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Radical Islamism and Jihad

We are interested in Taliban and Boko Haram because they are no ordinary criminals. They are committing suicide to kill other Muslims, hoping to go to heaven. Which ordinary criminal does that? These are Islamist terrorists. They consider themselves followers of what they call "pure" Islam and a large number of Muslims consider them the best of Muslims. Pakistan government is not able to act against them in Punjab because, though they have killed thousands of Pakistanis,  almost all of Punjabi Muslims love them. They have admirers among Muslims all over the world. Their Salafi-Wahhabi ideology is being spread with the help of billions of dollars of petrol money.

These terrorists are out to create a Khalifatul Muslemeen to rule the world. They mince no words when they talk about killing all those Muslims (first) and then non-Muslims who do not believe in ahl-e-hadeesi ideology, which they consider purest version of Salafism. They have been destroying for years Sufi shrines and killing visitors to those shrines. They have been kidnapping and killing Muslim girls who would dare go to schools. They go to mosques with suicide vests and kill themselves during prayer in order to kill fellow Muslims so that they reach heaven instantaneously and take ownership of their 72 wives waiting for them there.

Which gang of ordinary criminals - mere law and order problem - does these things?

--- Sultan Shahin


Observer sb., We must be concerned why so many extremely violent and perverse groups such as Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Qaeda, the Talibans and others derive support from the Quran. We keep saying that the Quran does not allow such extremist beliefs and behaviour, but the Islamophobes keep quoting from the Quran to contradict us. This back-and-forth has been going on for several years, but it is not getting us anywhere. Even if what we are saying is correct and what the Islamophobes are saying is false, we do need to find NEW ways to make such gross misinterpretations impossible. Einstein defined insanity as:  "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

By Ghulam Mohiyuddin  - 5/30/2014 1:54:34 AM

The declaration of the new Islamic State and Caliphate by the militant Sunnis of ISIS is a bold grab for the leadership of the global jihadist movement and brand. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the new self-proclaimed Caliph Ibrahim, is seeking to take over where Osama bin Laden left off…..


Malaysian youths are taking part in jihad in Syria, even becoming suicide bombers, while the police have arrested 19 armed terrorists in the country. This is without a question a huge irony to the country's advocacy for a "global moderation movement." …..


Silverman believes that events in Northern Iraq relate to “wanting to have a Kurdish Republic separate from the Central government and this is all part of the New Great Game. It will serve US interests in both Turkey and Iraq, not to mention Syria.”.....

Expanding Vistas of Nigerian Jihadism [1]
Femi Fani-Kayode
Expanding Vistas of Nigerian Jihadism [1]
Femi Fani-Kayode

Until those that are behind these barbarous killings and evil and that secretly fund, encourage and instigate it are made to face justice and answer for their crimes and until such barbaric killings, abductions and forced conversions and marriages are brought to an end, Nigeria and the Nigerian people will not know peace and they will continue to suffer God’s judgement……


What we all need to do is talk with each other, lay things out as bluntly as we can and then examine how we can build cohesive societies, where no one has to live in apprehension or fear of the other. We need to highlight the dimension of pluralism, and we want the world to respect us for our justice, honesty and fairness. .....


“We understand no borders,” says the young man, identified as Nasser Muthana, a recruit who apparently joined ISIS about eight months ago. “We have participated in battles in [Syria], and in a few days we will go to Iraq and will fight them and will even go to Lebanon and Jordan, wherever our sheik [Baghdadi] wants to send us.” “Send us, we are your sharp arrows. Throw us at your enemies, wherever they may be,”....

Time to Tame the Taliban Is Now
Karamatullah K Ghori
Time to Tame the Taliban Is Now
Karamatullah K Ghori

The Taliban have served fresh warning of their lust for blood being ready to write still more gory episodes of mayhem and murder against targets of their choosing. It would be a lunatic leadership if it still tried to repeat the folly of a dialogue with murderers. It’s frightening that the murderers have all the motivation in the world for their deadly game while the country’s political leadership is still sleep-walking…..

