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दत्त हुसैनी ब्राह्मण, हिन्दू ब्राह्मणों का एक ऐसा वर्ग है जिसने हज़रत हुसैन रज़ीअल्लाहु अन्हु के साथ अपनी मुहब्बत और अकीदत का प्रमाण कर्बला के मैदान में दिया और हुसैन रज़ीअल्लाहु अन्हु के शहादत के बाद यज़ीद के विरुद्ध अभियानों में भाग लिया और यज़ीदियों को अंजाम तक पहुंचाने में महत्वपूर्ण किरदार अदा किया मगर उनकी बलिदानों को इस काबिल नहीं समझा गया कि उन्हें इस्लामी इतिहास में महत्वपूर्ण स्थान दिया जाएl एक दत्त हुसैनी ब्राह्मण रेहाब दत्त ने अपने सात बेटों को कर्बला में कुर्बान कर दिया और हुसैन रज़ीअल्लाहु अन्हु के शहादत के बाद मुख्तार सकफ़ी के साथ यज़ीदियों के खात्मे में भाग लियाl


In the cemetery of Suleymaniye Mosque overlooking Istanbul’s Golden Horn lies the grave of Mehmet Zahid Kotku, an Islamic scholar and preacher who, although little-known outside of Turkey, was one of the country’s greatest proponents of political Islam. For more than two decades until his death in 1980, he presided over the Iskender Pasa Mosque in the city’s conservative Fatih neighbourhood; where many devotees would go on to form the core of Turkey’s current political elite, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan....


In the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, self-flagellation is not just beating chests in wild unison; it extends to whipping oneself with razor-sharp blades, cracking skulls, and bleeding baby boys with cuts on their heads. This year, the self-flagellation ritual reached a point when last Sunday hundreds of young men took off their shirts on University Avenue facing the U.S. Consulate and started beating themselves in frightening unison....


The second is that the dividing of people by religion or gender and telling them what they can and cannot do. This is the deeper aspect of a theocratic state, and this is the one that people fear. The problem of a Hindu Rashtra is that it has no text, which can be adapted to the modern world. The most prominent element of the Hindu way of organising society and the state is through caste. This is not acceptable to most Hindus. The dominant political communities across the country from north to south is the Shudra peasantry comprising castes like Patidars, Vokkaliga, Jats, Yadavs, Reddys and so on. Most chief ministers and ministers come from these castes. These communities are not going to give up their power to Brahmins voluntarily....


There were many mothers in Karbala, at least nine who lost sons to the battle, and many of them were not from Bani Hashim, the family of the prophet. It never was about saving the family and the lineage is drawn based on the strength of character and on learning. These are the brave and wise women who not only visited shrines but who are enshrined in their death, have towns and mosques named after them where everyone comes to pray, and are adored as role models to this day....


اگر غلام احمد پرویز  صاحب کی مذکورہ دلیل کو حق بجانب مان لیا جائے تو اس سے یہ بھی ماننا لازم آئے گا کہ عرب میں اسلام کے روز اول سے اب تک حالات کے اندر کوئی تبدیلی ہی واقع نہیں ہوئی اور بعد کے ادوار میں اسلام دنیا کے جن جن خطوں تک پہنچا وہاں اس زمانے سے لیکر اب تک حالات میں نہ تو کوئی تبدیلی پیدا ہوئی اور نہ ہی کوئی تغیر رونما ہوا ، لہٰذا احکام اسلام میں بھی نسخ کی کوئی ضرورت نہیں ۔ اور یہ خیال سرا سر باطل ہے۔  اور لطف کی بات یہ ہے کہ غلام احمد پرویز اپنی اسی کتاب ‘‘لغات قرآن کے صفحہ 1609 کے آخری پیراگراف کی آخری سطر میں لکھتے ہیں ‘‘تنزیل وحی میں یہ اصول (یعنی بعض مسائل کی تنسیخ) بھی کار فرما رہا ہے۔(لغات القرآن ۔ ص 1609– مطبوعہ ادارہ طلوع اسلام)’’ ،  اور پھر آگے خود ہی لکھتے ہیں ‘‘یہ حقیقت اپنی جگہ رہتی ہے کہ قرآن کریم کی کوئی آیت ایسی نہیں جو منسوخ ہو ۔ اس غیر متبدل صحیفہ آسمانی کا ایک ایک حرف اپنے مقام پر اٹل ہے اوراٹل رہے گا (لغات القرآن ۔ص 1613)’’۔ شاید  ان کے نزدیک قرآن ‘‘وحی منزل’’ نہیں ۔  یا للعجب!


There are currently, around the world, atrocities being committed every moment of every day in the name of Islam; your goal should not be to be politically correct or fiercely protect this religion, but to heal its wounded and offer support to those that want to eliminate the abuses. Glossing over the often unspeakable acts to which sharia can lead will only empower those individuals who have malevolent intentions, while subjugating the most vulnerable to their cruelty....

