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India has been more or less lucky to be safe in the last few years despite being high on the hate list of terror groups. These outfits have their focus elsewhere at the moment. Syria, the US and Europe are their priority. No doubt, our security agencies have put in a lot of visible and invisible effort in neutralising their local variants like Indian Mujahedeen and Al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent...


There is unanimity among philosophers and researchers that Muslim world is currently lagging behind in key scientific and economic areas. The question can be raised why the second most populous human community of world is not able to contribute in science irrespective of the fact that many countries have immense natural resources. The sad part of the story is that the Muslim World, which once was at its peak in scientific endeavours...

To Hijab or De-jab?
Shazmeen Khalid

Among the hullabaloo of Muslims being united under an umbrella and coming together to erase misunderstanding, there is also a posse of self-proclaimed, Islam-preserving, quick-to-pull-out-the-Hadith-and-use-it-in-a-nonsensical-way Muslims. Unless you have been living under a rock, you might be staring at that statement wide-eyed and wondering what could possibly stir up such bitter hate in the Muslim community. Successful Hijabi women, that’s what…..


Each Hadith consists of two parts, the Matan, or the content itself, and the Isnad, or the chain of people who transmitted this tradition orally from generation to generation. Islamic scholars of the ninth century and afterwards carried out rigorous attempts to authenticate these Ahadith in different ways. Yet the authenticity of the Ahadith has remained a point of contention for centuries. ....

It is not also enough to say that when Prophet of Islam went to Medina, women sang in his honour. It is also not enough to cite Hadiths where it is stated through Aisha, the Prophet’s wife that women used to come and sing in her house in the presence of the Prophet. What is required is an attempt to break this scholarly consensus which argues that music and singing is forbidden in Islam. Doing so does not require an exegetical exercise of sifting through the pages of Islamic literature, but to argue boldly and consistently that Islam needs to be one with the fundamental marker of contemporary modernity: that of expanding choice and freedom. It is up to these Mullahs and overtly sensitive Muslims to decide whether they want Islam to become an ossified, irrelevant doctrine or whether they want it to be a flag bearer of inclusivity and freedom....

Muslim Teen Barred From Basketball Game Because Of Her Hijab in Maryland, US

Women-Only Swim Night at Auckland 'Very Popular' Among Muslim Community

Mahiraa Jaan Pasha, the First Muslim Woman to Launch "Bhagvad Gita on Wheelchairs" Across the World

7 Muslim Women Speak Openly About Faith, Fashion and Modesty

This 'Modest Fashion' Startup Is Giving Muslim Women More than Clothes

JFK Airport: Man attacks Muslim woman yelling, "Trump will get rid of all of you"

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Turkey’s President: Turks Living in Europe Should All Have 5 Children

Indian Agency Foils Plot To Kill Muslim Clerics, Who Openly Criticised ISIS Ideology; Taj Mahal Also Falls Within the Cross Hairs of TERROR

Pakistan Government to Facebook, Twitter: Remove Insults to Islam

Donald Trump Not Safe In White House, Says Former US Secret Service Agent


Man Shot Dead At Paris Orly Airport after Taking Soldier's Gun


EU Is 'Unfairly' Criticizing Turkey, Hungarian PM Orban Says


Deoband Will Be Turned Into Deovrind: BJP MLA


Religious Seminaries Outnumber Schools in Islamabad

North America

Pentagon Denies Striking Mosque in Syria, Says It Killed Al Qaeda Militants

Southeast Asia

What Do Islamic State and Tibet Have to Do with China’s Crackdown in Xinjiang?

What’s Driving Malaysian Support for Islamic Penal Code?

Arab World

Iraqi Forces Battling ISIS Edge into Mosul’s Old City, Nuri Mosque in Sight

Losing Mosul Would Be a Huge Blow to Islamic State

South Asia

19 Militant Skilled In Baghlan Airstrike In North Of Afghanistan

Suspect Explodes Bomb, Dies at Bangladesh Security Camp


How Africa Can Win the War on Islamist Militants

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Women Rescued From Divis Mountain after Sending Facebook Help Message

2 Years after 'Beti Bachao' Scheme, a Ground Report from Haryana

Ban Triple Talaq, Group of Muslim Women Lawyers, Activists Urges PM Modi

Young Women at Higher Risk of Being Radicalised By Islamist Terrorists Online

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Paris Airport Attacker Shouted ‘I Am Here to Die, There Will Be Deaths’

'We Will Have None of It:' Fear, Optimism among US Muslims

Priest and Shahi Masjid Imam Awarded For Interreligious Harmony 2017


Deoband Cleric, Masood Madni, Held For Rape


France: President Hollande Reaffirms Determination to Fight Terrorism

North America

US Asks Hawaii Judge to Clarify Ruling on Donald Trump Travel Ban


Two Taliban ‘Commanders’ Killed In Drone Attack

South Asia

Third Party Should Monitor Work on List of Wanted Terrorists, Kabul Tells Islamabad

