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Official Washington’s politicians and pundits – virtually across the political spectrum – continue to insist that Iran is the chief sponsor of terrorism. It is a classic example of how Official Washington, which decries “fake news” and “alternative facts,” is at the forefront of spreading fake news and alternative facts.....


Like many other women in her village, and many parts of the world, Leena is the primary caregiver for the family, while her husband goes out to work. Most of the time, these women also take on the responsibility of collecting water and firewood, as well as growing and harvesting crops....


What Pakistanis are missing is that the issue of the terrorist sanctuaries is not a new one and has roots in the mistrust between the two countries. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan first shifted its sanctuaries to Afghan soil after the Swat operation in 2011 and the second phase came after the launch of Operation Zarb-e-Azb in June 2014. The Afghan government acknowledges their presence, but clearly wants to use the sanctuaries as a quid pro quo for an end to what it says is the Taliban/Haqqani network presence in Pakistan....


Pakistan is pretending to survive terrorism through literature festivals the ideological state is hardly able to support without cringing. Yet, these are building loyal followers in cities like terror-haunted Karachi, the madrasa-haunted Islamabad, ever-conservative Lahore, with its memories of more pluralist days under the Raj, and old Lyallpur, renamed Faisalabad after a Saudi king, which can’t account for why it doesn’t have a bookshop, despite being the country’s third-largest city....


This fundamentalism is a recent phenomenon. In the past, the influence of the Sufi and Bhakti movements encouraged harmony between the communities. In Alam Mein Intikhaab Dilli, Maheshwar Dyal writes, “Holi is an ancient Hindustani festival which is played by every man and woman irrespective of religion and caste. After coming to India, the Muslims also played Holi with gusto, be it the Badshah or the Faqeer."....

A suicide bomber who failed to detonate himself at Sakhi Sarwar shrine in 2011, in an interview, said that he had been originally recruited for jihad in Afghanistan but diverted to South Punjab due to the shirk and Murda Parasti (worshipping the dead) prevalent at the shrines. Intriguingly, he said that the reason for this mission was the large number of Kafirs (infidels) that had to be tackled. Such Pakistani Kafirs, he was told, were greater in number – even more than America....


معرفة unlike علم is that which is always preceded by ignorance! It is that which requires contemplation and thought to bring about the knowledge. This is why God is described as العالم (the All-Knower) but cannot be described as ‘A’rif. God does not need to contemplate a thing to know it, nor does He encounter a state of ignorance or forgetfulness. Transcendent be Thy name!....


Sole Hijabi Woman in Murrow Shares Her Story

Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour Arrested At International Women’s Day Protest

Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour Arrested At International Women’s Day Protest

The Quran Reveals That Inequality Rules Over Women In The Afterlife As Well.

Muslim girl’s Collection with Getty Images Challenges Stereotypes of Muslim Women

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British Forces Targeting Syrian Al Qaeda Rival to Islamic State to Prevent UK Attacks

Suspect in Texas Mosque Fire Believed Its Worshippers Were Terrorists: Authorities

Pakistan Did ‘Helpful Things’ Against Haqqanis: US General

Arab World

Iraqi Commander: ISIL Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Fled Mosul with US Assistance


Pope Francis Signals Elderly Married Men Could Become Priests

North America

Travel Ban Challenge Puts Hawaii’s Few Muslims under the Spotlight


Army Rebuilds Mosque Blown Up By Militants


Islamic Radio Station to Promote ‘Halal' Entertainment in Kashmir

South Asia

3 Foreign ISIS Militants Killed In US Drone Strike in East of Afghanistan


Military Source: Turkish Army Hits Syrian Gov't Troops' Military Positions in Aleppo's Manbij

All Kinds of Military Cooperation with Russia in Syria: President Erdoğan

Southeast Asia

Burma Says UN Claims of Crimes against Humanity against Rohingya Muslims Are ‘Exaggerated’


Islamic Leader Slams Bogus Mosque Plan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Afghanistan, a stunning but terribly scarred and injured land has been suffering from a concussion. It has been dizzy and disoriented. It can hardly walk. Still it being Afghanistan, it has been walking anyway, against all odds!.....