The deep adherence to Islam is the second unique feature of this class of Muslims. The conventional binary between practicing Mulla-type Muslims and the self-declared secular Muslims does not function in this case, the new Muslim elite practices religion as a ‘private affair’ by creating a thin line between professional commitments and religious obligations. This privatisation fits well with the emerging form of Islamic religiosities, which advocate a highly apolitical engagement with worldly affairs....

This would only mean one thing: that Namaz is the name of the process and any place at which Namaz is offered temporarily becomes a mosque. Mosque is not essential but Namaz certainly is. However, this logic certainly applies for all religious traditions: that what is essential to a religious tradition is the ritual of prayer and not the place where it is offered. However, in singling out Islam for this special treatment, the Supreme Court has certainly not applied its own principle equally to all religious traditions. Some might say that the Court in this case was operating with pre-conceived notions....

Saudi Women Promoting Yoga and 'Open, Moderate Islam'

Saudi Women Compete In Bahrain Formula One Circuit

Interfaith Women Travel India Promoting Religious Amity

Supreme Court: A Crusade for Women’s Rights

Murders of Trailblazing Iraqi Women Spark Conspiracy Fears

300% Jump in Number Of Female Lawyers

Savola Group Holds Traffic Safety Seminar for Female Employees and Their Families

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French Muslims Want a Say In Macron's New Rules For Islam

Saudi National Library of Film-Shooting Sites Launched

Israel Cries Foul as Real Madrid Hosts Palestinian Icon

Ludhiana: Three Booked For Performing Circumcision on 10-Year-Old In Bid To ‘Convert’ To Islam


South Asia

21 ISIS militants killed in drone strikes in Nangarhar province


Erdogan Hopes His Recent Germany Visit To Enhance Ties

Arab World

Yesterday Foes Change Course As Syria Thrashes Militancy


Israel Re-Arrests Palestinian-French Activist Minutes After Release


Ahmadiyya Scholars for Ban on ‘Nikah Halala’


Pervez Musharraf ‘Growing Weak Rapidly’ Due To Unspecified Illness, Can’t Return To Pakistan Now: Report


Nigeria's President Thanks Islamic Body's Help to Face Terrorism

Why U.S. Got Nigeria’s Muslim, Christian Leaders to Sign Peace Pact

Southeast Asia

Anwar Slams PAS for Questioning His Visits To Non-Muslim Places Of Worship

North America

NYC: Prosecutors Want Death Penalty for Muslim Bike Path Terrorist

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Asha Bhonsle, another great singer who charmed many generations with her captivating voice, too laments the decline of Urdu sounds in Hindi songs and notes, “Today’s singers don’t know Hindi. As far as their knowledge of Urdu is concerned, let’s not talk about it at all”. It was not the singers alone who took the Urdu diction seriously. Music directors made sure that the songs they produced met the standards. Naushad, the maestro, in a tribute to Lata on her 70th birthday mentioned: “In fact, Mehboob Saab would tell me that she is a Marathi girl, her pronunciations are not right, and I was making her sing a Ghazal....


The court heard that he was an intelligent young man from Melbourne’s middle-class whose fast descent into extremism saw him seek out YouTube videos to inspire his beliefs. He told police that when he began studying at Swinburne University in 2011 his faith had been attacked as he was surrounded by drugs and alcohol. It was that and the subsequent death of a family member that drew him back to Islam....

The three gray-bearded men, clad in traditional Afghan garb, were photographed attending a dance performance at the Chinese Embassy, where Chinese women performed acrobatic dances in skin-tight clothing. The act was part of a September 29 ceremony marking the anniversary of the formation of Communist China in 1949. As the photos of the event were revealed on September 30, the irony was not lost on many Afghan social-media users....


The Holy Land is reportedly termed holy land-الأرض المقدس, (Al-Ard Al-Muqaddasah) at least 7 times in the Qur’an; the most direct was in reference to Moses and the Israelites. And when Moses said to his people: O my people! Remember the favour of Allah upon you when He raised prophets among you and made you kings and gave you what He had not given to any other among the nations. O my people! Enter the holy land which Allah has prescribed (ordained) for you and turn not on your backs for then you will turn back losers. The Qur’an 5:20-21...

An overwhelming majority of Indians today did not have the good fortune of being a part of the freedom struggle. We could not die for the nation then but now, we must live for the nation and do everything possible to build the India our freedom fighters envisioned. Today we have a great opportunity to fulfil Bapu’s dream. We have covered substantial ground and I am confident we will cover a lot more in the times to come....


