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A Journey into the Muslim Mind
Sheikh Ali Gomaa

We are about to embark on a journey into the Muslim mind in which we discover his foundational bases of thinking along with the advantages of his intellect and heart in order to explain how such paradigm affected his contribution in art and literature and how we can activate this paradigm once again for the Muslim to be a positive contributor in developing the world today….

An Iron-Clad Proof of God
Rabbi Adam Jacobs

An Iron-Clad Proof of God
Rabbi Adam Jacobs

Many people would be tempted to suggest that even if it were true that there was such a force, going ahead and calling it “God” would quickly strain credulity. Nonetheless, as Professor Feser beautifully explains, logic alone would demonstrate that the force in question would have all of the characteristics of the classical Western notion of the Creator. For instance, inasmuch as there must be an ultimate non-contingent force, its non-contingency indicates that (as held in monotheism) it must be singular, for if there were more than one mover each would be limited — and hence contingent — deriving their power from some earlier force....

The Status of Salah
Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

To make this better understood, it can be said that Salah in the Court of Allah is like a precious gift that is being presented to a king. In this context, it would be more appropriate if we used the example of a slave maid as the gift….


Gandhi always maintained that violence and nonviolence were intimately linked, which was why one could be converted into the other. He argued that evil must itself rely upon goodness, since even the most self-interested and treacherous leader, for instance, had to rely upon virtues such as loyalty, friendship and sacrifice among his own army in order to exercise his power. The point then was to withdraw goodness from evil and so cause its collapse, something Gandhi called non co-operation…..


When Swami Vivekananda Spoke in Chicago: A 9/11 Worth Remembering
Saswat Panigrahi

It was in that model speech, Vivekananda presented the ancient teachings of India in its purest form. While other speakers spoke simply on their own faith, Vivekananda stressed upon the essence of interfaith awareness and religious tolerance….


Kitty Inspiration for a Happier World: What Little Olinj Taught Me on Teacher’s Day
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

Little, loveable Olinj reminded me of the enormous hazards of making blanket generalisations, and of how easily tempted we are to think bad about others, rather than good. Not all cats, she taught me, were rude and boring. In fact, none of them probably were. It was only because I hadn’t made the effort to understand them that I had thought what I had about them....

This need not surprise us. What should surprise us instead is the eager readiness of individuals, even highly educated ones, to surrender themselves to the conmen of religion. Con men thrive under the garb of religion when people abandon God. The Godmen syndrome is a symptom of godlessness, not of religiosity. Godmen have as much to do with God as rock gardens have to do with flowers....

We Are Old, Not Useless
Parveen Ahsan

I have been applying for a job and got called for interviews. Guess what happened? The prospective employers wanted to interview me, not because I had applied but, as one asked point blank, why a lady in my age group was job hunting? One even remarked that the year in which I had graduated, he wasn’t even born!...


A Time for Creative Suffering:  Martin Luther King’s Words in a Surveillance World
Ariel Dorfman

What was the best method to achieve radical change? Could we picture a rebellion in the way that Martin Luther King had envisioned it, without drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred, without treating our adversaries as they had treated us? Or did the road into the palace of justice and the bright day of brotherhood inevitably lead through fields of violence?  Was violence truly the unavoidable midwife of revolution?

Purrfect Friends Who Give You Peace!
Nigar Ataulla, New Age Islam

Spending time getting to know Rehana, her mission and her 14 lovely cats was a truly enlightening experience. I learnt the value of peace, which her fluffy friends radiated. Their calmness and dignity were a clear reflection of “100 percent surrender to God…”, a lesson which I  might never have learnt  if I sat with 14 “learned” scholars for 14 hours or 14 days!....


The requiem came from an apparently innocuous substance: a prophylactic — the birth control pill. By decoupling sex from babies, the Pill ushered in the Sexual Revolution. Increasing political polarisation, globalisation, unprecedented prosperity, and a new secular attitude in the American elite also contributed to the decline of organised religion but the drastic change in sexual mores had the greatest impact....


What does it mean to admonish someone with the help of the word of God?
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Very often, people construe such guidance as personal criticism. When they are admonished in this way, they at once get stirred up and react very negatively. They don’t take such advice kindly. Instead of admitting their errors, they try to find fault with the one who tries to admonish them…..

Islam and Hinduism
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Islam and Hinduism
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Islam and Hinduism both representing two great traditions, have coexisted for more than one thousand years. It is very important to understand the relationship between these two religions. There are two divergent views on the subject of this relationship. One view is that both traditions are very similar to each other. I once happened to meet a Hindu scholar who with great enthusiasm said, “I don’t find any difference between the two religions. When I read the Quran, I feel that I am reading the Gita and when I read the Gita, I feel I am reading the Quran.”….

