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However, the mission of the United Nations should not be confined to such symbolic gestures. The United Nations should rather take serious action to restore peace and justice, because wherever there is justice and mercy, the religion of God will prevail and this can be done without the need to dive in the sea of interpretation; that is difficult and need skillful handling…..

A number of online services are charging "divorced" Muslim women thousands of pounds to take part in "Halala" Islamic marriages, a BBC investigation has found. Women pay to marry, have sex with and then divorce a stranger, so they can get back with their first husbands....

Israel Appoints Its First Woman Muslim Diplomat

Speech at UNK Focus on Misconceptions of Muslim Women

Ayaan Hirsi-Ali and Australian Muslim Women

Removing Hijab for Work? Muslim Women in Europe Discuss a Difficult Choice

NGO Pays Rs 4 Lakh Fine to Release Pakistan Woman With India-Born Daughter From Amritsar Jail

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100,000 Bangladesh Muslim Clerics Rally against Extremism Join hands to eliminate Terrorism

Radical Groups Hold Indonesian Democracy Hostage – Islamic Scholar

Terrorists Stockpile Chemical Weapons In Urban Areas: Muallem

Dialogue Is Essential, Pope Francis Tells British Muslim Leaders



Controversial Anti-Islamic Activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali Makes Sensational Claim about Waleed Aly

South Asia

25 Militants Killed, Vehicle Packed With Explosives Destroyed In Uruzgan Airstrike

Southeast Asia

Religious Panel Must Review Effects of Shariah Bill

Arab World

Governor of Syria's Homs Says U.S. Strikes Serve 'Goals Of Terrorism'


Bank of England Mulls Islamic Bank Liquidity Tool


Pakistani Islamist Leader Calls on Taliban to Join His Political Party

Changes in White House to Increase Pressure on Pakistan: Experts


Turkey-Backed Militants Killed in Clashes with SDF Forces in Aleppo

Iranian Speaker's Advisor: Terrorists Not Qualified to Take Part on Syria Talks


Muslim Clerics in Bengal Demand Ban on RSS, Say Ram Navmi Processions with Weapons Illegal


Kenya: Imams Say Too Much Political Heat Could Lead to Chaos

North America

Canada Police Arrest US Man After 'Mock' Bomb Found On Chicago-Bound Plane

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کسی بین الاقوامی عہدہ دار کی جانب سے یہ ایک اچھا اظہاریہ تھا۔وہ عیسائی ہیں اور اس کے باوجود انھوں نے اسلامی عقیدے کی تعریف کی ہے لیکن اقوام متحدہ کا مشن اس طرح کے علامتی اظہاریوں تک ہی محدود نہیں رہنا چاہیے بلکہ اقوام متحدہ کو امن اور انصاف کی بحالی کے لیے سنجیدہ اقدام کرنا چاہیے کیونکہ جہاں کہیں انصاف اور رحم دلی کا بول بالا ہوگا،اللہ کے دین کا بھی غلغلہ بلند ہوگا۔ اس کے لیے تشریحات کے سمندر میں غوطہ زن ہونے کی بھی ضرورت نہیں ہو گی۔یہ ایک مشکل امر ہے اور اس کے لیے بہت مہارت کی ضرورت ہے۔


ख्वारिज का मानना है कि उनके विरोध करने वाले तमाम मुसलमान मुशरिक हैं| ख्वारिज एक खतरनाक फिरका अज़ारेका है जिसका विश्वास है कि उनके विरोधी तमाम मुसलमान मुशरिक हैं, जो उनका निमंत्रण स्वीकार नहीं करेगा और उनके मज़हब को नहीं अपनाए गा उसका खून, उसकी औरत हलाल हैं, उन लोगों ने अली रदि अल्लाहू अन्हू को काफ़िर और उनके हत्यारे अब्दुर रहमान बिन मुलजिम को बहादुर शहीद गर्दाना हैl


Speaking Truth to Power

By Aijaz Zaka Syed

A Phantom Legion

By Irfan Husain

Dr Riaz Ahmed and an Inclusive Pakistan

By Amir Hussain

Bravo Dr Riaz Ahmed

By Abbas Nasir

Honouring Chanakya

By Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani

Afghanistan Is No Vietnam

By M Ziauddin

Refreshing Civil-Military Interaction

By Muhammad Usman

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Asia Needs both Secular and Sacred

By Andrew Sheng

It’s about US, Not Syria

By Pratap Bhanu Mehta

The Teesta Runs Through It

By Deb Mukharji

Crimes against Humanity: In Syria And North Korea, Trump Bumps Up Against Realities Of Geopolitics

By Nayan Chanda

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

Stab Attack in Australia: IS ‘Written In Blood’
Rachel Baxendale and Primrose Riordan

A sheet of paper covers the window of the Queanbeyan service station where letters “IS” were apparently written in blood after a 29-year-old attendant was fatally stabbed last night. Counter-terrorism police are investigating whether two 15- and 16-year-old boys who allegedly murdered Pakistani student Zeeshan Akbar during a violent crime spree had been radicalised by extremist Islamic ideology....


