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Chapter 19: Islam A Challenge to Religion     

If you fear that it will not be possible to find an equitable solution of the problem of widows and orphans in the society other-wise, then marry from amongst them those who seem suitable, by twos, threes or fours (as the situation demands),. But if you fear that you will not do justice, then marry only one (4: 3).

This is the only verse in the Quran that bears on t he question of polygamy. It will be observed from the concluding portion thereof that even where a State does make this relaxation, it is still not obligatory on men to take, more than one wife. They may marry only if they can do justice. It is obvious that if a man marries in such an abnormal situation, it will be as a service to the nation, both on his part and the part of his first wife. She will consider it her duty to provide shelter to one of her unfortunate sisters who has been driven to such a pitiable condition through no fault of her own. It may be argued that we will rarely find a woman who will agree to a rival being brought into her home. -- Allama Ghulam Ahmad Parwez