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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Indonesia's Pakistanisation: 'Your Cousins Are Your Potential Enemies'
Julia Suryakusuma

When the Islamic State (IS) group declared itself a caliphate, some Indonesian students in Pakistan, especially those in the JI network (due to their parents being members of JI), departed for Syria and became members of the Katibah Nusantara (KN) meaning Katibah Archipelago. Who are they? None less than the Southeast Asian military unit within IS. They are composed mainly of Malay-speaking individuals and received notoriety as the perpetrators of the 2016 Jakarta attacks. Scary or what?....


He said he believed the presence of IS could pose a more dangerous threat to Pakistan than the Taliban and other militants, because “it has penetrated in urban educated youth through social media and has enough resources too to lure them to Syria and Afghanistan in the name of jihad”....


Afghanistan Now A ‘Continual Emergency’, As War Drives Record Numbers From Their Homes
Bilal Sarwary

“The staggering numbers also confirm a worrying trend: Afghanistan is experiencing significant, year-on-year increases in the number of families driven from their homes,” said Danielle Moylan, a spokeswoman from OCHA. “The numbers of IDPs in 2016 are three-fold that recorded in 2014, and six times more than recorded in 2012.” ...


Studying Failed Suicide Bombers of Pakistan

The debate on what drives men, women and children to let someone strap on a bomb has largely focused on poverty and misinterpretation of religion. The indiscriminate use of suicide bombing continues to test the ability of states and law enforcement agencies to come up with ways to prevent it. The academic and lay public are still largely bewildered with how a person can choose to “use their bones as bullets, their flesh as gunpowder and their blood as fuel”....

Islamic State Violence in Turkey Fuels Culture Wars and Widens Generation Gaps
James M. Dorsey

So did many young women, bent on defending Ms. Nasser’s and their right to enjoy life in the face of criticism that she had violated Islamic mores by visiting a nightclub and celebrating New Year, a secular feast of the infidels. Their struggle often marks a rejection of the more traditional social mores of their elders....


Changing Pattern of Islamic State Terror Points to New Dangers
Peter Jennings

This is a worrying development. In the past two years most of the so-called Islamic State’s planned or inspired terror attacks ended with the attackers taking their own lives on purpose, by blowing themselves up or fighting until they were killed. There is still no shortage of individuals seeking martyrdom and the Islamic State leadership continues to use foreign fighters in that role. But after years of conflict there is now a cohort of savvy, battle-hardened fighters more interested in killing than being killed.....

Urban Jihadists: For Them the Ends Justify the Means
Abdul Basit

Most of the militants of this generation are between 18 and 30 years old and they have gone through a relatively shorter period of radicalisation. While the motivational factors may vary from individual-to-individual and area-to-area, they all seem to be obsessed with ideas of the so-called caliphate, Hijrah and the end-time narratives. It is extreme in its methods, unapologetically brutal and morally consequentialist. For them, the ends justify the means.

In Fact: to India’s East, an Emerging Sanctuary for Al-Qaeda
Praveen Swami

There are at least some indications that ethnic Bangladeshi networks in the UK, key to financing jihadist operations in their country of origin, might have some role in Myanmar, too. In December, two AQIS-linked message boards reposted messages “from a brother”, saying he was “personally travelling on the 20th of December to Burma with a few brothers to help” displaced Rohingya....


Address the Radicalization of Muslim Youth Head-On
Sheema Khan

Just as there has been an explosion of parental resources on Internet safety for children, so too should there be development of parental workshops on prevention of radicalization, for parents are often the first to notice subtle changes in their children. What should parents be aware of? How do they speak to their children? What signs should they look for? And what resources are available in case one’s child seems to have fallen prey?...


The Istanbul Attack Marks A New Age Of Terror In Turkey
Yavuz Baydar

Weeks before New Year’s Eve, banners were hung by pro-government Islamist organisations in Turkey’s cities, telling people that “Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas”, followed by photos depicting groups of young men in local dress, chasing Santa Claus with guns and knives...


According To ISIL, We Are All Infidels
Ahmet Hakan

For them, leftists are not Muslims, neither are right wing supporters. The conservatives are not Muslim, so are the secular ones... The Alevis are no good, neither are the Sunnis ... The Turks are a target, so are the Kurds. Mehmet Görmez, the head of the Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet), is an apostate, and, for instance, I am as well. Since ISIL is not differentiating between us, then why should we divide and fragmentize ourselves against ISIL?....

We Have Daesh and We Have Israel
Tariq A. Al-Maeena

Today, we cannot forgive ourselves for keeping quiet. And we cannot be selective. Who can forget the tragic image of a father shielding his eight-year-old son, as Israeli forces callously shot him dead while the cameras were running? Or the image of Rachel Corrie, an American from Seattle who defiantly stood in the face of Israeli bulldozers, only to be violently crushed to death by the Caterpillar’s blades?...


