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Pakistan runs on power and not the reality. DNA and its ability to exonerate the innocent and implicate the guilty is less about power and more about truth. Eyewitness testimony, facts that are fluid, perceptions and exceptions drawn from human memory are creatures of power, happy to line up in favour of the side that has more of it....


But for everyone, the Deobandis, the troublesome children, were the focus of attention. The Barelvis, on the other hand, were the peaceniks no one worried about. In fact, in the post 9/11 world, the latter were even given donor support in order to nurture the more ‘peaceful Islam’ as if the problem were of interpretation rather than politics....


Holy men (and sometimes women) through their decisively large pockets of disciples, largely controlling and commanding the day to day discourse and narrative building in poverty-stricken South Asia. As time goes by, ecclesiastic’s intervention has become ubiquitous in every segment and most dangerously the power to control the narrative than any other institute enjoys. Over the years, the role of religious institution overstretched akin to Roman Church...

Amidst the double-dealing mentioned, the British were having yet another conversation about Muslim lands. The powerful World Zionist Organization (WZO), established in 1897 by Theodor Herzl, was set up with the primary goal of establishing a homeland for Jewish people in Palestine. Jews across Europe were facing increasing anti-Semitism and hence there were growing calls from within to establish their own state....

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The glorious legacy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is etched in the greatest achievement of his followers — from the halls of Al-Hamra to the Taj Mahal, from Alif Leila to Firdausi’s Shahnama, to the theory of optics by Ibn-al-Haytham — in architecture, literature, sciences, and politics great men and women inspired with his message have helped make a better world....

Islamophobia has existed almost since the beginning of time: from the time our Prophet Nuh called his people towards the oneness of Allah, through each era of each prophet including the era of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). That is, today’s Islamophobia is not something unique or isolated. The difference between Islamophobia during the time of the prophets and Islamophobia today is that when the prophets and their communities went through it, they had the support and comfort of their prophet with them....


A combatant disbeliever can be legitimately fought by the state, while the civilian cannot be prevented from his or her rights despite their non-belief, as is declared in the Quranic verses: “For you your religion and for me mine” and “Whomsoever wills may choose faith, and whomsoever wills may choose non-faith”. Throughout history, people have suffered from the bloodshed and oppression that ensued from religious zealotry emanating from political battle grounds....

Court, Not Govt, Will Decide Putting Aasia Bibi’s Name on No-Fly List: Minister

AL General Secretary: 12 Islamist Parties Extend Support to PM Sheikh Hasina

Mali School Children Only Allowed Religious Education: Islamists

Busloads of Muslims Formed Human 'Rings Of Peace' To Protect Synagogues in Canada

India, Pakistan Troops Exchange Sweets along LoC in J&K's Poonch


Southeast Asia

Zahid: Do Not Disturb the Royal Institution, Islam, Malay Language


Opp Senators Put Govt on the Mat over Labbaik Deal

South Asia

1971 War Crimes: Tribunal Sentences Liakat, Aminul to Death


At Least 16 Nigeria Troops Missing After Boko Haram Attack

North America

Elimination of Islamic State 'Covert' Insurgency Could Take Years, Pentagon IG Says


Congress Fields Pro-Triple Talaq Leader, Faces Protest

Arab World

Saudis Tampered with Consulate’s CCTV Security Cameras after Khashoggi Killing: Report

King Salman Embarks On Domestic Tour amid Khashoggi Crisis


Israel Lawmakers to Debate Death Penalty Bill for Palestinian ‘Terrorists’

Turkey Threatens Syria’s Kurds: A Headache for the US?


Senior British Islamophobe Escapes Terror Charges

Shakespeare Can Help British Muslims Feel Less Excluded

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Iran Sentences 24 Protestors, Including Two Women

Saudi Princess’ Trunk Show Lights up Restaurant with Inspiring Fashion

Increased GCC Applicants for Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

Indonesian StartUp Uses Road Safety to Drive Women’s Empowerment

Women Corporate Sponsorship Program Launched

Nine Iranian Women Activists Summoned for Questioning at Tehran’s Evin Prison

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The House has the power to issue subpoenas and initiate more investigations into a wide range of Trump controversies. Among the subpoenas could be a demand to force Trump to provide copies of his tax returns, which the president has so far refused to disclose....


Trump continues to hold out the grand promise of the “deal of the century” that would once and for all settle the Palestinian question, perhaps by banishing the rest of them from Gaza and the West Bank for good. The Palestinians continue to get killed and persecuted in their own land while the blessed international community with its fine institutions stands and stares...

To put it cinematically, Iran and Saudi Arabia did the full Thelma & Louise. But, this being the Middle East, they did it in separate cars. For instance, M.B.S. abducted the prime minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri. But Iran’s Hezbollah murdered the former prime minister of Lebanon, Saad’s father, Rafik Hariri, to make sure he did not return to power. Meanwhile, Denmark just accused Iran of sending intelligence agents to assassinate an Iranian Arab opposition leader...


“ISIL’s horrific crimes in Iraq have left the headlines, but the trauma of the victims’ families endures, with thousands of women, men and children still unaccounted for,” Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations human rights commissioner, said, referring to the Islamic State. “These graves contain the remains of those mercilessly killed for not conforming to ISIL’s twisted ideology and rule.”...


For the Islamic State, the position of caliph represents a unique fusion of legal-rational and traditional authority. Abu Bakr didn’t seize power in the group, he was elected by the Islamic State of Iraq’s Shura council. Long time spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani described his new emir in 2011 in this way: “Although we have missed our emir, Abu-Omar al-Baghdadi, Allah has bestowed us with a better successor for him; we expect him to be so.”...


