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The first one is the rejection of the diversity of opinions. This diversity is often a result of the application of scholars’ independent legal judgement (Ijtihad) to religious textual evidence that is non-definitive in its meaning. This leads to two things: an increased inability for the representatives of religion to embrace changes in the world from one perspective, and an expansion of the spheres of war in the Muslim world from another. The second reason is the association of “non-belief” with killing and deviancy. Such tendency fails to recognise the Sharia’s legal distinction between a combatant disbeliever and a civilian disbeliever....

While the world watched and waited with bated breath for the outcome of the substantial global effort – involving over 100 cave divers from various countries, 1,000 members of the Thai Army and 10,000 others in various roles – to rescue a team of 12 young football players and their coach, who were trapped inside a flooded cave in Thailand for 17 days, 850,000 children were killed by human adults in other parts of the world, many of them simply starved to death in Yemen or other parts of Africa, Asia and Central/South America.

Am I pleased that the 12 children and their coach in Thailand were rescued? Of course I am. I just wish that an equivalent effort was being made to rescue each of the 50,000 children we will kill today, tomorrow, the next day and the day after that….


“The council will act against extremists who have defamed Islam”. For this purpose, the council would also train muftis, mentor their skills and promote related studies in coordination with the country’s General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments.  Ibn Bayyah said that we should immediately take step against extremists by using preventive measures to curb hatred and violence. ...

Woman Divorced, Forced To Leave Home over Burnt Chapatti

Malaysian-Born Miss Universe Hopeful Paves the Way for Malay Muslim Women in Hijab

Nigeria: ‎Hijab Controversy - Amasa Firdaus, Others Called to Bar

Court Denies Muslim Woman Maintenance under Hindu Law

Saudi Arabia Deports Man for Wearing Shorts In Front Of Saudi Women

Muslim Women’s Rights Are Also Women’s Rights

Fatima Nasser Accused of Spying For Bettering Role of Libyan Woman

Serial Groper in Court for Attacking Women in Dubai

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


'Govt Powerless To Nullify Child Marriage As It Is Valid Under Islamic Laws'

Muslim Scholars Call For End to ‘Evil’ Afghan Fighting

DU Proposes To Introduce Islam and International Relations Paper in MA



Several Pakistani Clerics Turn Down Saudi Invitation to Conference on Afghan Peace, Stability

Southeast Asia

Dozens of Govt Mosques in Jakarta Promote Radicalism

Arab World

Rebels Kill 27 Regime Fighters in Northwest Syria


Indian Intelligence Infiltrated Islamic State Ring to Track, Arrest Afghan Suicide Bomber Sent To Hit Delhi


Nigeria Frees 183 Children, Clears Ties to Boko Haram

Troops Kill 15 Boko Haram Terrorists In Borno


Israeli President Slams Bill That Could Lead To Jewish-Only Communities

Hamas Rejects So-Called Trump's Deal Of The Century

South Asia

'Russia, Iran, China, Pakistan Intelligence Chiefs Discuss Daesh Threat in Afghanistan'

North America

After Discouraging Year, US Officials Expect Review of Afghan Strategy

US Ambassador Urges Germany to Block Iran Cash Withdrawal


Christian, Muslim and Jewish Groups Join Together For '21 for 21' Interfaith Collaboration

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شیخ ابن بیہ جو (فورم فار پرموٹنگ پیس ان مسلم سوسائٹی) کے چیئرمین بھی ہیں ، انہوں نے کہا کہ کونسل "معاشرے ، شہریوں اور پوری دنیا کے تحفظ کو خطرے میں ڈالنے والے بدعنوان فتوں اور تخریبی اثر و رسوخ سے ملک کی حفاظت کرنے کی ہر ممکن کوشش کریگی"۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ "کونسل کا کردار علماء کے لئے اس مبارک ملک میں ایک اہم قدم ہوگا"۔


