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What Kushner et al have to understand is that a major process of change is currently under way in the Arab world driven by Arab people's yearning for freedom and dignity and Palestine is at the very centre of it....


The six rounds of peace talks have yielded a tentative “draft agreement” on two issues: first, Taliban’s primary concern with withdrawal of “Foreign Forces”; and second, on assurances that Afghan territory will not become a base for use by international terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda (AQ) and the Islamic State (IS), to hurt the US or any other country....


عید میں عمدہ اور اچھا لباس پہننے ، عمدہ اور لذیذ کھانا کھانے ، حسین عورتوں سے معانقہ کرنے اور لذت و شہوت سے لطف اندوز ہونے سے عید نہیں ہوتی ہے، بلکہ مسلمان کی عید ہوتی ہے طاعت و بندگی کی علامات کے ظاہر ہونے سے ، گناہوں اور خطاؤں سے دوری سے ، سیات کے عوض حسنات کے حصول سے، درجات کی بلندی کی بشارت ، اللہ تعالیٰ کی طرف سے خلعتیں ، بخششیں اور کرامتیں حاصل ہونے سے نور ایمان سے سینہ کی روشنی ، قوت یقین اور دوسری نمایاں علامات کے سبب دل میں سکون پیدا ہو جانے سے، علوم و فنون اور حکمتوں کا دل کے اتھاہ  سمندر سے نکل کر زبان پر رواں ہو جانے سے عید کی حقیقی مسرتیں حاصل ہوتی ہیں..…


Why can’t we thank Allah for allowing us to see what a beautiful morning he made and how pretty does the sunshine look when....


As patriots of India, this destabilising nationalism is not what we need today. We need progress, jobs, less corruption, a stronger economy, but we need to build those things within India, equally accessible to others who are Indians too. We don’t need to be threatened into leaving our nation, or demand that another citizen leaves....

In the 1980s and early 1990s, every time India beat Pakistan, his Hindu classmates would tease their Muslim counterparts with remarks such as, ‘Why are you all so sad? Better luck next time.” When Pakistan beat India, they would be asked whether they burst crackers and distributed sweets. Their avowals to the contrary were dismissed outright. The cousin said those taunts led to some of his Muslim friends supporting Pakistan until they passed out of college....

... what is so special about this “most Islamic” of customs, and one of the five pillars of the faith, is the fact that its practice is both universal and cross-cultural....


To Abbas, ‘Art for Art’s Sake’ was a meaningless proposition. Through his writings, he wanted to enlighten his readers guiding them on the road to freedom--- freedom from the yoke of slavery, exploitative feudalism, communalism, illiteracy, superstition and all that was negative and retrograde....

Ramadan for Non-Muslims: Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak
Dr. Mike Ghouse, New Age Islam

Whether you are an Atheist, Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Native American, Pagan, Shinto, Sikh, Wicca, and Zoroastrian or from any other tradition, you may feel a sense of connection with the spirit of Ramadan….

Navi Mumbai on High Alert; Islamic State Messages Discovered On Bridge Pillars

European Muslim Forum Calls On Saudi Arabia to Release Preachers Instead Of Executing Them

London Mayor Khan Claims Trump Plays into Hands of Extremists amid War of Words

US Used Mossad’s Intel to Accuse Iran of Staging UAE Tanker Attack — Report

Saudi Arabia, UAE Slam Qatar for ‘Backtracking’ On Makkah Talks

All 9 Of Sri Lanka’s Muslim Ministers Resign, As Bombing Backlash Intensifies

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Mosque Heroes Fearless Muslim Worshippers Risk Lives To Rescue Hundreds Of Women And Children From Tower Block Blaze

Burqa Ban is Pushing Muslim Women out of Sri Lanka’s Public Spaces

Visually Impaired Women Praise Services in Madinah

Sentencing Set For Woman Who Took Items from Arizona Mosque

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Both, Indian and Pakistani Armies Reiterated Their Resolve, To Ensure Peace along the Border and Exchange Sweets On The Occasion Of Eid-Ul-Fitr

Myanmar White Roses Offer Eid Solidarity to Muslims

Xinjiang’s Vanishing Mosques Highlight Pressure on China’s Muslims as Ramadan Ends with a Whimper

