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How Can I Forgive You If You Do Not Even Mean It?
Shaheera Syed

After I recovered from my embarrassment and confusion, I resumed the task of scrolling through what looked like an endless list of forwarded messages asking for forgiveness and wishing me Shab-e-Barat Mubarak.. Many of the messages were from people that I don’t even remember the last time I had talked to. It was when I got the exact same message from a number of people that I began asking myself if these people really meant what they were saying....

A Muslim is required to believe in God — the unseen — the Day of Judgment, the prophets and messengers who were sent to humanity from time to time and the divine revelations in the Torah, Bible and Qur’an. Muslims believe in the sole supremacy and oneness of Allah, the creator of the universe, and the one who alone has complete power over everything. In addition, Muslims must fulfil the requirements of the five pillars that constitute the practice of the faith of Islam....


Meet the Newddhists: Buddhism is now the fourth largest religion in the United States
James Atlas

The fundamental insight of the Buddha is this: life consists of suffering, and suffering is caused by attachment to the self, which is in turn attached to the things of this world. Only by liberating ourselves from the tyranny of perpetual wanting can we be truly free.  Not that I am ready to renounce this world, or its things. "I am still expecting something exciting,” ...."drinks, animated conversation, and gaiety: an uninhibited exchange of ideas.” So do I. But I need a respite from those things, too.....


Prophet’s Companions and the Energy of Money
Ghulam Rasool, New Age Islam

A person’s mettle is, however, tested by how he deals with the surfeit of energy that considerable wealth represents and the lack of it as well. As some philosopher has put it: Money doesn’t change men, it merely unmasks them. If a man is naturally selfish or arrogant or greedy, the money brings that out. That is all.” There are well-known examples of people acquiring great wealth and in the process, heading towards self-destruction. But can wealth lead to good and the betterment of society? Of course, it can. We find some brilliant examples in our own history. It is quite instructive to see how some of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) coped with the enormous energy that wealth brings with it.....

..."of all the realities of existence, the most honoured and cherished is the wisdom and intellect possessed by humanity. Philosophy, art, sciences, inventions and industry all emanate from it." He asserts that the happiness and prosperity of human beings lies in the development of their capacity and faculties rather than the selfish pursuit of interests going beyond their immediate needs. The evolution and manifestation of this reality within civilisation is concomitant with the development of the same within individuals. ...

Value Education: The Non-Preachy Way
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

Value Education: The Non-Preachy Way
Value Education

Modern 'mainstream' education is faced with a major crisis of meaning. Although it may seem to do well in imparting information, it miserably fails in inculcating positive human values in students. While it seeks to cram children's heads with facts and figures, it does little, if anything at all, to make them better, more loving, joyful and compassionate human beings. Contemporary education being geared essentially to training students for the job market, children are carefully schooled in such values as aggressive competition, self-centredness, blind imitation of Western culture and unbridled materialism and consumerism....

Existence vs. Non-Existence
Manzoorul Haque, New Age Islam

A philosopher cannot answer everything. Expecting him to do that is to punish him for trying to do what he can. I am sure some of my curious friends (especially the atheists of the world) would begin to ask me searing questions that arise from this presentation. What can I say except that I am aware of some such questions myself but cannot answer? I can thus freeze my answer here and now for which I have a ground – its inadequacy. But the problem is that the question is unceasing in my mind as in everybody else’s mind. I feel like we are all on one side, and we could possibly share what we know, or we seem to know. ...

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Describes Terrorism, Fear and Spirituality
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a spiritual leader

Spiritual education is crucial to help individuals deal with anger and hatred. Without a means to control them, anger and hatred can lead to a situation where one loses sight of reason. When the ability to reason is lost, human values of tolerance and compassion are lost. Respect for life, which is the basis for all human values, is also lost as a result. Terrorists have no respect for life. In reality, terrorists have no religion, no nationality and no philosophy, for they are blind to reason. ...


Is Science Another Of Those Fanatical Religions?
Professor B. M. Hegde

Any criticism of science is frowned upon even by the laypeople who have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe that science has the legitimate right to supremacy in this world. Some of the material comforts of technology like communications, transportation and electricity have added proof that the science base of these technologies is to be venerated. Scientists are so deluded by their invincibility that they have no patience to listen to any other view. There is no debate in this arena. As long as there is no debate, there will be no progress....

Child-Like, in Heaven?
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

Child-Like, in Heaven?
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

Is this pure infant-like state, a state of liberation from all dogmas, beliefs and identities that society is desperate to impose on the infant as soon as it can, what Jesus also means when he indicates that only those who become child-like can ever enter the ‘Kingdom of Heaven”? Is the way to ‘heaven’, returning to the state of infant innocence, thus also about becoming completely innocent of all these impositions, so much so that one no longer identifies with and clings to this or that religion...


Guru Nanak, One of the Greatest Symbols of Pluralism and Tolerance in the World
Happy 542nd Birthday Guru Nanak

Among the great philosophers and thinkers that India gifted to the world are two men who tower above the rest- Buddha and Guru Nanak, the founders of Buddhism and Sikhism. While Buddha is well known in the West as a result of his creed and followers, Guru Nanak, whose birthday we celebrate today is yet to be discovered.

Let this Muslim introduce you to the man who founded the world's youngest religion, Sikhism and who had a profound role in shaping my Punjabi heritage, alas, one that was torn to shreds by the bloody partition of India in August 1947....

If God is understood as supreme, infinitesimal, all-pervading spiritual substance, his power over matter and soul becomes clear. Then, we would not need to regard God as an object of obeisance through blind faith; rather we would understand God scientifically. Superstition would yield place to scientific enquiry and curiosity, which would be satisfied rationally. This would make way for true communion with God…..

