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Radical Islamism and Jihad

In the long war against Islamic supremacism ahead, human rights leaders fighting against this ideology must refocus the challenge as a struggle between the inherent human rights of equality and liberty versus Islamic supremacism - not extremism, radicalism, militancy, fascism, or even Islamism. To gain widespread American public understanding and support, it is essential that the supremacist nature of Islamic supremacism be communicated and compared to America's history of confrontation against white supremacism in the war of ideas. It must be conveyed that the ideology of Islamic supremacism itself is a threat, regardless of whether its adherents use "political" or Jihadist tactics. In addition to Islamic supremacism being the basis for Jihadist tactics, it must be clarified that the ideology of Islamic supremacism is used to repress and crush those seeking equality and liberty in America and around the world, -- Jeffrey Imm.

In order to 'rescue' Islam from being tarnished by violent acts, he suggests Muslims should dare to abrogate the Islamic law on war and the use of violence, an approach that is founded on Islamic tradition itself, "Islam acknowledges a method called nasakh, abrogation of law. It is not a popular approach but we can take the step when certain stipulations are no longer applicable to the contemporary context."

Applying nasakh does not mean to abrogate the holy texts, "texts endorsing war and violence will still be there but we will regard them as historical facts," says Guntur. A viewpoint by Ida Indawati Khouw published in The Jakartapost.com 

NewAgeIslam.com made a similar plea some time ago in an article by Sultan Shahin: Indian Ulema have no time to lose, must call warlike Quranic surahs obsolete  (September 21, 2008) Available at: http://newageislam.com/NewAgeIslamArticleDetail.aspx?ArticleID=787

Hitler and Jihad
Hitler and Jihad
Andrew G. Bostom

Not only did Mashriqi translate the standard abridged version of Mein Kampf (then commonly available) from English into Urdu, during one of his sojourns in Europe, which included time spent in Berlin, he met Hitler in the early years of the Fuehrer’s leadership of the National Socialist [Nazi] Party. Their meeting took place in 1926 at the National Library. Here is the gist of Mashriqi’s report on his interaction with Hitler as described in a letter to the renowned scholar of Indian Islam, J.M.S. Baljon:

I was astounded when he [Hitler] told me that he knew about my Tazkirah. The news flabbergasted me. . . I found him very congenial and piercing. He discussed Islamic Jihad with me in details. In 1930 I sent him my Isharat concerning the Khaksar movement with a picture of a spade-bearer Khaksar at the end of that book. In 1933 he started his Spade Movement, writes Andrew G. Bostom, author of The Legacy of Jihad, and the forthcoming The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism.

On the morning of Oct. 20, as humanitarian aid worker Gayle Williams walked to work in Kabul, Afghanistan, two men on a motorcycle approached and shot her multiple times before speeding off. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the assassination of the 34-year-old British citizen from South Africa. Taliban spokesman Zaibullah Mujahid told The Associated Press that his group killed Williams because she “came to Afghanistan to teach Christianity to the people of Afghanistan.” Williams’ organization, Serving Emergency Relief and Vocational Enterprises (SERVE), denied the charge.

Indian Ulema Have No Time to Lose, Must Call Militant Quranic Verses Obsolete
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam
Indian Ulema Have No Time to Lose, Must Call Militant Quranic Verses Obsolete
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

The so-called Indian Mujahedeen have used in their notorious e-mails certain Qur'anic verses to justify killing of innocent civilians. These are the same verses that enemies of Islam’s pacific and humane philosophy have been traditionally using for centuries to demonise Islam. Muslims who go berserk and want to simply smite all and sundry in their crazy stupor also routinely use these verses to justify their fanaticism and probably also to brainwash the still-not-so-crazy to their cause.

New Age Islam urges Indian Ulema to come out with explicit, unequivocal statements that the Qur'anic verses like the following - “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers in fight, smite at their necks"- are now obsolete: they were meant for a specific situation during the Prophet’s life and do not apply today.

