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Hindu Women Making Strides in Government Jobs in Pakistan

Young Female Football Fan in Iran Sets Herself on Fire To Protest Jail

Hindu Girl, Kidnapped In Pakistan, Reunited With Family: Report

Muslim Children Get Catholic Education In Flexible Madagascar

The Movers List: Khadijah Safari is helping women smash through the barriers by bringing religion and MMA together

First Friday rally in Ashland supports congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Spain Issues Arrest Warrants for ISIS Women Trapped In Syrian Camps

NASFAT Tasks Women on Effective Parenting

Police Rescue Hafizabad Woman Held Captive By Brothers For 10 Years

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Ayodhya Hearing: Accept Akhara’s Shebait Rights, But Not Its Tall Claims, Says Waqf Board

India, Pakistan Forces to Be Part of Military Exercise in Russia

Pakistan Council of Islamic Ideology Recommends Making Triple Talaq Punishable Crime

Malaysian Islamic Development Department: Muslims Need Not Join Mass Multi-Faith Prayer Sessions, But Non-Muslims Free To Do So

U.S. Deal with Taliban Meets Afghan Resistance as Violence Intensifies

Taliban Militants Behead The Acting Provincial Human Rights Chief Of Ghor

ISIS, Weakened, Finds New Bombers: Cows Wearing Explosive Vests

Iran’s IRGC Head Claims That Its Military Is ‘Invincible’

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In the Euphrates Valley near Iraq, “once you liberate terrain it’s not over. ISIS and al Qaeda are experts at blending in to the population and remain in a cellular structure and commit activities that delegitimize governance.”...


Though the broader Israeli-Palestinian conflict is far from being solved, Israel’s Palestinian citizens (unlike their brothers living without political rights under military occupation in the West Bank) have more to gain from integration. And though inequality and discrimination are still part of their daily lives, some advances have occurred....


معتمد و مستند فقہائے اسلام کا یہ ماننا ہے کہ انتہائی ناگزیر حالات میں صرف اور صرف بادشاہ سلطنت اسلامیہ ہی دشمنوں کے ساتھ جہاد کا اعلان کر سکتا ہے ، لہٰذا سوال یہ ہے کہ آپ اور آپ کے ہمجولی کس سلطنت اسلامیہ کے بادشاہ ہیں جو لوگوں کو جہاد کا حکم دے رہے ہیں ؟.......


The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) and Taliban have been very close. In 2010, when Taliban set up a shadow government in Afghanistan’s Northern Province, members of IMU were part of this cabinet...


The Niqab has been a controversial subject that has divided Muslim scholars across the world, with some Salafi and Wahhabi interpretations insisting that it is obligatory. A majority of the mainstream schools, however, dispute that opinion....


ഇസ്‌ലാമിക ഭീകരതയുടെ  കാലഘട്ടത്തിലാണ് നാം ജീവിക്കുന്നത്. പെഷവാറിൽ കുട്ടികളെ കൂട്ടക്കൊല ചെയ്തതിനെ തുടർന്ന് പാരീസിലെ മാധ്യമപ്രവർത്തകരുടെ കൂട്ടക്കൊലയുണ്ടായി.  9/11 കഴിഞ്ഞ് പതിമൂന്ന് വർഷത്തിന് ശേഷം ലോകം കൂടുതൽ സങ്കീർണ്ണവും വൈവിധ്യപൂർണ്ണവും അപകടകരവുമായ ഭീഷണി നേരിടുന്നു. …


What was once a commemoration of martyrdom today inspires much more, including social justice work around the globe....

The retired brigadier, who has already been granted American citizenship along with his family members, had also persuaded Shakeel Afridi, a Pakistani physician, to conduct a fake polio campaign in the Bilal Town area, Abbottabad to help the CIA hunt down Osama”...


In Islam a husband can delegate the right of divorce to his wife or any third person.  This delegated divorce is known as Talaq-e-Tafweez also spelt as Talaq-i-Tafwid. This delegation can be made at the time of marriage by way of a prenuptial agreement, with or without conditions...

Turkish Gov't Vows Zero Tolerance on Violence against Women

Why Are There So Few Statues of Women in Egypt?

