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Critics call this Islamic Maoism. Out went the city’s heterogeneous mix of Maliki, Shafii and Zaydi rites; in came homogenisation under the Wahhabi creed. Alongside the black and white dress they forced on women and men respectively, the new tribal rulers reshaped the urban environment, stripping away the past. They replaced the four pulpits at the foot of the Kaaba, one for each of Sunni Islam’s schools, with a single one, exclusively for Wahhabi preachers. ....


The intellectual and ideological training of Ikhwan Al-Najdiyyun was based on the fanatic teachings of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Abdul Wahhab al-Najdi. It is important to study and analyze their ideas and practices in order to understand the contemporary terrorism. The primary factor in the teachings of Ibn Abdul Wahab was repugnance and exclusivity. His teachings encouraged religious intolerance and peddled hatred against all those who did not follow the Najdi ideology. The main violent teachings of Ibn Abdul Wahab and his radical thoughts and reflections can be found in details in these books in Arabic: Tafseer Kalimah Tauheed (التوحید کلمہ تفسیر), Risalah Salaas Masail (مسائل رسالہ ثلاث), Kashf Ash-Shubhaat (الشبہات کشف), Risalah Talqeen Usool Al-Aqeedah Lil-Aammah (للعامہ العقیدہ اصول تلقین رسالہ), Risalah Ma’na At-Taghut (الطاغوت اومعنی رسالہ), Risalah Arb'a Qawaid Li Ad-Deen (للدین اربع قواعد رسالہ)....


Though the government has 100% right to vet the people entering the country, but does it mean a routine vetting at the entrance of every government office? Therefore, the nature and scope, frequency and rationale of ‘vetting’ and the manner of framing of the questions must be contested and ratified by the court or else a Muslim in America will have to carry a Vetting Certificate with him all the time – somewhat like the Jews wearing Star of David badges in the Medieval ages and under Nazi occupation….

26/11 Was Cross-Border Terror: Ex-Pak NSA Mahmud Ali Durrani

Trump Travel Ban: New Order Targeting Six Muslim-Majority Countries Signed

Operation Radd-Ul-Fassad Will Continue To End Terrorism: PM Nawaz

 Arab World

Daesh Terrorists Impose 'Afghan Dress' In Syria's Raqqah


Pakistan-Based Terror Groups Fund Terrorism in J&K through Charity

North America

Hindu Groups, Ro Khanna Object to CNN Docu’s Negative Portrayal of Religion


2 Pak Soldiers Killed In Operation against Terrorists in Swabi: ISPR

South Asia

Associating Terrorism with Islam Inappropriate, Says Afghan Security Adviser

Southeast Asia

Testimony to Close Malaysia-Saudi Relations


Houthis Prevent International Delegation from Entering Sanaa


Former South Sudanese General Forms Anti-Government Rebel Group


French-Muslim Blog Star Ruined After Anti-Semitic Tweets Revealed

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Violence Biggest Challenge Facing Women, UN Says

Algeria Women Footballers Wave Red Card At Stigma

Muslim Leaders’ Headscarf Advice for Women ‘Attack on Freedom’: Austrian Govt

First Lady Emine Erdoğan Calls to Fight Misperceptions about Muslim Women

Britain’s Jewish and Muslim Women Look for Common Ground - So Israel Is off the Agenda

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प्रश्न: हाल के वर्षों के दौरान कई देशों में मुस्लिम विरोधी भावनाओं में वृद्धि हुई है। उदाहरण के लिए पश्चिम में मुसलमानों को रेस्तरां से रोके जाने और उन्हें शारीरिक और मौखिक रूप से यातना दिए जाने के मामले सामने आए हैं। गलत शक के आधार पर मुसलमानों को विमान से उतरने के लिए कहा गया। मुस्लिम महिलाओं को नकाब पहनने की वजह से उनको नौकरी से निकाला जा रहा है। क्षेत्रीय गैर मुस्लिम अपने क्षेत्रों में मस्जिद निर्माण के प्रस्ताव के खिलाफ प्रदर्शन कर रहे हैं, आदि। आपको क्या लगता है कि उनके बढ़ते मुस्लिम विरोधी भावनाओं के कारण क्या हैं?