The Jihad Next Door
Rania Abouzeid
The Jihad Next Door
Rania Abouzeid

“There are now Farouk training camps, not a camp, in Syria,” Abu Maria, a senior Nusra emir in Idlib province, told me one night not long ago. “The one Farouk training camp in Afghanistan, it’s very famous. Its graduates include [9/11 hijacker] Mohammad Atta,” he added. “If it did all of this to the world, then what do you think the many camps in Syria will do?”…..

Jihadist vs. Jihadist
Daniel Nisman and Ron Gilran

Many observers have read al-Baghdadi's successes in Iraq and his defiance of al-Zawahiri as reason to herald a coup within the al Qaeda network. That's still premature. But unless the international community succeeds in pressuring Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government to abandon its Iranian-influenced sectarian tactics, al-Baghdadi could very well take the helm of a reinvigorated global jihadist movement….

Paradigm Shift Caused By ISIL
Yasar Yakis
Paradigm Shift Caused By ISIL
Yaşar Yakiş

ISIL's initiative in northern Iraq has brought the Kurds one notch closer to their ancestral aspiration of an independent Kurdistan, because the status of Kirkuk was the most important sticking point in the solution of the conflict between the KRG and the central authorities in Baghdad…..

A Lethal New Class Of British Jihadi
Simon Murphy, Nick Craven and Sam Webb

Once he dreamed of becoming the first Asian Prime Minister, but now this British-born Jihadi spouts only hatred as he boasts of his allegiance to the murderous terrorists of ISIS, on their killing spree in Iraq and Syria.....


The rise of ISIS in Iraq is a wider threat to the stability of the Middle East and the West than many realise. Al Qaeda is now yesterday’s news. What we do next is crucial. Our action or inaction can easily make the situation worse. ISIS is ‘blow-back’ from our confused policy in Syria as much as it is from the invasion of Iraq, where the sectarian prime minister Nouri  al-Maliki inadvertently facilitated ISIS by purging his government of Sunni Arabs, providing them with every reason to stand aside and watch as ISIS went on the rampage. The greatest challenge is how to tackle the growing crisis......


This is essay is not for the easily excitable or the unduly emotional. It is a long and troubling essay but the subject matter is of such importance that I urge its readers to stay with it to the very end…..


“Football is a Masonic game meant to distance Muslims from their religion and faith, and most of those who follow it are loyal to the infidels … A man who watches a game, God forbid, is watching deviant criminals and sinful infidels, even if they are Muslims,” Sheikh al-Alwan argued in a fatwa two years ago. He also warned that refereeing posed a serious problem because it implemented man-made rules rather than God’s law. While Sheikh al-Alwan sees the game as a Masonic plot, Sheikh al-Barrak and others, including Kuwaiti Sheikh Abdel Muhsin al-Mutairi, argue that the beautiful game is a Jewish conspiracy aimed at distracting Muslims from their faith.......


PETALING JAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad lamented the fact that Malays are now willing to kill themselves in order to go to heaven. “Not only that, but they are also willing to kill other Muslims because of political and ideological difference. "(But) We have not heard of any ulama give an opinion or make a fatwa on the actions. “If they think suicide and killing more Muslims will lead them to heaven, perhaps more Malays will wrap bombs around their bodies and detonate themselves in order to kill many unknown Muslims and not be enemies with them,” he said in his blog, chedet.cc.

Maqdisi was intent not to delve into the division, even temporarily, to the point that he refused to even talk to the very small number of journalists who were allowed to attend the reunion. He also refused to talk about his recent letters that included harsh and unprecedented criticism toward ISIS, and contented himself with saying that he will seek to carefully examine the situation before declaring any position....


But Jama’at-e-Islami and Jamiat ul-Ulema-e- Islam have stabbed their nation and its citizens in the back by brazenly expressing their support for the Taliban at a critical juncture when the whole country and the nation is fighting their battle of survival. Jama’at-e-Islami has once again proved that their ideology is pro-terrorism, whether it be in Bangladesh or in Pakistan or anywhere else. In Bangladesh too, they supported the killers and rapists during Bangladesh’s war of independence and had allied with the terrorist organizations in the country……

Abu Usama appears to be in his late 20s. With a neat ginger beard and a rifle slung over his shoulder, he addresses fellow Muslims back in Germany from his new home in northern Syria. In a 9-minute video released by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), he explains that he took his name from Osama bin Laden, because "he hit the head of injustice, and he is the one who terrorized [the West] as they terrorized us. Since they did not stop doing this, we will treat them in kind." He asks his audience: "Are you happy with your life in Germany? ....


