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کریم شاہ مشرقی بنگال میں جب آئے اس وقت یہاں انگریزوں نے قدم جمالئے تھے ۔ سراج الدولہ کی نوابی کا خاتمہ ہوچکاتھا اور کمپنی کو بنگال پر قبضہ حاصل ہوچکاتھا ۔ کمپنی نے ہندوستانی زمینداروں کو اجارہ داری دے دی تھی اور ان سے بڑی رقم خراج کے طور پر وصولتے تھے اور اس کے بدلے انہوں نے اجارہ داروں کو یہ اجازت دے دی تھی ۔


While all Muslims believe that they are on the pathway to God and hope to become close to God in Paradise after the “Final Judgment” – Sufis believe that it is possible to draw closer to God in this life itself. They aim to please God by working to restore within themselves the primordial state of Fitra...


“Rare today in the Pakistani cricket is the soundbite or even private utterance not bracketed by Bismillāh (in the name of Allah) or InshaAllah (God willing). The team prays together fastidiously, recites Ayats (Quranic verses) in its huddles....


This ruthless obsession with imposing its version of Islam on the entire globe is, in the view of its adherents, of such paramount importance that its achievement justifies the use of any means, however excessive....

The Prophet (Sall AllāHu ʿAlayhi Wa Sallam) said, “They are the prophets, then the next best, then the next best. A man is tried according to his Deen [religion].” It is apparent from the above Hadīth that the closer a person is in line with Islām; he can expect to be tested more than the average person, giving rise to greater reward. ....


The post Ramazan activities of most Muslims are a testimony of this fact. The mosques once again crave for the big congregations, but millions of gallons of water are saved in the process, as the seasonal Muslims wait for next Ramazan to attend mosques for the daily five prayers.  What are the reasons for the drastic decline and disdain towards ‘piety’ and ‘rituals’ once the Shawwal moon has been sighted?...


Saudi Arabia Hunting Down Fleeing Women by Tracking IMEI Number On Their Cellphones

‘Freedom Fields’ Documentary Puts Libyan Women Back On the World's Cinematic Stage

The Woman Fighting For the Arts amid Conflict in Yemen

Saudi Team Helps Child Soldiers Become ‘Peace-Builders’

“We Should Be Fearful”: Muslim Women on the Prospect of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

Iran Regime Increases Pressure on Women Defying Forced Hijab

Filipina Players Dominate at Women’s Bowling Championship in Jeddah

Women Continue To Be Persecuted In Iran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


UN Official Accused of Legitimising China’s Detention of Uighur Muslims by Visiting Xinjiang Province

Rohingya Refugee Crisis Must Be Resolved Forthwith To Avoid Emergence of another ISIS Battleground

Xi Offers Support For Better India-Pakistan Ties

Case of Allegations Against Maulana Kalbe Jawad Takes New Turn; Girl Reveals Shia Waqf Board Chairman‘s Role In The Conspiracy

Sikh Jatha Not Allowed To Go To Pakistan, New Delhi Denies Clearance to Special Train for Sikh Pilgrims

US, Argentina Hold Workshop on Countering Hezbollah Terror

Iraqi Shi'ite Groups Deepen Control in Strategic Sunni Areas

London Bomb Factory Is a Sign of Iran’s Widening Campaign of Terror

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Muslim Men Face Pressure to Ignore Their Mental Health Problems in Britain

Trump: London Needs a New Mayor, Khan Is a Disaster

US Sanctions on Turkey May Open Pandora's Box at NATO

Muslim Students Bag 80 Percent Of Government Scholarships Offered Under 20 Central Government Schemes In 2018-19

Sri Lanka to Set Up Religious Reconciliation Council to Dispel the Suspicions and Misconceptions among Religions

‘Maldives Should Not Try Balancing Ties with India and China’: Nasheed Former President

Pak Will Engage With India on 'Basis of Equality': Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Saudi Crown Prince Warns Against 'Exploiting' Khashoggi Murder

Rouhani: Iran To Continue Scaling Back Its Nuclear Deal Commitments

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Iranian Female Swimmer Elham Asghari Sets Record with No Government Support

Womankind’s Giant Leap: Who Will Be The First Female Moonwalker?

Organization of Islamic Cooperation to Hold Meeting on Women’s Empowerment

Glasgow Muslim Women's Project Tackles Belief in Black Magic in BAME Communities

Ford Saudi Women Driver Survey Shows Love of SUVs, Trucks

Egypt Calls On OIC to Hold Round-Table on Empowering Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


جب مسلمانوں کی ایک بڑی اکثریت اپنی ذاتی زندگی میں قرآنی شریعت نافذ کر لے تبھی ریاست کے قوانین میں تبدیلی ہو سکے گی۔ جمہوریت ایک بہترین اور واحد راستہ ہے اور یقیناًیہی ایک ایسے مذہب میں تبدیلی پیدا کرنے کا اسلامی راستہ ہے جس کا اعلان یہ ہے کہ "دین میں جبر و اکراہ کی کوئی گنجائش نہیں ہے"۔


The Sultanates of Sulu and Maguindanao were established ca. 1400’s. According to “official” Philippine history, the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, Palawan and Mindanao) was discovered by Fernando Magallanes in 1521...


