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इंसान का दिमाग ऊर्जा के भंडार की तरह हैl अगर किसी का लक्ष्य मामूली है तो उसका दिमाग सीमित पैमाने पर ऊर्जा के दरवाज़े खोलेगाl लेकिन अगर किसी का लक्ष्य उच्च है तो उसका दिमाग भी उसके लिए बड़े पैमाने पर ऊर्जा के दरवाज़े खोलेगाl यही अंतर इंसान की सफलता के स्तर निर्धारित करता हैl आप अपने दिमाग का प्रयोग करने की कोशिश करें, आप अवश्य वह सब कुछ कर लेंगे जो आप अपने जीवन में प्राप्त करना चाहते हैंl


یہاں یہ نکتہ قابل ذکر ہے کہ حنفی اسلامی فقہاء نے عرفِ عام کا نظریہ قانون سازی کے لئے ایک ہدایتی اصول کے طور پیش کیا ہے۔ اگر ہندوستانی مسلمان کلاسیکی اسلامی قانون کے اندر عرف و عادت پر مبنی متعدد مفروضات کا بنظر غائر مطالعہ کریں تو وہ قرآنی اور سنت کی تازہ ترین تشریح کی بنیاد پر قرون وسطی کے بجائے موجودہ روایتی معمولات ، سماجی اقدار اور عہد حاضر کی اخلاقیات کی روشنی میں اپنے نقطۂ نظر کا دوبارہ جائزہ لینے کے قابل ہوں گے۔


‘When Doves Cry’

By Afiya S. Zia

Making Room for a Young Pakistan

By Mosharraf Zaidi

Prosperity through Exploitation

By Abdul Sattar

Migration and Pakistan’s Development

By Shahid Javed Burki

Impeachment, A Serious Matter

By Kuldip Nayar

Hope for Peace in Korean Peninsula

By Mohammad Jamil

Koreas and South Asia

By Jawed Naqvi

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

Balochistan: Insecure Security
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

More noticeably, out of the 38 SF personnel killed in the Province in 2018, at least 32 were killed in North Balochistan, while the remaining six were killed in the South. Since 2011, out of 875 SF personnel killed in Balochistan, the North accounted for 617 fatalities (70.27 per cent), while South recorded 261 fatalities (29.72 per cent). SF fatalities in each of these eight years have been consistently higher in the North....


There are some signs the plan is working. Female Saudi receptionists welcome pilgrims to Mecca’s hotels. Though they cannot yet drive, women are running rental-car agencies. Poorer Saudis are even trying their hand at manual labour, hitherto an exclusively foreign domain. Given the chance, many locals defy stereotypes that cast them as slothful and incompetent, some launderers notwithstanding. “Apologies for our shortcomings, we’re still new,”....


Safe Charity concept calls for becoming more aware of the surroundings and providing monetary relief to those whom we know are in need. So the next time you do charity, big or small, just make sure it remains only with the good intention of helping people in need and is extended to being vigilant of not becoming prey to the trap of violators. Best way of doing charity in such a scenario is starting from near ones, ie, home, immediate and distant neighbours and needy relatives....


Women seemed suddenly visible, working in shops and dressed with splashes of colour. They have identities. They are not afraid to be seen. I thought of that girl waiting outside a video store. She is now part of the government’s efforts to bring arts to a society starved for culture. It is surreal and overwhelming. But soon, like all great changes after normalcy returns, it could seem like the most basic right in the world. That will be when the real work begins, when we push ourselves to move beyond normal to create something extraordinary....


Pakistan does need to self examine in order to shift the narrative from its repressive commitment to religion. India, too, has a major role to play by helping it shed the feeling of insecurity from its larger neighbour that had been responsible for many of the course shifts. There is a laundry list of political and social initiatives but Madiha also retains a realistic outlook by pointing out that the Islamists are sure to oppose legal reforms, reform in school curricula and regulation of Madrasas....

Changing Our Selves, Changing the World!
Roshan Shah, New Age Islam

It pained him to think of how he had so much of his life trying to reform others but with no success. One day, tired of these haunting memories, he turned to God and poured out his heart: “Lord, I’ve wasted my entire life! Trying to change others while never once thinking of changing myself only made me a very bitter person—and it didn’t help make others any better. My desire to change others made people avoid me, and it completely ruined my family.”...


