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Conditional love creates a behaviour expectation that primes the child, communicating that “you will only receive love if you behave this way.” Since love and acceptance are a survival need for the young, a child often accepts these conditions. In abusive cultures, this is especially expected of women from a young age. In hierarchical cultures, one of the driving factors is the need to feel significant and establish authority. Authority is often established by gaining respect or by intimidation and fear....


Associating other gods with God (Shirk) is the greatest sin according to the Qur’an. It is very interesting to note that in many of these verses, avoiding Shirk and showing kindness to parents are ordained side by side, highlighting Qur’an’s emphasis on respecting and serving the parents.  This is not surprising since parents are the closest things to God on this earth...

Muslim leaders have misplaced and wrong priorities. They think their religious-cultural worries are supreme. Fact is, they can protect their identity only if they are educated and economically empowered. So, their identity concerns made them take to the streets in 1986 on Personal Laws and made the then Govt nullify the SC judgement in Shah Bano. Babri Masjid was thrown open to balance the favour shown to Muslims. They committed the same blunder by responding to the Deen Bachao Rally on April 15, 2018....

Freedom to worship God Almighty and practice Islam was the main reason of Hijrat in the early period of Islam and when the necessity was met, migration was prohibited. It is for this reason migration [Hijrat] from India to elsewhere is not allowed for anyone, as India constitutionally ensures freedom to worship and practice Islam.

This view that Indian Muslims do not need Hijrat gained massive support from Sunni-Sufi Muslims of India known as Barelvis and they were the first ones who refuted baseless arguments of the Deobandi clerics who had encouraged Hijrat from India to another country....

Tunisian President Meets Teen Palestinian Icon Ahed al-Tamimi

Meet Huda al-Rasheed: Saudi Arabia's First Woman Broadcaster

Moving Towards Moderation: Yoga Centres For Women Sprout In Saudi Arabia

Deaths of Instagram Model, Other Women Shock Iraq

ISIS Murder Kidnapped Woman in Damascus after Hindering Negotiations

Arab News Strikes Partnership with Saudi Women Bowling Championship

Over 100 Female Workers to Return From Saudi Arabia Wednesday

Philippine Consulate Gives Shelter to 20 Women Evicted By Employer

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Radical Islamic Group Promoting Hezbollah in Bangladesh

Parliament Elects Kurdish Politician Barham Salih President of Iraq

French Police Raid Shiite Islamic Centre in ‘Anti-Terror’ Probe

'If You Don't Return…’ Pakistan Chief Justice Warns Pervez Musharraf Of Dire Consequences



Muslim Outfits Drawing Plan to Step up Quota Demand

South Asia

Bangladesh's Catholic Youth Need Guidance

Arab World

Has Iraq Descended Into Battleground For Shiite-On-Shiite Civil War?


Jihadi ‘Islamic State’ Ring Spanning 17 Prisons Uncovered and Dismantled in Spain


S. Arabia Not To Be Made Part Of CPEC


Gaza Night Protests Israel’s New Headache

Israel’s Planned Demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar Village War Crime: Amnesty International

Southeast Asia

China Mounts Propaganda Campaign To Make Its Muslim Detention Camps Seem Ok, Or Good Even


Nigeria: Boko Haram Exposes the Cracks in Nigeria's Military Strategy

North America

Trump: I Told Saudi King He Wouldn't Last Without US Support

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Though he had no official madrasah diploma, Suavi had raised himself as a Muslim scholar. His preaching touched people and he managed to collect a popular audience at the mosque. Namik Kemal approached him after listening to his preaching. The famous Fuat Pasha is also said to have attended. As his popularity and his influence over people grew rapidly, the government showed close interest in Suavi....


This metaphorical action allows the author to forge a religious identity that grows from a connection with family and community rather than one rooted in doctrine or religious precept. Threading My Prayer Rug is an engaging personal account of one perceptive woman’s experience of being Muslim in North America. Of course, Muslims tread different paths, but hers is probably much more common than the one represented by the extremists who hit the headlines.

Saudi woman barred from marrying 'religiously unfit' man because he plays musical instrument

Female and mounted police used to prevent women from entering stadium

Muslim Council of Britain to train women to run mosques

Women actively participated in protests in Tehran, Karaj, Rasht and Bam

Deaths of Instagram model, other women shock Iraq

Notices issued to ombudsman, IGP, SBBU VC in girl’s harassment case

Bullet that killed schoolgirl in Saeedabad fired by policeman: probe

Enforcing Austria’s burqa ban a delicate matter in Alpine resort

100 days at the wheel ... Saudi women drivers feel exhilarated

Amnesty International slams ‘sickening’ execution of domestic and sexual violence victim in Iran

Settlement reached after Muslim woman says deputies forcibly removed her hijab

ISIS execution of Druze woman enrages community

Under the poverty line, Iran’s female teachers struggle to live

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Nearly 900 mosques in Germany welcome non-Muslims to encourage dialogue

Donald Trump: Saudi Arabia's king wouldn't last 2 weeks without US military support