Alternatively, Idlib is emblematic of the failed Syrian uprising that aspired for freedom from a tyrannical regime but devolved into the murderous realm of Salafi-Jihadism. Idlib province was among the first areas to oppose the regime and fight against it. Gradually, Islamist and Salafi-jihadi parties took control of the province and surrounding areas….


The elders of the village refuse to let anyone demolish it as they believe it’s a house of God. The elders of village are firm that as long as they live, the Mosque will stand and they will stand guard to prevent demolition or encroachment...


One of the most beautiful realities of good deeds is that they give birth to more good deeds, just as sins give birth to more of their likes. Hence, the doer of good is rewarded by Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) with another opportunity of worship to open up before him. He pounces at it with enthusiasm, so He opens yet another door of worship, until his entire life becomes an alternation from one form of worship to another. If you are experiencing this, then you are enjoying another hopeful sign of Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā)’s acceptance....

Today there is concerted effort to instrumentalise Muslim communities within old-fashioned identity politics to stoke fear and justify conflict. Islam and Muslims are increasingly treated as the opposite of what both the secular and Judeo-Christian West supposedly stand for; they are the new common "enemy"....


The Islamic State, Khorasan (ISK) has expanded to form a Kashmir-specific unit called Islamic State – Jammu and Kashmir (ISJK), the NIA has said in its charge sheet and added that the formation of the new entity was featured in Dabiq, a magazine run by IS, in 2016....

It is widely recognized that, on the topic of violence, the Qur'an speaks with more than one voice. Some verses speak for peace and others for war. The conventional explanation is that the difference hinges on the migration of the early Muslim community from Mecca to Medina: in Mecca Muslims were persecuted while Muhammad and the Qur'an preached non-violence and tolerance...

By Keeping Rohingya Issue Unresolved, Myanmar Is Inciting Jihad

Fatwas Only ‘Scholarly Opinion’, Cannot Be Legally Challenged, Kuala Lumpur High Court Told

No Request from India to Extradite Zakir Naik Yet, Says Wan Azizah

‘ISIS Module’ In Tamil Nadu: He Never Had Crime Record, Never Faced Social Media Trouble, Says Arrested Man’s Kin

'Deep Concerns': US Objects To UN Counterterrorism Chief's Visit To Xinjiang

Racist Far-Right Says Islam Has No Place in Norway, Desecrates Holy Quran

Israel Moves to Name Golan Settlement after Trump

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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FIFA Tells Saudis to Stop Pirating Women's World Cup TV Feeds

Muslim Female Artists Reflect On Identity and a Sense of Belonging In Manchester

Nisa Homes to Open Shelter for Muslim Women in Edmonton

Asiya Andrabi Admits Her Involvement in Receiving Funds from Foreign Sources: NIA

Rescued Women in Nigeria Return to Boko Haram Fighters

Pak Women Need Maximum Int’l Exposure for Better Results: Malik

British-Iranian Woman Jailed in Tehran Begins New Hunger Strike, Husband Says

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


After his victory was confirmed, Mr Morsi’s first act was to address a crowd in Tahrir Square, the heart of the revolution. There he awkwardly unbuttoned his jacket to show the crowd that he was not wearing a bulletproof vest—a man-of-the-people gesture that he hoped would endear him to the nation....


The plight of women (who constitute 48.52 per cent of the total population of 37,209,007) in Afghanistan has been pulled into focus in recent months, as many in the war-torn country worry that the limited rights available to women will be lost if the United States makes a deal with the Taliban….


نماز عید کے بعد معانقہ کرنا ایک احسن کام ہے جس سے آپسی تنازعات اور دوریاں ختم ہوتی ہیں اور باہمی الفت ومحبت کا فروغ ہوتا ہے ۔صدیوں سے مسلمانوں میں یہ عمل رائج ہے لیکن ابھی چند دنوں پہلے دار العلوم دیوبند کی طرف سے عید کے موقعہ پر ایک فتوی آیا جس سے نہ صرف مسلمانوں کی دل آزاری ہوئی بلکہ اس فتوی کا دوسری قوموں نے بھی بڑھ چڑھ کر مذاق اڑایا ۔

A meeting of two Islamophobes earlier this month brought this home to me. That day, Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi met with her Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orbán. At the top of their agenda was the danger of “continuously growing Muslim populations”....


Nehru wrote in The Discovery of India, “A Buddhist or Jain in India is a hundred per cent product of Indian thought and culture, yet neither is a Hindu by faith. It is, therefore, entirely misleading to refer to Indian culture as Hindu culture.” Nehru’s idea of India is not reducible to a single faith. “In later ages”, Nehru wrote, “this culture was greatly influenced by the impact of Islam, and yet it remained… distinctively Indian.”...

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