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The TAK emerged in 2005 when the PKK had withdrawn from Turkey and was licking its wounds in sanctuaries in Northern Iraq, while its leader Öcalan was calling for a political solution to the Kurdish conflict. The TAK took advantage of the PKK’s troubles, offering an alternative, more violent platform to the most radicalised fringe of the Kurdish youth. Between 2005 and 2011 the TAK was actively involved in attacks against Turkish civilians and security forces, with a significant preference for the non-Kurdish West of the country....


When the Canadian government presents itself as opposing Islamophobia, it is being wilfully duplicitous, since Canada supports and nurtures the Saudi Arabian-style “Wahhabism” and sectarianism in Syria and beyond.  And it is this toxic ideology that creates fertile ground for Islamophobia, not the genuine Islam as taught and practiced in Syria....


It is a tryst with the home-grown extremist organisations. The occasional attempts to selectively address the mushrooming terror nurseries are as cosmetic as they are inadequate. Pakistan must first learn to celebrate its own true history, vivid diversity and rich culture and not suffer from any inferiority complex, as that aids the facilitation of alien sensibilities and their brutal implications....

The glory of the Sufi past is something to be proud of. But it would not help much in dealing with nihilistic ideologies that drive terrorist groups like IS. Sufis were practitioners of love, who won over people with their selfless service to humanity, aversion to materialism and distance from the corrupting influence of power. They were exceptional scholars of Islam too....


The strongest extremist movement in the Islamic history was laid down in the Wahhabism-Salafism propounded by the Saudi scholar of the Najdi tribe, Ibn Abdul Wahhab. Based on the puritanical Islamism, it emerged in the 18th century Saudi Arabia and turned into the global jihadist movement inspiring the earlier extremists of the Ikhwan al-Najdiyyun and the present-day jihadists of the ISIS and the ilk….

Brave Worshippers Thwart Public Beheading In Mosque As Kidnapper Takes Man Hostage

Daesh and Taliban Are Not Opposed To Each Other, Says Hanif Atmar, Afghan NSA

A Terrorist Is a Terrorist Whether Bearded or Not: Maulana Fazlur Rehman

US Inviting More Than 60 Countries for Strategy Session on Countering Islamic State


Muslim's Trial for 'Glorifying Terrorism' Moved Because It Falls During Ramadan


French Mayor Faces €1,800 Fine for Inciting Hate against Muslim Students

South Asia

Pakistani And Iranian Militants among 64 Killed In Clearance Operations: Afghanistan MoD


Pakistan Threatens To Block Social Media over 'Blasphemy'

North America

The First State Lawsuit against Trump’s New Muslim Ban Just Dropped


Lucknow Encounter: ATS Performed Admirably, Let's Not Overplay Terrorist's Islamic State Connection

Bhopal-Ujjain Passenger Train Explosion: Arms, Passports Found In House, 7th Arrest Made

Arab World

Suspected Coalition Raids Kill 23 Civilians in North Syria

Twin Suicide Bombing Kills 26 at a Wedding North of Baghdad


Ritualists storm Islamic school, slaughter three students in Niger State

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Taliban Stones Woman to Death, Whips Man over Adultery in Badakhshan

Here’s How This Woman Is Helping to Reclaim the Way Muslims Are Presented in the Press

Lindsay Lohan's Instagram Post for International Women's Day Sparks Islam Conversion Rumours

‘Day without a Woman’ Celebrates Female Power

I’d Love A Hijab That Matches My Trainers’: What Muslim Athletes Think Of Nike’s New Sportswear

'Vote for Woman': How Africa Got Its First Female President

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भारत वर्ष 2050 तक दुनिया में सबसे ज्यादा मुस्लिम आबादी वाला देश हो जाएगा और इस मामले में वह सबसे बड़ी मुस्लिम आबादी वाले देश इंडोनेशिया को पीछे छोड़ देगा जबकि उस समय तक दुनिया की तीसरी सबसे बड़ी आबादी हिंदुओं की हो जाएगी। प्यू रिसर्च सेंटर द्वारा गुरुवार को जारी धर्म से संबंधित अनुमानों के आंकड़ों के अनुसार दुनिया की कुल आबादी की तुलना में मुसलमानों की आबादी तेजी से बढ़ने का अनुमान है और हिंदू और ईसाई आबादी वैश्विक जनसंख्या वृद्धि की गति के अनुसार रहेगी।


The protocol entrusted six essential tasks to the force, namely: intervene militarily to counter terrorist threats; participate in peacekeeping and security operations in the member states; help Arab countries restore, construct and equip their military and security capabilities; participate in securing relief and humanitarian aid operations in conflict zones; protect civilians against emergencies resulting from these conflicts or natural disasters; and protect maritime, land and air transport roads and fight piracy....

