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing with Nihad Awad, National Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations. 

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The country that gave refuge to Osama Bin Laden; that committed genocide in Bangladesh; that hosts the Taliban, where ‘apostates’ are beheaded and school girls shot; whose constitution expels entire communities from their faith and where tens of thousands of Shias and Baloch are being massacred, should not be allowed to hoist its flag anywhere in Canada outside their embassy. 


Beheading is not a barbaric act if God wants you to do it. Since God knows best!!!

-- Syed Rizvi

And, of course, Saudis know best what God wants them to do with human beings.


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