Halala and Triple Talaq
Professor Masood Alam Falahi, New Age Islam

Marriage in Islamic Shariat is considered a pure and sustained act. Allah Almighty wants men and women to lead their marital relationship as a prosperous and evergreen life bereft of every sort of disputes. He does not like any pollution of clashes and divisions to touch the refinement and purity of this relationship. For a marriage to be cheerful and cordial, He has given some responsibilities to the husband and the wife. In order to live a good martial life, the spouses always need to create passion of patience, tolerance, self-sacrifice and ignore all the trifles….    

These Muslim Women Students Are Fighting Back Against Trump's Travel Ban In The Most Inspiring Way

Why Women Weren't Allowed to Be Astronauts

Women, Muslim Representation in India Further Dwindles After Polls

Malala Yousafzai Receives Offer to Study at UK University

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British Imams to Be Told To Preach In English at Mosques

‘Second ISIS’ Made Up of Defeated Rebels Is Emerging In Syria – Former Al-Nusra Prisoner

Syria: Twin Bombs Kill 59 in Damascus, Mostly Iraqi Pilgrims

31 Taliban Militants Killed In Afghan and Foreign Forces Airstrikes in Helmand


India's NIA Charge Sheet Says IS Recruiter from Kerala Asked To Leave Islamic Religious School in Sri Lanka


UN Says World Faces Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since World War II

Arab World

Assad: No One Invited US to Manbij, All Foreign Troops In Syria Without Permission Are ‘Invaders’

South Asia

Eight Afghan Police Killed In ‘Insider Attack’


Ulema Must Undo Extremist Narrative of Religion: Pakistan PM

JUI-F Proposes Referendum on FATA Reforms


Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan Compares Dutch Rally Ban to Nazism as Row Spirals

All Kinds of Military Cooperation with Russia in Syria: President Erdoğan

Southeast Asia

Djarot Faces Hostile Protesters at East Jakarta Mosque


Saif Al-Islam Transferred To New Place of Detention in Zintan

North America

Muhammad Ali’s Son Says He Was Detained Again at Airport in Washington

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Nike Will Launch Next Year a Head Covering For Muslim Women Dubbed The ‘Pro-Hijab’

Muslim woman detective honoured by Queen sues police over racism claims

Aiming for inclusion, Pittsburgh moms fashion Muslim dolls

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Tunnels under Ancient Mosul Mosque Show How Islamic State Saved Some Artefacts From


Non-Muslims Caned For First Time under Aceh's Shariah Law

Afghan Sikhs Stop Holi Celebrations to Pay Tribute to Kabul Attack Victims


Haqqani Admits Role in US Spy Deployment in Pakistan

Arab World

After Mosul, Iraqi Troops To Target Islamic State in Anbar: Commander

Southeast Asia

Malaysia Arrests Five Filipinos for Suspected Links to Islamic State Extremist Group

South Asia

Taliban Plan to Capture Laghman Foiled, Taliban Suffer Heavy Casualties


Nigerian Troops Kill Two Female Suicide Bombers, Rescue 211 Boko Haram Captives

North America

Haqqani Claims His ‘Connections’ Led US to Kill Osama


US, Russia Will Never Give Up the Kurdish Card in Syria

Netherlands Will Pay the Price: Turkey's Erdoğan


Poonch: Pakistan Violates Ceasefire Again, BJP Leader Says They Disturb Peace On Every Festival


German Police End Operation over Attack Threat In Southwest Town

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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क्या हमने इस युग में दूसरों के साथ शांति और सद्भाव के साथ जीवन गुज़ारा है या हमने दूसरों के लिए समस्याएं पैदा किए थे? क्या हम जवानी के इस दौर में दूसरों के लिए भलाई का एक स्रोत थे या हमने लोगों को नुकसान पहुंचाया है? किशोरावस्था हमारे जीवन का एक बहुत ही क़ीमती हिस्सा है। जीवन के इस चरण में हमारे पास दूसरों को देने के लिए बहुत कुछ होता है। अगर जीवन के इस लम्हे को हम सही ढंग से बिताते हैं तो हमारा जीवन एक सुखद आशीर्वाद बन सकता है।


