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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Daesh: Diminishing Potential in Afghanistan
S. Binodkumar Singh

After gaining early momentum in the eastern parts of Afghanistan, Daesh's capabilities and territorial dominance began quickly to wane, both as a result of disproportionate focus by the Afghan and Coalition militaries, and because the group, unlike the Taliban, is not seen as an indigenous entity, and has consequently failed to consolidate local support. Moreover, Daesh's practice of accusing fellow Muslims of apostasy for deviating from its own violent interpretation of Islam does has found few takers in Afghanistan's tribal cultures...


Perhaps just like the French Paratroopers who learnt much from the Communists and applied the lessons with deadly effect in Algeria, Abu Bakr too learnt things in Camp Bucca and applied it to deadly affect. He certainly learnt how to put people in orange jump suits. When he emerged, he experienced the intensity of asymmetric warfare, he learnt that stuffing bombs inside corpses and dogs were effective, how to create grey zones by dividing Sunnis from Shi’ites.....


Now the likes of Abu ‘Ali who had emerged from the mosques calling for the removal of Assad, facing live bullets after Friday prayers were lectured to by Abu so-and-so al-Britani who, only six months ago, was checking out some winding girl’s batty rider in some funked up club. Here came Abu so-and-so to the land of Muslim scholarship and lectured the people on the intricacies of kufr, Taghut, Tawheed and the incompatibility of Islamic theology with democracy. Syrians didn’t need lessons in creed. They wanted to stop the barrel bombs from killing their children.....


Desperate Measures Taken By Islamist Extremists in Bangladesh
S. Binodkumar Singh

The use of suicide explosions in Bangladesh's intensifying struggle between Government Forces and Islamist extremists started on December 24, 2016, when a teenage boy and a woman had blown themselves up with suicide vests during a Police raid on a Neo-JMB hideout in the capital, Dhaka, to avoid arrest. Indeed, there is increasing evidence of desperation in terrorist actions...


Islami Jamiat-i-Talaba’s Stranglehold

In practice, however, male anxieties about powerlessness are exploited by the Jamiat to reinforce their vision of the world and recreate it on campus. The IJT’s politics on campus are not a far stretch from the everyday caste politics and violence in rural Punjab — only this time, the power lies with the disempowered men, irrespective of whether it comes through the barrel of a gun or the swing of a baton....

Stab Attack in Australia: IS ‘Written In Blood’
Rachel Baxendale and Primrose Riordan

Stab Attack in Australia: IS ‘Written In Blood’
Rachel Baxendale and Primrose Riordan

A sheet of paper covers the window of the Queanbeyan service station where letters “IS” were apparently written in blood after a 29-year-old attendant was fatally stabbed last night. Counter-terrorism police are investigating whether two 15- and 16-year-old boys who allegedly murdered Pakistani student Zeeshan Akbar during a violent crime spree had been radicalised by extremist Islamic ideology....


As ISIS Faces Collapse, Step Up Vigil
Talmiz Ahmad

After the attacks, some Daesh-related websites have shown its supporters celebrating the attacks — an ISIS supporter on the group’s al-Minbar platform wrote: “We ask Allah to bless the operation by the lions of the Caliphate, we ask Allah to kill the Crusaders.” Another claimed that the attacks were revenge for Russia’s attacks on Daesh in Syria. As the Islamic State collapses in the Levant, its lethal tentacles have reached across several thousand kilometres to wreak vengeance upon its enemies. This has grim portends for the world after the fall of Mosul and Raqqa.....


The Grim Logic behind Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack
Anne Barnard

Government forces have been herding defeated opponents from across the country into Idlib Province, where the chemical attack occurred. Starved and bombed out of their enclaves, they are bused under lopsided surrender deals to the province, where Qaeda-linked groups maintain a presence the Syrian military uses as an excuse to bomb without regard for the safety of civilians....


Syria’s Chemical Weapons Horror
Ahmad Tarakji

Doctors in my group on the ground in Syria have been reviewing the symptoms of the affected patients and medical personnel from the recent attacks. We are worried that a new phosphorus chemical agent is being used in chemical weapons, in addition to the identifiable chlorine. Some of the patients have exhibited symptoms similar to the effects of a nerve gas: pinpoint pupils, foaming at the mouth and the loss of consciousness, slow heart rate, slow breathing, vomiting and muscles spasms....

Bashar Al-Assad: A Dictator Defies the World

As part of the deal in 2013 to end Syria’s chemical weapons programme, both America and Russia promised to punish the Syrian regime should it use chemical weapons again. Despite evidence of the regime’s repeated use of chlorine gas since then, neither side has honoured this promise. ....


The bodies of four children, all under 10 years of age, were strewn around in the militant den in Nasirpur village in Moulvibazar. The bodies were so badly disintegrated that it was only after a crime scene unit went through the place, it was determined that there were two females, one male and four children there. Police believe that the three adults in that bungalow, who were suspected members of the New Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (New JMB) terrorist group, blew themselves up along with the children in the face of a raid....

Radicalisation of Indian Youth
Shantanu Mukharji

The NIA is already working towards dismantling such groups. What we also need is for members of civil society to intervene and use their good offices to prevail upon such youngsters to refrain from becoming extremists. It isn’t and cannot be allowed to remain the sole responsibility of the state. Society must rise to meet the challenge.


The Muslim Brotherhood, Fountain of Islamist Violence
Cynthia Farahat

The deadly Brotherhood cult is responsible for almost a century of terror since the young Banna engaged in the intimidation and harassment of his Christian and moderate Muslim neighbours. Since then, the Brotherhood established Hamas as its Palestinian wing. Three Brotherhood activists established al-Qaeda. Brotherhood leaders, from inside their prisons founded al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya and Egyptian Islamic Jihad.....


