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Tearful memorials, soul-searching mark 26/11 anniversary

RAWALPINDI: Seven indicted for planning, aiding Mumbai attack

Meet Muslims Who Fight Anti-Semitism

Saudi Liberal: The Muslims' Sense of Moral Superiority Is Unfounded

KUWAIT: Islam 'a religion, not a state; a message, not a govt'

Shia majority Iraqi asks Sunni Saudi Arabia, to “cease funding terrorists”

Yogyakarta-based Muhammadiyah schools, 100 years on

A century of Muhammadiyah and modern Indonesia

Bangladesh prepares to celebrate Saturday's grand Eid-ul-Azha festival

Timing of Eid celebration poses difficult choice for Muslims

Islam in the Land of the Rising Sun

Israel eases restrictions on West Bank for holiday

Slowdown in Muslim population growth rate

Occupiers, root of terrorism

RI fertile land for terrorists: Ex-BIN chief

Storms Threaten Hajj Pilgrims’ Safety; Indonesia Plans Fast-Track for Elderly

Muslims pilgrims get respite from rain at Arafat

India should focus on the Middle East

CAIR to Release Report on U.S. Muslim Civil Rights

Leader urges Muslims to vent anger on Enemies

US Attorney General Eric Holder Addresses Detroit Community, Arabs, Muslims

The Jew From Kuwait: ‘My Muslim Background Left Me Unprepared For This Shocking Discovery’

Fighting Afghan Taliban with Islamic credit unions

What difference does Babri report make?

Jailed militant’s hoax calls drove India, Pakistan to brink of war

Obama to announce Afghan war strategy from a military academy Gunmen kill six in Iraq

US sought 'smoking gun' in Iraq

Kashmiris, Sikhs protest outside White House

Iraqi boy thankful for Michigan soldier who cared

Muslim Americans: the Next Generation

Nizami ranks among top Muslim influentials

Can Russia’s Muslim Spiritual Directorate System be Saved?     

Violent Muslim mobs attack Coptic Christians in Egypt

Muslims back Geoana after Basescu Muslim christening claim

U.S. Seeks 10,000 Troops From Its Allies in Afghanistan

Omar shrugs aside Karzai call for talks

Taliban leader rejects peace offer from Afghanistan president

Germany's top soldier quits over Afghanistan raid

Pakistan will give evidence of India's role in Balochistan unrest: PM Gilani

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The day closed with a candle-lit ceremony at the Gateway of India