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न्यू एज इस्लाम के एडीटर जनाब सुलतान शाहीन ने प्राइम टाइम टीवी के बहस में एक और महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न यह उठाया कि क्यों इस्लामी देश रोहंगिया मुसलामानों को पनाह देने के लिए आगे नहीं आ रहे हैं? उन्होंने कहा कि “सीरिया के शरणार्थियों को जर्मनी और दुसरे योरोपियन देशों ने पनाह दी है लेकिन मुस्लिम देश उन्हें शरणार्थी का स्थान देकर भी उनकी सहायता नहीं कर रहे हैंl यह वास्तव में वैश्विक मुस्लिम बिरादरी के लिए एक सामूहिक रूप से अपमान की बात है कि इस्लामी देश रोहंगिया शरणार्थियों से अपना मुंह मोड़ रहे हैं”l


Does this law not aim to prevent any possibility of national Palestinian fulfilment in the State of Israel as conceived by the right wing — namely, one Jewish state from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, in which only Jews are permitted self-actualization and granted a national identity? It seems the only hope for the remaining millions of Palestinians to avoid losing what is left of their home is to find a Jewish mother who will agree to adopt them....


At one point in time, women in Kashmir were reluctant to submit their photographs for travel documents as taking a lady’s picture did not carry social approval. In 1937, Amir Gul Khan from Anantnag Tehsil submitted an application to the Governor of Kashmir seeking passport for his mother, Gul Bibi, wife of Sarwar Khan Pathan to go on Haj pilgrimage with two other women who had already obtained travel documents and were now "anxiously waiting" for her. Khan was asked to produce a photograph of his mother to complete the formalities. In response, he informed the Governor that her mother was a "Pardah Nasheen Aurat"...


As Pakistan braces for the next phase in its polity, there are lessons to be learnt from countries like India and the US where fear of change has led to the emergence of similar ‘strongman’ leadership. Those who voted for Narendra Modi or Donald Trump are not all bigots, misogynists or racists. Many are just ordinary people desperate for “better days” and to make their country “great again”. This is not too dissimilar from Imran’s supporters seeking “change”....

The Ten Commandments appear twice in the Torah-in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy. It is important to point out that there are no universally accepted parallels in Islam to the Ten Commandments and this is but one view of a set of Commandments in the Qur’an. Just like the Hebrew Bible, the Qur’an does not limit the Commandments to ten. Like the Hebrew Bible, there are numerous additional Commandments that are spread throughout the Qur’an....


( یہ تمام باتیں اس لئے کی گئیں) تاکہ تیرے دل میں یہ بات اتر جائے کہ اس کائنات سے اللہ کے اتنے اسرار و مہمات وابستہ ہیں کہ انسانی عقل میں ان کا احاطہ ممکن ہی نہیں ہے۔ اس کی دلیل میں قرآن کی یہ آیت ہی کافی ہے ، ‘‘وَإِن مِّن شَيْءٍ إِلَّا يُسَبِّحُ بِحَمْدِهِ وَلَٰكِن لَّا تَفْقَهُونَ تَسْبِيحَهُمْ’’، ترجمہ؛ ‘‘اور جو کوئی ان میں ہیں اور کوئی چیز نہیں جو اسے سراہتی ہوتی اس کی پاکی نہ بولے ہاں تم ان کی تسبیح نہیں سمجھتے’’۔


While I can understand the protests by the Hindutva brigade, whose primary aim is to demonise Islam, I fail to grasp why a group which calls itself “Muslims for Secular Democracy” jumped on to this bandwagon. Theirs seems to be a case of “running with the hare and hunting with the hounds”....

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The Politics of Darul Qaza

Darul Qazas or Sharia Courts: Why both must be Opposed?

With the claims of marginalization by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria (SCSN), who are those in majority then in the Buhari-government? Maybe non-Muslims and non-Christians! Buhari is then vindicated. No citizen in Buhari’s government will claim to belong to any religion other than Islam and Christianity. On that note, the two bodies have, therefore, justified that Buhari is just, transparent and politically willed to take Nigeria to the Promised Land....

The Myth of Jahiliyyah
Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

And just as Enlightenment delivered Europe into modernity through the dark ages, Islam delivered geography and its people through darkness into a new dawn. In its modern reading according to Syed Qutb and Maududi, large parts of the world are still in the age of Jahiliyyah and are waiting for Islam to deliver them from their self-imposed darkness. Just as the Europeans convinced us that colonialism was good for us, Islamists are out to prove that Islam will be good for the entire world. The claim rests on the assertion that Islam brought humanity to the Arabs and one measure of that humanity was its treatment of women....