Pakistani religious leader agrees to host Taliban peace talks


India to deport Rohingya to Myanmar, despite UN concern


Anti-Hindu, Muslim views return to haunt London mayor candidate Shaun Bailey

North America

US mosque faces restrictions on daily prayers


TLP vows to guard, uphold honour, finality of Prophet

Arab World

Putin says US presence in Syria violates UN charter

Muslim World League Chief Awarded Moderation Prize 2018


Of falsehoods and the rise of 'Islamic' terrorism

CAN pampering Christian terrorists – Muslim group explodes


President Says Iran Set to Punish Masterminds of Ahwaz Terrorist Attack

Israel lays siege to Palestinian Bedouin village ahead of demolition

South Asia

Drone strikes target ISIS-K hideouts in Nangarhar province

Southeast Asia

China to rename 'Arabic-sounding' river to curb 'Islamic influence' in the country

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Confronted with this reality, the media are playing an essential role in informing us about Islam and influencing how we respond. But, perhaps due to a limited understanding of Islam or a fear of antagonising Muslims, a fundamental point has largely been absent from reporting: the threat of terrorism does not stem from Islam. Rather, it stems from Islamism, a political ideology.


Few have inspired the Movement for Black Lives as much as James Baldwin. His books that plumb the psychological depths of U.S. racism, notably Notes of a Native Son (1955) and The Fire Next Time (1963), speak to the present in ways that seem not only relevant but prophetic. However, Baldwin’s renewed status as a household name, cemented by the critical success of Raoul Peck’s 2016 film I Am Not Your Negro, makes it easy to forget that for several decades Baldwin fell from public favor.

آپ نے دیکھا کہ کس طرح اول الذکر آیتوں سے یہ ثابت ہوتا ہے کہ صرف انسان ہی نہیں بلکہ کائنات کا ہر ذرہ تقدیر الٰہیہ کا پابند ہے اور کائنات میں ایک ورق بھی اس کی مرضی کے بغیر حرکت نہیں کر سکتا ، جبکہ ثانی الذکر آیتوں سے یہ ثابت ہوتا ہے کہ اللہ انسانوں کو ان کے اچھے یا برے اعمال کی بنیاد پر ثواب و عذاب کا حقدار ٹھہراتا ہے ۔ یہ ایک ایسا عقدہ ہے جسے حل کرنے سے بڑے بڑے اہل علم اور ارباب عقل و خرد عاجز ہیں ۔ بلکہ کتنے ہی اہل علم و دانش اس مسئلے میں اصابت حاصل نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے گمراہی اور بدعقیدگی کی گھاٹیوں میں گم ہو کر رہ گئے ۔ اہل اسلام کے لیے بھی خاص طور پر یہ مسئلہ غیر معمولی اہمیت کا حامل اس لئے ہے کہ اچھی اور بری تقدیر پر ایمان لانا اسلامی عقیدے کا ایک جزو لاینفک ہے ۔


The propaganda machine presents this common core of Islamic culture as a great burden, but one only needs to look at the unfortunate millions who are left on their own in the name of freedom, to ascertain the truth. Is it not true that if one were to draw a family-and-home-life-disaster map of the world, it will coincide with a map of the Western world? The distinctly safe area will be the Muslim world, with a gray area within it coinciding with the areas of Westernisation…


THE ‘heart’ and religion are two human domains that accommodate each other well. It thus may not be wrong to say that the heart is the ‘heart’ of religion. The heart is seen as the repository of human emotions, and emotions relate to religion in a very personal and profound way. Some use these emotions more powerfully to delve deep into the oceans of meanings, using them to generate knowledge and gnosis, while many others float on the surface restricting the meanings to only the literal domain.

Muslim woman in hijab had legal right to be heard: Canadian court

Gang which traps Muslim girls and make them Hindu on the prowl

Man gets death for rape, murder of teenage girl

Uttar Pradesh man booked for giving triple talaq to wife over phone

Police ordered to submit charge sheet against accused in girl’s harassment case

Khamenei’s #MeToo Video Draws Critique of His Record on Women

Turkish President Erdoğan urges women, children to go to mosques

London Muslim religious teacher sexually abused girls as young as nine

Saudi Arabia’s football federation appoints first women board members

Women heads of household lose their jobs with closure of NGO complex

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Turkey will not leave Syria until Syrian people have an election, Erdogan says

Report: Boko Haram Causing Nigerians to Abandon Islam: ‘People Are Boycotting the Mosques’

Iraq officially rejects US claim of Iran role in Basra violence

South Asia

54,000 Afghan soldiers to ensure election security


Jerusalem to remove UN agency for Palestinians from city


Application for more mosques underway

North America

Grasso apologizes to Muslim council president, deletes 'hate-filled' posts

Arab World

Syria’s new religious bill angers Assad loyalists

Western Arms Discovered in Terrorists' Bases in Syria


Kartarpur border won’t be opened till India responds to talks offer

Cross-border support to terrorists threat to security: Maleeha Lodhi


BSF man among two arrested for Hizb links

India deports first Rohingya Muslims back to Myanmar despite last minute asylum plea