Caliphate at Bay
The Economist

The Shia militias have been kept out of the city to avoid sectarian killings, as have the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. There is no curfew; policemen guard many street corners, and the IS “sleeper cells” that some warn of seem to be soundly asleep, if indeed they exist. ...


Next time people tell me I am brave to go to Lahore, I will feel sorry for their timid banality. My session on elegy poetry became, for me, a metaphor for the times we live in. But what has continued to stay with me is the short poem by Zehra Apa, Suna Hai Jungalon Ka Bhi Koi Dastoor Hota Hai, about the law of the jungle where small and big animals co-exist and get together to defend her if the earth is at risk. It ends with invoking Allah to give humans Jungalon Ka Dastoor....


Basant marked the arrival of spring, and filled up Lahore’s skies with countless kites of varying colours and sizes. Yet, Basant has always been more than just kite flying. It served as a social gathering where all classes participated in the celebration. It involved music, food that Lahoris are known for and frequent cries of “Bo Kata”. My generation has been deprived of this history....


The main mosque of the town was destroyed except for the battle-scarred minaret, still standing and in possession of its crescent moon. Part of the pale green of the mosque’s dome lay amid the grey rubble, loudspeakers still attached. “Isis do this – destroy mosques and try to pretend it was us,” Mohammed said. Nearby, each grave in a cemetery had been systematically destroyed for being too high, the same reason Jihadi fighters in west Africa had used to justify the destruction of the ancient tombs of Timbuktu....


He wrote how Allah’s attributes must be known by tasting the experience, and not just the word. So to know mercy we must be merciful, to know God’s justice we must be just. Just like if you tell someone what it is like to swim they will never truly know swimming until they have swam. Similarly, we will never know God until we have experienced what it is to be merciful, just and compassionate.....


 Our greatest or most beautiful buildings are mosques/temples/cathedral or tombs and all are modelled on the other world or seek to evoke that. Taj Mahal’s design is copied from Quranic description and Ibn Arabi’s diagrams of heaven. Our houses, the sciences of Vastu and its counterpart in Islamic tradition inform us, should be consecrated to God and be places where Heaven is felt. Heaven is a space to be cultivated – “Ad-Dunya Mazra’atul Aakhira” – and unfortunately few succeed in the job. Every small act of gratitude and love and attention to beauty is nurturing this space....


The goal of you all is to Allah; it is He that will show you the truth of the matters in which ye dispute.” The Quran exhorts the fact that God has given freedom to individuals in choosing their faith. Verse 149 of al-An’am says: “Say: “With Allah is the argument that reaches home: if it had been His will, He could indeed have guided you all.”....


Festivals and traditions, like the Dhamal at Sufi shrines, bind us together as a nation. Basant unites people across class, gender, language and social backgrounds. It is also very important from the province’s economic point of view. For these very reasons, we should be making every possible effort to save this custom. Basant had entered the list of global festivities at the time when it was removed from our lives. We must reclaim what has been lost....

ISIS in India?
Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

The media overreach which happened in this case actually helps no one. Going ballistic over the ‘ISIS in India’ and coming to conclusions even before the investigating agencies have started looking into the profile of alleged terrorists only helps stoke negative fears about a section of Indian population. More so when the same media houses have maintained a studied silence on the alleged links of some members of Madhya Pradesh unit of BJP with the ISI or the recent conviction of some members of the RSS in Ajmer blast case. This hypocrisy only lends credence to the perception that the media is biased and has an agenda which makes the Muslim community nervous.....

Bill to Name 'Untrustworthy Ally' Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Introduced In US Congress

Swiss Parliament Rejects Bill Proposing Country-Wide Burqa Ban

Arab World

Intense Raids Target Areas in the Stronghold of the “Islamic State” Organization In Syria

North America

US-Led 'Global Coalition against Daesh' Won't Get Very Far Without Russia's Help


British Govt Admits To Secret Syria War Fund but Refuses to Identify ‘Non-Extremist’ Fighters

South Asia

64 Killed in Afghan Army Security Operations, Foreign Militants among Dead


No Lasting Actions Taken By Pakistani Military against Haqqani Network: Gen. Votel


Islamic Scholars Back Family's Decision to Refuse Terror Suspect's Body

Southeast Asia

Xinjiang Separatists Are China's 'Most Prominent' Challenge: Official


Nigerian Muslims: We love Imam Khamenei, we fight to death for Iran

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ISIS Female Member Paid To Lash ‘Immodest Women’

Palestinian Woman Lawmaker Arrested By Israel

Mother of Six Allegedly Killed For 'Honour' In Pakistan

Crimes against Women on the Rise in Pakistan Capital

Senator Hanson Challenged By Muslim Women over Her Views on Islam in Perth

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Blasphemy laws continue to be on the statute books, for instance, in Pakistan. Salman Taseer, the liberal Governor of Punjab was murdered merely because he showed compassion for a Christian lady wrongly accused of blasphemy and asked for the repeal of the blasphemy law. On the basis of this law, religious minorities can be arbitrarily accused of blasphemy and killed, either by a lynch mob or by the judiciary. No evidence is required, as that would allegedly amount to accusers being asked to blaspheme the Prophet again. Similarly, attacks on minority Hindu, Christian, Shias and Ahmadis continue under different legislations. Pakistani laws prohibit the Ahmadis from identifying themselves as Muslims.

