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Bangladesh flourishes today. And Pakistan has one-less to worry about from its disaffected components....


Muslims were being killed and looted at a large scale. If, during the horrible days, Jawahar Lal (Nehru) had not come out and gone around in the dangerous lanes and by lanes of Delhi slapping the Hindus to stop the riots, not a single Muslim would have survived in the city....


God sent his Prophets with a code of life from time to time to remove their differences and bring them back into the fold of brotherhood (2:213). My principal issue with the current version of early Muslim history is that it brings Muslims in direct conflict with the Quran....

Adopting the path of supremacism or waving the flag of religious superiority is an attitude which keeps the people away from beauty of Islamic faith. In order for Muslims to present noble characters, they should first differentiate between the sin and the sinner...

Saudi Women Lawyers Welcome New Divorce Notice via SMS

Muslim Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, Vows to Fight Trump's 'Destructive' Policy

Nigeria: Women Urge Politicians to Respect Female Muslims' Rights

Islamic Training Programme for Female Teachers Concludes In Islamabad

UN's Position on Women's Equal Rights Applies To All Religions: Official

Ultraconservative Ayatollah Raises Alarm over 'Danger' To Hijab

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Ilhan Omar Vows To Make US Live Up to Religious Freedom

London Mosque to Host Exhibitions on Muslims Who Rescued Jews In The Holocaust

Anti-Mufti Protest In Perlis Over Fears of Salafism in Mass Sacking of Imams

Muslims Attack Ghana Church over Pastor's Doom Prophecy

Do Not Shave Beards of Muslim Patients: SP Leader Writes To BMC

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Belgium Bans Muslim and Jewish Religious Slaughtering Practices, Drawing Praise and Protest

Karnataka: Decline In Muslim Birth Rate, Rise in Hindu; ISEC Cites These Reasons

Iraqi FM in Hot Water after Remarks on Two-State Solution

Release of 9/11 Documents Will Have Devastating Consequences for US Deep State: Hackers

Palestinian Fatah Closes All Its Offices in Gaza ‘In Anticipation Of Attack’

Pakistan, KSA Promoting Peace, Unity, Tolerance in Muslim Ummah

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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‘UN’s Position on Women’s Equal Rights Applies to All Religions’

Women Donate Long Locks for Cancer Patients In Dubai

Rashida Tlaib Slammed As New House Dems Get Early Uncomfortable Lesson

No Hijab, No Vote, Nigerian Muslim Women Tell Politicians

The Dangerous Lives Of Iraqi Women Activists

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

سینئر صحافی شیتلا سنگھ رام مندر تنازع کا حل تلاش کرنے کی کوششوں کے لئے جانے جاتے رہے ہیں ۔ حال ہی میں آئی ان کی کتاب ’’ ایودھیا: رام جنم بھومی بابری مسجد وواد ( تنازع ) سچ‘‘۔یہ کافی مقبول ہو رہی ہے ۔


आज जिस ईसाइयत पर अमल किया जा रहा है यह वह ईसाइयत नहीं है जिसके लिए अल नासरह के हज़रत ईसा अलैहिस्सलाम ने अपनी जान लगा दी थीl


Interestingly, emergence of Taliban is not a result of class struggle or fits into the chemistry of religious war within the society. It is not a Catholic vs Protestant struggle of renaissance period ....


It will take a great deal of creative thinking and imaginative refashioning of New Delhi’s policy towards Afghanistan for India to recover lost ground vis-à-vis the Pashtuns. ....


But she was helped by her strong religious faith when she ran afoul of blasphemy laws often exploited by religious extremists and ordinary Pakistanis to settle personal scores....


Islam’s history in China is more than a millennium old, and there have been previous clashes—as with other faiths—between imperial authorities and believers, most notably the Dungan rebellions of the 19th century....


‘Triple Talaq Bill’ as put forth by the BJP government is not based on ensuring and providing ‘gender justice’ for Muslim women but rather to ‘discipline’ and criminalize the entire Muslim community....

