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They are against religious shrines and cultural festivals, music, statues and monuments. Processions with high-pitched music during Muharram have been condemned by Wahhabi imams. The zeal to replace the Persian word “Khuda” with the Arabic word “Allah” is also in process...

Pakistan to Create 1,000 Courts to Tackle Violence against Women

Saudi Arabia Reaffirms Support for Empowerment of Women

Malawi Parliament Elects First-Ever Female Speaker

Food Blogger Claims She Was Attacked At Starbucks for Wearing a Hijab

Coalition of Muslim Women of KW Asks Police to Help In the Fight against Islamophobia

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Islamabad, A 22-Year-Old Blogger Killed, He Had Criticised the Army and the Islamic World

Triple Talaq, Nikal Halala in President Kovind’s Address in Parliament

Muslim Families Are Forced To Bury Their Departed in Their Homes in UP Village As Plot Allotted For a Graveyard Some Years Ago Falls Right In The Middle of a Pond

Indonesia Muslim Group Slaps Fatwa on Popular Combat Game PUBG

Quebec's 'Secularism Police' Bill Unites Muslim, Christians, And More

Tory Leadership Rivals Back Islamophobia Inquiry

Saudi Arabia Says UN Khashoggi Report Contains ‘Baseless Allegations’ And ‘Contradictions’

Israel Infuriated As International Atomic Energy Agency Recognizes Palestinian State

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एक बन्दे को चाहिए कि अपने रब की इबादत और उसके आदेशों का अनुसरण करने में इखलास व नेकनीयती का प्रदर्शन करे, एक मखलूक को चाहिए कि दोसरे मखलूक के साथ मामलों और संबंधों को सुंदरता और इखलास व नेकनीयती के साथ निभाएl एक शहरी की जिम्मेदारी यह है कि वह अपने देश के लिए पुरी वफादारी और इखलास व नेकनीयती के साथ जीवन गुज़ारे, इसके निर्माण व विकास में बढ़ चढ़ कर भाग लेl


In 1993, the United States (US) blacklisted Sudan under Bashir as an international sponsor of terrorism. Osama Bin Laden himself, exiled from the Saudi kingdom, bought property in one of the finest neighbourhoods of Khartoum....

Despite Indonesia being one of the largest Muslim countries, the HT leadership was not interested in supporting Al-Baghdadi in his efforts to establish a chapter of HT in the country. For them, the priority is to establish a caliphate in the Middle East. It was not until 1998 that HTI came under the official structure of the global HT movement....


অঙ্গদান অন্যের সাথে সহমর্মিতার অভিনব নিদর্শন। এর ফলে সমাজের মধ্যে এক বৃহৎ মানবিকতার প্রসার ঘটে।  এতে পরস্পরের মধ্যে ভালোবাসা ও সহমর্মিতার আবেগে বাঁচার গুরুত্ব দৃশ্যমান হয়ে অর্থাৎ একজন মানুষ মৃত্যুর পরেও অন্য একজন মানুষের সেবায় নিজেকে নিয়োজিত করতে সক্ষম হন।  অর্গন ডোনেশনে অঙ্গদাতার কোনো ক্ষতি হয়ে না, অপর দিকে সে অন্য কে এমন এক জিনিস দান করেছে যে হিরে জোহরতের চেয়ে ও দামি। 


Last month, the Islamic State (IS) formally announced the creation of Wilayah (provinces) in Pakistan and India. The announcement was made by the Islamic State’s media front, the Amaq News Agency....

In Haqooqul Ibad, every relation enjoys a certain status wherein it is characterized by certain obligations and duties towards each other, which if reneged upon elicits Allah’s displeasure. The social sphere of our daily lives consists of our family, ties of kinship and blood relations and then neighbours....

Medieval scholars of Islamic law delineated two basic forms of armed jihad: defensive jihad, an armed struggle against invaders; and aggressive jihad, a pre-emptive or offensive attack commissioned by a political authority....

Zargar is, probably, after Shams Faqeer, the most radical Wujoodi Sufi of twentieth century Kashmir who recalls Mansoor’s rebellious style. To quote a verse that states his radical formulation of Tawhid-eI-Wujoodi:

I am the hidden secret of the exterior as well as the interior

To whom shall I bow, and for whom shall I perform “Nemaz?”...

Islam declares all human beings equal in terms of human values, yet every person is rewarded in accordance with his service that he offers. This concept, if utilized in daily life, can greatly benefit the societies and develop pluralism. There will be thus no room for prejudice, oppression or persecution....

