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First Beirut Film Festival Gives Voice to Arab Women

Facebook Picture Helps Afghan Woman Achieve Dream of College

Training Women in Countering Terrorism

Jordan Strikes Blow for Women’s Football across the Middle East in AFC Asian Cup

Alyasra Fashion to Establish Training Academy for Saudis

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Letter by Mullah Omar’s Son: Myth or Depiction of Deep Rift among Taliban Leaders

Syrian Army Declares Victory As Rebels Vacate Most of Ghouta

Catholics Celebrate Easter in Ancient Jerusalem Church



West Bengal Governor Visits Violence Hit Asansol, Stays Away From Muslim Localities

South Asia

Prominent Bangladesh Lawyer Disappears After Islamist Trials

Arab World

3,820 Kurdish Militant Killed, Captured in Turkish Army Operation in Afrin


Gazans Bury Their Dead after Bloodiest Day in Years

North America

Resurgent Taliban Gets Hands on High-Tech Gear, Putting US in Bind

Islamic State References Lead Court to Overturn Conviction


Political Decisions Should Be Taken In Polling Booths, Not Courts: Pak PM


Egypt Says 6 Terrorists, 2 Soldiers Killed In Sinai Operation

Southeast Asia

Thai Magazine Sued For ‘Blasphemous’ Painting of Kings


Children Report ISIS Supporting Parents in UK

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Yet it’s no surprise that, in trying to institutionalize Islam, French officials outsourced religious affairs. “The state can’t interfere in the management of religion or in theological questions,” said Roy. “Yet, for 30 years, French governments have tried to do just that. The whole project is a profound contradiction,” he said, in which a staunchly secular state cobbles together a plan to harbour its own national Islam. Although the objective to reorganize French Islam isn’t new, Macron’s initiative is distinct in both circumstance and outlook....


टीवी पर इस प्रकार की बात चीत का उद्देश्य कश्मीर के समस्या को हल करना या उस पर बहस करना नहीं बल्कि केवल उन दर्शकों की पूर्वाग्रह और संकीर्ण मानसिकता में वृद्धि करना होता है जो इस प्रकार की ख़बरें देखते हैंl तथापि, टीवी के अंदर यह तमाशा प्रोग्राम के साथ ही ख़तम नहीं होताl बल्कि इसे अतिवादी इस्लाम पर मौजूदा बहस के साथ से जोड़ दिया जाता है ताकि घाटी के लोगों की वास्तविक और स्वभाविक मांगों को भी गैर कानूनी करार दिया जाएl


One man was rising from his prayers, another was shot while fleeing. The names won’t move anyone. Mohammed al-Najar, Omar Abu Samur, Ahmed Odeh, Sari Odeh, Bader al-Sabag. This space is too small, to our horror, to list all their names....


عظیم سعودی خواتین کی فہرست ڈاکٹر سمیرہ اسلام کے تذکرہ کے بغیر مکمل نہیں ہو سکتی۔ وہ پی ایچ ڈی کرنے والی سب سے پہلی سعودی خاتون اور سعودی عرب کی یونیورسٹی میں وائس ڈین بننے والی سب سے پہلی خاتون ہیں۔ 1970 ء میں، ڈاکٹر سمیرہ اسلام نے اس ملک میں لڑکیوں کے لئے یونیورسٹی کی رسمی تعلیم متعارف کرایا۔

In The Service of Israel!
Hussein Shobokshi

The Israel’s growth is a direct result of the services that have been offered by these diverse parties. Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Iran, the coup regime in Qatar, and the Assad regime have all provided great services to Israel that has benefitted from these services. In the dirty political worlds, slogans cannot be adopted, no matter how perfect these slogans are, because with time they prove to us that they are deceitful and illusionary that serves only Israel....


The current state of Saudi-US relationship thus remains a business deal, whereas, in the longer run, Saudi ‘crude’ interests seem more entwined with Russia. The outburst from MBS was just an indication of the reality.....


Four terror attacks in London last year drove a 50 per cent increase in anti-Muslim hate crime in the months following. Despite the rise in Islamophobic attacks, Ferhan Khan, one of the interviewees, believes the UK is the best place in the world to be a Muslim. “That response really shocked me,” says Bibby. “Because I thought ‘wow’, if this is the best place in the world to be Muslim, that makes me so sad.”...