لہٰذا، ہمارے سامنے سب سے بڑا چیلنج اس امر کا تعین کرنا ہے کہ انتہاء پسندی کے اسباب و علل کیا ہیں؟ اور جب ہم اس امر پر غور کرتے ہیں تو ہم یہ پاتے ہیں کہ جہاں دہشت گردی کے مذہبی اور سیاسی عوامل ہیں وہیں اس کے پیچھے معاشی، معاشرتی، سماجی، علاقائی اور بین الاقوامی عوامل بھی ہیں۔لہٰذا، ہمیں یہ سمجھنا ہوگا کہ دہشت گردی سے جنگ کے نام پر محض کچھ مخصوص علاقوں پر حملہ کردینے سے دہشت گردی کا خاتمہ ممکن نہیں۔ اس لئے کہ جس طرح انتہاء پسند نظریات سے متأثر ہو کر مذہب کے نام پر خون بہانا ایک سنگین جرم اور انسانیت کا قتل ہے اسی طرح دہشت گردی سے جنگ کے نام پر بلا امتیاز شہریوں پر حملے کرنا، آبادیوں اور بستیوں پر چڑھائی کرنا اور شہروں اور قصبوں کو حصار میں لینا بھی ایک انتہائی سنگین جرم اور انسانیت کا خون ناحق بہانا ہے۔ اور ہمیں یہ بھی سمجھنا ہو گا کہ اگر ہم نے دہشت گردی کی جنگ میں انتہاء پسندی کے دیگر متعدد عوامل و محرکات سے صرف نظر کیا تو اس کے منفی نتائج برآمد ہوں گے۔


According to the New America Foundation, all 13 jihadist terrorists who have killed people in the United States since Sept. 11, 2001, were American citizens or permanent residents. None had ties to the seven countries first singled out by Mr. Trump in January. A federal appeals court, rejecting that order, said his administration had produced “no evidence” linking citizens from the seven affected nations to terrorist acts in the United States....


American actor Mahershala Ali was hailed in world headlines this week as the first Muslim to win an Academy Award for acting, but in Pakistan, his achievement generated controversy, reinforcing that country’s reputation as a leading violator of religious freedom. Ali, who won the best supporting actor award for his role in “Moonlight,” converted to Islam in 1999 – but then joined a moderate Islamic sect considered deviant by many mainstream Muslims and as an abomination by Sunni hardliners.....


She was the 35-year-old widow of a man who had fallen out of favour with the Mughal emperor when she caught the eye of Jahangir. Within years, Mehr-un-Nisa, or Nur Jahan as she is known in history, rose to become the most powerful woman in the Mughal empire – coins were minted in her name, she enacted legislation, issued edicts, interacted with foreign traders and determined the empire’s policy. But that is not the reason why I want to talk about her today, on Women’s Day. ...


Many men reading this article will not acknowledge how they are imprisoned by the norms of masculinity and how the requirement of projecting constant fearlessness and (largely fake) bravado has bred a persistent feeling of inadequacy and insecurity. Pakistani society, and arguably the world at large, provides a limited vocabulary for such conversations or admissions. Just like women can be the enemies of other women, men can be the greatest hurdles in the path of other men.....


“A country without woman is destroyed and remains helpless but in the hand of woman this world will only have bliss. She will exalt humanity.” This quote from Hussein Javid, the Shakespeare of Azerbaijan, sums up the cultural, economic and political rationale behind the recent appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva, the first lady of Azerbaijan, to the post of vice president....


