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Mashriqi and Bose headed prominent political movements dedicated to obtaining freedom for the Indian sub-continent. Mashriqi founded his private army, known as the Khaksar Tehrik (Khaksar Movement) in 1930. The Tehrik welcomed people from all faiths. Through the Tehrik, Mashriqi taught Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and others how unity and discipline in their ranks could help them overturn foreign rule....


What is necessarily important for us is to attain Fiqh of Quran and Ahadith without which we sometimes make such an interpretation which goes against the spirit and objective of Islam. Thus significance of Fiqh and Faqih in our life is evident. Fiqh guides us to proper understanding of Din and enables us to save others from wrong understanding of Islam....

First Group of Saudi Women Enrol For Criminal Law Diploma

Official Says Egypt Resorts Should Not Ban Women in Burkinis

SIS: Court’s Fatwa Challenge Refusal Dark Moment for Malaysia, Women’s Rights

Hafsah Sharif, the Muslim Teen Started Her Own Gym Classes for Women Who Wear Hijabs

Triple Talaq: Muslim Women Coming Out In Large Numbers to File Firs In UP

Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan Seeks Family Law

Women Rights Group Says Defamation Law Being Used As ‘Silencing Tool’

Sri Lankan Islamic Clerics Seek Clarity on Face Veil Ban

Saudi Women’s Bowling Team Get Ready for Trios

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Helping Reduce Indo-Pak Tension In White House’s 5 Takeaways From G7 Summit

US Muslim Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, Urges Respect for Human Rights In Occupied Kashmir

Don't Be Dissapointed by Islamic World's Silence On Kashmir: Imran Khan Tells Pakistan

Sri Lanka Urged To Tackle 'Hate Propaganda' Against Muslims

High Court Says Can’t Hear SIS Challenge against ‘Deviant’ Fatwa, Directs Group to Shariah Courts

Union Home Ministry to Hold High-Level Meeting On Jammu And Kashmir

Kashmir Schools Open But Students Stay Away

New PM Seeks to Remove Sudan from US List of Terror Sponsors

Palestinian Minors ‘Face Physical, Verbal Abuse’ In Israeli Jails

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پر امن زندگی ہر انسان کا حق ہے، اللہ تعالیٰ نے یہ زندگی زمین کو آباد کرنے کے لئے دی ہے، بلکہ پر امن زندگی جانوروں کابھی حق ہے، اس لئے جانوروں کوبھی انسانیت کے فائدے کے لئے ہی قتل کیا جائے گا، چنانچہ جانوروں کا فضول قتل بھی جرم ہے۔.......


The number of conservatives is now growing and more companies have embraced Islamic branding and marketing, said Edy Setiadi, secretary general of the non-profit Shariah Economy Society....


A Sufi master might say to his followers, “If you desire to return to truth, remove the mask you are wearing. Be in search of the Face.”  Another might tell her friends, “The surest cure for corruption is laughter.”  At any moment, a Sufi may reveal the heart as a mirror with wings!...

Our Vanishing World: Glaciers
Robert J. Burrowes, New Age Islam

Consequently, mitigating future emissions will have only very limited influence on glacier mass change in the twenty-first century. No significant differences between 1.5 and 2 K warming scenarios are detectable in the sea-level contribution of glaciers accumulated within the twenty-first century.’...


It was the product of extreme Deobandi madrasas in Pakistan. Taliban of Afghanistan is the product of Deoband thinking as it evolved in Pakistan after partition. The Wahhabis and the Salaifis of Saudi Arabia can be counted as clones of the Talibanised mindset...


For Bosnia, the debate over Saudi influence comes at a particularly challenging time. Around 300 Bosnians had joined the ranks of foreign fighters for ISIS in Iraq and Syria, among the highest per capita rates from any nation....

While the social behaviour of animals is instinctive or built into their DNA, in the case of the progeny of Adam, it is learned. Humans have enormous capacity to transform through learning and unlike every other creation; they are not complete slave even to their instincts. Allah’s revelations through the ages have played an exclusive role in the learning to control instincts to behave as “moral agents”...

More Than 100 Bangladeshi Migrant Women 'Abused and Harassed' Return Home From Saudi Arabia

Six Young Emirati Women Experience Island Living Without Families

New Legislation on Violence Against Women In Works In Turkey's Parliament

Belgium: Court rules against headscarf ban

17 Emirati Women Talk To Us about the Biggest Misconceptions They Face

This Beauty Salon Is a Safe Space for the East Bay’s Muslim Women

Arab Women Campaign Fetes Awardees

Our Women on the Ground: How Arab Journalists Smash Stereotypes While Reporting From the Front Lines

