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Muslim Conscience Islam Needs the Kind of Guidance That Respects All Beings
Tariq Ramadan

What more can we say about the malaise of the Muslims, their crises and their shortcomings, their inability to meet the challenges of the day? Islam today is in disrepute; Muslims are under attack daily for the violence carried out in their name, for the discrimination against women and “non-Muslims” — that some claim to justify in their teachings and preachings....

The concept of secularism was vibrant in the Indic region with the realisation not only of one God but of the essential oneness of all existence: “Ekam sat bipra bahudha badanti.” Ultimate reality is singular as time or space is, but appears to be many due to apparent divisions. The Rig Veda proclaims that diverse ways of worship reach the same destination as different rivers reach the same ocean....


All celestial bodies are governed by discipline — an organised and coordinated system with an invisible linkage. We see the daily rising and setting of the sun, the moon appears and shines according to phases, the seasons change on a yearly basis and the days and nights occur according to their length fixed in every season....

Valentine Day’s Universal Message
Mike Ghouse

On the other side of the world, a few frustrated ones will go to the other extreme. A handful of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi Hindus and Muslims will go on bashing and harassing the people who want to spend their time in peace. They ransack shops that sell the cards, and have beaten up couples in restaurants. If I were in those nations, I would offer the misguided ones to come and spend time in Temples, Mosques or other places of worship and fall in love with God and sing songs praising the lord!....

Forgotten: Muhammad’s Islam and Gandhi’s India
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

Muhammad and Gandhi, two of the most influential men in the history of the world, changed the face of the world we live in. Their early period of life may have been totally different but their moral philosophy has a common touch. One of his report card reads: "good at English, fair in Arithmetic and weak in Geography; conduct very good, bad handwriting”.  “I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims; I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but no Islam.”I say: “I see Muslims but no Muhammad; I see India but no Gandhi”....

The Mahakumbh, with its limitless cornucopia of Hindu memories and motives, is the closest that Hinduism comes to calling itself 'organised' in the Semitic sense of the term. It is easily one of Hinduism's great traditions, one which with its almost limitless diversity is the antithesis of a globalised, monochromatic world of materialism....


Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and Contemporary Muslims
Khaled AlMaeena

Even non-Muslim historians admit that Muslims were the originators of modern chemistry, meteorology, mathematics, sociology and geography. Muslim surgeons were also the first to dissect the human body. The first known telescope was built for a Muslim ruler. We should remember that we are the followers of a Prophet (pbuh) who said that one should seek knowledge even if it means travelling as far as China.....

Stress-Free Formula for A Happy Life
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The first principle- “It is his problem, not mine” can be described as the art of problem management. In life there are always problems, and the best formula is to try to manage them rather than try to eliminate them. You have to learn the art of problem management, and then you can have a life where there is no stress or tension....

We Have the Ability to Bounce Back
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

We Have the Ability to Bounce Back
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Resilience is a law of nature. It means the ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune. It can be found everywhere -- in the physical world, the plant and animal worlds and the human world. Resilience in Physics means the ability to return to the original form after being bent, compressed or stretched….

Are We True To the Holy Prophet’s Teachings?
Khaled Almaeena

Not a day passes without some depressing news from one Muslim country or another. Either it is a terrorist attack in Afghanistan or the Syrian Air Force bombing its own people. Iraq continues to be hit with violence of the most gruesome kind. Mali now joins the list of Muslim countries facing internal turmoil and external intervention. People continue to be killed in Pakistan…


Religious Identity and Inter-Religious Polemics
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

The major challenge to the peaceful coexistence of people believing in different religions is the all-too-common tendency among many believers to have negative or even derogatory views about religious beliefs and practices other than their own. This tendency is far from being exceptional, although, for the sake of political politeness, we may hesitate to admit this. ...

Maybe my need for belief in religion stemmed from a refusal to think that life is just about taking birth, growing up, eating, playing, marrying, growing old and dying, and my insistence that there must certainly be a greater purpose lurking behind this seemingly meaningless drama. Whatever the reason may be, I’ve been dabbling in different religions almost all my life.

Going Beyond the God of My Imagination
Joyous Agnos, New Age Islam

In all my years, I’ve never once encountered a person who has seen, heard or experienced God (in the sense ‘He’ is generally understood) personally, although, of course, I’ve met and closely interacted with thousands of ardent believers in diverse religions. They all claim to know about God, but they can’t honestly say that they know God—because they haven’t experienced God themselves, which is the only way to know God. And so, all that they can tell you about God is simply the information or claims that they’ve heard from others or have read in their scriptures.

Reflections on the Religious Search
Joyous Agnos, New Age Islam

As far as I am concerned, religion means—or, rather, ought to mean—a search for the Ultimate Truth--which, we may well realise as we travel on this journey, is simply beyond the grasp of human comprehension. This search is also a quest to know the reality of one’s self. A truly religious person, therefore, is a ‘seeker’ of the Truth.

If an ideological system, belief or practice definitely does promote such wholesomeness, you may regard it as true—not necessarily always true in terms of ‘hard facts’ as we conventionally understand them (such as the proven ‘facts’ of mathematics), but, rather, true in terms of the wholesome, and, therefore, truthful, consequences that it promotes. And hence, you might want to take it is an aspect or dimension or reflection of the Absolute Truth or God.

