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Chapter 16: Islam A Challenge to Religion   

The Mo’mins fight in the cause of Allah against cruelty, tyranny and injustice. Their purpose is to make justice prevail in the world. The unbelievers fight to subdue other people and exploit them for their own ends. The Quran tells us in simple and direct language when war is justified and when it is not. The principles laid down by the Quran are clear and definite. They are not couched in language which may be susceptible to different interpretations. The distinction between a just and an unjust war is clear and should not be blurred by sophistical arguments, for example, people, if they are really persecuted, have a light to rebel against the government of their country. However, they would be acting directly against the Quranic principles if they magnified any petty grievance and called it persecution. They may be said to be the victims of persecution only if the basic rights, defined by the Quran, are denied to them. The Mu’min will keep up arms only to defend these rights, and he will hasten to help the oppressed, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. -- Allama Ghulam Ahmad Parwez