New Award to Recognise Emirati Female Poets

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অর্ধ শতাব্দীরও বেশি আগে পাকিস্তান মুসলিম ব্যক্তিগত আইনগুলির সংস্কার করেছিল, পাকিস্তান থেকে স্বাধীনতার পরে বাংলাদেশ আরও সংস্কার করেছে।মুসলিম ব্যক্তিগত আইন আবারও আইনী চ্যালেঞ্জের মুখোমুখি।তবে ভারতে ইসলামিক শরিয়া-র স্ব-ঘোষিত অভিভাবকদের পক্ষে সবচেয়ে অশুভ বিষয় সামাজিক চ্যালেঞ্জ।তিন দশক আগে শাহ বানো মামলার বিপরীতে সায়রা বানোর আবেদনটি র পক্ষে এখন সম্প্রদায়ের মধ্যে বহু মুখর  সমর্থক রয়েছে।মুসলিম পার্সোনাল ল বোর্ডের উলামাগন  টেলিভিশনের বিতর্কেও কঠোর ধর্মতাত্ত্বিক প্রশ্নের মুখোমুখি হচ্ছেন।…


Cancellation Of 23 Firs: Notice to Ministry, Counter Terrorism Department on Hafiz Saeed’s Plea

Kashmir Lockdown: Hizb Posters in Pulwama Ask People to Unite Against Abrogation Of Article 370

Sri Lanka Urged To Tackle 'Hate Propaganda' Against Muslims

Minister: Jakim Forwarded 5,000 Complaints over Insults against Prophet Muhammad, Islam to Police, MCMC

Some Islamic Scholars from Saudi Arabia and Their Nigerian Counterparts Have Debunked Insinuations That Islam Breeds Terrorism

Shia Group: U.S. Military and Civilian Bases In Iraq Have Become Legitimate Targets For Us

Take Them Back! Donald Trump Presses Merkel To Accept Captured ISIS Fighters Claiming They're Mostly From Germany, UK, France And Other European Nations

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Then and only then will strategic communications work—namely, communicating to their strategic ally Israel that it should exit the State of Palestine, once and for all...


Unspeakable crimes were committed by Burmese troops and vigilantes: Rohingya men hacked to death; children burned alive; women and girls raped and sexually assaulted in their hundreds and thousands....


شیخ یوسف العبیری کے ان کلمات کو دہشت گردی کا زہر میں نے اس لئے کہا کیوں کہ انہوں نے اپنے درج بالا بیان میں بے دریغ قتل کی حمایت کی ہے اور ایک ایسے قتلِ عام کی تائید اسلام اور پیغمبر اسلام ﷺ کے حوالے سے پیش کرنے کی کوشش کی ہے جسےقرآن نے فساد فی الارض اور اللہ اور اللہ کے رسول ﷺ کے ساتھ جنگ مول لینا قرا ر دیا ہے۔


Even though IS was at its peak in 2014, its ‘Khorasan chapter’ in Afghanistan and Pakistan never quite took off. While loyalties remain fluid in militancy, the group failed to gather much traction....

Syria and Afghanistan may seem far away, but the reverberations of their hollowed-out realities, their unheard pleas, will echo throughout the world...


Does following universal human rights mean adopting similar, unified socio-cultural values and practices? Clearly the answer is no. Yet we see tendencies to malign specific countries or societies based on their religious and cultural backgrounds. ...

In order to understand why humanity has found itself in such dire straits, all the peoples of the world would be wise to acquaint themselves with this Golden Age. For it is not only the Arab-Islamic world that faces such titanic challenges in the near future....

The person who performs Taqlid is known as a Muqallid whereas the one who rejects Taqlid is known as a Ghair-Muqallid. Therefore the person who follows any of the four imams, Abu Hanifa, Shafei, Malik or Hambal, in religious matters is known as Muqallid...        

Saudi Female Bowlers Off To Las Vegas Tournament

Female Staff at Jeddah Court Provide 7K Services to Clients

Pakistani Girl Performs Spider-Man Role in Film

UAE Embassy in Riyadh Celebrates Emirati Women’s Day

Muslim Women Are Flexing Their Muscles and Telling Stories We All Need To Hear

Can Woman Claim Residential Right At In-Laws House?  Indian SC to Examine, Seeks Centre Response

Emirati Women Empower Key Economic Sectors

Missing Yezidi Victims Continue To Be Freed From ISIS In Syrian Refugee Camp

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


An ISI Recruiter Is Caught On Tape Explaining the Nuts And Bolts of Pakistan's Espionage Operations in India

Pakistan Is Now Trying To Incite Sikhs against India's Kashmir Stand

Pakistan Partially Closes Karachi Airspace till August 31 Possibly To Carry Out Missile Test-Firing'

In Imran-Era, Pak Military Retains Dominant Influence Over Foreign, Security Policies: US Report

Uighur Intellectual Nominated For Top European Rights Award

Famed Afghan Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud’s Son to Build a Grand Coalition of Anti-Taliban Elements

When Ilhan Omar Is Accused of Anti-Semitism, It’s News. When a Republican Smears Muslims, There’s Silence

Kyrgyzstan Attempts to Isolate Local Islam

As Islam Reasserts Itself, PAS Seen As Lynchpin Ahead Of Umno Alliance

Baghdad Reveals Israeli Assaults on Iraq Launched from US-Backed Kurds Base in Syria, Financed by Saudis

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Malaysia joined the ranks of Argentina, Chile and Israel when, on April 3, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia or Suhakam concluded its 18-month inquiry into the disappearances of social activist Amri Che Mat and Pastor Raymond Koh with a damning conclusion...

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