इस्लाम ने मुसलामानों को अपनी रोजाना की ज़िंदगी के सभी मामलों में मुसलामानों को एतेदाल पसंदी यानी मॉडरेशन की तालीम दि हैl उन्हें शैतान को खुश करने वाली किसी भी किस्म की इन्तेहा पसंदी से बचना चाहिए जो उन्हें सीधी राह से भटका देता हैl एतेदाल पसंदी और तवाजुन की तालीम के साथ मुसलमान इन्तेहा पसंदी की बढ़ती हुई लहरों का मुकाबला कर सकते हैं जिनसे मुसलामानों और गैर मुस्लिमों दोनों को खतरा हैl


The national atmosphere has been poisoned by an anti-immigrant, xenophobic and Islamophobic political and hostile public discourses that will take time, resources and organizing to undo. The examples of earlier communities that faced similar circumstances should be studied and a national and international effort should be undertaken to change the landscape in the country....


“From here, from the heart of free and liberated Mosul, by the sacrifices of the Iraqis from all the governorates, we announce the awaited victory to all of Iraq, and the Iraqis,” Abadi said, as plumes of acrid black smoke and the smell of death arose from the smouldering ruins of Mosul into the skies above him....


Nevertheless, there is confusion among pundits in naming the power holders of the new regime. Some still have the opinion that, despite revolutionary political changes led by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Turkish state is still dominated by the traditional actors usually dubbed the “deep state”...


While the country’s other three provinces — Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, earlier known as the North-West Frontier Province — have a history of defying central authority and of standing up to the military, Punjab has seldom betrayed such tendencies. This is possibly because it is heavily represented in the military. Mr. Sharif is the first popular leader from Punjab to defy the military....


In the morning, Bishr asked God for forgiveness and swore to lead a life of piety and devoted to God. He resolved to become an ascetic. At the moment of making sincere repentance and turn towards God alone, Bishr was barefoot and never put on shoes again. Some say, this was to remind him of that great moment in his life that his heart opened to the knowledge of God. ....

So intense was the Nazi preoccupation with killing Jews that towards the end of World War II, when German rail capacity was limited and Hitler had to choose between using trains to transport troops to fight to save his Third Reich or using trains to transport Jews to the death camps, Hitler chose to kill Jews...


A final thing you should know about Muslims who do get radicalised (literally no more than 0.01 percent of us) – they tend to know little or nothing about the faith (as above) and would just as easily leave the faith (also as above). These are highly unstable individuals who are very easily manipulated and find some emotional crutch for being the ‘toughest kid on the block’. I have had the unpleasant experience of debating some of this lot....


Don’t ask others why God is doing this to you. Take the courage to fully focus, and ask Him – and take the time and words you need for emotional honesty. This will help open up your heart for incoming guidance. Your concerns and heartaches will be taken with love and understanding. Remember though, that often times the way out requires sincere courage. At that point, strengthen yourself with a compassionate reminder of His Blessings. Look around you and within you. His countless favours are not to shame your vulnerability, but to remind you that He can give abundantly. Be assured, that when He has given so much, He can surely give you more....


Saudi Arabia Scholar’s Moot Declarers Taliban War in Afghanistan ‘Haram’

Muslim Personal Law Board Member Says Bitcoins Are against Islamic Law

Sri Lankan Islamic Centre Condemns Ban on Female Circumcision as ‘Affront’

Muslim Group Wants Gov’t to Act Against ‘Religious Provocations’

Jerusalem Mufti: Muslim Who Sells Land to Jews ‘Traitor to Islam’



Thousands of Pakistanis Attend Funeral of Anti-Taliban Politician

Arab World

Saudi Bid to Protect Pre-Islamic Sites Upends Religious Dictates


Viral Test Busts Posts about Muslim Board "Demanding" Another Partition

South Asia

Taliban Reacts in Panic As Religious Scholars End 2-Day Conference on Afghanistan

Southeast Asia

Indonesia’s Atheists Fear Jail and Persecution in an Officially Multi-Religious Nation


Turkish Forces ‘Neutralize’ 18 PKK Terrorists in Turkey, Hit Their Bases in Iraq


UK Commission to Probe Output Of ‘Intellectual’ Extremists

Bosnian Muslims to Bury 35 Srebrenica Massacre Victims


Boko Haram: Court Jails Sect Leaders, 110 Members

North America

Congress Weighs Terror Label for Muslim Brotherhood

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Woman Unleashes Anti-Muslim Tirade on NYC Bus