The Reina Atrocity Shows How Deeply Islamic Fanaticism Has Taken Hold In Turkey
Elif Shafak

As a nation we now spend more time talking about death than about the joys of life. “Will it be after a football match? Or maybe when I am returning home from work? When will I become a number?” wrote one person on Twitter, reflecting the sentiments of millions of citizens. “Don’t be sad that you couldn’t win the lottery,” said another on social media. “If you are alive, it means you’ve won the biggest lottery in Turkey.”....


Nightclub Massacre in Istanbul Exposes Turkey’s Deepening Fault Lines
Tim Arango

It was there, at the Reina nightclub on the Bosporus — a hot spot for soap opera stars and professional athletes, Turks and well-heeled tourists — that those hoping to move past a particularly troubled year died together....

How Blood Feud Is Growing Among The Syrian Youth
Batoul Karbijha

"We will take revenge from everyone who kept silent and everyone who applauded the death of all innocent immaculate souls in Aleppo," Hosam Al-Bakri, a teary-eyed youth refugee told me, referring to the recent recapture of Aleppo, considered as a fateful victory for the Syrian regime over the armed opposition. "Assad is worse than ISIL, believe me," he continued. This judgement may raise a few eyebrows, but it shouldn't, as this is an inevitable sentiment of young people watching their fellow countrymen killed in cold blood and evacuated from their homes....


Pakistan Lukewarm Efforts to Take Up the Counter-Extremism Fight Are Compounding the Madrasa Challenge
Muhammad Amir Rana

When state institutions fail to understand the nature of a challenge, they tend to propose old, traditional solutions. The same is happening in the case of madressahs. Introduce English language, mathematics and computers in madressah curriculums and that will transform the institutions. This is what the interior and religious affairs ministries recently proposed....


Bangladesh: Unrelenting Response
S. Binodkumar Singh

The Awami League (AL)-led Government, which came to power on January 6, 2009, has consolidated its secular commitments through 2016, reining in Islamist extremist groups and targeting the Left Wing Extremist (LWE) movement in the country. According to partial data collected by the South Asia Terrorism Portal (SATP), 74 Islamist terrorists were killed and another 1,227 arrested across Bangladesh in different raids in 2016....


The history of Tunisia – is a tragedy of secularism being induced from the top, and the poisonous Islamism, sprouting from the bottom. Religious education in Tunisia is compulsory, but there’s little depth to it. In the absence of true understanding of Islam, young people are quickly being tricked by Islamists in following their evil ways. Most Tunisians don’t know any other thing about Islam, other than washing their hands before praying….


A More Dangerous Long-Term Threat: Al-Qaida Grows As ISIS Retreats
Jason Burke

Western officials fear JFS will not only dominate the jihadi landscape in the Levant following the defeat of Isis, but may also provide a springboard for al-Qaida to launch strikes into Europe, should the group change its current strategy....


Religious Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan
Saqib Warraich

Pakistan is also a hot bed of Islamic militancy with various militant organizations being fully operative and often resorting to violence in the name of Islam. Such organizations took root when Pakistan, during the Soviet War, started to support anti-modern, extremist and intolerant forces eventually losing control of them and having them erode law and order situation in addition to damaging the social fabric of the society….


Weakened Militarily, ISIS Still Has Power to Sow Deadly Mayhem

The Islamic State was also endowed with an unusual mix of military expertise — many of its core members were former Iraqi officers with plenty of battlefield experience — and religious erudition. Arriving when the Arab world seemed to be collapsing, it deftly marshalled the skills of a cadre of young, intelligent Islamic fundamentalists such as the Bahraini religious scholar Turki al Binali, who helped recruit many frustrated young people eager for a radical new source of hope....


How to Defeat Terrorists? True Extremism
Giles Fraser

“We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.” Which is why I want religious people to be more extreme in their faith, not less; to put aside their own boiling inadequacy and to trust in God’s greatness and that he knows what he is doing. Moses and Jesus and Muhammad were all extremists. They trusted in God over their instincts. And the shorthand for this is Allahu Akbar – a phrase the terrorists will never understand.....


From The Rubble of Aleppo, ISIL Rises
Alia Brahimi

Aleppo is no defeat for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. ISIL is the most formidable and global of all the terrorist players, which has attracted tens of thousands of fighters from more than 50 countries, manufactured chemical weapons, minted its own currency, and run a substantial proto-state....


Does Islamic State Have a Future in the AfPak Region?
Daud Khattak

The Islamic State’s Afghan and Pakistani affiliates follow the strict Salafi creed, which sees the Deobandi scholars and their followers as superstitious. The majority of the Pakistani Taliban leadership came under Salafist influence due to their long-time association and close contacts with al-Qaeda jihadists in the tribal areas....


Berlin Attack is a Test of German Patience
Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

The detailed contours of the attack will emerge slowly but surely. After all the German police and the media have shown restraint in the past and are showing it now by not jumping the gun by naming this Islamic organization or another. They are not even unequivocally saying that this is an Islamic terrorist attack. Contrast this with the Indian media: within minutes they seem to know the name of the terrorists, the organization which they belong to, and even their other plans. But this is beside the point; the contrast only being made to show that despite such atrocities the German press and the police have maintained their neutrality and are still not openly hostile towards the Muslims.....


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