Religion, and Human Understandings Of It
Joyous Agnos, New Age Islam

What we believe to be ‘the true’ interpretation or version of our religion, then, is often simply the one we like best because it reinforces our particular likes and dislikes, supports our particular ways of viewing the world and legitimizes projects and plans that we have for ourselves. Whether we recognize or agree to admit it or not, our choice of one interpretation among many of our religion is often heavily influenced by our mundane and entirely extra-spiritual concerns.

God Has Guided Me to Truth
Dr. Kari Ann Owen

I grew up in a slave market, comprised not only of the promiscuous sicknesses of my family, but the constant negative judging of my appearance by peers.... I was taught from a very early age by American society that my human worth consisted solely of my attractiveness. I support and deeply admire Islam’s respect for same sex education; for the rights of women as well as men in society; for modest dress; and above all for sobriety and marriage...


The fundamental principles of religion and ethics are quite the same in both Holy Books

Islam, as enunciated in the holy Quran, is all for international understanding and unity of mankind for the great purpose of realization of human destiny. It does not recognize any barriers of racialism and all such aggressive ‘isms’ which are affronts to human dignity and worth, as the holy Quran regards men as the best creation.

The message of Islam is that they should all go back to the true faith which may be designated Deen (religion), or Islam (surrender and submission to the will of God). The root Slm in Arabic means "to be in peace, to be an integral whole." From this root comes Islam, meaning to surrender to God’s law and thus to be an integral whole. It asserts that religion does not teach that man should hate man. The object of religion is to increase love and unity among human beings by the recognition that "we are all the children of the one and only God." This is Humanism.

The message of Islam, as depicted in the holy Quran is the "unity of mankind under the fatherhood of God." It is opposed to all forms of grouping –– racial, national, sectarian, or other. This then is the True Path, and for this we ask God’s grace. The right path is essentially one of sympathy and love for those human beings who are most in need of them – the orphan, the slaves, the deprived, those who are poor or those who are lonely.

Having minutely gone through the Gita and the Quran, one may easily realize that both these sacred volumes are so similar in their intrinsic nature that they stand as a neck-vein to each other. Truly speaking, a true believer of 7th and 8th verses of the 4th chapter (Jnanayoga) of the Gita as well as the 48th verse of the Quranic Surah "Al-Maidah" will find no point of dissimilarity between these holy volumes. Both of these scriptures intend to establish religion on a firm footing for the protection of the virtuous, for the destruction of the evil-doers and for restoring order and peace in the society. The fundamental principles of religion and ethics are quite the same, in all respects in both.

The similarity between the Gita and Quran extends on a larger scale, as most of the verses of the Quran were preached under similar circumstances in which the Gita was preached. -- Dr. Debabrata Das

Ideological supremacism is often associated with religion, but this is not always the case. Witness, for instance, the terror and horrific violence wrought in the name of Nationalism, Fascism, Communism, Capitalism and Democracy, as votaries of these ideologies have sought to deal with those who dared to differ from them. The violence that belief in the supremacism of these non-religious ideologies has generated has been no less deadly than that blessed in God’s name.

Babba, As I Remember Her
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

Babba, As I Remember Her
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam
The ‘servants’ slogged in our house till well after dinner, and then they went down to their suffocating “servants’ quarters” (which were only just a little bigger than dolls’ houses) to quickly snatch some sleep, only to come back to our home early the next morning and repeat the same tiresome daily routine. That was what life was like for Babba for years on end, which Existence, God, Fate or the oppressive caste-class system had decreed for, or forced on, her. But never once did I hear her complain or express the wish that her life had been better—less miserable or with more reason to be cheerful. She was really the sort of person whom neither pleasure not pain can move. She really had the equanimity of a Buddhist monk.

Religiousness Without Belief
Tril Shah, New Age Islam

They may all agree, for instance, on the importance of compassion, sincerity and selflessness. No matter what their religious beliefs, they may heartily concur with each other on the need to help the poor. These values, then, can serve as a powerful means to bring together people of differing religious persuasions. They unite, rather than divide, people of otherwise different religious and ideological persuasions.

Futility of Religious Reform
Tril Shah, New Age Islam

Religion is capable of taking humans to sublime heights, but it is equally capable of dragging them down to the lowest depths of depravity. Across the world and down the centuries, a bewildering host of horrors have been blessed in the name of religion—human sacrifice; hatred for, and ‘holy war’ against, ‘infidels’; conquest and genocide; caste inequality and untouchability; the enslavement of women and the poor….

A Man From Across the Border
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

A Man From Across the Border
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

Despite fifty years of being separated from the land of his birth, his love for it remained intense. He couldn’t ever get himself to hate—much though the Pakistani establishment may have wanted this—the country of his ancestors. And then, he was convinced that all forms of nationalism were bunkum in any case.

The Dharam of the Desert
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

The Dharam of the Desert
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

Letting a stranger into your home, feeding him and putting him up for the night was his dharam, the man had said. He had few worldly possessions of his own and he lived in a little hovel, but yet he believed that sharing even these was his dharam. And what about miserable middle-class me? If this man or someone like him—a poor peasant from the desert—ever came to my middle-class home and sought a place for the night, would I even speak to him, leave alone let him in? Might I not, instead, instinctively shoo him away or even report him to the police as a ‘suspicious character’?

The idea of “being crazy with God” has been around for a long time, particularly among Sufis and poets in Muslims lands. South Asia is no exception. Here is an example of such “craziness” as narrated—admiringly—by the poet Mir Muhammad Taqi “Mir” (d. 1810) in his autobiography, Zikr-e Mīr

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