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एक अति कट्टरपंथी इस्लाम पसंद ओरिया मकबूल जान जो प्रसिद्ध उर्दू दैनिक जंग में नियमित स्तंभकार हैं, भारत की ओर से इस सर्जिकल एस्ट्राइक को उस जंग अर्थात गज्वतुल हिन्द का आरम्भ मानते हैं जिसकी पेशनगोई पैगम्बर ए इस्लाम सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम ने अपने एक सहाबी हज़रत अबू हुरैरा रज़ीअल्लाहु अन्हु को फरमाई थीl २६ फरवरी को एक पाकिस्तानी टीवी चैनल न्यू टीवी नेटवर्क पर अपने एक इंटरव्यू में मकबूल जान ने कहा कि उस सभी हदीसों की पेशनगोइयां (जिसकी पहले से खबर दी गई हो) अब सच सिद्ध हो चुकी हैं!........


Then the voting on the anti-bigotry resolution started. Every Democrat present backed the resolution, but 23 Republicans voted against it. It was a reminder that while Democrats sometimes fail to live up to the ideals of multiethnic democracy, Republicans don’t seem to recognize those ideas at all. Omar needs to do better, but right now there’s still only one political party in America that is a safe place for hate....


Pakistan hopes its rejuvenated anti-militant campaign will strengthen its diplomatic and moral position in the ongoing standoff with India. This will help the country fulfil its commitments to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). And, sustained over a longer period of time, it will certainly improve internal and border security, as well as relations with its neighbours....


The oppressed-terrorist-bride complex is rampant within our societal infrastructures – and it’s still deeply ingrained in the consciousness of the supposedly reasonable “man on the Clapham omnibus”....


If the only way a Muslim, a minority or a woman can get to the top is by taking a hardline stance against their own communities, then their presence is arguably more damaging than a government without any diversity at all....


She did well to counter the 'exclusivism' of Islamic extremists by referring to the Indian approach to religion that maintained that 'God is one though He was described by many names'. The base of indoctrination of Mujahideen lay in the fundamentalist line of Islamic radicals and extremists.....


The judges suggested an amicable resolution while telling the parties that they were seriously “giving a chance for mediation” in an attempt to “heal relationships”. This is a laudable sentiment. But how have past mediations fared? Have they succeeded in resolving disputes like this?...

Further complicating this identity crisis was the fact that during the period of French colonization, starting in 1912, the occupying French used Christianity as a means through which to drive a wedge between Arab and Amazigh populations...


Bangladesh Court to Decide On Freedom to Wear Burqas In Schools

Trial of Prominent Saudi Woman Activist, Loujain Al-Hathloul, To Start This Week

Erdogan Accuses Women’s March of Disrespecting Islam

In Muslim Malaysia, Uproar over LGBT Groups at Women's Day March

Like Mother, Like Daughters: Saudi Family Share A Passion For Music

Fox News Rebukes Its Star Host After She Questioned Ilhan Omar's Hijab

One-Third Of Govt Jobs Set Aside For Women: Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission

Here's How Afghan Women Are Trying To Empower Others in Society

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Yoursay: No Double Standards, Go After Zakir Naik Too

Diversity Is Part of Human Nature, Says Muslim World League Chief Al-Issa

Curbs Imposed On Religious Parties at the Behest of US, India: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F

Pakistan Hindu Council Has Passed A Unanimous Resolution Against Indian Aggression

Madrasas Spread Religious Education, Not Terrorism: US Entrepreneur, Frank Islam

Samjhauta Blast Case Verdict on March 14, Court Reserves Order: 10 Points

Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Lived Next To US Afghan Base: Biography

Israel ‘Not A State of All Its Citizens,’ Netanyahu Says

Kenya: Parents Sue over Ban on Islamic Prayers at School

UK Studying How to Get Children Of ISIS Followers Out Of Syria

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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यह वैश्विक आतंकवाद इस्लाम और मुसलमानों के विरुद्ध रची गई एक वैश्विक साज़िश है जिसका शिकार इस समय पूरी दुनिया हैl स्वयं को जिहादी मुसलमान कहने वाले सबके सब यहूद व नसारा और हिंसक मुशरेकीन की पैदावार हैं, जो इस्लाम का पवित्र चेहरा विकृत करके दुनिया वालों के सामने पेश कर रहे हैंl


گزشتہ ہفتہ 27و 28فروری علی گڑھ مسلم یونیورسٹی کے’ مرکزفروغ تعلیم وثقافت مسلمانان ہند‘ کے تحت ایک دوروزہ مشاورتی کانفرنس منعقد ہوئی جس کا عنوان تھا، ’دینی مدارس میں سائنس کی تعلیم‘۔


These apolitical Salafis are sometimes called “quietist Salafis”. This quietist Salafism is gaining momentum among middle class Muslims in Indonesia. Along with HTI, quietist Salafis has suffered the most from the latest campaign against intolerance....


