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Darul Uloom was established in 1866. Almost hundred years before that when Hadhrat Syed Ahmad Shaheed arrived at Deoband and passed through the place where the Darul Hadith stands today, he said that he got the fragrance of knowledge there. Nobody knew then that the fragrance that only Syed Ahmad Shaheed got would sway the whole world. I heard from and also read in the book of Hadhrat Qari Md Taiyab that Darul Uloom had come into existence due to divine intervention and had received God’s support since day one. The founder of Darul Uloom Maulana Qasim Nanatawi had a dream that he was standing atop Kaaba and streams of water were bursting forth from all the fingers of his hands and legs and flowing around. -- Maulana Nadimul Wajidi (Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk)

Ever since I read about some Mullahs asking Muslims in India and Malaysia to stay away from yoga camps, I was wondering what could be so threatening about Yoga. Is our faith so brittle that we would cease to remain Muslim if we just learn to do yogic exercises, now recommended by doctors, particularly cardiologists and surgeons after heart by-pass surgery or to those with high blood pressure? In fact Yoga is useful to patients of an assortment of illnesses, and also as a preventive health-care technique. If practiced regularly yogic meditational techniques can lead to beautiful and extremely rewarding spiritual experiences too. -- Sultan Shahin, Editor, NewAgeIslam.com

The detention and release of the popular Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan by the DRI has stirred the Pakistani media into India bashing as usual. The editorials of the national dailies of Pakistan and the articles by the ‘noted’ Urdu columnists of the country were full of anti-India venom and the ‘bias and prejudices’ Indians reportedly have against their great singers, artistes and litterateurs. As usual, the Pakistani media men and Urdu intellectuals exhausted all their intellectual and journalistic ‘depth’ (like the strategic depth of the Pakistani government) in finding out the conspiracies behind the incident. Not only that, in criticising the Indians and the Indian government in particular, they crossed all the limits of decency hurling abuses against the Indians even calling them ‘Hindu baniyas’. A so-called columnist Sayeed Aasi addresses Rahat Ali Khan in the following words in his column in Nawai Waqt: “Arre Marhoom Fateh Ali Khan ki Rahat! Tujhe Hindu banyi ke liye resha khatmi Adnana Sami ke anjam se bhi Khauf nahi aya tha? Bade daawey karta phirta tha ke who Bharat ke teen aala aizaz hasil kar ke bada moazziz tareen hogaya hai.” -- Md Sanaullah Khan, NewAgeIslam.com


The protesters in Bahrain allege that the ruling Khalifa government belongs to the minority Sunni sect while the government does not provide employment, shelter and health services to the majority Shia community that forms 70% of the population. They allege that in order to change the proportion of the population, the Khalifa government was inviting Sunnis from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and Balochistan province of Pakistan and granting citizenship and all the other amenities to them. The majority Shias demand that the government should be changed in the country and a democratic constitution should be evolved anew. -- Md Ahmad Kazmi (Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk)

Change is the rule of nature. From living isolated in caves, mankind has now become the resident of a global village. Humanity has reached an era of science and technology, colossal materialism and massive consumerism. This has created more problems than comfort. Immense development of communication has allowed wider spread of knowledge and greater interaction between different religious and ethnic communities too. This has also led to widening and deepening of religious prejudices about one another and resultant conflicts. It is important to see how Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s teachings have acquired even greater relevance today. While living in seventh century Arabia, he (SAW) apparently knew of the transformation the world was to undergo, the problems we were to face and hence their remedies given in advance.-- Akhtarul Wasey [Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi, NewAgeIslam.com]


Sultan Shahin sees New Age Islam as part of a global effort by believers to reclaim Islam from the religious right, and address the questions and conflicts which confront believers in the twenty-first century. “Islam,” he argues, “is a spiritual experience; a system of beliefs through which believers seek to live a meaningful life. For the Islamists, though, religion is primarily a tool through which they seek power. In practice, they worship power, not Allah.”

In a recent essay, Shahin argued that the Islam of the neo-fundamentalists was in fact a “a completely new religion” theologically founded “on a wilful misinterpretation of the Islamic concept of jihad.”

Electronic journals like New Age Islam reach out to a small, but influential, section of India’s Muslims: an emerging class of Muslim professionals and entrepreneurs who are finding that the traditionalist practices of the parents offer few solutions to the struggles of life. Islamists have been adroit at capitalising on their anxieties. Many of India’s jihadists — among them, the leadership of the Indian Mujahideen — came from urban middle class backgrounds and had received a privileged elite education.

Shahin says he hopes New Age Islam will give this new class a progressive voice. “When the media or the government wants to understand what Muslims think about something,” he says “they’ll always turn to some cleric or the other, not Wipro’s Azim Premji or Himalaya Heath Care’s Meraj Manal or the eminent physicist Israr Ahmed. We need a wider Muslim engagement with public life.”