Women Vow To Defy Men Who Banned Their Vote In Pakistan Village

Women Heads Of Household In Iran, 16% Are Under 20

Kashmiri Sikh Girl Alleges Forcible Conversion to Islam

Supreme Court to Begin Nikah Halala and Polygamy Hearing From July 20

Paulo Coelho Thanks Malala As She Advocates For Education

Noon Celebrates 1st Arab Female Football Expert

84 Percent of Saudi Jobseekers Are Women: Gastat Survey

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इनमें सैयद अहमद खान के विचारों पर कोई आलोचनात्मक वार्तालाप करने का प्रयास नहीं किया जाता हैl हमारे समाज में कोई भी इस बात पर गौर नहीं करता कि क्यों दो सौ साल बाद भी हम उन्हीं समस्याओं में उलझे हुए हैं जिनका सामना सैयद अहमद को उनके जीवन में थाl इस्लाम और आधुनिकता के साथ संबंध, शिक्षिक पिछड़ापन और मुस्लिम समाज के अन्दर रूढ़ीवाद के प्रभाव यह वह समस्याएँ हैं जिनका सामना हमें आज भी हैl


Thus, the relationship between mind and Prana is that of a rider and vehicle.  Such was the notion entertained by the infinite consciousness right in the beginning; and therefore this relationship prevails even today. One who is not enlightened is unable to transcend it.  The ignorant person continues to entertain unshakeable notions concerning time, space, matter, mind, Prana and body....


In the potpourri of jihadist groups, many pledge their loyalties to al-Qaeda or IS. They include al-Shabab in Somalia, Boko Haram and its factions in Nigeria, and Jama’a Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin in Mali. In each country, conflict may be fuelled largely by local grievances. But the insurgents share some ideological traits....


“Normal people can’t observe and think like we do and put it to pen. There has to be something twisted somewhere in our minds to produce the kinds of things we have with our pens. We do see the same things as others, but the window in a writer’s mind is different. Manto was like that too,”...


This paper examines the influence of Islamic State (ISIS) in India, chronicling its rise beginning in the early 2000s to its supposed demise in 2017. It seeks to understand the effects of ISIS’ ideology and brand via India’s neighbouring countries and the people who joined the group (or came close to doing so). The author studied more than 80 cases to cull trends unique to the landscape of terrorism in India, and ponder the peculiar societal and cultural factors that fuel the process of an individual gravitating towards the so-called “caliphate”....


Al Shabaab’s plastic bag policy is designed to create the impression of a functioning local governing force and appeal to potential members from Somali slums and Kenyan refugee camps, which are blighted with plastic and other litter – but al Qaeda as a whole has been vocal on environmental issues in the past....


عالمِ توحید کے تمام منازل متقیوں کا مقدر ہیں۔ جنت کے تمام مقامات و محلات ،اس کی تمام نعمتیں متقیین کے لئے ہی آراستہ کی گئی ہیں۔ اور تقویٰ کے بغیر راہ سلوک و معرفت میں کوئی چارہ کار نہیں۔ نفس کی کدورتوں اور دل پر لگے معصیتوں کے دھبے ہم سے تقویٰ کا پانی مانگتے ہیں۔ قرآن میں اللہ نے فرمایا کہ ہم تمام لوگوں کو جہنم کے اوپر سے گزاریں گے لیکن آخرت کی دنیا میں جس کے پاس تقویٰ کا لباس ہو گا وہ جہنم کے ساتوں طبقات سے ایسے گزر جائے گا جیسے مچھلی پانی میں تیرتی ہے۔


For too long, Muslims have been imprisoned by the idea that their Present is simply the West’s Past, and that their Future can only lead to the West’s Present. To actually fulfil Tahtawi’s real vision, we must tap into the deep, rich bodies of knowledge produced by Muslims over the centuries, and unchain ourselves from Western hegemonising categories of understanding. This is how we can produce a fresh and liberating engagement with Western traditions of knowledge....

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