The Muslim must become puritan in order to relive the supposed lost glory of Islam. For this, purging itself of all accretions and all traces of syncretism was to become the sine qua non of Indian Muslims. As a political project, this tradition continues to this day through the activities of Deobandis, the Ahle Hadees and even the Barelwis. More than anything else, Shah Waliullah’s writings seem to be a fatal recipe for the political future of Muslims in India. ...

Cairo Women Take To the American Football Field

Female Lawyer on Hunger Strike over Killing of Shiites in Quetta

Muslim Women Excluded From Islamic Centre Groundbreaking

Saudi Arabia Apologizes For Showing Images of Scantily Clad Women Wrestlers

44 Saihat Women Trained In Car Inspection, Maintenance

Two Men on Trial For Selling Woman Via WhatsApp In Dubai

Needy Women Receive Sewing Machines in Dubai

A Battle of Several Fronts: Afghan Women in the Security Forces

Former Afghan Air Force Pilot Niloofar Rahmani Granted Asylum in the United States

Iran: Women Demand Freedom of Prisoners, Permanent Employment

Language Remains Main Barrier for Syrian Female Refugees

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Study Reveals Saudi Society Open to Integration with Other Religions, Cultures

Kerala Will Be Islamic State in 10 Years: Filmmaker Sudipto Sen

Israel Accelerates Excavations in Al-Aqsa Mosque to Judaize Quds

The Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal to Give Blueprint of a New System On May 13


Southeast Asia

Muslim Politician Leads Easter Celebration in Medan

Arab World

Saudi Capital Riyadh Welcomes Opening Of Its Second Cinema


Gurgaon Outfits Demand: Allow Namaz Only In Areas with Over 50% Muslims


Ankara to Give Afrin's Control to Al-Nusra Militants


Hazaras on Hunger Strike in Quetta Want Assurance of Security, Justice from Gen Bajwa

South Asia

‘SCB Plans To Bring More Islamic Liquidity to Bangladesh’

10 Journalists among 37 Killed In Afghan Attacks


Muslims Call for Joint Protest with Christians over Incessant Killings

Libya’s Haftar Visits Derna Ahead of Plans to Liberate Town

North America

‘There’s No Reason to Apologize’ for Muslim Ban Remarks, Trump Says

Trump Calls On Nigerian President to Stop Violence against Christians


Who Is Sajid Javid, The UK's New Home Secretary?

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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مختصر طور پر یہ عمل اسلام کے بنیادی ماخذ قرآن مجید کے احکام کی شدید خلاف ورزی ہے ، جس کا حکم یہ ہے کہ ایک زوجین کے درمیان مصالحت کی تمام تر کوششیں ناکام ہو جائیں تو انہیں طلاق کے ذریعہ مکمل طور پر علیحدہ کر دیا جاتا ہے۔ اب ان دو طلاق شدہ افراد کے درمیان دوبارہ عقد نکاح نہیں ہو سکتا جب تک کہ وہ عورت کسی نئے مرد سے شادی نہ کرے اور بھر ان دونوں کے درمیان بھی حسب سابق طلاق نہ ہو جائے۔ قرآن نے یہ طویل ترین مرحلہ اس لئے بیان کیا ہے کہ لوگ نکاح اور طلاق کو کھیل نہ بنا لیں۔


यह कहते हुए दिली तकलीफ होती है कि आठ वर्षीय बच्ची का अपहरण किया जाता है, बार बार उसके साथ बलात्कार किया जाता है और अंत में उसे क्रूरता के साथ मार दिया जाता है, जिससे हमारे सर शर्म से झुक जाने चाहिएl इस शर्मनाक दुर्घटना के लगभग तीन महीने बाद ऐसा लगता है कि इस देश का विवेक जागृत हुआ हैl अचानक हमने आसिफा के हक़ में न्याय के लिए विरोधी आवाज बुलंद करने लगे हैं और इस खौफ व दहशत के खिलाफ नई दिल्ली से लेकर श्रीनगर तक आवाजें बुलंद हो रही हैंl


It was one of the most hyped PowerPoint presentations in history. “Game changing”, “very significant” and “dramatic”, was how aides to Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, described it. To many viewers, it did not disappoint. On April 30th Mr Netanyahu (pictured) unveiled 55,000 pages stolen by Israeli spies, fully half a ton of material related to Iran’s nuclear programme. He showed off photographs of test devices and blueprints of warheads. The “secret atomic archive” proved beyond any doubt, said Mr Netanyahu, that Iran had for years sought to develop nuclear weapons....