Iran’s Leader Reassures: Occupied Territories to Return to Palestinians

Taliban Detain Afghan Peace Marchers

Militants Attack Donetsk Mosque, Blame Ukrainian Servicemen For That

Interfaith Iftars Allow US Muslims To Mainstream Their Faith

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Ramadan And Male Centralism: The Ordeals That Women Go Through

Danish Party Ad Slammed for Actress Playing 'Well-Integrated Muslim Woman'

Two American women, six children repatriated to US from Syria: Kurdish-led authority

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


This is the first time such a level of unity has existed since the colonial era in Sudan, and given the history of ethnic, religious and regional fragmentation that followed and today's military response, it is ....


Today, ISIS stands ready to take advantage of growing fissures in Sri Lankan Muslim identity—and as the aftermath of the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka shows, I....


حق و باطل کے اس معرکہ سے دہشت گردی کا جوش و جذبہ حاصل کرنے والے مسلم نوجوان ان دونوں کے درمیان ایک بنیادی تقابل کرنے سے چوک جاتے ہیں کہ ابتدائے اسلام کی  ان معرکہ آرائیوں کی نوعیت کیا تھی اور ان دہشت گردانہ عناصر کی جد و جہد کی نوعیت کیا ہے ! وہ  یہ  نہیں سمجھ پاتے کہ پیغمبر اسلام کی معیت میں لڑی جانے والی ان جنگوں کا پس منظر کیا تھا اور ان دہشت گردانہ کاروائیوں کا پس منظر  کیا ہے!


As relations between China and Pakistan have matured into unprecedented closeness, it seems that many Pakistani women have.....


We recognize that Islamic interpretation of women’s issues will be at the heart of the debate on women’s rights in Afghanistan, but the basis for the defending of the right to education, work and political life already exists in Islam....


 The Holy Quran is replete with verses exhorting mankind to exercise patience in suffering...


It is the more educated section of all communities that worry about matters such as Hindu Rashtra or not. Ordinary folk know only the Rashtra (nation) where they live and work and want to continue to do so. In the Muslim community too, more and more people are 


Food nourishes and to believe in the nourishing power of food is not “shirk” as long as one recognizes that these are the creations of Allah or from His creations....

Pakistan to Lead Eid-ul-Fitr Prayers at His Favourite Venue Qaddafi Stadium

Houthis Kill Imam, 9 Worshippers for Following Saudi Eid Al-Fitr Moon Sighting

Eminent Muslim Citizens Hail PM Modi’s Outreach to Minorities

‘Even If We Ignore Terrorism, There Are Other Issues’: S Jaishankar Hints At Pakistan

Rouhani Reiterates Pro-Peace Stance, Warns of Any Foolish Act against Iran

Aung San Suu Kyi and Viktor Orban Agree ‘Continuously Growing Muslim Populations’ Is One of Greatest Challenges

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Meet The Woman Who Is Navigating Cross-cutural Barriers in the Automotive Industry

WWE Attempting to Have a Women’s Match in Saudi Arabia

Unsubstantiated Claims Muslim Doctor Sterilized 4,000 Sinhala Buddhist women Raise Tensions In Sri Lanka

Two Women, Six Children From IS Families Repatriated To US: Syria Kurds

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The zeal of the BJP to spread Hindi in non-Hindi States is based on deeply flawed premises. To begin with, the government does not have any authentic data on the linguistic composition of the country....


Alas, many are doing just that. Since the bombings in April, police have not just randomly arrested Muslims, who are about 10% of the population, but responded lackadaisically to repeated mob attacks against Muslims and Muslim-owned businesses....

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  • " SWord" ruled the pre and pan Arabia. Arabs know no democracy. Islam does not ...
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  • It was a shia called Jinnah and Ahmediya called Zafarullah Khan who were at the forefront of creation of....
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  • Yes Modi and Shah knows exactly, that Muslims favours only Muslims and land grab from Hindus....
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  • Equality or equity?'
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  • Anti-CAA/NRC/NPR Protests on the pattern of Shaheen Bagh have started in several parts of India.
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  • caa और nrc के मौजु से पहले, मुसलमान एक दुसरे के दुश्मन थे, लेकिन अभी सब एक साथ हैं, मुस्लिम हिन्दू भी....
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