Instead of recognizing the issue as one of fighting the galloping momentum of the evident trend towards the social and political marginalization, indeed ostracism of the Muslims by even non-Sanghi mainstream parties, and fighting for the political and social inclusion of India’s huge Muslim community — the second or third-largest in the world — as a critical, essential, and integral part of democracy, Guha drifts off to bizarrely comparing the wearing of “Burqas” to the brandishing of “Trishuls.”...

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The Left-Liberals, Muslim Leadership and the State, Sadly: A Reply to Harsh Mander and Ramchandra Guha

Adequate examples to display this would be the passing of the first Married Women’s Property Act in 1882. Before this, British women were unable to hold property without the assistance of their husbands. Similarly, in the United States the basic right to vote was not given to women until 1920. During the start of Islam, Muslim women helped shape societal rules and regulations. Women in leadership positions are mentioned in the Quran on multiple occasions. Meanwhile, in America women of colour were not able to vote until the 60’s. Therefore, the time gap between when Islam gave women rights is significant when compared to popular Western nations....


What we are witnessing now is perhaps more troubling: there is no conception of the nation-state in this new breed of militancy. All struggles are for establishing the glory of Islam. Pakistan is no longer the ideal: rather the idea is to establish the rule of true Islam in Pakistan also. It is no wonder then that for this new crop of Islamic militants, leaders of the Hurriyat are seen as posing obstacles to the path of establishing Islamic caliphate. Zakir Musa’s open threat to behead those who talk in terms of nation state was only a pointer of things to come....

Women Pedal En Masse In Karachi, Lahore And Islamabad

Muslim Woman Wearing Headscarf Violently Attacked In US Hospital

Hijab Ban Attempt Is 'Racism Dressed Up As Liberalism', Teachers' Conference Told in UK

Muslim Women's Conference Tackles Taboos of Sex, Intimacy

Malala Says Her Return Shows Pakistan’s Success in War on Terror

Resistance to Ending Child Marriage Continues in Northern Nigeria

Lebanon Polls to Gauge Whether Society Ready For Women Representation

Iran: Woman Sentenced One Year for Protesting The Compulsory Veil

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Pakistan’s Educated Youth Echoes Radicalised Views of Militant Groups

US Blocks UN Security Council Statement on Israel Violence in Gaza

EU Calls for Transparent Probe into Gaza Massacre

178 Muslim Personalities in Europe to Perform Umrah as King’s Guests

Malaysian Prime Minister Raises Rohingya Crisis While On ASEAN Stage with Suu Kyi



Now, Deoband Seminary Says It Will Not Conduct Weddings That Incorporate 'Un-Islamic' Dance, Music


‘Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement has no anti-state agenda’

North America

Resurgent Taliban Gets Hands on High-Tech Gear, Putting US in Bind


Germany Should Clear Cases of Mosque Attacks'

Arab World

Pope Urges End to 'Carnage' In Syria in Easter Message

Southeast Asia

Zakir Naik Ready to Challenge Extradition Bid, Says Lawyer


Pope, After Gaza Violence, Says 'Defenceless' Being Killed In Holy Land

Imams Lose Jobs in Turkey for Violating Anti-Crypto Fatwa


Mali: Alleged Timbuktu Destroyer to Appear At International Criminal Court

Nigeria: Four Teenage Suicide Bombers Launch Multiple Attacks, Kills Two People

South Asia

Elections Pressure To Bring Taliban to Reconciliation: Gen. Nicholson

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آج کے تناظر میں جب کہ مسلمان اور غیر مسلم اور منافقین سب امن کے ساتھ رہتے ہیں ، اس آیات (90-4:88) کا عمل  نہیں کیا جا سکتا۔ کون لوگ منافق ہیں اس کا فیصلہ کرنا کسی  دہشت گرد تنظیم کا کام نہیں ہے۔ حتی کہ اگر ہم آج بعض علمائے کرام کو کسی کو 'منافق' قرار دیتے ہوئے سنیں تو بھی کس طرح اس کے قتل کو جائز قرار دے سکتے ہیں، جبکہ وہ امن یا امن معاہدے کی حالت میں زندگی گزار رہا ہے؟ انتہا پسند گروہوں کی پہلی غلطی یہ ہے کہ وہ آج کے پر امن ماحول کے اندر جنگ سے متعلق آیت 4:89 کا اطلاق ان لوگوں کو قتل کرنے کے لئے کرتے ہیں جو ان کی نظر میں غیر مسلم یا ‘‘منافق مسلمان’’ ہیں، جبکہ ان کی دوسری غلطی عمداً اس کی اگلی آیت 4:90 کو نظر انداز کرنا ہے ۔۔۔


Her name was Chanda (moon), and Asaf Jah II, the Nizam of Hyderabad, gave her the title Mahlaqa Bai (moon-faced lady). She was born in 1768 to Mida Bai, also known as Roop Kanwar Bai. Her birth was a miracle as her mother suffered a miscarriage while on a pilgrimage to Koh-e-Ali. Shah Tajalli Ali, a scholar and sage who was accompanying her, immediately brought her a thread and some incense sticks from the shrine....