Shahin’s own understanding of Islam was forged in both India and the West—much like the young audience New Age Islam addresses. -- Praveen Swami, The Hindu, New Delhi

In this article on Eid Miladun Nabi, the writer advises Muslims not to indulge in pomp and show while celebrating the Prophet’s birthday as he (PBUH) advised us not to spend unnecessarily and to be spendthrift.  According to Sachar Committee report the Muslims of the country are very backward financially. But they spend lavishly in decorations and lightings of mohallahs and mosques which is discouraged by Islam. Instead the money could be spent on providing food and clothing of the needy and education to those who cannot afford the expenses. The full article is being presented in Urdu. -- By Dr Md Samiuddin Mateen

The dictators of the Muslim countries who have been ruling over the masses for a long time should learn a lesson or two from the mass uprising in the Arab states and the downfall of the dictators of Tunisia and Egypt. The autocrats denied their people all the human rights and right to expression while they plundered the wealth of their respective countries. On the other hand the people lived in utter poverty. Toeing the line of their masters, the US they even tried to wipe out the marks of Islamic religious and cultural identities from their countries turning them into a westernised society. In the following Urdu article, Abid Anwar takes a brief look into the history of Egypt under Husni Mubarak and the events that led to the revolution. -- Abid Anwar


We put emphasis on the cultural phenomenon with reference to Islam. In other words, culture has been considered a part of religion though culture is the product of local social and economic conditions, is governed by them and undergoes changes due to changes in the social and economic conditions. For example, the people of Makkah as compared to the people of Ansar, considered it wrong to involve their wives in any affair or do consultation with them. After migrating to Medina, when Hadhrat Umar’s wife wanted to give some suggestion on a particular issue, he took offence. His wife reminded Hadhrat Umar that his daughter used to give advice to the Prophet (PBUH). Hadhrat Umar went to ask the Prophet (PBUH) and was convinced. Some muhajireen (migrants) felt that after coming to Medina their wives had sort of gone out of their control. -- Waris Mazhari (Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk)

In the initial stages and the later stages of Islam the importance of mosques in Islamic society shows that the mosques are the fundamental source of Islamic identity.  It is not a place of worship alone but also for promoting collectivism among Muslims. Discipline and integrity is promoted by mosques.  It generates love and fraternity and promotes the spirit of learning and imparting religious education. If we do not confine prayers only to worship and do not measure the greatness of mosques with the heights of their minarets, this verse sheds lights on the broader meaning of mosques.  By greatness and heights the heights of walls and minarets are not meant but the width in which the Muslims assimilate themselves with all their issues and affairs, where the praise of God is sung and education is also imparted. -- Maulana Nadeemul Wajidi (Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk)


Mullah Jeevan was the teacher of Aurangzeb Alamgir. The king kept him in high esteem. His book Nooral Anwar is a reliable book on jurisprudence. The incident is of the time he was staying in Jaunpur. One day one of his students came looking nervous and said to him,” Something very drastic is going to happen today. The bridge over the Gomti River is very angry. It says that people trample it under their feet but no one cares for it. So it says that he will shift to Jaunpur.” Mulla Jeevan asked him, “Then what happened”. The student said, “He is asking for Rs 100 to stay there, I have persuaded him to stay on with great difficulty. If he is not given the money, he will go.” Mulla Saheb said,’ This is a very big amount. Try to lower the amount.” The cunning student went away and then came back after some time and said to Mullahji, “It has agreed on Rs 50”. Mullah Jeevan said,” This is also much.” After a little bargaining the student said, “It cannot be less that Rs 10”. Mullah Jeevan said, “OK, it can be given. He then arranged for Rs 10. The student went away and came back smiling and said,” The bridge has agreed.” Mullah Jeevan narrated this incident in his assembly in the presence of the student. People asked him how he believed that the bridge could move and talk. Mullah Jeevan said, “I understand that but how can I believe that a Muslim student can tell a lie? So I believed my student to be true and considered my understanding to be wrong.” -- Syed Mansur Agha [Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk]


I have a request to people in favour of establishing a political party in order to play an effective role in the electoral process, whether they are members of the central committee or portfolio holders of Jamat or ordinary activists. They are free to form a political party but that party should be independent. Those who join the political party should dissociate themselves from the Jamat Islami in principle. They should work with the political party with dedication and Jamat Islami should continue with their work of trying to establish the deen with concentration. After taking stock of the activities and performance of the political party after four to six years, the Jamat should decide if they should cooperate with it or not. And even if they should cooperate, on what level and to what extent? It is not appropriate for the Jamat Islami to form a political party on its own nor is it appropriate for it to advise others to form a party. It is also not appropriate for it to advise its intellectuals and members to form a party. It is not at all acceptable that the trained cadre of Jamat Islami should be members of the political party, play a leading role in it and have a dual membership. -- Ahsan Mustaqeemi (Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk


URL of First part: http://www.newageislam.com/urdu-section/جماعت-اسلامی-ہند-کی-مجوزہ-سیاسی-پارٹی-/d/4067

URL of Second part: http://www.newageislam.com/urdu-section/جماعت-اسلامی-ہند-کی-مجوزہ-سیاسی-پارٹی-/d/4074

Watching top Jamaat-e-Islami leaders a couple of days ago sitting next to top communist, socialist, casteist leaders and declaring their intention to involve themselves in the national politics in some way, one could not help being besieged by mixed emotions. On the one hand, it is a welcome development. It shows that the debate that has been going on within the Jamaat since 1947 has finally ended in favour of pragmatists who believed it could not possibly have any activist role in multi-cultural, secular, democratic India other than that of a lobby or normal political party seeking to serve the Muslim community in sorting out their  worldly affairs, much in the mould of Indian Union Muslim League or Muslim Majlis, either by directly participating in elections or supporting other political parties having entered into some sort of deal with them. It could not retain the veneer of following Maulana Maudoodi’s ideology of establishing the sovereignty of God on earth. – Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam



He was born in 1925, became a crown prince at the age of six and was crowned the king of Iran at the age of twenty two. He was Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlawi. He was known all over the world as Shah-e-Iran. He was the principal friend of America in Asia. Western Press used to call him “American Governor”. He topped the list of American faithful. America ordered him to run a modern state in style and thoughts and the Shah ordered a ban on veil and beard. Police used to tear the veil of the women if they dared come in public with it. King of Iran ordered skirts to be a uniform for the universities, colleges and school. Alcohol, dance and adultery became the rule of the day. Iran was the only country in the world where there were wine shops in the universities and ladies were sold and purchased in public. -- Samiullah Malik (Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi, NewAgeIslam.com)

We should not be taken in by all the talk out of Washington about change and transition. For the Americans, Mubarak once their convenient tool is now a dangerous embarrassment. They want him out not for love of the Egyptian people or the sake of democracy but to contain the unrest and see that it doesn’t get out of hand. A participant in a Fox News talk-show I heard put it best: Israeli security depends upon Arab tyranny. In other words, Israel’s best guarantee of security are the Mubaraks of the Arab world. So one would have to be mad to think that real democracy leading to free elections – who could predict their outcome? – is what the US is interested in. No, the US is not as naïve as all that. -- Ayaz Amir


Presently, Jamat considers the secular democratic system un-Islamic and illegitimate. The central committee’s unanimous view is:”Since the democratic constitutional representatives of the country have decided to form such a system of governance that is not based on the basic concept of the sovereignty of God and considers democracy the foundation of sovereignty itself, the system is un-Islamic and illegitimate.(Jamat Islami and masla-e-intikhab p 45).” Maulana Jalaluddin Ansar, head of the Jamat Islami Hind says, ”In a democracy, the people are the centre of power. Only they have the power to legislate and decide what way of life is right or wrong for them. They have the complete authority to decide what is true and what is false, what is evil and what is good. There is no authority above them to seize their power or ban it. Their representatives form laws and run the governance. Islam does not believe in this kind of democracy. -- Ahsan Mustaqeemi (Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk)


The proposed political party will be for short term political objectives. What are these short term political objectives? The author of the article has also mentioned them. He writes:”The establishment and protection of Darul Amn, the protection of the democratic values that are already legally and practically implemented, paving the way for the implementation of the values that are implemented only on documents but not on practical levels, and efforts to incorporate the values that have not been incorpoarated in the Constitution are some of the short term objectives. There are some Islamic principles and values that are not legally and practically implemented in the country. Public opinion can be formed in favour of them without mentioning Islam and efforts can be made to get them implemented. For example, the basic rights of life, free mandatory education, free medical treatment, rural development and rural employment. Efforts can be made to prevent alcoholicism, adultery, gambling and interest. The implementation of these possible values should be the goal of the Islamic politics (where did ‘Islamic’ come from) in the temporary phase.” – Ahsan Mustaqeemi (Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk

URL of First part: http://www.newageislam.com/urdu-section/جماعت-اسلامی-ہند-کی-مجوزہ-سیاسی-پارٹی/d/4067

In this article for NewAgeIslam.com, Sohail Arshad discusses the importance of cleanliness and purification in Islam with references from the Holy Quran and Hadiths. He said that before the advent of Islam filth and dirtiness had become a part of the Arab society. They did not keep their bodies, their houses and their environment clean. They used to relieve themselves in water, shady places and on the thoroughfares causing inconveniences to the public. But Islam made cleanliness a part of faith and said that cleanliness was half of the faith. Please read the full text in Urdu below.