German intelligence warns of far-right terror threat

French leader provokes uproar with 'teaching Arabic leads to terrorism' jibe

Southeast Asia

Guan Eng: Hadi does not treat non-Muslims with respect, dignity

Terengganu MCA: PAS’ new event guideline affects non-Muslims

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When we are thinking, following the fall of Islamic State’s from Iraq that this monstrous Jihadist outfit has come to a point of being extinct, we possibly are failing to understand or ignoring series of disturbing news on the rise of radical Islam in the West. Deceiving our eyes, a silent ‘conquest’ of radical Islam is continuing in the US, United Kingdom and some of the European nations. It certainly is a matter of grave concern. Radical Islam is expanding fast in United Kingdom enjoying patronization of major political force like Labour Party. The way it is expanding, I am afraid, within the span of 20-30 years, United Kingdom will turn into Islamic Kingdom. Pro Al Qaeda and ISIS Muslims are very actively polluting the British society under direct patronization and funding of some Arab nations....

In Pakistan, where the fresh wind of change was expected to blow, quite unexpectedly, the powerful military quietly, but effectively, is restricting media and is encouraging self-censorship. While the number of killings is decreasing, free speech has fallen prey to an organised control mechanism and more and more people are speaking up less. Bad news....

No place for the IPC
Tahir Mahmood

The SC’s new verdict that matrimonial issues fall in the realm of civil law and need not be resolved by criminal law is quite rational. But should not the ideology be uniformly applicable to such issues for all sections of citizens? By this yardstick, should not the Triple Divorce Ordinance now under challenge in the court fall flat? Is the country’s ever-angry law minister listening?


Growing Muslim radicalization has also been reflected in the increasing number of incidents of violent anti-Semitism in France. The French authorities and media preferred, at first, to view the crimes as stemming from socioeconomic factors rather than from Islamic radicalization. They occasionally presented or even justified the increase in anti-Semitic violence as a product of the Muslims’ identification with the Palestinians. It seems that the Laïcité principle created a barrier that prevented an examination into the intensification of anti-Semitic violence as a result of radicalization and religious incitement.


سراقہ بن مالک بن جعشم رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ نے آکر عرض کیا اے اللہ کے رسول آپ ہمارے لئے ہمارے دین کو واضح کریں۔ گویا کہ ہمیں ابھی پیدا کیا گیا ہے آج ہمارا عمل کس چیز کے مطابق ہے کیا ان سے متعلق ہے جنہیں لکھ کر قلم خشک ہو چکے ہیں اور تقدیر جاری ہو چکی ہے یا اس چیز سے متعلق ہیں جو ہمارے سامنے آتی ہے آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے فرمایا نہیں بلکہ ان سے متعلق ہیں جنہیں لکھ کر قلم خشک ہو چکے ہیں اور تقدیر جاری ہو چکی ہے سراقہ نے عرض کیا پھر ہم عمل کیوں کریں؟ زہیر نے کہا پھر ابوالزبیر نے کوئی کلمہ ادا کیا لیکن میں اسے سمجھ نہ سکا میں نے پوچھا آپ نے کیا فرمایا؟ تو انہوں نے کہا آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے فرمایا عمل کئے جاؤ ہر ایک کے لئے اس کا عمل آسان کردیا گیا ہے۔ (الحدیث)


Underlying the rise of populism, nationalism, protectionism, fear of the other, anti-migrant and anti-foreigner sentiment, and hate speech is an erosion of the norms of debate. Articulation of hate speech has become permissible, if not fashionable.

Isolation from the mainstream has extracted a price in the general well-being of immigrants, particularly for Pakistan-origin Brits. Muslim school students — of which a full 40 per cent are Pakistanis — have been documented as underachievers. Muhammad Anwar, a social scientist and author of British Muslims and State Policies argues that Pakistani-Brits generally have education achievement levels lying at the low end of all ethnic minorities in Britain.

Hindus protest against encroachment on holy place

‘Islamist fundamentalists in B’desh threat to NE states’

Muslim inmate sues Somerset County Jail alleging religious discrimination


Nationalistic approach of Indians ensured ISIS, al Qaeda do not find base in India: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi


Hindus protest against encroachment on holy place

Institutions urged to promote teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

South Asia

‘Islamist fundamentalists in B’desh threat to NE states’

Civilians, Taliban, and foreign militants suffer casualties in Kandahar

North America

Trump’s Counterterrorism Plan Targets Radical Islam as ‘Primary Threat’

Arab World

Muslim World League head urges faith leaders to travel to Jerusalem seeking peace

Russia urges Israel to exercise ‘good judgment’ on S-300 delivery to Syria


Dutch mayor shuts down anti-Muslim demonstration

Former Yazidi ISIS captive, Congolese doctor win Nobel Peace Prize


Three Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli army: Gaza ministry

EU urges arms ban on Saudi alliance to stop Yemen war


Jordan: Two sons of Yemeni slain president Saleh left for third country

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