ഐക്യരാഷ്ട്രസഭയുടെ രൂപീകരണത്തിനുശേഷം ചിന്താ സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യവും മത സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യവുമായ  അവകാശം വിശ്വാസത്തിന്റെ ഒരു ആർട്ടിക്കിൾ ആയാണ് ലോക ജനതയ്ക്കുള്ളത്. 2016ലെ ഏറ്റവും പുതിയ 16/18  റിസല്യൂഷൻ ഉൾപ്പെടെ ഇതിനെ യാഥാർത്ഥ്യത്തിലേക്ക് കൊണ്ടുവരാൻ ഒരുപാട് ശ്രമങ്ങൾ നടത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ട്. ഇസ്ലാമിക്,പാശ്ചാത്യ രാജ്യങ്ങളുടെ സമവായം സംബന്ധിച്ച അടിസ്ഥാനത്തിൽ  മുസ്ലിം രാജ്യങ്ങളിൽ ന്യൂനപക്ഷങ്ങളുടെ പ്രതീക്ഷകൾ ഉയർന്നുവന്നിരുന്നു. മതനിന്ദയും ജനാധിപത്യവിരുദ്ധ വിഭാഗീയതയും ന്യൂനപക്ഷവിരുദ്ധ നിയമങ്ങളും നിലവിലെ അംഗത്വ രാഷ്ട്രങ്ങൾ ഒഴിവാക്കിയിട്ടുണ്ടാകും എന്നാണ് ധരിച്ചത്....


Jamaat-e Islami has legally been pushed off the ground and for this reason security agencies need to ponder over what would be the potential move of Jamaat while being in underground as our history suggests that ‘underground parties’ often resort to violent means in pursuit of their political aim....


With increasing Islamophobia mania and invoking victimhood, a significant number of scholars working on Islamic communities appear to be distancing themselves from critiquing issues that matter paving way for legitimising the most deleterious practices...

Afghanistan’s Rigid Cultural Norms; A Serious Challenge for Girls’ Education

Hearing Divorce Cases on a Sidewalk in Niger, as Women Assert Their Power

Saudi Women to Fly High as A Cabin Crew In A New First

Protests In Iranian Cities And Active Role Of Women In Them

Nurses In Iran Number One-Fourth Of The World Standard

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Egypt’s Sisi Opens Mega-Mosque and Mideast’s Largest Cathedral in New Capital

China Plans To Bring Islam on Socialist Lines in 5 Years

‘Seerat-i-Rehmatul Alameen Ulema Ask Govt to Devise Mechanism for Issuing Fatwas

Saudi Arabia Deporting Scores of Rohingyas To Bangladesh

Turkish Islamic Scholar Says Erdogan Opponents ‘Must Be Killed’

In Kashmir, Claimed Al Qaeda Affiliate Ansar Ghazwat-Ul-Hind May Be Struggling To Survive

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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कुरआन अक्सर अपनी आयतों में (सलात, ज़कात, मलाइका, जन्नत और दीन) जैसे कीवर्ड का प्रयोग एक महत्वपूर्ण संदेश देने के लिए करता हैl अगर इन शब्दों के प्रमाणिक अर्थ स्वतंत्र रूप से तलाश कर लिए जाएं तो हमें कुरआन ए मजीद के असल अर्थ को समझने के लिए हदीसों या शाने नुज़ूल पर निर्भर होने की आवश्यकता नहीं होगीl


اس صدی کے اس عظیم المیہ کی  کئی وجوہات ہیں۔ جن میں سب سے بڑی وجہ یہ ہے کہ اس موضوع پر خامہ فرسائی کرنے والے اکثر اہل علم کی رسائی براہ راست اصل مصادر ماخذ تک نہیں ہوتی ۔ اکثر وہ یا تو ان اصل مصادر و ماخذ کے انگریزی تراجم یا دیگر زبانوں میں تراجم کا مطالعہ کرتے ہیں یا ان کے حوالے سے کسی مستشرق (Orientalist) کی تحریروں سے متاثر ہوتے ہیں۔ 


"Islamic phenomena such as Salat (five daily prayers), ablution and Adhan (Islamic call to prayer) are not accepted by Alevis. Also, Alevis do not follow the Quranic requirements, such as fasting during the month of Ramadan or doing pilgrimage...


Women are more educated now and in some areas marry later in life, factors that academics say lead to more stable marriages. At the same time, more women are moving into cities and joining the work force, empowering more of them to discard bad marriages....


“In the prophet Mohammed’s time his wife Ayesha was recognised as a leader of the early Muslims, but that tradition has been lost and I want to bring it back in the 21st century.”...

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  • This is very good and worth reading article. His language and civilized and scholarly style of writing is praiseworthy.
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  • Accurate observations in true sense! Religious discourses should provide space for rationality to exist....
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  • The hadith verse below even gives the weird view that only 700,000 of Muslims can go paradise and the rest cannot have the chance....
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