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ایک بندہ کو چاہیے کو اپنے رب کی عبادت اور اس کے احکام واوامر کی اطاعت بجا لانے میں اخلاص ونیک نیتی کا مظاہرہ کرے ، ایک مخلوق کو چاہیے کو دوسرے مخلوق کے ساتھ معاملات وتعلقات  کو بحسن وخوبی اور اخلاص ونیک نیتی کے ساتھ نبھائے ۔ایک شہری کی ذمہ داری یہ ہے کہ وہ اپنے ملک کے تئیں پوری وفاداری اور اخلاص ونیک نیتی کے ساتھ زندگی گزارے ، اس کی تعمیر وترقی میں بڑھ چڑھ کر حصہ لے ۔


He has rejected the use of violence, including against Israel, acknowledged the Holocaust, denounced the efforts of Holocaust deniers, and announced that he would next January become the most senior Islamic cleric to visit Auschwitz on the 75th anniversary of its liberation....


The Pakistani legal system offers little protection to someone charged with blasphemy and mere accusation is tantamount to punishment. Judges and lawyers fear religious vigilantes who violently attack anyone they deem to be supporting a blasphemer....


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hour of triumph has been described by some as prolonging a ‘nightmare’, by others as an electoral demise of secular India, that the Hindu mind has been ‘seduced’ by ‘envy and hate’. This seems to suggest that Hindu voters were only waiting for an alchemist to bring to boil....

Between a Burkini featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and the New Haven mosque set ablaze last month, Muslims in the United States occupy a particularly demanding moment in history. The choice of how we move forward — and with whom, for whom and at whose expense — is a decision that we as Muslims have to make right now....


In the matter of Hijab, the conscience of an honest, sincere Believer alone can be the true judge, as has been said by the Noble Prophet: "Ask for the verdict of your conscience and discard what pricks it." …

Making Its Texas Debut, Rohina Malik's One-Woman Show Pulls the Veil off Muslim Stereotypes

German Woman Faces Islamic State-Linked Terrorism Charges

Filipino Woman’s Facebook Post on What It’s Like to Be Catholic and Muslim Goes Viral

A Woman Even Here: Protecting Arab Women’s Rights Is a Key to Mitigating Conflict in Middle East and North Africa

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Malegaon Blast Accused Pragya Singh Thakur Appears Before Mumbai NIA Court

Pakistan Foreign Minister Writes to Jaishankar; Offers Talks On ‘All Important Matters’

A New Mosque in Australia, Architect Angelo Candalepas Was Inspired By His Trips to Ahmedabad and Agra to ‘Embrace the Playful Nature of Concrete

Saudi King Calls on ‘Despots’ to Mecca for Emergency Meeting on Iran

Fanatics, in England, Who Are Serving Sentences for Terrorism, Are Recruiting Violent Prisoners to Be Their 'Foot Soldiers'

Afghan Forces Retake Khwaja Omari District A Year After It Fell Into The Hands Of Taliban

Iran Blames Europeans for Failing to Save N. Deal

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Pakistan is trying to get out of the mess it got into by fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan and bringing hard Islam upon itself. Imran Khan can’t do it without adopting the rhetoric of the Islamists that brought down the Arab Spring....


The Salafi-Jihadi movement is the collection of individuals, groups, and organizations operating in pursuit of shared overall goals. Salafi-Jihadi ideology coheres this movement and defines its objectives....


حسن رضا کے آباواجداد اجودھیا کے تھے اور ہندو کھتری تھے۔ان کے خاندان کی تاریخ بہت دلچسپ اور نشیب و فراز سے بھری ہے۔ گردش حالات کے تحت انہوں نے اجودھیا کو خیر باد کہااور مشرق کی طرف سفر کرتے ہوئے بردوان پہنچے اور یہیں سکونت اختیار کی۔ مگر اس زمانے میں بردوان غیر ترقی یافتہ علاقہ تھا اسلئے انہیں یہاں کوئی مسقبل دکھائی نہیں دیا۔


The Ummah or the Islamic world stretches from North-West Africa, parts of the Middle East, the Turkish-Central Asian countries, to the Indian subcontinent and further afield to the Indonesian- Philippino Islands. This vast area has been in the grip of religious extremism, while India has not been affected as certain other countries....