Pakistanis would be jolted by the fact that 1,30,00,00 Indians outnumber 9, 00,000 Pakistanis working in Saudi Arabia. India is important for Iran and the UAE equally: Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserve Limited (ISPRL) has an agreement with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) for topping up one of the two caverns at the Mangalore Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) facility.....


As he tried to pick himself back up, fellow volunteer drivers working for the Edhi ambulance service gathered around him; it looked as if Safdar was bleeding. But he had not suffered any external injuries. “Human flesh got stuck to me,” he recalls now, as we sit in the ambulance control centre in downtown Karachi. “My friends were checking me for injuries, but it was pieces of other people. I was trembling hard and I couldn’t hear my own voice when I spoke. It sounded juddering. I could only hear whistles.”....

End of Enlightenment?
Pervez Hoodbhoy

Pakistan’s constitution explicitly distinguishes between Muslim and non-Muslim, Iran officially espouses Vilayat-i-Faqih (guardianship of Islamic jurists), Saudi Arabia prohibits all places of worship on its soil except mosques. Although Israel lacks a constitution because of a conflict between its religious and secular forces, legally, as well as in practice, it privileges Jews over non-Jews. And India, which was once committed to secularism, is now turning into a state for Hindus run by Hindus.....

First, women have acted as “facilitators and fundraisers,” which was evident when women sold off their jewellery to support the Taliban in Swat, gaining inspiration from Mullah Fazlullah’s notorious radio broadcasts. Second, women are the nucleus of the domestic sphere in the case of Pakistan’s patriarchal society. Thus, terrorist organizations envision women as the “domestic radicalisers,” indoctrinating their children and networks of women with the violent and extremist ideology of the group at hand. In 2014, students from Jamia-e-Hafsa, the women’s wing of the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Islamabad....


Like individuals, religions, when they become institutions, can, as the title of this book says, go ‘astray’, deviating far from their purpose. They do this, the authors say, when, for instance, they are interpreted to promote monopolistic claims to truth, when they are marshalled to foment conflict and engage in violence against people who behave and believe differently and when they are invoked to seek to justify gender injustice. Hence, the authors stress, they ‘need to be called back’—...

The Ikhwan al-Najdiyun influenced by the Wahhabi scholars declared the regional taxes too as un-Islamic and strictly opposed the formation of their country's embassies in foreign lands. According to them, there was no religious legitimacy for the flags of foreign countries being hoisted in the embassies in the 'only' Muslim country—Saudi Arabiya. Those among the Wahhabi followers who did not forcibly convert Sunnis, Sufis and Shia into Wahhabism were castigated as the ‘treacherous’. Those who delayed the demolition of the Green Dome (Gumbad-e-Khizra) which is above the sacred grave of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were also treated as ‘seceders from Wahhabi Islam’….

The Message from Ajmer
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

As millions of Bhaktas and devotees return back from Ajmer to their native lands after a spiritual sojourn at the annual Urs at the shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti (1142 - 1236), the Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (Benefactor of the Poor) of millions across South Asia they have a great challenge: to keep alive the spiritual heart green in an arid desert of strife and disharmony. In the chaos that prevails around us there is a growing feeling of desolation and misery. The pace of modern life has driven man to a state where the rhythm of life is fast growing erratic and the music is slowly ebbing out .Living in a harsh world we have developed cynicism and hatred….


Lahore: Women Police Cadets Flex Muscles in Passing out Parade

Tehran Holds First Marathon, But With Restrictions on Women

Egyptians Recount Sexual Harassment, Angering Conservatives

Muslim Woman Asked To Remove Hijab for Mugshot

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Fear, Anger Grip a Village Of Muslim ‘Gau Sevaks’

Imam of Makkah's Grand Mosque Asks Muslims to Shed Their Differences

China Punishes 97 Officers for Failing to Crack Down On Muslims


Arab World

ISIS Kills Dozens of Civilians Trying To Flee Mosul: Witnesses


Govt Cancels Registration of Zakir Naik’s Trust for Education


Saudi Minister Terms Military Alliance ‘Victory of Islam’

Southeast Asia

Where Do Malaysian Non-Muslims Go From Here?