Ankara has set as a strategic goal to destroy the Kurdish gains that resulted from the fragmentation of Syria and Iraq over the last half decade. Turkey also wishes to present itself as the natural leader and patron of Sunni Arab communities in both countries. In asserting these goals, Ankara will partner with or oppose other local powers (Iran, the government of Iraq, the Assad regime), according to immediate tactical needs. ....


He replied, “You have crossed the line. You surrounded the main government building and breached its gate. You damaged the state’s prestige.” One of the crowd shouted, “You are dishonourable cleric.” Another said, “You are a coward.” Another member of the crowd was A.Z. — the young man who two years later would be arrested for attempted murder. He told Athemein, “Let us be your guests. Open your door and allow us into your home.” The cleric replied, “Not under these circumstances,”...

Pakhtun Renaissance
Ghulam Qadir Khan

Many believe this is the dawn of a Pakhtun renaissance, as the youth seek to redefine their political status and create a new social contract with the state. Fata’s people in particular have stopped looking up to the recognised leaders, the Maliks and Mullahs, and have come up with an alternate leadership among the youth. For the first time, someone other than a mullah has been able to gather the Pakhtun under one banner....


The problem worsened as ISIS recruited unemployed youth who claim that they are Muslims and who live in democratic countries that respect human rights thus allowing them to benefit from freedoms that they cannot enjoy in their homelands. These terrorists do not know the meaning of religion or Islam or human rights and they are the greatest enemies of Islam....


Women In Pakistani Society

By Sara Ehsan

Mentoring And Anti-Radicalisation

By Umar Farooq Khan


By Moeed Yusuf

From Bystanders To Change Agents

By Nasim Haider

A Doctrine In Hand

By Arifa Noor

So Many Questions to Ask

By Jawed Naqvi

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What has been happening to the Muslim community as a whole during last few decades is very important to understand as to why reformers like Hamid Dalwai and Arif Mohammad Khan could not cut ice. What is retarding the reform in the community is the increasing sense of insecurity. There are two major phenomena which have heightened this sense of security. At national level the rising communal violence has lead to loss of lives, home and means of livelihood. There is also a great amount of overall economic marginalization of the community for various reasons. These two have impacted on the community to stick to retrograde norms with the conservative Maulanas calling the shots....

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The Left-Liberals, Muslim Leadership and the State, Sadly: A Reply to Harsh Mander and Ramchandra Guha

A Mahatma in an Imam
S Gopalakrishnan

In 2018, Sibtulla Rashidi, a boy who just appeared for his Class 10 board examination was killed in Asansol. His father, the imam of a Masjid in the city, in all likelihood, did not know what Gandhi had done in a similar situation in the past. But he interpreted his son’s death for the cause of peace....

Despite the vastly more perilous state of our planet, many people and organizations around the world are following in the footsteps of Gandhi, King and other nonviolent luminaries like Silo, and are engaged in what is effectively a last ditch stand to end the violence and put humanity on a path to peace, justice and sustainability. ‘Men for years now have been talking about war and peace. Now no longer can they just talk about it. It is no longer a choice between violence and non-violence in this world, it is non-violence or non-existence. That is where we are today.’...


10 Pakistan Women to Showcase Their Talent in Australia

Iran: Marriage of Girl Children Promoted By State TV Serial

Islam Does Not Permit Women to Come Out In Public Spheres, Says Kerala Sunni Leader

Rampur: At Triple Talaq Bill Protest, Men-Women United By Cause & Faith, Separated By Gender

Not Captive to Political Cost-Benefit: AIMPLB Women Members Find Fault With President's Speech

Iran: Women Stage Protest in Shadegan, Khuzistan

Iraq condemns six Turkish women to death for ISIL membership: Judiciary

Islamic Development Bank Aims To Empower Women

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