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Muslims and Islamophobia

Is Trump Islamophobic?
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Is Trump Islamophobic?
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, New Age Islam

Muslims in America should always bear in mind this teaching of the Quran: “Good and evil deeds are not equal. Do a good deed in return for a bad deed; then you will see that one who was once your enemy has become your dearest friend.”(41:34) This Quranic teaching is based on an eternal principle of nature which works in every country — be it the US or any other country...


Muslim Islamophobia
Khaled Ahmed

In terms of its purity, what the terrorists championed was a superior brand of Islam, complete with Islamic punishments that Pakistan’s post-colonial infrastructure of justice was not able to award. In the areas where the Taliban and al Qaeda were allowed to put down their Islamic system, intimidation became the most effective instrument of domination. It was supported by the madrasa network of Pakistan…


He described the modern emergence of Islamophobia, for which he provided a broad definition: prejudice, hatred or bigotry directed against Islam and Muslims. Baram said the roots of Islamophobia include fear, racism, assumed religious differences and the perception of an uncivilized people. He said the real principles of Islam include honouring mankind, embracing diversity, freedom of choice and advocating justice for all….


Islamophobia and Why Muslim Women Are the Most Disadvantaged In the UK
Hasan Suroor

"The impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women should not be underestimated. They are 71 per cent more likely than white Christian women to be unemployed, even when they have the same educational level and language skills," the committee found. This had created a "chill factor"....


Islamophobia: Why Are So Many People So Frightened?
Robert J. Burrowes, New Age Islam

In essence, Islamophobia is a manifestation of the mental illness of elites manipulating us into doing their insane bidding. Unfortunately, many people are easy victims of this manipulation....

The Islamic State Feeds off Western Islamophobia
David Ignatius

The “imagined community” of the Islamic State is far weaker than it may seem, argues Sageman. What gives it strength, paradoxically, is fear and hatred from the West. The Islamic State is a threat to our security, to be sure, but so is the response from Trump and his fellow Muslim-bashers.....

Media reports of “Islamisation”, soft challenges to Malay dominance, ethnic mob violence and other ethnic issues have become commonplace in Malaysian public life. The renewal of the Malay-Muslim identity of Umno has, unfortunately, come at the expense of further alienating the non-Muslim population from the government....


Inside the Christian community, a small number of radicals politicize issues to make their voices heard. These people have become radicalized since the 2007 hostage crisis in Afghanistan, which killed two Korean church volunteers and put the lives of 21 others at risk and ultimately tainted the reputation of the nation's Protestant churches. Park Gwang-seo, president of the Korea Institute for Religious Freedom in Seoul, said that the radical Protestants have created and spread Islamophobia to influence policies.....


Islamophobia Is a Symptom of the Disintegration of Human Values
Hussein Shobokshi

Islamophobia is a “symptom of the disintegration of human values”, according to former Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg, values such as non-discrimination, tolerance, freedom of thought, justice, solidarity and equality....

India: No Country For Islamophobia
Abdul Shaban & Abusaleh Shariff

India: No Country For Islamophobia
Abusaleh Shariff

Is Islamophobia — “a fear of Islam” — emerging from contemporary politics or is it the manifestation of a sociological and cultural game plan? If the “fear of the unknown” or “unknown power” defines a phobia, then how can this fear be present in India, where Islam has been an integral part of society, politics and everyday life for at least a millennium?...


Confronting Islamophobia: Whatever the Pain, Muslims World Over Must Not Let the Burning Charcoal Slip Through Their Hands under Any Circumstances
Seema Sengupta

Extremism will win if a section of humanity continues to vilify Muslims and perpetuate prejudice and discrimination against them. As the United Nations voiced serious concern over the rising graph of hate crimes against Muslims all over the world and mooted the idea of combating Islamophobia through interfaith cooperation, the Muslim Ummah must take the lead in fostering intra-faith harmony simultaneously so as to preserve the glory and dignity of Islam in the eyes of non-believers....

Islamophobia: Why Care or Take a Stand?
Anya Cordell

'White guys' have perpetrated genocide; have committed destruction. There are far too many, including Norway terrorist, Anders Breivik; Jared Loughner, who wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and killed others; uncounted hooded Klansmen; Jim Jones; Oklahoma Federal Building bomber, Timothy McVeigh. Benjamin Smith, a white supremacist, targeting "mud races," killed a black father, Ricky Byrdsong, and a Korean student, Won Joon Yoon, in 1999. Frank Roque murdered an innocent Sikh man, Balbir Singh Sodhi, on Sept. 15, 2001, because Roque was out to "kill the rag-heads". Mark Stroman murdered two innocent men, a Muslim, Waqar Hassan, and a Hindu, Vasudev Patel, and blinded Rais Bhuiyan, after 9/11. Stroman claimed he was a patriot, doing what others wished to do, if they had his "nerve". In 2012, Wade Page committed mass murder of Sikhs in their house of worship in Wisconsin. Craig Hicks murdered three exceptional Muslim young adults, in cold blood, in Chapel Hill, NC, in 2015. .....

