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The truth is, the institution of triple talaq (instant divorce) deprives a married Muslim woman of her Qur’an rights of counseling, arbitration and negotiation with her husband prior to the termination of her conjugal rights that is binding on a man as her awliya (9:71) and qawwam (4:34). Furthermore, it gives a Muslim husband infinite power to blackmail his wife into doing anything, however immoral, or to abuse her in any way he wishes, or curtailing all her civil rights, and even forcing her to break her parental filial ties by dangling the dagger of triple talaq over her head. It is a far greater weapon of extortion and black-mail than a loaded revolver that can kill a woman’s body once and for all rather than turn her into a living dead – killing her soul leaving the body alive to bear the agony of moral death, having been reduced to virtually a slave of her husband who could shout at her at whim, beat her up, torture her and throw her out of his life by uttering once terse sentence. It is by far the most heinous legalized extortion of the defenseless married Muslim women in India that forces this Muslim writer to exercise utmost restraint in castigating its advocates lest he may be charged of using unscholarly diction and reduce this most serious essay into polemical narrative.