Palestinian Women Jailed For Anti-Occupation Poems

Female Plumbers, Electricians To Fix Glitches In Pilgrim Camps

120 Female Guides to Serve Pilgrims This Hajj Season

Faisal Islamic Bank Of Egypt Recruits Its First Women

To Avoid Triple Talaq-Halala, Muslim Girls Should Convert and Marry Hindu Boys: Sadhvi Prachi

Danish Muslim Women to Protest Veil Ban across Country

Women Who Moved Court against Triple Talaq Seek Protection

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


FGM Essential Part of Islam, Can’t Be Subjected to Judicial Scrutiny, SC Told by Dawoodi Bohra’s Advocate

US Freezes Assets of Pakistanis Linked To Lashkar-e-Taiba

Malaysian Govt Reiterates Commitment to Empower Islam According To Quran and Authentic Hadith

Saudi Cleric Abdelaziz Al-Fawzan Arrested Over 'War on Religion' Tweets

Senior ISIS Leader Surrender to Afghan Forces with His 152 Fighters



The Rise and Rise of Tehreek-e-Labbaik


Law Commission Agrees Uniform Civil Code Not Practical In India: Muslim Board

North America

US Puts LeT's Abdul Rehman On List Of Specially Designated Global Terrorist

Southeast Asia

Chinese Surveillance Expands to Muslims Making Mecca Pilgrimage

Arab World

Terrorists Continue Looting Historical Artefacts in Northwestern Syria

South Asia

18 Dead, 15 Wounded As Standoff Ends In Jalalabad City Of Afghanistan


Iran Says Trump Offer of Talks Is ‘Humiliation’, Without Value

Tehran, Moscow, Ankara Urge Countering Plots to Partition Syria


Boko Haram: Stop ‘Secret’ Burial of Fallen Soldiers, BBOG Tells Nigerian Govt


UN 'Not Doing Enough' On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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قرآن کے اندر ہر کلیدی لفظ اور تصور کو ان دیگر آیات کی مدد سے بخوبی سمجھا جا سکتا ہے جن میں وہ کلیدی الفاظ وارد ہوئے ہیں اور اس سے کسی بھی طرح کی تعبیر و تشریح کی ضرورت بھی مرتفع ہو جاتی ہے اور اس طرح قرآن کی ہر آیت سے ایک واضح معنی اخذ کیا جا سکتا ہے اور قرآن کا یہ دعویٰ بالکل درست ہے کہ یہ ایک واضح کتاب ہے۔


If believing in Jesus as a messenger of God implies believing in Christianity, then all believers in Islam are also Christians. Everyman knows the existence of a Supreme Being. But how to reach the Supreme Being is the problem. As for Muslims and Christians, the status of Jesus is basically the difference. No Muslim can claim true belief without believing in Jesus Christ who was one of the five “exalted” prophets of God. There is also the belief of Muslims in destiny which implies that the creation of Muslims and Christians to coexist in Nigeria by God is not a mistake....


Not out of any sympathy for Elsheikh or his fellow Jihadis – they chose their path – but because to strip them of citizenship and condemn them to death gives them a shot at the jihadi big time. And it fuels the idea of a western enemy that claims to have values but jettisons them whenever is convenient. This is the west of Guantanamo Bay, of extrajudicial torture and execution...


“Pakistan has accepted billions of American dollars, and used those funds to provide safe havens for the Taliban and other jihadist groups. Pakistan is directly responsible for the killing and wounding of thousands of American and allied soldiers.” You’ll recall that Osama bin Laden found refuge in Pakistan until U.S. special operators arrived unannounced at his villa. The claim that no Pakistani authorities knew he was in Abbottabad — a garrison town not far from Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital — is risible....


A strong desire for women’s empowerment and gender agency has been at the core of women’s engagement with Islam for the past century. Even within what we might see as traditional, conservative family frameworks, they were trying to express agency and power in order to uplift their communities. Many Muslim women themselves would not call it feminism; they’d say, “I’m trying to empower my community” or “I’m trying to submit to Allah.” I argue that this constitutes a desire for gendered liberation.....


When I think about who I am fighting for, all I need to do is watch the final moments of the show, in which my great-nieces, 4 and 6 years old, are paraded in front of the cameras wearing chadors. Seeing them takes me back to the time in my life when I was forced to cover my hair, when I was told that my own body was shameful and when I was almost punched in a parliamentary corridor by a cleric because two strands of hair were peeking out from under my head scarf....

So, while the sensible voices mourned the demise of democracy, I could see a much bigger problem. The intolerant, harsh, ritualistic, extremist label had been successfully achieved. We were already being called a failed state by even Bollywood actresses. Yes, Imran got what he wanted but at the price of everything we held dear. As my 21-year-old daughter followed the race for power in dismay, she remarked, ‘ignorance is bliss, I wish my hope had not been taken away’.