Insulting the Prophet
By Ali Raihan, New Age Islam

Muslims must understand that the prophet cannot be insulted by some loony member of some loony fringe. But if they remain silent on atrocities and injustices committed within their community, then definitely they are in grave danger of insulting their prophet every day.

Being Labelled A Cheerleader For Islamic Zealots Is No Joke
Lauren Booth

'I was accused in the tabloids of being a 'recruiting agent for Al Qaeda' for sharing a facebook post about Shaker Aamer a few years ago. Now he's a hero in the Daily Mail. Wear these headlines as a badge of honor. You are in great company.'


Disguised Islamophobia At US College
Tariq A. Al-Maeena

This wave of disguised Islamophobia is indeed very ominous especially as it comes from an educational institution.  Wheaton College officials should take some lessons in Islam before falsely maligning one of their own tenured professors who had the courage to speak the truth as she saw it.


A Self-Defeating Islamophobic View Of Reforming Islam
James A. Lyons

To defeat the current threat from Islamic supremacists, the Islamic State and its affiliated entities, they must be militarily defeated and at the same time, discredited by undermining their ideology. In this sense, we need to force Mr. el-Sissi to deliver on his call for the reformation of Islam as well as to mount a modern version of “Radio Free Europe” to expose the incompatibility of seventh century Islam with 21st century customs and traditions. ...

A Black Muslim Voice on Islamophobia
Sajdah Nubee

My Muslim American community is now really feeling the symptoms of this illness. But if we want to see an improvement in Islamophobia, there has to be a consciousness and indignation from the non-black Muslims for issues impacting the Black community. ... Where is the mass effort to unite with our Black brothers and sisters?


Muslim Communities And Islamophobia
Mahmoud Ahmad

To the haters of Islam we will say that we are not going to defend our religion because Islam is not accused and is innocent of all claims of hate. What is needed is for such haters to learn the true message of Islam, as a peaceful religion, as a religion of tolerance, compassion and mercy. Their hearts and minds should be open to learn the truth about Islam rather than blindingly believing what is told to them by a hate-mongering media. At the end, hate voices should not be given a platform to express their hateful ideologies.

Yes, I Am Afraid
Joyce S. Dubensky

Yes, I Am Afraid
Joyce S. Dubensky

I am terrified because we seem unable to remember the recent past. Hitler systematically dehumanizing Jews until it seemed like a good idea to kill them all. Taking away the right to own businesses, requiring Jews to be identifiable with yellow stars, using demonic language - and adding other groups - gays, Romas, Catholics. Why don't more people remember how we succumbed to fear during World War II and rounded up Americans of Japanese descent - and how that legacy still haunts us? How we found others to stereotype and target with McCarthyism? Fear is an illness that has been the stimuli for some of our worst behavior toward one another. It's an axiom that those who forget history will be doomed to repeat it. So let us not forget.


Why Trump Must Be Trumped: Donald Trump Is To America What Islamic State Is To Islam: New Age Islam’s Selection From India Press, 12 December 2015

Why Trump must be trumped: Donald Trump is to America what Islamic State is to Islam

By Dipankar Gupta

‘Are you inviting any Muslims...?’

By Shobhaa’s Take

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


You Ain't No Muslim Bruv - How to Treat Alienation in Radicalised Young People
Karen Woodall

As London stands on high alert, those of us who know how to work with alienated young people must link with those who know what Islam is really about and build circles within circles until these young people are surrounded, not by hatred but by love. Only then will our world become safer, only then will all of the children in the world get the safe childhood that protects them from becoming the sacrifices that feed this spiral of death and destruction.


Are You Afraid to Be Muslim in America?
Yasmin Hussein

My message to my fellow Muslim American women, is to not be afraid. Know that above all, God is always with you. I know how tired you are. I know how exhausting it is to hold the weight of an entire faith and group of people, regardless of whether or not the actions of a few are not part of the faith you love so dearly. ...

The Antidote to Terror: Global Empathy
Esther Wojcicki

When ethnic divisions continue to be pronounced in schools, those same types of divides can be reinforced at the geopolitical level. This type of thinking -- valuing people of one's own community above those of another -- leads to the unacceptable fact that in our media and our public policy, we in the U.S. have built an unfortunate track record of systematically devaluing the lives of people in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the middle east.


Islamophobia should not be included in the Racial Discrimination Act
Michael Bradley

It's true that the bigoted fringe of Australia's media and society is exacerbating the fault lines in our community. That's a terrible shame, but shutting it down by force of law is not the answer. We need more freedom of speech, not less, writes Michael Bradley.


Our continued silence will make us culpable for terrorist attacks carried out by Islamist extremists under different banners. Muslims need to do some introspection and it is not enough for us to disown Islamist extremists, but challenge their radical ideology from the outset. Till we do that, we have no right to complain about this so-called “Islamophobia” in the world.

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