Also, they must clarify that the Muslim perception and belief that they alone are worthy of going to Heaven is total nonsense, according to Muslim precepts. Muslims are no better or worse than any other community. Islam has as much failed to create a New Man or for that matter a New Woman as any other reformist religion or philosophy.

--- Sultan Shahin, editor, New Age Islam

In a front-page editorial in Urdu Daily Sahafat, Delhi, Nov. 1, 2008 Aman Abbas has rightly directed Muslims’ attention to the reprehensible practice of popular Ahl-e-Hadees preacher Dr. Zakir Naik referring to Yazeed, the dastardly killer of the Prophet’s family members, as Rahmatullah Alaih, thus seeking God’s blessings on this evil character. If it is also true, as the article claims, though it sounds incredible, that Dr Naik seeks to justify Osama bin Laden’s reprehensible activity and criminal terrorist philosophy of Jihadism, by saying in his speeches in English that are freely available as CDs in Islamic bookshops: “If Osama is terrorizing America, we are with him; all Muslims should be terrorists,” then NewAgeIslam.com has no hesitation in joining Sahafat in condemning the sentiment unequivocally as inhuman, un-Islamic, dangerous as well as fatal for Muslims interests and image. Some excerpts and summary of the article are being presented below. We welcome Sahafat’s call for introspection. Incidentally, we ourselves called for introspection in articles available at:




Editor, NewAgeIslam.com

Justice Muhammad Munir and Justice M R Kiyani warned against the institution of an Islamic state in Pakistan. They came out and said any such attempt would lead to a perfect disaster. They lashed out against the Mullahs and proved conclusively that any appeasement on the part of the Government will lead to a situation that will unravel Pakistan. They pointed out the contradictions in the arguments of the Mullahs. They warned that if exclusion was made a principle, then today it would be Ahmadis, tomorrow it could be someone else. The Mullahs were not in agreement on anything, not even on the definition of a Muslim. They go on to say that if Deobandis are in charge, all non-Deobandis would become Kafirs, and if Barelvis are in charge all non-Barelvis would be declared Kafir. Depending on the sect, the definition of a Muslim changes, and so everyone else becomes a Kafir. They warned that if Pakistan as a state was to get involved in such pettiness, it would lead to a most fantastic disaster. Their prescription was to follow the routine of any normal democratic secular state and stay away from this mess. They refuted the assertion of the Mullah that Pakistan was made in the name of Islam, rejecting it outright as a basis. They point to the Fatwa from DarulUloom Deoband in India presented in front of the inquiry commission which declares all Shiites as Kafirs and Murtids, and says that every fatwa is exclusionary in nature. -- Yasser Latif Hamdani

Indian Muslims: Let us come out of denial
ltan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam
Indian Muslims: Let us come out of denial
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

The so-called Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid -- a relic of the Mughal rule surviving on account of a strange fascination of our Hindu leaders with beards -- has called for an all-Muslim parties’ meet on October 14 to discuss the situation arising out of the Batla House encounter. All the bearded fuddy-duddies have accepted and will be deliberating their next course of action. I hope they will remember that the security and future prosperity of the Muslim community depends not so much on the shape of the next government but on the amount of goodwill we have in the hearts of our neighbours from the majority community. It is this that we have been putting at stake by refusing to accept the very possibility of a few hotheads among us taking to the route of evil. We can continue to say that this particular individual is not guilty in our estimation or that this particular police or media theory does not seem right, but if we discount the very possibility of any Muslims being involved in acts of terrorism as we are doing now, we stand to lose the goodwill of our neighbours. That is a much worse situation than that of a seemingly friendly or not so friendly government coming to power or losing power. Governments will come and go. Political parties will gain and lose power. But we have to live with our neighbours; let us not lose their goodwill through stupidity and worse. -- Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

