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• Pakistan Army’s Female Officer Awarded UN Secretary-General Certificate

• The Burqa And Niqab Are Giving Islam A Bad Name

• Osama Bin Laden's Niece Spotted Performing In Band In London With Guinness Heiress

• Quebec Organization Creates Pamphlet to Educate Muslim Women About Their Rights

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• Muslims Say No Problem with Shiv Sena in Leading Role

• Pak Court Gives Musharraf Till Dec 5 To Record Statement In Treason Case, But Says Not Bound By HC

• Tiktok Owner, Huawei Are Helping China's Campaign to Repress Uighur Muslims, Report Finds

• Indonesia’s Ma’ruf Amin to Fight Radicalisation That Has Spread from ‘Play Groups To Government’

• Indian Christian Gets UAE Pioneer Award for Building a Mosque

• No Retirement from Allah’s Worship, Says Cleric

• Australian Tax Rules Complicate Islamic Finance

• 'No One Wants To Be the Next Folau': Christians, Muslims and Jews Join To Champion Religious Freedom

• Is Hamas The True Beneficiary Of The Israel-Islamic Jihad Escalation?

• Putin Expects Russia-Islamic World Forum To Boost Mutual Trust

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حَرْبِ فِجار: حرب فجار ایک مشہور اور تاریخی جنگ ہے جو قبل از نبوت دو قبیلوں کے درمیان لڑی گئی۔ دور جاہلیت میں جنگیں اور بھی لڑی گئی ہیں ، ان میں سے بعض انتہائی خوں ریز رہی ہیں مگر یہ جنگ سیرت نبویؐ کا اس لئے موضوع بنتی ہے کہ اس میں نبی کریم صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے بذات خود شرکت فرمائی ہے، اور یہ پہلی جنگ ہے جس میں آپؐ نے براہ راست حصہ لیا ہے ، اس لئے یہ جنگ ایک اہم واقعے کے طور پر تاریخ کے صفحات پر محفوظ رہ گئی۔.......

The Uyghurs was an ethically Turkish group who number just over 11 million people. They live mostly in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in North-West China. The vast majority of Uyghurs are Muslims, more specifically Sunni Muslims....


And if Turkey’s relationship with allies continues to crumble, Europeans may feel less soothed than alarmed by the several mega tonnes of weaponry sitting at Incirlik...


First, it is of course not ‘news’ that the United States, either via its armed forces or via other officials, cares little for the lives of brown and black people in places such as Pakistan or Afghanistan or Iraq....

Armies and terrorists that must be taken to task for spreading violence and hatred. But it is not a question of Islam vs Christianity, or Muslims vs Jews, or whites against blacks. The problem is much more complex....

From Sun-Yin we learn that subsequently Bhutto sent Salam to China in 1972 to seek China’s help with nuclear weapons technology. On page 120 the authors say that Salam emphasised his third trip was “not an ordinary visit”....


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. And Islam as a religion has taken a beating unless Muslims sit back and rethink their faith after rejecting the exegetes interpreting their faith as jihad of savage cruelty and sex orgy....

When the terrorist militants of ‘ISIS’ captured the Iraqi region of Sinjar in the so-called Wilayat Ninawa in 2014, they justified their merciless action against the Yazidis by using what is known as the “sword-verse” (Ayat Al-Saif). They treated the population of Yazidis as “a pagan minority existent for ages in regions of Iraq and Sham” and argued that the Muslims will be asked on the day of Judgment as to why there is “continual existence of the Yazidis” and why they did not act upon the revelation about Mushrikin in “the Ayat as-Sayf…

• Muslim Woman Says She Was Told to ‘Go Home’ After Boris Johnson’s Burqa Comments

• Question Time: Muslim Woman Told To "Go Home" After Boris Johnson's "Letterbox" Comment

• Bradford-based Muslim Women's Council Marks Tenth Anniversary

• Federation of Muslim Women of Ghana, Visit Mahama

• Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Opponent Has Twitter Account Permanently Suspended

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• Muslims Must Show Noble Traits to Attract Non-Muslims - Dr Mahathir

• U.S. Organization Calls for Boycott Of Beijing Olympics Over Muslims' Abuse

• TikTok, Huawei Helping Chinese Oppression against Uighur Muslims, Report Reveals

• Israel Denounces Myanmar Atrocities against Muslim Minority

• London Bridge Attacker Identified As Usman Khan of Pakistani Origin

• Iraqi PM Abdul Mahdi Says He Will Resign after Top Shiite Muslim Cleric’s Call For Change

• Israel Warns Islamic Jihad to Stop Gaza Attacks Or ‘Absorb More And More Blows’

• Why Sharia Council Reject Power Rotation– Baba Ahmed

• Pakistan Has Chosen Proxy War through Terrorism, Will Be Defeated: Defence Minister

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