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This makes it all the more tragic that many of the events that unite the three religions are eclipsed by divisive - or even downright racist - rhetoric pushed out by the Far Right. First amongst these events is Ashura...


Who are the Mushrikun mentioned in the Quran? What are their major characteristics? How does the Quran refute them? Do these Mushrikun differ from the Mushrikun living in the 21st century? Such are the questions to deal with which, we have gone through the Quran, its popular classical commentaries (Tafasir) and descriptions of scholars....

Four Arab Women and Their Quest to Scale Mount Everest

283% Increase in Number of Working Saudi Women

Despite Tensions, BCCI Hopeful Of Hosting Pakistan Women Cricket Team

Arab Woman Loses Dhs194,000 In Attempt To Marry Sales Executive

Iran Insists On Banning Women From Sports Events Despite Protests

Yazidi sex slave survivor to face one of her ISIS rapists in German court

As Peace Talks With the Taliban Collapse, Afghan Women Demand To Be Heard

Muslim Apprentice Nurse Chases Men on M25 Saying They Threw Eggs At Her And Called Her A ‘Terrorist‘

Meet the Women with Guns Who Fought Isil in Syria - And Are Now Battling Its Patriarchy

Pakistan Sikh Girl ‘Conversion’ Case: FIR against Muslim Man Quashed

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Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Backs Article 370 Abrogation: Kashmir’s Welfare Lies in Integration with India

Gun-Toting Cops in Masks Treated Us like Criminals, Say Shia Muslims

Al-Qaida Chief Calls for Muslims to Attack West in 9/11 Speech

Muslim World League, Evangelicals Discuss Ways to Promote Coexistence

Pakistan, 50 Countries Demand Action to End Kashmir Humanitarian Crisis

An Unsung Hero of the 9/11 Recovery: The Muslim Engineer Who Rebuilt The Pentagon Crash Site As A Chapel

Muslims in Britain Contributing Positively To British Economy, Says Report

Iran and Its Proxy Hezbollah Are Partners in The Syrian Regime's Many War Crimes

Nigeria Detained Children As Young As Five Over 'Boko Haram Links' – Report

In Trump’s Taliban Snub, a Shift of Fortune for Afghanistan’s President

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As terrorist groups increasingly deploy women’s participation to their strategic advantage, our government can no longer afford to ignore the ways in which women can strengthen our counterterrorism efforts....


These circumstances are worrying, particularly for the religious minorities that were targeted by ISIS. Such minorities include Iraqi Christians and Yazidis, with women and children being the most vulnerable to kidnappings, torture, rape and being sold as sex slaves....


While it is not yet indisputably established why 9/11 terror attacks were carried out by al Qaeda, it definitely had the imprint of religious bigotry based on fundamentalism...


SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks online activity of jihadist groups, reported that in a video released by the militant group, the 68-year-old al-Zawahiri also criticizes "backtrackers" from jihad, referring to former Jihadis who changed their views in prison and called the 9/11 attacks unacceptable because innocent civilians were harmed....


The audience, generally a mix of people from all religions, is appreciative. For most of them, the most fascinating aspect is listening to a Hindu myth in Urdu.“Mahabharata is undoubtedly a classic, but the portion which is selected and highlighted through poetry and narration are so morally accurate and humanising,”...


The Umayyad also dispatched Da’awah emissaries to remote parts of the world conducting Da’awah to the religion of Allah the Almighty. Their emissaries got as far as China who they referred to as the White-clothed....

What Is Ijtihad, Its Scope and Mujtahid?
Kaniz Fatma, New Age Islam

 Ijtihad is the ability for deducing laws in cases to which no express text or a rule already determined. Ijtihad does not take place in the Ahkam Sharia (Sharia rulings) whose evidence (Daleel) is decisive (qati’), but it occurs only in those rulings whose evidence is speculative (Zanni)....

Abuse of Female Political Prisons on Rise in Bahrain: Rights Groups

TV Needs To Stop ’Empowering’ Muslim Women By Removing Their Hijabs

Why Kuwaiti Women Are Increasingly Turning To Egg Freezing

French Court Finds Saudi Princess Complicit In Violence against Workman, Gives Jail Term

Women Workers Return Scarred From Saudi Arabia

Survey Finds Modest Gains in Support for Arab Women’s Rights

Saudi Women’s Economic Participation Up By 23.2% In Q2

UN experts: UAE forces sexually abuse inmates in Yemen

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Zakir Naik Spews Anti-India Hate, Compares Kashmir To Palestine

‘Your 9/11 Is Our 24/7,’ Say Afghans after 18 Years of War: Those Who Welcomed the Invasion Question US Intentions and Feel Disappointed

Constitution Does Not Specify Islam as Exclusively Sunni and Shafie, Human Rights Commission of Malaysia Says

A Forgotten Camp In Syria Could Be The Birthplace Of ISIS' Revenge Generation

Under PTI, A Better Law for Pakistan's Christians

Foreign Banks Risk Losing Dollar Access under Expanded U.S. Counter-Terror Powers

Sales Of Scotland’s Islamic Tartan Surge Amid Questions Of Religious, National Identity

Mali Jihadists Say Attack On Passenger Bus Was Targeting French Troops

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First, the US needs to recognise the Taliban for what it is: A deeply unpopular theocracy with brutal norms of behaviour (particularly against women and girls) that aren’t going to change anytime soon. Instead of using the Ronald Reagan line about the Soviet Union, “trust, but verify”, with the Taliban, Washington must “verify, then trust”....