Saudi Women Directors Bring Empowerment Message to Venice

Afghan Women Determined To Vote in Presidential Polls

Iran Detains 22 Men and Women for Attending Mixed-Gender Party

Angelina Jolie Sends Message of Support As First Independent All-Afghan Movie Premiers In Venice

UP Woman Given Triple Talaq for Giving Birth to Girl

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Pro-Iran Militia In Iraq Announces Formation Of 'Air Force'

Bahraini Regime Has Begun Summoning Shia Clerics To Supposedly Interrogate Them Ahead Of Ashura Rituals

Child Marriage Nullified After Social Media Outrage in Iran

A Saudi Prince Claims Riyadh Can Destroy Iran In 'Eight Hours' In Case Of War

London Mosque Officials Failed To Halt ISIS Child Recruiter

Be It Ganesha Chaturthi or Muharram, These Villagers from a Village on the Outskirts of Hubballi, Celebrate Both with Pomp

Imran Khan's Ex-Wife Reham Mocks Him over 'Failed' Kashmir Solidarity Call

How the Rohingya Are Applying For Bangladesh Passports

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Kashmiri Pandits Stage Protest Demonstration against Washington Post

Alaska Agrees to Accommodate Muslim Inmates’ Religious Needs

Trump Backs Out Of Peace Talks with Taliban over Kabul Attack

In Sarawak, Pakatan Backs Practice Of Muslims and Non-Muslims Praying Together

In Melaka, Thousands Throng Mosque to Pray Alongside Dr Zakir Naik

As Ghani Nixes Trip, US Assures Afghans It Would Sign ‘Good Deal’

All Stakeholders Need to Exercise Prudence and Foresight In Deciding Afghanistan's Fate

Iran Says It Can Now Take Enrichment Past 20pc Mark

Sudan Invites Jewish Emigrants to Return to the ‘Pluralistic’ Country

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Singer, Sinéad O’Connor: ‘I Have Been A Muslim All My Life and I Didn’t Realise It’

Female Trainees Graduate Through Saudi Ministry’s Leadership Initiative

Kerala Braveheart, Sifiya Haneef, Conferred Neerja Bhanot Award

Kuwaiti Woman Earns Global Recognition In Malaysia

Saudi Women Directors Bring Empowerment Message To Venice

Afghan Women Determined To Vote In Presidential Elections

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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The International Human Rights Council, Hong Kong (IHRC-HK) is extremely concerned about the malicious and unlawful actions of government of Pakistan against its Executive Director, Mr. Abdul Baseer Naveed who has become the Stateless—neither is he citizen of Pakistan nor of Hong Kong, where he has been residing since 2006.  The Pakistani government has deprived him of his passport, freedom of Movement and right to adopt nationality of his choice....

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are allies. When they launched the Yemen offensive in March 2015, their common goal was to defeat the Shia Houthi rebels, who had captured the capital Sana’a. After over four years, they are not even close to meeting this goal...


The serenity is momentarily broken by a chant of Labbaik Ya Hussain (I am at your service Ya Hussain) from a new group of pilgrims who have entered the mausoleum in Karbala in Iraq — they are probably fulfilling a life-long desire....


The Prophet said, “What is this day you are fasting?” They said, “This is a great day in which Allāh saved Moses and his people, and he drowned Pharaoh and his people. Moses fasted on it due to gratitude, so we also fast on it.”...


Instead, charismatic figures like Said Nursi, who died in 1960, brought the highly conservative and fatalist theology of Ash‘arism, which dominates Islamic thought in the madrasas of eastern Turkey, to the west of the country. ...


In these times of extreme religious intolerance, misunderstandings and parochialism, when i delve into the bowels of the metaphysical aspects of all religions despite being a non-believer, I wonder if today’s self-appointed ‘interpreters’ can ever fathom the profundity of spirituality...

Trump’s announcement came just before a week of religious and political events that could be targets for further violence. Monday is the anniversary of the death of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the anti-Taliban militia leader who was assassinated in 2001....

The acts and works for worldly rewards, such as tilling the land, trading in business or toiling for wages etc. that benefit the individual, the family, the community and nation are not included in that category. Being busy and preoccupied in these is only a Shugul, distraction from spiritual activities and is not considered as A'millus-Sawlihaat...

Tunisian Women Absent From Presidential Campaign

Suicide Bomber in Muslim Woman's Gown Dies In Apparent Attack on Military Unit In Philippines

Say a Prayer: The Muslim Woman Who Photographed Bradford's Last Synagogue

Kerala Man Booked For Giving Triple Talaq to Wife via WhatsApp

Saudi Females Take Scouting Pledge

Abu Dhabi TV anchor launches FNC election campaign

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Hindus Stop UP Forest Department Team from Demolishing 150-Year-Old Peer Baba 'Mazar'

Mochi and Ansari, Icons of 2002 Gujarat Communal Discord Now A Picture Of Religious Harmony

Pakistanis Troll Their Science Minister for His Chandrayaan Dig

Taliban Say US 'Will Be Harmed More Than Anyone' After Trump Halts Talks

Islamic Affairs Minister Highlights Saudi Effort to Spread Moderation

IAEA Found Uranium Traces at Iran’s ‘Atomic Warehouse’, Allege Diplomats

A Muslim Man Told A Starbucks Barista His Name Was 'Aziz.' The Employee Wrote 'ISIS' On His Cup

France Says Iran Actions Negative, But Dialogue Still Open

Anwar Moots Halal Food for Govt's Free School Breakfasts

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