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Hindus Acted Like Taliban during Babri Masjid Demolition: Lawyer Tells SC

The Town That Doesn't Vote: Pakistan's Ahmadis Say Forced To Abstain

Key Member Resigns from Myanmar Advisory Panel on Rohingya Crisis


North America

Terror Attacks by Muslims Receive 357% More Press Attention, Study Finds


This Mother’s Reply to Her Daughter on Why Muslims Wear Skullcaps Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons


Appeasement of the Far Right: Mainstream Parties Cosying Up to Religious Extremist Groups for Votes

South Asia

Rohingya Report More Violence, Persecution in Myanmar: UN Investigators

Southeast Asia

Couple Are Brutally Caned Under Sharia Law in Indonesia as Punishment for Having Sex outside Marriage

Arab World

Iraqi Court Sentences Seven Takfiri Daesh Terrorists to Life Imprisonment

Syria Moves to Retake Control over Golan Heights from Terrorists


Palestine, Muslim Nations Will Eventually Eliminate Israeli Apartheid: Iran

Israel, Hamas Declare Truce But Lieberman Threatens War


Record Number of Anti-Muslim Attacks Reported In UK Last Year


Al Shabaab Captures Strategic Town In Somalia's Puntland

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