Now, the displaced Rohingya languish in neighbouring Bangladesh, a seething humanitarian challenge, while Buddhist-majority Myanmar, also known as Burma, tries to cover up and forget the destruction of Rohingya villages and homes....


Afghanistan was bombed and invaded because of 9/11. I was there from the start, even before 9/11. On August 20, 2001, I interviewed commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, the “Lion of the Panjshir,” who told me about an “unholy alliance” of the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the ISI (Pakistani intel)....


മിതവാദികളായ മുസ്‌ലിംകളിൽ ഭൂരിപക്ഷം പേരും വഴിതെറ്റിയവരാണ്. ജനാധിപത്യത്തെയും സമാധാനത്തെയും ബഹുസ്വരതയെയും വിലമതിക്കുന്ന മുസ്‌ലിംകൾക്ക് ലോകകാര്യങ്ങളിൽ ഇനിയും എന്തെങ്കിലും പറയാൻ കഴിയുമോ?...


She was a pioneer, opening the first art college for women in Turkey, and encouraged artists for decades. And she was a cunning marketer who sometimes bent the truth about her artwork as a way to support herself when the going got rough....


A tendency towards revisionism and to make the past look good by not allowing facts to come in the way of a good story, is not unique to Muslims the temptation becomes the greater when a culture or community feels it is being “targeted”....

The modern scholars of Islam right from Muhammad Asad to Mohammad Iqbal and Murad Wilfred Hoffman believe that the Quran does not envisage any particular form of government and that it only gives an outline of the ideal Islamic government: it will be based on the Quranic principle of Amruhum Shura Baynahum and will be based on justice, equality and social and ethical values inculcated by the Quran and Sunnah....

Malay Shariah Courts Need Urgent Reforms to Protect Women

Iran to Arrest Actress for Supporting ‘Blue Girl’ Who Set Herself on Fire

Women at Malad Housing Society Insist On Unity in Diversity, Set an Example for Mumbai and the Rest of the Country

Iraq Sentences Islamic State’s Woman Chemical Weapons Expert

A Middle East Bikers’ Club Hits the Road for Women’s Empowerment

Toronto Raptors Launch Line Of Team-Branded Athletic Hijabs

Teen Egyptian Girl’s Case Puts Legal System under Spotlight

Iran in no hurry to allow women into stadiums after 'Blue Girl' death

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

It's For India, Pakistan to Find Lasting Solution to Kashmir: Boris Johnson

European Report: ISIS Wives Should be seen as Threats, Not As "Brides

Pakistani PM: India's Kashmir Crackdown Will Spur Global Muslim Extremism

After Decades of Afghan Conflict, Imran Khan Regrets Pakistan's Participating In America's 'War on Terror'

Photo of Ganesh and Muharram Processionists Shaking Hands In Silvassa Goes Viral

Ayodhya Hearing: ‘Babri Masjid Used For Prayers By Muslims Even After 1934 Riots’

Erdogan Adviser Criticizes Saudi Arabia for ‘Favoring Non-Muslims over Turkey’

Saudi Crown Prince Meets With Zionist Christian Delegation In Jeddah

Ethiopia Army Arrests Islamic State Members Recruiting, Arming Locals

Minister: Some Strings Attached To Constitutional Articles Of Religious Freedom

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Muslim Solidarity March In Support Of Ravidas Temple Today

Imran Khan Acknowledges Pakistan Could Lose In War with India

Imran Khan Says He Doesn't 'Know Much' About Uighur Muslims, Calls China 'Best Friend'

Taliban 'Seeking Support from Russia' To Force US to Leave Afghanistan

Trump Asked For His 'Favorite Dictator' While Awaiting For Egyptian President At G7

Unilateralism Key Contributor to Global Terrorism, Extremism: Iran Diplomat

In Swipe at DAP, Hadi Says Malay-Muslim Cooperation Superior To ‘Malaysian Malaysia’

Arab Coalition Investigating Terrorist Attacks Against Saudi Aramco Facilities

West African Leaders Agree Billion-Dollar Anti-Extremist Plan

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Egypt Teen on Trial for Killing Bus Driver Who Allegedly Raped Her Ignites Debate

Toronto Raptors Are Selling A Team-Branded Hijab For Muslim Women Athletes

Education Authorities In Pakistan To Girls: Wear ‘Abaya’ To Avoid Eve-Teasing And Harassment

Tamil Nadu: Parents Threatening To Kill Girl For Converting To Islam?

Domestic Violence in the Middle East

Afghan Women Weave War Into Their Rugs

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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