Zeal of the Convert: Converts to Islam Are Likelier To Radicalise Than Native Muslims

Most counter-terrorism policy pays little notice to converts and focuses on preventing extremism among immigrants—such as Donald Trump’s travel ban—or within established Muslim communities, like parts of Britain’s “Prevent” strategy. That may be short-sighted, and even counterproductive, argues Mr Neumann. Links to mainstream Islamic institutions could dissuade converts from falling into radicalism—and prevent its deadly consequences....

It is brutal and indiscriminate in its violence, and its position on women’s rights has rightly been condemned by the international community. But these are not good arguments for perpetuating conflict in one of the world’s poorest countries. That would not only be a disservice to the Afghan people, but would also probably be unsupportable among the American people. We have a president who believes in the art of a deal. We should negotiate a hard bargain with the Taliban.....


The ISIS And Other Militants Understand The Strength Of Sufism: Do We?
Prof D Suba Chandran

From Sehwan in Sindh to Baba Ghulam Shah in Rajouri to Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan, our strength remains in the Sufi nature of our society. Perhaps, the IS and other militants understand the strength of Sufism, hence they are targeting it in the recent years. From Data Darbar to Lal Shabaz Qalandar, our enemy seems to be aware of our strength. Do we?....


Modern Muslim Scholars Have Aided ISIS by Misrepresenting Islam as a Religion of Peace
S. Mubashir Noor

These scholars, in their blinkered zeal to distort Islamic history to one of pacifism, have been grossly negligent in not calling out ISIS and Al-Qaeda for breaching the faith's strict code of warfare which is writ large in both the Quran and the Sunnah. The treatment of prisoners of war, non-Muslim civilians and women and children is elaborately codified in Islamic doctrines, and transgressing them is tantamount to reneging one's faith in the Holy Book and Prophet.....


Islamic State 2.0: As the Caliphate Crumbles, ISIS Evolves
Tim Lister

As ISIS' fortunes decline, some militants may try to switch allegiance to other groups. In Syria, these include the former al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Fateh al Sham. But there's a long history of bad blood between the two groups, which had a bitter and public falling out three years ago. Few in the ISIS hierarchy would contemplate such a move. In Iraq, there are precious few alternatives for ISIS militants because the group has systematically attacked rivals in the region. Even so, ISIS' decline is an opportunity for al Qaeda in Iraq, Syria and beyond.....


Should We Blame Islam For Terrorism?

Let’s assume for a moment, then, that Islam is especially predisposed towards violence. If that’s your view, then you’ll need to show why the history of Jihadi terrorism is so very short: this is emphatically a late 20th and early 21st century phenomenon, yet Islam has been around since the seventh century. What about its wars of conquest? Well they definitely happened, but not in a way that marks Islam out from other cultures. The subsequent wave of imperial expansionism came via the sky-worshipping Mongols, before they settled down to become Muslims. Not only that, the dominant (often genocidal) military powers since the 17th century have been Christian – and they frequently regarded themselves as having a religious mission....

Muslims Have To Accept That Terror DOES Have a Religion
Ambreen Zaidi

The fact remains that it is all being done in the name of Islam, with Allah u Akbar now being widely known as a war cry before a heinous act rather than a simple statement praising the Almighty. Every single day there are gory details about crimes committed in the name of Islam. Women and young girls of other faiths are abducted, raped, converted, married off to multiple men. Where does the Quran preach all this? Why have we allowed certain elements to bring down our beautiful religion to such a horrid state?.....


ISIS Threats In Bangladesh - Denials and Delusions
Taj Hashmi

There is enough evidence to conclude that the JMB is in league with the so-called Islamic State, which is a transnational terrorist group, mainly based in war-torn Syria and Iraq. By now the ISIS has spread its tentacles in all the continents. Khalid Masood, the 52-year-old British terrorist who on March 22 killed several people in London and was killed by police, is widely believed to be an ISIS recruit. Unlike Bangladeshi politicians and law-enforcers, their British counterparts didn't challenge the ISIS claim.....


Lone Wolves Will Survive Fall of ISIS
Greg Sheridan

Lone wolf is an imprecise term. It means generally the attack was carried out by a single person, but very few terrorists who later earn the lone wolf label have really been radicalised entirely on their own or undertaken their activities without any help. But they are the opposite end of the spectrum from al-Qaida’s epochal September 11, 2001 attacks in the US, which were preceded by elaborate planning and co-ordination. So they are very hard to stop....


Masood also told the car hire firm something else — he called the company to say he was likely to cancel the hire. Perhaps one day we will know whether this was just another deceit, or whether, at the back of his mind, a middle-aged father was having second thoughts. But for now, we have only the knowledge that on a fine spring day, a quiet neighbour with a petty criminal past and some previous involvement in violent extremism, decided to drive to Britain's capital and start killing....

Britain Suffers Its Worst Terrorist Attack Since 2005

Complex plots that involve detailed planning, numerous accomplices and the acquisition of guns or explosives offer plenty of opportunities for intelligence agencies to thwart them. But the kind of attack that Islamic State (IS) has become known for in the West is much cruder. Even if an individual is known to the authorities as an extremist who might one day pose a threat, he may slip off the radar.....


Fighting Fundamentalism in A Post-ISIS Scenario
Abdullah bin Bijad Al-Otaibi

Meanwhile, the presence of other political Islam groups such as Sururism and Qutbism is on the rise. These groups reflect an integration between Salafism and the Brotherhood in some Arab, Islamic and even western countries. After ISIS’ gradual weakening, other organizations with different names will emerge to play the same hideous terrorist role. This is what will happen unless the causes of religious extremism are uprooted.....

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