Sufis so far have worked to peacefully introduce Sindh to the world. They have protected its religious tolerance and interfaith harmony for centuries, but their own shrines, places where Ayaz and Mehmood stand in the same row, are under attack from terrorists.  The suicide attack on Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine, which left 90 dead on February 16, and more than 250 people injured, is not the first incident that has left us aghast; the fact is, Sindh has witnessed many big and small terrorist attacks in recent years. ....


Hasan and the other doctors, nurses, therapists and medical assistants aren’t volunteering at the clinic to show dubious Americans that Muslims are good people. And they’re certainly not doing it to explain the tenets and practices of Islam. “We don’t really talk about that,” Hasan said. “Mostly, they are just happy to have someone who will take care of them.”....


More contentiously, both luminaries confessed to being exasperated at times by the general view that religion was a separate, optional and fenced-off part of human life. For many people, noted Ms Siddiqui, “belief in God is part of their culture, so they cannot think of their culture without belief in God.” Lord Williams likewise observed that for much of human history, religion had been as integral to society as cooking or making music. People living with that mindset simply could not imagine a community without a sense of the sacred....

A career bureaucrat, a politician and a chronicler of Muslim times are some of the ways in which one can describe Syed Shahabuddin. A risk taker, he resigned from his job in the Indian Foreign Service to become a full time politician, something which was a rarity those days, especially for someone who was a Muslim. A man with middle class moorings, it must have required great courage and conviction to leave his job and try to dabble in politics....

Remembering the First Lady of Islam
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

 The portrayal of Muslim women that we glimpse in the media is grim and sombre. The public perception of them is one of stubborn stereotypes: supposedly powerless and oppressed, behind walls and veils, demure, voiceless and silent figures, discriminated and bereft of even basic rights.  Yet this is far from true. Contrary to general belief, Muslim women have held the flag of enlightenment all through the historical ages. The early Muslim community recognized and honoured a wide spectrum of female roles and responsibilities. A mother was considered the first school for her children. In Islam, a woman is seen as an individual in her own right, an independent entity, and not as a shadow or adjunct to her husband or any other man. Muslim women are fully entitled to education, work, business ownership, and inheritance. ...

Ujjain Train Blast Marks First IS Attack in India; 10 Injured

Trump’s Travel Ban Not against Muslims: US Officials

Alienated Muslims in Europe Establish Their Own Parties

ISIL Orders Rapid Withdrawal of Forces from Iraq's Mosul to Syria's Raqqa

Southeast Asia

Zakir Naik Breaches Penal Code, Interfaith Body Says


Islamic State Flag, Railways Map among Items Recovered from Terror Suspect’s Residence

North America

Free Clinics Run By Muslims in US Gaining Popularity


Turkey FM Addresses Supporters from Balcony after Germany Cancels Rally

Arab World

Top Military, Religious Leaders Defecting Al-Nusra-Led Tahrir Al-Sham Hay'at Coalition


Two Soldiers, 5 Terrorists Killed In Swabi Clash

South Asia

At Least 2 Dead As Blast, Gunfire Target Military Hospital in Kabul


Turkish PM Says Allies' Choice of Syrian Kurdish YPG as Partner Unfortunate


Libya’s Eastern Parliament Quits UN Peace Deal with Tripoli

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Nike Unveils Hijab for Muslim Athletes

Islam Guarantees Women Rights: Pak Minister

‘Parties Never Resisted Clerics Opposing Pro-Women Laws’

Malaysia Has Least Women in Senior Business Roles in ASEAN

UN, British HC Vow to Support Pak Women Journalists

Celebrating Disability: Pakistan’s Inspiring Disabled Women

On Women’s Day, Malaysian Sports and Youth Minister Dreams of a Female PM By 2050

