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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Al-Baghdadi Killed: More Efforts Needed To Erode Conditions That Created Islamic State

True, Baghdadi’s demise might speed up the disintegration of the so-called IS caliphate in Iraq and Syria. But this would see IS revert back to its earlier avatar of a clandestine terror outfit. Plus, by all accounts Baghdadi appears to have prepared the second-rung IS leadership to carry forward the activities...


Orlando Shootout: Wahhabi Fire Reaches Florida
Brahma Chellaney

The Saudi royals seem to mistakenly believe that widening the sectarian fault lines in the Islamic world will keep them in power. By drawing legitimacy from jihadism and by being beholden to sectarianism, the royals could be digging their own grave. After all, fuelling jihadism and sectarianism threatens to empower extremists at home and devour the royalty....


Globally, Orlando Attack Strikes Now-Familiar Fault Lines
Jim Yardley

The Orlando attack is already stirring debate on some of the most visceral fault lines of American politics: terrorism and Islamophobia, security and civil liberties, gun control and gay rights.....


Following LGBT Attack, Muslims Must Unite and Say: You Are Not Alone, Florida!
Faisal J. Abbas

What this means is that the good news (in the worst sense of “good”) is that no particular group is targeted individually; the bad news is that we are ALL targets of the evil and absurdity of clans such as ISIS....

Omar Mateen: From Early Promise to F.B.I. Surveillance
Alan Blinder, Jack Healy and Richard A. Oppel Jr.

Omar Mateen: From Early Promise to F.B.I. Surveillance
Omar Mateen

Mr. Mateen’s father said the killing had nothing to do with religion, and he apologized for his son. “We weren’t aware of any action he is taking,” he said. “We are in shock like the whole country.” Equally stunned by the day’s events was Omar Mateen’s ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, who said that he quickly became controlling, abusive and erratic after they were married...


The Islamic State’s Prolific ‘Martyrdom’ Machine
Thomas Joscelyn

The Islamic State’s prolific use of “martyrs” probably highlights both its strength and weakness. On the one hand, there are likely more people, predominately young men, willing to die for the jihadists’ cause today than ever....


Breaking the Pakistan-Taliban Alliance
Zalmay Khalilzad

Pakistan views the Taliban as an effective proxy to ensure Pakistani dominance over Afghanistan, and to limit Afghan relations with India. Islamabad also doesn’t believe that the current pro-U.S. government in Kabul can survive the continuing drawdown of American forces....


Legitimate Goals of Pakistan’s Jihad Industry
Raza Rumi

Urdu newspapers glorify militant groups as the agents of local and global “Jihad” and are steeped in the Jihadist discourse that emanated from Pakistan’s concerted alliance with the USA in the 1980s to nurture the Mujahideen and later efforts to seek “strategic depth” in Afghanistan and “fix” India via proactive Jihadism....


How Much Money Has ISIS Made Selling Antiquities: More than Enough to Fund Its Attacks
Fiona Rose-Greenland

Islamic State has competition from other insurgent groups that are looting artefacts. On the international level, uneven efforts to change cultural policies or enforce existing ones reveal disagreements about how archaeological materials should be regulated by the state and the private market. These disputes have simmered for years, and the Islamic State crisis intensifies them....


The Myth That Empowers Islamic Terrorism: Radicals Are Exploiting a Common Misunderstanding of Sharia
Moorthy S. Muthuswamy

The discovery of oil wealth not only helped Saudi Arabia forsake instituting political, economic and religious reforms, but also allowed it to export Wahhabism worldwide, by providing funds for constructing and operating mosques and religious schools, scholarships, education materials, religious leaders’ salaries and the employment of millions of guest workers from Muslim-majority nations.....


ISIS’ Millenarian Theory and its Refutation: ISIS has misinterpreted the Mahdaviat Doctrine to serve its ulterior motives and further its nefarious political ends – Part 3
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

Note: A large part of the attraction of ISIS for Muslim youth is its millenarian thesis. It has convinced many that end of times is at hand, that they are engaged in the end-times battle, the Malhama. This has made the war they are engaged in imperative and urgent. Millenarianism or Islamic Eschatology, Ilm-e-Aakhiruzzaman, was an inspiration behind some ideologues of al-Qaeda as well. But Osama bin Laden himself and most of his ideologues did not emphasize it much. As for ISIS, even in its previous avatar as Jamāʻat al-Tawḥīdwa-al-Jihād (The Organisation of Monotheism and Jihad) founded in 1999 by Jordanian radical Abu Musab al-Zarqawi which later pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda,several ideologues strongly believed in the apocalyptic worldview, the theory of this war being the final great war, al-Malhama al-Kubra, in which Islam will conquer the world.

World domination has been a Muslim dream for ever. Books like Qeyamat ki Peshingoyian, or prophesies of the Prophet about the last days on earth have always been a bestseller in Muslim religious bookshops in every part of the world. No matter how irrational, Muslims of all denominations have for ever been waiting for a Mahdi or an Imam who will appear in the final days and set everything right. Indeed, this belief cuts across religious barriers. Believers in a number of religions are looking forward to the sudden appearance of a deliverer. This has made the task of ISIS easier. To help us understand this phenomenon better, New Age Islam is presenting a study by our regular columnist Mr. Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, a classical Islamic scholar who specialises in comparative religion. --- Editor

The Sunni Arab states still do not seem to understand the extent to which extreme versions of Islam imperil them as well. Although the Saudi royal family relies on the Wahhabi clerics for their political legitimacy, the Islamic State accuses the monarchy of corrupting the faith to preserve its power....