Let us be Honest with Ourselves!
Ghulam Rasool, New Age Islam

Let us be Honest with Ourselves!
Ghulam Rasool, New Age Islam

To take an account of oneself, that is, to undergo honest self-criticism, is part of Muslim practice called al-muhasba or self-inventory. According to the Companion Umar ibn al-Khattab ( may Allah be pleased with him): to engage  in al-muhasba is “to asses and adjudge yourselves before you are adjudged and assessed on the Day of Judgment, and weigh out your deeds before they are weighed out for you”. Umar, a man of his word, reportedly used to whip his right foot at night and say to it “What have you done today? Another companion, Maymun ibn Mahran said: “A pious person cautiously examines and adjudges himself more than a tyrant or a tight-fisted partner”. ...

Defeatist Approach towards Doom and Death: Fate and Fatalism
Tazeen Javed

Would I retain any glimmer of hope if I lose my house in floods, a son to hepatitis C or a daughter to childbirth? What if half of my family is blown up in a bomb blast during their yearly shopping excursion in the city before Eid? How can I live through the trauma of being caught in crossfire between militants and the armed forces and see my friends and family die all around me? How can I ever hope to not die and get on with my life? I, too, will need repeated doses of fatalism to survive. Resignation to one’s fate is a necessary evil and, perhaps, a powerful tool of survival...

Introspection, Harmony Urged in Life
Panca Nugraha and Bambang Muryanto

Introspection, Harmony Urged in Life
Panca Nugraha

“We have been living in harmony with our Muslim brothers,” Giri said. “The followers must do away with envy and nurture togetherness, which are both important to create peace,” he said. Offerings made from fruit were served and the temple was decorated. He emphasized the need for Buddhists all over the world to foster harmony not only with other people, but with God and nature as well....

Happily Unemployed And Unemployable
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

Happily Unemployed And Unemployable
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam Columnist
It was not without some hesitation that I decided to quit my job recently and vowed never to take up paid employment again. The job was a handsomely-paid one—salaries for university staff having been phenomenally (and most undeservedly)… I would have saved enough to buy myself a fancy apartment or even a luxury villa and stock up a decent sum in the bank to see me through old age. But the idiocy of it all dawned on me soon enough….

Taking Back Our Souls: A Reaction To Sexual Abuse
Chava Tombosky

This topic is a difficult one to approach without a little silence before proceeding. My momentary silence is out of deep respect for the silent pain that has been inflicted on the innocent victims of abuse -- many of whom have been forced into a coerced silence for years or even lifetimes. It is to these victims that I dedicate this essay. Indefinite silence in the face of corruption is a form of inaction. Who's ready to let their voice be heard?...

The Earth Is the Lord's: Our Responsibility for God's Creation
Rabbi Jacob Elisha Fine

"And God blessed [Adam and Eve] and God said to them, 'Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.'" A hyper-literal reading of this verse is used to justify unchecked exploitation of the natural world for the sake of human consumption. …


Rabindranath Tagore based his idea of Humanism on the Upanishads
Hiranmay Karlekar

“But it is a sin to lose faith in human beings; I shall protect this faith to the last. I would hope that after the total, all-encompassing destruction there would perhaps begin a pure self-unfolding of history on the cloudless sky of renunciation on the Eastern horizon where the Sun rises. And one day, unvanquished human beings will surmount all obstacles and advance on a victorious journey to regain their lost status….   

Highly Religious People Are Less Motivated By Compassion Than Are Non-Believers
Yasmin Anwar is a physician

In three experiments, social scientists found that compassion consistently drove less religious people to be more generous. For highly religious people, however, compassion was largely unrelated to how generous they were, according to the findings which are published in the most recent online issue of the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science….

Heresy implies not rejection of or indifference toward religion and its objects, but rather curiosity and engagement. Just because I can’t see or make sense of God doesn’t mean I don’t want to, or that I hate believers; on the contrary, I respect—with fear and trembling—the powerful role that religious experience plays in the lives most humans. Heresy demands a particular religious vocabulary, though it also allows for unabashed syncretism. …



Now This Is What I Call Guru Mahima! Guru Is Everything!!!
This morning, he came to me asking to see a doctor. He said his ears were full of wax which rattled when he shook his head, and he wanted it removed. Then he tentatively asked me whether it was because of the earphones, and admitted that he had stopped using them for the past month anyway. Now that he mentioned it, I recall that I haven’t seen him with the gadget on for a while now, and can hear soft music from him room.....


What Type Of Meditation Is Best For You?
Patricia Monaghan

What happens when someone who wants to deal with insomnia enrolls in a rigorous class in a course in Zen meditation?  Or if someone who wants to create more spiritual space in her life registers for a health-oriented hatha yoga class?  Most likely, they will join the long list of meditation drop-outs, people who say, “I tried that, but it just didn’t work for me.”…



Choosing Thy Religion Can Be a Close Shave
Barney Zwartz

The ''monk for a month'' program began in 2008, a year after Ben and his Dutch wife, Jildou, became volunteers in northern Thailand and befriended the abbot of a local monastery. He realised many Westerners might be interested in what is a rite of passage for most Thai men…



Who Am I? My Brain or My Mind?
You become a Mother Teresa or Bin Laden because of your pre-determined genetic profile and the way your brain is wired.

If someone picks up someone else's belonging and can't remember, can proof of Alzheimer's disease exonerate him of the alleged crime? In the next decade, can sophisticated brain mapping findings be invoked, as mitigating circumstances to explain aberrant behavior? How does society “punish” my abnormal neurotransmitter levels, the aberrant tracts and circuits in my behavioral brain, so elegantly displayed in color in a FM     RI tract gram? Is this the cause or result of my behavior? Who am I?

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