Feminism in Indonesia under Siege By Muslim Conservatives

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पैगम्बरे इस्लाम सल्लल्लाहो अलैहि वसल्लम के द्वारा सिखाए गए महत्वपूर्ण पाठ में से एक यह है कि हमें दूसरों के बीच फूलों की तरह रहना चाहिए कांटों की तरह नहीं। यहूदी और मुसलमान मदीना में एक साथ शांति से रहते थे। पैगम्बरे इस्लाम सल्लल्लाहो अलैहि वसल्लम ने स्वतंत्र रूप से उन्हें अपने धर्म का पालन करने की अनुमति दे रखी थी। इसके अलावा पैगम्बर मोहम्मद सल्लल्लाहो अलैहि वसल्लम ने अपने अनुयायियों को बताया कि अगर किसी ने किसी भी तरह किसी गैर मुस्लिम [जिम्मी] की हत्या या उनके साथ बुरा व्यवहार किया तो वह जन्नत की खुशबू नहीं सूंघ सकेगा और नबी सल्लाल्ल्हू अलैहि वसल्लम क़यामत के दिन खुद उस जिम्मी (गैर मुस्लिम) का पक्ष लेंगे। [10] हुजुर मुहम्मद सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम ने हमेशा ईसाइयों, यहूदियों और मुशरिकों के साथ शांति की इच्छा व्यक्त की,


محمد بن مہاجر نے ابن میمون سے، انہوں نے صفوان بن عمرو سے روایت کی کہ حضرت ابو ہریرہ رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ فرماتے ہیں کہ چوتھا فتنہ سخت تاریک ہوگا، اس کے ظالم و جابر علم برداروں کی جماعت سمندر کی طرح ٹھاٹھیں مارتی ہوئی اٹھے گی یہاں تک عرب و عجم کا کوئی گھر ایسا نہ بچے گا جسے وہ ذلت اور خوف سے نہ بھر دیں۔ وہ شام اور عراق میں اپنے مظالم کا مظاہرہ کریں گے اور جزیرہ کو اپنے قدموں سے روند ڈالیں گے، وہ پوری امت کو کھال کی طرح نچوڑ کر رکھ دیں گے، وہ لوگوں پر سختی کی انتہاء کر دیں گے یہاں تک کہ لوگ ان کے شر سے اچھائیوں کو چھوڑ دیں گے اور برائیوں کی تعریف کریں گے، کسی کے اندر انہیں روکنے کی استطاعت نہیں ہوگی، جب انہیں ایک سمت سے روکا جائے گا تو وہ دوسری سمت سے یلغار کریں گے، یہ فتنوں کا وہ دور ہوگا کہ جب لوگ صبح کو مؤمن اور شام کو کافر ہوں گے اور ان کے شر سے کوئی نجات نہیں پا ئے گا سوائے اس کے جو سمندر میں ڈوبنے والے شخص کی طرح دعا کرے۔


The ban is about xenophobia and Islamophobia. The new ban will have the same effect on our community as the initial one did, and ADC will continue to provide pro bono legal assistance to those impacted. Further, we will make ourselves readily available to come out to your city and provide sessions about the ban and its impact.....


In contrast to high-income countries, marriage decisions in Bangladesh take place in conditions of extreme poverty and illiteracy. So legal provisions for marriage under the age of 18 risks the possibility of increasing child marriage....


“Palestinian women have always stood side by side with their fathers, brothers, husbands, comrades to resist the Zionist occupation, to fight for freedom and legitimate rights. They are the first to go to the streets to protest the brutality of the Israeli military occupation, the first to organize sit-ins and marches demanding the release of their children, brothers and fathers from Israeli prisons. They are the protectors, the supporters, but most of all they are the comrades in the fight for a free Palestine.”....


The boys are Yazidis from northern Iraq. In 2014, the world watched in horror as tens of thousands of their people were trapped on Mount Sinjar in the searing heat without food or water. At the same time, the teenagers Lovant and Sabbah were being rounded up in their village by IS fighters. Most of the adult males were taken away and murdered, while the boys were moved with their mothers to a nearby city in northern Iraq, before being separated from their families altogether.....

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