اس پورے جائزے میں صرف ایک سوال ابھر کر سامنے آتا ہے کہ شیعہ ۔ سنّی  اختلاف کتنا حقیقی او رکتنا گہرا ہے؟ یہ اختلاف کتنا نظریاتی ہے اور کتنا سماجی اور سیاسی مفادات سے متاثر ہے؟ کیا اس میں قبائلی، نسلی اور طبقاتی  جد وجہد  کا عنصر بھی شامل  ہے؟ دوسری طرف مسلکی  اتحاد  میں بیرونی عوامل جیسے ہندوستان میں  ہندو بنیاد پرستی سے خطرہ  اور عراق میں امریکی فوجوں  کو ملک سےنکال باہر کرنے کی ضرورت    ، کس حد تک کار فرما ہیں۔

Actually we Muslims have this problem to find a negative aspect in every issue. We should pay attention to positive issues. Negative thought is our biggest enemy. We have to fight this enemy. We should change our way of thinking and adopt a positive approach. And it can be possible only when we march ahead in the field of education and equip our youth with both the traditional and religious education. We won’t be able to remove this cobweb of negativity until the light of education illuminates our minds. Therefore, we should prepare ourselves for the battle against this enemy of ours. -- Sohail Anjum

Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi is the target of a deep-rooted conspiracy that was hatched soon after he was elected as the rector of the Dar ul-Uloom, Deoband.  A particular family of professional maulvis who are deeply involved in politics has, for the last thirty years, been using the madrasa as its personal fiefdom. How could it then tolerate that an outsider enter its fortress and challenge its untrammeled rule? The fact of the matter is that the single major factor behind the sordid campaign against Maulana Vastanvi is this family’s lust for power and control and the dirty politics that are being played out for this sinister purpose. But, to set matters straight, I must also say that the vast majority of Muslim institutions are also beset with the same sort of murky politics, driven by the desire for certain families to completely control them. --Abu Warda Qasmi, a former student of Deoband [Translated from Urdu by Yoginder Sikand, NewAgeIslam.com]


Personally I am against any disrespect or dishonour shown against any religious personality or hurting the sentiments of any religious community but it is strange that blasphemy laws have only been formulated in Christian and Muslim countries to safeguard the honour of their own religion. For example, In England, the punishment for blasphemy against the Christ and Mother Mary is prescribed, (It is another matter that no one has been punished under this law in the last 100 years). Such laws come under a very limited definition of dishonour of beliefs.  Just think what will happen with the Muslims and Dalits of this country, if Hindus, 80% of the whole population, manage to enact such a law in this country.

The laws for the safety of religious beliefs will remain within the confines of bias until protection of the beliefs of other communities are not guaranteed. The laws safeguarding the beliefs of the majority in the Chirstian and Muslims countries give the impression that ‘the minorities should respect our beliefs; we will not respect theirs’. -- Sajid Rashid (Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi, NewAgeIslam.com)

The Swiss ban on minarets is having an echo in India. Abdul Sami Bubere of the Mumbai- based Sahyog Cultural Society is reported to have said: “The extremely provocative decision undermines the freedom of religion and principle of co- existence. The referendum is akin to tyranny of the majority. It will only encourage fundamentalism. The ban should be immediately lifted as it would serve the purpose of jihadis who misinterpret Islam.” -- Sultan Shahin, editor, New Age Islam


In an Open letter perhaps to the Urdu Press published on the front page of a Delhi Urdu newspaper, Hindustan Express, Perwez Suhaib Ahmad asks if he should ascribe the coverage in Urdu Press of the continuing Vastanvi imbroglio at the Darul Uloom Deoband as an example of Yellow journalism, corruption, Sectarian war or Zionist conspiracy. While some newspapers have come up with conspiracy theories involving the Congress party or BJP-RSS to take over the Daul Uloom through its vice-chancellor, no one seems to know exactly which party is rooting for whom. The most fascinating point, of course, is the suspicion of Zionist conspiracy that can simply not be absent in any discourse on any problem facing Muslims, even those that they create entirely by themselves. The Open letter is being posted below in Urdu along with its translation in English by New Age Islam Edit Desk.

Renowned scholar of Hadiths Hadhrat Anzar Shah Kashmiri had once predicted before me that Maulana Marghuboor Rehman’s presence was keeping much turbulence suppressed and after that Darul Uloom will become besieged by great turbulence. … But since I have also studied there for three years, I can at least say that whatever is happening in Darul Uloom is not sending right messages outside. Its dignity is getting affected. These newspapers and electronic media are not playing a good role. It is an issue between the mother and the son. It should not be publicised.  … Whatever is to be done should be done keeping in mind that the great institution of Asia is not affected in any way otherwise its detractors will get more opportunities to malign it.  -- Fuzail Ahmad Nasiri Alqasmi [Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk]

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