I hope that the recent events will spur Muslims to consider the implications for the wider ethos in which we understand our religion of the shift which we have witnessed over the past twenty years or so away from accommodationist and tolerant forms of Islam, and towards narrow-mindedness. Al-Ghazali recommends a tolerant view of non-Muslims, and is prepared to grant that many of them may be saved in the next world; Ibn Taymiya, as Muhammad Memon has shown in his book on him, is vehement and adversarial. In our communities in the West, and indeed worldwide, we surely need the Ghazalian approach, not the rigorism of Ibn Taymiya. Not just because we need to reassure our neighbours, but also because we need to reassure those very many born Muslims who are made unsure about their attachment to Islam by events such as this that they can belong to the religion without being harsh and narrow-minded. Extremism can drive people right out of Islam. In 1999 the Conference of French Catholic bishops announced that 300 Algerians were among the year's Easter baptisms. Noting that ten years earlier Muslims never converted at all, they reported that the change was the result of the spread of extreme forms of Islam in Algeria.

Abdal-Hakim Murad concludes his article on the post 9/11 scenario: there is much despair, but there are also grounds for hope. The controls of two great vehicles, the State Department, and Islam, need to be reclaimed in the name of sanity and humanity. It is always hard to accept that good might come out of evil; but perhaps only a catastrophe on this scale, so desolating, and so seemingly hopeless, could provide the motive and the space for such a reclamation.


In counterterrorism circles there is significant buzz about “Al-Qaeda 2.0”, warning of highly decentralized jihadist networks operating independently and driven by a highly toxic internet-inspired Islamic ideology. The sad reality is, however, that an increasing number of jihadist websites, especially those in the English language, are finding safe haven in the US – and the US government seems powerless, or unwilling, to stop them. Analysis by Patrick Poole


Allama Iqbal said, "Khirad Ne Keh Bhi Diya ho to Kya Hasil; Dilo Nigah Musalman Nahi to Kuch Bhi Nahi" meaning, even if your intellect says you are a Muslim, it is worth nothing unless your heart and vision are Islamic…

The radical elements in the Muslim Ummah are making the life of ordinary Muslim very difficult. It is sure to boomerang on them and there will be rebellion against such practices. If this happened, then it is a danger to the very religion. Islam is a simple and down-to-earth religion. It does not impose harsh practices for the fear of losing the faithful. If such restrictions are imposed by such extremist elements from the radical elements of Jamaat-e-Islami or Taliban, then it has to be resisted tooth and nail. The first and foremost thing one should do is to drive these Mullahs away from the Mosque. There must be a local vigilant committee to oversee that those associated with Jamaat-e-Islami and Tableeghi Jamaat, are not allowed to preach in these mosques, Jamsheed Basha Abumohammed, a Chennai-based journalist  in response to Sultan Shahin's comments on:  India: Wahhabi Taliban onslaught on Sunni Muslims - Clean-shaven Muslim’s daughter killed, 4 injured


I shall point out the differences between what the Quran says on the subject of jihad and what the Deoband clergy teaches its students. Quran upholds the sanctity of life in most uncompromising terms and says: “If anyone slew a person unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.”  On the other hand, look at what the Deoband syllabus says: “The destruction of the sword is incurred by infidels, although they be not the first aggressors, as appears from various passages in the sacred writings which are generally received to this effect.” … (Indeed) Deoband appears to approve the use of force to spread religion. Its syllabus states: “When the Muslims enter the enemy’s country and besiege the cities or strongholds of the infidels, it is necessary to invite them to embrace the faith, because Ibn Abbas relates of the Prophet that he never destroyed any without previously inviting them to embrace the faith. If, therefore, they embrace the faith, it is unnecessary to war with them, because that which was the design of the war is then obtained without war. The Prophet, moreover, has said we are directed to make war upon men only until such time as they shall confess, “There is no God but one God.”

An analysis by scholar-politician Arif Mohammad Khan.

