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When God says that “you will surely hear from those who were given the Scripture before you and from those who associate others with Allah much abuse” He hinted that He knew that at one point in future, people would use all media for insulting Him, prophet (saw), Quran and Muslims. Still God says that these will only be done to test the Muslims' moral character, their faith and their power of self restraint. And God who calls for physical punishments of the rioters and mischief makers does not prescribe any physical punishment for blasphemy, though He says that he hates those abusing Him and the prophet (saw) the most as any abuse against the prophet (saw) hurts Him the most and so he has prepared the severest punishment for them in the Hereafter and a condemned life in the world. He wants Muslims to show restraint, courage and piety in the face of such provocation. Since the prophet (saw) was a living exponent of the Quran, he showed the same restraint, courage and piety in face of insults and humiliation targeted against him and his noble family....