With some twenty-two million people displaced, the world is in the midst of the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. Almost a quarter of those refugees are Syrians, a population that the President has said he wants to protect. Each iteration of his travel ban, however, has sought to block travellers trying to enter the U.S. from Syria, and to restrict refugee admissions from the country. So far this year, the United States has accepted just eleven Syrian refugees...


Throughout its 70 years of existence, Israel has not sought to limit its breach of international law and the law of war to Palestine. In fact, it has a long and well-documented history of human rights violations and war crimes in Lebanon. Here, too, the United Nations has watched largely in silence as Israel has targeted civilian communities and UN facilities...

A convoy from Babil province travelled nearly 250 miles in early April to visit Adam’s Holy Tree, also known as the “Tree of Knowledge.” For the thousands of Muslims who come each year, praying at the tree brings blessings, forgiveness and realization of their dreams. It also draws Christian tourists who believe it is the tree Eve ate from in the Garden of Eden....

Why Should We Be Grateful To God?
Sant Rajinder Singhji

With all that has been given to us, we blame God when one thing goes wrong. How would we think God feels when that happens? Few are grateful to God for the good they receive so that when something goes wrong they tell God, “its okay, God. I still love You, I am grateful to You, and I know You are there....


The Quran insists on the virginity of Mary when she conceives her son Jesus, whom the Quran calls Messiah. God will teach him “the Scripture and the Wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel”. But the Quran forcefully states that although Jesus is a prophet, “God is not one to take to Himself any son.”...


The religious political parties are not only manipulating religion but also the socio-political and democratic norms of the country. The big guns of religious politics have entirely failed to serve even their agendas on Islam; invigorating and contributing only hatred, violence, sectarianism in the society of “Islamic Republic of Pakistan.” The political warfare of religious political parties are the misfortune of an Islamic society and fuel momentum toward a destabilized, radicalized society....


The continuation of jihad in Syria is important for the further mobilization of the Salafi-Jihadi groups around al-Qaida since its fundamental ideology is built on the concept of jihad against the “infidels”. The al Qaeda emir emphasized, that “Levant today is the hope of the Muslim Ummah,” and urged to continue the jihad to establish the “rightly guided caliphate.”


Muslim Event for Children Pledging To ‘Wear Hijab for Life’ Cancelled In Quebec

Status of Women Canada Paints a Misleading Portrait of Muslim Women

New Challenges for Fouzia Fayyaz, the First Pakistani Female Diplomat in Saudi Arabia

Iran: Women’s Voice Loud on International Workers Day

Iran: Girl Students Stage Protest At Of Tehran's Allameh U

Constable Becomes First Woman to Join BDS in Rawalpindi

Why the Chibok Girls Returned By Boko Haram Are Still Not Entirely Free

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Exclusive Islamic Arts Gallery to Adorn Famous Museum in India’s Hyderabad

Egypt Blacklists Mursi, Qaradawi and Aboutrika Again For Five Years

UNHCR Launches Global Zakat Platform to Help Syrian Refugees

Jokowi Calls On Ulema to Unite To Spread Wasathiyah Islam

Suicide Bombers Kill Over 60 at Nigeria Mosque, Market



In Muslim Wedding, Ram and Sita Grace Invitation Cards

Arab World

Grand Imam Al-Tayeb Stresses Necessity of Islamic World Unity


UK, not 9/11 behind South Asian Jihadism: Expert

Southeast Asia

Muslim Accused of London Terror Plot Hoped To Join IS In the Philippines


Al-Shabaab Ranked As Africa's Deadliest Militant Group

North America

US Says Israel’s Files on Iran Nuclear Program Are ‘New and Authentic’

These Canadian Muslims Are Tackling Islamophobia With Kindness


CJP Takes Suo Motu Notice of Targeted Killings of Hazara Community Members

South Asia

Photojournalist Killed in Kabul Left a Legacy of Images

No Relief for Minorities in Bangladesh As Crisis Looms


Iran Wants Media to Address Muslim Issues

Turkish Army Continues Clashes with Kurds in Hasaka

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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किसी व्यक्ति को उच्चतम स्थान तभी प्राप्त होता है जब वह एक उद्देश्यपूर्ण जीवन व्यतीत करता हैl इस प्रकार का जीवन मानवीय विकास के सबसे उच्चतम चरण का निर्धारण करता हैl बेशक अपने लिए अच्छा खाना, वस्त्र और निवास की व्यवस्था करना इस दुनिया के अंदर इंसान की सबसे प्रथम जिम्मेदारी हैl

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