As Al Qaeda Slips and ISIS Gains, Pakistan Will Be the Test-Tube For the Next Jihad
Khaled Ahmed

There is no doubt that Haqqanis getting on top of the Taliban in Afghanistan would find favour with some quarters in Pakistan unmindful of the way this would expose the country to global wrath. By creating chaos in which women and children suffer most, the jihad enthusiasts will take Pakistan from permanent instability to permanent conflict....


There are two competing traditions about Ramadan today: the one of ISIS, which recalls Islam’s ancient past and insists on applying it literally today, and that of other believers who long for piety, introspection, and restraint....


Taliban after Mullah Mansoor
Aasim Zafar Khan

“The choice of an Alim is clever, as it gives Haibatullah religious authority which the commanders will have to accept,” says Ruttig. The Taliban seem to be trying to stay away from the succession problems the movement saw in the aftermath of Mullah Omar’s death...


Taliban’s New Boss ISI’s Old Friend
M.K. Bhadrakumar

The Taliban have been on a winning streak and it’s not surprising they are totally disinterested in peace talks — at least for now....


How Saudi Influence Turned Kosovo into Fertile Ground for ISIS
Carlotta Gall

Mr. Bilalli trained at the University of Medina in Saudi Arabia in the late 1980s: “The first thing the Wahhabis do is to take members of our congregation, who understand Islam in the traditional Kosovo way that we had for generations, and try to draw them away from this understanding,” he said. “Once they get them away from the traditional congregation, then they start bombarding them with radical thoughts and ideas.”

The documentary, however, provides the only first-person accounts to have surfaced of the IM’s journey after 2008. “Following the Batla House encounter, the land of India became hostile to us. The intelligence agencies and the ATS (Maharashtra Police Anti-Terrorism Squad) pursued us. It became difficult for us to carry out armed actions,” Rashid says of his journey to the IS. Rashid claims the group made “Hijrat” — or exile — to Khorasan in the Afghanistan-Pakistan borderlands. There, he says, “we had many opportunities to participate in actions with the Mujahideen”. Following this, the group made a “second Hijrat”, to the IS, claims Rashid. However, the interview with Sajid suggests a broader discontent. “Hindustan is the citadel of shirk [polytheism]”, he says. “We see that, cows, trees, the sun, the moon, all these are worshipped. Even though Allah has us from these practices, we see that the Muslims of India maintain social relations and business with these unbelievers,” says Rashid...

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ISIS 'Promotes' Kalyan Youths as Deputy Khalifa, Governor of Indian Territories
S Hussain Zaidi

Fahad, who is now called Abu Bakr al-Hindi, has been named Naib Khalifa (deputy caliph) to lead Daesh's operations against India, while Aman, renamed Abu Umar al-Hindi, and is the governor of ‘Hind wal ‘Sindh’, a Daesh usage for India and Pakistan...

Khurram Zaki: An Election In London, An Assassination In Karachi
Khurram Zaki

For the past few years, Khurram Zaki has been campaigning against extremist religious groups in Pakistan. Recently, he and his friend Jibran Nasir attempted to file a complaint against Maulana Abdul Aziz of the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) of Islamabad. They alleged that Aziz was inciting hatred against Shia Muslims. They cited a video message of the cleric. Local police declined to file an FIR.


With the way things are now, vast swathes of Pakistanis stand on the wrong side of history. Instead of challenging the extremism in their midst, they have enabled its rise by either by embracing it or by failing to act on the demands of their conscious. Such guilt cannot be easily shed especially until there is movement of reconciliation with the ugly truth that lies behind it.....

Confronting Saudi Arabia's Sponsorship of Radical Islam
Dan Liljenquist

The Wahhabi tradition led directly to the radicalization of tens of thousands of Sunni Muslims, including Osama Bin Laden, which later led to the formation of al-Qaida and the Sept. 11 attacks. Wahhabism’s most recent warping has come at the hands of the Islamic State....


Muslim Brotherhood Islamists 'denying the existence of a serious internal crisis'
Jamal Khashoggi

It is time to tell the Brotherhood that reform will only happen when it dismisses the first generation of its leaders living in denial, and replaces them with qualified politicians who are aware of reality....

Obama May Be Preaching 'Tough Love' To Saudi – But Arms Sales Tell Another Story
Mohamad Bazzi

Despite his rhetoric, and his administration’s perceived shift toward Iran, Obama has not fundamentally changed the US status quo toward Saudi Arabia. In fact, he’s sold more advanced weaponry to Saudi leaders than any of his predecessors. And that means one thing: an emboldened Saudi Arabia will contribute to more war and instability in the Middle East – and America will be drawn into more conflict.


Is Bangladesh Sliding Down the Path of Becoming a Safe Haven for Islamist Militants?
Ali Riaz

The simplistic narrative that a secularist regime is fighting back militant Islamists in a Muslim-majority country ignores the complexities of the political situation. What role the long-standing fissure of Bangladeshi politics plays and how religion is being used by politicians of all shades for expediency are ignored in this narrative....


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