Brotherhood shuns turmoil, turbulence, strife and dissension. The religion of Islam knows no nationalism or racialism, it has no geographic delimitations, and it co-extends with Faith. Islam creates a spiritual nationality which blends together people of every nation and every race...

But, each of these legal developments also detrimentally effects a woman’s right to education. Recall, the right to education is a fundamental human right recognized in a myriad international documents and treaties....


In fact, Islam is being attacked with ideologies, not swords, which makes it the fight ‘Jihad’ through ‘pen’ but not through ‘gun’. The historical facts are proving that the notion of jihad through gun is not practicable in this world. This is an outdated notion and defaming the ‘Islam’ and its teachings....


During his time India was going through economic, social and moral crises. The Mughal court, particularly during the rule of Mughal Shah Rangila, had become a centre of song and dance. The Muslim community was largely illiterate and unaware of their religious legacy. Many un-Islamic practices had crept into it. Since the system of religious education was not organised, Muslims were largely unaware of the teachings of Quran and Hadith....

Eid Milap: Hyderabad Mosque Opens Doors for All Communities

In Northern Nigeria, Muslims and Christians Take Small Steps toward Reconciliation

NSW Electrician Jailed For Providing Missile Advice To Islamic State

Onus on Islamabad for India-Pakistan Peace: White House

2 Hazara Tourists from Quetta Killed In Blast In Balochistan's Ziarat

Iran Warning: ‘Threat Is Very Real’ As Tehran Still A Danger Says Us Military Chief

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi, Hungary’s Far-Right PM, Lament 'Growing Muslim Populations'

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Halima Aden Stands by Burkini Sports Illustrated Cover through Criticism

Playing Ball, Breaking Barriers: GTA Muslim Women's Softball League Growing In Popularity

Muslim Woman Beaten At Bronx Bus Stop Accuses Officials of Failing to Conduct Proper Investigation

Muslim Leaders Say Woman Who Burglarized Tempe Mosque in Hate Video Deserves Chance At Redemption

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


India Asks Pakistan To Exempt Narendra Modi’s Fligh

Israel Has ‘Right’ To Annex West Bank Land, Says US Ambassador

Saudi Islamic Affairs Minister Hails Success Of Imamate Program

Sri Lanka Mps Clash With President Over Easter Attacks Probe

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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GTA Muslim women's softball league has grown from 20 to 100 players since it started in 2016

Muslim woman says 4 teens attacked, harassed her on Bronx bus

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The capabilities of both the Syrian and Iraqi governments are limited; their ability to effectively govern and conduct long-term counterinsurgencies is uncertain....


آج مسلمانوں کویہودیوںکی تاریخ پڑھنا چاہیے ۔یہودیوں کو پچھلی صدی سے نہیں بلکہ صدیوں سے تعصب کا سامنا کرنا پڑا ہے۔ کئی مرتبہ تو عیسائی حکومتوں سے بچنے کےلیے مسلمانوں کی سلطنتوں میں ان کو پناہ دی گئی۔ انیسویں صدی میں ماحول اتنا خراب ہو چکا تھا کہ کئی پڑھے لکھے یہودیوں نے اپنی’ جیرمنیات‘ ثابت کرنے کے لیے اپنا مذہب ترک کیا اور یا تو الحاد کااعلان کیا یا عیسائی ہو جانے کا فیصلہ کیا۔


What Imran Khan did was take his followers and the country at large towards a state of illusion where every field was green, the sky was blue and everyone was in bliss. This bubble of illusion burst and during the last nine months....


Post the Easter bombings, women’s attires, their bodies and mobility became recurring themes in conversations that were ostensibly on national security and women’s reproductive health. It was hard to rule out discrimination....

Let me state this unequivocally once again -it was not created in the name of Islam, not in any meaningful legal way. The answer to this usually is that the party founding Pakistan was called the Muslim League and the basis of Pakistan was the Two Nation Theory….

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