We have been hearing comments declaring that all the Salafi movements are terrorists, or equating Salafism with al-Qaeda. People who cannot differentiate between purist Salafis and jihadist Salafis; who cannot see the potential of purists to be converted into jihadists; and who could not realize the danger until the takeover of Mosul are now trying to address issues like the strategies, logistics and tribal relations of ISIL……

The Uzbek fighters died in Karachi, nearly 2,000 kilometres from home, and if the nationalities of some of the ISIS fighters at Mosul were what they claimed, they too were over 2,000 kilometres from the comfort of their homes in various European cities. Just as the assault through vulnerable points at the Karachi airport betrayed knowledge of the area’s layout either via reconnaissance or inside collaboration, images of the ISIS fighters checking the identities of those fleeing Mosul off a ‘wanted’ list of Iraqi officials...


Meanwhile, jihadists have found a new terror base from which they can mount attacks on the West. All this was predictable at the start of the Syrian war – indeed, President Assad warned of it. How can the West hope to contain the monster it helped to create? The countries we formed at the stroke of a pen in the Sykes-Picot treaty 98 years ago are being washed away. ......

Tarek Fatah has done a good piece on this referenced above.’ But the article needs some bite and sting or else the ideologues of terror and hatred and their extremist and atavistic Ulema have become so bold in Kufr and Nifaq (in the Qur’anic diction) that any mild narrative against their ideology of terror and hate is hardly going to cause them any worry. Hence, they must be warned in a compelling manner of the perdition that may be awaiting them and is unfolding in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and other Muslim lands under their influence to the detriment of the broader Muslim community and at the expense of the faith and teachings of Islam…..

South and Central Asian nations are deeply worried about the shape of things to come after the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan and the return of Islamist terrorists from the Syrian theatre of Jihad back to North America, Europe and rest of the world. The upsurge of Taliban Jihadism in Afghanistan-Pakistan may also mean more terror in India and Bangladesh.

As experience has shown, Mr. President, the war on terror cannot be fought merely with military means. This war has an ideological dimension as much as military. The exclusivist, political, totalitarian, Jihadi narrative of Islam has to be contested and the mainstream narrative of Islam as an inclusive, spiritual path for salvation promoted vigorously. Among the Western governments, only Britain has shown an awareness of the ideological nature of this war and a resolve to help Muslims fight it ideologically. But the response of British Muslims has been disappointing.

Muslims across the world continue to be in denial. Not the slightest sign of introspection.

 British Muslims find the Report from the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Tackling Radicalisation and Extremism problematic. The subsequent actions too have caused consternation. But there is no indication that Muslims themselves plan to do something to fight this menace. We Muslims must understand and accept that this is primarily a war within Islam and it is for us to fight it.

Already, the Taliban have started flexing muscles. In Pakistan last month they forced the government to open talks. While demanding the implementation of Shariah they cut the throats of 23 captured soldiers of Pakistan Army. As Pakistan Information Minister pointed out, 90,000 Pak troops were taken prisoner in the 1971 war against India but not one of them lost their heads. He also wondered what sort of Shariah law Pakistan Taliban want imposed that allows cutting the throats of soldiers of their own country.

Clearly the international community must actively seek to address the menace of Jihadism and its phony interpretation of Islam…..

These phone calls give a sense that together with nationalism and Azadi, it is religion that drives and explains their choices. “In my view, even though the initial entry of youth into militancy might be dictated by political reasons, religion plays an important role in keeping up the motivation in the stark reality of facing death any moment,” says Dr Arshid, a leading psychiatrist in the Valley. “When that moment arrives, first you conquer the fear of death, which cannot happen without evoking the religion that has been taught to you from childhood as salvation from everything, including death. This makes death a transition to an eternal life. The struggle becomes secondary when death becomes inevitable as freedom from all that you were struggling for.”...

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