More than Twenty Percent of Indonesian Students Support Idea of Caliphate: Defense

Pope Francis Seeks More Freedom in Theology Taught In Catholic Schools, Dialogue with Islam

UK: Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Declared Unlawful

Pakistan Will Be Blacklisted If It Fails To Complete Action Plan by October 2019: FATF

Analyst Says Australian Teen Was Islamic State Propagandist

King Abdullah of Jordan Slams ‘Hate-Filled Outlaws of Islam’

US Lawmakers Press Trump Official to Say Iran Not Behind 9/11

US Senate Passes Bill To Block Saudi Arms Sales

Islamic State’s Sinai Province Renews Allegiance to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back

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From Somali Refugee to England's First Female Muslim Football Referee

Pakistan to Set Up Special Courts to Tackle Violence against Women

India: Triple Talaq Bill Tabled In Lok Sabha amid Opposition

Dubai Police Free 17-Year-Old Girl From Prostitution

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Numerous fatwas (edicts) have been issued by ulema (Islamic scholars) across the globe, particularly since 9/11 in a bid to stem the tide of Islamist terrorism. Tens of thousands of ulema have endorsed these fatwas issued by influential institutions of Islamic learning of all sects in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as other parts of the world. When issued, these fatwas inspired great expectations. As perceptive and insightful an observer as Mr. Ziauddin Sardar proclaimed “the beginning of the end of the war of terror” when a hundred thousand Deobandi ulema endorsed a fatwa issued by the hundred-year-old Islamic madrasa in Deoband, India, “unequivocally denouncing terrorism,” in June 2008. Similarly, Sufism-oriented Barailwis, hard-line Salafis, Ahl-e-Hadeesis, have all denounced Islamist terrorism in their separate or joint statements. But terrorist ideology continues to attract our youth, particularly in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. What used to be merely a Pakistan-sponsored secessionist struggle is showing signs of tuning into an Islamist struggle for the establishment of Islamic Sharia through a universal Caliphate, very much redolent of the objectives of the so-called Islamic State or ISIS.  Popularizing the slogan of “Shariatya Shahadat,” a militant leader Zakir Musa, Burhan Wani’s successor, even threatened to kill Hurriyat leaders for calling Kashmir’s separatist movement political and not religious. Calling them “hypocrites, infidels, followers of evil”, the militant had warned to chop off their heads to be hanged in Lal Chowk in Srinagar, “if they create hurdles in the path of making Kashmir an Islamic State”....

The ideational base out of which Arab nationalism grew had its earliest expression in the thoughts articulated by Muslim intellectual activists in response to their growing awareness of the weakness of Arab Muslim society to Europe’s composite threat....


The ongoing investigation in Sri Lanka has revealed that a local Islamist radical, who is an IS sympathiser, had contacted the IS leadership after the attacks. “Through a third party, he had pleaded with the IS for recognising the blasts carried out by jihadists, who had ‘sacrificed’ their lives,” the senior official told...


हक़ व बातिल के इस जंग से आतंकवाद का जोश व जज़्बा प्राप्त करने वाले मुस्लिम युवा इन दोनों के बीच एक बुनियादी तुलना करने से चूक जाते हैं कि प्रारम्भिक इस्लाम इन जंगों की प्रकृति क्या थी और इन आतंकवादी तत्वों के संघर्ष की प्रकृति क्या है!


“The idea of Pakistan when it first started was completely different from what we see today. There was no question of religion coming into politics. Everybody was free to follow their worship as they pleased...


This deep Islamic state is ever increasing its powers. Imams in mosques have long been forbidden to present their own speeches for Friday prayers as they are forced to read state prepared texts. JAKIM stopped non-Muslims using the Arabic word ‘Allah’ in 2007...


Here, Logical Islamism borrows the strict laws of science from Logical Positivism and also derives from it that lofty position in which it placed mathematics and physics, the pillars of modern civilisation. However, it differs from it in that it doesn’t put the soul in collision with science and it doesn’t create a mutually exclusive formula between religion and physics....


Please stop thinking everything is a giant conspiracy against you and using that to cover up your own shortcomings. There is no better time than now for an internal change. See where you are going wrong as a community. Fix it. Just stop whining every time anything goes wrong around you....


U.S. Report On Religious Freedom Notes Mob Attacks in India

Abu Dhabi Officially Recognizes Non-Muslim Places Of Worship

'Dangerous' Muslim Brotherhood Fatwa App in Apple Store's Top 100 Downloads

Report: Kelantan Religious Council Aims To Convert Orang Asli To Islam Within 30 Years

Indonesian Islamic Leader: China’s Muslim Concentration Camps ‘Are Great’

‘I Am In No Hurry’: Trump Aborts Iran Strike, Slaps More Sanctions

West's Silence on Morsi's Death Bares Its ‘Lies’

Even As It Talks Peace, Taliban Provides Safe Haven to LeT, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Says New UN Report

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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Kuwaiti Married Women To Be ‘Paid’ Monthly Salary Without Going To Office

Bahrain Named Among Top Ecosystems For Female Start-Ups

Owaisi Should Be Happy That 'Certain Protections' Being Made For Muslim Women: Member AIMPLB

12 Women Arrested In Oman For Participating In Immoral Activities

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Now, Cleric Hit By Car After Refusing To Chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’

Will Not Let Nawaz Sharif Become 'Morsi' Of Pakistan: Maryam Nawaz

US Voices Concern over Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws, China's Abuse Of Religious Freedom

Fear In Sri Lanka As Monk Calls For Stoning Of Muslims

Malaysia Calls for "Justice" And Citizenship for Rohingya Muslims

Iran Lawmakers Chant ‘Death To America’ As US Called ‘Terrorist’

Saudi Human Rights Commission Slams ‘Biased’ UN Report On Khashoggi Case

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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