It’s time the Council found some way to see that the countries that agree to its covenants also practice it.

Such anti-minority legislations not only violate the UN Resolution, but also Islam’s primary scripture. The Holy Quran does not prescribe any punishment for blasphemy. Nor does it permit any one to declare others kafir. It clearly says: La Ikraha fid Deen, (There can be no compulsion in religion). (Chapter 2: verse 256).

If not the UN Charter, Muslim countries should at least follow their own primary scripture, the Holy Quran.....

دنیا میں دعوت دین کی بے لوث خدمات انجام دینے اور بندگان خدا تک اس کا پیغام پہنچانے میں سرگرم تبلیغی جماعت میں گروہی اختلاف کا اثر ممبئی میں نظر آیا۔ ملاڈ علاقہ کی کوکنی پاڑہ کی نورانی مسجد میں 5مارچ کو تبلیغی جماعت کے دو گروپوں میں آپسی تکرار اور گرما گرمی لاٹھی ڈنڈوں کے آزادانہ استعمال تک پہنچ گئی ، اللہ کے دین کی دعوت دینے والوں کے کپڑے اور داڑھیاں خون سے بھیگ گئیں۔ اسپتال میں داخل کئے گئے پولیس نے حراست میں لیا اب پولیس وین کے ساتھ پولیس اہلکاروں کو مسجد کے باہر تعینات کیا گیا ہے۔ بتایا جاتا ہے کہ افریقہ سے آئی ایک جماعت کے قیام پر دونوں گروپوں میں جھگڑا ہوگیا تھا۔


عہد حاضر میں خارجی نظریات کی نمائندگی اور اپنے قول و عمل کے ذریعہ ان کی تکمیل کرنے والی فتنہ پرور جماعتوں اور گروہوں کے سد باب کو اسلام نے اتنی اہمیت دی کہ صحاح ستہ کی تدوین و ترتیب سے بھی قبل دورِ اوائل کے ائمہ و محدثین نے اس باب میں وارد ہونے والی تمام احادیث اور اثار و سنن کو کامل اہتمام کے ساتھ جمع کیا اور کتابوں کی شکل میں انہیں امت کے سامنے پیش کیا تا کہ مسلم ائمہ اور علماء امت کو ان فتنوں سے آگاہ رکھیں تاکہ جب ان فتنوں کو ظہور ہو توامت مسلمہ حق و باطل میں امتیاز کر سکے۔ لیکن یہ امت مسلمہ کے لیے کسی دردناک سانحہ سے کم نہیں ہے کہ یہ پیش قیمتی اسلامی تعلیمات طاق نسیاں کی زینت بن چکی ہیں۔


शैख इब्ने अल-अरबी का मानना ​​था कि सभी मनुष्यों के साथ सम्मान और दया का प्रदर्शन किया जाए और उनके साथ नेक नीयती के साथ मामले अंजाम दिए जाएं। उनका कहना है कि, "सभी मनुष्यों के साथ समान व्यवहार करो चाहे वह राजा हो या भिखारी, छोटा हो या बड़ा, यह जान लो कि सभी मानव जाति एक शरीर की तरह है और लोग इसके सदस्य हैं। एक शरीर अपने जुज़ईयात के बिना पूरा नहीं। विद्वानों का अधिकार सम्मान है और जाहिलों का अधिकार सही सलाह है, लापरवाह व्यक्ति का अधिकार है कि उसे जागरूक किया जाए और बच्चों का अधिकार है कि उनके साथ सहानुभूति और प्यार का मामला हो। अपने परिवार और दोस्तों के साथ अपने कर्मचारियों के साथ, अपने पालतू जानवरों के साथ और अपने बगीचे के पेड़ पौधों के साथ अच्छा व्यवहार करो। उन्हें खुदा ने तुम्हारी अमानत में रखा है और तुम अल्लाह पाक की अमान में हो। हमेशा हर इंसान के प्रति प्यार, उदारता, सहानुभूति, अनुग्रह और सुरक्षा का प्रदर्शन करो। "


What's Holding Arab Women Back From Achieving Equality?

By Lina Abirafeh

Two Islams in the World

By Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

Muting Prayers Is Muting the Palestinian Struggle

By Mariam Barghouti

Wikileaks' CIA Document Dump Will Cause A Ripple Effect

By Sana Saleem

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