The Deobandis are a revivalist movement within the Hanafi strain of Islam. It started in the early 1700s as a reaction to the British in India and was inspired by the activism of Shah Waliullah a radical cleric opposed to British rule.  At the time, the Deobandis challenged India’s Muslim leadership, accusing it of “corrupting Islam” and promising a fresh, and more puritanical, start....


It is a fact that very few original sources that could shed light on early Islam are available now-a-days. Some of it is due to natural calamities, but most of it is due to multi-pronged conspiracies unleashed against Islam from the day it was promulgated. Except Quran, as verified once again by an original copy found in Birmingham Museum, not a lot of significant material seems to be available in its original form or as artefacts. The situation is so serious that some scholars in the West are now questioning the reality of Islam by insinuating that it was created retrospectively by caliph Abd al-Malik and others....


 ‘Brain Drain’ Warning Over Indian Muslim Migration

American Muslims Defy Trump's Islamophobia with #MyMuslimVote

Russian Security Heads Warn Of Possible IS, Qaeda Merger

Pakistan PM Imran Khan Wishes Hindu Community on Diwali


Southeast Asia

Indonesian ‘Vaccine Fatwa’ Sends Measles Immunization Rates Plummeting


BSF, Pakistan Rangers Exchange Sweets at Border on Diwali

North America

Facing New Sanctions, Iranians Vent Anger at Rich and Powerful


Europe Has Turned a Blind Eye to Arab Tyranny In Pursuit Of Profit


No Truth in Reports of Aasia Bibi Leaving Pakistan: Foreign Office

South Asia

ISIS-K’s Two Pakistani Members Arrested with Family Members in Nangarhar

Highway to Hell: Afghan Travellers Run Gauntlet of Taliban Violence

Arab World

Kurdish Politician: US Unable to Halt Turkey's Attacks on Kurds

Coalition Strikes Kill 20 ISIS Members In Eastern Syria, Says Monitor


Israeli Software Was Used To Track Khashoggi: Snowden

UN Salutes Damascus Allowing Yarmouk Palestinians to Return


Nigeria: Incompetent Politicians Fuelling Ethno-Religious Crisis - Senator Bwacha

Anti-Terrorism Group Accuses AI of Plotting To Replace Boko Haram with another Sect

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Two Muslim Women Win House Seats, Blazing a New Path

Pakistani Christian Woman Asia Bibi Leaves Jail, Flies Out Of Multan

Dina Torkia's Modestly: There's No One Way to Be a Muslim Woman

Why Iranian Women Are Among the Most Vulnerable To US Sanctions

30,000 Unemployed Nurses in Iran Despite Acute Shortage Of Nurses

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Of the seven countries that used emergency laws to restrict religion, Tunisia registered one of the largest increases on the Government Restrictions Index – from 4.1 points in 2015 to 5.7 in 2016. The country declared a state of emergency following terrorist attacks by Islamic militants in 2015 at a beach resort and in the capital, Tunis. The government responded with curfews and arbitrary arrests, harassing men with beards – which many Muslims have for religious reasons – and women wearing Muslim religious clothing such as Niqabs. In some cases, Muslims were reportedly detained and tortured...


The testimony of Souad is no less horrific than the Nobel-winning stories of Malala Yousafzai or Nadia Murad. It documents insolent brutality and cruelty and is a call to stop a disgraceful tradition called ‘Honour Killing’. Certainly, hundreds of thousands of Souads in different corners of the globe are not fortunate enough to experience a magical survival like her....


Muslim-Americans and those who support us are walking a tightrope right now. We're more represented in a branch of government that has traditionally leaned against us, but the voters also gave renewed voice to those who spread hate and fear about us. There is a hard, long game yet to be played before the champion emerges.


When the verdict was announced, I couldn’t stop crying because this poor Christian woman had been incarcerated for nine years only because someone had lied. Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Punjab, was assassinated in January 2011 for saying that Asia was innocent and that the blasphemy allegations against her should be probed thoroughly. Taseer’s killer was garlanded for murdering him. A couple of months later, the federal minister for minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti, was also assassinated for defending Asia Bibi....

Islam was used to build a Pakistani nation when the sectarianism among the Muslims divided them so glaringly as each sect called the other as a heretic. This uniformity-ridden nation building was pursued at the expense of the socio-cultural diversity. Even today, no day passes without seeing some ministers invoking religious metaphor, which indirectly empowers the clergy who currently control the religion....


I emphasise that I have always considered Islam an emancipatory religion, which advocates social equality, economic and political democratisation, and empowerment of minorities. The religion that I was raised in opposed to the subjection of religious minorities to a centralised and authoritarian state. Equality before law and in economy, politics, and society is in perfect consonance with the Islamic thought that I revere....

Advocacy of Ibn Arabi is not an advocacy of his unique unprecedented opinions (Tafarudat) or belittling the tradition of internal criticism of some of his views. From his disciples like Qaysari and other contemporaries who approached him with caution and had some reservations on certain points, down to Sirhindi to Allama Kashmiri one finds great tradition of internal criticism of some of his individual opinions and exegetical moves. Ibn Arabi is not to be identified with this or that view but should be seen as an attempt to unearth the view of no-view or view from nowhere and everywhere or truth in all the partial or limiting views and thus liberating graces of what is considered the deepest –...

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