16 ISIS Militants Killed In Afghan Commandos Operation In Nangarhar

Arab World

Deir Ezzur: Over 130 ISIL Terrorists Killed, 2 New Regions Liberated by Army

Islamic State Claims Israel Bombed Jihadist Targets in Egyptian Sinai


Somalia Blames Saudi-Led Coalition for Deadly Strike on Boat

Cameroon: Nine Killed In Suspected Boko Haram Attack

Southeast Asia

Malaysia Religious Authorities, Police after Raja Bomoh for Allegedly Tarnishing Islam's Image


Turkey Threatens to Send Europe '15,000 Refugees Each Month'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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दुनिया बनाने और उसमें इंसानों के बसाए जाने के उद्देश्य को स्पष्ट किया, बताया कि सब का निर्माता और मालिक एक है, उसका कोई साझी नही, वही पूजा के योग्य है, दुनिया की व्यवस्था उसी के दम से है, हर चीज़ पर उसकी सरकार व संप्रभुता है, मृत्यु और जीवन का वही निर्माता है, लाभ व हानि का वही आविष्कारक है, उसकी इच्छा के बिना न कोई पत्ता हिल सकता है, ना कोई बूंद गिर सकता है, और न ही कोई चीज़ अस्तित्व में आ सकती है, उसनें एक उद्देश्य के तहत और एक निर्धारित समय देकर मनुष्य को संसार में भेजा है, मानव का वास्तविक जीवन आख़िरत है जो असीमित है इसके बाद खुदा की नज़दीकी और पुरस्कार प्राप्ती का आधार संसार में खुदा और पैगंबरे खुदा की आज्ञा के पालन पर निर्भर है, नबी ए रहमत की बेसत का उद्देश्य ही मनुष्य को अल्लाह की इच्छा बताना और इसके अनुसार जीवन जीने की व्यावहारिक स्थिति प्रदर्शित करना है,

رہی بات شکست و ریخت اور غربت و بے بسی کی، تو اسلام کے دامن میں اس کی داستانیں بڑی دل آویز اور لرزہ خیز ہیں۔ ہمیں وہ دن یاد ہیں جب ہمیں تن ڈھکنے کے لئے کپڑے اور پیٹ بھرنے کے لئے روٹیاں بھی دستیاب نہیں تھیں، بلکہ ہم شکم پر پتھر باندھ کر اپنا گزارا کرتے تھے۔ ہم نے وہ دن بھی دیکھا ہے جب ہم اپنے شکم پر پتھر باندھ کر صرف دوگھوڑے، چھ زرہیں اور آٹھ تلواروں کے ساتھ اپنے وجود کی بقاء کے لیے ایک مسلح لشکر جرار سے ٹکرانے میدان جنگ میں اترے تھے۔ ہم نے فاقہ مستیوں کے وہ رنگ بھی دیکھے ہیں کہ جب ہم جس کھجور کو چوس کر روزہ رکھتے تھے اسی کھجور کو چوس کر افطار بھی کرتے تھے۔


On The Attempt to Assassinate Nabih Al-Barahim

By Turki Aldakhil

Reflections On A Revolution Betrayed

By Hisham Melhem

Restoration of Traditional Saudi-US Ties Is Afoot

By Raghida Dergham

Fear And Loathing On The Border

By Belen Fernandez

Angela Merkel Is Not the Great Progressive Messiah

By Rachel Shabi

Russia, Israel and Iran Braced For the Endgame in Syria

By Geoffrey Aronson

What Did The UN Apartheid Report Expose In Reality?

By Mark Levine

Ending Famine In Somalia, The Turkish Way

By Afyare Abdi Elmi

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Six years to the day since protesters poured into the streets of Daraa, Damascus and Aleppo in a "day of rage" against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad, Syria's uprising turned global war is far from over. Six years of violence have killed close to half a million people, according to the Syrian Centre for Policy Research, displaced half of the country's pre-war population, allowed the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) to seize huge swaths of territory, and created the worst humanitarian crisis in recent memory....


If Trump cosies up to the Russians instead, he will have to accept a close relationship with Assad’s brutal regime in Syria (no problem there) and also with Russia’s main ally in the Syrian war, Iran (potentially big problem there). But various latent conflicts are likely to burst into flame as the big civil wars in Iraq and Syria stagger to an end. Trump will have to jump one way or another quite soon....


While the impending combat threatens to be circuitous and uncertain - involving, as it will, fighting among civilians in the narrow streets and alleyways of the Old City - Abadi's confidence about the final outcome appears to be warranted. But what will be the broader repercussions of Mosul's liberation for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS)?...


The act for which we perform Taubah and Istighfar is not necessarily a sin, or an act of disobedience to Allah; it also includes our shortcomings. As we realise Allah’s immense favours to us, all of our thankfulness and devotion clearly appears to be inadequate. As we realise the grandeur of Allah, Most High, our acts of worship and obedience clearly are seen to be insufficient. The higher a person is on the scale of Taqwa, piety and God consciousness, the greater is this sense of inadequacy....