The countries that have experienced war on a large scale have now grown into major exporters of war weapons. They call for peace among nations on the one hand, and promote cultures based on phobias and mistrust on the other....


I don’t like Aipac because I strongly believe in the right of the Jewish people to build a nation-state in their ancient homeland — a nation-state envisaged by its founders to reflect the best of Jewish and democratic values....

Islamophobia within the UK has been a pertinent issue for many years. However, in the last two years there has been a surge in anti-Muslim prejudice and not only within British society but also within the ruling Conservative party....


Indeed, China has been asking Pakistan to ensure that there should be no opposition to its project and that ‘peace’ is maintained. Islamabad has mastered the art of ensuring the 'peace' in the troubled region since 1948 with the help of draconian laws and brutal military might....


Kushner has two paramount concerns while sitting comfortably in the big pocket of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS): pursuing his own personal financial gains and helping Israel steal what is left of Palestine....

Prevention and Cure for Apostasy
Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

The other defining characteristics of the “moderates” are to be seen to be questioning the religion, Quran, Allah and the Prophet. They make a virtue of it. They define “literalism” as belief in the entire Quran and make a virtue of arguing for the excising of many verses from the Quran.  The western society is paranoid of Shariat and Jehad. These “moderates” therefore reject the verses of the Quran on these subjects to become acceptable.  Such people will surely sink deeper and deeper into denial until they reach a point of no return. There is neither hope nor cure for them and the word of Allah will come true....

Al-Haqbani Becomes First Saudi to Sit On Board of Arab Women Foundation

Two Saudi Women Flee On Sisters’ ID

Daesh Girl's Family Begs UK to Show Mercy by Restoring Her Citizenship

3 Saudi Women Become KSA’s First Tour Guides

US Mother Bethany Vierra Refutes Media Claims She Is Trapped In Saudi Arabia, Says Her Residency Issues Were Resolved Promptly

Lebanese Young Artist Boosts Arab Women Empowerment through Art

'We'll Keep Fighting': The Afghan Women Eyeing Paralympic Gold

Kashmiri Professor Appointed Oklahoma Status of Women Commissioner

Former ISIL Women 'Losing Hope' After Belgium Court Refused Their Bid to Return Home

One-Third of Govt Jobs Set Aside For Women: HRC

Shaikha Jawaher Announces Women’s Summit Dates

Poverty Drives More Iranian Women to Commit Suicide

Protests Continue In Iran and Women Actively Participate

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


India, US Call for Pakistan to Take ‘Concerted Action’ To Dismantle Terror Network

US Agents Faked Trail to Infiltrate As LeT Recruits

'US Govt. Sides With Saudi Arabia Over 9/11 Victims'

Anti-Extremist Policy Targeting UK Muslims Successfully Appealed

‘This Is About Equality’: Muslim Couple Produces Braille Quran in English

Taliban's Mullah Omar Lived Near US Base in Afghanistan for Years, Book Says

Do Away With Archaic Laws on ‘Insult to Religion’

Israeli Settlers Seal Mosque in Al-Quds amid Rise of Violence against Palestinians: Report

Paper Reveals US, France's Role in Unrests in Algeria

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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यह उस लेखन श्रृंखला की दोसरी कड़ी है जिसमें कुरआन में मानवीय मूल्यों और अच्छे आचरण का उल्लेख किया गया हैl..........


What could be the logic behind this desire to convert those schools to imam hatip schools? The only logic here is a desire to conservatise the area. There is no need for an imam hatip school, and they are acting on the basis of political motivations rather than educational needs.”...

It is not a group but an idea. A shape-shifting movement of individuals, groups and governments is continuously forming, disbanding and reforming around that idea. The movement is now more widespread globally than ever....


رأس المفسرین حضرت عبد اللہ ابن عباس رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنھما سے مروی ہے کہ آپ نے آیہ کریمہ ‘من شر الوسواس الخناس(سورہ الناس:۴] کی تفسیر میں فرمایا کہ ‘خناس ایک قسم کا شیطان ہے جو بندے کے دل پر پنجہ مار کر بیٹھا ہوتا ہے، لہذا جب بندہ اللہ کا ذکر کرتا ہے تو وہ دبک جاتا ہےاور جب بندہ اللہ کے ذکر سے غافل ہوتا ہے تو وہ اس کے دل میں وسوسہ اندازی شروع کر دیتا ہے۔

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