The Muslim side has to open arguments. They were ready then. They are ready now. But shortcut justice is not the answer for an appeal which is reproduced in small print in three volumes covering over 4,000 pages with scores of documents and evidence. What is at stake is the sacrality of the faith of Muslims in India, who are the third largest Muslim population in the world. They cannot be terrorised into submission. Nor can the case be argued under circumstances that are vicious. But argue we will – as we must....

‘When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it – always.’ M.K. Gandhi

As we remember Gandhi Jayanti on 2 October, the Mahatma’s 149th birthday and the International Day of Nonviolence, there is plenty of room for despair...

Acquiring knowledge is one of the needs of those who desire salvation and a life of worship and devotion. Knowledge and worship are precious gems which enlighten mankind. It is these reasons for which the Holy Scriptures were sent down and for which Almighty God sent down His Prophets [Ambiya, pl. of Nabi] and Messengers [Rasul] to all communities. In fact it is these reasons for which God Almighty ordered creation of All That Is, the Universe....


Malala’s Portrait Unveiled at London’s National Portrait Gallery

Murders of 4 Trailblazing Iraqi Women Spark Conspiracy Fears

Suicides Rising Among Women In Northern Pakistan

Bombay High Court Dismisses Petition Challenging Muslim Women Ordinance 2018

World Muslim Communities Council to Highlight UAE’s Women Empowerment

Taif Academic Gives Workshop to Remind Women of Their Rights

Initiative to Transform Saudi Women into a Workforce

Sotoudeh Fazeli Illegally Detained In Evin Prison Despite Old Age

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Bahraini Regime Forces Raid Houses across Kingdom, Detain Many Activists

Iranian Reformists: Wilayat Al- Faqih Ideology Contradicts Concept of a Republic

Consider Mufti’s Proposal on Child Marriage before Deciding, Sabah CM Says

Historian Irfan Habib on Mahatma Gandhi: ‘Concept of Indian Nation Originated From Freedom Movement, Not Rig Veda’


South Asia

Jihadi Leaders’ Communist Party Photos in Chinese Embassy Spark Reactions

Arab World

Saudi Charges Economist Critical of Bin Salman’s Reforms with ‘Terrorism’


Yemeni Army Confirms Death of Houthi Leader, 40 Militias

Southeast Asia

I Don’t Go To Temples to Pray, Anwar Tells Hadi


Rising Trend of Burqa-Clad Terrorists Worry Forces

North America

As A Mother — and a Muslim — In America, I See Our Flaws and Failures, But Also Our Potential

Iran Not To Sit For Talks With Unreliable, Unrealistic US, FM Zarif Says


Suspected Neo-Nazis vandalize mosque in Germany

French Police Raid Muslim Club in Counter-Terror Swoop


Imran Khan's Minister Attends Conference with Hafiz Saeed

Kabul Wants Refugees Back After Pakistan PM Proposed Nationality To Afghans


Africa: Muslim Allies in the Fight against Extremism

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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There can be little doubt that Abdelkader Merah is a very dangerous man, and I suspect that everyone in the courtroom was relieved to see him convicted. But it was a glorious day for no one. Abdelkader sat unmoved in the glass box. In the end it was the prosecution itself that chose to appeal, finding the partial conviction insufficient...


On the dark side, Shane was a gangster with a long career in crime and the prime suspect in the attempted murder of the prime minister in 2011. On the bright side, Tariq was a hero who won the silver medal in the super heavyweight boxing class at the Commonwealth Games. He was son of Yacoob Abdul Haqq, another boxing legend and nephew of one of the most important lawyers in the country. Despite these differences, both became poster boys for the terrorists of Islamic State (IS). Both may have been killed somewhere in Syria....


My hope is that our leaders don’t act like a 21-year-old from Brooklyn who wants to avenge his brother’s death, but that they will be the adults in the room, develop a grand strategy to protect the U.S., our allies and our interests and not fall for the sunk-cost fallacy, where we are continuing to invest in Afghanistan because of costs already incurred....


لیکن دوران مطالعہ جب میری نظروں سے پاکستان میں جہادیوں کے سرخیل بدنام زمانہ مولانا مسعود اظہر کی کتاب "جہاد ایک محکم اور قطعی فریضہ" کا حوالہ گزرا تو حیرت کی کوئی انتہاء نہ رہی کیوں کہ اس کتاب میں اس نے جہاد کے حق میں قرآن کی 400 سے زائد آیتوں کو نقل کیا ہے ، جب میں نے ان آیتوں کا سرسری طورپر جائزہ لیا تو اس میں میری دلچسپی بڑھی اور میں نے انٹرنیٹ پر مزید مواد سرچ (search) کرنا شروع کیا تو یہ پایا کہ صرف تحریری ہی نہیں بلکہ تقریری طور پر بھی اپنے تمام تر جہادی مواد اس نے انٹرنیٹ پر ڈال رکھے ہیں۔

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