The hearts of those who have never known truthfulness, humbleness, generosity, compassion or struggles in the way of God are what are referred to spiritually dead hearts. When the heart becomes pure, serene and sound, it is able to hear the call of God, the call of the Prophets, Sufis and sages....

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 'Only In the Remembrance of God Is the Solace of Hearts' (Quran13:28)

The concept of Ummat-e-Wahida (“one nation”) through the terms of the Madina constitution clearly shows that the Muslims and non-Muslims whether from Makkah or Madinah were one community. Thus, this Prophetic principle recognized the “nation” for the first time in the history as a one indivisible unit, moving from the individual or the tribal life to the life of the single nation. It is not characterized by any particular religion, racism or tribalism. It rather ended racism and discrimination on the basis of religion:“The Jews shall be responsible for their expenses and the Believers for theirs…...

Marina, Women’s Groups Join Criticism against Wan Azizah over Child Marriage

Raped and Jailed: Indonesian Girl's Plight Prompts Call to Legalize Abortion

Saudi Arabia Arrests 2 Women's Rights Activists: HRW

PAS, Umno Unite to Defend Muslim Women’s Modesty

English Law Applies To Islamic Marriage, Judge Rules in Divorce Case

Woman Hopes UAE Amnesty Will Allow Her to Attend Her Wedding

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pir Predicted I Would Be Assassinated After Becoming PM, Imran Khan Allegedly Told Indian TV Host

As Shiite Militias Kill More People, Reports Warn Of Iran Proxies Capturing Iraq

Trump ‘Taken Hostage’ By Saudis on Iran Oil Sanctions: Official

We’ll Protect All Religions, Not Only Islam, Against Insults, Says Mujahid

Supporting Regimes like Saudi Arabia Is Part of UK Imperialist Agenda: Analyst



Union Minister, Jaitley, Defends Citizenship Test, Citing Muslim Growth


IHC Bench Recuses Itself from Imran Disqualification Case

Arab World

Amnesty Accuses Turkey of Tolerating Syrian Rebel Abuses in Afrin

North America

Anti-Islamic Message Written In Chalk at Oak Creek Skate Park

Southeast Asia

Persecuted Indonesian Christians, Muslims Strengthen Bonds


UN Panel Finds Further Evidence of Iran Link To Houthi Missiles

South Asia

Defeat ISIS in Afghanistan, Says Taliban

Over 150 Daesh Terrorists Surrender In Afghanistan


Citing Continued Fire Balloon Launches, Israel Halts Fuel Shipments To Gaza

Israeli Military Faces Druze Uproar over Jewish Nation Bill


Nigeria Court Acquits 80 Zakzaky Supporters

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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कुरआन के अन्दर हर कीवर्ड और कल्पना को उन दूसरी आयतों की सहायता से अच्छी तरह समझा जा सकता है जिनमें वह कीवर्ड (कलीदी अलफ़ाज़) वारिद हुए हैं और इससे किसी भी प्रकार की व्याख्या की आवश्यकता भी दूर हो जाती है और इस प्रकार कुरआन की हर आयत से एक स्पष्ट अर्थ निकाला जा सकता है और कुरआन का यह दावा बिलकुल सहीह है कि यह एक स्पष्ट किताब हैl


شارحین حدیث نے عموماً‌ اس پیشین گوئی کی تشریح یہ کی ہے کہ نزول مسیح کے موقع پر کفر کا خاتمہ اور اسلام کا بول بالا ہو جائے گا اور اسلام کا غلبہ پوری دنیا پر قائم ہو جائے گا۔ تاہم ماضی قریب کے نامور محدث علامہ انور شاہ کشمیریؒ نے اس رائے سے اختلاف ظاہر کیا ہے۔ ان کا کہنا ہے کہ روایات میں اس موقع پر اسلام کے غالب آنے کا جو ذکر ہوا ہے، اس سے مراد پوری روے زمین نہیں، بلکہ شام اور اس کے گرد ونواح کا مخصوص علاقہ ہے جہاں سیدنا مسیح کا نزول ہوگا اور جو اس وقت اہل اسلام اور اہل کفر کے مابین کشمکش اور جنگ وجدال کا مرکز ہوگا۔


Islamist violence marred the election and is a constant threat to Pakistan. Meanwhile, the regional situation grows trickier, with rivalry between America and China, and China and India. That comes on top of rocky relations with America itself, the festering sore of war-torn Afghanistan to the north-west, and Pakistan’s age-old and bitter animosity towards India....

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