North America

Majorities of Americans Concerned About Violence against Jews, Muslims

American Private Sector Finding Pakistan an Attractive Market: Envoy

South Asia

Taliban’s Deputy Governor and 6 Tajik Militants among Dozens Killed in Kunduz


US Military on Same Side as Al-Qaeda, Daesh in Yemen, Syria: Iran FM


Putin Considers US Attack in Syria Aggression against Sovereign State


Over 6,000 Flee 'Terrifying' Violence in S. Sudan Town

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Blasts Hit Egypt's Coptic Churches; 36 Dead, Over 100 Injured

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Alliance’s Main Objective to Serve Islam: Minister

Mosque Throws 'Best of British' Tea Party in Response to EDL March

No Deadline for Introduction of Sharia Banking: RBI

Arab World

Syria-Iran-Russia Joint Operations Room Warns of Crushing Response to Any Further US Attack


Only Muslims Can Effectively Fight Terrorism, Says Sheikh Gumi


Pakistan PM Wants Ulema to Counter Propaganda against Islam


France Expels Swiss Imam with 'Extremist' Views


Hindus Abolished Dowry and Sati; It's Time for Muslims to Stop Triple Talaq: Union Minister

South Asia

At Least 25 Islamic State Militants Killed In East of Afghanistan

Southeast Asia

Indonesia's Police Kill Six Suspected Islamic Militants


Iran: Probe into Syria Chemical Attack Brings another Scandal to US

North America

The Newly Launched #IslamophobiaisRacism Syllabus Is an Extremely Useful Primer for Teaching and Learning about Anti-Muslim DiscriminationUS vows to keep up pressure on

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Citing Security Threats, Egyptian Parliament Close To Banning Niqab

Muslims Have Less Divorces In Comparison With Other Communities, Says AIMPLB

How This Mentoring Program Is Empowering Young Arab Women

Actress & Filmmaker Ahd: The “Exceptional Arab Women in Film” Series

Iran's Female Taekwondo Team Win Four Medals in Africa President Cup

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آل انڈیا مسلم پرسنل لاء بورڈ نے اس معاملے میں ضروری فریق بننے یعنی (impleadment) کی درخواست گزاری ، جسے سپریم کورٹ نے منظور کرتے ہوئے بورڈ کو جوابی حلف نامہ پیش کرنے کی اجازت دے دی۔ سائرہ بانو کی تینتیس (33) صفحات پر مشتمل عرضی کے جواب میں مسلم پرسنل لا ء بورڈ نے ستر (70) صفحات کا جو جوابی حلف نامہ فائل کیا ہے ، اسے پڑھنے کے بعد آئین ہنداور اسلامی قوانین یا ان میں سے کسی ایک کا علم رکھنے والا شخص سوائے سر پیٹنے اور کفِ افسوس ملنے کے او رکچھ نہیں کرسکتا ۔ بطور قانونی دستاویز یہ حلف نامہ قطعی پھسپھسا اور نا قابل اعتنائے عدالت تو ہے ہی، ایسے متضاد بیانات کا حامل بھی ہے جن کے سلسلے میں عدالت کے ذریعے پوچھے جانے والے ممکنہ سوالات کا کوئی وکیل نہ جواب دے سکے گا اور نہ ہی ان تضادات کی تصریح و توضیح کر پائے گا۔

शेख कल्बानी का इस बात को स्वीकार करना बिल्कुल सही है। जिस तरह इब्न अब्दुल वहाब का दावा था कि सभी मुसलमानों को चाहिए कि एक खलीफा की बैअत करें और जो व्यक्ति उसके अकीदे और विचारों को न माने उसे मार दिया जाए, उनकी महिलाओं और लड़कियों के साथ ज़बरदस्ती की जाए और उनके धन दौलत छीन लिए जाएँl उसकी नज़र में मौत के हकदार गैर मुसलमानों की सूची में शिया, सूफी और वह मुसलमान अल्पसंख्यक थे कि जिन्हें वह मुसलमान नहीं मानता था। ठीक इसी तरह आईएसआईएस भी चाहता है कि सभी मुसलमान उसकी तथाकथित '' खिलाफत '' को स्वीकार करें, और जो इसे स्वीकार करने से इंकार करे उसकी बेरहमी से हत्या कर दी जाए, उनकी महिलाओं को गुलाम बना लिया जाए। इब्न अब्दुल वहाब की तरह आईएसआईएस का भी उद्देश्य सुन्नी, सूफी, शिया और उन सभी मुसलमानों को मारने के लिए है जिन्हें वह मुसलमान नहीं मानते।


Redrafting The Curricula For Islamic Studies

By Samar Fatany

Egyptian Political Propaganda: Does It Work?

By Mohammed Nosseir

A Slim Chance For A GCC-Iran Strategic Dialogue

By Dr. Manuel Almeida

Expats Deserve Better Treatment

By Dr. Mohammed Al-Bishr

What If Marine Le Pen Wins In May?

By Daphne Benoit

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau


In practice, however, male anxieties about powerlessness are exploited by the Jamiat to reinforce their vision of the world and recreate it on campus. The IJT’s politics on campus are not a far stretch from the everyday caste politics and violence in rural Punjab — only this time, the power lies with the disempowered men, irrespective of whether it comes through the barrel of a gun or the swing of a baton....


Cosmic war divides the world into good and evil, us and them. We do not have a middle ground; we have to choose a side. The terrorist groups like TTP, LeJ, LeT, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar have clearly chosen their sides. They aligned themselves with the forces of “good” that has been assigned a duty to destroy all those Pakistanis who are allies of “evil” (democracy, music, dance; art, culture and above all America)....

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