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The Khilafat Movement led by the Ali brothers, Mohammad and Shaukat Ali, made it to our history textbooks. However, the movement which had, and continues to have, a much greater impact was the Jamaat-e-Islami movement led by Abul A'la Maududi....

Ijma and Qiyas (analogy) and the contemporary ethical principles are emphasized in Islamic Shariah, should be observed when providing reproductive and sexual health services for Muslim families or communities. The Family is the basic unit in Islam. Safe motherhood, family planning, and quality reproductive and sexual health information and services and assisted reproductive technology are all encouraged within the frame of marriage. ...

'Defeated' ISIS Has Found Safe Haven in an Ungoverned, Remote Part of Iraq

Yemeni Parties Sign ‘Riyadh Agreement’ In Saudi-Sponsored Talks

Muslim Children Feel No Less Indian Because Of Their Faith, They Identify both As Indian and As Muslim: Study

Pakistan PM Imran Khan Agrees To All of Opposition's Demands except His Resignation: Report

New Guidelines for Media Reports on Islam Published to Tackle 'Othering' Of Scotland's Muslim Communities

Senior Australian Muslims Call for Armed Guards outside Mosques and Islamic Schools to Protect Them from Right-Wing Extremists

Study: Twitter Fueled Attacks on Ilhan Omar, Other Muslim Candidates In 2018

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Ghazala Hashmi, Regina Romero Achieve Historic Firsts in US Elections 2019

Muslim Women Love To Travel Solo and it’s Worth USD 80 Billion

UN Official Calls For More Women Peacekeepers in Africa

French Fear and Loathing towards Muslim Women Reveal a Deeper Malaise

Jewish and Muslim Women Launch #WatchYourLanguage Campaign

Muslim Headscarf Debate Divides France, In Climate of Hate

SheTrades Initiative Equips Women Entrepreneurs in Mideast For Export Market

The Female Afghan Boxers Who Found Sanctuary in Spain

Jamila and Amina Tamer of Penn Women's Squash Are Egypt's Newest Power Duo

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But in France, it has sparked a deeply concerning escalation of Islamophobia - one that is being fuelled at least in part by the words and actions of Macron and other political leaders.....

Dua is the essence of worship. It therefore follows that Dua is the noblest and greatest form of worship. It emerges from the inner depths of the heart, an impelling yearning and a silent yell, seeking Allah’s good pleasure. Dua is complete and full submission to the Creator…


These notions have long since been shown to be false as far as modern France is concerned, although considering the deplorable treatment of women under the church, it is no surprise that “feminism” is deployed as a weapon to overthrow divine law....


Like any other human value, tolerance needs to be nurtured, supported and instilled in society as a common culture. The assumption that the value system governing any society or nation is fixed or unchanging is incorrect; it goes against God’s natural order in the universe, which is governed by changing circumstances....

According to the Qur'an, every nation in the world receives at least one prophet who speaks to it in its own language. However, one nation, the Children of Israel, has received a great many prophets. The Qur'an doesn't explicitly tell us why so many prophets arose within the Children of Israel, but a careful reading of the Qur'an reveals an answer….

Beginning as early as the mid-1960s, Saudi Arabia systematically began to spread its version of Wahhabi Islam in the Sunni world, including South Asia, as an instrument of its foreign policy and a tool for expanding its regional and international influence....

Muslim Women and Refugees Won Historic Victories across the US In Tuesday's Elections

FBI, Police Investigating 'It's OK To Be White,' 'Islam Is Right About Women' Flyers Posted On College Campus

Loss Of A Mother Figure: Sarah Cohen's Closest Aide Thaha Ibrahim Mourns Her Death

Nigeria: Muslim Women in Business and Professions Hold Conference in Ghana

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Ayodhya: Don’t Celebrate, VHP And RSS on Wednesday Announced a Slew of Curbs on Its Cadres

PM Modi to His Council Of Ministers: No Unnecessary Ayodhya Talk

Muslim Delegation from Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah to Visit across Country to Spread Peace Ahead Of SC Verdict in Ayodhya Case

Saudi Arabia Hands Over Illegally Held Iraqi Historical Documents Dating Back To The Beginning Of 1940

Independent Islamic School Segregating Children by Sex, Says Ofsted

Indian Sikh Pilgrims Will Require Passport to Visit Kartarpur: Pak Army

Pakistan Army 'Too Busy' To Get Involved In Political Matters: Maj Gen Ghafoor

China’s War on Islam: Muslim Women ‘Forced To Share Beds’ With Male Officials

Study: Twitter fuelled attacks on Ilhan Omar, other Muslim candidates in 2018

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Minutes after President Ronald Reagan’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 1981, Iran released the hostages. It was obvious that Iran’s move to engineer the hostage crisis and President Jimmy Carter’s inability to bring the American citizens home was one of the reasons for his defeat in the presidential election of 1980....