It is time for Muslims to be wise and not reactionary. We need to understand the new, emerging India. This is not being visionary. The point is that even a madrasa education can be of help. One only has to look at successful madrasa graduates, especially those from Falah, Islah, Nadwa and Deoband, to see how they moved on to modern universities and secured jobs. The government is no longer the sole creator and provider of jobs. The private sector has thrown up opportunities like never before. Here the scope for discrimination and biases is minimal. When an India of opportunities seems to be round the corner, it is futile for educated Muslim youth to indulge in mindless violence and miss the bus of progress and development, says Ishtiyaque Danish, a former member of SIMI.

When Mr. Zardari says he wants to “suck out the oxygen” from the Taliban and the Al Qaeda, no one doubts his sincerity. But the question being asked from New York to New Delhi, and also in Pakistan, is whether he has what it takes to rally the nation, his party and the entire state apparatus for the task ahead.

Look who hijacked Jamia
Look who hijacked Jamia
Arif Mohammed Khan

Activities of these Muslim outfits are as much a source of consternation to common Muslims as they are to other Indians. Occasionally some Muslims raise their voice but they lose nerve when they see the political promiscuity and influence enjoyed by these extremist elements. The establishment must realise that the police can fight terrorists, not terrorism. Terrorism can be contained only by a strong political will that identifies and isolates individuals and organisations promoting a violent mindset and does not favour them with political patronage, says scholar-politician Arif Mohammad khan.

It is up to us Europeans to decide whether we make life harder for our actual and potential partners in the region by making them the object of our policy, or whether we support them through credible action on the political, social and economic front, says Volker Perthes.


Winston S. Churchill's war report from the Sudan is being rediscovered. The uprising against Anglo-Egyptian rule in the Sudanese provinces at the end of the 19th century was also the beginning of Islamic jihad, according to the publishers. Joseph Croitoru has been reading all about it


If a broad based live material proof of the evil and anti-Islamic character of the ISIS were needed, it is in the exodus of the predominantly Muslim refugees from the lands ISIS wrenched away by shear brutality. The plight of these refugees is truly indescribable: they fled their homes in panic leaving all their belongings behind with no provisions, no security, no transport, no food or water, no destination except where their feet or vehicles took them and risking untold miseries that lay in their paths. While none may dare to openly call the ISIS as antithesis of Islam as the Muslim mind is overwhelmed by its (ISIS’s) cloak of religiosity, if Caliph Umar, the son-in-law and the fourth among the Rightly Guided Caliphs were to come alive this day, he would have surely declared the leaders and activists of ISIS and other terror outfits operating in the name of Islam (Boko Haram, al-Shibab, Taliban and al-Qaida) as renegade-apostates of Islam (Kharijite) who lost any claim to the faith of Islam and deserved to be killed without any trial [1]. But in the absence of Caliph Ali, who is going to bell the cat?....

As the daughter of firebrand cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, Yasmin Fostok might be expected to share his fanatical beliefs.  But the radical Muslim's daughter has ditched his extreme interpretation of Islam - as well as most of her clothing.  The busty blonde Yasmin Fostok has been revealed as a topless, tattooed pole dancer.

Raunchy: Radical Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed's daughter Yasmin Fostok is a topless, tattooed pole-dancer. The 26-year-old single mother has been displaying her charms in London clubs and touring as a 'podium' dancer with a troupe called Ibiza Untouched. Hundreds of youngsters go wild over the daughter of the preacher of hate who rants against Western 'depravity'. Yasmin shrugged off the secret life that her father would abhor. 'I don't agree with his views - I just get on with my life and that's it,' she said. Perhaps predictably Bakri, now exiled to Lebanon, dismissed the news as a ' fabrication' and described it as an attack on him and Islam. 'The more you put pressure on me, the stronger I become. Islam will conquer Britain,' he said. Glamour girl: Yasmin Fostok grew up a devout Muslim and wore a veil in her teens

Busty Yasmin Fostok, 27, leads a secret life after rebelling against her fanatical Muslim dad — who rants against Western “depravity”. She has performed in London pole dancing bars and gyrated half-naked in cages at club nights. And she admitted: “I’m willing to go topless if the venue is right.” Yasmin, a party-loving girl who quit the family home in North London four years ago, added: “I don’t get on with my dad.” Bakri, 50 — in Lebanon after being kicked out of Britain — told The Sun: “I am deeply shocked.” Bakri is a Muslim preacher of hate who wants all women to be covered from head to toe.