Life Is Not Rocket Science
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

Life Is Not Rocket Science
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

Watching the boat come to life from pieces of wood and metal was perhaps my first introduction to the world of eng­ineering. Wood was procured and Ahmed Jalalluddin, a cousin, arrived to help my father out. Every day, I would wait impatiently till I could go to the place where the boat was taking shape. Long pieces of wood were cut into the required shape, dried, smoothened and then joined together. Wood- fires seasoned the wood that made up the hull and the bulkheads. Slowly the bottom, then the sides and the hull began to form in front of our eyes….

Knock! Knock! Who’s That: A Neighbour in Need!
Nigar Ataulla, New Age Islam

 Last, but certainly not the least, neighbours can forget and forgive each other’s faults and frowns, burying old squabbles about “He parked his car in my space”, “She didn’t give me sweets for New Year’s”, “She did not send a bouquet for my birthday” and “He screamed at my dog’—all of which keep them pretty much as total strangers who happen to share the same physical space but have otherwise nothing whatsoever to do with each other....

Exaggeration: Un-Islamic and a Form of Extremism
Arman Neyazi, New Age Islam

All these maladies are the result of exaggeration in Islamic teachings i.e. the Quran and the Hadith by the people who are misguiding the noble Muslims of the world in the name of a struggle for establishing a global Islamic Caliphate after having converted all the world to Islam or killing all the non-Muslims including the overwhelming majority of Muslims who do not believe in their ideology and are considered infidel by them....

Fasting this Ramzan powerfully conveyed to me the worth of a well-known, almost trite, adage: Where there’s a will, there’s definitely a way. If you really sincerely want to do something that’s humanly possible, then, God willing, you really can. Related to this, if you tell yourself something seemingly difficult isn’t really so, it might well turn out to be easy for you. That’s something wonderful I learnt this fasting month through my own experience....


'Fatwa Activism' versus 'Educational Activism'
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

….the British had replaced gold and silver coins with paper money. This new form of money appeared to be unacceptable according to the rules of traditional Fiqh or Muslim jurisprudence. The Maulana was asked to issue a fatwa on the matter to judge whether this was Islamically-acceptable or not. However, he declined to give the fatwa, and simply said, ‘My fatwa [in this regard] won’t work. Instead, the paper money will.’ In such matters, this is the correct Islamic approach to take…..

Admitting One’s Mistakes
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Admitting One’s Mistakes
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

A truly pious person leaves things that are ‘undeclared Haram’ for fear of otherwise falling prey to ‘declared Haram’. ....


How They Came To Choose Islam
Marina Bolotnikova

"It didn't take me long to realise that Islam was nothing that I thought it was. As I started learning more, I realised Islam appealed more to what I already believe about God," Ms. Snow said. "Being raised Catholic, they teach about the Trinity, and the Trinity never resonated with me. It never made sense. When I found out Muslims believe God is just one that made more sense to me."….

The Secret of a Successful Life
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The Secret of a Successful Life
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

If you want your plans to succeed, you must be well aware of the prevailing external conditions. You should not give excessive attention to one aspect and neglect the other. You should not overestimate yourself and underestimate the surrounding circumstances. Any such mistake will bound to cause your plans to fail....

Organ Donation Is Supreme Sharing
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Organ Donation Is Supreme Sharing
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

According to Islam, organ donation is what is called Sadqa Jariya, that is, continuous charity. For example, if a blind person receives another person’s eyes after the person’s death and is able to see, then that is Sadqa Jariya, because even after his death the benefits from his donation continue to be received by another person. Organ donation is the greatest way of showing sympathy to others…..

"The primary conclusion that my mind takes me to is that Muslims enjoy fasting, and those who see us fast observe that enjoyment and want to try it out. It might seem like a simplistic notion, but when you really break it down, if I see you doing something and can see that you love doing it, it's going to incline me towards doing it as well."...


The Politically Incorrect Guide to Ramadan
Haroon Moghul

In all seriousness—Ramadan is amazing. I’m celebrating my first month in a Muslim country, and it’s so incredibly spiritually and psychologically uplifting to be in a culture that is saturated with worship, with remembrance, with charity—Muslims are crazy generous in Ramadan; you can get a free iftar almost anywhere—and the experience of fasting, and then breaking fast with friends, family, and other people of faith, creates a sense of community that is profoundly hard to communicate except to experience it firsthand....


Religious Harmony: A Biased Mind Cannot Grasp Reality
Dalai Lama

According to Buddhist philosophy, happiness is the result of an enlightened mind whereas suffering is caused by a distorted mind. This is very important. A distorted mind, in contrast to an enlightened mind, is one that is not in tune with reality....

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