It is obvious that Islam is in ferment, uneasy with itself.  The discomfort comes from its spread beyond the shores of the original land where it took birth and shape. Faiths adapt to situations and to people, settling into comfort positions, especially if there is no ecclesiastical authority to force issues as per a single order. Islam’s spread was rapid and its adaptation to regional and local environment gave it acceptance. There was also confrontation, as there inevitably is when a faith attempts to expand its scope and ambit of reach....


In countries like Somalia and Pakistan, the impoverished segment of the population depends upon religious seminaries or madrasas for the education of their children. In these seminaries, the children are educated in theological subjects and are heavily indoctrinated in the extremist version of religion. According to Karin von Hippel, an amount of $1 billion has annually been spent on such madrasas, out of which 75 percent of the contribution comes from abroad, mostly from Saudi Arabia....


When prophets leave us, the poets preserve their sacred aura for us. Imagine how poor religious life would be without hymns and songs of poets. We can live without food for some time, without families, without priests, without scientists but we can’t live without poetry. Poets defend us against demons within and without and if we could heed them we wouldn’t need armies.....


And who’s going to stop this endless dance of death? From mosques to madrasas and from mourning Shias to Ahmadi shrines, no one is safe. And this is not a problem exclusive to Pakistan. For whatever reason, the cancer of extremism is fast eating into the vitals of the whole of Muslim world. In their long and eventful history, Muslims have never faced a greater challenge to their identity and existence....

Islam aims at enabling people to rise above narrow boundaries of colour and race and work together for welfare and justice and help each other. The Treaty of Medina is a brilliant illustration of this objective. After the Prophet’s demise, Muslim history went through many ups and downs. Yet, even then people of other faiths often enjoyed considerable religious freedom, although not everywhere and at all times. ...

Tehmina Janjua Takes Charge As Pakistan's First Ever Woman Foreign Secretary

Muslims Celebrate Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Fatimah (AS) as Role-Model for Pious Women

Three Women, Man Killed Over 'Honour' In Jacobabad, Pakistan

Hijab Keeps High School Student out of Regional Title Game —Now Muslim Advocacy Group CAIR Is Involved

Muslim Women Protest Australian Visit of Anti-Islam Activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Imam Khamenei: Viewing Women as Commodity Zionist Plot

Israeli Group Sets Up ‘Shelters’ For Jewish Women Leaving Arab Boyfriends

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Shekau in New Video, Threatens Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali, Others over Sharia

Police Forces Resume Push Towards IS “Caliphate” Mosque in Western Mosul

‘Muslims Can’t Marry Under General Law’ In Sri Lanka

Jaipur: Hotel Sealed, 2 Held after ‘Beef’ Rumour


A Year after Brussels Blasts: ‘Terror Can’t Finish Everyone, Humanity Will Survive’


Nigeria: 3 Suicide Bombers Kill 4 In North-Eastern Maiduguri

Arab World

Six Islamic State Leaders Killed In Mosul

South Asia

26 ISIS Militants and Weapons Depot Eliminated In East of Afghanistan


Trinamool Congress Appeasing Islamic Fundamentalists and Jihadis: RSS Leader


Rulers’ Fail to Pioneer Islamic System in Country: Pakistan Islamic Scholars

Hindu Marriage Bill Becomes Law in Pakistan

Southeast Asia

Myanmar Hard-Line Buddhists Protest Citizenship for Rohingya Muslims

More Islamic Banks Need To Offer Fintech Solutions


Israeli Defence Minister Threatens To Destroy Syrian Air Defences

Turkish Mosque in Germany Vandalized

North America

Trump Muslim travel ban: Hawaii judge rejects motion to limit injunction

Using Special Forces against Terrorism, Trump Seeks to Avoid Big Ground Wars

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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میں 22 جنوری کو ایک ویڈیومیں یوپی کہ مسلم ووٹ 100 فیصد پڑنا چاہیے او رمسلمان متحد ہوکے ووٹ دیں، بہت لوگوں نے میری اپیل کو پسند کیا لیکن پیغام کو شاید آگے کم بڑھایا اور کچھ نے کہا کہ اس طرح تو اغیار کا ووٹ بھی متحد ہوجائے گا ،آئیے اب پوسٹ مارٹم کرلیں جس کا اصل مقصد ہوتا ہے ایسی تفتیش و طبی تحقیقات تاکہ آئندہ ان مہلک امراض کا بہتر علاج ہوسکے۔ اس سے قبل او راس کے بعد بار بار قارئین کو میں یاد دلاتا رہا ہوں کہ یوپی میں 68 اسمبلی نشستیں ایسی ہیں ، جہاں سرکاری اعداد و شمار کے مطابق مسلم ووٹ 35-78 فیصد ہیں اور 89سیٹوں میں مسلم ووٹ 20-30فیصد ہے۔ ان سیٹوں کے نام بھی میں نے اپنے گزشتہ مضامین میں پیش کیے ہیں۔

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