Syrian born radical Islamist Sheikh Omar bin Bakri Muhammad is the founder of the London branch of Hizb Al-Tahrir (the Islamic Liberation Party [1]), and of the organization "Jama'at Al-Muhajirun" ("The Emigrants," in reference to those who accompanied the Prophet Muhammad on his Hijra from Mecca to Medina). Additionally, Sheikh Bakri presents himself as the spokesman of Osama bin Laden's International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders. This organization, by Bakri's own admission, participates in fundraising for Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and is "in touch" with Hizbullah. Bakri has further claimed to have recruited volunteers for training in paramilitary camps located in the U.S. and Lebanon.

Leaders of the banned Islamist outfit Harkatul Jihad al Islami (HuJI) in Bangladesh have floated the Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) ahead of the December elections with permission from the caretaker government, which said it had found the group had no terror links.


In the midst of the political circus of Pakistan, the war in our backyard continues to be ignored.  Violence has been raging in the tribal areas and Swat valley. Violence that is not just related to the war on terror and the Taliban, but adding to the delectable mix is renewed sectarian strife in Kurram Agency. And when the state and the militants battle it out, the ultimate sufferers are ordinary people - whether they are victims of fateful suicide bombs or refugees in their own country. The recent military offensive in Bajur created over 400,000 IDPs. The state moved in to provide relief and support to the dispossessed only as an afterthought. It is from amongst theses IDPs that the Taliban find their potential recruits, says Pakistani scholar By Ayesha Saeed.


PEHSAWAR, Sept 22: Militants have gradually started moving from backward hilly areas to urban parts of different districts in the Frontier province. It is learnt that groups of militants in the garb of religious preachers have been visiting different mosques and trying to convince people to support ‘mujahideen’ against non-Muslim forces.


The disconnect is complete. While the national press was busy discussing and analysing the so-called Indian Mujahideen’s e-mail sent to the media prior to the blasts that rocked Delhi on 13 September and killed scores of innocent men and women, the Muslim Press continued to revel in its grievance-mongering and conspiracy theories. True, almost all Muslim organisations condemned the monstrous act that can possibly have no justification under any circumstances, but sections of Muslim Press continued to publish articles that would appear to echo the same grievances and conspiracy theories that the so-called Indian Mujahedeen were peddling in their e-mail. 

Our Constitution gives us the right to complain, air our grievances, criticise the government or any one else and, I suppose, perhaps even weave conspiracy theories. But there is a time and place for everything and then sober newspapers are supposed to do things within limits imposed by propriety. A case in point is a column, indeed a cover story for the Sunday supplement Guldasta of the Akhbar-e-Mashriq, published from New Delhi and Calcutta, 14 September 2008. The columnist Azmat Jameel Siddiqui does not support terrorism and extremism, but his sympathy for SIMI is tangible. One doesn’t find a word of condemnation or criticism for even the SIMI’s and indeed its parent Jamaat-e-Islam’s stupid ideology of establishing the rule of Islamic Caliphate in India and the entire world. It’s time Muslim Press stopped playing with fire and publishing inflammatory articles that amount to putting more oil in the already burning blaze,  says Sultan Shahin, Editor, NewAgeIslam.com.

 Also: Conspiracy against Muslims: With the help of Manmohan government’s silence, US patronage and Israel’s financial and military help 1.25 million Bajrang Dal terrorists ready to take on Muslims

By Azmat Jameel Siddiqui, Akhbar-e-Mashriq, New Delhi, Calcutta, 14 September 2008.

Translated from Urdu by Syed Raihan Ahmad Nezami

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