Always contrary to what the US calls “normal behaviour”, Iran’s information minister Javad Azari-Jahromi said, “No big deal, you just killed your creature”. But the New York Times’ establishment columnist Thomas Friedman notes, satirically, how “effusive Trump was of the intelligence agencies who found and tracked al-Baghdadi to his lair in Syria where he blew himself up to avoid being captured”....


Then there’s Tunisia. At this point, you probably know the cliche. The small North African nation remains the one “success” story of the 2011 Arab Spring, the sole nation to throw off its long-ruling dictator in that epochal wave of upheaval and preserve the democratic transition that followed....

The images streaming from cities in three countries in our region — countries that, tellingly, had sat out the 2011 Arab Spring — spell it out: Demonstrators are out in the streets and town squares protesting against the miserable social, political and economic conditions that have long bedevilled their lives....

Urdu was also the first literary language for many of those who also wrote in Hindi. For instance, Upendranath Ashk and Munshi Premchand were famous Urdu authors before they even began to write in Hindi....


Senior Ottoman historian Mehmet Ipsirli said: “The love of Islam and Prophet Muhammad was placed at the centre of the Ottoman existence as a comprehensive system, and not as a sentiment that changed from one sultan to the next in a sporadic fashion.”...


It is disheartening to see around that some parents express happiness when the newborn child is a male and display their displeasure when the child is a female. This is an attitude of pre-Islamic period, still prevalent in our multicultural society. In the pre-Islamic Arabia, daughters were seen as a liability and source of humiliation….

West Bengal Government Gives Job to Sister Of Mob Lynching Victim

Twitter Workers Charged With Spying On Saudi Critics at Riyadh Order

New ISIS Leader Is 'A Nobody,' But US Knows 'Almost Nothing' About Him: Official

Despite Hateful Social Media Attacks, Local Voters Elect Muslim American Candidates

42% Of Muslims In France Harassed At Least Once: Report

Malaysian Sultan Demands Russian Ex-Wife’s Son Be Raised Muslim to get $250,000 - Report

'High Price To Pay': Australia Urges Nations To Refuse To Pay Ransoms To Terrorists

Taliban Kill Three Judges, Court Staffer in Southeast Afghanistan

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Philippines Approves Asylum Request of Detained Iranian Beauty Queen, Bahareh Zare Bahari

15 Women in New Omani State Council

Young Muslim Women Surge to Success in American Elections

First Muslim Woman in Virginia Senate from Teaching Family

Bangladeshi Women Recount Stories of Abuse In Saudi Arabia

Wife, Daughter of Dead ISIS Leader Baghdadi Captured, Senior Turkish Official Says

Sri Lanka Elections: Muslim Women Asked To Remove Veil

ISIS Fighters Disguised As Women Caught By Afghan Forces in Nangarhar

In Reversal, Saudi Court Grants U.S. Woman Shared Custody of Daughter”'

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Other Stories:

Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid Case Verdict: Supreme Court Orders Allotment of Alternative Land To Muslims For Mosque

Faith Of Hindus That Lord Ram Was Born In Ayodhya Is 'Undisputed': CJI Gogoi

Ayodhya Case: Underlying Structure Was Not An Islamic Structure, Says SC

SC's Verdict On Ayodhya Land Dispute: Key Takeaways

Ayodhya Dispute Case: Judgement Is Unanimous, Says CJI Ranjan Gogoi

Considering Daesh’s major setbacks in Iraq and Syria, it is unlikely the group will stay in Afghanistan much longer. But it all depends on the continuous support of the international community for the ANDSF....

And, when he threw at Khan the deadline of “two days” — in which Khan was to bow out of power or face “arrest” at the hands of his madrasa followers — everyone knew that the Maulana was taking on the “Idara” in extremis, which neither of the two parties would be able to do....


قومی میڈیا میں جو کچھ ہو رہا ہے' اسکو ایک گھناونی سازش کہا جا سکتا ہے۔ اینکرز کی فوج ہر شام مسلمانوں اور اسلام کے خلاف محاذ سنبھال لیتی ہےبھگوا مہمان اور کچھ 'زرخرید' نام نہاد مولوی  حضرات کے ساتھ بحث کا آغاز ہوتا ہے' جس میں  تہذیبی ، سماجی، اخلاقی، اور جمہوری قدروں کا خون کیا جاتا ہے

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