اگر وہ بزعم خویش اعلائے کلمۃ الحق کے لیے بھی خود کش بم حملوں کی صورت میں بے گناہوں کا خون بہاتے ہیں تو وہ اپنے لیے جنت کا سامان پیدا نہیں کرتے بلکہ اپنے لیے جہنم میں جانے کے اسباب پیدا کرتے ہیں۔ کیوں کہ تاریخ شاہد ہے کہ نبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے ایک مرتبہ خانہ کعبہ کو مخاطب کر کے یہ فرمایا تھا کہ، ‘‘ائے کعبہ! میں یہ مانتا ہوں کہ تیری عظمت بہت بلند ہے، لیکن سن لے کہ ایک بندہ مؤمن کی جان میرے نزدیک تجھ سے کہیں زیادہ عزیز تر اور بلند و بالا ہے’‘۔ پیغمبر اسلام صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کا یہ فرمان ان سلاطین وقت کے لیے ایک لمحہ فکریہ ہے جو ایک طرف تو حریم کعبہ کی حفاظت کے لئے پہرے بٹھاتے ہیں جبکہ دوسری طرف وہی امراء اور سلاطین بے گناہ انسانوں کا خون بہانے کا سامان پیدا کرنے کےلیے پیٹرول ڈالر نچھاور کرتے ہیں۔


Haqqani Claims His ‘Connections’ Led US to Kill Osama

By Anwar Iqbal

Fear and Loathing in Pakistan

By Fahd Husain

Dealing with the Afghans

By Syed Talat Hussain

Afghanistan Reloaded

By Zaigham Khan

Books, Books

By Dr A Q Khan

Fighting Extremism in Trump’s America

By Jasmine M. El-Gamal

Dirty Politics

By Umair Javed

A Violent Phase

By Huma Yusuf

Going Pink

By Hajrah Mumtaz

Pakistan Cannot Be Isolated

By Hafsa Khaled

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

Why We Believe Obvious Untruths
Philip Fernbach and Steven Sloman

This is especially true of divisive political issues. Your mind cannot master and retain sufficiently detailed knowledge about many of them. You must rely on your community. But if you are not aware that you are piggybacking on the knowledge of others, it can lead to hubris....


At least six U.S. states are challenging President Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0 executive order that bars new visas for people from six Muslim countries and temporarily shuts down the U.S. refugee program. On March 8, the state of Hawaii filed suit, arguing the new federal order will harm Muslims living in the state. As of March 10, five other states have joined together in a combined challenge to the latest order from Trump.....


These ideas took on a distinct form that sought to salvage Islam as the imperial bedrock of the Ottoman Empire, but also create a national identity that altered the state-society relationship from subject to citizen. The amalgamation of Western ideas of nationalism and rational governance with principles derived from interpretations of Islam and imperial governance were dismissed by European consuls, who thought it necessary for the Ottoman administration to reform by casting away the traditional knowledge and practices of Ottoman governance. ..


Bloodshed in Syria can stop only if Iran and Saudi Arabia come to terms. Iran must stop its military intervention in Syria and the Saudis should curb the Salafi religious institutions in their country that provide inspiration and recruits for IS and other religious extremists. ....


On an official visit to Israel in 1986, Thatcher said that she regarded discussion of Jerusalem as “internal politics”. In 2001, Tony Blair’s government granted 90 arms exports licences to Israel for “defensive” weapons – including torpedoes, armoured vehicles, bombs and missiles. There is much, much more of this in Cronin’s book, including Blair’s useless and disgraceful period as “peace” envoy to the Middle East and the growing business contracts between British companies and Israeli arms providers – to the extent that the British army ended up deploying Israeli-made drones in the skies of Afghanistan and Iraq....


However, after less than a century of leading the Muslim community from the front, the Mujahid movement, the Salafi sect in Kerala, seems to have reached a dead end — some of them, who claim they too are following Salafi Manhaj (methodology), have declared that democracy and secularism are un-Islamic; others are unable to decide whether seeking help from the ethereal being jinn is allowed in Islam or whether Sehr (black magic) will have any effect on human beings.....

I am a firm believer in secular democracy not because I don’t believe in Islam’s progressive elements, but because I see the faith hijacked by retrogressive forces and little inclination within the majority to challenge their hold and develop a progressive Islamic vision. In such a situation, secular democracy seems the best available option....

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